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Game Prototyping without code using Unity & Playmaker

Build your own FPS-style 3D game prototype from scratch using Unity, Playmaker and a 3D app. Whiteboxing & game systems!

Created by Guido Gautsch - Founder of Indie Game School


Students: 3662, Price: $99.99

Students: 3662, Price:  Paid

Veteran game designer Christopher Orth takes you through every step of building your own first-person 3D game from scratch: from writing a game design document to whiteboxing a level the way AAA game companies do it and implementing game systems with basic AI - all without coding!

You'll be using the super-popular (and free!) Unity game engine together with the visual scripting tool Playmaker and the 3D modelling app of your choice to build an interactive first-person game level. Therefore, the people who'll get most out of it are those who already have some working knowledge of 3D modelling and have dabbled with Unity and Playmaker before a little and want to take their skills further. However, even absolute beginners can complete the course successfully.

You get: 

  • More than 10 hours of high-quality lectures

  • 3 hours of bonus video content: whitebox reviews and time-lapsed speed-modelling of hours of game level development

  • free access to the student version of the awesome Playmaker Unity plugin

  • downloadable exercise files to follow along (utility textures, 3D models, ready-made health systems, etc)

  • Everything you need to make your very own 3D first-person game prototype!

2021 Update

Unity changed its UI system over the course of a few years, and Playmaker took a while to catch up with the changes. The original course still shows the previous system, but we have added an updated section outlining all the changes that have occurred in Unity and Playmaker and will continue to add updates in the future if required to ensure you can follow along.

If you'd rather have an install of Unity that looks exactly like it does in the course, you can download Unity 4.3 from the Unity download archive.

Make Awesomely Strange Video Games with Unity and Playmaker

No coding. No programming. Learn cutting edge visual scripting tools to make your own video game from start to finish.

Created by Michael "M dot Strange" Belmont - Instructor at the Strange School


Students: 1330, Price: $29.99

Students: 1330, Price:  Paid

  • What is this course about?

In this course we will create an entire 3d third person game using Unity and Playmaker. Every step of the process is included. Students will learn everything they need to know to make their own 3d games without writing one line of code. A non technical introduction to game dev course is included, as well as an introduction to Playmaker and 6 bonus advanced Playmaker tutorials.

Strip away the mystery of game development with Unity + Playmaker and get in the game!

  • What materials are included?

All assets including 3d character models and animation used in the course are included.

  • How long will this course take?

It will take 2 - 7 days depending on your speed; there are 15 hours of total material.

  • How is this course structured?

In the course we will create a complete 3d third person game from beginning to end; complete with weapon pickups, enemy NPCs, a Boss Battle and an Intro Menu and 'Game Over' screen.

  • Why take this course?
  1. One of a kind instructor: this class is taught by indie game developer and internationally renowned award winning animation filmmaker M dot Strange. You can play the games the instructor has made, using the things he will teach you, at mdotstrange (dot) com; see for yourself if he knows what he is talking about.
  2. Real world learning: use real assets taken from real working games. Everything you learn has been tested and used in games that have shipped.
  3. Beginner friendly: Minimal geek speak is used so you won't have to google every other world to know what's going on.
  4. Secrets Unlocked: Learn to do things the easy way. Making games is a lot easier than you think! Let us show you how!
  5. We have fun: Learning from an instructor that loves what they do is a lot more fun than learning from someone that is just out to make a quick buck.
  6. Learn More: Get a deeper understanding as our classes teach you the hows and whys, instead of just how to get an identical end result.

No coding. No programming. Skip the grind of traditional game development like a boring cutscene by learning cutting edge visual scripting tools with the Strange School.

Start today and be a game developer tomorrow!

Create Flappy Game Mechanics with Unity & PlayMaker

Learn to program the interactivity of a game like FlappyBird using Unity Physics and PlayMaker visual coding.

Created by Stefan Boeykens - BIM Specialist, Teacher and Researcher


Students: 893, Price: $29.99

Students: 893, Price:  Paid

Update: May 2020 - the Flappy Game is updated using Unity 2019.3

This course is a gentle introduction to small interactive games like Flappy Birds or other classics. Instead of making a clone, we will only go through the game mechanics: flapping or jumping, gravity and collisions, using Unity Physics

The graphics will be deliberately crude: a white capsule and a few boxes. There are no textures, sprites, sounds or particle effects. We encourage you to make something of your own. 

You'll need to know the basics of Unity: creating GameObjects, navigating the 3D Window and adjusting components. We'll use the popular Playmaker extension from the Asset store, which is a visual coding system, providing a Finite State Machine implementation, requiring no custom scripting. We go through every step from scratch, although the final result can be downloaded as a package for you to study. 

So if you want to add some interactivity and make something fun, but don't know where to start, this is a good opportunity. And please share your results and make something unique.

Create a Fun Pirate Trading Game in PlayMaker & Unity

Build a Pirate Trading Game much like the original Tapian on the Apple II without writing a single line of code

Created by Odoo Class Videos - Expert Business Application & Game Development Courses


Students: 774, Price: $74.99

Students: 774, Price:  Paid


See new states for pirate battles, taking damage in your ship, a small interface upgrade, and upgrading your ship hold!

