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Marketing Analytics: Pricing Strategies and Price Analytics

Boost Profit by learning diff Pricing Strategies & Advanced Pricing Models in Excel. Complete Pricing Analytics in Excel

Created by Start-Tech Academy - 3,000,000+ Enrollments | 4+ Rated | 160+ Countries


Students: 96712, Price: $29.99

Students: 96712, Price:  Paid

You're looking for a complete course on pricing strategies and pricing analytics that maximize your firm revenue/profit, right?

You've found the right Marketing Analytics: Pricing Strategies course! This course teaches you everything you need to know about different pricing strategies and how to implement it using profit maximizing price points.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Implement pricing strategies such as simple linear pricing, price bundling, giving quantity discount, price skimming, applying two part tariffs and many more.

  • Increase revenue/profit of your firm by implementing revenue / profit maximizing price point and accordingly deciding perfect pricing strategies using Excel solver Add-in

  • Confidently practice, discuss and understand different Pricing strategies used by organizations

How this course will help you?

A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this Marketing Analytics: Pricing Strategies and Price Analytics course.

If you are a business manager or an executive, or a student who wants to learn and apply Pricing strategies in real world problems of business, this course will give you a solid base for that by teaching you the most popular pricing strategies and how to implement it.

Why should you choose this course?

We believe in teaching by example. This course is no exception. Every Section’s primary focus is to teach you the concepts through how-to examples. After taking this course you will have a fair idea on pricing strategies and price analytics. Each section has the following components:

  • Theoretical concepts and use cases of each Pricing strategy

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to arrive at revenue/profit maximizing price points in excel

  • Downloadable Excel file containing data and solutions used in each lecture

  • Class notes and assignments to revise and practice the concepts

The practical classes where we create the model for each of these strategies is something which differentiates this course from any other course available online.

What makes us qualified to teach you?

The course is taught by Abhishek and Pukhraj. As managers in Global Analytics Consulting firm, we have helped businesses solve their business problem using Analytics and we have used our experience to include the practical aspects of Marketing and data analytics in this course

We are also the creators of some of the most popular online courses - with over 170,000 enrollments and thousands of 5-star reviews like these ones:

This is very good, i love the fact the all explanation given can be understood by a layman - Joshua

Thank you Author for this wonderful course. You are the best and this course is worth any price. - Daisy

Our Promise

Teaching our students is our job and we are committed to it. If you have any questions about the course content, practice sheet or anything related to any topic, you can always post a question in the course or send us a direct message.

Download Practice files, take Quizzes, and complete Assignments

With each lecture, there are class notes on various pricing strategies and price analytics attached for you to follow along. You can also take quizzes to check your understanding of concepts on pricing strategies. Each section contains a practice assignment for you to practically implement your learning on pricing strategies, marketing analytics.

What is covered in this course?

Understanding how pricing impacts revenue and profitability is one of the most important issues faced by managers. In this course, we will explore how one can use analytics to determine the pricing strategy to be used, that helps achieve the objectives of the company.

Let me give you a brief overview of the course

  • Section 1 - Introduction

In this section we will learn about the course structure and the steps involved in devising a pricing strategies and marketing analytics.

  • Section 2 - Step 1: Setting a Pricing Objective

In this section, we will discuss about different pricing objectives that a firm.

  • Section 3 - Step 2: Estimating Demand

In this section we will learn different types of Demand Curve We will also learn how to quickly estimate demand curves using Excel

  • Section 4 - Step 3: Estimating Costs

Cost curves plays an important role in profit maximizing problems and determining pricing strategies. In this section, we will learn how to estimate cost functions. we will also learn the effect of complimentary goods on pricing strategies and marketing analytics.

  • Section 5 - Step 4: Analyzing competitors

In This section we will learn about analyzing competitors’ pricing strategy and its effect on our pricing strategy and marketing analytics.

  • Section 6 - Step 5: Evaluating Pricing Strategies

Once we have demand and cost we can estimate revenue and profit at different price points and using different pricing strategies. In the section, we will be discussing a lot of pricing strategies such as simple linear pricing, price bundling, giving quantity discount, price skimming, applying two part tariffs and many more. All these are pricing strategies which companies are actually using. We will see what's the thought and analytics that goes behind the decision of choosing a particular pricing strategy.

Some of the examples in this course are from the book Marketing Analytics: Data-Driven Techniques with Microsoft Excel [Winston, Wayne L.]. We suggest this book as reading material for anyone aspiring to be a marketing analyst. This is also a helpful resource for understanding pricing strategies and price analytics.

I am pretty confident that the course will give you the necessary knowledge and skills related to pricing strategies, pricing and marketing analytics; to immediately see practical benefits in your work place.

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in lesson 1 of this pricing strategy course


Start-Tech Academy

Outsource your idea | Launch your business for 1/4 the price

Got an idea? Make it a reality for a fraction of the price. The complete guide to launching your idea via outsourcing.

Created by Evan Kimbrell - Founder of Sprintkick | Ex-VC | Ex-startup founder


Students: 42978, Price: $94.99

Students: 42978, Price:  Paid

What do Slack, Skype, Fab, Klout, and GitHub have in common? They all started by outsourcing their product development. They didn't have technical founders, they didn't recruit a team of in-house engineers, and they didn't have gigantic development budgets. Oh, and did I mention that they're now collectively worth over 20 billion dollars?

Every single company or startup outsources in one way or another. Whether it's your product development, your advertising, your testing, or your customer service - you need to be equipped to take advantage of the opportunities that outsourcing presents you. As an entrepreneur, outsourcing is an essential skill for saving money, being lean, and being successful.

Outsourcing is the go-to strategy for saving time and money in order to launch ideas that otherwise would never make it to market. You can build a world class product without hiring an in-house team or recruiting partners. When you finish this course, you'll be able to outsource like a professional. You'll cut your development costs by up to 90% and become a much more capable and skilled entrepreneur

At the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Create, conceptualize, and map out your idea in a way that anyone can easily understand
  • Take your idea, create visual wireframes, mockups, and prototypes that are crucial for solidifying your vision and communicating it effectively
  • Sketch, rapidly build, test, and collaborate on your feature ideas
  • Understand, in intricate detail, the forces that effect your outsourcing project and how to position your project to be successful
  • Write job descriptions that bring in the best bids
  • Put together professional documentation for your idea and identify potential pitfalls before you spend money
  • Select the best possible long-term team using a framework that's built over 100+ professional outsourcing projects
  • Employ advanced techniques for getting the best price and cutting your deployment time in half
  • Tailor popular tools like Asana, Trello, and Google docs to masterfully run your outsourcing project 
  • Spot bugs before they become a significant problem

Master Outsourcing | Get the best price & save time

Learn how to outsource like a professional. Master uncommon techniques & skills for guaranteeing project success.

Created by Evan Kimbrell - Founder of Sprintkick | Ex-VC | Ex-startup founder


Students: 36564, Price: $94.99

Students: 36564, Price:  Paid

People that are skilled at outsourcing can be 10x more efficient than those who are not. Knowing how to outsource effectively is an incredibly useful skill whether you're an entrepreneur, a manager, a marketer, or small business owner. Being able to incorporate outsourcing into your project, your business, or even your job can dramatically change your rate of success.

Cost is often the single largest factor in whether or not a project succeeds or fails. By mastering outsourcing you can virtually guarantee that you get the lowest and most reasonable price every time you launch or engage in a project.

Learn how to outsource and you'll make magic with your project's to-do list. You'll be able to hit goals sooner while spending a fraction of what you planned. Save your project by going lean and shifting your attention and resources to other crucial areas.

Website development, mobile app development, logo design, market research, customer feedback, email marketing, sales, promotion, scheduling, editing, proofreading, ghostwriting, interviewing, application testing, bookkeeping, employee vetting - these are just some of the things you can outsource.

Virtually every company and startup outsources in some way. Outsourcing has endless possibilities - you just need to know how to use it. 

Altcoin Ratings, Reviews, & Price Analysis System


Created by The Bearable Bull - XRP Youtuber


Students: 18100, Price: $89.99

Students: 18100, Price:  Paid

-Introduction Into Why I Made This Course

-My Portfolios

-My Strategy

-Emotional Perspective On Investing

-Exit Strategy

This Ratings & Reviews Course will show my personal biases & perspectives as a cryptocurrency investor. Afterwards, you may proceed to seeing my reviews & research on different digital assets. Then, once you've done your own independent research, you should leave a comment giving me your own rating as well as the reason why you may agree or disagree with what I said in that lecture. This course is interactive & I will be editing my ratings based on the community perspective as well.


*I Will Be Giving My In-Depth Analysis Of Various Digital Asset/Cryptocurrency Projects Various Times A Week & Releasing Ratings On Each Of Those Projects*



Price Action Trading – Learn the Fundamentals.

Master Price Action Trading and Technical Analysis in Forex, Crypto and Indices With the Decisive Package

Created by James Orr - Founder of Decisive Trading


Students: 14604, Price: Free

Students: 14604, Price:  Free

In the Decisive Package you will learn key aspects of price action trading. We will cover topics such as Support and Resistance, Candlestick Patterns, Trends and the Trading Plan. Over 3 seminars, you will gain a solid understanding of technical analysis.

Learn to trade from someone who actually trades for a living.

