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The Dog Owners Self-Isolation Survival Program

Discover how to exercise, entertain and emotionally connect with your dog whilst stuck indoors during lockdown

Created by Dom Hodgson - Author, Dog trainer, Entrepreneur


Students: 436, Price: $79.99

Students: 436, Price:  Paid

Are you captive with a confused and stir-crazed canine?

Is your house bound hound getting cabin fever?

If self-isolation has you worried that your bored, destructive dog will be climbing the walls, chewing your furniture and making your life a misery then have no fear…because in The Dog Owners Self-isolation Survival Guide, expert dog trainer Dominic Hodgson provides the perfect ‘antidote’ to take away the stress and worry of self-isolation.

In The Dog Owners Self-Isoalation Survival Program you will discover:

  • How to quickly and easily tire the most energetic dog out, without ever leaving the house

  • How to successfully ‘home-school’ your dog, without a degree in canine psychology or a masters in woo woo wolf theory

  • How to transform your disinterested dog into a sitting room scent-detection specialist, who can sniff out his dinner (and your lost keys!)

  • How to turn your dog’s boring bowl of food into an interactive eating experience that keeps him entertained for hours.

  • Exactly what you can do today, to ensure you and your dog survive and thrive during self-isolation.

This course gives you a no BS, fool -proof plan, that will hold your hand, and guide you through the dark days of detachment, so you can have a healthy, happy, harmonious home-life with your four-legged friend.

Animal Hospice Foundations

The foundational information to know BEFORE serving animal hospice. Vital information beyond veterinary medical care

Created by Robyn Kesnow - Speaker, Master Trainer, RVT and Founder of Animal RN


Students: 432, Price: $19.99

Students: 432, Price:  Paid

Animal Hospice Foundations is the course for you if you find yourself crossing the threshold of another family's home in service or support of animal hospice. This program specifically addresses all of the non-medical peripheral, yet crucial information when supporting a family through animal hospice.

Understand The Hidden Components of Animal Hospice Care

  • Identify the unspoken concerns of the family
  • Understand spiritual, cultural, and family dynamics
  • Build your own hospice team
  • Nurture clear, compassionate communication

Confidently and Completely Support Families in Animal Hospice

This course is foundational to every member of the hospice team. We address and identify various components of animal hospice not obvious to any one practitioner on the team.

The intention of this foundational course is to give you the complete view and understanding to the unseen dynamics in order to complement your particular strength and function within the hospice care team.

To get you into the material more quickly, I designed this course with overview style lectures; with an emphasis on the supplemental materials. In order to get the most from this course I recommended you schedule time to review the supplemental materials as well as explore and research the additional resources offered and map out a plan for implementation.

Care went into creating the materials in a way that would be accessible regardless of your skill set or experience in animal hospice care. I encourage you to take advantage of the weekly office hours available.

The best thing is there's no risk. Here's a quote from the Udemy refund page (July 31, 2015)

“Sometimes a course doesn't work out, and that's OK! Udemy has a 30 day money back guarantee for all courses purchased on the site."

Enroll today to learn the hidden elements to successfully supporting animal hospice.

Course updated: 7/31/2015

Holistic Dog – Treating K9 Pain, Stress & Ailments Naturally

Learn how Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reiki. Herbs & Homeopathy, Nutrition, Aromatherapy & Crystals can help your dog.

Created by jeanie mossa - Author, Acupuncturist & Herbalist, Artist


Students: 413, Price: $79.99

Students: 413, Price:  Paid

Learn how holistic therapies and alternative medicine can help ease dog pain, stress, anxiety and common ailments such as allergies, intestinal upsets, arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, K9 cancer and more. 

Taught by veterinary acupuncturist, herbalist & author Jeanie Mossa MS. L.Ac. owner of Four Paws Acupuncture in Salem MA.

This course will cover several different modalities of natural solutions to help you make the best decision on which is best for your dog. Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Veterinary Acupuncture - how it works and the benefits.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Acupressure

  • Laser Therapy

  • Animal Reiki

  • Herbal Medicine

  • Traditional Chinese Herbal Liniments used for pain and arthritis

  • CBD Oil for Pets

  • Medicinal Mushrooms

  • Homeopathic Remedies

  • Bach Flower Remedies

  • Natural Solutions for Canine Stress & Anxiety

  • Remedies of Dogs with Allergies

  • K9 Nutrition with Recipes

  • Aromatherapy

  • Crystal Therapy

  • Creating a happy healthy home for you and your pets

  • Basic K9 anatomy

  • Western medication used for common K9 ailments and their side effects

  • Alternative therapies for canine cancer

  • Bonus Class: Acupressure Points for Stress & Anxiety

This class is for dog owners, dog walkers, dog trainers, vet techs and those who work with dogs who want to learn more about holistic veterinary medicine. 

Please note: several therapies discussed such as acupuncture and chiropractic medicine must be performed by a licensed practitioner. In this class you will NOT learn how to do acupuncture or how to give your dog a chiropractic adjustment. However, I will give you information on how to find a licensed practitioner. 

If you have any questions about the class feel free to contact me. Please note I cannot answer specific questions about your dog nor diagnose your pets.   

I hope you and your dog enjoys this class. 

Thank you  

jeanie mossa MS, L.Ac.

Jeanie Mossa MS, L.Ac., is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and Reiki master. Owner of Four Paws Acupuncture in Salem MA and Practical Magic Salem. She has written five books on holistic medicine and also taught veterinary acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for dogs to acupuncturists and veterinarians.

Jeanie has been treating people and animals with holistic medicine for more than 25 years. 

WOLVES The DOG Ancestors – Learning Animals Nature Dog Human

WOLVES and Dog, Human, Animals, Nature, Dog Behavior, Spirituality, Conservation, Dog Human Evolution, Dog Training

Created by Marco Adda - Anthrozoology Education Dogs Canines


Students: 410, Price: $89.99

Students: 410, Price:  Paid

Wolves are extraordinary animals. This online course is unique and explores wolves through different perspectives such as animal behavior, ecology, anthrozoology, anthropology, and environmental, among others. 

The understanding of wolves is at the core of this course, alongside with the connection to nature and the importance of other animals for humans. Moreover, although a wolf is not a dog, parallels with domestic dog are also included in some respects, including wolf dog axis and comparison.

Contents are articulated into a comprehensive and scientifically up to date review about wolves, including wolves relevance for  the ecosystem, wolves in Native American cultures, Alpha misconception in wolf and dog, wolves and dog similarities or differences, wolves as a cohesive family, animals sentience, compassionate conservation and many other facets.

The learning process is facilitated in all of its aspects. Everything is thought and taught in a way that is easy to understand, with plenty of pictures, animations and graphics. The course and its training is handy for everybody, and for those who have a more scientific mindset the scientific literature involved is quoted in a dedicated document in the extra materials. That document is downloadable by all students, alongside with all other downloadable materials exclusively prepared for this course. Plus, plenty of external links (video, documentaries, reports and other documents) that will further support your progress.

