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How to Change Your Thinking & become more Positive

Quick inspirational video tips to shift your perceptions so that you can live the life you deserve.

Created by Wolfgang Riebe - Memorable Magical Moments


Students: 69063, Price: Free

Students: 69063, Price:  Free

Over 65 500 students have taken this course on Udemy!

Here are some reviews:

"His honesty is on point and his lessons are priceless. More people need to hear this before age 20!!!"

"I love the honesty and how the presenter doesn't beat around the bush."

"I really enjoyed Wolfgang Riebe's course. He has great insights, and is very honest about himself and passionate about what he shares, and down-to-earth as well as funny at times. He really cares, and it makes viewers able to relate to him. I recommend the course to anybody who wants to get a better outlook on life and see things a little more positively."

"Yes Wolfgang was true and right on how he commented about how the world is. I liked how Wolfgang also admits that somethings can frustrate him, in which he was honest. Even the quotations were right and had meaning to them. I did enjoy this course and it was my first time I discovered this man Wolfgang Riebe."

"Once the videos started, I did not think I would bond with them, but actually some of the tips are pretty good and are common sense really. The short videos on each section are digestible and you can dip in and out of them."

"I like how the speaker speaks, I mean like speaking in a very positive tone and makes u want to focus more on what is he talking and I like the quotes given for every category."


This is not so much a course, but a collection of 20 assorted YouTube videos from my channel about life. As we are all different and everyone enjoys different ways of learning I have taken 10 topics where I personally discuss various topics, followed by the remaining 10 videos with quotations to music, also on various topics.


This course is about MY views of life. It is a straight forward, no holds barred, authentic and down to earth. Hence I get it that not everyone will agree with my points of view.

A speaker colleague of mine once said that if 51% of people like you, you are on a winning streak. Of all the reviews - over 95% have enjoyed the course and appreciated my frankness. It's not a course for everyone! Why? I believe that with all the political correctness, greed and entitlement today, we need more people to be openly frank and call a 'spade a spade'. Sadly, not everyone likes hearing this! Remember, this is a free course no one is forcing you to watch it! All I'm doing is trying to leave a legacy and make the world a better place. I trust that those of you who decide to watch this course see and realise that I am speaking honestly from the heart and my only desire is to try and help you find meaning within this crazy world we live it.

Find The Courage & Freedom To Get What You Want

Learn how to find your positive inner voice and freedom and how to change your limiting thoughts and behaviour.

Created by Duda Jadrijevic - Entrepreneur, Success Coach, Inspirer, Happiness Mentor


Students: 9743, Price: Free

Students: 9743, Price:  Free

Ever feel stuck in self doubt wanting another life but not finding the guts to try?

When you feel stuck in a life where you feel you settled for less you become passive. You stop taking actions that might be seen as risky or unrealistic but which would bring you joy and you don't feel proud of yourself knowing that you haven't given your best.

In Find The Courage & Freedom To Get What You Want you will learn how to create your own happiness even at difficult times. I will teach you to face the fear in a creative and fun way. This course is created as a starting point not to overwhelm you. And it is a very practical approach to some new changes in your life. I developed this course to encourage you in your first steps to change your life for better. You will review who you really are; what it is that you want, what your talents are, are you in the right job, would you like to start your own business, are you in a happy relationship and more. This course will teach you how to transform your negative thinking into positive thinking and become attractive to lovers, bosses, friends. It teaches you how to gain more confidence.

This course is full of real-life examples since I'm a next door girl who made things happen. I use practical tools that you can implement in your life. Each video is supported with a worksheet to help you with exercises.

What does it mean to be “stuck"?

It's the feeling in the morning when you don't want to go to work.

It's the feeling of guilt when you go to sleep knowing you wasted another day.

It's the expectation from your parents, partners, school, friends about what you would need to do in your life in terms of a job, marriage, earning money.

It's the voice telling you that you are not good enough and you will fail.

Are you ready to find the courage and freedom to do what you want?

Take this course to discover the tools needed to cultivate you true inner purpose and choices that away for you. If you want concise, no time costuming elaborate on details but a straight to the point advice to take your first step, this course will help you find the courage to listen to your desire.

Happiness Equation: The Proven Equation To Achieve Happiness

Finally Discover the Secret to Unlocking Enduring Happiness.