Pricing Your Services: Conquer the Five Pitfalls

Learn how to develop a pricing system that helps you overcome common pricing pitfalls.

Created by Gus Prestera - Consultant | Educator | Coach


Students: 11218, Price: Free

Students: 11218, Price:  Free

This 1-hour course introduces you to the Pricing Your Services program by addressing the five most common pricing pitfalls, how to counter them, and how to develop a pricing system that enables you to scope, cost, and price your services quickly and effectively.

The course consists of videos and mashups. You can also download a printable workbook (PDF). You'll also see excerpts from interviews I've conducted with clients and successful consultants, who share their wisdom and insights.

If you're a business consultant who is trying to evolve from a series of freelance gigs to a sustainable consulting practice and struggle with how to price your services, this course is for you. Let's get going!

Candlestick Patterns to Master Forex Trading Price Action

Professional Forex Trading - Learn How to Trade Forex with Candlestick Patterns - Real Money Forex Trading Live Examples

Created by Federico Sellitti - Professional Forex Trader Since 2007, Author and FX Educator


Students: 11174, Price: $119.99

Students: 11174, Price:  Paid

Latest: course updated in October 2020!

If you knew how prices move in the Forex market, would you finally become a successful trader?
What if I told you that you can learn a revolutionary approach to view the market, would you take the opportunity to improve your trading skills and change your life?
Welcome to Candlestick Patterns to Master Forex Trading Price Action.
Unlike most courses that I have attended about Forex Candlesticks, where people feel compelled to memorize all the patterns, this course provides a rationale for why particular patterns are reliable setups for traders.
My aim is to change the simple viewing of a candlestick chart into a search for the answer: “who’s controlling the market? Buyers or sellers?”. In this way, you will get something more than a list of patterns that you can apply on the market, you will understand how and why prices move through the study of the candlesticks.

You will learn how to make money studying the supply and demand of a currency pair.

The course starts with an entire section to prepare you for a better understanding of the Japanese Candlesticks. This section may look as a sort of introduction, but it is the most important section.

Many years ago, I bought a very popular book about Japanese Candlesticks: “Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques” by Steve Nison.

The author teaches 39 different Candlestick Patterns in his book and I thought: “if I study 1 pattern per day, I will finish the book in less than 6 weeks”. How long do you think it will take to you to learn all the candlestick patterns? 6 weeks? Maybe a bit more if you are busy at work? I challenge you!  After going through the section about supply and demand, you will understand all the secrets behind the candlestick patterns and you will approach the market with a logical perspective. So the challenge is that you will effectively study all the patterns in 1 hour!
It is not a kind of unrealistic advertisement to let you buy the course, I truly believe that with this approach you will get an in-depth knowledge of all the candlestick patterns in one hour!

What kind of candlestick patterns will you learn? The course is divided in 3 different sections for the study of the candlesticks.
In the first section you will find hammer, hanging man, shooting star, doji and many other single candlestick patterns.

In the second section, you will find the bullish engulfing pattern, the bearish engulfing pattern, the piercing pattern and many other double candlestick patterns.

Last section is about triple candlestick patterns with the rising and falling three method and the Master candle.

Section 7 covers all the practical aspects of trading with the candlesticks. You will learn how to spot candlestick patterns in your charts, how to trade them and how to place Stop Loss and Take profit.

In Section 8, you will find all the live trades with real money that I have recorded for the course (and that I will still record, it is a section that will be updated frequently with new live examples).

By the end of the course, I will show you how to use the most popular indicators and how to combine them with the study of the candlestick patterns. You will learn how to use the different types of Moving Average and how to analyze the market with the RSI (Relative Strength Index).

Since I strongly believe that every trader should develop his own method to trade, I have also added a lecture to guide you to build your own trading strategy.

Section 10 is a bonus section! I always encourage students to ask questions. You will find all the answers to the most interesting questions in section 10.
Last section is a friendly conversation, in which I give you the very last tips from my experience on the Forex market. 

Are you looking for a super magic indicator or an automated program that will do all the trading for you, providing great returns? Then this course in NOT for you!
The material in this course is for people who are at ease with doing the hard work of becoming a successful trader. I’m not going to lie to you, being profitable consistently in Forex Trading requires hard work. If you expect a kind of extraordinary solution that will make you rich overnight with a minimal amount of effort by your side, then you will be disappointed. I believe that such a thing does not exist. If you want to become a top trader, you need to work hard, that’s the only way.

  • You will learn from my 11+ years of experience

  • You have unlimited lifetime access at no extra costs.

  • You can join our facebook group and share your opinion with the instructor and thousands of other students. This is a huge opportunity to accelerate your learning curve! 

  • New lectures will be added to the course constantly at no extra cost to you!

  • You can always ask for help, my support is well known in Udemy.

  • 30-day money back guarantee no questions asked.

So you have all the tools to become a successful trader, but as I always say to my students, signing up for this course is like signing up for a gym membership. You have all the equipment, all the machines and a personal trainer ready to help you, but if you stay home, eating chips and watching television, you are not going to see any result, right?

So, am I going to guarantee you overnight success? Absolutely not! Anyone promising that is lying. 
This is a real business, people like me go through years of formation at university to do this job, so it can take months or years to produce the income you're looking for.

Are you ready to take this opportunity?

See you at the top :)

Featured Reviews:

"I am a business woman and I took a long time before deciding to dive into what I consider another business, that is forex. I have started 3 weeks ago and I'm literally spending all my free time to devour books and participate in Forum discussions. I casually came across Federico's website and, even if many traders suggest to not buy any course, I thought that it was a good chance to take the discounted coupon and give it a try. All I can say is that in 3 days I have learnt much more than what I learnt in the first 3 weeks. This course includes all a trader needs to know about candlestick patterns and it is explained in a way that even a newbie like me can understand. On top of that, Federico replies within 24 hours to every single question and usually his reply is like a chapter of a book, well detailed and well explained. This adds a lot of value to this course. 5 stars are not enough to say thank you for your work. God bless you" - Amelie

"Federico was able to let me understand the importance of analyzing the fight between sellers and buyers, a point of view to the Forex Trading different from the mere chart analysis. His course is easy to follow and contents can be understood with just a basic trading knowledge. A very helpful course, I strongly suggest it." - Mirko Antinori

"This course presents a very good explanation of candlestick patterns in general and then specifically related to Forex trading. The instructor also covers how to use the candlestick pattern information in conjunction with other indicators for added confirmation of trends. I especially appreciated his clear explanation on his strategy for determining stop loss and take profit positions." - Shelly Gardner-Alley

"I have always found the numerous types of candlestick patterns as overwhelming and only knew about dojis in the past. However this trainer explains them so well and I am already looking at my MT4 charts with more clarity and understanding on what the market is telling me. Highly recommend this course to any forex trader." - John Mandich

"I have to say, the course is extremely good for short and sweet onto the point! Very easy to understand with clear explanation. It saves a lot time to understand the theory of the pattern compared to reading a lot of books and the instructor is really saving your time to filter the unnecessary useless patterns. I will definitely be back to this course quite often. The real good part is the explanation of profit and loss ---- which is hardest part and easiest to make mistakes in trading! Excellent and wonderful course. I spent 2 days to finish it, every second worth my effort and every penny is worth the value!!!" - Puliqianwen

Smart Marketing with Price Psychology

Improve online marketing success with fundamental psychological pricing research for your business and marketing

Created by Andrew Luttrell, Ph.D. - Social Psychologist


Students: 9687, Price: $109.99

Students: 9687, Price:  Paid

Getting people to buy something is hard. So many things can happen in a customer's mind that factor into the purchase decision. This course turns to solid scientific research in psychology to uncover tricks and hacks you can use to increase sales by massaging one fundamental element: the price.

What You'll Learn

In this course we consider six major strategies you can use to your marketing pursuits by using real data from price psychology. Within each one are many individual things that make prices more appealing, totaling more than 30 psychological price effects that will strengthen your offline and online marketing campaigns.

  1. Picking the Right Price: How to choose the number that will appeal most to consumers without changing your profit level.
  2. Presenting Your Price: How to write and say your price in the most appealing ways possible.
  3. Framing Your Price: How to communicate your price more effectively once the price is set.
  4. Using Context to Your Advantage: How to present differently priced products together in ways that maximize profits.
  5. Smart Discounting Practices: How to present your promotions in ways that make the deal irresistible.
  6. Handling Extra Charges: How to most effectively present your prices when there are unavoidable additional fees to communicate.

As a bonus, I also include a full PDF notes document that summarizes all the major techniques we go over because when you are designing your marketing and advertising strategies, you don't always have time to review a full 3 hour video course.

Why Learn From Me?

As an award-winning psychology instructor, I have experience translating research in the field and presenting it in an engaging, understandable way. My students routinely evaluate my courses highly and comment on the passion I have for social psychology. I hope you can join this group of satisfied students and learn something new about yourself and psychology.

So take this course now and understand the science of pricing and what it can do for your business and marketing efforts!

