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Persuasion Psychology: 5 Proven Tips

Discover the Science of Persuasion and Use Psychology to Persuade and Influence with Persuasive Words

Created by Andrew Luttrell, Ph.D. - Social Psychologist


Students: 46917, Price: Free

Every day, we're bombarded by attempts at persuasion. Television commercials, websites, billboards, political campaigns, and even our friends and families when they ask us to help them. The power of persuasion is clear.

But how does persuasion work? What are the keys to successful persuasion and influence? The psychology of persuasion has some answers.

This course is meant to get you started by showing you 5 proven persuasion strategies. These insights come from real published research in the field of social psychology. You'll see how lots of careful experiments show us how persuasion can be most effective.

If you're interested in persuading people, what are you waiting for? Consider the following scenarios. All of them illustrate the value of understanding persuasion and influence:

  • You work for a charity and are trying to collect donations
  • You manage a team of people and need them to cooperate
  • You have a product to sell and need the world to see its value
  • You have an issue you're passionate about and want to convince people of its importance
  • You are moving to a new house and need to convince your friend to help you
  • You are trying to collect signatures on a petition
  • You need to find the persuasive language or persuasive argument to make your point

See how all of these scenarios require you to persuade and influence other people? They would be so much easier if you just knew the persuasive words to use. The videos in this course will get you started!

I'm a social psychologist, and I do research every day on topics of persuasion and influence. I've taught psychology to many students--both online and in the classroom. Now it's your turn!

FREE COURSE: Business, Management & Leadership Fundamentals

The Fundamentals of Public Speaking, Sales, Persuasion, Influence, Pitching, Habit Change & Reputation Management

Created by Expert Academy - Supercharge your learning with the world's leading experts


Students: 22807, Price: Free

This course combines fundamentals from several of The Expert Academy's most successful courses from our top instructors, designed to give any aspiring leader some of the core skills which they need to run a business. Each of the courses are available on Udemy in full if you wish to get a more in depth view of the individual topic areas.

We would of course really appreciate great reviews!

The six topics covered are:

The Psychology of Persuasion and Influence with Phil Hesketh

  • Our Seven Fundamental Psychological Drivers

  • Why We Do What We Do and How We Form Opinions: First Impressions

  • Body Language: Reading It and Interpreting It

  • How to Handle Difficult People with a Smile

  • How to keep improving relationships

  • How Relationships Develop and How to Relate to People

The Perfect Pitch: How to Tell Them What They Want to Hear with Alan Stevens

  • Why Pitching Is Important

  • Key Steps to a Perfect Pitch: Being Concise

  • Key Steps to a Perfect Pitch: Solving their Problem

  • Key Steps to a Perfect Pitch: Telling Them What They Want to Hear

  • An Example Pitch: The Pixar Pitch

How To Break Habits with Gavin Presman (complete course)

  • Breaking Habits Through Nano-Change

  • Slicing

  • Situation

  • Stacking

  • Stating & Celebrating

Public Speaking Masterclass with Alan Stevens

  • So You've Been Asked to Make a Speech or Presentation: Key Questions

  • Assessing Your Audience

  • Objectives

  • What Do They Want To Hear?

  • Deciding Your Outcomes

  • Preparing to Speak

  • Controlling your Nerves

  • Presentation Aids

  • Speaking Like A Professional

Reputation Management with Alan Stevens

  • Recognising Risk

  • Alertness and Monitoring

  • Positive Action

  • Responsiveness

  • Being the Best

  • Case Study - Ratners

Sales Skills Masterclass with Phil Hesketh

  • The Number One Universal Killer Question in Selling

  • The Importance of Establishing the Clients Expectations

  • How to Close the Sale Without Sounding like a Salesman

  • People Buy Emotionally and Justify Logically. What to Do About It

  • Being Prepared for Objections

  • What Does Value For Money Really Mean?

  • The Real Meaning of  ‘Win-Win’

  • Selling in the Long Term and Being Recommended

We hope you find these mini-courses useful, and if you do enjoy them, you can find each of then courses in full on Udemy.

How To Turn Strangers into Clients Without Having to Sell

No Persuasion, No Objections Handling, No Being Needing...My unique Sales Strategy

Created by Zaid Alasfar - Digital Marketer, Salesmen & Blogger


Students: 1856, Price: Free

Selling is waste of time....

I remember in my early days of sales

I was perplexed by the nature of sales

There was something about it I wanted to figure out.

Like it held the answers to the universe

Like if I could understand how sales worked I would be forever confident

Everything I wanted money, women, fame...

I would able to glide my way through life with a winning sales smile

Some days I would have 'it'

I don't know what 'it' is

I don't know how I got 'it'

But I had 'it'

I was in magical state of indifference and confidence

I could do no wrong

I could tell the potential customer that I wanted to fuck his wife and still close the deal.

Some days I wouldn't have 'it'

It was as if the whole universe would just turn on me

Random harsh animosity

Awkward silences

Rejection after rejection after rejection

And then I would stink of neediness and desperation.

People would feel embarrassed for me.

Of course I value my growth and I look back on those days now as precious lessons.

That was not a waste of time.

However those 'good days' were over

Think about it

That day your sounded amazing and your sales pitch was perfect.

Who did you influence? 1 customer...

Who did you perfectly build the value of your product for? 1 customer

Whose considering buying your product? 1 customer...

All that time, energy and spontaneous magical sales state which is so hard to manufacture

Just for 1 customer.

Nowadays you an you use the internet to sell for you.

Cold calling is not dead

But selling is.

Below I've created a diagram of my sales strategy.

It's designed to sell, follow up and build trust over time in a automated fashion.