Created by Raulvin Coke - Podcast Host: INDISRUPTABLE


Students: 7259, Price: Free

Students: 7259, Price:  Free

Get This Course Now before the price goes up!

Here's what you will from this course get:

The intention of this course is to help you increase enduring happiness in your life by teaching you the proven scientific equation discovered by Positive Pyschologist on Happiness.

This is what you will get:

1. What your Set-point is, and why it accounts for more 50% of your Happiness

2. Why your Circumstances account for very little of your over-all Happiness Level

3. How Voluntary Activities can lead you to the road of lasting Happiness.

How to use positive thinking to be more successful. DEMO

Learn how to get what you want out of life by thinking with a positive manner.

Created by Hallie Steveson - Your life coach, and best friend


Students: 6585, Price: Free

Students: 6585, Price:  Free

This course system is for each person that want to make there life better. We all need to attain something or the other, somebody needs to turn into the President of an organization though somebody needs to have a fruitful business, may be somebody needs to try for a world visit and actually giving the best trainings to the youngsters' can be an accomplishment for somebody. What I need to say is that we all have an accomplishment want however 9 out of 10 people groups' are limited with constraining convictions and discover their accomplishment longing to be difficult to attain.

We talk a ton about negative and positive words yet this preparation project will help you to comprehend what really it implies. Truth be told, this course system will help you to realize that our commonplace and inner thoughts are one of the most compelling motivations of our restricting convictions. For individuals like us, each fruitful individual has some unique blessing from God, however this course system will help you understand that we all people have square with qualities yet what recognizes the effective individuals is their mentality towards life and their confidence in their accomplishment wish. We all know actually, we even say this exceptionally basic line to all that "nothing is impossible", then knowing this why we restrain ourselves with constraining convictions.

Learn this and more in this course.

Train a Happiness Mindset through Playful Meditation

3 Easy and Playful Guided Meditations that create a new and positive way of thinking in your thought habits.

Created by Arial Els van de Schoot - Professional spiritual caregiver


Students: 5734, Price: Free

Students: 5734, Price:  Free

  • Learn to Cherish the Feel Good Moments of Your Day
  • Learn to Give more Compliments to Others and Yourself
  • Learn to Appreciate all the Good in your Life and of this World

In this course:

  • Meditation instructions for those who are beginners
  • 3 Guided Meditations, useful for beginners as well as advanced meditators
  • The Meditations are plafyul, and thus easy to focus on.
  • Support through the Q&A
  • A follow up course for those who want more

Arial: “I have been depressed for 1,5 years, I never went to a psychologist for it, instead I found ways throughout the years to develop a happy mindset. In this course, I’ll be sharing 3 of those fun ways I have found. I call them ‘Happy Mind Games’. They're little focus meditations in which you that make you instantly happy and will change your way of thinking forever into positivity. During the 3 lessons of this course, we will do this focusing of our consciousness together, and if any questions come up, please don't hesitate to ask for support in the Q&A section.”

Master Happiness

Let Life Be Awesome

You can do it.

Train a Happiness Mindset through Playful Meditation
3 Easy and Playful Guided Meditations that create a new and positive way of thinking in your thought habits

Achieve Your Next Big Thing in Life. Learn to be an Optimist

Learn to endeavor courageously into your dreams no matter what. Avoid negativity and indulge in positive thinking.

Created by Omar Elbaga - Professor and Amazon best-selling author


Students: 4246, Price: Free

Students: 4246, Price:  Free

Below I'm going to share with you the biggest idea from this course.

You can walk away with this idea and transform your life starting now or you can take the rest of the course and let me help you really dive in.

I read a book called Learned Optimism and in this post I'm going to share with you one very big idea from the book to help you stay away from negativity so you can achieve your next big thing in life.

Answer this question:

Are you pessimistic or optimistic?

Think about that carefully. Before I read this book “Learned Optimism," I thought I was an optimist. I figured I would just learn a thing or two to help me become better.

When the author asked these questions, I said to myself:

There's no way I am a pessimistic person. I mean, people like me. I'm nice. I'm achieving some of my goals. Can't be me.

But after I picked up this book and continued to read and take some of the tests developed by psychologist Martin Seligman.

Guess what??