Agile with Scrum – At affordable price

Agile project management with the Scrum framework

Created by Krishnendu Saha - Technical Consultant


Students: 9265, Price: Free

Students: 9265, Price:  Free

1. What is Agile and why Agile?

2. Learn the differences between Waterfall vs Agile.

3. What is Empirical Process Control vs Defined Process Control.

4. What is the Value of Agile?

5. Go over the Agile Manifesto and Principles of Agile.

6. Understand the Scrum Framework and all the Processes, the different Roles and Responsibilities

7. Benefits of using Scrum.

8. Agile - Stages of Estimation

9. Agile Estimation Techniques

10. What we need to keep in mind when transforming to Agile.

Double your business – Marketing blueprint/pricing strategy

Market research, positioning, sales funnels, pricing, advertising strategies... create your own marketing plan

Created by Krisztina Rudnay - Okleveles funkcionális táplálkozástudományi szakértő - vegán


Students: 7472, Price: $89.99

Students: 7472, Price:  Paid

I ‘m challenging you to double your sales, no matter what business you own.

Are you up for it? If so, you won’t go at it alone.

I have a marketing strategy that can double leads, double sales and double profit.

  • I will show you the biggest marketing secret that a marketing plan cannot be without. You can create your own in an afternoon with this step-by-step market research guide.
  • You will exactly know who are your ideal customers, and how to create the perfect marketing message.
  • You will position your business to articulate your main benefits to your targeted customers, and set you apart from your competitor. You just have to answer 4 simple question and you will got the formula.
  • I will show you an easy sales funnel that can double your sales, if you integrate in your business. Copy and paste and use it with your products.
  • I will teach you one simple trick what you can use in your ads to get more visible and double your leads. This is a working formula that you can use over and over.
  • And we will talk about how to make the customer spend more that they originally wanted to. You just have to integrate this one simple step in the path to purchase.

Everybody who sells something, needs marketing. But not everybody knows how to do it. This course will teach you a basic marketing plan and every important elements of it. It's a step-by-step marketing strategy that can be implemented in any business - simple as a child can do it.

*Note that it's not a presentation of how to use marketing software or how to build a website. I am talking about the marketing fundamentals, pricing strategy and advertisement content writing. You can use your own website builder and autoresponder and build this knowledge in your business.

People who took this course say:

"Great information to get started in marketing your business and understanding your audience and how to reach them. The visual presentation is good and engaging, with lots of helpful information presented in easy-to-understand terms. - Earl Peters"

" I liked this course because the instructor goes straight to the point when explaining the strategies to help me grow my business. I particularly found interesting the section on ads with its tips on what works and what doesn't, and I'll use these tips for promoting my business. - Nadia G

"Hi Krisztina, thank you for taking the time to put together this excellent course on marketing. It is definitely a 10 star course. Easily the best marketing course around. I would and will recommend it to anyone to obtain strategies on marketing. If you are interested would you like to be one of my marketing consultants as I am looking to start a company. Many thanks Adam - Adam Green"

"Excellent tutorial to understand and leverage the best practices in marketing. The course is very practical and the instructor goes straight to the point. - Shaif Khan"

"Very detailed yet easy to follow & understand. Great information that will help me as a person that is new in this field. - Mina"

" I have learned a lot of marketing strategies for my products thanks to the teacher - Daniel Arturo Salinas Verduzco"

"Krisztina has done such a remarkable job with this course, it's amazing what people can give for free. This course is a 'must' for beginners in the small business industry. It cut's off a lot of busy work to a more result-oriented approach. You'd have no idea the things you do that are just a waste of time. Kristina does a great job at helping you to avoid wasting your very precious time and energy as a small business owner to the real core of marketing. Thank you Krisztina! - Victor C. Onochie"

Forex Trading Price Action: Advanced Swing Trading Strategy

Profitable Swing Trading Strategy that can be Applied to Forex Trading, Stock Trading and other Financial Markets.

Created by Federico Sellitti - Professional Forex Trader Since 2007, Author and FX Educator


Students: 6824, Price: $109.99

Students: 6824, Price:  Paid

Course updated in October 2020!

Why are you still struggling to make money with Forex Trading?

You have tried all the indicators, oscillators, harmonic patterns, systems but you still don't have constant profits in the Forex Market. Why?
I believe in a logical approach to Financial Markets, I believe in thinking differently.
The way I succeed in Forex Trading is by applying a simple Strategy to understand how prices move.

Welcome to Forex Trading Price Action: Advanced Swing Trading Strategy.

My aim for this course is to give you a simple setup to understand why so many signals fail, why so many positions end losing money, why you are not maximizing your profits on winning trades.

You will learn how to read the market applying the main principles and concepts of Swing Trading. You will learn a strategy that works on several Financial Markets:

- Forex 
- Stock Market
- Indices
- Commodities
- Cryptocurrencies

I will guide you through the most effective Chart Patterns to conduct a professional Technical Analysis
Swing Points, Wedges, Pennants, Triangles and much more. We will see how to interpret the action of the market through these important patterns, but, most importantly, we will see how to enter a trade with perfect timing and how to place Stop Loss and Take Profit in order to maximize your profits in the long period.

In Section 6, you will find two fundamental concepts to trade any Financial market successfully: Rejection and Breakout.
We will also see how to automate your orders, so you can spend just a few minutes per day for your trading, avoiding to be at the computer all the time.  

You will find many market analyses (Section 7) and live trades (Section 10) to see how to apply what you learn in the real world, where things get harder. All the live trades are taken with a real money trading account that I have created for this course.

You will learn the importance of having a good Money Management strategy, with a section that is entirely dedicated to Money Management strategies like the 1% of MAX or the Kelly Criterion.

What if you want to be a short-term trader, or you are interested in day trading or you want to invest in the long period? Section 11 covers all the different setups, so you can adapt the strategy to your needs and your availability.

All the examples provided in the course are about Forex Trading, but I am confident that you will find the material very useful for Stock Trading and Cryptocurrency Trading too.

What else in this course? 

  • You will learn from my 11+ years of experience

  • You have unlimited lifetime access at no extra costs.

  • You can join our facebook group and share your opinion with the instructor and thousands of other students. This is a huge opportunity to accelerate your learning curve! 

  • New lectures will be added to the course constantly at no extra cost to you!

  • You can always ask for help, my support is well known in Udemy.

  • 30-day money back guarantee no questions asked.

I like to say to my students that signing up for this course is like signing up for a gym membership. You have all the equipment, all the machines and a personal trainer ready to help you, but if you stay home, eating chips and watching television, you are not going to see any result, right? So, take your first step. Enroll in the course and let's start this journey together.

See you at the top :)

Featured Reviews:

"This is definitely the most advance class I have taken so far on Forex trading. I will recommend it to all the students who really want to invest the time and energy to become successful at technical trading. I personally will re-visit the class every now and then to refresh the concepts explained by the instructor. I personally enjoyed the live trades section where one can see how Federico (the instructor) thinks and plans his entries and exits on different scenarios. Federico is also super responsive and fully dedicated to his students. He had answer all my questions within a couple of hours. He is really interested in making sure that you understand all the concepts and put them into to practice right away." - Andres Jatombliansky

"This review comes from the bottom of my heart. 6 months ago I knew nothing about forex. I took Federico's course for beginners and I followed his suggestion to start to apply basic strategies with a demo account. I asked him so many questions in private and in the course. I always got a reply in minutes or hours. One day, he replied in a couple of hours and then sent me a picture of him on holiday. I admire the commitment and dedication towards his students. I opened a live trading account last month and I started to have positive results. I lost a trade yesterday and then I stopped to go through this new course. I applied the moving average settings that Federico suggests in the course and it was so clear why I lost my last trade. Very nice explanations, a concrete strategy to apply and the best instructor I have ever had in my life. I will never stop to thank you for putting all of this together. Thanks." - Tiger Dimitrov

"This course was so helpful and Federico is a great instructor. I already knew him from a Forum about Forex trading and I already knew the passion and the knowledge that he has about this topic. The thing that I like the most about the course is that the instructor also guides you to apply what you learn. Finally someone who understands the importance of combining theory and practice: definitely 5 stars!" - Matthew Merex

"Federico was able to let me understand the importance of analyzing the fight between sellers and buyers, a point of view to the Forex Trading different from the mere chart analysis. His course is easy to follow and contents can be understood with just a basic trading knowledge. A very helpful course, I strongly suggest it." - Mirko Antinori

"This is my second course with Federico. I learnt a lot in the first one and I started to get good results with my live account. Now it is time for the next step and apply what I have learned in this advanced course! Many thanks!!!!!!" - Vittoria Bevilacqua

Max-Profit Pricing Strategy & Negotiation To Make Money

Ideal pricing strategy for B2B products, apps, eCommerce, books, freelancing, coaching. Plus pricing via negotiation

Created by Alex Genadinik - Business, Entrepreneurship, SEO, Marketing, Amazon, YouTube


Students: 5408, Price: $39.99

Students: 5408, Price:  Paid

Maximize your profit from each customer with accurate pricing!

This course will teach you:

  • Product pricing strategy

  • Service pricing strategy

  • Sales negotiation

  • How to maximize your LTV (lifetime customer value)

These are the three essential components of making sure that you get the most out of every client.

Most first-time entrepreneurs struggle with choosing the right price for their business. But the key to maximizing revenue from each customer is the LTV (lifetime customer value). 

In this course, in addition to explaining how to price different products, I explain how to get those same customers to come back to your business many more times, and buy many additional times from you, often increasing revenue by thousands of percent.