Looking closer, we will study some specific aspects on: 

  • What a wolf is?

  • How many types of wolves exist?

  • Wolves behaviour, psyche and sociability. 

  • Puppies wolves and puppies "functions".

  • Wolves as a family and pack.

  • The confusion about Alpha in wolf and dog.

  • Some similarities and differences in wolf and dog.

  • Environmental awareness

  • How wolves are essential for the ecosystem.

  • Historical facts about human-wolf interaction and human-wolf conflict.

  • Wolves in traditions, legends, beliefs, fables, fairy tails. 

  • Misunderstandings about wolves.

  • Yellowstone National Park and wolves

  • Major conservation issues relating to wolves.

  • Inspiring people and centres dedicated to wolves.

  • Nature connection.

  • Animal Connection and dog connection.

  • Possible direction for improving human-wolf and Human-Nonhuman Animal Interaction.

  • Animal Sentience and Animal Cognition

  • Compassionate Conservation and Coexistence.

  • Human-Animal Interaction at the core of our time.

  • Improve dog training practice by understanding wolves and dogs

  • Wolves in some Native American cultures. 

  • Wolves as a Power Animal or Spirit Animal.

  • Dog and Wolf cognition, and more.

If you are passionate about animals and nature, if you wish to learn about wolves, if you are a dog person or you have a dog in your family or you wish to refresh your interaction with your dog, if you are willing to look closer at your dog 's ancestor behavior, if you wish to learn and do more for the ecosystem, if you want to learn the truth behind the human conflict toward wolves, then you are in the right place. Just take this course and through you, your family, your dog, and your tribe will benefit of it.

Remember that with 30-day 100% money back guarantee there is nothing holding you back from jumping in right now and trying the course out. I'm confident you'll be touched by the contents.

A lot of effort and care has been put in creating this online course. I'm confident you will enjoy. Learn a lot of new things and getting inspired in sharing knowledge with your family and your tribe.

Learn to love wolves! Just jump on board and contribute in shortening the distance between human, nature, wolves, dogs and other animals.  It is going to be a wonderful process of learning about and through wolves: the most wonderful animals on earth!

I see you inside!  Marco.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I enjoyed every aspect of this course and even though I have been an advocate for wolves for over ten years, I learnt a few things that I never knew! I highly recommend this course for anyone who wishes to learn about these magnificent creatures, even if you already know about wolves, you will still enjoy this course. It is packed with information, great resources and overall keeps you very engaged. Marie Sikora

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Very focussed on the topic, giving a comprehensive study of wolves. Instructor is extremely knowledgable, and offers his findings compassionately. I have learnt a huge amount. I cannot recommend this course highly enough....100% fulfilled. Thank you. Abbie Woodbridge

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ É muito interessante tanto do ponto de vista racional como emocional. Do início ao fim do curso fez-me vivenciar um conjunto de emoções bem distintas. Liliana Meleiro

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Marco Adda es un excelente profesor. Este es mi segundo curso con él y es fácil de seguir, de comprender, y es muy metódico con los temas. Muy recomendado. Laura Paola Rivera Ortega

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Calmamente estou a aprender coisas novas sobre estes nossos amigos... muito bom! Isabel Foguete

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Zeer interessante cursus met veel plattegronden en grafieken die een duidelijk beeld geven. Tevens door de leraar met enthousiasme gebracht. Sylvana Stienstra.

Cat Pumping and Making DIY Toys

Learn how to communicate with your pets on a different level

Created by Will Caraway - The Networking Guru - Chief Networking Executive


Students: 406, Price: $19.99

Students: 406, Price:  Paid

If you're a cat owner, this course is for you. Cats can possess a Buddha-like calmness that exudes wisdom but then exhibit psychotic-like behavior. Your cat knows how to play and care for you, now it is time to learn to care and make new toys for them. 
This course  will give you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed as a cat toy developer . You’ll learn basic cat toy ideas and techniques that allow you to create entirely new playing behaviors in cats. 
Start today and learn new ways to play with your cat for a lifetime.

Dog Aggression – Fighting & Biting

Easily Prevent, Objectively Assess & Quickly Resolve Dog Aggression Problems

Created by Ian Dunbar - Expert dog trainer, veterinarian and animal behaviorist


Students: 395, Price: $99.99

Students: 395, Price:  Paid

Obviously, prevention is the key to success — oodles of early socialization and handling with people and frequent off-leash walks, play and socialization with other dogs. With all cases of aggression (regardless of cause), the first step is to determine whether or not the dog is actually dangerous. Being reactive is not the issue; all animals “react”, humans included. 

The essential question is: Do they cause physical harm? Dog bite incidents are objectively assessed on a 1–6 scale based on wound pathology. Dog fights are assessed by calculating the Fight:Bite Ratio. Most dog bites and dog fights cause little, if any, damage and so, the prognosis is excellent for a hasty resolution via speedy classical conditioning techniques and basic lure/reward training for control and focus. 

With severe damage though, the dog is dangerous, the prognosis for resolution is extremely poor and so rehabilitation should not be undertaken cavalierly, if at all.

Learn how to groom your dog at home!

Learn how to groom your dog from start to finish including bathing, brushing, health & safety, and styling

Created by Karen Maitland - Dog Groomer, Photographer, & Blogger


Students: 337, Price: $59.99

Students: 337, Price:  Paid

This course will teach you how to groom your dog at home - you'll learn which tools you need - what's the difference between an expensive pair of clippers and a cheap pair? What sort of scissors are best? You'll learn about health & safety for both you and the dog/s, and you'll watch practical demos of me grooming my Australian Labradoodle Watson. As well as grooming the coat, we'll learn how to cut nails, remove ear hair, and how to choose the best place to carry out each part of the grooming process. This course will not only teach you how to groom your dog/s at home, but it'll tell you how to do it in a way that will make it enjoyable for them! You can also join me at any time on You Tube (Mrs Ginger & Her Dog) for more videos on how to train your dog. Karen & Watson x

Basic Canine Acupressure for Dog Owners

Acupressure techniques to ease your dog's pain and stress

Created by jeanie mossa - Author, Acupuncturist & Herbalist, Artist


Students: 327, Price: $89.99

Students: 327, Price:  Paid

An introductory online course on how to ease your dog’s pain, stress and common ailments with acupressure. This class is for dog owners and those who work with dogs who want to learn acupressure techniques and theories. (These techniques may be used for humans, cats & horses as well. The point locations are the same!)

Taught by veterinary acupuncturist, herbalist & author Jeanie Mossa MS. L.Ac. owner of Four Paws Acupuncture in Salem MA.

Please note this is not a certification class for professionals.

You will learn:

  • Basic acupressure techniques used to relieve pain, stress and common canine ailments.

  • 18 acupressure points used for dogs with neck, shoulder, elbow, knee, hip and back pain and ailments.

