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Basics of diodes – a problem solving approach

Semiconductor pn junction diode solved problems

Created by bhavani chindham - an engineer with passion for teaching


Students: 4356, Price: Free

hi students,

We all study semiconductor diodes as a basic course in electronics .

Here in this lecture series we choose some basic problems from renowned textbooks and fully solved them to get an idea how a diode acts as a switch or clipper clamper or rectifier .

These problems are selected from the following text books

1.microelectronics by Sedra and smith

2.electronic devices and circuits by Robert l boylsted 

3.microelectronics by Donald a neamen etc

You can these videos are video solution manual on diode chapters of these books

We will release all chapters solutions in upcoming video series.

Thank you.

Mathematics Problem Solving using the Math Model Method

Learn the secrets of how Singaporean students are taught Mathematics.

Created by Tan Weiqiang - Mathematics Teacher from Singapore


Students: 3337, Price: Free

Why are students from Singapore able to do well in international tests? Are they taught with a special pedagogy? Have they been exposed to a special way of visualising complex mathematical concepts?

Imagine, learning Mathematics, the Singaporean way, in the comfort of your own home. This is what I am going to help you with.

So, what's the secret?

Singaporean students have been taught to visualise concepts and solve problems using the Model Method, or, the Bar Modelling Method. I will be sharing the fundamentals of how to use this method to aid in the understanding of Mathematics and you can use it to help your child with Mathematics at home.

Decision making & Problem solving Crash Course

Simple & Practical Guide to Effective Problem-solving and Decision-making in Life and Business

Created by Sanja Stojanovic - Psychologist & Life Coach


Students: 3285, Price: Free

Hello dear students and welcome to Decision making & Problem-solving Crash Course

Simple & Practical Guide to Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making in Life and Business

Decision making is not easy and it is one of the most important skills we can learn. Scientists say that in one day we make an average of about 35,000 decisions ( that's a lot :) )and if we are not skilled, it is not good for us.

When we struggle with decision making that makes us feel stressed, anxious, frustrated, self-confident becomes low, we feel less capable, we feel we have no control over ourselves and our lives.

Do you feel this way too?

If you do, don't worry, it's not your fault, you just didn't get the right tools and techniques. In this course you will learn exactly that ... you will get the tools you need to effectively make decisions and solve problems.

What will you learn?

  • How decision making affect on our life, stress level, emotions, and behavior

  • Why decision-making skill in important

  • 4 ways we make decisions

  • How to think clearly

  • How and why do we make decisions we make (decision-making process)

  • 7 phases in the decision-making process

  • What are the obstacles that we have in the decision-making process

  • How to overcome obstacles in the decision-making process

  • What are the 5 most common Decision-making mistakes we made

  • How can you recognize those mistakes to avoid those mistakes

  • What are the 5 most effective tools in the decision-making process

  • and more...

All these tools you can apply to your life, your personal development, relationship development, and business.

I hope you will enjoy and improve your life

Welcome to this journey,

Your instructor and coach,



creativity, Problem solving, and Innovation for Business

Creativity that Create an innovation Corporate Culture Using Design Thinking & Problem Solving for the Workplace

Created by Neeraj Saini - Productivity and Management Coach .


Students: 894, Price: Free

Creativity is key to innovation. When issues come up, you’ll be able to think of ways over, under, or through the roadblocks.

Why the focus on creativity?

“Creativity is the single most important skill in the world for all business professionals today to master,” one 2019 LinkedIn report declared. We wholeheartedly agree.

Per that report, creativity enables people to solve problems in original ways. This helps explain why additional research finds companies that foster creativity tend to enjoy greater revenue, a larger market share, and higher morale than organizations that fail to encourage creative thinking.

Innovative problem-solving is a skill that is core to being human—and demand for it is unlikely to drop, even as more process-oriented jobs are outsourced to Al and automation technologies. In fact, research suggests the need for innovation will only continue to rise. For these reasons, the success of any team or company hinges on the ability to nurture and sustain creative thinking. This issue is jam-packed with content that will help you do just that.