I was wrong. Totally wrong!

It turned out that I actually had pessimistic tendencies which was preventing me from achieving my other goals.

Obviously this bothered me because Seligman says that there's evidence that people who are pessimistic are more prone to depression and more prone to negative consequences.

So as you can see, I was not only flabbergasted, but I wanted to learn, very fast, how I could escape any possibilities of a mental prison of negativity.

I wanted to be more optimistic in life and positive! But not in that phony way. In the way that made sense and was a little realistic.

Not only because success is tied to optimism, but also because pessimism is tied to depression and anxiety. I want to be better in life and more successful, I mean who doesn't, but I really want to avoid depression and anxiety. Don't you?

Before I invite you to join me in this course I made for you that will dive into the big ideas from this book about how to become more optimistic so you can achieve your next big thing in life (and help protect yourself from mental and physical illnesses), how about I share with you one of the biggest ideas in this book.

Here's the big idea that can save your life.

Human beings can become helpless.

Not just people from certain countries who are imprisoned or starving, but people who are living decent lives.

Now wait, let me explain, because this IS SERIOUS!

What Martin Seligman is saying (based on experiments and research) is that:

You can become helpless in your mind without even knowing it.

Here's an example.

You feel sick, and your friend, or spouse tells you to go to the doctor.

And you say,

“I know I should, but he's probably not going to do anything. So it doesn't matter."

Here's another example,

You know you should stay away from eating too much cake, but you think I'll never really get in shape so who cares if I have a little cake. It won't matter anyway.

Another example, you lost your job and you've been out of work for 3 months. You hear about this job opportunity that is something you really want.

Everyone tells you to apply, but you start to think:

“Well, I know I should, but it doesn't matter because what are the odds that I'll get the job. There's no point."

You see a person you really want to meet and you want to approach them, but you're thinking she's not going to be interested so forget it.

Now listen, even if you think: I don't do any of this, I'm really optimistic, I only see the bright things in life, trust me this gets more deep. We're just skimming the surface here.

You see, Seligman has proven that you can become helpless in the mind depending on how you view different circumstances and events in your life.

The thing that's really intriguing about all this is that sometimes you may not even know this negativity is happening to you. It can happen subconsciously due to things that happened to you in life and even the way people have treated you in the past.

And this is not the only indicator that you may have a aspects of a helpless mindset that's not letting you live to your potential. There's more intricacies to this.

This form of helplessness will prevent you from achieving the big things in life. It will also not grant you happiness. It perpetuates sadness, and stagnation.

Let me help you more by sharing some of the other big ideas in this book so you can transform pessimism into optimism and achieve your next big thing in life.

Want to learn more about how to do this, turning any underlying pessimism into optimism? Take this course.

* And remember when you join, you're my student and we will interact. Ask questions anytime. I will also be adding new videos inside this course from time to time which you will get free lifetime upgrades for.

* I also offer a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days. No Questions asked, except that I'd love for you to invest in yourself!

Invest in yourself now and achieve your next big thing in life.

Join this course now! See you on the inside.

Mental Basketball Training

How to master your mind

Created by Mercedes Griffin - Professional Basketball Trainer


Students: 2507, Price: Free

Students: 2507, Price:  Free

In this course you will learn how to control your thoughts on and off the floor in order to improve your overall game. The best athletes in the world have mastered their sport but, what sets them a part from the ordinary athletes is that they also learned to master their mind.  You will be learning 5 tips to incorporate in your day to day lives that will take your games to the next level.

The Complete Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy REBT Course

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy - REBT - For Mental Health Improvement, Emotional Intelligence, And Blissful Happiness

Created by Lurnus Academy - An Innovative Educational Platform


Students: 1751, Price: Free

Students: 1751, Price:  Free

Use Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) is a therapy based system that deals with rationality and emotional intelligence to deal with cognitive level based problems.

So what are you going to learn in this course? 