This course also teaches you business negotiation skills, which can maximize your profit.


The course contains a pricing case study of one of my products that has been sold for as little as $20 and as much as $5,000 for the exact same product. I explain complete negotiation tactics around it.

If you have a new business or a product that you are not sure how to price, get this course today and learn how to find an ideal price for your product or service.


I've been an entrepreneur for 15+ years, have coached 1,000+ entrepreneurs in person, taught 100,000+ students, impacted millions of entrepreneurs worldwide creating 6 and 7-figure businesses in the process, and I would love to help you.

I am an expert growth marketer, and I create winning marketing strategies for my clients all the time. Now it is your turn to grow your business and fulfill your dreams.


* Lots of extra freebies, downloadable worksheets, and exercises to make the course more interactive and valuable

* Personal invitation to my Facebook community after you complete the course

* My list of 50 business-success skills when you complete the course

* Be entered to get chosen for my student of the month status and have your business featured


If you have questions, know that I am here to help! I answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. Many students tell me that other instructors don't respond. Well, I do because

1) I care about my students.

2) I feel a responsibility to make sure that students get their money's worth from the course.


This pricing strategy course comes with an unconditional, Udemy-backed, 30-day money-back guarantee. This is not just a guarantee, it's my personal promise to you that I will go out of my way to help you succeed just like I've done for thousands of my other students. 

Invest in your future. Enroll now.

How To Complete A Broker Price Opinion

How to complete a BPO from start to finish

Created by 24/7 Real Estate - Real Estate Agents, Lenders, Automation Experts


Students: 4430, Price: Free

Students: 4430, Price:  Free

Welcome to "How To Complete A Broker Price Opinion" by 24/7 Real Estate.

In this course you will learn exactly what a Broker Price Opinion is, why you should being doing them and exactly how to complete one from start to finish. 

BPO's are a great way for you to make extra money each month, learn your market, and get your name in front of Asset Managers for REO listings.

The course is 100% free and we hope you enjoy learning.

Sales Skills – How to sell value instead of price

Skills and best practices for every sales rep to move away from price discussions to value creation negotiations

Created by Amaro Araujo - Bestselling Author, International Sales & Negotiation Expert


Students: 3072, Price: $79.99

Students: 3072, Price:  Paid

Sales tests and Business cases to help you explore and apply knowledge. Very important to prepare you for real case situations and job interviews. Both with proposed solutions.

Don't forget to check last lesson, where you can find the downloadable support documents. There's one in particular you can't miss: "The value Selling Sensing and process"

This course is about the two sides of the balance - Price and value - to leverage your skills as a sales manager.

Price is the financial reward for your product or service and value is what your customer believes it is worth for them.

Find or leverage your unique value propositions.

Understand the concept of the value and shift your discussions towards value instead of pure price.

In this course, you'll see practical examples, differentiation, and how you can leverage your products or services to move from a "Vending" position to a "strategic partner" position.

Customers will always push you to price discussions. Your role is to manage that diversion. In this course, you'll have the insights and tools on how to do that.

This training is a masterclass on the topic and will help you in your commercial role: sales negotiation and closing deals.

Developing skills is the best investment you can make with your money, so join the course now and enhance your career in sales.

Course updated regularly.

Support material provided: There are several templates and documents in the bonus lecture at the end of the course that you can download for a better follow up and application of the learnings, and that includes my best seller book "Sales is my passion" available in the last section on ebook/pdf format.

Recently added: How this course can help your career evolution. Downloadable in the first lecture.

Some Testimonials:

Ratcliff K: "Good insights and new ways to look at same issue"

Arjen B: "this helps me to change my perspective and question the traditional way I work"

Gilles Broom: "very interesting and realistic "

Rose Denter: "I have difficulties to get away of recurrent price discussions, this course sheds some light on areas that I will be able to explore and hope to improve my margins "

Forex Online Price Action Day Trading Strategy

Price Action Trading System. Profit on Forex for beginner traders. Not Robot Swing Trading real examples course 2020

Created by Dorrow Green - Forex Trader


Students: 2970, Price: Free

Students: 2970, Price:  Free

Dear Students,

All my lessons length are more than 14 hours.

Due to I made my course for free, I can't show lessons more than 2 hours in common (Udemy rules).

I left some lessons, so you get familiar with it, and all other lessons you can find on YouTube for free.

Link to my YouTube channel you can find in my profile.

Subscribe and watch all lectures!


Short information about this course:

Section 1 – Forex Trading Strategy for Beginners

Section 2 – material for improving Trading Strategy for professional trading level - (updated info)

Section 3 – material for improving Trading Strategy for professional trading level - (old info)

Section 4 – way how to analyze Forex Market for professional trading

Section 5 – way how to extract profit in Day Trading

Section 6 – my live trading with full explanation

Section 7 – my help to students

Section 8 - FAQ

Section 9 – recommended who just start Forex.

Section 1:

This section is for Forex Beginners, who want to start trading on Forex, using simple Trading Strategy.

I share all material that requires in using the strategy. For easy learning I created this section in fast learning model, step by step, so you understand it clearly.

After watching this section, you will be able to start using this simple strategy in live trading.

Section 2 and 3:

In these Sections, you get direct information that is necessary to know for professional trading on Forex Market.

These sections don`t contain surface or general information about Currencies, Forex, Forex Terminals, Forex Brokers, Financial Marketplaces etc.

I will tell what you need to use for trading correctly on Forex Market and what need to avoid. Valuable information about all analysis, secrets about candlesticks, Classic patterns that you should know, indicators that were created for traders etc.

I will show you how to work with and without stop losses and get profit in both situations. Regulate your profit while trading on Forex as you wish.

This Course will help you to understand the Forex exactly for trading and get revenues from it, but not for general information what is the Forex and where it works.

You can trade with my Forex trading strategy as you like: every day, once a week, once a month. Use it in intraday trading, middle-term trading or long-term trading.

This course will overturn all your knowledge of trading Forex Market at 180 degree and you will understand simple things that are hidden from you in the books or other courses.

Section 4 and 5:

In these Sections, you will find a lot of useful information about analyzing Financial market. What is necessary to do before start trading Forex, opening orders or close orders, put stop-losses, take profits, etc.

In this course you will see how I make analysis before I start working on Forex market, what I pay attention on before opening orders and what I use for analysis.

This course will give you main things about market analysis and will decrease your time doing this process before trading.

If you are beginner trader on Financial markets, you will find in this course everything you need about analyzing the market.

If you are advanced trader and you are confusing while analyzing the market, this course will help you to cut all unnecessary things that you use and you will be able analyzing the market correctly and make profit.

This course is for all people who really want to trade on Forex market and get success there.

Section 6:

In this Section, I show my real-time day trading on Forex Market, using only one currency pair – EURUSD. You can see my orders and I describe every order I make:

  • where I open order

  • where I close order

  • why I open order

  • why I close order

  • where I put stop-loss

  • where I put stop-profit

  • etc…

Day trading – is trading during the day, catching market movement in the day. Actually, I trade every style, except scalping, but for you I have recorded my live trading during the day, as it didn’t take me much time, and you can see the results and check my strategy of trading.

I was recording my live trading to show you that trading on Forex and collecting profit is real, if you really want to trade on Forex and make profit, you can check this course and then you will understand that you can do the same.

I was scalping before, but it takes a lot of time and nerves, making a lot of orders per day, and in the evening you are very tired. Now I prefer trading as I like, some orders per day, or when I want to trade, when I have mood for trading, or move to middle-term trading when I am on holidays.

You decide how you would like to trade on Forex market, and if you want to check my trading, you are welcome!

Don’t forget one thing that I tell in main course about my Forex Strategy – you can use this trading method on every currency pair, on any Stock market instrument, or even on cryptocurrencies.

Section 7:

In this Section, I publish material that send students who is learning my Forex trading method and share their learning with me, asking questions if they are right or wrong.

Firstly, I reply in  written form, and if I have time, I record a video so everybody could see it.

Section 8:

This Section created for Forex Traders, who just start trading Forex and have many questions to ask for going a right way.

My active students asked me many questions and most of them are same, so I put these questions into this course. Sometimes students send me pictures with their trading or charts, and sometimes I record a video with explanation, in case if this can help other students.

So here you can find information that you could ask me while learning my strategy, or even if you are building your own strategy, you can check the list of FAQ and connect it to your knowledge.

If you have any question and you don’t see it in this course, you can message me I will answer you directly and if I see that this question can help other students I will publish it in this course.

List of most popular questions that students ask me:

1 - How to become Forex trader from beginning?

2 - How much time I have to spend in front of computer trading your strategy?

3 - What time you usually trade according to GMT, and how to trade with different GMTs?

4 - How quickly I will start earning money after I check your course and learn your trading strategy?

5 - How much money I need for trading your strategy, and what volumes should I trade and how much profit can I make?

6 - How fast is possible to quit full-time job and become independent trader with your strategy?

7 - Does your trading strategy reliable to be used as a full time job?

8 - What is win and lose trades ratio?

9 - Does your strategy based on technical analysis?

10 - What is your maximum loss per order and profit per order, and how you control it?

11 - Is it possible to earn 2-3-5 figures using your strategy?

12 - How much difficult your strategy is, and how many factors need to keep in mind before making decision on entry or exit orders?

