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Dog & Cat Behavior Problems

Learn the essential training techniques you'll need to raise a pet dog or cat and fix common behavior problems.

Created by Ian Dunbar - Expert dog trainer, veterinarian and animal behaviorist


Students: 1953, Price: $99.99

Students: 1953, Price:  Paid

Dogs and cats represent the vast majority of the pets in the United States. While they can behave very differently at times, there’s actually a lot of similarities when it comes to training these animals to behave appropriately within a human family.

There are just a handful of issues that make up nearly all of the problems that people have with their pet dogs and cats. This means that these problems are very predictable, and fortunately, they’re also very preventable. And that’s probably the biggest similarity of all. When it comes to behavior problems, whether the pet is a cat or a dog, the easiest, most effective and most efficient approach is prevention. The key is to do as much training as possible, as early as possible.

We know what the problems are going to be, we know how to prevent them, and if we prevent the problems, they never form into bad habits. Once a problem has become a habit, it's significantly harder to fix. The treatment is going to use nearly identical methods, it’s just going to take much longer than prevention would have.

So, what are the problems? Mostly they are behaviors which are natural and necessary for these animals to do, and it’s up to us to teach them when, how, and where we would like them to perform these behaviors.

Toilet training is the most common issue, especially litterbox training for cats. Destructive chewing and scratching is also common, as are issues of aggression, reactivity, or unwillingness to be handled or restrained.

Learn how to prevent all of these problems, and more, using easy and effective methods that are pleasant for you and your pet.

Dog Training – Running A Dog Training Business

Learn how to run a successful dog training or dog related business, attract your ideal clients & charge high prices

Created by Sharon Bolt - Dog and Puppy Expert, Specialist in NLP & Law of Attraction


Students: 1843, Price: $124.99

Students: 1843, Price:  Paid

** Over 1800 students have already enrolled in this 'Dog Training - Running A Dog Training Business' course and have left numerous full 5 Star ecstatic reviews.**

James Budd gave the course a 5 star review and wrote...

"This is a brilliant course yet again by Sharon Bolt. It has helped me no end with my dog training career and has taught me so much about running a successful business. Sharon is an amazing teacher and makes her courses fun and interesting to watch."

Maggie Styles gave the course a 5 star review and wrote...

"This course has really helped me with my dog training business, I've now got clear goals and am working with my ideal clients. Great course Sharon - thank you :)"

Jeffrey Causby gave the course a 5 star review and wrote...

"This is the 5th package I've purchased from Sharon Bolt and she has met and surpassed my expectations beyond all measures. She is in her own league!!! Extraordinary curriculum."

This course is taught by Sharon Bolt who has been featured in over 50 different local and national newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations. She was featured in the BBC Documentary “Britain’s Most Embarrassing Pets.” and has a monthly slot on BBC Radio, which she's had since 2008, where she answers the listeners’ doggie dilemmas. 

Sharon answers student questions in all her Udemy courses daily.

This is a business and marketing course especially for people who have (or would like to have) their own dog training business or for people who already have a dog related business, such as dog walkers, dog groomers, pet sitters etc.

Please note: If you would like to become a successful dog trainer please also see Sharon's 'Dog Training - Become A Dog Trainer - Dog Training Career' course here on Udemy as these 2 courses go hand in hand.

Course Description

Get the business knowledge, confidence and marketing information you need in order to run a successful dog training or dog related business. Learn how to attract your ideal clients and be paid top prices for your products and services.

Have a profitable dog training business, work with dogs and make a difference in the world with this course.

You'll see step-by-step video demonstrations that show you...

  • How to create an unforgettable dog training brand.

  • How to choose the right niche or target market for you.

  • How to attract your target market and Ideal dog training clients.

  • How to create transformational dog training packages that your clients will love and pay top dollar for.

  • How to price your transformational dog training packages and successfully use payment plans and money back guarantees.

  • How to easily sell your dog training services without it feeling like you're selling.

  • How to track and test what is working in your dog training business so you focus on what's working rather than what's not.

Stop trading time for money and be paid abundantly for your gifts and talents.

When you know how to speak your ideal clients language, market to them with the exact words that get their attention and then offer dog training packages that fixes their problems, you are able to charge premium prices.

This means you are able to work less hours, earn more money and have the lifestyle that you dream of and deserve.

You're shown exactly how to do this throughout this dog training business course.

What You Will Get From This Dog Training & Dog Related Business Course

People who want to work with animals often miss the crucial step of seeing what they do as a business. It often becomes solely about helping others, giving away their gifts and talents and devaluing what they offer. Being broke, struggling to pay the bills and feeling unwell is NOT a winning formula for helping animals.

When you are easily able to pay your bills, take time out to do the other things you enjoy and be fit and healthy, this is the time that you can give freely and really help animals.

During this dog training business course you'll learn how to turn your passion into a business and create a win-win situation, where you'll be able to help lots of people and animals whilst being paid well for a job that doesn't feel like work and one that makes your heart sing.

You'll learn how to be your own boss, work the hours you choose, have time for you, your friends and family and pay the bills at the same time.

You'll discover how to create an unforgettable brand so that you stand out from your dog training competitors so that people remember you.

You'll also learn how choose the right niche or target market for you, which can get people queuing up to work with you rather than you having to try and find them.

You'll also find out how to determine what your dog training USP (Unique, Selling Point, or Unique Selling Proposition) is and how to cleverly add this into your marketing.

You'll also learn how to create transformational dog training packages which your clients will love and want to pay top dollar for.

Also included in this dog training business course is how to position yourself as a specialist in your field and how to price your services accordingly.

Additionally you'll learn how to successfully use payment plans and money back guarantees.

As well as, how to sell your gifts, talents and services in a way that feels natural, authentic and not like you're selling at all.

By the end of this dog training business course you'll have the business knowledge, confidence and marketing information you need in order to run a successful dog training or dog related business. You'll know how to charge high prices by establishing yourself as a leader in your field plus you'll know how to attract clients who value what you offer, are appreciative of what you do and are great to work with.

Imagine going to bed looking forward to the next day, that every day is like a weekend and what you are doing is just too enjoyable to be called work, that's what you can look forward to after completing this dog training business course.

Is this really possible? Absolutely! Click on the green button at the top of the page to enroll in this easy, fun and powerful course which comes with a 30 day money back guarantee - make a positive change in your life today!

Dog Care Owner Training For A Happy, Healthy Dog & Puppy

Dog care training for dog owners with licensed veterinary technician + best animal pet health tips for your dog & puppy

Created by Tatiana Ambrose - Grow your creative thinking, writing & dog business skills


Students: 1839, Price: $89.99

Students: 1839, Price:  Paid

This course was specifically created for dog owners or dog pet professionals who want to be armed with information in order to ensure they give their dog the best quality of life. This course will teach you what to be aware of when it comes to your dog and how to intelligently identify problem areas before it's too late.


Tatiana has over 13 years of experience in the dog field from working as a groomer's assistant, a dog trainer, dedicating 3 years at a veterinary clinic and now successfully running her own dog boarding, & dog walking business. Her clients know that with her comprehensive knowledge and experience around all breeds that they can be worry-free while out of town.

