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Persuasion Psychology: 5 Proven Tips

Discover the Science of Persuasion and Use Psychology to Persuade and Influence with Persuasive Words

Created by Andrew Luttrell, Ph.D. - Social Psychologist


Students: 46917, Price: Free

Students: 46917, Price:  Free

Every day, we're bombarded by attempts at persuasion. Television commercials, websites, billboards, political campaigns, and even our friends and families when they ask us to help them. The power of persuasion is clear.

But how does persuasion work? What are the keys to successful persuasion and influence? The psychology of persuasion has some answers.

This course is meant to get you started by showing you 5 proven persuasion strategies. These insights come from real published research in the field of social psychology. You'll see how lots of careful experiments show us how persuasion can be most effective.

If you're interested in persuading people, what are you waiting for? Consider the following scenarios. All of them illustrate the value of understanding persuasion and influence:

  • You work for a charity and are trying to collect donations
  • You manage a team of people and need them to cooperate
  • You have a product to sell and need the world to see its value
  • You have an issue you're passionate about and want to convince people of its importance
  • You are moving to a new house and need to convince your friend to help you
  • You are trying to collect signatures on a petition
  • You need to find the persuasive language or persuasive argument to make your point

See how all of these scenarios require you to persuade and influence other people? They would be so much easier if you just knew the persuasive words to use. The videos in this course will get you started!

I'm a social psychologist, and I do research every day on topics of persuasion and influence. I've taught psychology to many students--both online and in the classroom. Now it's your turn!

Ultimate Persuasion Strategies! – Influence Tools & Skills

Learn The Most Powerful Tools Of Persuasion & Influence!

Created by Prof. Paul Cline, Ed.D - Prof. Paul - Business/Psychology Expert - 205,000+ Students


Students: 36868, Price: $89.99

Students: 36868, Price:  Paid

Ultimate Persuasion Strategies! - Influence Tools & Skills

The art of persuasion is an important one, as it can help you in your daily life and in your career. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to implement it without the right training.

This course can help you master the power to influence so that you can do positive things, like encourage others to take action, get your ideas across clearly, make a sale at work or in your own business, and more.

Once you integrate these persuasion strategies and tools into your life, you’ll be able to enhance them through practice and repetition, so you’ll become even more effective at whatever you do as time goes on.

Use Persuasive Techniques to Lift Yourself and Others Up

This course, which is designed for people of all skill sets and levels, will give you helpful tools that you can use to influence others in a variety of settings.

You’ll discover how to boost your likeability and your communication skills so you can efficiently build a rapport with anyone, as well as earn their trust quickly. And you’ll learn why people do what they do, including what drives and motivates them, so you can use that knowledge to persuade them to take action.

On top of all of that, you’ll even access tips on networking that you can use to become better at whatever it is that you do.

Plus, you’ll also uncover methods that you can use to handle any objection, you’ll learn how to sell any product, service, or idea, and you’ll understand what it takes to lead in just about any situation that you find yourself in.

Course Content

You’ll begin this course with an introduction into what influence is, and why it’s so important. Then, you’ll dive right into the concepts behind the power to influence.

Before you know it, you’ll be learning the principles of persuasion, including powerful tools that you can use to positively affect others.

Beyond that, you’ll also tackle how to build your reputation, and how to establish a relationship with anyone so that you can improve your communication with them.

Upon successful completion of this course, you’ll have the persuasive skills necessary to handle any situation with confidence. And you’ll be able to use the tools you’ve accessed to improve your interactions with others in all aspects of your life, both on the job and off.

Ultimate Persuasion Psychology – Persuasion and Influence

Learn elite, exclusive persuasion and influence techniques based on new, cutting-edge cognitive psychology principles.

Created by Vasco Patrício - The Executive Kingmaker (MIT-Backed Entrepreneur & Coach)


Students: 31925, Price: $99.99

Students: 31925, Price:  Paid


Learn 56 state-of-the-art elite persuasion and influence techniques from my 5 years of influence and performance coaching for top executives in all different types of sales situations. I'm a 2x MIT-backed entrepreneur turned persuasion psychology/negotiation skills coach who has worked with (and made better negotiators of) different profiles, and this course is for you if you're seeking to improve your influencing, for professional selling or just know more about how to win friends and influence people.


  • Top CEOs trying to close enterprise sales;

  • Top executives trying to "sell" initiatives to executives and board members;

  • Top real estate agents trying to close buyers of million-dollar properties;

  • Politicians trying to sell initiatives as consensus;

  • Billion-dollar AuM hedge fund managers trying to raise capital from allocators;

  • All other sorts of persuasion and influence situations (e.g. a husband trying to "sell" his dream vacation to his wife!);

Throughout my experience in persuasion psychology/influencing/negotiation skills coaching and training, I've compiled a framework with my most elite persuasion skills and influence techniques to use for sales, and I'll share all of them with you on this course. Besides just pure persuasion and influence techniques, there are multiple bonuses included to help consolidate these influence lessons.

These techniques use similar psychological principles leveraged by persuasion scientists and master salesmen. You will see many techniques similar to Robert Cialdini's, Chris Voss's and/or Grant Cardone's, for example, but these will be the deeper, more general psychological persuasion elements (don't be scared by the "general" - we will apply them and explore very specific applications of these). Field-tested and proven in the most extreme situations.


Some people - including me - love to know what they're getting in a package.

And by this, I mean, EVERYTHING that is in the package.

So, here is a list of everything that this course covers:

  • How making something seem more exclusive makes it more persuasive, limiting access to it or creating more scarcity;

  • How limited access and scarcity work, by making people fight for something due to not having enough time or openings, by pressuring them into making a decision, or by seeming to be associated with exclusive or elite people or entities;

  • How the psychological effect of "removing licenses" work, by cutting of someone's exit before they even think about it;

  • How artificial scarcity can be created by using "rolling limitations" - periods of scarcity combined with periods of non-scarcity;

  • How specialization makes something seem more targeted and "just for you", even if the thing is, in fact, generic;

  • How reducing the number of tasks that you do and the people you do them for (using, for example, the 80/20 rule) can help you become more specialized;

  • How the "advanced effect" works - people always prefer the "advanced" material, even if they are newbies;

  • How secrecy works, by having non-public or confidential steps to a formula - or its variations of mystique - having an aura of secrecy around yourself, and not your work - or vanguard knowledge, being the first person to reveal something;

  • How the technique of "the diagnostic" works, obtaining information and seeming an authority while maintaining a "trusted advisor" frame;

  • How non-attachment works, by signaling abundance, and the extreme technique of "costly signaling" - hurting yourself on purpose just to show that you can do it);

  • How adverse transparency works - being honest even about things that go against you, which makes you more of an authority, and specific variations (small flaws,  other opportunities, or  the opportunity cost of going with you);

  • Advanced applications of adverse transparency, including being more self-demanding, blaming yourself for mistakes you make, or unsatisfactory backtracking (going back to correct something incorrect you said in the past);

  • How displayed authority works - by having an object or another person sing your praises instead of you yourself, you make it seem less biased;

  • The different forms of displayed authority, including introductions by other people, objects such as trophies/diplomas, associations with people or institutions of high value, your image itself, and your behavior in terms of status;

  • The manipulative tactic of "weaving" - picking a group of experts, for example for an interview series, and then inserting your opinion together with theirs to try and seem like you are in the same league or group;

  • The concept of "theaters", including security theaters - situations where nothing may be actually done, but the appearance of something is everything;

  • How naming and labeling fallacies work - attributing specific labels to reduce a person or thing to that label, and how the presence or absence of a name has an effect in terms of personalizing or depersonalizing someone or something;

  • (30 technique descriptions ommitted due to Udemy text length constraints);

  • How to use streamlining to make something seem less effortful, by using words (such as "simple", "quick", "fast", "just 2 steps", "instant access"), by bringing structure ("It's 3 easy steps") or by preempting issues and removing them ("If you don't know how to pay, visit ABC page");

  • How the principle of implementation intention forces a person to visualize how to do something, which makes them more likely to do it because it's less mental effort;

  • How to illustrate progress and loss to change the mental effort of something (both illustrating all the progress done so far, triggering sunk cost biases, or illustrating loss to trigger loss aversion);