  • Acupressure points for dogs with dementia, incontinence, bladder & kidney ailments & allergies

  • Easy instructions on how to find the acupressure points on a human body and on your dog's.

  • How to apply Chinese liniments topically for pain.

  • Calming tips for dogs with stress and anxiety

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine theory about Qi and the Meridians

  • 12 Meridians and 2 Extra-Ordinary Meridians - their pathways on the body & their functions

  • Basic acupressure theory used for humans and animals

  • Basic canine anatomy

  • Special section detailed information on 14 Meridians, functions, pathways and number of acu-points.

  • Bonus Section: Acupressure and Cats

  • Extra Class: Animal Chakras

  • Extra Class: Treating K9 Cancer with Alternative Medicine

Each section will have graphics, charts and videos on how to locate acupressure points and various massage techniques to use.

Includes PDFs with canine acupressure chart and resources

Dog Training for Humans – How To Be Your Dogs Superhero

Use the power of play to better understand, enjoy and control your pet dog.

Created by Dom Hodgson - Author, Dog trainer, Entrepreneur


Students: 318, Price: $79.99

Students: 318, Price:  Paid

Based on the bestselling dog training book 'How to  Be Your Dog's Superhero' This course shows you how to use positive and practical methods that will help you connect, bond and better control your pet dog.  

Training and exercising your dog off lead in the park is easier and more enjoyable when your dog is focused on and wants to be with you, the owner. 

Train your dog like a dog trainer (even if you have never done any training before) 

Using the methods used my the worlds leading dog trainers like John Rogerson and David Davies you will learn how to assess you own dog and find out exactly what rewards he prefers, then Dom will show you how to use those rewards to play games and get your dog's attention so that he follows you around the park ALL the time, even when their are birds, rabbits, dogs and other distractions around.

The course can be completed in a few days, although I would recommend you take your time and implement over at least a week to really understand what it is your dogs loves doing.

Starting with an explanation of why your dog currently does naughty things you don't want him too (important so you don't repeat the mistakes of the past) you then discover how dog's learn and are shown how to conduct your own 'Dog Audit'. The Dog Audit will give you a great understanding of what are the things your dog really enjoys, his kryptonite. In the following lectures we then use the Kryptonite to connect ,bond, play and train your dog.

Dom will then show you what and where you should train your dog. Training in the right environment is crucial to allow you dog to learn quicker and make less mistakes.

Finally you will see how you can put all of the training into practise so you can do more than just Survive the Dog Park and really start enjoying your dog again outdoors.

This course is aimed specifically at pet dog owners and dog enthusiasts. There is NO long complicated dog training jargon in this course. 

You will be able to put the kind and effective methods I teach in this course into practise with your own dog almost immediately, and quickly start enjoying exercising your dog again.

Students who complete this course will be able to much better control and have more fun with your four legged best friend. 

This course comes with a downloadable 24 page ebook and a free chapter of my best selling dog training book, 'How to Be Your Dog's Superhero'.

Dog Behavior Dog Training Pets & Animals – Holistic Approach

Holistic Dog Behavior. Dog Training. Behavior Issues. Dog Science. Herbs. Touch. Dog Parents. Dog Professionals.

Created by Marco Adda - Anthrozoology Education Dogs Canines


Students: 311, Price: $79.99

Students: 311, Price:  Paid

This course proposes a holistic approach to apply in your day to day life, to improve and remodel the interaction with your dog, your pets, other animals, and to transform yourself.

We are thrilled to introduce you to this course on a holistic approach to dogs, pets and other animals behavior, training, and care. One of the most common problems, in any field, is that we got used to looking at things in just one manner. We focus only on one aspect of a broader situation. The consequence? We have lost connection with the whole picture. We miss the unique opportunity represented by an holistic approach. We see this in the medical field, in technology, in psychology, and our interactions with humans and our dogs, our pets and other animals. So dog and pets behavioural issues, clinical scenarios, emotional aspects and dog training or pets education activities, or other animals care, anyway all that relates to our dogs, pets and other animals, is thought and delivered separately. One piece at the time, one aspect at the time, lacking communication that integrates all the parts. We miss the whole picture of our dogs life, pets' life, and other animals' life.

Conversely, we need to integrate the many perspectives. We need to increase cooperation among different professionals. We need to improve communication. We need to become more self-observant and detect the consequences of our behavior on others and our pets, our dogs or other animals we work with or care of. That is what is required. To address every situation in a way that may be comprehensive, balanced, and reflecting the flow of nature. You know this: in nature, nothing has a value per se, everything is interconnected with everything else, everything is in communication with everything else.  And so it should be in addressing the life of our beloved dogs.

That is "why" a course on the behavior and training of dogs must also include the behavior of human. Other essential pieces are also needed to have an understanding of the whole picture, and not of just single aspects.

Animals, dogs, pets are clear in their communication. We are full of best intention but sometime we may also need some support in framing a situation. All of us can improve in something, right? Dogs, pets and animals are here to teach. However, some people are obsessed with dog training, and dog training and dog behavior and dog training, and behaviour...And they put the absolute focus on the animals they interact with. We need to realise that at the core of that, at the core of the care we can provide to dogs and other animals, ultimately, and often, its about ourselves. Is about our holistic approach to communication. It is about how we position ourselves within a certain context. It is how we frame the behaviour of dogs and other animals, how we do approach those. In other words, not what a dog, for example, is doing but how do we respond to that. Or, said otherwise, what type of understanding, empathy and communication we activate to facilitate, to contain, to support.

Thus, again, we need to have an approach that is holistic and comprehensive. If this perspective resonates with you. If you believe this is the approach that truly supports our dogs, pets or other animals and can genuinely improve their life and our life. If you are willing to learn and re-formulate some preconceived ideas. If you wish to improve your communication skills as an animal supported and healer. If you wish to embrace a holistic approach. Then, welcome!  This course is for you. It's a unique opportunity, online, 24/7, always available. 

Just catch this opportunity with no hesitation. Just enrol, and get confident with a holistic approach to dogs and other animals too. It will truly change your life.

Final Holistic Note

The knowledge proposed here is a combination of science and hands-on experience, everything integrated into a simple language, that facilitates in any manner your learning process. If you are interested in animal communication, a dog trainer, a dog and animals behavior consultant or animal caretaker, a dog parent, a dog worker, an dog and animal passionate, a pet parent, a social worker, a teacher, an animal ambassador, a animal advocate.. this course is for you!