Nicole is a licensed veterinary technician with over 20 years of experience around different animals that will be joining Tatiana inside this course. Nicole will give you more insight into what can harm your dog and laying the foundation for understanding different parasites and preventions better.

With the years of experience combined, Tatiana Ambrose and Nicole Brown will lead you through this course with real photos AND live demonstrations to give you a well-rounded look into the veterinary side of things with actionable, practical and safe steps you can follow along with your dog.


★★★★★ "Professional, yet easily understood. Very complete and excellent sharings with video demonstrations on most general care. I feel this education is a great review for experienced dog owners as well as novice or first timers. It really made me sit up and take notice of several tasks that I have forgotten to do or don't do in a timely manner to keep my dogs healthy and prevent chronic disease." -Bill
★★★★★ "A good course for dog owners to understand the medical side of owning a dog and what can hurt them. I'm liking it." -Paul

* Learn to trim black or white nails on puppies and dogs
* Have the essentials on hand if you need to bathe your dog at home
* Learn what your dog's ears are telling you and how to clean their ears at home
* Step by step demonstrations on introducing a dog tooth brush to your dog
* Understand dental disease stages
* Deep insight into flea infestations and tick diseases
* Heat stroke prevention (how to prevent it and supplies to have on hand)


* Responsive instructors to answer any questions in the Q&A section of this course
* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if this course is not a good fit
* Lifetime access to all future updates to this course
Learn how to dremel your dog's nails
* Downloadable PDF resources
* Downloadable PDF worksheets
* My top recommended dog toys after testing them out
* Learn how to give your dog medication easier

***This course is not to replace any professional advice from veterinarians, groomers, etc. but instead created to provide knowledge for every dog owner to make them more aware of their dog's well-being. Always contact a professional in your area if you have questions, concerns or an emergency.***


★★★★★ "Some very helpful hints and information provided for those of us with dogs. I like that the instructors actually showed how to do some things and real images of what some of the topics of the videos were about. It was much better than just talking and showing words on a slide. Also owners were asked to check a few things on their dogs whilst progressing through the course. A good reminder, as I hadn't checked for ear hair for a while :) The instructors provide easy to understand information and they do know what they are talking about." -Annie

★★★★★ "I have two dogs at home and whatever I've learnt in this course really helped me care for my dogs better. Great course to take!" -Dexter

With this course, we know that you'll be more equipped to detect signs of possible danger for your dog or puppy before it's too late.

Pomsky Dog Care and Training Course

Pomsky - How to buy, care for, and train them - this course is also suitable for any dog breed

Created by Stephen DeStefano - SwiftUI / Swift / Developer / Instructor


Students: 1838, Price: Free

Students: 1838, Price:  Free

The Pomsky Care and Training Course is taught by expert trainers Stephen DeStefano and Akiko, whom together have over 30 years of experience caring for, working with, and training dogs.

The Pomsky is a relatively new designer dog breed, around since 2012, and is currently the most sought after and popular dog to have.

Learn all about this incredibly cute, smart, playful, and relatively new designer dog breed from Steve and Akiko. Find out how and where to buy one, how to care for it, groom it, train it, as well as housebreaking using the crate training method. Use the best training methods to teach your Pomsky (or any breed) the important commands. Learn how to stop many unwanted behaviors, like chewing, aggression, barking, jumping, biting, and more, incredibly fast using a technique that employs both of the dogs important senses, sound and smell. You'll also see what the absolute best diet is for superior health and longevity,  (organic and part raw)...this diet has been shown to stop and reverse many diseases and illnesses that plague most dogs today, and helps your dog achieve an incredibly long lifespan (24 years or longer - double the standard lifespan). Also get pro tips on spotting ethical breeders, see some of the latest accessories that help make life easier and safer, for both you and your dog, and know if your dog is prone to SA (separation anxiety) and how to cure him of it with the latest methods...and more.

Dog Training – Become A Professional Dog Trainer

A step by step guide to becoming a professional dog trainer.

Created by Ted Efthymiadis - Dog trainer, author, entrepreneur, content creator.


Students: 1798, Price: $99.99

Students: 1798, Price:  Paid

Become a dog trainer today: Updated September 2016.

Updated March 30th 2016.

you have ever wanted to work with dogs professionally this video course may be for you. If you are passionate about dogs and helping people, you have found the perfect video course. This course was produced for two types of people.

  • The passionate dog lover who wants to do something they love for a living.
  • The dog trainer who is struggling financially.

We cover a lot of topics including:

  • What you will need to get started.
  • Zoning
  • Lawyers
  • How to do a dog/client evaluation
  • How to impress potential clients
  • Choosing a business name
  • Social Media and marketing
  • Personal development
  • How to work less and make more income!

Reasons you may want to become a dog trainer:

  • You can't take one more day in your job.
  • You want to help people and dogs.
  • You want to make a great income doing what you love.

In this course you will find a client contract, client evaluation form and more to get you started!

Dog Training: A Short Crash Course For Absolute Beginners

Obedience and Behavior Training Made Simple

Created by Henry L - Instructor


Students: 1643, Price: $19.99

Students: 1643, Price:  Paid

Chances are, if you're considering this course, then good for you. The world needs more responsible pet owners who acknowledge that having a pet is hard work. If an owner wants their dog to be obedient and manageable, they must exert a lot of effort on their part to achieve this.

This course is a short beginner's step by step crash course intended for absolute beginners who have zero experience in dog training. It is not intended for students who have prior experience in dog training as the material may be too high level and simplistic. This course aims to help you and your new puppy start off on the right foot (or paw, to be more precise!) before he or she becomes too much to handle. The methods in this guide are not limited to training young pups.

The method is also applicable to matured canines as well. It is never too late to teach your dog how to behave. The old adage goes, "You can't teach a dog new tricks," but that can't be more false. With enough effort, patience, and the correct technique covered in this book, any old hound can pick up a few new tricks.

If you've ever considered shelling out a large sum of money on programs and trainers to get your dog to behave, you can do away with that idea. This guide will show you how to do all that and more, all in the comfort of your own home and for little to no cost.

One of the reasons why pet owners are willing to pay so much for outside training services is because they do not believe in themselves. It is to help any and all pet owners with the straightforward and easy to follow content.

You can get your pet under control in no time flat and you don't even need to be a professional trainer to get your pet to sit, stay or rollover.

Dog Training For Humans – ‘Worry Free Dog Walks’.

How to enjoy more focus, more fun (and less stress) on your daily dog walks.

Created by Dom Hodgson - Author, Dog trainer, Entrepreneur


Students: 1579, Price: $94.99

Students: 1579, Price:  Paid

Is walking your dog stressful and frustrating?

Do you love your dog dearly but wish he listened to you when he is off lead?

Do you feel jealous when you see other dog owners with really well behaved dogs?

Then you need expert dog trainer and best selling author Dom Hodgson's 'Worry Free Walks' dog training course!

This simple to follow course is perfect for pet dog owners who love their dogs but they have no control of them at the dog park. It is packed with easy to understand and actionable dog training tips that will transform your daily walks from arm jerking stress fests to calm and enjoyable experience for you AND your dog.

Course details

IN this course you will discover:

How to survive a trip to the dog park. Never again will you be worried about your dog running away to find something more interesting than you. The key to a successful trip to the dog park is in the preparation.