  • How removing exits works, by removing the person's licenses to do something;

  • How to use framing to change the apparent value of something (is a barebones application a "basic" one, or one where you can "focus" and "do a few things very well"?);

  • How to use context to change the relative value of something (Something that's $1000 seems expensive. But if it's $2000 at 50% discount, it's suddenly very valuable);

  • The role of perceptual contrast in making something seem valuable;

  • How to use extreme anchoring to strengthen your framing (Instead of mentioning a $10k price, mentioning a $30k price that is lowered to $10k just for the person. The price is the same, but they will value it much more);

  • How changing the option set changes the value of something (Compare a $20 book to $10 books - expensive. Compare it to technical manuals worth $70 - very cheap);

  • How the middle option effect works - people usually pick the middle option in a group - so the options can be manipulated to guide the person, using "decoy options";

  • How to change the option set to strengthen your positioning in terms of the best/the first/the only (You may be "one of the best" workers in your department, but you may be "the best" 40-year-old-plus worker in your department);

  • The role of salience in something's value - the more it stands out, the more people remember it. Using bold propositions, bold names, supranatural stimuli or the bizzareness effect;

  • How salience works in presentations through the peak-end effect (people remember the highlight and the end) or the recency-primacy effect (people remember the beginning and end);

  • The role of intent labeling in closing (forcing a person to state what they are going to do, either actively, or by using active choice - "I will do this" instead of just replying "Yes");

  • The effect of future lock-in, which results from time discounting bias. Giving a person a small advantage in the present in return for them being locked for the future;

  • How justifications make something more persuasive - ideally, tailored justifications, but how even simple justifications - "I need this just because" always persuade more;

  • Considerations in persuading both emotional and logical people (focusing on improving the "basket" of things offered, regardless of their value, versus improving logical elements of the offer such as the price);

  • How eliciting multiple reasons or examples work, by making someone like something more or less;

Persuasion in Business Communications

The Complete Lunchtime Persuasion in Business Communications Course

Created by TJ Walker - BestSelling Personal Development & Habits Expert


Students: 23198, Price: $89.99

Students: 23198, Price:  Paid

Persuasion is the most powerful tool any business executive, manager, or leader can have. With strong persuasion skills, any goal is achievable. Without strong persuasion skills, not much happens and careers and businesses stall.

This course is filled with practical, step-by-step processes that anyone in the workplace can use to persuade colleagues, bosses, customers, clients and prospects on what to do.

You can persuade people to endorse your plan, become a customer, validate your idea, hire your firm or approve your budget, once you know and practice the skills of persuasion. For more than 30 years, TJ Walker has taught executives around the world how to increase their persuasion skills in the workplace, and now he can be your personal guide as well.

"I am convinced I can make you more persuasive in every single talk, briefing, sales pitch, speech or presentation you give in the workplace. My methods are guaranteed to make you more influential. You will have the power to persuade after completing this course." TJ Walker

What will students achieve or be able to do after taking this online  persuasion course?

  • Give persuasive talks, briefings, speeches and presentations

  • Influence colleagues, bosses, prospects and clients

  • Get teams to take actions

  • Move people to new behaviors in the workplace

  • Sign more customers and clients

Improving your persuasion skills will also enhance your public speaking skills, presentation skills, communication skills and storytelling skills.

Please note: this is a persuasion course conducted by a real person who is speaking and demonstrating persuasive communication skills. If you are looking for a course with lots of animation, slides, special effects, slick edits, and robotic voices, this course is not for you.

Here is what Udemy students say about this course:

"Great Course that provides a lot of useful information that can be put to use immediately." Richard Fimbel

"I've beeen able to learn that consistency is key and you don't have to successfully persuade everyone but the overall process of persuasion is a great learning process. I also learnt that you become better by looking for more opportunities to give presentations , pitches and much more." Feyisekemi Akinwale

FREE COURSE: Business, Management & Leadership Fundamentals

The Fundamentals of Public Speaking, Sales, Persuasion, Influence, Pitching, Habit Change & Reputation Management

Created by Expert Academy - Supercharge your learning with the world's leading experts


Students: 22807, Price: Free

Students: 22807, Price:  Free

This course combines fundamentals from several of The Expert Academy's most successful courses from our top instructors, designed to give any aspiring leader some of the core skills which they need to run a business. Each of the courses are available on Udemy in full if you wish to get a more in depth view of the individual topic areas.

We would of course really appreciate great reviews!

The six topics covered are:

The Psychology of Persuasion and Influence with Phil Hesketh

  • Our Seven Fundamental Psychological Drivers

  • Why We Do What We Do and How We Form Opinions: First Impressions

  • Body Language: Reading It and Interpreting It

  • How to Handle Difficult People with a Smile

  • How to keep improving relationships

  • How Relationships Develop and How to Relate to People

The Perfect Pitch: How to Tell Them What They Want to Hear with Alan Stevens

  • Why Pitching Is Important

  • Key Steps to a Perfect Pitch: Being Concise

  • Key Steps to a Perfect Pitch: Solving their Problem

  • Key Steps to a Perfect Pitch: Telling Them What They Want to Hear

  • An Example Pitch: The Pixar Pitch

How To Break Habits with Gavin Presman (complete course)

  • Breaking Habits Through Nano-Change

  • Slicing

  • Situation

  • Stacking

  • Stating & Celebrating

Public Speaking Masterclass with Alan Stevens

  • So You've Been Asked to Make a Speech or Presentation: Key Questions

  • Assessing Your Audience

  • Objectives

  • What Do They Want To Hear?

  • Deciding Your Outcomes

  • Preparing to Speak

  • Controlling your Nerves

  • Presentation Aids

  • Speaking Like A Professional

Reputation Management with Alan Stevens

  • Recognising Risk

  • Alertness and Monitoring

  • Positive Action

  • Responsiveness

  • Being the Best

  • Case Study - Ratners

Sales Skills Masterclass with Phil Hesketh

  • The Number One Universal Killer Question in Selling

  • The Importance of Establishing the Clients Expectations

  • How to Close the Sale Without Sounding like a Salesman

  • People Buy Emotionally and Justify Logically. What to Do About It

  • Being Prepared for Objections

  • What Does Value For Money Really Mean?

  • The Real Meaning of  ‘Win-Win’

  • Selling in the Long Term and Being Recommended

We hope you find these mini-courses useful, and if you do enjoy them, you can find each of then courses in full on Udemy.

Communication Skills Machine: Master Persuasion & Influence

Learn the Communication Skills to Master the Secrets of Persuasion, Influence, & Assertiveness for Business & Life.

Created by Patrick Dang - Creator of | Sales Coach


Students: 19179, Price: $109.99

Students: 19179, Price:  Paid


No matter who you are or what you, we all face a similar challenge…

What do you need to say in order to get people to say “YES” and how can you make that happen more often?

As you know, it’s incredibly frustrating when you want to persuade someone to take action: whether it’s to get them to buy a product or service or even getting someone to listen to insightful life advice. Butsometimes we just don’t know the exact words to say or how to say them during these crucial conversations.

And this typically leads to heated argumentsunproductive outcomes and honestly, can be a huge waste of time…all caused by a simple miscommunication.


Fortunately, I’ve created a PROVEN Communication Skills Methodology that will show you how to develop the communication skills required to become more persuasive and more influential in both your professional and personal life. And it’s called Communication Skills Machine.

Unlike other courses, Communication Skills Machine is the COMPLETE MASTER COURSE thousands of people have used to master the psychology of persuasion and communication skills to have more influence in their everyday lives.

As long as you use our proven Communication Skills Machine Methodology (which I’ll show you how to do step by step), you’ll be able to take control of any situation.

Here are some of the many things I’ll cover for you in this course that trains on how to master persuasion and influence skills:

  • We will show you the core foundations world class performers and companies use to develop their communication skills to become more persuasive and influential in leadership roles
  • How to authentically make a great first impression and get anyone to like you within the first 5 seconds of meeting you
  • The most effective method to pitch your product, service, or idea that will get almost anyone to say “Yes!”
  • How to take control of any conversation and guide people into seeing things from your perspective
  • The best way to make people take an action by appealing to their emotions
  • How you can get more people to say “YES” without being seen as pushy, needy, or aggressive
  • How to master persuasion psychology principles like Social Proof, Time, & Scarcity to have more influence in your everyday life
  • How to position yourself as an authority figure and get people to listen to whatever it is you have to say
  • How to defend yourself from anyone who tries to use manipulative persuasion tactics on you and how to use this to your advantage

This course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to develop your communication skills and to become more persuasive & influential in business and life, whether you’re already familiar with communication skills development or if you’re just getting started.