What people say of my courses:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Marco Adda has done a great job being clear and informative on ways to best take full advantage of the course material and different ways to achieve optimal learning. Eleonora Clemente

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Calmamente estou a aprender coisas novas sobre estes nossos amigos... muito bom! Isabel Foguete

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ What a wonderful course, rich with essential information and critical points to consider regarding a truly holistic approach to dog behavior and our interrelationships with dogs and all animals. Thank you, Marco, for providing such an engaging overview of a much-needed perspective. I look forward to Holistic Dog Behavior Part II!!! Cathirose Petrone

Dog Training: Creating a Solid Foundation for Your Dog

The most crucial, and often skipped, step in dog training

Created by Nikki Ivey - Canine Behavior Specialist and Trainer at DogSpeak


Students: 309, Price: $49.99

Students: 309, Price:  Paid

Before a dog learns commands such as “sit,” “stay” or “come,” a foundation of self-control, problem-solving skills and expectations must first be laid.  This is akin to teaching a child the alphabet before teaching her to read. Effectively laying this foundation increases the speed at which a dog learns, as they are more in tune with their handler/leader.

This course will demonstrate to students the appropriate way to use positive dog training techniques to begin training a dog.  Students can expect to learn how to be positive, confident and effective leaders, and will learn how to teach dogs problem-solving skills and self-control, which will in turn build the dog’s confidence and help him to work through distractions in the real world.  Students will also learn how to appropriately reward a dog, and how to use consequences that do not cause fear or harm to a dog in any way.

No materials are required for this class, though students may want to practice the techniques they learn with their own dog(s). 

This course can be completed in less than 2 weeks.  Ideal students will have an open mind about positive training, and are those who own, foster or work with dogs in any way.  Lessons taught in the course can be used in home or professional environments, and techniques can be used with most dogs. 

Rock Your Dog’s Diet Crash Course

"Must-Know" Canine Nutrition Tips and Strategies to Raise a Healthy, Happy Dog

Created by Diana Laverdure-Dunetz, MS - Canine Nutritionist and Fresh Food Formulator


Students: 304, Price: $19.99

Students: 304, Price:  Paid

Busy dog parent? No problem! This course reveals the essential diet strategies you need to optimize your dog's health.

Global canine nutrition authorities W. Jean Dodds, DVM and Diana Laverdure-Dunetz, MS created the Rock Your Dog's Diet Crash Course because we know that you work hard, are limited for time and are just plain crazy-busy.

But, even with your hectic life, you still want to take awesome care of your dog!

Let's face it, your dog may be your best friend - or at the very least he or she ranks up there as a favorite family member!

So, of course you want to do everything you can to ensure that your "four-legged kid" lives the healthiest, longest life possible.

What you need are the key elements to feeding your dog for a healthy, long life that you can implement immediately. And, you need it to be delivered in a quick, easy-to-follow format so that you can fit it into your busy life.

Enter the Rock Your Dog's Diet Crash Course!

This course delivers quick, easy-to-follow steps that can implement immediately to transform your dog's health.

Here are some of the essential nutrition nuggets you will uncover inside the course:

  • The root cause of chronic disease in dogs and the steps you must take to avoid it in your dog.
  • Ingredients in your dog's commercial food that could literally be slowly killing him or her - and how to get rid of them.
  • The Three Keys you must use to ensure your dog receives a balanced home-prepared diet.
  • The precise amounts of protein, fat and carbohydrates to include in your dog's diet.
  • Specific ingredients to feed your dog and how much of each.
  • Must-have supplements and how much of each to use.

Whether you're a busy dog-mom, dog-dad or you are a dog care professional looking to increase your knowledge of nutrition - the Rock Your Dog's Diet Crash Course is your essential "go to" course for the nutrition foundation you need.

Let's get started!

The Easiest, Quickest & Most Effective Way to Train Your Dog

Easy-to-use dog training methods that don't require any experience or expertise

Created by Ian Dunbar - Expert dog trainer, veterinarian and animal behaviorist


Students: 291, Price: $99.99

Students: 291, Price:  Paid

Dog owners are not trainers. Many pet dog trainers forget that most dog owners do not have their experience or expertise.

1. Pet dog training must be easy, otherwise many owners (e.g., children) can’t do it. Dog training should not require a complicated skill set, consistency, or good timing. Many owners simply do not have these skills; they need to be taught during the process. First start with the easiest technique (all-or-none reward training) and then the quickest technique (lure/reward training), before introducing more demanding and time-consuming methods, e.g., shaping.

2. Pet training should be quick, otherwise many owners won’t have the time. Speed of learning is the quintessence of successful pet owner and pet dog training.

3. It should go without saying that training should be effective. Trainers should objectively quantify behavioral change (in the intended direction) and especially, the speed of behavioral change and the Response-Reliability Percentage.

4. And of course, training should be fun — for dogs, owners and the trainer. Why not?

Dog Behavior & Training Problems

Learn how to prevent behavior problems and promptly resolve any problems that develop

Created by Ian Dunbar - Expert dog trainer, veterinarian and animal behaviorist


Students: 285, Price: $89.99

Students: 285, Price:  Paid

Preventative measures and simple solutions for the most common dog behavior problems, including house soiling, destructive chewing, excessive barking, digging, separation anxiety, no recall, running away, pulling on-leash, jumping-up and hyperactivity.

These problems can be immensely frustrating and can have a terrible impact on quality of life for dogs and their owners. Fortunately, all of these problems can be resolved with the patience and proper training. The earlier you address these problems, the easier they are to resolve, so don't delay, start training immediately.

Of course, the easiest and most effective approach is to prevent these problems before they develop in the first place, especially since these problems are all very predictable.

Herbalism : Herbs For Dogs

Learn All About Which Herbs Are Healthy For Your Dog & How To Use Them

Created by Charlene Rossiter - Herbalist, Natural Medicine, Online Instructor


Students: 284, Price: $19.99

Students: 284, Price:  Paid

Most people don't realize that herbs can be healthy for your dogs too!  There are many common herbs that you can safely incorporate into your dog's diet or apply to your dog topically.  Herbs can be a natural, inexpensive way to improve your dog's health and quality of life.

This course explains in great detail which herbs are safe to give your dog and how to use these herbs.  I will explain how to create tinctures, teas, salves, poultices, herbal infused oils and broths. I also include a couple of herbal infused treats that I make regularly for my own dogs.

This course will teach you the proper dosing and precautions to take when using herbs.  I also will teach the best practices for sourcing, drying and storing your herbs.


About the Instructor:

I am a Herbalist and an Energy Healing Practitioner.  I have been studying nutrition and health for over 15 years and help my clients overcome health and wellness issues through nutrition, lifestyle choices, stress management and energy healing practices.  I believe the body has an incredible ability to overcome health problems when our lives are simplified through natural healing practices and nutrition

I would like to share with you some of the successful techniques I have used to help clients overcome multiple health and wellness issues and live more fulfilling lives.

Zen Beekeeping for the Beginner

Honey Bees and Being the Beekeeper: Learn Beekeeping as a Path to Zen

Created by Susan Butts - Head Beekeeper and Co-Owner of Butts' Bees Apiary


Students: 207, Price: $89.99

Students: 207, Price:  Paid

This will be the beginning of your personal journey in beekeeping:
Encouragement and enlightenment  for your choices in beekeeping.