How to get your dog's attention laser locked onto you using food and toys. If you want your dog to follow you around the park then you need to be more interesting to him, Dom makes that very easy for you to do.

How to stop your dog running off to find fun elsewhere by playing a searching game! Wouldn't it be nice if your dog wanted to find and be near you (or your partner) instead of going off to find fun somewhere else? Well with this searching game you can do that!

How to safely exercise multiple dogs at the park. Dom shares the dog walking secrets to playing with (and controlling) two dogs off lead at the park.

How keep your dog safe and near you by playing two toys. Two toys is an awesome game that teaches your dog a retrieve, wears him out quickly and enables you to exercise him and keep him in the small area of the park you want to play in.

How to turn the dog park into a calm haven you actually want to go with your dog. As well a playing games I will show you some less strenuous activities you can do with your dog that will keep him calm and relaxed. so you can be calm and relaxed too.

This course lays out the very same Canine fulfilment formula that Dom uses every day in his dog adventure business, Pack Leader Dog Adventures.

Now you can exercise (and control) your dog like a pro!

Who this course is for?

This course is perfect for beginner pet dog owners and also dog walkers who want to learn how to better control the dogs they exercise.

No previous dog training experiences is required.

Dog Training For Humans – How to Play with Your Dog

Discover how to use play so you can have better control, more fun and less stress with your pet dog

Created by Dom Hodgson - Author, Dog trainer, Entrepreneur


Students: 1542, Price: $94.99

Students: 1542, Price:  Paid

Most dog owners suffer from the same problem. Their dog is really well behaved at home when they are getting cuddles on the couch but outside they become completely invisible to them. The dogs are far too interested in chasing every squirrel, rabbit or other dog they see than they are on being with the owner.

This short course will change all that by showing how you can quickly make yourself more interesting to your dog so he actually wants to be with you.

Using positive, practical and easy to understand dog training techniques you will learn;

  • Where to train and play with your dog so you can quickly start getting his attention
  • What exactly you should use to play with your dog - no expensive dog training equipment or toys required.
  • How to use food to play and interact with your dog
  • Some simple games you can play using toys and food that your dog will love playing.
  • How to teach your dog to enjoy retrieving and tuggy games.

This foundational dog training course can be watched in under an hour so you can start implementing the training lessons straight away - today even! All of the training techniques are based on modern, positive training methods as practised and taught by the worlds leading dog trainers.

What are the requirements?

No previous dog training experience is required. All you need is some enthusiasm and be willing to try some new things with your dog.

This course is not suitable for anyone with an aggressive or resource guarding dog. You should seek out the help of a local qualified dog behaviourist.

What am I going to get from this course?

This course will help you forge a new connection with your dog so he actually wants to listen and be with you, at home, in the garden AND at the park, beach or woods.

If your dog is too interested in running off and playing with other dogs then this course will show you

Once your dog enjoys playing with your then you can much more easily teach him a great recall, not to pull on the lead and fun activities like scent work, agility and trick training.

This course is perfect for new puppy owners and contains simple games that any puppy can learn.

Teaching your dog to enjoy playing with you (the owner) is something every dog owner should do If you want to enjoy stress free off lead walks.

How to Keep Your Cat Healthy Masterclass

How to Have a Healthy and Happy Cat

Created by Lory's Cats - Cat rescuer, Caregiver, Veterinary Technician


Students: 1505, Price: Free

Students: 1505, Price:  Free

Hi, I'm Lory from Lory’s Cats blog and Lory’s Cats YouTube channel. I am a certified veterinary technician and I volunteered as a cat rescuer for more than a decade. In 15 years I handled more than 1000 cats. For all these rescued cats I found homes with loving families and I saw firsthand various health issues in cats.

In my rescue activity I always have to deal with a few cats at once and I always assist vets in diagnosing and treating my cats. Like humans, cats may have health issues that can be solved with professional help and preventing. You'll learn how to recognise if your cat is ill, why is important to keep yout cat away from fleas or other external parasites, why is important to make your cat's internal deworming and how can internal parasites affect the cat, what are the risks of not vaccinating your cat and what are the diseases that cats are exposed at when they are not vaccinated.

The good news is that common cat health problems can be prevented and I have some tips that I want to share them with you.

Natural Raw Food Diet For Dogs & Cats (a Training Series P1)

How to Transition Your Dog & Cat Onto Raw Feeding The Safe & Easy Way and Why They Need More Than BARF!

Created by Nikki Brown - Natural Dog Whisperer at Canine Angel


Students: 1416, Price: $89.99

Students: 1416, Price:  Paid

This video training course is a LIVE RECORDING and part of Nikki's three day workshop. The course is aimed at those who wish to gain full education on natural pet diet and nutrition and how to safely make the switch from processed pet food onto a raw food diet.

The course goes into detail about how to provide the optimum nutrition through feeding a raw, species appropriate diet to dogs and cats, which pet foods to avoid, the correct ones to give, how much, how often and how to make further money savings on lifetime pet care bills by feeding a raw and natural diet. 

Includes extra bonus training on Natural Dog Whispering Methods and a special bonus video from Udemy Instructor, Barry Mapp, all about dog poo which is a MUST SEE! 

Dog Training for Humans – Clicker Free Trick Training

The ultimate beginners course to easily teach any dog five simple tricks that will help you have more FUN and CONTROL.

Created by Dom Hodgson - Author, Dog trainer, Entrepreneur


Students: 1401, Price: $89.99

Students: 1401, Price:  Paid

Learn the simple method to quickly and easily teach your dog five basic tricks 

Build a powerful relationship with your pet dog using simple training methods that dog trainers use, but without any of the jargon or fancy equipment. 

You can teach these tricks to any dog EVEN if you haven't done any dog training before and you don't need any clicker to do it. You can start sing items that you already have lying around your home.

Trick training will help you:

  • To bond and connect with your dog just like a dog trainer.
  • Keeping your dogs attention and focus on you when you take him outside. 
  • Exercise your dog at home (if the weather is too bad to walk him).
  • Provide a challenge for your dog that will keep him out of trouble.  

Well known dog trainers such as Kyra Sundance and Susan Garret teach tricks extensively in their dog training. This beginners course will help you to follow in their footsteps using a simple luring method to teach your dog the trick.

Content and Overview

This short course consists of 14 lectures that teach you the fundamentals of trick training. The content is delivered in a series of 'How to' video lectures by a dog training expert that you can consume in under an hour. 

It starts by explaining why you should teach tricks and what the benefits are to you ( and your dog). It also looks at what you need to teach your dog a trick, uniquely this course doesn't require a clicker, whistle or any other dog training equipment. You can teach your dog tricks using his regular food some treats and his leash.

In this course you will learn the ASTR method, which works on the principal of luring your dog using food or toys. Luring is the quickest and easiest way to teach your dog a trick. Lecture Four also comes with a download of 'How to Teach your Dog Anything' a chapter from Dom's best selling dog training book 'How to Be Your Dog's Superhero'

Then it explains in detail the step by step instructions for teaching each of the five tricks.  A range of dogs are used for each trick including a Pug, a Boston Terriers, a Cocker Spaniels and a Giant Schnauzer, so you can see the different challenges you may face with your own breed of dog.

