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Pianoforall – Incredible New Way To Learn Piano & Keyboard

Learn Piano in WEEKS not years. Play-By-Ear & learn to Read Music. Pop, Blues, Jazz, Ballads, Improvisation, Classical

Created by Robin Hall - Piano Teacher (300,000 students online), Artist, Therapist,


Students: 322380, Price: $159.99

Students: 322380, Price:  Paid

Pianoforall is one of the most popular online piano courses with over 300,000 students worldwide

Now ANYONE Can Learn Piano or Keyboard

             Imagine being able to sit down at a piano and just PLAY - Ballads,  Pop, Blues, Jazz, Ragtime, even amazing Classical pieces? Now you can...  and you can do it in months not years without wasting money, time and  effort on traditional Piano Lessons. 

An Incredible Set of Videos and ebooks (9 books, 600 pages)

             Pianoforall is specially designed to take complete beginners to an  intermediate level faster than any other method. You start with popular  rhythm style piano (think of artists like Lennon & McCartney, Elton  John, Billy Joel,  Barry Mannilow, Lionel Ritchie, Coldplay and so on) which means you get to sound like a pro right from the  start.
             You then expand step-by-step into Ballad style, Blues, Jazz, Ragtime,  Improvisation and creating your own melodies. You will even learn how to  read music AS you learn how to ‘play-by-ear’ and eventually you will be  able to play some amazing Classical pieces. 

The course is divided into 9 very easy to follow sections:

  1. Party Time - Play-By-Ear - Rhythm Style Piano

  2. Basic Blues & Rock ’n’ Roll

  3. Chord Magic & Inversions

  4. Advanced Chords Made Easy

  5. Ballad Style & Improvisation

  6. Jazz Piano Made Easy

  7. Advanced Blues, Fake Stride & The Entertainer

  8. Taming The Classics

  9. Speed Learning

Pianoforall is one of the only piano courses on Udemy that comes with exceptional supplemental material - each video has an accompanying PDF that you can print out and set on your keyboard. There is a complete PDF ebook at the end of each section. It's very important to learn from printed instruction as well as video so that you can explore more written material after you finish the course.

Piano Lessons For Absolute Beginners

Learn Notes on the Piano Keyboard and Music Staff, and Basic Scales and Chords

Created by Mantius Cazaubon - Musician, Pianist, Music Artist, Author


Students: 94459, Price: Free

Students: 94459, Price:  Free

First Piano Lessons - Learn Piano Notes on the Keyboard and Music Staff, and Basic Chords and Scales.

This absolute beginner's course will teach you how to play piano and keyboard. This is the perfect first course and introduction to piano music. You will learn to play the piano from scratch. 

Would you like to play beautiful, entertaining piano music and impress your friends and family? Are you ready to be treated like a celebrity by everyone who hears you play? Or maybe you want to take things further and become a professional player, thrilling audiences all over. If so, you need to enroll in this course

This piano course is for the complete beginner who wants to thoroughly understand the notes of the piano keyboard and music staff, as well as basic scales and chords. It takes you from the very beginning. If you are new to the instrument, this is the perfect course for you

Many piano courses are too advanced for beginners. They delve into advanced concepts that leave you confused. This course corrects that mistake. It lays the foundation you need and keeps everything simple and easy. 

By the time you are through with the various lessons, you will have understood the notes of the piano keyboard and music staff. You will know how to read notes. You will know basic scales and chords. You will have an excellent foundation in piano music and will be well on your way. 

If you're an absolute beginner in search of an amazing introductory piano course that teaches you how to play the piano quickly and easily, you absolutely need this one. 

Here's a preview of what you will learn:

  • The Notes of the White Keys
  • 2 + 3 Black Keys Pattern
  • The Notes of the Black Keys
  • Sharps and Flats
  • Half Steps and Whole Steps
  • Piano Keyboard Layouts/Diagrams
  • Middle C on Piano Keyboard
  • How to Read Notes
  • The Music Staff, Treble Clef and Bass Clef
  • Ledger Lines
  • Notes on the Keyboard and Staff
  • Accidentals (Sharps and Flats) on the Music Staff
  • How to Play Scales on Piano
  • How to Play Basic Piano Chords
  • A Lot More

22 Hours Piano Course: Learn how to play Songs, Music & More

50,000+ Students enrolled; 22 hours Piano & Keyboard Course & lessons ; Learn to play Songs, Chords, Jazz & Music Theory

Created by Oluwayanmife (Also known as 'Yummy') Akintola - My website is


Students: 56089, Price: $129.99

Students: 56089, Price:  Paid

Updates (April 2021): Many new updates have been applied to this Course

This 22 Hours Piano Course will help you to learn how to play Songs and any piece of Music. With many positive ratings and more than 50 thousand students and the huge amount of valuable course content, you will definitely not regret enrolling in this course.

This Course is part of my Series of Piano Courses; all of my complete Piano Courses can be found on my website

Join over 50,000 students who have enrolled in this course and over 70,000 students who have enrolled in all my Courses.

WITH 22 HOURS OF CONTENT AND 200 Lessons , this course includes video content, PDF sheets and other lectures. This Piano & Music Course will help you to be able to play any style of music. This Piano Course is a thorough and structured course that has been designed to give you all the knowledge that you need in order to be able to play any song or any piece of music.

Below are the different sections that this Course consists of:

  • Introduction

  • Getting Started

  • Which Piano should you buy?

  • The Development of Independence between the Right Hand and the Left Hand

  • The logical explanation of how to play the Piano

  • Musical Intervals

  • Explanation of 'Natural' , 'Sharp' , 'Flat' and 'Enharmonic Equivalent' Notes

  • Scales and Major Scales

  • Practical Exercises that you can do to master all the 12 Major Scales

  • Minor Scales/Natural Minor Scales

  • Harmonic Minor Scales

  • Melodic Minor Scales and the Jazz Minor Scale

  • Scale Degrees

  • More about Musical Intervals

  • Chords (Triad Chords) and Harmony

  • Major Scale Triad Chords

  • Natural Minor Scale Triad Chords

  • Melodic Minor Scale Triad Chords

  • Harmonic Minor Scale Triad Chords

  • The Triad Chord Patterns in each Major Scale & in each type of Minor Scale

  • Diatonic Chords

  • 7th Chords, 6th Chords & Suspended Chords

  • The Seventh Chord Patterns in each Major Scale & in each type of Minor Scale

  • Scale Degree names for Chords & the Number System for Major/Minor Scale Chords

  • Pentatonic, Chromatic & Blues Scales 

  • Chord Inversions & Arpeggios

  • Sharps & Flats Explained Further and Tasks for you to do

  • The Primary and Secondary Chords in all Major and Minor Scales

  • How to Play Songs by ear and with Chords | Chord Progressions 

  • Different Chord Progressions in all the 12 Keys

  • Conclusion

In this course, you will learn about how many scales and chords are built. You will learn how to be to play any song you want to play. Furthermore, you will also learn about how to figure out the chords of a song and how to play a song by using chords. Moreover, you will also learn about other topics.