Everyone starts as a beginner. Here you will find no judgement, just encouragement. 
Learning beekeeping can start you on the path to zen in your busy life.

I like not wearing my bee suit, forgetting myself and getting as close to the bees lives as they will let me, remembering in the process that there is more to life than the merely human and accepting the humbling truth that bees know better than I do.

I have experienced many of the challenges faced by beekeepers and understand your fear and frustrations caring for these amazing creatures. I designed this for the new beekeeper and those that want to keep bees and harvest honey, to make available information that will allow you to learn, enjoy and thrive at keeping bees. Since I am an organic beekeeper I lean towards treatment free, holistic and natural management.

Watch the interactive videos of me in the apiary, inspecting a hive, or learning about the equipment we use.
This is a comprehensive class in beginner beekeeping.

You will understand beginning beekeeping terminology, know the types of equipment, brief bee biology, how to install bees and inspect your hive. You will gain insight toward honey harvesting and the seasonal tasks of a beekeeper. Using the quotes of zen masters, I will guide you to your first experiences in the hive.

“You’ve got to go at the rate you can go. You wake up at the rate you wake up.”

Students are encouraged to ask questions and never stop learning!

Canine communication

A scientific and modern guide to Calming Signals by Sindhoor Pangal

Created by Sindhoor Pangal - Dog behaviour consultant & Independent ethology researcher


Students: 204, Price: $54.99

Students: 204, Price:  Paid

Do dogs have a universal language that we can learn to understand?

Do you feel like you want to better interpret your dog's communication?

Could your relationship with your dog improve if your communication got better?

Yes, they do. Their communication goes beyond just barks. It includes a whole repertoire of facial expressions, body language signals and vocalisations. Once we learn to recognise these signals and interpret them, we are not only likely to see that our dogs are far more chatty than we ever imagined, but it results in better communication. And like with any relationship, better communication strengthens relationships.

This compelling course will give you a detailed insight into Calming Signals - the visual language dogs use to communicate with each other and humans. Interestingly, these signals are understood by all dogs. There are more than 30 calming signals that dogs use! Think about it - an Indian street dog could communicate with a dog from Norway, for example, and be understood. How humbling is that!

Backed by years of cutting edge scientific research and an empathetic, force-free philosophy, this course goes into the amazing advances to be learned within the world of animal behaviour. It explores a dog’s mind, their stress signals, ethology and how much there is to learn from free-ranging dogs and incorporate them into the lives of our furry companions.

Sindhoor Pangal, canine behaviour consultant, canine ethology researcher and canine myotherapist has created this course so you can not only take a peek into your dog’s heart and mind, but also open up your own.

Sindhoor also walks you through practical ways to improve your relationship with your dog through calm communication. She’s of the firm belief that there needs to be no forceful training, only understanding and empathy.

In an easy to learn format, you can work through this course at your own pace. It has short video lectures and real life footage of dogs using signals for communication, followed by short quizzes to help recap and retain ideas. It also has some assignment suggestions to help you with practical application of the learning and improve your observation skills.

If you wish to know more about other courses she offers, you can check out the official website of the school.

Canine communication: A scientific and modern guide to Calming Signals touches upon:

  • What are Calming Signals?

  • The different types of Calming Signals and what do they mean?

  • What to do your dog exhibits Calming Signals?

  • A brief guide to vocalisations in dogs

  • 30 videos, 20+ quizzes, 15+ assignment suggestions

Who this course is for all dog people:

  • Dog lovers

  • Dog Parents

  • Dog trainers if they’re looking to upskill with the latest scientific knowledge

  • Dog enthusiasts who want to learn more about dog communication.

Skill level required:

This course can be taken by anyone. No prior experience with dog training required.

However, you should be willing to learning the kinder way of dealing with dogs.

About Sindhoor Pangal:

Sindhoor is a canine behaviour consultant, a canine myotherapist and an engineer by qualification. She quit her corporate life as a VP of a silicon valley based start-up, to pursue a career working with dogs, after her dog, Nishi met with an accident and needed special physical and emotional care. While she started working as a behaviour and myotherapy consultant for companion dogs, her passion is ethological studies of free-ranging dogs in India.

Sindhoor studied under renowned dog behaviour expert from Norway, Turid Rugaas who awarded the King's Badge of Honour, in 2017, by the Norwegian King, HM Harald V|I for her lifetime contributions to the field of canine behaviour. Sindhoor is the director of BHARCS, a school of canine behaviour and ethology in India, offering workshops and a UK accredited level 4 diploma. Sindhoor splits her time between conducting free ranging dog studies and curating unique curriculum for eager learners at BHARCS.

BHARCS attracts students from all over the country and the world and today boast of students from 15 cities in India and 6 countries. Sindhoor’s ethological studies on free ranging dogs has been mentioned in Natgeo bookazine - The Genius of Dogs, the book Canine Confidential by Dr Marc Bekoff, IAABC journal, the PPG blog, PDTE blog and the NRP Radio show - Radio Pet Lady.

While she wears many hats, Sindhoor’s says that the most rewarding part of her life has been caring for and bearing witness to two amazing dogs—Nishi, who recently passed away, and Cheeru—whom she considers her inspirations and her greatest teachers.

Sindhoor is a full member of The Pet Dog Trainers of Europe (PDTE) and is the country representative for India. BHARCS is an organisation member of the International Companion Animal Network (ICAN) and an affiliate of International School of Canine Psychology (UK) and Galen myotherapy Centre (UK).

Preparing Your Horse For Success

Building a Foundation for Success With Your Horse

Created by Steve Rother - Horse Teacher


Students: 199, Price: Free

Students: 199, Price:  Free

Building a partnership with a 1,200 lb. animal can be scary if you don't know what you are doing.  This course will walk you through building a foundation for success, no matter what type of riding or horsemanship you partake in.

Taking some of the best exercises we focus on topics such as balance from both the ground and saddle, and giving your horse purpose.

Other things that you will gain from this course include:

• Developing confidence in you and your horse
• Learning about proper riding position
• Learning how to connect the reins to the feet
• Developing a good ‘whoa’ on your horse
• Finding ways to stay connected with your horse
• Developing a soft and willing partner

Learn what to do when your horse spooks, so that you can ride out with confidence.
Learn how to communicate with your horse effectively so that the two of you can be a team rather than opposition.

In this course, internationally-acclaimed Equine Clinician Steve Rother will show you how to be more successful with horses, no matter what your discipline or breed of horse. He shares his all-time favorite warm up and confidence-building exercises from the ground and saddle.  These exercises will ensure that your horse is properly warmed up and listening to you so that you can just enjoy the ride.

Known as the Horse Teacher, Steve is dedicated to all horse people who strive to teach their horses by educating themselves.  Winner of numerous colt starting challenges, Steve has helped thousands of horses and riders develop a more willing partnership.