In the closing lectures you learn how you can further develop your trick training and where to practise the tricks so you can better control your dog off lead when you take him to the park, beach or woods.

What are the requirements?

  • Just bring a willingness to learn and some effort and enthusiasm. No previous dog training experience required.

Who is the ideal student for this course?

  • Beginner puppy owners who want to teach their dog to focus on them in a fun way.
  • More experienced dog owners who would like to teach their distracted dog some new tricks.

102 Definitions of Terms in Horse Training – GLOSSARY

Pre-requisite for all riders and horse trainers and a specific Pre-requisite for RLC Course 2020 (to be published 2020)

Created by Jane Frizzell - Administrator


Students: 1302, Price: $19.99

Students: 1302, Price:  Paid

This is Horse Training Definitions & Terms in English; it's a pre-requisite for ALL serious horse-training regardless of 'discipline'.   And, it’s a specific pre-requisite (that shall be tested) for the ALL RLC 2020 Courses! 

We must be able to verbally conduct the training efficiently in the arena.   That is the purpose of this class: it simply defines the list of Training Terms that must be understood, and agreed upon BEFORE proceeding.   We use a broad-based, tested, and certain Bibliography of training texts.

You yourself could compile and write out this list by reading, studying, dissecting, and re-collating the entire horse-training Bibliography along with the FEI Rulebook, Articles, and Tests.  But doing this would be a redundant, time-consuming, pain-in-the....hindquarters. So, it’s been done for you. :)

The Definitions Glossary List is here for you in different formats:

1.  It is here in a .pdf.  You can print it out for your own reference and study.

3.  AND! The Definitions List Glossary is also here read aloud (by me) and presented in a video format. In the video, I simply read the definitions of terms out loud. I recommend following along with your printed version and adding your own notes. If you don't like my voice, read the .pdf instead. 

Knowing these terms by heart is crucial for any rider and trainer.  The list is something we can keep and learn from for a lifetime!  

Knowing these terms with certainty increases a rider's discernment in the horseworld at large.

How to Install Underground Dog Fence (Easy Way) Master Class

I'm going to take you through step-by-step on how to install a underground electric dog fence. Stay tuned.

Created by Chris Ahl - Experienced instructor


Students: 1294, Price: Free

Students: 1294, Price:  Free

In this course will be going over how to install a underground electric dog fence.

Will also be covering every step along the way such as digging the trench and product information.

No dogs will be shocked in this course.

Underground dog fences are a fantastic alternative to install on your property. And last a long time as compared to traditional above-ground fences.

Quick disclaimer I'm not a professional I'm just showing you what we use for our three dogs at our home. Be sure to check out your city ordinance for digging a few inches in the ground.

Thank you so much for checking out our course and have a blessed rest of your day.

Horses 101 – Horse Colors, Breeds & Disciplines

All the basics, taught to you by top international horse trainers, riders, and judges.

Created by Kristina Derby - Marketing Consultant & Horse Industry Expert


Students: 1291, Price: Free

Students: 1291, Price:  Free

Do you want to learn more about horses but aren't sure where to start? Or maybe you know some things, but would love to get the opinion and wisdom of some of the horse industry's top trainers, riders, and judges? Well, then you've come to the right place! In this course we give you a quick overview of major horse breeds, colors and training disciplines so that you can feel confident in your knowledge. And, of course, you get access to our course instructors, so you can even ask them your particular questions! This is an opportunity you won't find many other places, and probably nowhere else for FREE!

Cat Behavior Rectification & Cat Health Care: 2 courses in 1

1. Common Cat Behavior Issues and training methods to rectify them 2. Tips for better healthcare of your cat.

Created by Aman Gupta - UX Expert, Pet Lover & Technology Enthusiast


Students: 1219, Price: $49.99

Students: 1219, Price:  Paid

Are you a cat parent? Or are you planning to adopt a furry friend? Then you have come to the right place. This course is designed specifically for all of you lovely cat parents, in order to help you to manage your little furry companions in the best possible way. The basic objective of this course is to help you to enrich the lives of your cats. Broadly, this course is divided into 2 major sections. The first section deals with common cat behavior issues and the ways to rectify them, while the second section deals with cat health problems, their symptoms and their respective preventive measures. This course is rich in graphics for an engaging delivery of the intended content. With all this in store, we can assure that you would enjoy this course thoroughly and with a 30 days money back guarantee there is no risk at all for you.

Cats are wonderful yet mysterious creatures. Being a cat parent, you must have realized by now that cats play by their own rules and it’s very difficult to predict their behavior. And sometimes this unpredictability results in unwanted behaviors like urine marking, inter-cat aggression in multiple cat households, scratching etc, which then becomes a cause of worry for you - cat parents.

Not just this, behavior issues are also one of the most common reasons because of which cats are abandoned to shelters. Thorough understanding of common cat behavior issues is one the first steps and a prerequisite for rectifying and preventing these issues in your cat.

In the first part of this course:

  • We will discuss about common behavior problems of cats like scratching, attention seeking behavior, excessive vocalization, separation anxiety, urine marking, aggression (play aggression, redirected aggression, petting induced aggression, inter-cat aggression), obsessive compulsive disorder, fear, spilling water, snacking house plants, litter box problems and others

  • We will also look at the possible reasons and the potential solutions for these behaviors exhibited by cats. Understanding the exact reasons behind these behaviors will help you to prevent such unwanted behaviors in your cat(s)

In the second part of this course, we will discuss about various health problems faced by our feline companions that will include and will not be limited to vision and hearing issues, joint pain, losing control over bladder, gaining excessive weight, suffering from seizures, fatty liver disease, kidney and heart diseases, diabetes, memory loss, hyperthyroidism, dental issues, cancer, lactose intolerance etc.

In particular, this section emphasizes on

  • Tips for managing your lovely cat if she is suffering from any of these health related issues

  • Possible symptoms and the underlying causes of these health ailments in order to manage these issues in a better way

By learning about these common medical ailments, you’ll be able to spot early warning signs of these issues in your kitty. This, in turn, will help you to get her prompt treatment for any condition that she may be suffering from.

At the end of this course you will also get to know the tips to boost the overall immunity of your cat.

Natural Dog Nutrition & Wellbeing – Nature Knows Best!

Discover how to boost your dog's health, extend its life, prevent disease and keep its tail wagging for longer...

Created by Daniel Coutts - Natural Dog Nutrition Advocate & Passionate Pet Owner


Students: 1118, Price: $99.99

Students: 1118, Price:  Paid

Almost half of all dogs are overweight or obese, while half of all dogs will get cancer at some stage in their life.

Worryingly, these statistics are just the tip of the iceberg in a whole host of 'modern man' conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and heart disease that are affecting our dogs in epidemic proportions, not to mention our wallets!

The principles of this course will transform the long-term health of your dog and significantly reduce the likelihood of your precious pet becoming yet another sad statistic. 

How? By identifying natural foods that promote optimal health and eliminating the ones that trigger the onset of disease.
This course will enable any owner to create a tailored nutrition plan for their dog, no matter what stage of life it's at.

1000s of dog owners have switched from highly processed commercial dog food and embraced natural feeding - and with amazing results and success stories.

Enrol now and start your dog's journey to a healthier, happier life!

