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PLC Programming 100

PLC and Control Systems

Created by Jonaz Sayson - Systems Engineer


Students: 15996, Price: Free


The heart of every control systems is a PLC or Programmable Logic Controller. The PLC is behind most products and industries.

1. The water in your tap, behind it is a water treatment process which involves Control Systems.

2. The electricity in your households came from power plants. The power generation process involves Control Systems.

3. The fuel that is running our cars and industries. The oil exploration, extraction and refinery processes involves Control Systems.

4. The multi-vitamins and medicine that you get from the pharmacies or hospitals. Manufacturing it is a very stringent process which involves Control Systems.


If you are an engineer or an engineering student. Learning how to program a PLC is an important skill set that will take you to a very rewarding career.


In this course, we will be teaching you how to program a PLC in a universal approach, that you can even perform your PLC logic development on paper.

We will be using Function Block Diagram PLC programming language, because it is used by most of the big industries like Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, Power Generation,  Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical.

PLC Program from SCRATCH in Under 1 Hour!

Perfect for beginners, those with absolutely no experience, and those who simply wants to get started on PLC Programming

Created by Alex Chan - Chartered Engineering with Decades of PLC Experience


Students: 3679, Price: Free

This FREE course teaches you how to build (AND TEST!!) a simple shutter program from scratch, starting from hardware configuration, to building your first rung of logic, to completing a basic shutter with manual open and close control, to verifying and validating your logic with the built-in simulator. 

You shall also learn to enhance the logic through self-holding and timer delaying actions.

What's more?  You will also learn to use Function Calls to create an additional shutter control!!

Find out if PLC programming is for you!

Intro to PLC Programming – FREE

Learn the basics of PLC's and create your first PLC program!

Created by Robert Simons - Sr. Controls Engineer and Instructor


Students: 3074, Price: Free

In this course, you will gain a solid foundation in PLC programming and ladder logic.

It's no secret that anyone who can put "PLC Programming Experience" on their resume is in HUGE demand. This course is the first step you need to take on the PLC programming journey.

Here's what some of my students who have taken this course had to say:

"This course is a good intro for anyone that has no knowledge of PLCs, or electrical circuits."

-Christian Ramirez

"I went through the three sections of the training and found it very good. I have a lot of experience with Rockwell PLC's and found that your course had a good pace to it. I believe that an inexperienced technician/electrician would get a lot out of this. It is hard to find fault."

-Conor Wallace

Cool huh? I love hearing from my students about the great experiences they're having with PLC Training Academy.

OK, go ahead and sign up now and we'll see you in the course!

Program/Simulate PLC/HMI In Your PC In Minutes With Examples

This Course Will Give a Person from Any Background the Necessary Tools to Create and Simulate HMI-PLC Programs

Created by Farouk Idris - Automation Control Instructor at Udemy


Students: 2239, Price: Free

This Is A No Bs And No Fluff Guides To Design, Test, And Simulate PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Ladder Program And HMI (Human Machine Interface) In Your PC Or Laptop From Scratch!

Get The Tips, The Best Practices, and Real-World Example Where You'll Learn Programming PLC-HMI Step By Step.

This Will Pave The Way For You To Start To Master PLC Programming In Multiple IEC Languages. Not Only You Know How To Write Code But Also You Can Proof Yourself And Others That You Are Competent.

Please take note that I will regularly update this course by adding more real-world examples, tips, guides, and best practices.