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The Human Resources Certification Program (HRCI – PHR/SPHR)

An Exam Preparation Guide to the Human Resource Body of Knowledge

Created by Sorin Dumitrascu - Management trainer


Students: 497, Price: $89.99

Students: 497, Price:  Paid

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Welcome to the Human Resources Certification Program! After completing this program, you will be able to apply for certification with organizations such as The Human Resources Certification Institute (R) and receive the following certifications:

- aPHR - The first-ever HR certification designed for professionals who are just beginning their Human Resources career journey,

- PHR certification - a great way to establish yourself in the Human Resources field and

- SPHR certification – the one that solidifies your credibility as an Human Resources leader.

An certification distinguishes you as a expert in the HR field, with proven levels of skills and knowledge, and the competence necessary to mitigate risks and drive business results.

The program is aligned with the HRBoK - A Guide to the Human Resource Body of Knowledge developed by theabove-mentioned certification institute (author Sandra Reed) and includes a number of 20 sections also presented as individual courses for your convenience.

These 20 sections are covering the following knowledge areas:

- Human Resources Core Concepts,

- Business Management and Strategy,

- Workforce Planning and Employment,

- Human Resource Development,

- Compensation and Benefits,

- Employee and Labor Relations, and

- Risk Management.

That’s it! Now go ahead and push that “Take this course” button and see you on the inside!

Prep to Pass the Professional in Human Resources (PHR)® Exam

The Complete Preparation Course for the Professional in Human Resources (PHR)® Exam

Created by Kathy Nguyen, MPS, PHR, SHRM-CP - Result-oriented and Passionate Human Resources Professional


Students: 483, Price: $149.99

Students: 483, Price:  Paid

Do you want to pass the most well-known and prestigious credential in the field of human resources? The Professional in Human Resources (PHR)® Certification by HRCI will certify your human resources (HR) expertise, distinguish your credibility and qualifications in the human resources field, accelerate your career and earning potentials in the future. When investing in getting this certification, you invest in your career and future by rising above the rest.

This course will provide you with comprehensive preparation for the PHR exam and details for each of the five functional areas including business management, talent planning and acquisition, learning and development, total rewards, and employee relations and labor management. Throughout the course, you will learn step-by-step how to effectively prepare for the Professional in Human Resources® (PHR®) exam.

A complete lecturing content and reading materials will help you build foundational Human Resources knowledge to become an effective Human Resources generalist. In each lecture, you will learn and review key terms and definitions required for the exam. You will be provided with tips to maximize your study plan and study for the exam with ease.

At the end of each chapter, you can take the quizzes to assess your new knowledge and practice your test-taking skills. At the end of the course, taking the final exam will help you identify your strength as well as weakness areas. You can take the quizzes and practice test as many times as you need to be prepared and feel confident to pass the real test.

This course is all you need to prepare for the Professional in Human Resources® (PHR®) exam. Study conveniently anywhere anytime via Udemy and earn your Professional in Human Resources® (PHR®) Certification!

*Trademark Attribution: PHR® is a trademark of HRCI.

Professional in Human Resources – PHR practice exams

Pass the PHR certification on the first attempt. 244 questions

Created by Dylan Gand - Senior HR Specialist


Students: 384, Price: $34.99

Students: 384, Price:  Paid

Advance your HR career by earning the Professional in Human Resources®  (PHR®) from HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®). The PHR demonstrates  your mastery of the technical and operational aspects of HR management,  including U.S. laws and regulations. The PHR is for the HR professional  who has experience with program implementation, has a  tactical/logistical orientation, is accountable to another HR  professional within the organization, and has responsibilities that  focus on the HR department rather than the whole organization.   

*** This course does not content the study material. This course contains 244 questions ***

Practice Tests for (SHRM-CP/SCP®)(PHR/SPHR®) Exam

300 Practice Questions to Prepare for Human Resources Certification Exams

Created by Kathy Nguyen, MPS, PHR, SHRM-CP - Result-oriented and Passionate Human Resources Professional


Students: 94, Price: $29.99

Students: 94, Price:  Paid

HR certifications such as SHRM-CP/SCP® or PHR/SPHR® can help you with job advancements and pay raises as well as enhance the chance of new applicants getting a job. They improve the employer's perception of you and your human resources expertise. Passing an HR certification exam will keep your knowledge and skills fresh and give you a boost of confidence in your competency.

Are you ready to take on SHRM-CP/SCP® or PHR/SPHR® Exam?

This course is the right course for you to assess your current knowledge, practice and perfect your test-taking skills to achieve your HR certifications. This course offers practice tests simulating the real computerized exam that will help you prepare to achieve success on your real test. You will have access to 300 practice questions in total that will assess your Human Resources (HR) knowledge and your ability to apply that knowledge in scenario-based situations. Our questions are developed by certified HR professionals who have successfully passed HRCI and SHRM exams.

Take and retake the test multiple times to improve your test-taking skills. Our practice tests are available to you anytime from anywhere on any device, allowing you to study when it works best for you. The objective of these tests is to help you familiar with the style, form, and difficulty of the exam questions. By the time that you achieve a 100% score on all the tests, you’ll feel confident to take on the real exam.

**Please note that there is no lecture in this course. If you're interested in certified SHRM or HRCI preparation courses with lectures, please check out our courses available on Udemy such as Prep to Pass The PHR® Exam and Prep to Pass The SHRM-CP® Exam.**

Trademark Attribution: SHRM-CP®/SHRM-SCP® is a trademark of SHRM. PHR®/SPHR® is a trademark of HRCI.

PHR SPHR Certification Course Study WORD VIDEOS

PHR and SPHR Pass Exam Study WORD VIDEOS

Created by Nathaniel Max Rock - Math Business Psychology and Investing


Students: 12, Price: $69.99

Students: 12, Price:  Paid


And a 45+ Page PDF Included With Your Purchase of This Course

Hello and welcome to PHRPass

Hello, My name is N Max Rock. When I passed my PHR exam in 2012, I made a list of all the vocabulary words that I studied. Furthermore, I have come up with a unique study method of arranging PHR exam words in order of the Most Active Index™ (MAI) which puts most used words at the top of the study list for maximum study efficiency. Over the years, I have revised and republished this list to help others pass their PHR certification exam on the first try. Hope it helps.

How To Use Our List -- Study our word list -- in order.

We use a system we developed called the Most Active Index™ (MAI). The MAI derives from crowd theory that given exposure to a large enough group, the most active words are the most important words. The most active words are therefore the words most likely to be used in human resources work, in human resources courses, and on the PHR exam. The words on our list are arranged according to the MAI from most active to least active. Users can maximize their study time by studying the most active real estate license words first.

Study our PHRPass dot com word list -- in order.

As a clarification, we offer two different types of courses on Udemy: the WORD VIDEO courses with accompanying 45+ Page PDF Download (which is the type of course you are looking at now) and the exam-like multiple-choice courses which are found elsewhere on Udemy. (Please check the title of the course you are looking at now to confirm which course this is.) All Word VIDEO courses come with our PHRPass The List In Order 45+ Page PDF attached to the first set of videos for you to download and use. This is the original document which lists all 70+ words, in order, short definitions, detailed definitions and exam-like multiple-choice questions.

Good luck and we wish upon you all of your dreams!