I’ve personally tested these bullet proof strategies during my time as one of the TOP sales professionals at Oracle, a Y-Combinator backed startup, as well as in my everyday life.

I'm confident the Communication Skills Machine Methodology WILL WORK for YOU.

Now, if you’re ready to take your Communication skills, Influence, and Persuasion skills to the next level, I’ll see you inside!


Persuasion Masterclass: How To Powerfully Influence Anyone

Master The 3 Hidden Skills of the Most Persuasive People Without Manipulation In 10 Minutes A Day …Guaranteed!

Created by Brandon Hakim - Founder of InsiderSchool


Students: 18813, Price: $129.99

Students: 18813, Price:  Paid

In this course, I'll show you the 3 Step Persuasion Blueprint used by the world’s most persuasive people to powerfully move others to action.

Because if you’re tired of people not listening to what you say…

Your friends not taking your advice…

Your potential customers not buying what you sell…

Your kids ignoring you…

I Made This Course For You.

After wondering why I couldn’t get people I cared about to do what’s best for them, I knew was doing something WRONG.

So I read 52 books on persuasion, and spent 3 months piecing it all together to come up with a simple, straight to the point "persuasion & influence system" you can use in your life today to powerfully persuade anyone.

I'll show you how to make influence and persuasion not just something you do, but into who you are.

If you’re looking for manipulative lines or “under the radar” tricks, this course isn’t for you. I care about persuading people to help them (not to trick them).

Here's a sample of what you'll learn inside:

1. Why Logic Is Your BIGGEST Enemy When It Comes To Persuading Someone

2. Why Trying To Convince Someone of Anything Makes Them LESS Likely To Want To Do It

3. How A Simple Listening “Switch” Makes It Infinitely Easier To Persuade

4. What Exactly People Look For BEFORE They Listen To Anything You Say

5. What To Do Every Day To Build Your “Effortless Persuasion Muscle”

6. Why Needing Anything Sinks You Deep In The Water In ANY Persuasion

7. How To Make Sure Your Message “Cuts Through Like A Knife”

8. The Most Important “Persuasion Trigger” I Learned From Walt Disney

9. What Tony Robbins Jumping Off A Bridge In Bali Has To Do With Persuasion and Influence

10. Your 3 Persuasion Tools That Are Infinitely More Powerful Than Telling People What To Do

11. The 10 Step Persuasion Checklist To Go Through Before Any Important Conversation or Speech

12. The 12 “Points To Hit” To Craft An Irresistibly Persuasive Message

And much, much more...

You'll also get access to three cheat sheets to be able to remember, and use everything we cover on persuasion. 

So to become master your persuasion & influence and powerfully move people to action, just click the "buy now" button and I’ll see you inside the course.

To your success,


Influence People with Persuasion Psychology

Better Marketing and Personal Success with Behavioral Science and the Psychology of Influence and Persuasion

Created by Andrew Luttrell, Ph.D. - Social Psychologist


Students: 16306, Price: $129.99

Students: 16306, Price:  Paid

How do you get someone to give you a ride to the airport? How can you get more people to buy your product? How can you get someone to donate money to your charity?

Influencing other people can be next to impossible if you don’t know how. Research in psychology and behavioral science, however, has developed a set of core principles that underlie people’s willingness to say “yes” to a request. In this course, you’ll learn these principles as well as how to apply them in everyday situations. Get ready to skyrocket your influence!

Using the Science of Influence to its Full Potential

Everything in this course is rooted in tested principles of influence, based on decades of rigorous research in behavioral science. This isn’t NLP or other forms of folk wisdom—these are actual techniques that have been tested and assessed with solid research methods.

A few of the things we'll cover:

  • How giving a gift that nobody wants can actually push people to help you

  • How it can be helpful to ask people to do something that you know they’ll say “no” to

  • How your birthday can have a more powerful effect on other people than you’d expect

  • How adding a single sentence to your request can double the chances that the other person will agree to it.

  • ...and way more!

Course Overview

Social influence is a huge part social psychology, and many people have begun to see its applications to the world of business, fundraising, advocacy, and even everyday interactions. In this course, you'll develop the skills needed to influence other people more effectively. You’ll not only learn a bunch of proven influence strategies; you’ll also learn why they work, which will help you develop your own techniques that have yet to be discovered by psychologists.

These tools and techniques apply no matter what your unique goals are. Once you understand the core principles of psychological influence, you'll be ready to get people to do just about anything for you. Whether that’s marketing, saving the environment, or just doing household chores, you'll have what it takes to get the job done.

Don't miss out on the chance to dive straight into the secrets of psychological influence from high-impact behavioral science. So enroll now--you'll be glad you did.

Master Persuasion Psychology

Unlock the Secrets of Persuasion Psychology Science and Learn How to Influence People's Opinions and Decisions

Created by Andrew Luttrell, Ph.D. - Social Psychologist


Students: 12579, Price: $94.99

Students: 12579, Price:  Paid

It can be difficult to persuade people to adopt the opinion you'd like them to have. Maybe you're a marketer trying to convince people that your product is right for them. Maybe you're an activist trying to convince people to conserve water. Whatever your persuasion goals might be, this course will show you how to be smart about influencing other people's opinions.

Using Persuasion Science to its Full Potential

Everything in this course is rooted in tested persuasion strategies. I'm not just making things up like a lot of persuasion "gurus." You'll learn practical tips taken from rigorous research in psychological science, and you'll discover when those strategies will be most effective.

A few of the things we'll cover:

  • How to get people to pay attention to what you have to say.
  • How to construct captivating persuasive arguments.
  • How to employ simple tricks to make your message more convincing.
  • How to decide between emotional and rational appeals.
  • How to tailor your message to the needs of a particular audience.
  • ...and way more!

Course Overview

Persuasion is one of the most studied topics in social psychology, and its insights have extended to business, political science, communications, and personal development. In this course, you'll understand one of the most prominent and well-tested models of persuasion. Once you have a grasp on that, you'll start to see how all of the elements of a persuasive message come together.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to make smart decisions about how you deliver your message, who delivers it, how to tailor it to a particular audience, and more. Best of all, this course will always be there for you, and you can review the material anytime it's time to craft a compelling message that will captivate and influence your audience.

These tools and techniques also apply no matter what your unique message is. Once you understand the core principles of persuasive influence, you'll become a persuasion master, ready to influence people's opinions about anything, whether your message is presented in writing, in person, or through audio-visual media.

And You Can Trust Your Teacher!

I'm a trained social psychologist. Not only do I have more than 13,000 students on Udemy, but I also teach classes in social psychology at the university level. Moreover, I conduct my own psychological research in persuasion science, so I know a thing or two about the thousands of studies that exist in this field and what the latest experiments reveal.

Don't miss out on the chance to dive straight into the secrets of persuasion that have until now remained locked in dense academic journals. So enroll now--you'll be glad you did.

Persuasion Skills – Basics

‘Persuasion’ is the process of communication that is intended to induce belief or action.

Created by Management Study Guide - pave your way to success


Students: 12266, Price: $19.99

Students: 12266, Price:  Paid

Persuasion is believed to be both an art and a science. Persuasion happens everywhere - it’s omnipresent. This is a Basic course on Persuasion Skills and by the end of the course the participants will learn about what is persuasion and how it works. They will learn the Steps of the Persuasion Process and the role of communication in persuasion. Learners will also learn how to use AIDA in persuasive writing and the Rhetoric of Persuasion.

Persuasion Machine: Master Persuasion Psychology & Influence

Master the Secrets of Persuasion Psychology & Learn the Communication Skills to Influence Anyone in Business & Life.

Created by Patrick Dang - Creator of | Sales Coach


Students: 9480, Price: $99.99

Students: 9480, Price:  Paid


No matter who you are or what you, we all face a similar challenge…

Why do people say “YES” and how can you make that happen more often?