  1. Learn How To Use Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy - REBT On A Daily Basis

  2. Understand And Explore Different Concepts Related To REBT Such As Rationality, Irrationality, Logic, Reason, Optimism And Realism And Learn How To Apply Them And Use Them In Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)

  3. Explore And Learn How To Use The ABCDE Model In Use Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy - REBT For Proper Application

  4. Learn REBT Exercises To Deal With Numerous Problems Such As  Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Personality Disorders...Etc

  5. Learn And Explore Some Of The Most Interesting Concepts Of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy - REBT - Enhance Your Critical Thinking And Rationality Through Questioning Systems, Thinking Formulas, And Socratic Interpretations

  6. Understand Fundamental Problems You Might Encounter On A Repetitive Basis In Your Life And Explore How To Cope With Them And Overcome Them

  7. Explore And Learn The Life-Changing Emotional Intelligence Principles In Your Daily Life To Ensure Effective Self Regulation And Control

  8. By The End Of This Course, After Finishing All Your Learning, And By Applying The Principles You Learned, You Will Be A Completely Different Person On A Cognitive And Psychological Level

In this course, you will everything you need to know to understand and apply Use Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) in your daily life. You will also be able to use REBT to help others as well.

Communication Skills to Attract, Impress & Convince Anyone

Traits of Successful - Positive attitude, Confidence & Good Communication Skills helps you Impress and Convince Anyone

Created by Skills On Demand - Better Skills Better Learning


Students: 944, Price: Free

Students: 944, Price:  Free

Have You Ever Observed?

When some people walks in to the room, They bring a smile on the audience face. They just light up the entire place and radiates a positive vibe.

Most of the time, We like people who have the same qualities that we like about ourselves and in other times we like people who are better than us. When we meet some one, we look for qualities that are similar or different than us before our mind conclude whether to like them or not. We all want our opinions to be shared and we like it when someone sees us the way we want us to be seen. When you get along with someone based on your first impression, the reason could be your brains may literally be on the same wavelength.

Some of the Elements of Successful People who can Attract, Impress and Convince others are

  • Confidence - They have confidence in themselves

  • Concise Conversation - They use limited yet powerful sentences based on facts, figures and logical arguments

  • Interesting Character - They are interesting to talk with and not boring at all

  • Wave Length - They connects at an emotional level, speaks your language at your wave length

  • Good Listener- They listens to what you have to say and understands it

  • Attire & Appearance - They dress to impress and wear an attire that matches the occasion

  • Add Value for Others - They add value to other people before expecting something in return

  • Patience - They have patience and persistence

  • Being Scarce - They use principle of scarcity and unavailability for their success

  • Reiterate the Conversation - They reiterate what they say and hear, till they understands or you understands

  • Transparent  - They are transparent in their dealings and express their opinions with out fear

  • Original & Unique - They are original and have a unique approach in everything they do

Over and above all these, you as a listener feel like being connected with them as someone you knew for ages. This feeling helps the other person influence you. You start feeling what ever they are saying is logical, appealing and correct. An impressive personality has the ability to personally affect the actions, decisions, opinions, emotions and thinking of others.

Successful people are excellent Communicators and they have a good Communication Skills

Communication Skills are the act of transferring information from one person to another. It may be vocally (using voice), written (using printed or digital media such as books, magazines, websites or emails), visually (using logos, maps, charts or graphs) or non-verbally (using body language, gestures and the tone and pitch of voice). Most of the time, it is often a combination of several of these.

If you want to be like them, Attractive, Magnetic, Charismatic, Impressive with an Ability to Convince Anyone with Confidence.

Its Time to Invest In Yourself. Just Decide to Change and Grow

Anything is Possible by Positive Thinking

Achieve Success and Happiness in Life

Created by Rahul Jain - Educator and Entrepreneur


Students: 512, Price: Free

Students: 512, Price:  Free

This Video Course by Rahul Jain explains how positive attitude is very important for the success and happiness in life and How we can turn our attitude from negative to positive towards changing environment. The Positive thinking help individuals in realizing their true potential and It is very important in reaching life goals. In Addition, Users can know about the characteristics of the successful people that makes them stand out from others. Students will be able to understand what stops individuals to utilize their full potential and How Transform process takes place. This Course explains that It is very good if you are working hard, but also work smartly as it will make you more effective and will enhance your efficiency and ultimately you will achieve your goal in a much faster rate as compared to others. The Never give up attitude will help you succeed in life no matter what. It's really important to follow the law of attraction, Imagine yourself what you want in future and you will certainly achieve it. Students will also know that they are never too small or incapable of achieving their dreams and how their mindset is very important to achieve their dreams.