PI-101 Top 10 Classical Piano Pieces for Beginners

PI-101 In this 12-week course, you will learn how to play 10 beautiful classical piano pieces for beginners.

Created by Dan Hegelund - Award-Winning Vocal Coach & Piano Teacher


Students: 32782, Price: Free

Students: 32782, Price:  Free

PI-101 Top 10 Classical Piano Pieces for Beginners 

In this course, I will show you how to play ten of the most beautiful and famous classical piano pieces for beginners. I am always available for feedback, dialogue, and questions. As a teacher, my goal is to help you master the piano as I do. Teaching you to play the piano is more than a task, it is my passion. I am only satisfied when I see you succeed! It is my hope that you will like my teaching style and that we will hit it off as we together venture out on this musical journey towards piano mastery. Don’t worry if you have never played the piano before: the first week I teach you all you need to get started. On the other hand, if you already know clefs, notes, scales, and chords you can jump straight to the first song. 

Easy piano is my mantra and making it as easy as possible for my students is my goal. I show you how to play the piano one hand at a time: first the right hand, then the left hand, and lastly both hands together. We start with easy songs and gradually move on to pieces that teach you new and better techniques. This is fun: you start out knowing very little, and before you know it you are playing famous classical piano pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Antonín Dvořák! I can’t wait to get started. 

PI-101 is the first in a series of courses designed to teach you to play some of the most famous and beautiful classical piano pieces. It is an introductory course for beginners containing 12 weeks of lessons. You may take this course even if you have never played the piano before. Check out the schedule below. 

Learn to play the piano for beginners through step-by-step instructions by experienced and professional piano teacher:

1st Week: Introduction. Clefs. Notes. Scales. Chords.
2nd Week: Learn to play “Allegro” by Alexander Reinagle.
3rd Week: Learn to play “Minuet in C” by James Hook.
4th Week: Learn to play “Prelude No. 1” by Johann Sebastian Bach.
5th Week: Learn to play “Minuet” by Johann Sebastian Bach.
6th Week: Learn to play “Fur Elise” by Ludwig van Beethoven.
7th Week: Learn to play “Ninth Symphony" by Ludwig van Beethoven.
8th Week: Learn to play “Vivace” by Cornelius Gurlitt.
9th Week: Learn to play “Gentle Plaint” by Johann Franz Burgmüller.
10th Week: Learn to play “Finlandia” by Jean Sibelius.
11th Week: Learn to play “New World Symphony” by Antonín Dvořák.
12th Week: Piano Exercises. Conclusion.

Good luck!

Piano Music Theory (Back To Basics) by JFilt

Piano Lessons For Beginners in 30 Minutes

Created by JayJay Johnson - Content Creator


Students: 31026, Price: Free

Students: 31026, Price:  Free

This course by JFilt is a free offering to those who have never played the piano before and want to learn.  It's also for those who may know a little bit but forgot everything they ever learned.  It's also for beatmakers who wanna learn some music theory for the purpose of improving their beats and or moving to the next level in music production.  

In this beginner course you will learn from the very start so its okay to know nothing (LOL).  Topics that will be discussed include naming the keys of the piano, forming chords and scales, and even playing a song from a chord progression.  

By the time you get to the end of this course you will have a greater understanding of what it takes to play keys.  After this you can continue on with my full course on How To Play 25 Hip Hop Songs right here on Udemy.  Or for the beatmakers out there you can continue to learn innovative ways on how to make very sick beats on the Verysickbeats YouTube Channel!

Peace & Positive Energy!


Learn Piano in 45 Days (Part One)

Read treble and bass clef, play songs by ear, learn basic chords with this free introductory course!

Created by Thomas bazzoon - M.Mus, Private teacher, Music academy owner


Students: 25457, Price: Free

Students: 25457, Price:  Free

Are you tired of piano classes that just teach chords, or piano by ear, or just music reading?

Why not try all three?

In this course, you will learn to play two songs completely by ear.

You will learn bass clef reading.

You will learn treble clef reading.

Don't know how to count or tap rhythms?  I cover that too.

Will you learn songs? Of course!  This class teaches you several basic songs including...

Lightly row, Good King Wenceslas, Joy to the World, Jingle Bells, Ode to Joy, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and O When the Saints Go Marching In!

A downloadable free ebook is included!

And, best of all, this comprehensive course is Free!

Learn piano or keyboard from scratch – Complete piano course

Piano lessons/ keyboard lessons for beginners. Play piano by ear, chords, reading music, improvisation, music theory

Created by Martin Cohen - Teacher, musician and composer


Students: 25244, Price: $109.99

Students: 25244, Price:  Paid


No other online piano course offers such a detailed and complete overview of scales and chords.

With the clickable index, you’re never more than only one click away from the piano chords or scales you were looking for.


(This new section could actually be a whole course on its own, but is just included in this piano course!)

You want to play your favorite song by ear, without having sheet music, chords or melody?

After this new 2.5-hour section you will be able to sit at the piano and play any song, just by listening attentively, derive chords and melody and then play the song, by ear!

Surprise everyone playing any song on the piano with this amazing technique!


The way the course is created, with lots of songs and easy explanations of every detail, means that you will advance rapidly every day.


At a very early stage, you will already apply what you’ve learned and start playing songs. First playing the melody with your right hand, later also adding your left hand.

And what makes it a real pleasure to practice, is that you play a song together with a band that accompanies you while you are playing on your piano or electronic keyboard.

This is what others say about the course:


This piano course is extremely educational and highly entertaining as well. For beginners specially, Mr. Cohen didn't raise the bar of excellence, he is the bar simply put. His lectures will start you from know nothing into craving to learn more and highly addictive too. If you are searching over and over to find the right piano lesson for you, your search is over. You found the learning center. Cheers (Rolando Marucut)


This is exactly the course I was looking for. I love piano music since I was a kid, however I never had the opportunity to learn. I am a total beginner, I love the way the teacher explains and shows the most important and key things in order to move forward in any lesson. My dream is closer. Thank you so much! (Daniel Madrid Sanchez)


WOW! This is an amazing course. Thank you very much. Highly recommended. (Stefano Buiaroni)


I really liked the way the course was created, with lots of songs, advices, quizzes. It was a challenge, but with perseverance and with a lot of exercises the results appeared. I think the most pleasant moments were when I played the songs from the course, but by far I think it was when I managed to control both hands independently. It was like a revelation. Now I have the needed tools: scales, chords, improvisation techniques, the rest depends on me, a lot of exercises. (Csizmadia Miklos)



In order to play the piano or keyboard well, you have to practice scales. But only endlessly going up & down the scales is not very fun way of learning the piano or keyboard, that’s why in this course you practice the scales in songs that contain just the notes of that particular scale.

And of course, the band will accompany you in all the songs.

This makes practicing the scales a pleasure!


If you’re still not sure, why not just give it a try? It’s without any risk: if for whatever reason this is not the course for you, you can get a full refund within 30 days after purchase.