13 - I have watched many courses about Forex and I still don’t get profit. I see you make profit and I want to copy your strategy, and do same, how can I do it quickly?

14 - Should I follow News if I make long-term trading?

15 - Is there a possibility to combine your strategy with other strategy?

16 - Is it possible to make a robot on your strategy?

17 - Is that true that Forex trading strategy will not work on Stock market?

18 - Can I use your strategy on other financial markets, like Stock market, CFDs, Options?

19 - Why you trade only Forex, but not try to trade Stocks, CFDs, Options?

20 - How to avoid slow market, so I don’t spend all day and get nothing?

21 - What pair is better to trade if EUR/USD has no movement in a day?

22 - What to do if I have many orders made by averaging?

23 - Do you make averaging?

24 - How you trade on 5 minute chart, as many traders consider it as noise of the market?

25 - I didn’t hear any information about trailing stops from you, do you use it?

Section 9:

This Section is for beginner traders, who just start learning Forex, and want to become successful trader on Forex Market.

You will not find information that will teach with everything of Forex, like describing candlesticks, indicators, how to check trend on the market or support and resistance levels. Only logical information that can make your learning much easier and save your time.

Being on a top of trading Forex I can see the whole picture how it was going in my learning, I share with you the information that you will not find in internet or in the books.  This Course will help you to move right way in learning Forex, save your time and make you successful trader much faster as if you do it by your own.

This course will overturn your mind and you will understand simple things that are hidden from you in the books or other courses.

Day Trading and Swing Trading Futures with Price Action.

Reduce risk day trading or swing trading futures and gain unlimited confidence using price action.

Created by Humberto Malaspina - Emini S&P 500 Trader.


Students: 2928, Price: $99.99

Students: 2928, Price:  Paid


A trading plan applicable to futures, stocks, forex, or any financial instrument.

I have designed this course with the best intention of helping people who want to get involved in the world of trading, but first of all, I need you to understand and accept a survival rule in this business: "NO ONE KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN THE MARKET, PEOPLE ONLY HAVE SLIGHT IDEAS ". Markets are driven by trends and psychology in the short-term. The truth is no one knows how far the market will go up or down. No trader has ever had complete clarity about the path markets will take over the short-to-intermediate-term. There are far too many variables at play to know what will happen with anything approaching certainty when it comes to market psychology. This is extremely important that you internalize it so that you can positively advance in the process of making profits playing in the financial markets. I hope you accept and agree with that. Let´s move forward.

In this course, I am going to talk about day trading in a short time frame and I am also going to compare it with swing trading in a longer time frame. All this with the intention that you can compare them and understand the key details of trading on these time frames.

Trading the market has a story. There are two emotions at play when trading the markets; "FEAR and GREED". Fear and greed are emotions that powerfully influence a trader's mind. But especially fear is a feeling that becomes an impenetrable barrier for many people who have been bitten by the markets. They do not understand that it is impossible not to be bitten in the world of trading, what you have to do is be vaccinated against those bites. Once this is understood, an infinite window of opportunity opens in the financial markets. I this course I will help you to understand and control this fact.

There are differences between Day Trading and Swing Trading, which are very important to know and can make the difference between living or dying as a trader. Day trading means competing in a world of nanoseconds with supercomputers located near the exchange houses which for a human being is very difficult. High-frequency trading nowadays generates an amount of noise in intraday data that is complex to handle and only very astute traders can compete at this level. Swing trading is a better option and perhaps it is the most appropriate definitive solution for many, but still, there are some who prefer the intraday super speed. Anyway, in this course, I present a solution that could help you solve the problems and dilemmas of trading at both time frames.

First of all, here are five (5) key questions for you:

1.-What is motivating you to get on this course?

2.-What do you want to accomplish with this course?

3.-Where are you today with your trading and where do you want to be?

4.-What is your biggest problem right now with your trading?

5.-What happens if the following information answers all your questions regarding your concerns today?

Now, please read this:

Before you even think about buying this course, I need you to deem deeply about what I am going to explain next.

  1. Long-term investing as Mr. Warren Buffet does is a whole different story than what I teach in this course. This course is not about value-based investing or fundamental analysis.

  2. I suggest to get an education first and then start with swing trading the markets which have better odds than day trading. Once you have mastered swing trading and if you are still interested in quick daily profits, you can try day trading to test those waters with the knowledge you have acquired swing trading. This is the best advice I can give you from the bottom of my soul if you have a passion for trading in the financial markets.

  3. One of my goals is to help people survive the learning curve. I suggest you practice with paper money first (demo account), once you have tested your method and it is proven to have a positive expectancy then you can play with real money in a live account.

Now, if you have been trading and constantly have these thoughts inside your mind like ...

I am losing money trading

I make many bad trades

I take profits too soon

I do not know how to maximize my winning trades.

I let my losers too much time running

I am afraid to pull the trigger

I lose a lot of money in each losing trade

I do not know where to put my stop loss

I enter the market and immediately it goes against my position

The market hit my stop loss all the time

I do not understand price action

I do not know what time frame to use

I do not know how to detect a valid trend

I do not have a winner trading strategy

My technical indicators do not work   

... then please continue reading.

This course is about how to trade (any time frame). When we talk about trading, ("no long-term investment"), we are assuming that we are going to buy or sell a financial instrument which we will have in our possession for a short-term (minutes or hours) or medium-term (days or weeks) and then we will close that position depending on the current market condition which favors us or not.

The trading method that is explained in this course can be applied to any financial instrument and to any time frame but as I said before if you do not have any experience stay away from day trading. In this course, I talk about day trading but my method can be applied to swing trading as well. We are looking for a fractal phenomenon which can be spotted in any time frame. Here I use intraday tick data but for the sake of the general public, I have designed my methodology document using a time frame for swing trading. Once you have acquired experience in swing trading you can adapt this method for day trading if that is what you really like.

Having said that, I need you to understand that it is practically impossible to forecast market behavior. No one knows what will happen in the next few minutes, days, or weeks. The first thing we must assume to be successful in trading the financial markets is that we do not know what will happen after we take a position, and what we do is a mere bet based on price action analysis. That is crucial that you understand and accept it as the greatest truth about trading.

I will teach you what I do, a very simple trading strategy, explained step by step, which can have thousands of variants depending on the financial instrument being played, its volatility, and the time frame of the analysis that you use to play it. This course lays the foundations for a trading strategy with a positive expectancy so that you can use it as it is, or make the modifications that you want depending on your psychological or risk profile. There is no strict rule for trading. I am always evolving and getting better so my strategy changes over time with some small adjustments but the core principle is always the same.

Before continuing please record this in your memory: Our trading method must be as flexible as possible in order to adapt to any current market conditions. If we do not have a flexible strategy we are doomed to failure.

Now that we are clear on this point please continue reading.

For trading the markets you need an edge, you must have a trading method with positive expectancy, this is crucial. This method must be consistent with your own personality and comfort level. The approach you use must make you feel comfortable. In this course, I am giving you the tools to find your edge to succeed.

All human emotions play a huge role in the final outcome of this business endeavor. Greed and fear are powerful enemies not easy to control when there is real money involved. News, colleague’s comments, TV experts, and even family members can supply additional doses of adrenaline that can make you take wrong trading decisions. After a series of bad trades and some money lost you become ill, and this illness is called “Fear of Losing”, what happens next? you are afraid of pulling the trigger to make a new trade again.

How to avoid all those emotions to trade successfully by yourself? It is very hard to detach a human being from emotions when trading with real money. What you can do is to control or minimize those emotions. The answer to this dilemma is to learn how to control “RISK”.

Once you learn how to manage risk you will enter a state of mind that will control emotions and will let you take trading decisions with the best odds of becoming profitable. After a while, you learn that losing is part of the game and when losses are in control then “fear” of losing disappears from your mind and you will begin to trade successfully.

This course is set for students that want to have a valid edge and to learn how to control risk to build a sustainable trading business.

Students will get step by step instructions for optimizing their skills to take high probability trades reducing risk using any time frame (Day Trading or Swing Trading).

With this course, you will solve any problems you have with your trading method, you will set your mind to listen to the market and to act only after the market tells you what to do.

In this course you will learn:

  1. How to acquire the mindset to achieve higher levels of mastery trading futures or any other financial instrument.

  2. How to improve your Risk and Money Management Plan.

  3. How to upgrade your trading methodology to read correctly price action for identifying the strongest trend in place.

  4. How to apply the right skills and tools to increase the probabilities of making winning trades while reducing risk.

  5. How to integrate risk control, money management and price action to have a successful trading business.

This course foundation is based on endless hours of studying price charts and money management. Risk reduction is the cornerstone of trading the financial markets, if you focus your trading plan on caring for minimizing risk, then profits will take care of themselves. During this course, you will make an in-depth analysis of implementing risk reduction into your trading plan, which is the highway to becoming a profitable trader.

This course will be updated as any new improvements are made to my trading methodology and you will be able to download it at any time.

If you want to stand a chance for survival in these trading waters full of sharks then I command you to buy this course. It will give you the tools you need to develop your personal trading method with a positive expectancy to make money trading any financial instrument using any time frame you see fit.