As you know, it’s incredibly frustrating when others can’t see situations from your perspective and sometimes, they may even strongly disagree with whatever it is you say without reason

And this typically leads to heated arguments, unproductive outcomes and honestly, can be a huge waste of time.


Fortunately, I’ve created a PROVEN Persuasion Methodology that will show you how to become more persuasive and have more influence in both your professional and personal life. And it’s called Persuasion Machine.

Unlike other courses, Persuasion Machine is the COMPLETE MASTER COURSE thousands of people have used to master the psychology of persuasion and communication skills to have more influence in their everyday lives.

As long as you use our proven Persuasion Machine Methodology (which I’ll show you how to do step by step), you’ll be able to take control of any situation.

Here are some of the many things I’ll cover for you in this course that trains on how to master persuasion and influence skills:

  • We will show you the core foundations world class performers and companies use to be more persuasive and influential backed by hard science
  • How to develop your communication skills to know exactly what to say and how to say it to become more persuasive
  • How you can get more people to say “YES” without being seen as pushy, needy, or aggressive
  • The best way to build rapport with anyone and get people to authentically like you
  • How to master persuasion psychology principles like Social Proof and Scarcity to have more influence in your everyday life
  • How to position yourself as an authority figure and get people to listen to whatever it is you have to say
  • How to defend yourself from anyone who tries to use manipulative persuasion tactics on you and how to use this to your advantage

This course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to develop your persuasion skills and become more influential in business and life whether you’re already familiar with persuasion psychology or if you’re just getting started.

I’ve personally tested these bullet proof strategies during my time as one of the TOP sales professionals at Oracle, a Y-Combinator backed startup, as well as in my everyday life.

I'm confident the Persuasion Machine Methodology WILL WORK for YOU.

Now, if you’re ready to take your Persuasion and Influence skills to the next level, I’ll see you inside!


Persuasion Power 1: Effective Communication Skills

The Ultimate Guide to Persuasion Psychology - Better Relationships, More Influence and Respect - Persuasion Hacks

Created by Ken Wells - Best-Selling Instructor 74,140+ Students in 182 Countries


Students: 9218, Price: $99.99

Students: 9218, Price:  Paid

Persuasion is effective communication. 

The fact is that we influence each other all the time whether we like it or not. Communication is a like a thread that runs through every area of your life.

This course is about more than just how to influence others. 

It's going to give you a fresh perspective on what persuasion is and provide powerful, direct methods that will show you how to communicate more effectively and understand other people more fully starting today.

This is a Complete Persuasion and Communication Skills Course that will teach you exactly how to influence others, get what you want and experience more choice and better relationships.

All with a small time investment, starting with as little as 5-10 minutes per day and gradually building to about 30 minutes per day.

When you watch the video above, you will understand why it's so important to learn how to communicate effectively.

Not only for being more persuasive and getting your way more of the time, but also for improving your relationships!


"One of the best courses of more than 30 + that I have completed."

-Rowan Staggs

"Excellent content and professionally put together. The instructor was great!"

-Jonathan Gills

"This course is really cool. I never realized how much is going on when interacting with someone. I'm halfway through and I've found several tools that I've started to use and am already seeing a real difference. Ken explains things very clearly and provides specific action steps to apply what he is teaching. He really knows his stuff."

-Agueda Cruz

"Essential, no Time wasting, Very Understandable, Concrete"

-Bradong Weiss

"Straight to the point! Recommended."

-Janeen Vang


This course will allow you to understand those around you better, communicate more effectively and influentially and present your ideas in a more engaging, persuasive way.

People will like you, respect you and want to follow along with you, far more often, when you use these skills.

What will I be able to DO after enrolling?

  • Skillfully Capture and Lead Your Audience's Attention (Become "The Center of Attention")
  • Create Deep Levels of Rapport Quickly
  • Consistently Establish Trust and Respect
  • Speak More Persuasively
  • Establish the Correct Frame of Mind for Persuasion and Effective Communication
  • Persuade People to Accept Your Ideas and/or Outcome(s)
  • Use Your Body Language to Increase Your Presence
  • Influence People to Take Action on Your Ideas
  • Communicate with Authority and High Status
  • Use Your Voice To Create Deeper Impact of Your Message
  • Avoid Objections and Resistance to Your Ideas
  • Create a Practical Plan for Mastering the Skills in This Course

Why else would someone want to learn these skills and become an effective communicator?

Why should you care about being more influential and persuasive?

  • Make More Money
  • More Respect/Greater Prestige
  • Be at Cause Instead of at Effect
  • Recognize When Someone Is Trying to Influence You and Protect Yourself Against Negative Influence
  • Be Liked and Trusted By Others
  • Have Greater Choice in Your Work and Your Personal Life
  • Have The Ability to Effectively Lead People
  • Win People Over to Your Way of Thinking
  • Influence People to Take Action on Your Ideas
  • More Social Influence - Think Dating, Friends, etc.

What will I learn?

  • "The Best Way to Establish Rapport Quickly"
  • "How to See Inside Other People's Minds"
  • "Understanding the Communication Dance"
  • "How to Package Your Message for Maximum Impact"
  • "The Counter intuitive Nature of Influence"
  • "How to Get People to Go Along with Your Ideas"
  • "How to Communicate That You Are an Authority Figure with High Status"
  • "Authenticity: The Magic Background of Persuasion"
  • "How to Speak and Behave with Authority"
  • "How to Signal Authority Without Saying a Word"
  • "How to Avoid Sending Signals of Weakness"
  • "How to Influence How People Receive Your Message"
  • "How to Infuse Your Words with Life and Emotion for Greater Impact"
  • "Using Your Voice to Capture and Focus Your Listener's Attention"
  • "A Powerful Way to Re-Engage Your Audience"
  • "A Simple Way to Lead Someone's Attention"
  • "How to Powerfully Lead People to Your Outcome"
  • "How to Use Pre-Framing to Control the Communication Dance"
  • "How to Avoid Objections and Resistance"
  • "The 4 Stages of Learning on Your Path to Mastery"


This course will walk you through specifically why, what, when, where and exactly how to persuade others and move through the world with greater influence and presence.

Some of the Questions answered in this course:

  • How can you improve your communication skills?
  • Why do I easily run out of things to say in conversations? How can I avoid this?
  • What are some tricks for having an interesting conversation with someone you just met?
  • Why are communication skills so vital?
  • Do I have to pretend or "be someone I'm not" to be persuasive?
  • Isn't persuasion inherently manipulative?
  • Can you be influential and persuasive and still have integrity?
  • How can you reasonably practice these skills with a busy life?
  • Is it worth it to take the time to learn these skills?
  • Can you really build deep levels of rapport with people you just met?
  • How do you get people to like you fast?
  • How do you quickly develop trust with other people?
  • What makes people make decisions that seem irrational?
  • Can someone who is an introvert be a powerful and influential communicator?

What Should I Do Now?

Give the course a chance to help you become a better communicator and increase your ability to persuade and engage others by enrolling today. Effective Communication can truly change your life, it did mine. I'm looking forward to seeing you on the inside if you choose to enroll.

Psychology of Persuasion: How to Convince People Easily

Learn Effective Psychological Techniques How to Persuade, Win Sympathy and Convince even the most Stubborn People

Created by Timur Kazantsev - Teacher, Life-Long Learner, Traveller


Students: 7311, Price: $19.99

Students: 7311, Price:  Paid

Join the 7000+ student body of one of the hottest Psychology courses and Learn Multiple Tips how to Persuade People more effectively!

More than 300 positive reviews on the course and a 30-day money back guarantee!


Many people are confident that being able to convince and persuade others is just a magic, inborn charisma or a unique talent. We get upset when we loose yet another argument or fail to persuade our customers or colleagues, not to mention our friends or family members. And we get even more frustrated when after another commitment we made to other people or a simple purchase in a store, we understand that we've just been caught on a psychological marketing trick by a sales rep or an advertisement.

Scientists have studied the Psychology of Persuasion for many years and, having done a great deal of psychological experiments and research, they have proved that there are certain verbal and non-verbal techniques and strategies based on the understanding of human nature which any person can use to enhance their persuasion skills.