So, there’s no need to wait any longer: just hit that ‘enroll’ button and get access to more than 22 hours of video, interactive music theory exercises and to an amazing BONUS: a 110 page ebook with all the scales and chords in all the inversions with finger positions, as well as plenty of other resources (play-along files in different tempos, PDF files with sheet music for every song, …).

It only takes you one click to have access to ALL of this.

Still not convinced?

Just have a look at the promo video and the free preview videos to have an idea of how I teach, and also have a look at the course curriculum.


  • You will apply the theory and skills learned during the lectures in songs that you will play together with a band (play-along mp3 files and MIDI files included). In this way, practicing the notes in the scales becomes a pleasure!

  • Lots of practice files (mp3 and MIDI) in all 12 keys and in several tempos included

  • An ebook included for FREE with ALL the scales and chords in all inversions with finger positions (110 pages!) with clickable index that leads you directly to the scale or chord you were looking for

  • More than 450 downloadable resources! (more than any other piano course)

  • Clear explanations by an experienced teacher (more than 25 years of teaching experience)

Apart from the introduction section , the course consists of 6 main sections, each with a lot of lectures that will help you to advance in a steady way. The 6 main sections are:

  • Scales

  • Piano chords

  • Other chords

  • Playing by ear

  • Reading music

  • Improvisation


Major scales in all 12 keys

Minor scales in all 12 keys

Transposing songs in other keys

Lots of songs to practice the notes of the scales

Circle of fifths


Major triads

Minor triads

Dominant 7th chords

Minor 7th chords

Diminished chords

Major 7th chords

Slash chords

Sus chords

Lots of songs to practice the chords

Diatonic chords in a major key

Diatonic chords in a minor key

Playing by ear

Treble clef

Bass clef

Time signature

Key signature

Practice songs

Pentatonic scale (major and minor)

Blues scale

The 12 bar blues

Improvising with the pentatonic and blues scales

Licks and riffs

Adding rhythm in the left hand accompaniment

Adding colors (9th, #9th, 13th) in the left hand accompaniment

Extend the blues scale with extra notes

Gospel Piano Lessons

Learn to play songs via online at your leisure. Amaze your friends and family with your musical abilities.

Created by Starling Jones Jr - Musician (Pianist/Organist) - Online Video Instructor


Students: 24760, Price: Free

Students: 24760, Price:  Free

Gospel Piano Lessons is designed to show you how to play a few songs that can be ministered during a worship service.

In this course you will learn:

  • Traditional Songs
  • Praise Songs
  • Worship Songs
  • Chord Patterns
  • Solo Selections

The songs are done in various keys and have different chord progressions.

By learning each song and progression you will be expanding your chord vocabulary.

Enjoy and download the Full Tutorials and take your playing ability to the next level.

Remember - Prov 27:17 "Iron Sharpens Iron"

How to Play Piano – Your First Lesson!

Learn the black and white notes, understand keyboard & piano types, and gain a big picture understanding of music

Created by Musicians Inspired - 50,000+ Students, 7,000+ Reviews, 12 Courses


Students: 21109, Price: Free

Students: 21109, Price:  Free

Have you always wanted to play the piano, but were not sure if you want to fully commit to private lessons or an expensive course?

If so this course is for you!

I wanted to create a very basic course for a complete beginner.  

This course does simply one thing - demystifies the keyboard.

If you look at a piano and think, "this is too complicated to learn", this course will hopefully dispel those thoughts.

The piano is much more logical and easier to understand than most people think.

I will teach you... 

  • How to purchase your first keyboard (amongst the many, many, many keyboards that are out there)
  • The 12 unique notes that make the 88 keys of the piano easy to memorize
  • How the piano is spaced out
  • How the piano relates to other instruments
  • How the piano relates to singers

By the end of this course the piano itself, will make a lot more sense!

Piano Grooves

This course will go over a few grooves that can be played for personal entertainment or public display.

Created by Starling Jones Jr - Musician (Pianist/Organist) - Online Video Instructor


Students: 19844, Price: Free

Students: 19844, Price:  Free

Piano Grooves designed to aid the musician no matter the skill level. This course will teach you how to play a few songs with nice progressions and patterns. Implement the information learned from each song into your own personal musical style.

In this course you will:

  • Learn how to play a few nice piano grooves.
  • Learn how to play a few songs
  • Learn how to play in different keys
  • Learn how to broaden your chord vocabulary

Enjoy and download Full Tutorials and take your playing ability to the next level.

Remember - Prov 27:17 "Iron Sharpens Iron"

The Complete Piano & Music Theory Beginners Course

Learn all piano and music theory basics quickly, and save big on months of initial private lessons!

Created by Musicians Inspired - 50,000+ Students, 7,000+ Reviews, 12 Courses


Students: 19698, Price: $99.99

Students: 19698, Price:  Paid

Brand new to music? 

Have some music theory gaps you need to fill? 

Always wanted to play the piano, but didn't know where to start?

If any of these are true, take this course!

I want you to learn piano and music theory quickly.

That's why I worked hard to make this the most compact, engaging, and easy to follow piano and music theory course on Udemy. 

I cut out the fluff, logically structured lectures, and worked hard to lay out concepts clearly.

By the end of this course you'll understand

  • Proper piano technique

  • The white and black notes of the piano keyboard

  • The elements of music (notes, intervals, chords, scales)

  • The Major and Minor Keys

  • Rhythmic Subdivision

  • How to read sheet music (the notes on a page)

This will give you a solid foundation to pursue more advanced study.  Whether that's with a private teacher, or more advanced piano courses on Udemy.

Learning the keyboard / piano is also a great instrument to start with and will help you learn other instruments faster.

I think you'll really enjoy this course and I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

The Complete Piano Course – Master The Piano

A full guide on learning how to use every single note on the piano.

Created by Iliya Ryakhovskiy - Music Teacher, Producer, Pianist


Students: 13957, Price: $89.99

Students: 13957, Price:  Paid

UPDATE: (6/8/16): Remade 9 videos/lectures and uploaded a new promo video. 

UPDATE: (5/14/16): Added over 70 New lectures! The entire basic section is completely redone for a more motivational experience. The addition of new rhythms, bass techniques, and chord progressions has made learning piano easier then ever before.

UPDATE: (10/5/15): 9 New BONUS Songs Added in the Basic Section!

Category: Music

This course is huge! Over 240+ lectures and 22.5+ hours of content. There are three different sections and three different levels throughout the course.

After completing this course, you will be able to play any kind of music in any kind of style in any kind of key signature. The material in this course will give you a step by step guide to fully learning the piano

Everyone is welcome. This course is broken down into 3 different sections. Basic, intermediate, and advanced. Basic is for students who are just starting to learn the piano. Intermediate are for the ones who completed the basic section or who already have a few years of experience with the piano. Advanced is for players who have completed the basic and intermediate sections and are ready to learn the piano at a masterful level.

Sign up today to fully learn the piano and become an amazing musician.


Over 240+ lectures and 22.5+ hours of content!