But don't just take our word for it, here is what some of our happy dog owners have said about the course:

'Thank you so much, we are amazed at the difference, not only in Bling's health and condition, but also her temperament. She has so much more energy for walks and is much calmer around other dogs too - we can only assume she is less cranky now that she feels better. The course was easy to follow and apply and we could not be happier as a result...and nor could Bling!' Ramona Carraro & Dog Lady Bling - Frome, Somerset

'Look after your dog from the inside out. Often over looked, diet can play a part in behaviour and we should be looking at diet when assessing a dog's behaviour and implementing a training program. Do Good Pet Co. offer a course for dog owners that is simple to follow and gives you a clear understanding of what's best to feed your dog as well as an insight to some of the nasties hidden in some packaged foods sold in supermarkets and pet shops.  A recommended read for all pet dog owners.' Emma Cummings, Force Free Dog Trainers, Surrey

'The course helped me learn how much rubbish really is in a lot of dry dog food!!! Also, I didn't realise how much more healthy natural food dogs can actually have!!! Every dog owner should have to read this course when buying a law!!!' Dan Jenneson with Dogs Betty & Fred - Bournemouth

'This is a brilliant course for all those folks who what to feed their dogs good food but want to make sure that it's balanced and healthy. I loved the bright and informative literature that make the subject easy to understand and less daunting. I would thoroughly recommend it to all dog owners.' Charlotte Russell & Dog Robert - Gillingham, Dorset

'I really enjoyed the videos and the brilliant and pretty informational PDF’s that accompany them. My Chihuahua loves his new species appropriate diet  which includes foods I would never have thought of giving him. Thank you Do Good!!!' Mimi Elias & Dog Jehst - Acton, London

'After finishing the Do Good course I feel in charge of giving my new puppy Royston, the best start in life.  I was shocked to learn the damaging ingredients in standard dog food & how it can lead to so many diseases, but now I have peace of mind that I know exactly what I’m giving my puppy & why it’s the right food for his species, plus I’ve got some recipes to make treats for him too. Thank you for a wonderfully put together course that both me & Royston are very grateful for! Kelly Dunworth & Dog Royston - Weybridge, Surrey

 'I found the course very good and very informative.  A lot of the stuff I know now, but 6 months ago it was a nightmare to find out what to do for Amber due to her compromised immune system. Since changing her diet and the amount I feed her she has lost weight and has loads more energy too. I think everyone should do this course before they get a puppy.' Susan Brooker & Dog Amber - Wiggywags Dog Walker

'After doing the course, we were shocked by how many nasties are in common dog foods!!! Scooby was getting scabs at the edges of his ears and after doing the course and switching him to a natural diet we have noticed such a difference in him. He is in much better condition and his ears have completely cleared up. Thank you Do Good.' Fi Balkwill & Dog Scooby - Wandsworth, London

'Thank you for providing a great course. This has really added to my existing canine nutrition knowledge and I hope will be useful in the future for my own dogs and potentially my clients!' Danielle Taylor - Norwich, Norfolk

Polite Puppy Dog Training Class

Training your puppy for home is not hard once you know how. This dog training course will make your puppy a housemate.

Created by Treat Pouch - Certified Professional Dog Trainers


Students: 1075, Price: $49.99

Students: 1075, Price:  Paid

Want your puppy to be a model housemate? Enroll in our online Polite Puppy training course and teach your dog proper house manners. By taking our Polite Puppy program you will be preventing and/or solving the following in-home problem behaviours: door dashing, counter-surfing, incessant barking, and other rude or pushy behaviour. With your dog’s refined house manners not only will they be better behaved in your home, they may even be invited to someone else’s.


Who should take this dog training course?

Dogs and owners that are new to positive reinforcement / clicker training. Perfect for your new puppy, or recent adopted rescue.

What will you learn?

  • Clicker training basics – Sit, Down, Hand Target and Name Response
  • Go to Your Mat/Settle
  • Stay
  • Doggie Zen/Leave-It
  • Boundary Training/Wait patiently by the door
  • Crate training
  • Barking: Resolve any issues with barking

Format of the course:
Your Treatpouch puppy training course is presented through video and online content. You’ll get direct coaching and feedback from us via questions you post in our discussion forum. We are committed to your success! You are not just buying access to view a course, but instead, interact with two professional dog trainers.

What's Not Included

Please note, that the scope of the course is limited to the syllabus. We will answer questions related to the exercises that are covered in this program, not every possible dog training question that might be out there.

About's Trainers

Julie Posluns

After graduating from a correction-style dog training program in 2003, Julie got a new puppy – a Pug Beagle X (Puggle) named Tyson. At 8 months Tyson started barking and lunging at people, at 10 months he became leash reactive towards dogs, by 1 year he had full out aggression towards puppies. When Julie realized that she had not learned proper techniques to deal with aggression – punishing Tyson for his behaviour made him lash out with greater intensity, she started looking for new ways to help her dog. Clicker training brought a new light to Tyson’s aggression and gave Julie a skill-set to manage his behaviour. This inspired Julie to learn about positive reinforcement training and set her on the path to becoming a professional positive reinforcement dog trainer.

Julie is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) through the Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers (CCPDT). As the owner of a successful dog walking company in Toronto, Julie sharpens her training skills daily when she is out on her group walks. When she’s not dog walking you can find her teaching tricks to her own dogs.

Both her dogs have titles in Rally Obedience and Freestyle but her greatest accomplishment is being able to bring her Puggle out with her on group walks. is her way of sharing with the world both the power of positive reinforcement training and the joy that comes from working with your dog.

Julie is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Animal Behavior, at Memorial University, in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.

Andre Yeu

Andre’s passion for dog training began when he rescued his beagle, Duke, who suffered from on-leash reactivity and dog-aggression. Andre quickly discovered clicker training and the power of positive reinforcement, and through patience and care was able to help Duke overcome his fear and dislike of other dogs.

Duke’s success gave Andre the confidence to volunteer and foster with a number of animal rescue organizations in the city. While each foster dog presented new challenges every dog could be helped through clicker training.

In 2009, Andre decided to open When Hounds Fly! in Downtown Toronto, to make positive reinforcement training convenient and accessible to members of the community, and to improve the quality of life for dogs and dog owners in the downtown core. With the success of his school and the transformation he’s seen in the neighbourhood dogs, Andre decided that it would be a worthy cause to offer people the benefits of positive reinforcement based training regardless of where they live. Through Andre hopes to improve the lives of dogs and their people all over the world.

Andre is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP), a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA), and a Truly Dog-Friendly Trainer. He grew up in Vancouver, has a bachelor’s degree in commerce, with honors, from the University of British Columbia, and lives in Toronto with his partner, Hyedie Hashimoto, and their rescue beagles, Duke and Petey.

Dog Training – BARF – Feed Your Dog A Raw Diet

Learn how to feed your dog the way nature intended and get a lean, fit and healthy dog. Makes dog training much easier!

Created by Sharon Bolt - Dog and Puppy Expert, Specialist in NLP & Law of Attraction


Students: 1021, Price: $89.99

Students: 1021, Price:  Paid

** Over 900 students have already enrolled  in this 'Dog Training - BARF - Feed Your Dog a Raw Diet' course and have left numerous full 5 Star ecstatic reviews.**

Maggie Styles gave the course a 5 star review and wrote...