In this short course, you are going to learn the fundamental principles of the Psychology of Persuasion as well as the strategies of how to convince and deal effectively with stubborn people which is a comprehensive psychology on its own.

I personally prefer courses that are short but abundant with concrete and specific examples and tips, so despite the short length of this course, I did my best to include here the basic theory of psychology as well as practical day-to-day examples on how to behave and what to say or do to persuade the people you deal with.


(!) Remember, that by purchasing this course, you are not losing anything since according to Udemy policy you are entitled to 30-day 100% money-back guarantee in case you don't like the course. Yet, I believe you will definitely like this course like thousands of other students who have enrolled and left their positive feedback about the useful psychological tips that you will find inside.

Spend one hour of your time to learn these valuable techniques and become a more confident persuasion master for the rest of your life!

Look forward to seeing you inside the course!

The Power and Principles of Persuasion

A fool will attempt to manipulate me with his ideas, while a wise man will persuades me with my own.

Created by Lynn Marie Sager - Life Guide and Author


Students: 6946, Price: $19.99

Students: 6946, Price:  Paid

The Power and Principles of Persuasion are often misunderstood. People tend to confuse manipulating, demanding, complaining, and advising with persuasion. This course examines why people so often fail to persuade, and provides practical tools that you can practice in order to become more persuasive. We look at what motivates others, the power of questions, the psychological steps of persuasion, as well as when attempting persuasion is simply not worth your time.

Persuasion Power 2: Magic Words That Influence

Persuasion Skills - Effective Communication Skills and Persuasive Speech Made Simple - Learn to Influence People Easily

Created by Ken Wells - Best-Selling Instructor 74,140+ Students in 182 Countries


Students: 6945, Price: $89.99

Students: 6945, Price:  Paid

Persuasion is effective communication. The fact is that we influence each other all the time whether we like it or not. Communication is a like a thread that runs through every area of your life.

This course will allow you to quickly speak more persuasively and present your ideas in a more engaging, natural way, that more people understand.


"Excellent high quality practical course. Loads of cool stuff you can say and do right now to be super persuasive. Its power lies in its practicality :)"

-Billy Stelljes

"Very helpful and easy to learn, keep up the good work :)"

-Niclas Danielsson

"Really well done!"

-Annett Schmitt

"Ken never disappoints. He is a great teacher. This is undoubtedly a great course full of practical advises. Tune in and change your reality. Thanks a lot Ken for this wonderful course.

-Veera Chimmili

"The course is interesting and informative"

-Hazel Felts

"Useful Tool! Highly Recommended"

-Janice Wheeler


What I've done here is provide some of the most effective and easiest to learn words, phrases and patterns that you can plug any content into, whether verbal, written, one on one or presenting to a group.

You'll learn how to present your ideas, in such a way, that there is virtually no resistance to them, when you use these tools correctly.

I give examples and descriptions of why everything works and how to use them in your life immediately to increase your influence.  

I think you'll find yourself surprised at how effective these tools are, to the point where, you're having several "aha moments" as you go through the material.

When you watch the video above, you will understand why it's so important to learn how to communicate effectively. 

Not only for being more persuasive and getting your way more of the time, but also for improving your relationships!

People will like you, respect you and want to follow along with you, far more often, when you use these skills.

What will I be able to DO after enrolling?

  • Know How to "Get Past The Guard at The Gate"
  • Create New Thoughts, Feelings and Actions in Other People
  • Speak More Persuasively
  • Avoid Resistance to Your Message
  • Make Your Suggestions Easier to 'Digest'
  • Greatly Amplify The Power of Your Message
  • Create States of Greater Suggestibility in Your Audience
  • Convince Others To Take Action On Your Ideas
  • Create Positive Associations With Your Product, Service or Idea
  • Follow a Simple Plan For Learning and Applying These Skills

Why else would someone want to learn these skills and become an effective communicator?

Why should you care about being more influential and persuasive?

  • Make More Money
  • More Respect/Greater Prestige
  • Be at Cause Instead of at Effect
  • Recognize When Someone Is Trying to Influence You and Protect Yourself Against Negative Influence
  • Be Liked and Trusted By Others
  • Have Greater Choice in Your Work and Your Personal Life
  • Have The Ability to Effectively Lead People
  • Win People Over to Your Way of Thinking
  • Influence People to Take Action on Your Ideas
  • More Social Influence - Think Dating, Friends, etc.

This course is about more than just how to influence others. 

It's going to give you a fresh perspective on what persuasion is and provide powerful, direct methods that will show you how to communicate more effectively and understand other people more fully starting today.

All with a small time investment, starting with as little as 10-15 minutes per day and gradually building to about 30 minutes per day.

Some of the Questions answered in this course:

  • How can I quickly learn to have more persuasive speech?
  • How can you improve your communication skills?
  • What are some tricks for having an interesting conversation with someone you just met?
  • Why are communication skills so vital?
  • Do I have to pretend or "be someone I'm not" to be persuasive?
  • Can you be influential and persuasive and still have integrity?
  • How can you reasonably practice these skills with a busy life?
  • Is it worth it to take the time to learn these skills?
  • What are some of the most effective ways to increase your persuasion skills fast?

What Should I Do Now?

Give the course a chance to help you become a better communicator and increase your ability to persuade and engage others by enrolling today. 

Effective Communication can truly change your life, it did mine. I'm looking forward to seeing you on the inside when you choose to enroll.

Sales and Persuasion Skills for Startups

The entrepreneur's sure guide to getting a 'Yes'

Created by Len Smith - Freelance copywriter and communications consultant


Students: 6498, Price: $59.99

Students: 6498, Price:  Paid

Start-ups and entrepreneurs are a mixed bunch. But one thing the winners all have in common Is – the ability to influence others. The ability to sell their ideas, sell their products, sell their service.

And the graveyard of business startups is littered with companies that failed to grasp that most important, essential skill - the art of persuasion.

That's what this course delivers in spades. The ability to get people to say 'YES'.

So – what is unique about this course?

  • Unlike so many courses, Len Smith is always available should you have any queries. Just email him - he's here to help.
  • It is a living, growing course - unlike any other course, as students suggest new topics, Len adds them as bonus lessons (he calls them fireside chats). No extra cost, the course just keeps on improving.
  • It is not designed for salespeople wanting to boost their career. Salesman of the Month!
  • It’s not ‘evangelical’ and it’s not designed to tell you how wonderful you are – what fantastic sales talents you’ve got hidden away, just waiting to be revealed. 

No – it’s for real people. Entrepreneurs. Startups. Businesspeople - starting out - who recognise they have a crying need to learn how to get other people to say YES. And that’s what we mean by sales techniques in this course. Not just selling product – although, that IS important, so we do cover all the essentials about selling your product - but it’s also about getting others to buy into your ideas.

Things like, How To….

  • Understand people’s motives for buying – some real surprises there!
  • Make sure you always have a clear objective – never ‘winging it’, hoping that something will come out at the end
  • Understand different personality types – and how to turn their personality traits to your advantage
  • Turn needs into wants - and raise the profitability of what you do, what you sell
  • Turn objections into sales opportunities
  • Gain control and keep the upper hand in any discussion
  • Apply the perfect test to see if others are raising smoke screens or holding something back
  • Overcome ‘price-itis’. Never ever having to sell down on price
  • Understand ‘buying signals’
  • How to write a professional, compelling proposal
  • Discover the best-kept secrets for overcoming road blocks like – “I’ll think about it” “I’ll think it over”
  • Make it easy for your prospects to buy, for your business partners to say ‘yes’

There are countless courses on sales techniques. Mostly developed by trainers. This course is based on years' of personal-face-to-face experience from an expert who has worked at the coal face.

Len Smith has many years' experience in sales & marketing with companies like IBM and has been associated with a number of start-up successes. Developing business and marketing plans, market research, product branding, VC funding and strategic business development.

He's worked as a non-exec, involved in MBOs, company sales and a stock market flotation. He has also helped clients make the difficult leap from Europe to success in North America and the Asia Pacific Region.

Clients have included IBM, Travelex, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Welcom, Marks & Spencer Financial Services and Manchester Business School.

Now he shares his persuasion techniques with you.