Cat essentials: Litter box

Learn all about perfect cat toilet management and how to solve the most common litter box issues.

Created by Constance Boehle - Cat on the Couch® – holistic cat therapist


Students: 194, Price: $29.99

Students: 194, Price:  Paid

Hello & meow!

My name is Constance and I am a professional cat therapist.

Booh, there is pooh on the couch!

In this course, I tell you everything about how to create the correct toilet cirumstances for your cat. I will give you information on how these things are kept in nature (when cats live wildly) and thus, how you can adapt your home cat toilet situation best possible to fit the instincts of your cat. And sssh! I will share the secret with you, why my cat toilet (and I have 3 fellow felines!) never stinks!

Additionally, I describe several common cases of litter box issues from my experience as a cat therapist and how I was able to solve them – and you can solve them too! Sign up now!


What Udemy's quality review team says about this course:

Hidden gem!

“Hello and meow,” as instructor and cat therapist Constance Boehle says by way of introduction. In this course, she wants to help you “create the correct toilet circumstances for your cat.” Even if you have multiple felines living with you, Constance’s advice will make them happy doing their business while also keeping your home odor-free. This might be our favorite course this month!

(Source: Udemy Blog Post Instructors / "Hidden gems for November")

Healing Flower Essences and Crystals for Animals

Emotional First Aid for Pets

Created by jeanie mossa - Author, Acupuncturist & Herbalist, Artist


Students: 192, Price: $79.99

Students: 192, Price:  Paid

Healing Flower Essences and Crystals for Animals: Emotional First Aid for Pets Online Class

Taught by veterinary acupuncturist, herbalist & author Jeanie Mossa MS. L.Ac. owner of Four Paws Acupuncture

This class will cover healing Flower Remedies and Crystals for pets who have emotional and behavior issues.

Learn about Individual Bach Flower Remedies and how to use them for pets with emotional and behavior issues. This class will cover how Doctor Bach discovered and formulated the flower essences. Detailed information on Bach Flower Remedy and how it can be used for animals.

Learn about 20 individual healing crystals and gemstones, their properties and how they can be used treating pets and animals at home and during holistic veterinary practices.

Learn how to clear your crystals of negative energy and program your intentions into them.

Included is an easy way to memorize color and crystal correlations.

Pet Sections also include:

  • Flower Remedies & Crystals for Rescued, Abused and Abandoned Pets

  • Flower Remedies & Crystals for Fear, Terror and Panic

  • Flower Remedies for Grief

  • Flower Remedies & Crystals  for Pets with Cancer & Chronically Ill Pets

  • Flower Remedies and Crystals for Aggressive Pets

  • Flower Remedies for Pets that are Hyperactive or have OCD.

  • Flower Remedies for pets with irrational unexplained behavior.

  • Crystals for the home and veterinary office.

Learn about Animal Chakras and their meaning, colors, location and which crystals affect them.

Please note this is not a substitution for veterinary care! This is not a certification class for professionals.

Dog Health and First Aid

The Complete Canine Health & First Aid Course Online

Created by Dr Sophie Bell - BVMS MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon BVMS MRCVS & Pet first aid instructor


Students: 190, Price: $24.99

Students: 190, Price:  Paid

The complete canine health & first-aid course covers a huge amount of vital information relevant to

pet owners, pet professionals and others working in the veterinary profession. The course is available worldwide.

A variety of learning aids are used including videos, images, slideshows, summary sheets and quizzes. All being taught to you, by a veterinary surgeon.

Topics covered include - communication, signs of pain, clinical examination, CPR, bandaging, gastric torsion, pyometra, wounds, trauma/shock, diarrhoea, kennel cough, heart problems, parasites, allergies, common ear and eye problems, toxins, seizures, diabetes, Alabama rot, seasonal canine illness, lungworm and much much more.

There is an added HOW TO section to help with everyday questions such as How to bath an eye - How to cut my dogs nails - How to collect a urine sample and more

This course is exciting and informative, and although first-aid doesn't replace your vet, it does help you to save your dogs life!

On completion you will have earned 10 hours of CPD and a you can request an emailed PDF certificate to mark your achievement

Animal Communication made EASY

Learn how to communicate successfully with your furry friends

Created by Amie San - Trainer, Coach


Students: 184, Price: $59.99

Students: 184, Price:  Paid

This course is for ALL animal lovers who wish to learn the art of animal communication.

Easy to follow exercises and clear explanations will lead you step by step to great results in a very short time. If you know how it works you can do it straight away and build the relationship to your best friends you've always dreamed of.

You will study how animal communication works, how to receive precise information, how animals think and about their souls and origins. You will also know, why kids are such amazing animal communicators.

This course is fun combined with a lot of information and many examples.

Simply start and enjoy!

Pet CPR (Advanced)

Know when and how to administer CPR to a pet animal, including recognising the signs of unconsciousness and shock

Created by Emma Warren-Brown BSc (Hons), Cert. Ed. - Principal, Animal Academy


Students: 182, Price: $19.99

Students: 182, Price:  Paid

This short course will teach you how to recognise the different types of collapse and unconsciousness, how to confidently administer CPR to a pet animal and to monitor the signs of shock.  It is important to know when it is recommended to administer CPR.  The reason an animal may require CPR is varied from heart disease to severe shock to impact trauma.  Only a vet can diagnose so this will not teach you how to diagnose.  Instead you will learn how to assess the patient, triage the symptoms and administer life-saving CPR. The technique shown and the information given is relevant to any mammalian species, so can be used on dogs, cats, rabbits and even rodents!

FREE DOG Stray Dog Village Dog – The Quintessential Canine

Dog Behavior And Lifestyle. Dog Ecology. Domestication. Dog Science. Best Practices Dog Parents And Dog Professionals.

Created by Marco Adda - Anthrozoology Education Dogs Canines


Students: 172, Price: $89.99

Students: 172, Price:  Paid

Did you know there are about 750 millions free-ranging dogs around the planet? Indeed, free-ranging dogs are extensively
 distributed around the world, and scientists 
are increasingly directing their attention to free-ranging dogs: they represent a critical field of observation where human dog interaction can reveal essential understanding about dog behavior, human behavior and society.

That is essential knowledge. It can be used by every dog parent, by those who interact with dogs at any level, by those who travel in areas where free-ranging stray dogs are present, in dog training, dog behavior consultancy, or by other dog professionals. You will learn some interesting aspects of dogs, and that can improve your interaction with dogs at home, in shelters, or every dog contexts.

The course is also suitable for those who are involved in animal welfare, for it offers a perspective enhancing the value of dogs. Every dog has a specific personality. Every dog may display an individual behavior. Every dog is unique even in the large context of free-ranging dogs.

Free-ranging dogs are at the core of this course, for they represent the quintessential dogs. With their diversity in behavior, lifestyle, personality, the contexts in which they live and situations to which they are exposed, free-ranging dogs provide so many angles about human-dog interaction, societies, ecology, economy, human-dog collide, domestication and parallel evolution, and much more.