Learn how to play ANYTHING on the piano.

Improvise like never before.

Develop music skills to impress your friends and family.

Understand Music Theory.

Create your own music.

Perform beautiful music.

Get extremely motivated.

Learn basic and advanced piano techniques.

Apply music skills to your life.

Finally play the way you dreamed.


Have a piano or electronic keyboard ready to create music.

Playing Piano: Warm Up Exercises

Learn 6 effective piano exercises and improve your position.

Created by Ilse Lozoya - University Professor, Piano Teacher, Course Designer.


Students: 12989, Price: Free

Students: 12989, Price:  Free

Are you struggling with lack of sound control and tension when you play piano?

Do you want to have a good hand position and you do not know wher to begin?

This course will teach you how to develop an easy to follow routine. Learn these 6 exercises that are part of a 7-10 min routine and include it in your regular practice.

This course is so specific in order to help you achieve it´s main purpose that is improve your piano playing through an excellent position.

Through 100% practical videos, no theory you can start improving your position today.

Join this course!!

Learn Piano Basics in 7 Days For Complete Beginners

Learn to play the piano in just 7 days with our 7-day piano programme

Created by Michelle Huang - Piano Instructor at Liberty Park Music


Students: 12876, Price: Free

Students: 12876, Price:  Free

7-Day Piano Programme is a great way to transition yourself from wanting to play the piano to actually playing one. All you need to do is to follow our daily bite sized lessons for the next 7 days. We will be providing detailed video lessons with numerous practical examples for you to apply your new found knowledge. By the end of the programme you’ll learn the basics of music notation, playing skills, and your first song, Beethoven’s iconic Ode to Joy! In addition, we will also teach you 3 easy songs - Simple Gift, Greensleeves and  Country Dance

The Essentials of Acoustic Guitar Strumming Patterns

Learn how to play the 5 most important strumming patterns used in real songs for acoustic and electric guitar.

Created by Dan Thorpe (Guitar Domination) - Specialises in teaching over 40`s strumming + fingerpicking


Students: 12509, Price: Free

Students: 12509, Price:  Free

Most guitarists suck at strumming. Yes, they are awful.

Why? Bad teachers, bad learning habits and bad information. They are not taught the proper ways to strum, they lack technique, they don`t understand rhythm and worst of all they don`t know that this is holding them back. All this all leads to a LOT of wasted years with the guitar and a lack of confidence when they are playing and strumming it.

Using our video lessons, supplementary guide and killer bonuses you can now learn how to strum with complete confidence and gain an insider understands of rhythm and all in a short space of time.

You will be able to play the most common strum patterns in popular music which means along with a few chords you will be able to learn, play and impress others with 10,000`s of classic songs as well as write your own with ease.

Save hundreds of hours trying to work strum patterns out for yourself

Imagine being able to listen to a song, either find or workout the chords, hear the strum pattern and realize that you already know how to play this strum pattern, and then learn it in minutes just by listening to it.

Well, now you can, because in this course that`s what I take you through.

Most songs use just a select few (8 in fact) strumming patterns, a bunch of simple chords (which you are taught in this course)

Learn why most people's strumming sound dead (and what to do instead)

Well, I`ll tell you, apart from the lack of technique, dynamics, expression, subtlety and rhythm, which you will master in this course, it`s their inability to play with feel.

One key element every guitarist from George Harrison to Kurt Cobain, from Jimi Hendrix to Ed Sheeran has is a great sense of feel.

Most mere mortals don`t get past level 1 here, but I will teach you a simple little trick that can help add a sophisticated sense of feel and soul into ANY strum pattern you will ever learn.

Time is precious, and the guitar takes many, many years to truly master. Perfect this one fundamental element today – the crucial element of strumming and you can kick start your guitar playing to the next level allowing you to go on and be the guitar guru you desire to be.

"The fretting hand is the brain, the strumming hand is the soul."

So much of our passion as guitarists come from the strumming hand.

Listen to the like of Damien Rice and Ed Sheeran to hear what I mean. The fretting hand doesn`t do a lot apart from the basic most of the time.

With these guys, the strumming hand takes these competent sounding basics and turbo charges them into a powerhouse of guitar wizardry - the sound of a soulful, heartened guitar player who is bearing is his soul for the world to hear.

You can just feel the passion, sorrow, joy and love oozing out of these guitarists hands.

You will learn how to apply this and so much more.

If you were guaranteed to save hundreds of wasted hours searching YouTube, discovering these techniques for yourself or paying $1000`s dollar in lessons, what that be worth to you?

I have vast knowledge of teaching the guitar, and I guarantee once you have mastered these materials, you will have far more confidence performing in front of friends, family members, college parties, at gigs, open mic night and even jam sessions.

You will be able to write songs far more ease, and you will impress yourself and others with your strumming skills!

Each video is short, in-depth and packed full of real, practical information.

Join the course today to get all these benefits, becoming a strumming master and truly fall in love with the guitar.

A beginner`s guide to fingerpicking and strumming guitar”

How to learn fingerstyle, strumming, beginner, acoustic, rock, blues, pop, country and fingerpicking folk guitar

Created by Dan Thorpe (Guitar Domination) - Specialises in teaching over 40`s strumming + fingerpicking


Students: 11856, Price: Free

Students: 11856, Price:  Free

I`m not one to toot my own horn, but I want to be straight with you. I have a LOT of real world experience teaching people how to play acoustic guitar in the most enjoyable and efficient way.

Most of my eBooks have gotten dozens and dozens of 5 star reviews on Amazon Kindle and continue to sell at a fast rate. My courses are all extremely popular and have been sold countless times all around the world.

The thing is, I was once an AWFUL guitar player. I was really bad and I made loads of mistakes when learning. 

If there was something one could do wrong, I did it. 

I took me a lot of trial and error to get good at playing but I did. I hated the struggle at the time but I genuinely think it made me the teacher I am today. 

I care genuinely about every students` success and have all the tools and experience to help every one of you succeed. 

Learning and getting good at the guitar can be tough but join me in this FREE course and see that things can be done the fun way. 

If you are interested in fingerpicking, strumming and fun stuff on the guitar, then you will love this course. 

If you are a beginner or have played for some time and find it a struggle, you will love this course. 

This course isn`t like any of my paid premium courses. It is simply a best of what I do, ordered in sections. 

Go through it, section by section, but feel free to hop about. 

This series of lessons is me giving something back to the wider guitar world. 

I hope you enjoy this fun course and get plenty from it. 

Any questions, fire away. Unlike most, I`ll answer them all.

Thanks and keep on strumming!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination

Music Theory for Electronic Producers – The Beginners Guide!

Join Successful students in Music Theory for Electronic Producers for learning the basics of Music Theory Today!

Created by Tomas George - Music Producer, Composer and Audio Engineer


Students: 11541, Price: Free

Students: 11541, Price:  Free

Learning how to write and create Music with Music Theory effectively will dramatically improve the quality of your music and the speed you create it.