Storytelling for Persuasion and Transformation

Amaze, Persuade and Inspire Your Audience with The Power of Storytelling

Created by Alex Glod - Storyteller, Trainer & 3-times TEDx Speaker


Students: 6335, Price: $99.99

Students: 6335, Price:  Paid

Are you looking to help people become better versions of themselves? Do you want to help your team or colleagues perform and improve? Do you wish to have an impact on our audience every time you walk on stage?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Storytelling is the best way to connect with your audience, engage them emotionally and help them change their behavior for the better. Stories break barriers, open people up and help us discover new ways of doing things. And that is what I want to teach today.

My name is Alex Glod. When I started off my career as a trainer, I never thought I would have something original to offer my students, I always relied on material and inspiration from others. But in time I learned to integrate my personal stories into my classes and they became the most valuable asset I had to offer. Thanks to my personal stories I grew a strong personal brand, I stood out from the crowd and I’ve had the chance to speak at 3 TEDx events, train thousands of people across Europe and Asia and teach over 15.000 students on Udemy.

During this course I would like to teach you all that I’ve learned about Storytelling and help you make a difference in the lives of the people around you, whether they are your colleagues, customers or students. You will get to learn more about:

  • How Stories can persuade and impact your audience

  • How to deal with your own anxiety and fears on stage

  • How to craft short persuasive stories

  • How to tell stories with passion and conviction

  • And how to help your customers or colleagues transform into better versions of themselves

You will have access to over 3 hours of video content and several useful resources. You will experience the course as a live training participant, you will see other students taking part in the experience and you will also get to share your stories in the Q&A section.

Storytelling is a powerful method to impact, persuade and transform people and your personal stories are your most precious treasure. Join me now on this learning adventure and let’s share that treasure with the world!

NLP For Sales, Persuasion & Influence: Certified NLP & Sales

NLP Sales Skills: Powerful NLP Techniques For Sales, Persuasion & Influence Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Sales

Created by Alain W. - International Best-selling Author & Speaker


Students: 5316, Price: $129.99

Students: 5316, Price:  Paid

**Alain's work has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CW and 300+ of nationally-syndicated television, newspaper, and magazine outlets.**


  • OVER 150'000+ happy students from 183 countries have enrolled in my courses and have left 6'500+ TOP Reviews

  • Presented by the social skills expert, Alain W., who is a recognized expert in the field of social skills and communication skills with over 15 years of experience

  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee offered by Udemy. I am 100% confident that this course will help you communicate better with people so try it risk FREE!

*You can get a certificate for this course. See last lecture*

Would You Like To Master Sales, Influence & Persuasion And Make More Money?

Did you know that there are some secret NLP techniques that are used by the top salespeople for sales, influence & persuasion?

Would you like to learn them and become a master at sales, persuasion & influence?

The ability to sell and persuade your clients will give you the success you want faster than ever!

Learning how to sell and persuade people is a skill that everyone can learn.

The problem is that most people learn sales, influence and persuasion the wrong way.

In this course, I’ll share with you the most effective NLP techniques for Sales, Persuasion & Influence.

These NLP techniques I’ll be sharing are only known by the top salespeople and some of these techniques are so effective, that they should be forbidden.

Here is what you'll learn in this course:

  • The Most Powerful NLP Techniques For Sales, Influence & Persuasion

  • The Right Mindset To Have Unlimited Confidence At Selling

  • How To Develop Lasting Rapport With Anyone Instantly

  • The Art Of Asking Questions For Sales, Influence & Persuasion

  • How To Close

  • How to Deal With Sales Objections

  • Anything Else You Need To Master Sales, Persuasion & Influence

  • NLP, Sales, Influence & Persuasion Tactics

And so much more! You'll learn: sales techniques, sales strategies, sales questions, sales structure, sales methods,...

This course is for you if you’d like to learn the most powerful NLP, sales and persuasion techniques.

Go ahead enroll now,

I know how frustrating and confusing it can be to see all these sales courses on Udemy. This course is different because you'll have the most practical NLP techniques for sales, influence and persuasion. That's why I want you to try the course risk free, you can enroll now and watch the course. If you don’t like it you can ask your money back within 30 days.

Go ahead and enroll now. You can only gain NLP, sales, influence and persuasion skills!

What other people are saying about the course:

"If you want to learn about NLP, what it is or how to become more confident, persuasive and achieve anything 10x faster, this is your course. Much better than a previous NLP course I took before!"  Ivon Timmerman

"I plan to sell services to local businesses so this is exactly what I'm looking for." Bill Douglas

Marketing Psychology – The Art of Ethical Persuasion

How to utilise marketing tactics and psychological principles to better satisfy customer needs and increase sales.

Created by MindMekka ® - Motivate. Educate. Elevate.


Students: 3175, Price: $99.99

Students: 3175, Price:  Paid

Learn how to use principles of psychology to connect with your target market at each stage of the buying process, thereby driving increased sales and building strong customer relationships.

The purpose of using psychology in marketing is not to try and trick people into buying things they don't need (although many marketers use psychology to that end). Rather, the goal is to better understand consumer's buying behaviour, motivations and needs, and that is what this course will teach you.

You will gain a better understanding of how your prospects and customers are thinking and this will allow you to respond more effectively to their needs.

By enrolling in this course, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of basic psychology and why psychological principles are so important in marketing
  • Discover how psychology influences the buying process
  • Be able to employ marketing tactics, based on key psychological principles, that are most appropriate and effective for your market

Join me in this course and learn how to use psychology smartly, skillfully and ethically to attract and engage consumers, and compel them to buy.

The Psychology of Persuasion and Influence with Phil Hesketh

Learn How to Master Communication Skills in Your Business & Personal Life. Perfect Your Assertiveness & Influence Skills

Created by Expert Academy - Supercharge your learning with the world's leading experts


Students: 2772, Price: $94.99

Students: 2772, Price:  Paid

Our ability to communicate effectively is one of the most fundamental skills we possess. Whether in our personal or business lives, being able to properly convey our own ideas whilst also being sensitive to others' perspective can mean the difference between a relationship forging and a relationship damaging encounter. 

But can it really be taught? 

Many people have a fixed mindset when it comes to their own abilities in persuasion and influence. They often believe that other people are good at it, but that they themselves don't have the natural gift that is necessary to excel. However, this could not be further from the truth. Just like any other skill, it can be studied and mastered. This course is based on both decades of scientific research and decades of personal experience

As such, this course seeks to improve your understanding of the the key psychological drivers. By better understanding the fundamentals of what makes people 'tick', we are then in an infinitely more powerful position when it comes to knowing how to react, and how to successfully influence those around us.

Our ability to communicate is at the epicentre of every human interaction. It is truly without hyperbole to say that upgrading your skills in persuasion and influence can undoubtedly improve every facet of your life. 

Who is Philip Hesketh?

Philip Hesketh is a motivational speaker specialising in persuasion and influence. His keynote talks have inspired thousands of professionals to engage in better relationships with their clients and customers and increase sales.

Philip’s whole career history is steeped in Business Development. From Procter & Gamble and Tyne Tees Television, to his own advertising agency; his track record of getting new clients is, to use a client’s expression, ‘World Class’.

He has learned what clients want and what they don’t. He has learned what works and what doesn’t. In building a business from zero to £48m he made many, many mistakes. And he claims to have learned more from the mistakes than from the many successful pitches to blue chip companies. His in-house programmes usually form a trilogy over three half days with the focus very much on how to develop relationships and become more persuasive and influential through understanding the whole psychology of why we do what we do. 

Some of Phil's glowing endorsements :

  • "Actor, philosopher, seller, brain shaker, stand-up performer. Your capacity to capture the audience and play with it is unique." Richard Re ~ Business Leader, WELLA
  • "Outstanding! What an absolute joy to listen to your inspirational, entertaining and enlightening presentation." Rosemary Conley, Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness
  • "I was learning and laughing out loud at the same time. The man’s a star" Kevin Skym ~ Head of Commercial Banking, HSBC

Mega Persuasion & Marketing Strategies – 21 Cognitive Biases

A vision which every entrepreneur must have - Get one step closer to your success point by persuading people around you.