So, also if you have a dog at home, you family member dog, this course can teach you a lot about your relationship with your dog.

Ultimately, this course is unique.

No other courses are addressing this specific aspect of dogs and gathering this valuable information.

How does it sound? Are you interested?

Just enrol!

What students are saying

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Marco Adda es un excelente profesor. Este es mi segundo curso con él y es fácil de seguir, de comprender, y es muy metódico con los temas. Muy recomendado. Laura Paola Rivera Ortega

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Calmamente estou a aprender coisas novas sobre estes nossos amigos... muito bom! Isabel Foguete

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Catirose Petrone

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Zeer interessante cursus met veel plattegronden en grafieken die een duidelijk beeld geven. Tevens door de leraar met enthousiasme gebracht. Sylvana Stienstra.

Dog Training- Leash Manners for the Real World

A guide to teach walking on leash appropriately in all situations.

Created by Nikki Ivey - Canine Behavior Specialist and Trainer at DogSpeak


Students: 170, Price: $49.99

Students: 170, Price:  Paid

Leash manners are one of the most difficult things for dog lovers to teach pets. It can be frustrating when dogs pull, lunge or otherwise react to distractions while on leash. 

This course will detail how to use a leash properly in order to ensure students' dogs are successful in the real world. Topics covered include stationary exercises (pre-leash walking), proper leash use, distractions and dog reactivity, and teaching on-leash manners. 

This course not only prepares students to teach dogs leash manners, but also lays foundation for future off-leash control.  

There are no prerequisites for this course, however, students are encouraged to take the course related to training foundation.  No additional materials are needed for this course, only a willingness to learn how to train a dog to walk nicely on a leash.  

This course does not involve the use of harsh techniques or tools such as yelling, jerking on the leash, pinch collars or shock collars.  This course only teaches students positive dog training techniques.  

Students can expect to finish this course in 1-3 months.  This time will vary depending on the progression of individual students and dogs.  

Dog Owners & Professionals: Where To Go From Here?

A seminar on the state of dog training and behavior

Created by Ian Dunbar - Expert dog trainer, veterinarian and animal behaviorist


Students: 165, Price: $89.99

Students: 165, Price:  Paid

The world of dog husbandry and training is in dire need for another quantum leap! The time is long overdue for all dog professions (breeders, veterinarians, pet store retailers, trainers and shelters/rescues) to utterly reevaluate and refocus their practices and to champion a combined focus on educating prospective and new puppy owners vis a vis puppy raising, so that puppies stay in their original homes instead of being surrendered to shelters as adolescents.

Just as we have great owners and not so great owners, it is truly a sobering thought that, by definition, in any profession, when assessed according to any criterion, 50% of professionals fall below median. Dog owners have had an enormous impact on the improved selection of quality products offered in pet stores. As educated consumers, prospective owners can have and probably, will have, similar expectations and effects on breeders, shelters and trainers. From breeders, owners will be looking for puppies that at the very least have been housetrained, chewtoy-trained, manners trained and socialised to people. Similarly, from shelters/rescues, adopters will be searching for dogs that have been housetrained, chewtoy-trained and manners trained during their stay and are now friendlier and more confident. From trainers, puppy and dog owners will be looking for the easiest, quickest, most effective and most enjoyable training techniques that offer immediate and enormous benefits.

We really can’t keep blaming irresponsible pet owners if no one tells them what to do (before they make predictable and preventable mistakes). The requisite puppy-raising educational materials are readily available but they need to be universally distributed (via email) by all dog professions to all other dog professions and eventually, to all dog owners. Some dog owners might get another puppy. More likely though they will know a friend or neighbor who is searching for one and so, pass along the information. Additionally, put the materials on your company website for free download.

The educational materials may be customized with your business name and contact information and so, you may brand your dog business in the community as the one trying to make a difference. Remember, it only takes just one dedicated and persistent person to cause a change. Disseminating information is so doable these days given the technological advances in social media.

Dr. Dunbar has created a number of Behaviour Programs for Dog Professionals to evaluate practices and to coordinate and accelerate the distribution of educational materials to prospective and new puppy owners.

1. To encourage Breeders to at least housetrain, chewtoy-train, teach basic manners and socialise their litters and especially, to preferentially breed for longevity. Longevity is the best indicator of physical and behavioural health. It is simply not right that so many pure-bred dogs predictably die so young.  

“A live dog is better than a dead lion.” Ecclesiastes 9

2. To encourage Veterinary Practitioners to take full advantage of their most unique and enviable position of seeing every breeder, most prospective puppy owners (existing clients) and nearly every new puppy owner on several occasions when puppies are brought in for immunization shots. This is the optimal time for puppies and their owners to receive an educational vaccine. Of all the dog professions, veterinarians have by far the best opportunity to prevent the development of utterly predictable and easily preventable dog behavior and temperament problems. “It is easier to build strong puppies than to repair broken dogs.” (With apologies to Frederick Douglas.)

3. To encourage Pet Store Retailers to disseminate the same educational materials (i.e., instructions for use of dog products) to prospective or new puppy owners that come to purchase food and supplies. For example, puppy owners need to know why they are buying a dog crate — to prevent mistakes around the house, to autoshape chewtoy chewing and to predict when the puppy needs “to go” so that it can be taken to a toilet area and trained to eliminate on cue.

4. To encourage all Shelters/Rescues to adopt an in-house, behavior and training programme, such as Open Paw — at the very least including, housetraining, chewtoy-training, basic manners and ongoing socialization with people and other dogs. Simply housing dogs in cages is not sufficient. For example, without regular toilet breaks, a previously housetrained dog will be forced to soil its living area. Sheltering is supposed to make homeless dogs more adoptable, not less adoptable. But even more important, shelters/rescues must strive to stop the problem at the cause and so, reduce shelter input. Of all the dog professions, with their enormous mailing lists, animal charities have the best opportunity to disseminate puppy-raising materials to dog people.

5. To encourage Dog Trainers to be the people that catalyse the change in their communities by being more proactive in promoting their businesses and at the same time, educating prospective and new puppy owners by emailing the educational materials to all clients, all other dog professionals, all local media and to anyone and everyone.

Reptile Series: A Guide to Choosing Your First Snake

Learn about important things to consider when buying your first snake, good choices, & how to recognise a healthy snake.

Created by Steve Crawford - Reptile keeper & breeder; Podcast co-host


Students: 162, Price: Free

Students: 162, Price:  Free

Maybe you’re considering getting your first pet snake, or maybe you have already made the decision to get a pet snake. This course is one in a series of courses. The focus of this course is to help you decide which type of snake would be best suited to your personal circumstances and motivation, and to help you avoid making a choice you later regret! (This particular course is not about how to care for your snake).