In this course, you will gain a basic understanding of Music Theory and ideas techniques and formulas to use when creating your own electronic music to allow you more options. You'll learn the beauty and the power of the basics of music theory that's used by professionals today. 

This course will cover such topics as 

Major scales

Minor scales

Major chords

• Minor chords

• Diminished chords

• Chord progressions

• Relative minors,


• How to write Melodies 

• And more 

What you'll learn in this course will make you a better music producer, and improve your songwriting abilities in any Digital Audio Workstations!

Learn to love music theory and creating electronic music with these easy to learn techniques today.

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and we'll see you in lesson 1!



Android Piano App Development Course for Beginners

In this Course You Will Build an Awesome Piano App From Scratch

Created by Vijay Kumar - Founder of Dino Code Academy YouTube Channel


Students: 9496, Price: Free

Students: 9496, Price:  Free

Hello everyone and thank you for your interest in this Android Course!

If you want to learn Piano App from scratch, then this is the course for you!

Android development has a lot of great benefits, such as a low barrier to entry, low cost to be a published developer, and of course, being able to run your creations on millions of devices.

This course is a step-by-step process that will teach you how to develop a fun application that’s a Piano App. The steps are very easy to follow inside the course which especially helps the beginner to develop their first piano app. Also if you are an intermediate developer then you can still enroll in this course, because you will get some tips and tricks.


Here Is Everything You Will Learn In This Complete Course:

How to create custom Styles for your Android Apps that looks awesome.

How to use the SoundPool class to play a note.

How to design Complex XML Design for Android Apps.

How to Document your code so that in future it can be easily maintain with less efforts.


This course also provides future updates :

When I learn something new, I add it to the course - at no additional cost to you! This is a course that will continue to add more and more to every aspect of your life.

Even it is a free course but still, it contains lots of new ideas and things related to Android Programming.

And Please leave valuable feedback or review related to this course. So that it will help us in our upcoming courses.

Pianoforall – ‘Classics By Ear’ – Erik Satie

An incredible new way to learn classical piano - from the creator of best selling piano course Pianoforall

Created by Robin Hall - Piano Teacher (300,000 students online), Artist, Therapist,


Students: 8940, Price: $89.99

Students: 8940, Price:  Paid

A New Way to Learn

For over a decade, Pianoforall has taught over 200,000 people worldwide how to play amazing pop, jazz, blues, ballads and improvisation, and now we’re going to teach you how to play INCREDIBLE Classical pieces in the same way.

These courses are for ADULT BEGINNERS who would love to build a repertoire of great classical pieces but who don’t have the time (or the inclination) to learn the ‘traditional’ ‘hard’ way.

This Classics By Ear Series will teach you a NEW way to learn classical piano – from the ‘inside out’.

Instead of painstakingly learning complicated sheet music one note at a time by memory, you will learn how to take a piece of classical music apart bar by bar, section by section, and understand how it was all put together: from the musical ‘form’ – distinct sections and subsections – to the underlying chord structure, visual clues, patterns and repeats.

So not only do you learn how to play – the pieces but you UNDERSTAND what you are playing and this makes it SO much easier to memorise and perform.

No more performance fear

This really helps if you feel nervous performing in front of others. If we rely solely on ‘muscle memory’ we can have a fear of ‘forgetting our lines’ but if we have a deep understanding of a piece from many different angles – chords, sections, patterns, repeats and memorable elements – then we go beyond muscle memory until it feels as if we have written the piece ourself!

And you will learn everything in a refreshingly NATURAL way – the way we all learn to speak or read as kids: we first LISTEN to others, then we imitate them and SPEAK what we hear – and ONLY then do we attempt to READ words or sentences that we can already say. And so it makes so much more sense.

Similarly with Classics By Ear you will learn to play the pieces by following the videos, keyboard diagrams or ‘cheat sheets’, and then you will find it MUCH easier to follow the sheet music – because then it will all make perfect sense!

No Cliched Beginner’s Pieces!

The pieces you will be learning aren’t the usual cliched beginner’s pieces (like ‘Fur Elise’ or ‘Minuet in G’). We have especially chosen pieces that sound more advanced (watch the Promo video to hear the pieces) yet they are actually deceptively EASY to play – which means your audience will think that you have been playing for YEARS!

The course is perfect for those people who read a little music but aren’t very advanced – or those who play by ear but want to play some beautiful classical pieces.

If you have no prior knowledge you can still follow the lessons if you are prepared to put in lots of practice, but I suggest you also study sections 1 to 5 of my main Pianoforall course, which will teach you basic sight-reading and chord theory. Section 2 of this course also teaches BASIC SIGHT READING in just 18 minutes! It will give you enough knowledge to follow the rest of the lessons.

Like Pianoforall – these Classics By Ear courses come with exceptional and comprehensive supplementary PDF ebooks that you can print out and set on your piano or keyboard. 

The Ultimate Piano Chords Course – for Piano & Keyboard

Learn piano the easy way! Play your favourite songs & even SING along, with this simple & thorough guide to piano chords

Created by Arthur Bird - Piano Teacher, Professional Musician, Session Player


Students: 8907, Price: $99.99

Students: 8907, Price:  Paid

The Ultimate Piano Chord Course will give you the skills to be able to play thousands of songs.

Most songs are written using chords, so if you understand how to use them properly, you'll be able to play a vast amount of songs by just reading simple chord symbols. You don't need to be able to read music notation in order to play great songs!

This course is for beginners on the Piano, and so starts with the basics, but quickly moves onto learning about the different kinds of chords and how they are constructed, gradually getting more and more advanced as you progress. You don't just learn about chords though. Along the way you will learn about different kinds of rhythms, playing patterns and techniques that can be applied to the chords. By the end you'll be able to play the piano by reading a chord sheet, but sound like a pro!

I believe the best way to learn is by applying your new found knowledge, and so throughout the course you will learn famous songs or chord progressions on the Piano, relevant to the particular chord/rhythm or playing pattern you've just been learning. The course uses examples from songs by a wide variety of artists such as Adele, Sam Smith, The Commodores, Christina Perri, John Legend and Don McLean to name a few.

If you're a singer, by the end of this course you'll be able to pick up and play any piece of music or chord sheet and play piano by following the chord symbols. All you need to do is sing along. I even show you how to print off any song of your choice online for free, as well as showing you how to change the key so it suits your vocal range.

The same goes with anyone wanting to accompany other singers on piano, or people wanting to play Keyboard in a band. This course will give you the skills and understanding to be able to play Piano along with other people.

If you're a songwriter, you'll find that your understanding of chords and playing techniques will be so much greater, and so you'll be able to use what you've learnt to write songs with much more variety and musicianship and freedom.

Even if you just want to enjoy playing the Piano/Keyboard for yourself at home, by the end you'll be able to play a selection of famous songs, and have the skills and ability to print off your own favourite songs and play them by just following the piano chord symbols.

Supporting PDF's

The course also includes PDF's of important chord building info and playing techniques that you can print off and set on your piano/keyboard, which will make it easy to refer to when you start choosing and learning your own favourite songs.