Created by Alireza Etemadi | Marketing Strategy Expert | - Photographer, Digital Marketer


Students: 2410, Price: $89.99

Students: 2410, Price:  Paid

This course is a complete persuasion techniques for entrepreneurs which include 21 cognitive biases. I'm going to show you exactly what are these techniques, where and how you can use them and the reward for you will be more sales, more opportunities in your carrier, more customers and a powerful business foundation.

What some customers say about my courses :

- George: Excellent overall information. Very quick and concise breakdown of all 21 of the cognitive biases. I enjoyed going through the course and will be sure to watch it a few times a year. My company will thank me for it.

- David: Good refresher, one of those subjects area that should be revisited on a regular basis, plan to watch the course again and again.

- Enzo: Great and powerful course, one of the most powerful course in Udemy. This will definitely and specifically sky rocket your business or career even relationships to the next levels that you want.

- Saeed: Nice course, perfect presentation very simple language and examples. I really enjoyed and gain excellent information , the instructor was perfect.

Persuasion Mastery: How To Persuade & Influence Anyone

Guarantee: By the end of this course you will learn how to persuade & influence anyone in any social situation.

Created by Benjamin Hero - Motivation & Knowledge Courses


Students: 2106, Price: $89.99

Students: 2106, Price:  Paid

The world is loud. It’s difficult for your voice to be heard above the crowds when everyone is shouting out their truth and their beliefs. But persuasion is not about being the loudest but about being the smartest. If you are willing I will push you forward to become a more influential you! That it is what I am offering to you.

This is not a course on how you can be the loudest; this is a course created for the sole purpose of teaching and transforming you into a person that others believe in. You will learn the techniques of persuasion that will allow you to perceive, adapt, and control the social environment so that you can influence individuals and large groups. In addition you will learn how to stay calm under pressure and how you can show conviction and charm without appearing false.

Guarantee: By the end of this course you will learn how to persuade & influence anyone in any social situation.

an additional
bonus for taking this course you will also receive the "Shopping Dominance" bonus video which will instruct you how on how you can spread your influence to shop owners and their staff. You will love this bonus!

Zero Risk
There is a 30 day
money back guarantee so you literally have no risk in taking this course.
Seriously, the 30 refund is even done automatically so there is no hassle on your end.
If this course sounds like it is for you then give it a go!

"I think the power of persuasion would be the greatest superpower of all time" - Jenny Mollen

I will see you on the inside once you are ready to truly master persuasion!


6 Shortcuts to Powerful Persuasion

Getting more people to say Yes to your requests with Social Influence. Learn persuasive techniques to better persuade.

Created by Gerry Hurley - Online Sales Training | Sales Performance Coach


Students: 1931, Price: $19.99

Students: 1931, Price:  Paid


This course will provide you with an overview of 6 powerful persuasive techniques to enhance your persuasion.

No matter what your job is, much of your success at work will rely on your ability to influence and persuade others. In other words, get others to say yes to your requests.

This course draws from scientific research from social psychology to present proven persuasive techniques  to increase your ability to persuade and influence.

The course comprises over 67 minutes of video comprising 8 self contained lessons and take away support articles.


The course provides over an hour of content structured into 3 sections. 

Section 1 provides an insight into the scientific studies of fixed action patterns found in both animals and people. For certain triggers people and animals tend to consistently respond a certain way. Knowing these patterns and how to trigger them can significantly increase the chances that someone will be persuaded by your request.

Section 2 covers each of the 6 mental triggers or shortcuts to persuasion in detail. Each shortcut has a dedicated lesson which:

  • defines the shortcut / principle
  • outlines the science behind the principle
  • provides real world examples of how the principle is applied in practice
  • provides tactics or guidelines of how to adopt the principle for use in your own business context. 

Section 3 provides a brief summary of the key learnings from the course.

So why take this persuasion techniques course?

  • Course is based on the best selling book, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”,  with over 1.5million  copies sold and regarded as a seminal read on Persuasion.
  • Course goes beyond the “what” to provide guidelines and tips as to “how” you can implement this learning in your own business context
  • Unlike many courses, Gerry Hurley is available should you have any queries. Just email him - he’s here to help.
  • The hope is that this will be a living course. As students digest the content and look to implement in their own business context, it is hoped they will share their experiences through the discussion board so that all can benefit.

How To Turn Strangers into Clients Without Having to Sell

No Persuasion, No Objections Handling, No Being Needing...My unique Sales Strategy

Created by Zaid Alasfar - Digital Marketer, Salesmen & Blogger


Students: 1856, Price: Free

Students: 1856, Price:  Free

Selling is waste of time....

I remember in my early days of sales

I was perplexed by the nature of sales

There was something about it I wanted to figure out.

Like it held the answers to the universe

Like if I could understand how sales worked I would be forever confident

Everything I wanted money, women, fame...

I would able to glide my way through life with a winning sales smile

Some days I would have 'it'

I don't know what 'it' is

I don't know how I got 'it'

But I had 'it'

I was in magical state of indifference and confidence

I could do no wrong

I could tell the potential customer that I wanted to fuck his wife and still close the deal.

Some days I wouldn't have 'it'

It was as if the whole universe would just turn on me

Random harsh animosity

Awkward silences

Rejection after rejection after rejection

And then I would stink of neediness and desperation.

People would feel embarrassed for me.

Of course I value my growth and I look back on those days now as precious lessons.

That was not a waste of time.

However those 'good days' were over

Think about it

That day your sounded amazing and your sales pitch was perfect.

Who did you influence? 1 customer...

Who did you perfectly build the value of your product for? 1 customer

Whose considering buying your product? 1 customer...

All that time, energy and spontaneous magical sales state which is so hard to manufacture

Just for 1 customer.

Nowadays you an you use the internet to sell for you.

Cold calling is not dead

But selling is.

Below I've created a diagram of my sales strategy.

It's designed to sell, follow up and build trust over time in a automated fashion.

The Power of Persuasion

How to get ahead and make people do what you want in 9 handy tips

Created by Magda Kay - Life & Business Coach


Students: 1094, Price: $54.99

Students: 1094, Price:  Paid

The Power Of Persuasion is a comprehensive course that will equip you with the 9 most powerful techniques of persuasion.

You will learn the most powerful tips, why they work and how to use them according to the situation you're in and what you want to achieve.

The Power Of Persuasion is not just another course on persuasion. What you will find here is the essence, everything you need to successfully influence others. And all that in just 1 hour!

Yes, you read it right. You can spend only 10 minutes a day, and after a week you will be a graduate of The Power Of Persuasion. And you will know everything you need to know.

Imagine no more struggles convincing others of your ideas. No difficulty in selling your products. Finally getting what you want.

Online Psychology and Persuasion for Conversion Optimization

Apply online psychology in a structured way in your conversion rate optimization program to get better results.

Created by Ruben de Boer - CRO Consultant, online teacher, author, and speaker


Students: 549, Price: $89.99

Students: 549, Price:  Paid

***Highest rated course on Online Psychology, by a best selling instructor***

If you are a Conversion Rate Optimization specialist or someone working on optimization and experimentation you often hear that online psychology is very important to increase your successes. And this is true, data shows that teams with knowledge about psychology get more A/B test winners, get a higher conversion rate and get better insights about their website visitors. If you want to achieve this, then this is the right course for you.

By taking this course, you will learn:

  • How to build a behavioral model with online psychology.

  • How to verify your behavioral model through A/B testing and psychology.

  • How to apply the four optimization directions and all psychological tactics.

  • How to apply your knowledge to every step in the customer journey.

  • How to use online psychology to increase your A/B test winners and conversion rates.

This helps you to greatly increase your success in your job and contribute to the growth of the whole organization.

This course will not simply cover 100 psychological tricks you can apply to your website today. Instead, this course will teach you how to really apply online psychology and persuasion into conversion rate optimization practices. You will learn how it fits within your CRO process, how to use it in your experimentation, and how to create and validate a behavioral model of your website visitors that helps you to increase your conversion rates and realize valuable long term learnings.

Online psychology and persuasion course setup

In this course, you will start by building a behavioral model for your website visitors. This model will help you to properly apply online psychology and persuasion into practice.

Next, you will learn everything about our brain and dual processing. We will cover System 1, System 2, and their characteristics.

After that, we deep dive into the four psychological directions for optimization and cover the psychological tactics which you can use in your A/B tests to verify your behavioral model. We will cover cognitive ease, motivation & risk, attention & perception, and choices & memory.