I hope this little introduction will help you and I want you to know that my main objective is to help people to solve their problems regarding their trading method and to motivate them to be successful for the rest of their careers in this demanding and competitive business. Remember, you have to work hard, you are not going to get rich overnight trading. It takes time, effort, dedication, perseverance, and determination to be successful in trading and in anything in life.

TAKE ACTION. Remember, a lot of knowledge is worth nothing if no action is taken. Only by taking action, you will transform knowledge into wisdom thanks to the small steps you took. Only then you will see a change.


All forms of trading carry a high level of risk so you should only speculate with money you can afford to lose. You can lose more than your initial deposit and stake. Please ensure your chosen method matches your investment objectives, familiarize yourself with the risks involved, and if necessary seek independent advice.

U.S. Government Required Disclaimer - Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Trading financial instruments of any kind including options, futures, and securities have large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them to invest in the options, futures, and stock markets. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose.

NFA and CTFC Required Disclaimers: Trading in the Foreign Exchange or Futures market is a challenging opportunity where above average returns are available for educated and experienced investors who are willing to take above average risk. However, before deciding to participate in Foreign Exchange (FX) or Futures trading, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. Do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.

All information on this site is for educational and research purposes only and is not intended to provide financial advice. Any statement about profits or income, expressed or implied, does not represent a guarantee. This information is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell options, futures or securities. No representation is being made that any information you receive will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed in this course. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results. Get the advice of a competent financial advisor before investing your money in any financial instrument.

Terms of Use: Your use of this information indicates your acceptance of these disclaimers. Also, you agree to hold harmless the publisher and instructors personally and collectively for any losses of capital, if any, that may result from the use of the information. In other words, you must make your own decisions, be responsible for your own decisions, and trade at your own risk.

Decision Making Techniques |Pricing|Costing|ACCA|CIMA|F5|

Study with award winning and rank holder faculties.

Created by ACCA Classes - Team, ACCAClasses


Students: 2721, Price: Free

Students: 2721, Price:  Free

In this course, we will be talking about: 

  • Basics of cost, volume, profit and sales and different formulas to calculate production volume for break even, target profit, etc.

  • Understanding and plotting cost, profit, sales on graphs based on production volume and identifying break even, margin of safety, etc

  • Solving production problems with limiting factor through linear equations and graphical approaches.

  • How different factors affect price and demand.

  • Sensitivity of relationship between price and demand, using the demand equation and MR MC approach to calculate profit maximization level of output.

  • Different pricing strategies and their application.

  • Understanding characteristics of relevant costs and how to calculate relevant cost of material and labour.

  • Quantitative analysis of further processing decisions and shutdown decisions.

  • Different decision rules for different risk appetites under different conditions.

  • Decision trees, rollback analysis and how to calculate value of perfect and imperfect information.

Mastering Price Action Trading with Supply and Demand

Learn to read institutional order flow using Supply Demand on larger time frames

Created by Market Stalkers - Derivatives Trading


Students: 2598, Price: $34.99

Students: 2598, Price:  Paid

My courses are a result of trading the markets over the last 13 years.

Seven of those years I've traded professionally for three different prop trading companies in London and Chicago.

In the last three years, I've been creating mechanical trading systems as a managing director of a small fintech startup called Blahtech.

I collaborate with a team of three elite engineers who come from bulge bracket investment banking background.

This introduction course represents the first 6 lessons of 40 lectures from our comprehensive Professional Development Program on the main website.

You'll learn to recognise 'footnote' Supply/Demand levels around which you will plan the direction of your trades. I also teach you my own concept of Q Points©.

Q Points are the missing link to S/D trading and an invaluable tool for weeding out non-relevant areas.

Q Points© are my proprietary trading concept - you won't come across them anywhere else.

This particular course will begin the journey to wean you off bad habits and wild-man scalping. It will steer you away from retail lagging tools to teach you how to view Supply/Demand levels that matter.

You'll learn to apply real-time price action reading to these institutional Supply/Demand levels. I also set you on a path to determine whether your trade will have enough 'space' for a statistically correct risk/reward ratio (the amount you risk vs the expected amount of taking profits).

The reason why S/D levels on large timeframes are so efficient is because there is so much trading information over long periods of time.

But also because institutional traders need deep liquidity pools to execute huge institutional orders that go into thousands of lots (we're talking positions in excess of $300-500 million).

In order to save on execution costs (to ensure the order is filled in as little trades as possible), institutional market makers will move the price up or down by using some of the allocated funds to bring the price to the levels where the huge several thousand lots orders can be filled in a cost-effective way. You will learn how to spot these big players on medium and larger timeframes.

This course creates an introduction for an organised trading mind and a systematic, repeatable approach to finding trade locations at levels where institutions trade.

The methodology of market mechanics through Supply/Demand can be applied to most markets, including soft commodities such as gold and crude oil, forex, equity indices, individual stocks and cryptocurrencies.


You must have some previous trading experience and a very good skill of candlesticks reading.

While this course may be used by beginners, it is best suited for those who have already traded for a while (ideally 1 year+).

Ideal students will be looking to advance their skills to a more serious level by adding an analytical approach to their trading performance.

You will require patience and persistence. In some cases, big changes to your own behavioral psychology will be needed on this journey.

Trading is neither simple nor easy. While this high income skill has the potential to bring windfalls to certain individuals who are emotionally resilient and analytical enough to keep going, it remains one of the toughest skill to master.

This is mainly due to the sheer amount of information you must remember and cross-check when the opportunity presents itself.

If you're looking for a get-rich-quick, "simple" trading system then my courses are not for you.

If that's what you're after, I would highly advise you to stick away from any kind of trading altogether with that kind of mindset. You'll save yourself a lot of time and trouble.

Who this course is for:

  • Traders who are struggling to reach profitability

  • Traders interested in supply/demand institutional trading strategies

  • Swing traders who are looking to advance their skills further

If you wish to move forward with your trading skills, enroll now.

See you on the inside!

How to Price Consumer Products (FMCG/CPG)?

Learn how to Price Consumer Goods and understand the Financial impact of your decisions. Includes advanced templates.

Created by FMCG Academy - Practical Knowledge @Speed


Students: 2598, Price: $89.99

Students: 2598, Price:  Paid

This course will equip you with a good understanding of how large consumer brands (FMCG/CPG) set and manage product pricing in the real world. If you are looking for detailed academic theory then this course may not be for you.
Please view the "Course Overview and Structure" and "What is a Consumer Pricing Strategy?" free course videos before purchasing this course so you are clear on what you are about to purchase. 
The course showcases in simple english the concepts behind pricing a consumer product, and then puts them to practical use with a detailed example. If you are not comfortable with the English language and basic Mathematics, then this course may not be for you.

You can download the P&L and Category Analysis Grid templates in Excel, which you can then customize for your brand or business.
In about 60 minutes of video you will gain from my 20+ years of senior marketing and category management experience with some of the biggest consumer brands in the world across both developed and emerging markets
Whether you work for a large consumer product business or are a small business competing against the global brands or you are a start up in the food and consumer product space, this course will add to your understanding and capability on pricing and category management, while helping you be in control of your P&L.

Forex Trading with Pro Trader: Price Action Trading

Learn Forex trading with Practical Indicators and Price Action Trading: Live Trade Example + Results

Created by Petko Zhivkov Aleksandrov - Forex, Crypto & Stock Trader


Students: 2463, Price: $99.99

Students: 2463, Price:  Paid

Are you struggling with the Forex trading? Still can not put all things together?

My name is Petko Aleksandrov, head trader at EA Forex Academy. And in this course, I will teach you our professional Forex trading system on the Forex Market using just Price Action Trading.

My experience in algorithmic professional  Forex trading helped me to develop a reliable system for manual Forex trading on the Forex market.

This Price Action Forex trading class will help you to bring your trading to the next level!

In this course, I will show you my manual system for trading that I have been using for more than 5 years now. I will teach you the whole process of professional Forex trading - how you start from the empty screen, and step by step how to build the analysis, and reach to the points of entry and to the most important thing - the management of the opened trade.

I will teach you a conservative method of money management that will bring you more stable profits in the long term. More than 95% of traders lose money because they want to make quick profits. Professional Forex trading is a combination of a stable system for trading and smart money management of the account.

You will learn the most important in professional Forex trading:

  • Prepare your trading screen

  • Recognize the most essential levels on the market

  • Follow the major trend direction and take advantage of it

  • Draw trend lines and counter-trend lines properly

  • Use Fibonacci indicator in an extraordinary way

  • Recognize the upcoming movement

  • Trade on the impulsive break

  • Diversify the risk in 3 different entries

  • Manage the opened positions and take the profits

  • Use professional trade sheets to improve the trading(Included)

Price Action Trading uses the movement of the price. No matter what tools and platforms you use, at the end all that matters is the price. And in this course, you will learn how to analyze it.

The course is designed to help you know "where the market is." No matter you are an algorithmic or manual trader, you are a beginner or experienced trader, you always need to have very sustainable knowledge, and be able to make a full analysis without exceptions to do professional Forex trading.

While many trading courses focus on theory and fundamentals, it is hard to find a comprehensive professional Forex trading course like this one, which is suitable for beginner and advanced traders who want to learn Price Action Trading.

Also, there are many free videos about professional Forex trading all over the internet nowadays. This is the reason why in this Professional Forex trading course, we will step into the depth of the Forex trading and the essential details! Do not waste time looking for different indicators, price patterns, candlestick formations, etc., and to build them in a system when you have it already done in this course.