So enroll today, and learn piano the easy way!

This course includes a download of "The Piano Chords eBook for Beginners". This handy guide has 25 pages packed with information on chords, as well as illustrated chord reference charts that serve as a quick and easy reference for anyone wanting to learn about piano chords.

NEW UPDATE - This course also includes a BONUS SECTION on improvisation. Throughout the 30 additional lessons you will learn how you can use your new knowledge of chords to get started improvising with help from a variety of techniques, rhythmic patterns and progressions along the way. You will also get the chance to explore melodies with the use of scales and harmony. By the end of this extra "mini-course" you will have the tools to be able to have fun improvising your own music on the piano!


Learn how to seriously play piano with an experienced master degree piano teacher and international concert pianist.

Created by Sebastien Dupuis - Pianist/Piano teacher


Students: 8748, Price: $34.99

Students: 8748, Price:  Paid

I started to play piano aged 1 with my father, teaching piano at 16 and do international concerts at 24. Now in 2021 I am 38 so this will be 37 years that I play piano every day, will make me 22 years teaching experience and 14 years serious concert experience. I actually did a break between 5 when I took my first few piano lessons and 13 when I started again alone. I did my Master degree in Brussels. My father plays piano very well and my great grand-father was a famous belgian composer.

With these lessons I want to share all my knowledge about piano and help you being able to play nice music you always dreamed to play. I will start from the beginning leading you trough every step and telling you what to do and how so you just have to let you lead and apply what I say, be relaxed, practice, be patient and you will see in some years you will thank me.

I live in Zurich and have 40 students from all ages and all level coming to my piano salon for piano lessons. You can check my websites or social medias and read some nice references students wrote about my lessons. Check my youtube for more videos of my concerts and other.

Hope you will enjoy, be patient and practice is the key.


Sebastien Dupuis

Piano for Singer/Songwriters | Write Songs and Perform Live!

Perform and sing your favorite songs on the piano! Step by step, easy to follow modern keyboard lessons for beginners

Created by Musicians Inspired - 50,000+ Students, 7,000+ Reviews, 12 Courses


Students: 8055, Price: $89.99

Students: 8055, Price:  Paid

Wielding the piano opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities.

In this foundational course, I teach you how to play piano as a singer/songwriter. It's a unique method that takes somebody with zero musical experience and transforms them into a piano wielding singer/songwriter.

This method has been refined over the last 3 years as I've taught more and more artists in New York and Los Angeles.

Every lecture builds upon the previous lecture. I walk you through the whole process as efficiently as possible, taking every effort to find ways to cut your learning time in half.

Watch the lectures, complete the challenges, and enjoy playing! By the end you should be able to pick a song, adjust the song to most singable key for your voice, and accompany yourself on the piano.

You should take this course if you think you'd have fun playing the songs you love and exploring how piano wielding singer/songwriters like Carol King, Alicia Keys, and Ben Folds express themselves on the piano.

This is a foundational course for beginners. This course is meant to be an alternative to a traditional piano lesson schedule.

If you love playing, writing and singing songs, this course is for you.

Hope to see you on the inside!

- R

Promo Music provided by Ben Sound at Ben Sound Dot Com

Beginner Piano

For complete beginners - learn piano from "the best piano teacher in London"!

Created by Benedict Westenra - "The best piano teacher in London", 1,000+ 5* reviews


Students: 7342, Price: $29.99

Students: 7342, Price:  Paid

"Ok – so who would like to start playing the piano without the hours of frustration learning music theory? I’m one. That’s exactly what Benedict does in this course. … I’m amazed at what I’ve been able to learn and play." - Greg R

"This course walks you through playing simple songs, but they actually sound like the real thing which gave me a sense of accomplishment and encouraged me to keep playing. I highly recommend this course!" - Helenmary Cody

This course will teach you good piano technique by getting you to play real pieces of music. In it, I'll show you how to play the following pieces:

the riff to John Lennon's "Imagine" - When the Saints - Happy Birthday hands together - Amazing Grace hands together - the opening of Pachelbel's "Canon" - the bass line and chords of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean"

And at the same time I'll teach you the following fundamentals:

which way is up on a piano - good practice technique - the finger numbers - playing in time - the note names - good hand position - how to play "legato" (and what that means) - phrasing - what an "octave" is - coordinating your 2 hands - how to play with a metronome - the right way to play chords

So why this beginner piano course instead of any other one?

1) It doesn't teach you how to play the piano by teaching you how to read music first

Almost all beginner piano courses teach you how to read music first and then get you to play from a score, but that's backwards - after all, you didn't learn to read before you could speak! Reading music is difficult, and if you try to learn how to play piano while learning how to read music at the same time you'll end up doing both badly. Instead, there's a body of research that shows that getting people to play first and then showing them how to read music is better (the approach is called "Sound before Sign"). This is the approach I use in this course. (I have a separate course which teaches you how to read music, called "Read Music FAST!", which you should do after this one.)

2) I have a ridiculous amount of experience teaching music using videos

I've been teaching piano one-on-one for over 10 years, to children and adult beginners as well as industry professionals, and I record practice videos for all of my students. At the time of writing I have over 4,000 private videos on YouTube, and so know exactly how to pace videos so that they're not so fast you can't follow them, but not so slow you get bored and stop either.

3) You'll develop good habits which will save you a ton of time in the future

A lot of beginner piano tutorials are designed to get you to play a piece as fast as possible, which is a good aim in itself (mine do the same), but they'll usually teach you bad habits at the same time, which you'll then have to spend a lot of time unlearning in the future. By contrast, I'll get you to play pieces as fast as possible but also make sure that you're developing good habits in the process so that there's no limit to how good you can get.

Sustainable Engineering from a European Perspective

Development of Sustainable Innovations and Startups

Created by Felix Sieckmann - Researcher at TU Berlin


Students: 7249, Price: Free

Students: 7249, Price:  Free

This course provides insight how sustainable innovations can be developed and transfered into start-ups. For this, the motivation for and principles of sustainabiliy in the engineering discipline are presented, especially with regard to manufacturing. From a business perspective, the course also demonstrates how sustainable business models are developed. These core topics are complemented by additional insight into specific engineering topics that can be utilized in the context of Sustainable Manufacturing, e.g. Augmented and Virtual Reality, Digital Factory, Systems Design/Engineering etc.

The creation of these resources has been funded by the ERASMUS+  grant program of the European Union under grant no.  2015-1-DE01-KA203-002207. Neither the European Commission nor the  project's national funding agency DAAD are responsible for the content  or liable for any losses or damage resulting of the use of these resources.

Piano Fastlane – From ZERO to HERO with Piano & Keyboard

The Platform's biggest Piano Course - lessons to play by ear & to read sheet music: from Pop or Classic to Improvisation

Created by Simon Kirkils - Piano Teacher, Pianist in Berlin's most famous Hotels


Students: 7084, Price: $129.99

Students: 7084, Price:  Paid

Piano Fastlane is THE biggest course online and brand new on the market!