"I've worried for some time about feeding my dog conventional dog food and the potential harmful effects of doing so after reading so many alarming reports. I'd heard about raw feeding and how beneficial this feeding method is and wanted to swap to this way of feeding but didn't know where to start or what to do. 

Sharon is an excellent teacher, the videos are high quality and her explanations are clear, precise and do-able. This is an A-Z guide to raw feeding where Sharon explains 3 different ways to feed your dog a natural diet, how much to feed them and where to get the food from - she covers everything, nothing is left out! 

I love that raw feeding  is cheaper than conventional dog food and has no additives or low quality ingredients and I can't wait to get started! Thank you Sharon for another AMAZING course"

Leka Loko gave the course a 5 star review and wrote...

"If you want to feed your dog a diet that is designed to give them optimum health, body weight and longevity, here you will find all you are looking for."

Sandor Kiss gave the course a 5 star review and wrote...

"I attempted to feed my dog a raw diet a while ago but didn't feel confident in my ability to do it properly so stopped. When I saw this course I jumped on it straight away because I know that raw feeding is the best feeding method for dogs and I really want to support my best friend in any way I can. 

This course is a goldmine of information and Sharon breaks it done in a way that is easy to understand and implement. She explains 3 different raw feeding methods step-by-step and I am surprised how easy it is to do now I know how to do it, where to get the food from and how much to feed. It's great seeing my dog eating like a dog and not only is his coat shining, his eyes are bright and he's no longer hungry all the time. Fantastic course - highly recommended."

This course is taught by Sharon Bolt who has been featured in over 50 different local and national newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations. She was featured in the BBC Documentary “Britain’s Most Embarrassing Pets.” and has a monthly slot on BBC Radio, which she's had since 2008, where she answers the listeners’ doggie dilemmas. 

Sharon answers student questions in all her Udemy courses daily.

This dog training - feed your dog a raw diet course is for people who want to feed their dog a diet that is designed to give them optimum health, body weight and longevity and for people who would like to reduce their dog food bills and save a fortune at the vets.

Some dog food ingredients can cause health problems and behavioural issues in dogs such as hyperactivity and aggression. When dogs are fed the right diet dog training either becomes much easier or often the unwanted behaviours simply disappear. 

Course Description

In this dog training - feed your dog a raw diet course you'll get the information you need in order to feed your dog a diet that has no preservatives, colourants, additives or low quality ingredients. You'll learn a feeding method which is natural, is easy for dogs to digest and gives them vibrant health, regardless of their age, current health or weight. 

You are what you eat and your dog is what you feed them.

Long before the dog food industry took a firm hold on us, dogs were lean, fit and didn't suffer from the numerous illnesses we see today. Back then there were no cans or packets of dog food to open, dogs were fed like dogs and were healthy, well balanced and well behaved. People didn't need the dog training methods back then that are essential today.

It's time to take back control and feed your dog the way nature intended.

**Please note** It is not my intention to reinvent the wheel with this course but to share with you the feeding method I've successfully used with my own dogs and my clients' dogs for over 15 years. You'll also get  to watch over my shoulder as I take you on the internet and show you online additional natural feeding methods, references and places to buy the food that I talk about. 

This is a natural way of feeding puppies and dogs of all ages, it gives them:

  • Clean teeth

  • Fresh breath (not doggie breath!)

  • Bright eyes

  • A shiny coat

  • A strong immune system

  • Healthy joints

  • A good temperament

  • Optimum health and longevity

And stops:

  • Foul smelling stools and wind

  • Them 'dragging' their bottom across the carpet

  • Big vet's bills

  • Reoccurring illnesses

  • Unwanted dog behaviours caused by food allergies and deficiencies.

  • And much more...

What You Will Get From This Dog Training - Feed Your Dog A Raw Diet Course

You'll discover 3 different ways you can choose to feed your dog a raw diet, what they are and why they are so effective.

You'll also learn step-by-step HOW to feed a raw diet and WHERE to buy the food to do so.

You'll discover that this is not only a much more healthy way of feeding your dog it is much cheaper than feeding regular dog food too.

You'll also find out why many of the conventional diets cause so many health problems in dogs today – I think this may well shock you!

During this dog training - feed your dog a raw diet course you'll get the answers to common myths about raw feeding – these myths can stop people feeding their dog a raw diet which in turn fills veterinary surgeries with poorly dogs. It also creates the need for additional dog training in order to resolve the unwanted behviours caused by feeding dogs conventional dog food.

You'll also get the exact diet Sharon fed her 2 dogs which stopped them scooting their bottoms across the floor within days and has kept them away from veterinary clinics for most of their lives.

Plus you'll get a checklist of what you need to get started straight away (It's MUCH easier than you might think.) No need to waste another minute where your dog's health is concerned.

By the end of this dog training - feed your dog a raw diet course you'll know how to switch to feeding your dog to a raw diet, what to feed them, how much to feed them and where to get your supplies. You'll know exactly how to take control of what is fed to your dog which comes without nasty side-effects, promotes optimum health and will save you a fortune at the vets.

Imagine your dog with a shiny coat, optimum body weight and vibrant health, that's what you can look forward to after completing this course. It's never too early or too late to feed dogs raw food.

Is this really possible? Absolutely! Click on the green button at the top of the page to enroll in this easy, fun and informative raw feeding course which comes with a 30 day money back guarantee - both you and your dog will be pleased that you did!

Therapy Dog Training: Does Your Dog Have What it Takes?

Learn What a Therapy Dog is, What's Required For Therapy Dog Certification, and If Your Dog is a Good Fit

Created by Debbie LaChusa - Online Teacher & Author


Students: 989, Price: $19.99

Students: 989, Price:  Paid

Have you ever wondered if your dog has what it takes to be a therapy dog?

You know, the dogs that go out and visit with patients in hospitals, the elderly in nursing homes, or have kids read to them at the library?

This course is all about helping you understand if pet therapy is a good volunteer opportunity for you and your dog.

Hi, my name is Debbie LaChusa, and I’ve been certified as a pet therapy volunteer since 2014. I’m currently certified with both of my dogs, Hope and Faith, through Alliance of Therapy Dogs. We were previously certified with Love on a Leash where I was a Visit Captain, responsible for supervising pet therapy teams-in-training, and doing training visit evaluations. I also spent three years as a member of the Love on a Leash national board of directors.

I’ve done more than 500 pet therapy visits in a wide variety of venues, including the VA Hospital, libraries, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, health and rehab centers, memory care units, special needs classrooms, high schools, universities and colleges, and even an addiction support group.

So, I have a lot of experience in the pet therapy world!

This course will help you understand:

  • What a Therapy Dog is, and does

  • How a Therapy Dog is different from a Service Animal and an Emotional Support Animal

  • What traits and characteristics a therapy dog needs to have

  • If pet therapy is a good fit for your dog

You’ll also learn:

  • The basic dog training commands necessary to become a certified pet therapy team through a nationally recognized pet therapy organization

  • Additional dog training commands and behaviors that, while not required for certification, are helpful while doing pet therapy, to keep your dog safe and make your pet therapy visits more enjoyable for you, and the people you’re visiting

  • What you can expect as a newly certified pet therapy volunteer

  • What cues to watch for in your dog once you begin doing volunteer pet therapy work

  • What to do if you discover your dog doesn’t like certain pet therapy visits

  • The answers to 16 Frequently Asked Questions about doing pet therapy

While this is NOT a dog training course, every behavior and command covered is DEMONSTRATED so you can see what the behavior or command is, and how it is successfully performed.