Contents and Overview

This course aims to teach traders what it takes to improve your analysis before opening a real trade. When analyzing the market, many things should be taken into consideration, and only the best entries should remain.

You will start with the basic drawing tools and price action trading that you need before using the more advanced indicators. This way, you are building your chart until you'll see where is the right place to enter the market.

You will learn an exciting method that I use to diversify my risk when opening trades. I do not enter the whole position at one spot. I divide it into 3 different entries, with 3 separate entry conditions that should confirm the direction I am trading. This way, if it turns that I am wrong with the first entry, the loss is at times lower.

So you can have proper money management, I will teach you how to follow the trade, where to take your profits partially to maximize the trade. As well, I will teach you how to trail your Stop Loss and how to keep it on a safe distance.

By the end of this professional Forex trading course, you will have higher motivation and more significant confidence in Price Action Trading. You will have a strict and precise trading system to follow, and you will hesitate when to enter the market anymore.

Take advantage of it and become a professional trader!

Together with all my other professional Forex trading courses, you will receive full support personally by me within 12 hours.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you are not happy with the course, you can always use this option, no questions asked.

See you inside the class!

Enroll now, and I will teach you my professional Forex trading strategy!

Bitcoin Trading with Simple Price Action Trading Strategy

Bitcoin Trading using a professional Price Action Trading Strategy. Take the Maximum from the Market!

Created by Petko Zhivkov Aleksandrov - Forex, Crypto & Stock Trader


Students: 2389, Price: $99.99

Students: 2389, Price:  Paid

Bitcoin trading is what I am specialized in, and I will teach you how to do it with a simple Price Action Trading strategy.

When I do Bitcoin trading, I have the chance to profit when it is going up and when it is going down. It is not the case that I will buy and wait for months. My trades last between a few hours to a couple of days, and I take quick profits.

Hello! My name is Petko Aleksandrov, and I am the Head Trader at Forex Academy. In this Bitcoin trading course, I will teach you how to recognize the best moments to enter the market and the levels where you should take the profit.

I will demonstrate to you my system for price action trading with the Bitcoin. You will see trading examples that will help you understand practically the system. No boring slides and presentations, only real trading examples.

Why is it better to do Bitcoin trading and not investing in Bitcoins?

The Bitcoin, together with the other cryptocurrencies showed that it is not one way to heaven. In 2018 the cryptocurrency market crashed.

When we do Bitcoin trading, we can profit in both directions - we can benefit when the price goes up, and we can profit when it goes down. This means that it does not matter where the price is.

With this price action trading system, you will learn when to join the big trend, which with the Bitcoin is always very strong. It is essential to catch the right moment, and not to be late. At the same time, you should not hold the positions too long, because the profit might be gone.

What will you learn in this Bitcoin trading course?

  • how to recognize the major trend and trade in the same direction

  • see the first signals that the price gives us to open the trades

  • what are the impulsive breaks and how to take advantage of them

  • diversify the risk on three different entries to increase the profitability

  • make profits quickly as a professional trader

  • stick to a precise system and follow it in 100%

  • avoid the emotions when trading with exact rules to follow

Price action trading allows the traders not to depend on the lagging indicators that most people use. In manual trading, the right moment to enter is fundamentally essential, and an exact trading system is a must.

No prior experience in Bitcoin trading is needed - with my price action trading system, you will be able to open trades with confidence, and I will teach you how to practice it.

I have selected to use the Bitcoin as a trading asset because it shows the most volatility and great results could be achieved. However, the trading system is suitable for any trading asset that you wish to trade.

Who is the instructor?

My name is Petko Aleksandrov, and I am a professional trader. The recent years, I have specialized in Bitcoin trading because this asset gives a lot of possibilities. It has the volatility a trader needs, thousands of dollars in moves, and already there are many platforms, brokers, and exchanges where it could be traded.

I have thought over 20 000 traders in the last two years, and I am quite happy to see that most of them accept and use my trading strategies. The one I am demonstrating in this course works the best for me because it uses price action trading, which represents the market behavior. I will teach you how to read it, and how to apply it.

Why did I decide to create this course?

  • I like recording my Bitcoin trading because this way I share it with thousands of traders

  • when others test the strategies I receive feedback and this way together we succeed to improve it

  • It is great to meet new people, share ideas and strategies, this way everyone profits

I am very open to any questions. I answer all inquiries within 12 hours, so do not hesitate to drop me your question.

Of course, if you think that this is not the right trading strategy for you, you can always use the 30-days money-back guarantee.

Enroll now, and I will help you improve your Bitcoin trading!

Enjoy the course!

Complete Price Action Trading From beginner to Pro (2021)

Learn Price Action Trading with Step by Step guide. Free 6 Price action Strategies to Trade

Created by Yatesh Kumar - Price ACTION TRADER


Students: 1657, Price: $89.99

Students: 1657, Price:  Paid

The latest course updated 2021!

Hi there, my name is Yatesh. I have taken Trading as my full-time profession for the last 5 years.

After teaching hundreds of students online, I am super excited to teach you on Udemy!

This course not only includes the material that is required to be successful in Trading but also the way that we interpret the different types of information in real-time to make the best Trading decisions possible.

So whether you want to generate some side income by trading stocks or if you want to make trading your only source of income (like our Traders), then this course is for you.

In this course we will cover all the required information to get you on the right path to becoming a successful and consistently profitable Trader. On top of all the material thought, we will be giving you our personal strategies, techniques, and views on the stock market that have tremendously fast-tracked our success.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who want to decrease their learning curve.

  • Traders who are starting out and Intermediary level Traders who want to learn more.

  • Anyone who wants to Trade the Stock Market.

  • People who want to learn the most important concepts that are needed in trading.

  • Traders who want to better time their entries and exits.

Pricing Psychology: Best Pricing Hacks to BOOST online sales

Learn the Most Effective Pricing Hacks Based on Psychological Research + Improve Your Conversion Rate

Created by Rishabh Dev - Growth Marketing Consultant, Data-Oriented Digital Marketer


Students: 1405, Price: Free

Students: 1405, Price:  Free

A complete Price Point Hacking Video Course that helps e-Commerce stores, digital products, SaaS businesses, and startups to improve conversion rates, average order value, boost product subscribers and your revenue through easy pricing hacks. All the hacks are simple and can be executed right away. SELL MORE NOW with the Most Effective Psychological Research-Based Pricing Hacks.

How to Trade Flag Chart Pattern in Price Action Trading

Learn to Find Flag Chart Price Action Pattern and How to trade it

Created by Amit Ghosh - Online Entrepreneur


Students: 1390, Price: Free

Students: 1390, Price:  Free

The Flag is a trend continuation pattern that gives you the opportunity to enter the market in the middle of a trend. The course follows a systematic method on how to find these patterns and how to trade these patterns in various realistic market conditions. These are actually pretty simple and boring but are a proven efficient system!!

It is great for beginners looking for some guidance when venturing into price action trading and already having basic knowledge of Support And Resistance. There are lots of live discussion with different altercations and complexities which are discussed in depth.

Market psychology plays a major role as traders and investors remember the past and react to changing conditions to anticipate future market movement. This course deals and bifurcate the Flag Trading Pattern like no other course on the Internet.

In this course, We shall discuss the following stuff in this course:

  • The Basics of Flag Patterns

  • Psychology in the Flag Chart Patterns

  • Types of Flag Pattern

    • Bullish Flag Pattern

    • Bearish Flag Pattern

  • How to identify Bull or Bear Flag patterns

    • Classic Bull Flag Pattern

    • Classic Bear Flag Pattern

  • How to trade the Flag pattern

    • Step 1: Find the Flag Pattern

    • Step 2: Enter The Trade

    • Step 3: Place the Stop Loss

    • Step 4: Place the Target

    • Summary

  • Example Trades of Bear Flag Pattern

Value Centric Selling – How to Sell on Value, Not Price

Stop giving away discounts or lowering your price! Learn how to sell the value of what your offering!

Created by Victor Antonio - Sales Expert & Trainer


Students: 1328, Price: $19.99

Students: 1328, Price:  Paid

This course is about how to sell the value of your product or service using quantifiable numbers so you can prove, in financial terms, how you can help your client.

There are 34 videos and a 54 page workbook so that you can follow along.

There are 9 modules and each module builds on the previous video.

Forex Price Action Secrets

With Free Powerful Price Action Indicator ,Verified Real Live Account Stats and Live Trade Examples 2019

Created by William simpson - Professional Forex Trader and Fund Manger


Students: 1260, Price: $89.99

Students: 1260, Price:  Paid

What current students are saying:

★★★★★ ''Outstanding, i have taken alot of courses on Udemy but this one is by far the best course i have done."

★★★★★ "better than the $10,000 course i bought." Jeff

★★★★★ "Education is key to growth, as a student of forex this education is simple but effective informtation every trader should know. It identifies the small details without the overwhelming mountain of information other teachers bombard you with." Tyson

In the professional trading world there is 2 types of money :

1. Smart Money (Professional Traders, Hedge Funds, Banks and Large Financial Insitutions)

2. Dumb Money (Retail Traders, Indicator Junkies etc)

I will give you 1 guess which one you want to be and who you want to be trading with and here's a clue it's not the dumb money, don't get me wrong the dumb money is very important why ?? Because that's how I and soon to be you will make our money trading.