Did you ever sit in a restaurant and listened to a song or piano piece in the background that you wished to be able to play? This course makes it possible. And not within years, but WEEKS, without wasting much money, effort and time for piano lessons.

Everything you need is included, so you don't have to waste time searching for material in the internet.

Piano Fastlane was constructed to take you faster to an higher skill level, than any other course. You get to learn everything you need from hand holding and reading sheet music to playing by ear and expanding your repertoire.

Whether you want to play Pop, Blues, Jazz, Classical, Ballads or to improvise, this course has it all.

Everyone can learn piano & keyboard and this course proves that.

How is the course constructed?

  1. Getting to know the keyboard

  2. Sheet music and theory

  3. Pop piano basics

  4. Jazz/Blues piano & improvisation basics

  5. How to play by ear

  6. Learn to play classical music

  7. Expand your repertoire

Enrolling in this course means you only pay one time. It's designed in an unique way, which allows YOU to follow every step without the need of buying ANY extra material!!!!

Jazz Piano – Ultimate Beginners Course for Piano & Keyboard

A simple step-by-step guide to jazz piano - Learn jazz piano chords, improvisation, famous jazz classics and much more!

Created by Arthur Bird - Piano Teacher, Professional Musician, Session Player


Students: 6436, Price: $99.99

Students: 6436, Price:  Paid

Jazz Piano - The Ultimate Beginners Course for Piano & Keyboard will get you playing some cool jazz sounds in no time at all!

Most methods of learning Jazz piano don't cater for beginners. This course takes a fresh look at learning jazz by following simple steps that anyone can use.

It starts with the basics, and so you don't need any previous knowledge on the  to be able to follow along. Even if you have learnt piano previously but would be considered a beginner in Jazz, this course is also suitable, as lot's of the methods throughout the course aren't taught in traditional/classical learning environments.

Want to be able to improvise Jazz on the piano?

Throughout the course you will learn specific scales and arpeggio's, and I have designed special exercises that build in difficulty as you progress, ultimately giving you the skills to be able to improvise over the top of classic jazz chord progressions.

Wouldn't it also be cool to be able to understand and play all those complicated jazzy chord symbols on lead/chord sheets?

Using simple and understandable methods, you'll learn all about jazz piano chords, chord extentions, quartal harmony, chord voicings and much more. We even take a look at some lead sheets (sometimes known as fake sheets) so you can see how you can make rich jazz piano sounds by just following chord symbols. You'll also learn about comping, exploring using different rhythms that you'll eventually be able to use with songs of your own choice.

What else?

One of the best ways to truly take on board what you are learning, is to apply it properly, and so throughout the course you will get the chance to learn excerpts from famous jazz songs such as Autumn Leaves (famously covered by Bill Evans), Fly Me to the Moon, Herbie Hancocks Cantaloupe Island and So What by Miles Davis.

I have transcribed the scales/exercises and songs into piano notation for anyone who can read music, but again you don't need to be able to read piano sheet music to take the course as I have written out the names of the notes for those who can't.

Extra help with your learning!

The course comes with supplementary material in the form of PDF's that you can download and print off to have handy at your piano or keyboard. This way it makes it easier to practise the songs/exercises etc by being able to have them up on your music stand, as well as having the lesson info/chord finding methods easily accessible so you can continue to learn jazz piano outside of the course.

So why not enroll today, and learn jazz piano the easy way?!

Piano Chords

Learn to interpret chord symbols at the piano, using classics such as "Hallelujah", "Always On My Mind", etc.

Created by Benedict Westenra - "The best piano teacher in London", 1,000+ 5* reviews


Students: 5853, Price: $39.99

Students: 5853, Price:  Paid

"After buying loads of books on piano chords nothing has come close to this excellent course … it has to be the best on Udemy" - Michael Fallon

"Even if you already know your scales and chords, this course brings you through the variations so that you can do more than just play a triad each and every time." - Richard

This course teaches you how to interpret basic chord symbols at the piano, and explains them:

  • at the keyboard
  • in a visual and intuitive way
  • using real pieces of music

I'll teach you concepts using original techniques that I've tested on hundreds of students over a decade, including signed artists and other industry professionals. By the end you'll know many ways of playing any chord symbol that's likely to crop up in popular music. (I'm working on a follow-up course that teaches more advanced chords that you find in jazz.)

What this course is

This course shows you many ways of playing:

  • major triads (e.g. C, Eb, F#)
  • minor triads (e.g. Dm, Fm, G#m)
  • sus chords (e.g. Esus, Gsus, Bbsus)
  • 7th chords (e.g. F#7, Am7, Cmaj7), and
  • slash chords (e.g. Ab/Eb, Bm/E, Dmaj7/E)

so that you can:

  • read a "lead sheet" (a score with a melody and chord symbols but no LH)
  • accompany yourself singing using just chord symbols, and
  • understand how the chord symbols fit a score

I'll show you many ways of playing each chord so that you can not only work out what chord to play but also turn it into a complete accompaniment.

What this course isn't

This course doesn't teach you how to play the piano - it assumes you know how to play the piano already. And the pieces used are mostly extracts that are designed to illustrate certain types of chord, so the goal isn't to play complete pieces but to acquire skills that you can apply to other pieces.

Also, this isn't a music composition course: I don't talk very much about why certain chords sound good together. However, if you are interested in learning about chord progressions this is a good starting point.

In conclusion

So, if you've ever wondered what Dm7/G means then give this course a try! You can always get a refund if you decide it isn't for you.

Best of luck on your musical journey,


Music Production – 7 Essentials in Ableton Live 9!

Join Successful Students in Learning the 7 Essentials in Ableton Live 9 Today with my Easy Steps!

Created by Tomas George - Music Producer, Composer and Audio Engineer


Students: 5273, Price: Free

Students: 5273, Price:  Free

In this new Ableton Live 9 Tutorial, I show you the 7 Things You Must Know How to Do in Ableton Live 9.

Please like the video and share with your friends so I can teach more music producers the skills that matter today!

Ableton Live 9 is a software music sequencer and digital audio workstation for OS X and Windows.

Ableton Live is used across professional studios, bedroom studios and also as a performance tool for live performance. Learning how to use your DAW correctly will dramatically improve the quality of your music and the speed you create it.

NOTE: This course is for Ableton Live Suite 9 and above. Some of the features I discuss in this course will only be available for Ableton Live Suite 9 and above

In this video, I will show you my 7 Things You Must Know How to Do in Ableton Live 9 

What you'll learn in this course will help you understand the basics of some of the main features in Ableton Live 9.

Learn to love Ableton Live 9 and make music with it. 

Course Goals :-

• Learn the Basics of the Drum Rack in Ableton Live
• Learn how to use the Simpler in Ableton Live 9
• Understand how to MIDI Map a MIDI Device in Ableton Live
• Learn to use the Piano Roll Editor
• Learn the features of the Arpeggiator in Ableton Live
• Learn how to set up Sidechain Compression and create Ghost tracks
• Learn how to record from the Session view to the Arrangement view

Music Composition with the Piano: Ultimate Keyboard Theory

Music Composition - The Ultimate Guide to Piano, Chords & Music Theory for Producers, Film Composers & Songwriters.