Volunteer pet therapy is one of the most rewarding activities you can do with your dog.

It’s a wonderful volunteer service to share with the people in your community. It takes your relationship with your dog to an entirely new level: you become partners and your bond deepens. You'll meet interesting people you might never otherwise meet. And, you'll experience the rewards and joy of watching the difference your dog can make, simply by spending time with those in need.

Pet Therapy Teams are In Demand

I’ve done pet therapy in both a large city on the West Coast, and a small town in the East, and in both cases certified therapy dog teams have been in high demand. There are always more facilities wanting to schedule therapy dog visits than there are qualified therapy dog teams to fill those requests. You and your dog can help fill that demand when you become a qualified therapy dog team.

So, if you’ve been thinking about doing pet therapy, or even if you’re just interested in learning more about what pet therapy is, and what it entails, I encourage you to enroll.

It's the first step to getting your dog ready to go out and start spreading joy, love, and smiles, the way only a dog can!

First Aid for Pets

Be prepared for pet emergencies: build a first aid kit + learn what actions to take for a range of traumas and diseases.

Created by Dr Katherine van Ekert - Veterinarian


Students: 980, Price: $19.99

Students: 980, Price:  Paid

This course is run by our veterinarian, Dr Katherine, and will equip pet owners with the basic knowledge they need to help their pets in emergencies. It includes a series of explanatory videos, demonstrations with the one and only Delilah the Pitbull, and printable instructions for assembling your own pet-friendly first aid kit at home. We've thrown in a few quizzes to help with learning, too! Dr Katherine will conduct live sessions to take questions and respond to comments about the material. Please note that this is not intended to replace veterinary advice and you should always seek veterinary attention in case of emergency.

The formation of dog behavior

A series of lessons on the formation of dog behavior

Created by Antonina Zimareva - Dog Trainer


Students: 817, Price: Free

Students: 817, Price:  Free

Dog training doesn’t happen by itself. Only you can assure your comfort with your dog. But the good news is, any dog's behavior can be adjusted.  Watch lessons of Antonina Zimareva, a Russian dog trainer and specialist in correcting canine behavioral problems. The methods used here are force-free and gentle.

This is the first step towards a more comfortable relationship with your dog and a level of understanding you’ve never known before.


What every rider or horse lover MUST know

Created by Jane Frizzell - Administrator


Students: 794, Price: $19.99

Students: 794, Price:  Paid

We're going to take the instructions from the centuries of horse training and summarize so that we can train it into every moment, every thought, every nerve, every muscle, every yoint***, and every stride of our riding !

You'll understand a distilled overview of all gymnastic horse training.

You'll receive the syllabus of the Riding Lessons Course.  You'll receive a bibliography by which any item in training and riding can be VERIFIED with certainty.

You’ll have basic but solid understanding of the mechanical aim and the required trained elements in a forward, through-going horse and the ideas that must exist in the basis of a fruitful training program. Because of this: you’ll be able to identify and avoid counterfeit training and stupid riding that's rampant. Perhaps most valuable: you’ll be able to spot riding and training that’s only ‘partly’ right.

You’ll permanently know how to find the answers to subsequent questions in training from a firm and reliable knowledge foundation.

Soon you’ll know a ‘made’ or ‘finished’ horse when you see one.   You'll hear & ‘see’ a correct trainer;  you'll hear & ‘see’ a correct rider...because you'll be one. 

***Major Lindgren called the horses' joints their 'yoints'.  :)

Speak the Horse Language: Master Your Horsemanship Energy

How to use energy body language to communicate with your horse! Horse riding & Horsemanship Course | Equine Pet training

Created by Krystal Kelly - Public Speaker, FEI Coach, Author & Equestrian Adventuress


Students: 777, Price: $94.99

Students: 777, Price:  Paid

Many might be wondering how it is possible for me to work in so many foreign countries and strange lands as an equine professional. I have traveled my fair share, having worked Internationally with horses for the past eleven years in nearly a dozen countries and covering countless states from east to west. Every time I travel to a new country I am thrown into a new mix of languages, cultures, and native dialects. In Italy they speak Italian, in Romania they speak Romanian, Egypt they speak Arabic…you get the point.

Although the humans may speak different languages and practice different religions and customs, there is one thing I’ve learned never changes: The language of the horse. No matter how far my travels have taken me, from the Pyramids to the Taj Mahal, horses speak horse.

Learn the language of the horse, and with it you can travel to the farthest corners of the planet and be able to communicate fluently with all walks of horses. From the Akhal-Teke’s in Turkey to the Marwari’s in India or the Icelandic ponies from Iceland. Communicating with horses is about body language and energy. Once you master the art of understanding your equine friend with your energy and breath, you will find that no matter the type of saddle you ride in or the discipline, you will be able to bond with horses on an energetic and subconscious level. You will hear them whisper.You will feel their movements and body through you. You will know their emotions, their spirit and their voice. You will be able to earn their trust and loyalty even when you are new and unfamiliar to them.

In this course you will master the art of communicating in YOUR HORSE'S LANGUAGE.

In This Course You Will Learn:

  • How to Do Groundwork exercises

  • Learn the theory behind horse's "energy"

  • Practical exercises to practice with your horse

  • Have riding lessons on how to carry over your communication skills in the saddle

  • Play games with your horse to get them engaged and more confident

  • Master your body language and energy

  • Build confidence

  • Have fun with your horses and earn their trust!

  • Master leading, lunging to a more advanced level

  • Be able to work with young or spooky horses confidently

  • Problem solve

  • Horse training and the difference between "riding" and "sitting"

  • Breathing exercises to help train the trainer

  • Awareness and mindfulness with horses

  • Psychotherapy - which many might think your able to "read horses minds" and do horse telepathy! But there's no magic tricks here, you will learn the tools to simply know what your horse is thinking!

And more!

Learn from your trainer: Krystal Kelly - International FEI II Showjumping and Dressage Coach. Krystal is the ONLY FEI certified coach from the USA and has worked internationally in over 20+ countries and THOUSANDS of students and horses around the globe! She has experience with all disciplines including western riders, polo players, endurance riders, pleasure riders, TREC competitors and more! Krystal often travels to give clinics, lessons or to train horses and manage clubs. Her 15 years in the field working with horses has led her to some amazing places and her passion for natural horsemanship and training horses "in their language" is her trademark.

So what are you waiting for?! Enroll today!

Dog Training – Tricks Level 1

Clicker train your dog to perform 8 fun tricks plus a bonus trick.

Created by Treat Pouch - Certified Professional Dog Trainers


Students: 644, Price: $69.99

Students: 644, Price:  Paid

This course is designed to teach you how to clicker train your dog to perform 8 cute tricks. Polish your clicker training skills and have fun with your dog. Learn from highly qualified clicker training instructors and see why clicker training is the fastest and most enjoyable way to teach your dog. This foundation tricks class will provide you with the necessary skills to teach more advanced behaviors in the future and can also help you build skills for other dog sports, including agility.