Who doesn't like a fun pirate trading game in which you trade goods between cities, upgrade your ship, and fight pirates on the high seas? In this course you will learn how to build a fun Pirate Trading Game using Unity & playMaker. Using playMaker's Finite State Machines you will see how to build this game from the ground up, step by step. 

The Fun Way To Learn Game Design

Like our other highly rated courses we start at the very beginning. Even someone new to playMaker and Unity can follow along. We begin by walking you through how to setup the project and install playmaker. We layout a basic interface for our game and then we create some simple FSM states to begin implementing the turn system of our game.  But we don't just keep it simple and basic for long. This course is designed for ambitious developers who want to learn important game design techniques and are not afraid to jump in feet first. We waste no time in delving into more advanced design patterns that will teach you how to build virtually any game in playMaker and Unity.

Intermediate and Advanced Level playMaker

The goal of this course is to take you from a beginning game designer to someone who is very capable of putting together increasingly complex games and applications. While this course uses Unity & playMaker, the game design techniques and patterns you will be learning will apply to virtually any language. As you progress through the course you will learn how to smartly structure your game objects and FSMs. You will learn how to use loops, nested loops, and dependency injection to create game objects on the fly. You will learn how to create reusable FSM's and will gain confidence in adding new features to the game.

Build an Idle Business Tycoon Game with Unity3D & PlayMaker

Learn the power of PlayMaker and Visual Programming to create entire feature-filled games in Unity3d.

Created by Odoo Class Videos - Expert Business Application & Game Development Courses


Students: 702, Price: $99.99

Students: 702, Price:  Paid

Important! To following along with this course you must own playMaker. It can be purchased on the Unity Asset Store! 

This course is for anyone who wishes to build an Idle Business Tycoon Simulation Game in Unity3D using a visual development tool called PlayMaker.  With PlayMaker, you can make entire games without writing a single line of code. In fact, in this course we build and entire working prototype of an Idle Business Tycoon Simulation game using only visual diagrams. 

Learn the power of visual programming:

  • Perfect for making your very first video game ever! Requires Unity3D (Free to download) & playMaker

  • Start from the very beginning and follow step-by-step. The course is designed for complete beginners

  • This course is fast paced and focused on building your game. Although this is for beginners these are not boring lectures with fillers. Each lecture you will be learning to design games and building on your game

  • Learn to build a complete game in Unity 3D with no C# programming required for the core game.

  • Focus on incremental development skills will help you create you own games

  • You will have a basic game up and running within the first few lectures

  • Create an animated progress bar that shows the progress of your store's sales timer

  • After you have mastered the basics, we expand our game design to support multiple stores and manager upgrades. Become a PlayMaker Pro and solve increasingly more complex problems.

  • Clear, easy to understand lectures that are paced to make it fun and easy to learn Unity3d & PlayMaker

  • Created by OdooClass Videos... creator of Idle Business Simulation for C# enjoyed by over 1,000 students

  • Includes advanced lectures for students who wish to incorporate their own C# actions into PlayMaker

  • Great starting off point for those who wish to get into game development or expand their range of skills

Why would an experienced C# or Javascript programmer be interested in PlayMaker?

There are several reasons why even experienced programmers may wish to experiment with PlayMaker. 

  • Building games in PlayMaker vs C# allows you to look at game development from a different perspective.

  • As a developer myself who has written code in dozens of languages, it is often refreshing to build games in a visual tool like PlayMaker.  A break from coding and still making games can be fun. 

  • How you approach the design and how you build up your game has unique solutions and challenges you will not face  when writing typical C# games.  

  • It is relatively easy for an experienced C# developer to write actions that work with PlayMaker. This allows you to use PlayMaker as a state machine and for managing high level functions of your game design while using C# for more complex calculations and algorithms that can be tedious to code using a visual tool.

Make a Pinball 2D Game in Unity and Playmaker

Learn visual scripting with Unity 3D and Playmaker.

Created by max designer - Designer, Programmer


Students: 82, Price: $89.99

Students: 82, Price:  Paid

  • Do you want to make games and apps quickly and effectively ?
  • Without learning programming languages like c# or javascript ?
  • And still create professional and good looking apps ?
  • Then take a look at this course.
  • Using an example of "Pinball 2D" I show you step by step the procedure.
  • Easy to follow and imitate.

Build a game with no code in Unity with Playmaker

Build games with no code.

Created by Daniel "8bitSquid" Bentall - Indie Game Developer


Students: 3, Price: $19.99

Students: 3, Price:  Paid

Learn to build your own game using PlayMaker in Unity with no coding required! You will learn how to set up Unity and PlayMaker. Get your character moving, how to spawn a prefab in to the game and make it so you can collect it or if it hits the ground you lose a life. You will also learn how to set up a basic scoring system and show it on screen with how many lives you have.

We will also look at how to customise the game to make it your own and how to export it to an APK file so you can add it to your phone and play it on your android device.

We will also add some sound effects to the game to make it more interesting and add t he ability to control your game using touch controls so you can play your game on your phone with out needing any special attachments.

The course will require the use of PlayMaker which you can buy from the Unity asset store or from the creators of the asset HuTong Games.

PlayMaker is a powerful tool used by developers such has Team Cherry to create Hollow Knight.