Make an Informed Decision about the Best Pet Snake for you

If you are new to keeping reptiles you may have a number of questions buzzing round your head that include:

· What type of snake should I buy?

· Where should I buy it from?

· How do I know if I'm buying a healthy snake?

At the end of this course you will be able to answer these questions and more.

Learn to Differentiate Between Snakes and Find a Healthy Specimen

There are many different species of snakes, as well as subspecies and morphs within species, so I will give you a basic understanding of different types of snakes. I will also give you my recommendations for first time snake ownership.

Did you know, or ever wonder why so many giant snakes get handed into animal rescue facilities? It is common place for people to buy a pet snake only to find themselves with a giant snake on their hands a few years later that they don’t have the space for!

Sure you could spend time watching YouTube videos, and there are some great keepers giving great advice on YouTube, but there are also bad ones and why waste your time sifting through the bad to get to the good! And what if you can’t tell if someone is giving you good or bad advice, after all you can’t judge every book by its cover right!?

This course has been put together to put you on the right track by giving you what you need to know in one place.

Contents and Overview

During the course I will show you video footage and images to demonstrate some of the information I am giving you. This course contains 17 lectures and about 35 minutes of video content.

I have added a practical exercise, multiple choice quiz, and a printable checklist to help you.

At the beginning of this course I start by introducing you to the different families of snakes.

I will ask you to reflect on your motivation for wanting a pet snake and make recommendations to you.

We will also address the following questions:

· How much room will I need to give it?

· Should I get a baby snake or an adult for my first pet snake?

· Should I get a male or female?

· If I see a snake for sale that I want, how will I know if it is healthy?

· What sort of questions should I ask the seller before I buy?

· Do I need a permit to keep snakes where I live?

If you are new to the reptile hobby then this course will give you some confidence about the right questions to ask a seller and basic, sound knowledge before you head out to buy.

Round Pen Training: The Video

First Steps to Starting a Horse (Includes free bonus for a limited time)

Created by Keith Hosman - Certified John Lyons Horse Trainer


Students: 155, Price: $19.99

Students: 155, Price:  Paid

If you're starting or re-starting a horse - any horse - round pen training is the very first step.

Regardless of your experience level - or how your horse will later be ridden - this video course, "Round Penning: First Steps to Starting a Horse," shows you exactly what to do, when to do it, and even why to do it.

Beyond desire and persistence, all you need is a horse, a round pen, and a pair of gym shoes... 'cause you are gonna get some exercise.

Simply put, "round penning" is the necessary first step for horses destined for any riding discipline! Whether you ride western or English - basics are basics and they are first introduced in the round pen! (Can you skip this training and still get your horse "broke"? Sure! But it's a heck of a lot harder to saddle-train a skittish horse that hasn't learned to be comfortable with you, or to respect your presence, your pressure - and your role as "boss," three things your horse will learn here in this video series... So, seriously, you don't want to skip proper round pen training. Starting here is highly, highly recommended! The short period of time you invest here in the beginning will later pay off in a big way.)

"Round penning" is not the same as lungeing. "Lungeing" is a single, stand-alone "thing" you have your horse do. By contrast, "Round penning" is an entire series of exercises that combine to begin teaching the horse respect for its human and to later carry a rider. Yes, along the way, ground manners will be greatly improved, (you'll teach the horse to turn toward you for easy catching in the field, to have its feet handled - and even teach it to "come to you" at any gait, for instance) but the entire point of "round penning" is for you to begin training a horse to be ridden. There are goals to be met and specific steps to be taken. But you can do this! Anybody who can follow simple directions can do this! 

Round penning is easy once you know how - but the changes you can make are amazing. Whether you're starting a youngster to ride or retraining a hard luck case, this step-by-step video guide shows you exactly what to do, in which specific order - and why.  Train your horse to: 

  • become a willing partner

  • deal with its fear

  • turn and face you, to come to you, to respect a person's space

  • stand politely for the farrier, to have its feet handled

  • be much safer for you and your family to be around

And, above all, with this video course, you will learn exactly what it takes to build a strong foundation for any horse that you'd someday like to ride. (Note: While this video course does not address first saddling, it brings you right up to that point. Sacking out, bridle work from the ground, and then saddle-training would be your next steps!)

Free bonus included with this course for a limited time: I've included a free chapter, "Sacking Out" as excerpted from my book "Round Penning: First Steps to Starting a Horse." Why? Because it's the next thing you're going to want to do with your horse after round pen training. If you want to make your horse safer to ride, then the day after completing your training in the round pen, you need to "sack it out" (that is, get your horse "used to" common, everyday objects that it might come into contact with -- either on purpose or by accident., objects like your hands, water bucket, saddle blanket and so on. This excerpted (text version, not video) chapter will show you exactly what to do. I'd suggest you print it out, take it to the barn.

Note: Pick up my book "Round Penning: First Steps to Starting a Horse" for additional guidance. The book goes on to offer even more how-to training, covering the following topics in detail:

  • Spook in Place (Desensitize your horse to scary objects)

  • Picking Up Feet

  • How to Halter Train a Horse

  • Teaching Your Horse to Lead

  • Leading a Stubborn Horse

  • Lungeing a Horse

  • Horses That Bite

  • The Intimidating Horse

  • How to Get Respect

  • Trailer-Training Your Horse Using a Round Pen

  • Teach a Horse to Sidepass to You On the Ground [A popular trick]

  • Is My Horse Hard to Train... Because of His Feet?

Dog-to-Dog Aggression (also known as dog-to-dog reactivity)

This course is for people who have dogs that behave badly when seeing other dogs on the street, the vet's office, etc.

Created by Scott Sheaffer - Certified Dog Behavior Consultant


Students: 152, Price: $34.99

Students: 152, Price:  Paid

Does your dog start to pull toward other dogs when you are walking him or her? Does your dog whine, growl, bark, lunge or just get unruly when seeing other dogs on a walk or in other contexts? This embarrassing behavior can be resolved if you understand and address the root cause through behavior modification.

Animal Nutrition & Ration Formulation

Everything you need to know to start making your own complete balanced animal rations and pet diet.

Created by Abdalnassir Ghzawi - Animal Scientist


Students: 151, Price: $49.99

Students: 151, Price:  Paid

The ultimate animal nutrition and animal ration formulation course. Become a Pro! Is the only animal nutrition and ration formulation course that combines theory with practical examples and REAL FIELD EXPERIENCES for you to become a Pro!

Enroll now to go through a deep dive into the most Complete Animal Nutrition & Ration Formulation on UDEMY. As your instructor, I will share with you more than 5 years of experience in animal husbandry and management to guide you step by step through the beginner to advanced level and beyond.

You will start with the basics, building a solid foundation that will set the bases as you progress into intermediate and advanced topics.

Once you complete this course and finish the quizzes you will have mastered the art of designing your own animal diets and come out with confidence to create complete and balanced rations for any type of farm animal and pet with efficiency and grace.