We cover everything from how to brand, scale, and lead creatively, to how to help your team sustain innovative thinking over the long term.

You'll also hear from several founders who have staked their careers on creative thinking, including Hekla Arnardottir, Konrad Bergstrem, Anthony Casalena, Jack Dorsey, Jenny Ruth Hrafnsdottir, Grant Munro, Clark Valberg, and Helga Valfells.

This is where you start. And it is the perfect beginning!

In no time, you will acquire the fundamental skills that will enable you to understand Creativity, Problem Solving, and Innovation for business , directly applicable to Your Business and real-life situations. we have created a source that is :

  • Easy to understand

  • comprehensive

  • practical

  • packed with plenty of exercise and resources

Teaching is our passion

we worked hard for over 5 years to create the best possible Creativity ,Problem Solving, and Innovation for business course which would deliver the most value to you. we want you to succeed, which is why the course aims to be as engaging as possible. High-quality animations, superb course materials, handouts, and course notes, as well as a glossary with all new terms you will learn, are just some of the perks you will get by subscribing.

what makes this course different from  rest of the Creativity ,Problem Solving, and Innovation for business course out there?

High-quality video/lectures that explain the different terms and concepts with real-world examples and application.

Activities that help you validate what you learned and put it into practice to increase your information retention.

Articles & Downloadable handouts which you can use as a reference or study guide.

1-on-1 instructor support to answer your question or clear up any confusion you might have.

Lifetime access with no expiration so you can complete the course at your own pace, anywhere, on any device, and come back for a refresher.

Why do you need Creativity, Problem Solving, and Innovation For Business skills?

  • Creativity can make you more productive

  • Creativity helps with problem-solving

  • Creativity helps you see the big picture

  • Risk Management

  • Decision Making

    please bear in mind that the course with udemy 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. And why not give such a guarantee? we are certain this course will provide a ton of value for you.

      let's start learning together now!

Creative Problem Solving Tools

Creative Strategies for Solving Problems

Created by Iulian Ionita - Cross-Cultural Trainer, OD Consultant


Students: 527, Price: Free

Creative problem solving is one of those skills that just cannot be forced. The harder you try, the poorer your creative problem solving skills become!

The evidence is plain – how did Einstein come up with his theory of relativity – by bashing his head against a wall? No! In a daydream where he imagined surfing along a light beam!

Always remember the more stressed you become and the more time pressure you feel, the worse you are at solving problems creatively. But in today’s workplace, those who can generate the most effective creative ideas are often the best rewarded; so how can you improve your creative problem solving skills without getting stressed about it?

For business purposes you might need the crazy approaches from time to time; especially when creating the market strategy, products, trends setting, improving processes or changing vision.

Creative Problem Solving is a way of thinking and behaving.

Creative is for an idea that has an element of newness or uniqueness, at least to the one who creates the solution, and also has value and relevancy.

What you will get:

Apply creative thinking skills to solve day-to-day problems

Follow the structured method for generating solutions to problems

Establish how the seven creative problem solving techniques work:

  • Brainstorming

  • The Reversal Technique

  • The Disney Model

  • Forced Relationships

  • Metaphors

  • Assumption Smashing

  • Lotus Blossom

Problem solving techniques

A comprehensive guide to systematic thinking for problem solving and decision making

Created by Mahmoud Elhalabi - Doctorate of business adminstration - Training manager.


Students: 506, Price: Free

This course was developed and created by Dr.Mahmoud Elhalabi as an outcome of ten years of experience in training and development field on a national and international level.

This course is designed for entrepreneurs, leaders and team members who work in public and private sector in all levels.

It is your guide to systematic thinking for problem solving and decision making. It will help you to determine the root cause of any problem you may encounter in your work through observation and analysis which will lead you to implement a fundamental solution for it. Also it provides you with all effective tools you need in each step in  the problem solving process.

