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Build Secure APIs with Auth0 and Postman

Easily Add Authentication To Your APIs And Learn How To Test Them

Created by Joel Lord - Javascript junkie, technology enthusiast, tinkerer.


Students: 14028, Price: Free

In this course, the students will learn how to build a basic API using express and NodeJs.  Then, they will see how to test it using Postman.  Finally, they will learn how to secure a route on their API using Auth0 and how to test it using an OAuth 2.0 authentication mechanism.

Introduction to POSTMAN – A Beginners guide

An Introduction into POSTMAN, "the most popular REST Client in the world", for the Absolute Beginner!!

Created by Tejasvi Hegde - Test Automation Enthusiast


Students: 10648, Price: Free

POSTMAN is a very popular tool used by software development teams in many companies. It is a very handy tool used by Developers when building RESTful web services, It is also used by many QA Engineers for testing, automating RESTful services.

It is the "SWISS ARMY KNIFE" of REST API Development, Testing. It provides many out of the box features for consuming Restful services.

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of using POSTMAN, Below are some of the highlights

  • Perform BASIC CRUD(Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations using POSTMAN

  • Learn about Environment, Global & Collection Variables in Postman

  • Using Postman Collections to store & Organize requests.

  • Basic Authentication using Postman

  • Writing tests & adding assertions

The course also includes access to a Student Application on which students can practice CRUD operations, the best part is this application can be run locally!!

The course also teaches you how to set up the BestBuy API playground application which has about 50000 product, this application also supports all basic CRUD operations.

Whether you are developing APIs or testing them, this course will provide you the fundamentals necessary for getting started with POSTMAN.

Create a CRUD API with Laravel and Postman

Learn how to leverage the power of a Laravel back end API.

Created by Quentin Watt - Full Stack Web Developer, Ringier South Africa


Students: 8479, Price: Free

Learn how to create a CRUD API in Laravel. We'll create an app that contains Show, Create, Update, and Delete requests and returning our data as an API resource. HTTP responses will be tested with Postman.

You can later replace Postman with a JavaScript SPA built in React or Vue to fetch data from the app.