In this course you are going to learn how to trade along side the smart money i.e. the professional's, banks, hedge funds. The people that actually move and manipulate the forex markets in their favor to maximize their R.O.I. for themselves and their investors.

And this manipulation is a good thing why?? How?? You probably think I'm crazy right now well not quite lol. Why is this a good thing simply put when you understand when the smart money is coming in and out of the markets you will be able to trade with them not against them like the average retail indicator junkie trader does and profit just like them.

Here's what you will learn in this course:

  • You will learn to read charts using price action only no indicators this is how the pro's do it.
  • Inside my live trading account and see my live results. (No one else does this)
  • How to identify when a trend is starting and ending.
  • How to identify areas/zones on the chart where the pro's will be entering and exiting the market.
  • A true understanding of market cycles how to know when a market is trending or not using price action.
  • Everything will be explained and put in an easy to understand format even a 8 year old could understand.

Plus some cool bonuses:

  • My secret weapon for entering and exiting the market 
  • Constant updates of Live Trade examples.
  • My best selling ebook on Amazon

My goal in this course is to help you become a successful trader and i firmly believe that if you follow and implement what I teach in this course you will be trading price action like a pro in no time.

See you inside much love Will.

Pricing for Management Consultants & Business Analysts

A practical guide how to analyze pricing and find optimal solutions during consulting projects

Created by Asen Gyczew - Expert in performance improvement, turnaround and startups


Students: 1104, Price: $89.99

Students: 1104, Price:  Paid

What is the aim of this course?

Consulting firms sometimes help optimize pricing. You have to be very careful in this sort of project because a small change may have a huge impact both on the top-line and bottom-line. Analyzing changes in pricing is not easy as you have to take into account the relations between the products and the long-term impact on customer behavior. In this course, I will teach how to perform fast and efficiently different types of analyses related to pricing.

In the course you will learn the following things:

  1. Essential Concepts used in Pricing

  2. What Price Setting Techniques firms can usee

  3. How to set the prices for a product

  4. What is Price Perception and how you can impact it without changing the prices?

  5. How pricing is done in consumer goods, retail, and B2B Services

  6. How to analyze the impact of planned pricing policy changes in Excel

This course is based on my 15 years of experience as a consultant in top consulting firms and as a Board Member responsible for strategy, performance improvement, and turn-arounds in the biggest firms from Retail, FMCG, SMG, B2B, and services sectors that I worked for. I have carried or supervised over 90 different performance improvement projects in different industries that generated in total 2 billion of additional EBITDA. On the basis of what you will find in this course, I have trained in person over 100 consultants, business analysts, and managers who now are Partners in PE and VC funds, Investment Directors and Business Analysts in PE and VC, Operational Directors, COO, CRO, CEO, Directors in Consulting Companies, Board Members, etc. On top of that my courses on Udemy were already taken by more than 98 000 students including people working in EY, McKinsey, Walmart, Booz Allen Hamilton, Adidas, Naspers, Alvarez & Marsal, PwC, Dell, Walgreens, Orange, and many others.

I teach through case studies, so you will have a lot of lectures showing examples of analyses, tools that we use. To every lecture, you will find attached (in additional resources) the Excels as well as additional presentations, materials shown in the lectures so as a part of this course you will also get a library of ready-made analyses that can, with certain modification, be applied by you or your team in your work. There will also additional resources that will help you learn a lot of things beyond the scope of this course.

Why have I decided to create this course?

Most people that start working in consulting have limited knowledge of how pricing works in practice and how to analyze potential changes in Excel. On top of that, pricing will differ greatly in many industries.. This may lead to huge frustration during consulting projects and a lot of inefficiencies.

Therefore, I have decided to create this course that will help students understand or refresh the main skills and tools related to pricing that they need during consulting projects. The course will give you the knowledge and insight into real-life case studies that will make your life during a consulting project much easier. Thanks to this course, you will know what and how to do during consulting projects devoted to pricing analysis. You will master how to analyze data and draw conclusions from the analyses. On top of that, you will also master the essential information related to pricing.

To sum it up, I believe that if you want to become a world-class Management Consultant or Business Analyst you have to have a pretty decent understanding of pricing techniques and analyses done during projects devoted to pricing. That is why, I highly recommend this course to Management Consultants or Business Analysts, especially those that did not finish business school or Economics. The course will help you become an expert in pricing analyses on the level of McKinsey, BCG, Bain, and other top consulting firms.

In what way will you benefit from this course?

The course is a practical, step-by-step guide loaded with tones of analyses, tricks, hints that will significantly improve the speed with which you understand, analyze the businesses. There is little theory – mainly examples, a lot of tips from my own experience as well as other notable examples worth mentioning. Our intention is that thanks to the course you will learn:

  1. Essential Concepts used in Pricing

  2. What Price Setting Techniques firms use

  3. How to set the prices for a product

  4. What is Price Perception and how you can impact it without changing the prices?

  5. How pricing is done in consumer goods, retail, and B2B Services

  6. How to analyze the impact of planned pricing policy changes in Excel

How the course is organized?

The course is divided into the following sections:

  • Introduction. We begin with a little introduction to the course as well as some general info on how the course is organized

  • Essential Concepts in Pricing. We will start by discussing the essential concepts that we will use later on for analyzing pricing.

  • Price Setting Techniques. In this section, I will show you using a lot of examples of different pricing techniques.

  • Price Perception. In many cases, it is more important to manage the price perception rather than real prices. We will discuss in this section what price perception is and how to use it to your advantage.

  • Pricing in Consumer Goods & Retail. In this section, we will have a look at some issues related to the pricing of consumer goods. We will also have a look at some more advanced case studies.

  • Pricing in B2B Services. Pricing of B2B services drastically differs from the pricing of consumer goods. In B2B the buyer is more rational and has a much bigger knowledge of the market. In the last section, we will have a look at how pricing is addressed in B2B

1. Useful frameworks and techniques

2. Analyses shown in the course

3. Additional resources

4. Links to additional presentations, articles, and movies

5. Links to books worth reading

Future of Sales: How to Give Customer a Price Quote

Learn how to give a sale quote and close more deals. Set up your quoting process using newest tools.

Created by Matthias Kubicki - Marketing Automation Specialist | Software Consultant


Students: 1038, Price: $54.99

Students: 1038, Price:  Paid

It is time to look at the sales in a new way

B2B sales can be very frustrating and time consuming, so I would like to show you a method how to achieve results quicker results. 

This is a second course in my series of the Future of Sales. In this course I will tell you how to make a winning offer/quote.

This course is for everyone who wants to set up and improve their B2B sales process. At the end of the course you will be able to design an improved business offer. 


Why you should enroll

  • Course includes over 1 hours of high quality content, including links to key resources and best sales tools 
  • You'll learn skills that will allow you to become a sales person of the future
  • You'll have access to the instructor to ask questions 


About the instructor:

+ Built several sales organizations

+ Constantly on a look out for the best sales tools

Options: prices, volatility and management

In this course we make complex concepts simple.

Created by Bruno Nappini - Chief trader presso e


Students: 1030, Price: Free

Students: 1030, Price:  Free

Do you really think trading is all about knowing where to enter and where to exit? Do you think a price knows that it is at the end of a quarterly cycle, that it is inside a wedge formed by a Gann fan, or that it is resting on a colored moving average? Far from it. Trading is primarily money management. And in this course we try to dismantle some false beliefs. In this course we talk about money management and the psychological attitude to trading. We are not machines, we have a thinking brain that has developed over millions of years, and which still carries within itself the most hidden traits of fear, hope, aggression, mania for control, aversion to loss, self-preservation. Controlling emotions and taking small risks is the only way to survive market swings and be profitable in the long run.

Stock Trading With Price Action

Best short term online technical analysis course for beginners.

Created by Rajinder Kumar Arora CWM | MBA | NCFM Certified Trainer | Gann Trainer - R K Arora carry rich experience of 27 years + in stocks


Students: 1010, Price: $24.99

Students: 1010, Price:  Paid

Identifying the energy points on the charts, where very strong support and resistance levels can be formed and on the breakout of supports and resistances targets can be predefined. Just by energy points you can build the future road map.

In this course no indicator or oscillator is used. Neither the averages nor the standard deviation is used, not even the candlestick patterns. Concept used in this course is based on Aurora Candles and it's so simple that even a school going student can also understand easily. Most of the contents are explained on real time charts. I believe strongly that trading can’t be learned with theoretic equations. You need to spend too many hours on charts to understand the patterns and behavior of the price movements. More you practice on the charts, start getting the sense of the market price behavior and the day comes when you start forecasting the next move OR at least not trading in a wrong direction.

This is not only a course only but my research paper. I welcome those who want to be the part of this research and development in the area of price action. 

Addition to it in bonus section, there are 2 more lectures on:

1) Briefing of Dow Theory and

2) Breakout strategy 

are also added now. Just one or 2 months back, when this course was published had near to 2 hrs of video contents, now today as on June 19th has 4 hr 20 min of video contents. I believe in very short span of time, more contents will be added to this course with the help of all my students and team members. I thanks all the students from core of my heart for such a overwhelming response. God bless you all.