All tools and methods mentioned in the course are used by the biggest and most successful organizations around the world.

The course consists of visual presentations including a voice over and printable materials.

In addition you will be provided by step by step guide to every single tool you learn in the course and examples.

The course is presented in English language. The creator of the course maintained simple expressions and examples for better understanding.

Course outline:

- Introduction to problem solving techniques.

- Problem definition.

- Data collection: (CATWOE) Tool.

- Possible causal factors identification: (Appreciation - 5 Whys - Drill Down technique - Cause and Effect diagram/Fish Bone diagram).

- Root cause identification: (Failure mode and effect analysis - Impact analysis - KAIZEN continuous improvement ).

- Problems prioritization: (According to Pareto principle - 20/80 rule).

Problem Solving and Decision Making in Fortune 500 Companies

Master problem solving and decision making best practices of Fortune 500 companies taught by globally-renowned expert

Created by Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, PhD - Globally-Renowned Behavioral Science Trainer for Fortune 500


Students: 471, Price: Free

Your problem solving and decision making will determine whether you thrive in our increasingly-disrupted future.

Yet traditional advice to "go with your gut" in problem solving and decision making so often leads to disasters, as revealed by research in behavioral economics, psychology, and cognitive neuroscience. So how do the leaders of Fortune 500 companies make the right calls on even the toughest decisions and strategies?

They recognize that behavioral science has revealed that our typical approach to problem solving and decision making suffers from systematic dangerous judgment errors called cognitive biases. These mental blindspots often lead us into decision and strategic disasters. Fortunately, recent scholarship has revealed effective yet counterintuitive strategies to enable you to defeat these cognitive biases. In this course, you will learn about and address these dangerous judgment errors, while mastering techniques for problem solving and decision making drawing on cutting-edge behavioral science and real-world best practices from Fortune 500 companies.

After taking this course, you will:

· Master the best practices in problem solving and decision making used by Fortune 500 firms to seize competitive advantage

· Feel truly confident about whether you made the right call in your decisions and strategy

· Free yourself of constant ruminations, numerous grey zones, and mental blindspots that plague typical problem solving and decision making

· Discover the dangerous judgment errors called cognitive biases that lead to strategic disasters & how Fortune 500 firms defeat them via science-based methods

· Develop a plan with specific next steps to adapt for yourself the methods used by Fortune 500 companies for problem solving and decision making

Sounds too good to be true? These methods were successfully used by Aflac, Applied Materials, Entergy, Honda, IBM, Reckitt, Wells Fargo, and Xerox to dramatically improve the skills of their top executives, senior VPs, middle managers, and lower-level supervisors in problem solving and decision making. Over the last two decades, I trained the leaders at these Fortune 500 companies, as well as at numerous middle-market companies and quickly-growing startups as the CEO of the boutique future-proofing consultancy Disaster Avoidance Experts. The secrets used by these companies will be revealed in this course.

Here’s a recent testimonial from John Elnitsky, the head of the nuclear division of Entergy, a company ranked #299 by Fortune, speaking about the impact of my training on the leaders of the nuclear industry:

· “We at Entergy hired Dr. Gleb as the opening keynote speaker to set the tone for the annual nuclear utility industry conference, hoping he would give a wake-up call about the threats and risks facing us and what steps we can take to prepare. Well, what he delivered exceeded our expectations. His keynote was the talk of the conference, widely described by attendees as giving the nuclear industry ‘the kick in the pants we needed to jump-start critically important initiatives to address the threats he outlined.’ Thank you Dr. Gleb!”

Here’s a recent testimonial from Harish Phadke, the Business Manager for the head of the North American Health division at Reckitt, a company ranked #326 by Fortune, about the impact of my training on the Reckitt North American Health Leadership Team:

· “Dr. Gleb Tsipursky provided a truly outstanding virtual training on unconscious bias and future-proofing via emotional and social intelligence for the Reckitt North American Health Leadership Team. Exceeding our expectations, Dr Gleb customized his groundbreaking, behavioral science-driven training content to integrate our initiatives, policies, and case studies at Reckitt, expertly targeting our evolving needs. We are delighted to have met Dr. Gleb, and look forward to future opportunities to keep working with him on a training series for the organization. I highly recommend him for anyone who wants to get a rapid grasp of highly relevant topics which influence human behavior in the prevailing challenging times.”