Natural & Holistic Pet Care (Dog, Cat Health Training – P2)

Learn how to improve your animal's health & lifestyle using Natural & Holistic Protocols

Created by Nikki Brown - Natural Dog Whisperer at Canine Angel


Students: 625, Price: $89.99

Students: 625, Price:  Paid

This course is aimed at those who wish to learn more about how to care for their pet's overall health and vitality, using complimentary therapies and solutions. 

Th course contains 9 lectures, from Natural Pet Health & Behaviour Practitioner, Nikki Brown, from Canine Angel.

The  training course was taken from Nikki's live 3 day training workshop and includes lectures about the remarkable new holistic technology of Bio Resonanace Therapy and how this energetic medicine is helping to aid animal's with their health protocols. 

The course then dives into the an in-depth study of Vaccines, Chemical pest control, microchips, spaying & neutering and what the possible risks and side effects of these protocols are and what other safer alternatives are available. 

The lectures also take a look into the New UK Dangerous Dog Act 2016 and how some of the rules of this new act of parliament, can affect the animal's health and what alternatives can be put in place to safeguard our best friends. 

Th course finishes off with a real life case study of how the natural protocols mentioned in the lectures helped one of Nikki's clients to improve the health and quality of life of a very sick dog who had undergone years of veterinary treatment to no avail. 

We hope you enjoy the training course and look forward to receiving your questions, comments and feedback. 


Professional Dog Walker Training Course

How to enjoy safe and stimulating group walks

Created by Dom Hodgson - Author, Dog trainer, Entrepreneur


Students: 581, Price: $124.99

Students: 581, Price:  Paid

How can you exercise multiple dogs, give them everything they need to be happy and still maintain great control?

Dom Hodgson has the answer in this Professional Dog Walker Training Course - Safe and Stimulating Dog Walks

This course if perfect for professional dog walkers who walk multiple dogs in their business.

It will also suit people who own multiple dogs and want to learn how to better control them out on a walk.

In this dog walker training video, professional dog trainer Dom Hodgson will teach you the secret to achieving safe and stimulating group dog walks.

Course Details

In this course you will discover;

How to use toys, treats and affection to keep the dogs focus laser locked onto you.

When to let your dog's off lead and avoid the crucial mistake that many dog walkers make when first let their dogs off lead.

How to safely exercise multiple dogs on a walk - In this course Dom walks Pugs, French Bulldogs, Pointers, Cocker Spaniels and Samoyeds.

What is the 'Canine Fulfilment Formula'. If you can provide all of the exercise and challenge for the dogs you look after then maintaining control (even off lead) becomes super easy.

How to safely exercise multiple dogs at the park. Dom shares the dog walking secrets to playing with (and controlling) two dogs off lead at the park.

Why you need to be a responsible dog walker who cares about the dogs, the dogs owners AND the community you live in

Dom runs Pack Leader Dog Adventures, the UK's number one dog adventure company and in this course you get to go 'behind the scenes' and join Dom on one of his famous dog adventures.

Dog Training – Polite Leash Walking Class

Got a dog that pulls you off your feet? Take this course to teach your dog polite loose-leash walking.

Created by Treat Pouch - Certified Professional Dog Trainers


Students: 578, Price: $69.99

Students: 578, Price:  Paid

This course is designed to teach you how to train your dog to walk politely on a loose-leash. Many dogs pull when on leash, which makes walking both unpleasant, dangerous, and harmful for both the dog and their owner.

Included in this course are lectures and video demonstrations that cover topics such as why your dog pulls, what type of equipment we should use, and specific techniques and exercises to use as you train your dog.

Dogs that learn polite leash walking are a pleasure to take out, and as a result, they enjoy exercise, freedom, and socialization. This helps prevent both medical issues caused by lack of exercise, and behavior problems caused by not getting out for a daily walk.

This class teaches polite leash walking using positive reinforcement and force-free training.

Saltwater Aquarium 101: How to set up a saltwater aquarium

A guide to setting up and maintaining a thriving saltwater aquarium

Created by Albert B. Ulrich - Saltwater Aquarium Enthusiast, Author and Blogger


Students: 512, Price: $24.99

Students: 512, Price:  Paid

Welcome to Saltwater Aquarium 101

Saltwater Aquarium 101 is a great introduction to the concepts and strategies for starting a saltwater aquarium and is intended for:

  1. Anyone who has not previously set up a saltwater aquarium, or
  2. Anyone who has had some challenges with their saltwater aquarium in the past, or
  3. If you have had success with keeping a freshwater aquarium and you want to know what it takes to convert to saltwater

Who is this not for? This course is not the best option if you are looking to learn the most advanced concepts in reef keeping.

Saltwater Aquarium 101 is a combination of video lectures and downloadable workbook assignments developed to help you apply what you learn and build the habits that will help you achieve success with your tank.

Get your hands wet and get started right away!

New Cat Owner’s Guide

Cats Behavior Problems and Solutions

Created by Lory's Cats - Cat rescuer, Caregiver, Veterinary Technician


Students: 508, Price: $19.99

Students: 508, Price:  Paid

Hi, I'm Lory from Lory’s Cats blog and Lory’s Cats YouTube channel. I am a certified veterinary technician and I volunteered as a cat rescuer for more than a decade. In 14 years I handled more than 1000 cats. For all these rescued cats I found homes with loving families and I solved various behavior problems.

In my rescue activity I always have to deal with a few cats at once and I always have to find solutions for cat behavior and temperament problems. Like humans, cats have emotions that may affect their behavior.

The good news is that cat behavioral problems can be managed with a little help. In these 14 years of experience with cats and kittens I have learned how to handle cat behavior problems and I have some secrets that I have discovered and I want to share them with you.

A Complete Pet Training Masterclass: Accredited Certificate

Professional Pet Training Course

Created by Prof. Krishna N. Sharma, Ph.D. - Vice Chancellor at Victoria University, Uganda


Students: 490, Price: $89.99

Students: 490, Price:  Paid

This IAOTH, UK Accredited Professional Certification masterclass in Pet Training will practically teach you how to professionally communicate with the pets i.e. dog communication, cat communication, and rabbit communication to understand their needs and help them. You will also learn about dog training, puppy training, cat training, dog walking, dog grooming, dog behaviour, cat behaviour, conditioning behind dog obedience training, dog first aid, pet sitting, and pet care.

This concise programme is designed, keeping in mind that you may not have any prior knowledge about Pet Training, and you want to learn despite your busy schedule. So we have tried to avoid jargon as much as possible and simplified concepts and terminology for you.

This course covers all the areas of pet training including pet psychology and behaviour, pet communication, types of breeds with specifications, safe games, pet hygiene and grooming, pet mental health, and pet first aid.

This programme is accredited and certification is provided by Virtued Academy International, an autonomous institute, under the Virtued Society, incorporated under the act 21, 1860 of the Government of U.P., India. Validity & Utility of the training is conditionally in conformity with the Constitution of India, and the laws of the land under Article 19 1 G. Virtued Academy International provides continuing education for individuals interested in self-development and students should contact the IAOTH for registration and relevant local authorities for the scope of practice.