Created by Jack Vaughan - Composer, Producer and Teacher |


Students: 4916, Price: $49.99

Students: 4916, Price:  Paid

This music composition course has four core elements:

  1. An extensive introduction to piano technique, theory & arrangement

  2. Fundamental & advanced harmony & music theory at the piano taught & learned in a practical way you can start using immediately. (as opposed to learning how to read, which isn’t as efficient as a learning strategy.)

  3. A look at powerful compositional techniques and strategies to help you generate material and problem solve when you get stuck

  4. Conventions and structures of piano chords, progressions and songwriting, so that you can analyse and grow your knowledge of building songs & tracks.


Many composers, producers and songwriters feel restricted by their lack of ability and knowledge of music theory at the piano. Without doubt, one of THE greatest things you can do to supercharge your composing and songwriting abilities is to gain greater technique and experience in modern day harmony at the piano.

The aim of this course is to give you a powerful and extensive compositional vocabulary, from the ground up - right up to advanced music theory, chords & harmony. And it does it all through a practical, hands on experience of theory at the piano, and it’s all accessible without having to read any music.


This course was designed for three types of musician, the beginner and intermediate

  • Producer

  • Composer (Film & Games)

  • Songwriter  

For the beginner, this course takes you from literally ground zero into the building blocks of what makes music work, right up to advanced harmony - without skipping a beat. You’ll learn to write a wealth of different material at the piano and start your composing journey off right with a powerful skillset at the piano.

For the intermediate composers, producers and songwriters who are already serious about their craft but feel restricted by never really getting their head around piano & theory - this course covers almost everything you need to know. It’s built from thousands of hours (literally) of experience in private teaching with composers, producers & songwriters with a highly experienced teacher. For those of you who feel your writing ability is held back by your piano, arranging, compositional strategy & harmonic knowledge this course is completely designed for you.

And even if you’re basically semi-pro, but think your piano technique, voicings and harmonic knowledge are missing a trick, I still know the course will be of value to you. We cover extended Jazz Harmony, thematic writing, non-diatonic chord relationships and more.


At the end of this course not only are you going to feel more strong and fluent as a writer, you’re going to be able to solve critical problems on the fly whilst composing; things like:

  • ‘Where do I start? How do I generate material?’

  • ‘I have a chord progression, how do I make it more interesting?’

  • ‘How can I make my chords sound more sophisticated?’

  • ‘I have a chord progression, but I don’t know where to take it next’

  • ‘What’s the musical science behind why that sounds like it does

  • ‘I have chords, how do I add a bass line?’

  • ‘I have a melody, how do I add chords?’

  • ‘I have chords, how do I add a melody?’

  • ‘I have a bass line, how do I add chords?’

  • ‘My melodies sound a little dull, how can I make them more interesting?’

  • ‘If my chords are going to stay the same, how can I make them sound different or more inspiring for the next section?’


At the end of this course, you’re going to be able to:

  • Express yourself and your ideas fluently

  • Know how to compose well & use extended music theory without having to involve yourself in reading music but by understanding simple patterns at the piano.

  • Unleash your writing with tools to unblock the writing process and generate material with ease

  • Be able to write anything from classical music, to jazz music to mainstream music - because the fundamental building blocks of harmony are largely the same.

  • Build interesting chord progressions and choose from hundreds of other options when something doesn’t sound quite right

  • Alleviate a lot of writer's block!  

  • Have specific principles, techniques and formulas for making music work at your fingertips

  • Teach others the fundamentals of music theory and composition and keep teaching yourself so that you can learn and master piano more and more.

This course contains many piano tutorials on piano scales, piano chords, exercises and is the perfect way to learn piano online.


More of the elements we cover:

  • How to write a song

  • How to compose music

  • How to improvise

  • All the most common piano chords and how to create them instantly

  • How to play jazz chords on the piano

  • The most common chord progressions and how to manipulate them into your songs

  • How to write music compositions for film or games

  • How to write themes for characters in films or musicals

  • The fundamentals of musical composition

  • How to compose piano music

  • How to play keyboard scales

  • What chords sound good together

  • How to modulate between different keys

  • How to create different feelings with literally hundreds of different scales (I’m not talking about different root notes here with just minor, major, blues etc - this is a whole other level of scales you’ve probably never used.)

  • How to transpose between different keys and transpose the songs you love into the right key for you or someone else to sing to

  • How to accompany singers

  • Many different accompanimental patterns to suit different circumstances

  • How to analyze music

  • How to read chord symbols

  • How to find the key of a song

  • Why the favourite sounds of your fav artists are so

  • How to write effective melodies that are really interesting

  • How to structure your compositions well with harmony

  • How to voice and arrange and play your chords in interesting ways

  • How to write bass lines

  • How to write effective voice leading with 3 or 4 parts for orchestral string writing

  • How to create pretty much any chord from scratch, including: major, minor, diminished, augmented, suspension, major 7th, minor 7th, dominant 7th, diminished 7th, 9th chords, 11th chords & 13th chords.

  • How to reharmonize and make your progressions rhythmically interesting

  • The power of tension and resolution in music writing

This course has A TON of theory in it. But the goal is not to turn you into a theory monster who composes theoretical music. The goal of this course is to give you fluency and OPTIONS so you can choose who you want to be and how you want to write, and express yourself in your own unique way.

Above all, you should know that I obsess about teaching effectively - there’s no rambling, tangents, wasted space or filler. It’s not 30 hours (yet) because I’ve made every video super condensed and to the point, whilst trying not to rush. I also care deeply about and teach you how to think & learn music effectively.

I hope to see you on the inside

Jack Vaughan

How to Play Piano and Sing ‘Let it Be’ by the Beatles

Play and sing by ear. Learn a complete song. Impress your friends - or get ready for your first 'open mic' night!

Created by Rob Bee - Love music, live music, make music


Students: 4828, Price: Free

Students: 4828, Price:  Free

Playing and singing at the same time isn't doing two separate things! It's doing one thing. 

The best way to learn and get good at something is to approach it in bite sized chunks. One song at a time. Using this method you get to be able to perform a complete song whilst you are learning. It's enjoyable straight away and you get results.

In this course you will learn how to play the chords and the melody of Let it Be. And you will learn how to use your voice (singing or humming the song) to bring the two together. 

How this course works is:

  • I teach you the simple chords and the melody (both singing and playing)

  • I show you what to practice

  • I break the chords down note by note for beginners (but if you already have some experience you can skip these lectures)

  • I give you simple excercises/patterns to practice (for both hands)

  • Before you know it, you will be singing and playing the song.

  • Chords and Melody. It's simple.

You don't have to be a great singer to put a great song across. You don't have to be great Singer and player to get to the heart of a song, to ‘speak’ the lyric and to touch people with its essence.

It's all about Melody, Rhythm and Love. Oh… and practice!!