Besides such real-world, pragmatic expertise, I have a strong academic background as a behavioral scientist studying decision making, problem solving, and related fields. I spent 8 years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, first getting a PhD in the History of Behavioral Science and then serving as a lecturer there. Then, I spent 7 years as a professor at the Ohio State University, where I published dozens of peer-reviewed articles on this topic in high-quality academic journals such as Behavior and Social Issues and Journal of Social and Political Psychology. Thus, this course is thoroughly informed by cutting-edge research.

This combination of business and science led to my expertise gaining global recognition. I published over 550 articles and gave over 450 interviews for prominent venues, such as Fortune, USA Today, CNBC, Fast Company, CBS News, Business Insider, Inc. Magazine, and Time.

My expertise is also featured in my 7 best-selling books, including global best-sellers Never Go With Your Gut: How Pioneering Leaders Make the Best Decisions and Avoid Business Disasters (Career Press, 2019) and The Blindspots Between Us: How to Overcome Unconscious Cognitive Bias and Build Better Relationships (New Harbinger, 2020). Further attesting to my global renown, my work was translated into Chinese, German, Russian, Korean, Polish, and other languages.

That's what you can expect in this course: methods used successfully at even the biggest companies to seize competitive advantage, thoroughly informed by cutting-edge research, and featured in top media venues and best-selling books around the globe. The course features 8 sections with videos, articles, and assignments from the course materials textbook packet, delivered in the following order:

1) Discover the structure of our minds and why typical advice on problem solving and decision making, such as "go with your gut," so often results in disasters, and how to use science-based methods and Fortune 500 best practices to get the best outcomes

2) Take the "Assessment on Dangerous Judgment Errors in the Workplace," to help you learn about which problem solving and decision making cognitive biases are most problematic for you and your team

3) Master a technique for problem solving in making quick and effective decisions on any choices where you just need a "good enough" answer

4) Master a technique for problem solving in making major decisions where you or your team wants the best answer possible, rather than settling for "good enough"

5) Master a technique for problem solving in making complex decisions with a number of different options that each have certain strengths and weaknesses

6) Master a technique for problem solving on how to avoid failures and maximize success when implementing major and/or complex decisions and strategies

7) Master a technique for problem solving on future-proofing your strategic decision making and strategic planning

8) Tying these all together, the last module will help you develop the mental habits necessary to notice and address cognitive biases and recognize when and how you should deploy all the techniques you've learned earlier

So why should you take my course rather than someone else’s cheaper Udemy course? Simply because this course provides unparalleled value. No one else on Udemy comes even close to my level of credibility in the course topic:

· As a trainer for Fortune 500 companies

· As a behavioral scientist

· As a best-selling author

· As a globally-renowned thought leader

So if you want a cheaper alternative, take someone else’s class. If you want the best, take this course.

Here’s another reason to register now. Once you register, you'll get access to the core textbook course materials packet. The packet consists of my best-selling book, my assessment on dangerous judgment errors, 4 manuals on techniques for problem solving and decision making, and 6 decision aids, all of which sell for over $40 combined. Fortune 500 companies buy this packet for their leadership teams to help them seize competitive advantage in their problem solving and decision making: you’re getting what they are getting.

Your registration is risk-free: you'll have 30 days to assess the course and get your money back if you think it's not the right decision. See the Udemy terms and conditions for more.

I look forward to welcoming you into the world of evidence-based, science-driven techniques tested in the real world of many Fortune 500 companies and numerous middle-market companies and startups. To ensure that you master the secrets of Fortune 500 companies to help yourself seize competitive advantage in problem solving and decision making, register now!