Course content

  • Section 1: Introduction

  • Section 2: Building a behavioral model

  • Section 3: Dual processing theory

  • Section 4: Cognitive ease

  • Section 5: Motivation & risk

  • Section 6: Attention & perception

  • Section 7: Choices & memory

  • Section 8: Final words

The course is set up in a practical and engaging manner. Together, we will cover all the theories using fun exercises, real-life examples, surprising scientific research, and of course, examples of how to apply it on your website.

By the end of the course, you will know how to build and verify a behavioral model with online psychology. You will massively increase your conversion rates, as well as learn about the needs, motivations, and behaviors of your website visitors. And all this knowledge is not only beneficial for your website, but also for marketing, product innovation, product owners, and the overall strategy of your whole organization.

Master online psychology and persuasion for conversion rate optimization and start increasing your conversion rates today

If you sign up today you will have lifetime access to the course, including all future updates. You´ll also get a 30 day no question asked, money-back guarantee.

If you have any questions, during this course or after that, you are always very welcome to contact me. I will be happy to help you out, and I want you to be successful.

Ready to learn online psychology? Get started today! :-)

Persuasion Power 4: Persuasion Psychology Hack “Yes Engines”

Create an Almost Irresistible Urge in Others to Agree with You Using a 3 Step System Based on a Persuasion Shortcut

Created by Ken Wells - Best-Selling Instructor 74,140+ Students in 182 Countries


Students: 424, Price: $89.99

Students: 424, Price:  Paid

Do you have to be dishonest, manipulative or sleezy to be persuasive?  No. 

Not all persuasion skills and techniques require you to degrade yourself.

You can learn to create agreement momentum and communicate your ideas in a way that is easy for others to agree with, while sounding natural, eloquent, and charming.

You’ll discover how to build strategic “yes engines” that create an almost irresistible urge in others to agree with what you are saying, suggesting or presenting.

You’ll also learn how to frame your messages, so that, they are very difficult to disagree with, using an easy to apply system, grounded in well-researched, psychology of persuasion principles and skills.

Win others to your way of thinking quickly and consistently...even if you’re shy or introverted...

Become hard to disagree with.  

Stop getting walked all over by others more persuasive than you.

What will I be able to DO after I enroll?

  • BUILD Strategic “Yes Engines” That Create an Almost Irresistible Force of Agreement in Others

  • INCREASE Your Sales Prowess and Closing Rate Without Being Salesy or Aggressive

  • CONTROL Conversations Using the 5 Frames That Are Easy to Agree with

  • EXPAND Your Understanding of Persuasion Psychology with Simple to Understand Language + Templates

  • CREATE Unstoppable Momentum Towards Your Outcomes in Any Situation

  • AVOID Difficult Disagreements with a Proven Yes Getting System

  • COMMAND Respect by Communicating Persuasively While Being Completely Authentic

  • LEAD Others Through the Use of Strategic “Yes Pyramids”

Make compelling, agreement getting points and suggestions.  

Make more sales.

Get your way more of the time.

I created this course because I wanted to teach people the essence of effective communication and a very powerful, usable system and way of communicating that you can immediately use and benefit from.

The problem with many of the persuasion and influence programs on the market is that they are often difficult to learn and apply.  

..not to mention, they are typically presented in a very boring, dry, academic way.

They often require many hours of study to understand and are usually hard to tailor to your specific situation.

What’s great about this course is that you can literally start practicing what’s in it tonight and start getting results immediately.

Essentially, you’ll gain 2 Key Skills:

The first, is the ability to increase the odds that others agree with you.  In almost any situation.

It’s an easy-to-use system for “greasing the wheels” so to speak so that your ideas and suggestions are more easily accepted by others.

In fact, what it will do is help you to communicate in such a way that others feel eager to agree with you.  

They will literally feel compelled to keep agreeing with you based on your new, more effective communication skills and the type of momentum your conversation creates...

The second, is the ability to “frame” your ideas so that they are easy to agree with.

There’s a reason people like Gerry Spence have never lost a criminal court case in over 35 years.  

As a defense attorney or as a prosecutor.

Yeah, he probably carefully picks his cases, but, he also utilizes certain incredibly effective persuasive techniques and communication skills that are very difficult to disagree with.

That’s what you will learn in this course.

Think of it like this - When you enroll in this course and use what you learn, you can expect this:

In sales, you’ll go from getting stalls, delays and objections late in the game.  

Prospects disappearing and “ghosting” you.  Never to return. 

Won’t answer your follow up phone calls.  Frustrated.  Annoyed.  Wasted time… closing more deals on the first call/appointment.  Save time. 

Be in control of the sales process.  

Create a momentum and almost irresistible momentum for agreeing with you and buying today.

In business meetings, you go from struggling to get your point across.  

People not really “feeling” what you’re saying.  Making good points but you fail to influence or “change” people… others being fully engaged in your message or presentation of ideas.  

They are nodding their heads, paying full attention and agreeing with your minor and overall points.  

They start viewing you as a leader as a result of your increased persuasion abilities.

In your personal life, you have to present an idea to someone.  

Could be to get a lower price.  Could be a difficult talk with your kids, your spouse or significant other.  Could be a friend. 

You’re worried about how to get them to see your point of view.  

Instead of making a mistake and damaging the relationship or worse, finding yourself being won over by their way of thinking…

...instead, you’ll use the tools you learn in this course.  

You create a compelling argument.  They see your point of view. 

They respect you more because of how eloquently you presented your ideas and how influentially.  

You feel proud and respect yourself more.

What will I learn specifically?

  • The Real Secret to Getting to Yes Using The Psychology of Persuasion

  • What The World's Most Persuasive People Know About Influence

  • The 3 Step Process for Building "Yes Engines"

  • 4 Key Principles That Ensure Your Yes Engines Run Smoothly

  • The Subtle Art of Gaining Strategic Agreement

  • How to Deal with Polarity Responders with Ease

  • The 5 Frames for Controlling the Argument and Gaining Agreement Quickly

  • Over 30 Patterns for Creating Irresistible Agreement Getting Questions

  • 210+ Examples Using Agreement Getting Frames and Questions

Become a far more persuasive person, control conversations and get others to agree with you much more often

So go ahead and give the course a test drive.  

Click the buy now button on the right hand side and put these tools to the test for the next 30 days.  

If you aren’t able to massively increase your results...ask for a refund and you’ll get it.

All the fluff and fat has been trimmed with this course.  

I’ve done the research.  

I know what’s missing from other persuasion programs and I’ve painstakingly filled those gaps.

This is a course you will use now and get benefit from for years to come.  

These are evergreen skills where every minute you invest learning these skills will be pay you back 10 fold.

So, why not give it a shot?

What have you got to lose?  If you do nothing, nothing will change.

Once you enroll you’re given step by step instructions and easy to follow exercises.

Best of all, you'll have my help should you have questions or need help applying the techniques in a specific situation.

Professional Persuasion

Ten Days to Persuade, Influence and Excel

Created by Wes Lee - Personal Development


Students: 183, Price: $19.99

Students: 183, Price:  Paid

Professional Persuasion is a 10-day course that will teach you the nuts and bolts of influence and persuasion for Sales Professionals. Learn the psychology behind why people buy, overcome resistance, powerfully persuade other people, and never hear “no” again. Features the Top Strategies in business, from the world's best. These dynamic skills will give you the edge over your competitors and grow your income tremendously.

Master Persuasion and Influence with Jason Teteak

Learn How to Master Communication Skills in Your Business & Personal Life that Validate, Persuade, Influence and Inspire

Created by Jason Teteak - Author, YouTuber, Keynote & TEDx Speaker, CEO Rule the Room


Students: 160, Price: $89.99

Students: 160, Price:  Paid

You are about to learn how to master communication skills in your business and personal life. 

You'll learn how to be more assertive, confident, engaging, and influential, all while validating that your audience is feeling good about you.

Our unique experience working with THOUSANDS of business professional led us to create this program. 

This program isn’t for everyone... 

...its sole focus is how to be more persuasive and influential and actually connect with people in an assertive way.

I call these these "Validation sessions" because they validate assertive and influence skills.

We’ve helped countless business professionals handle this task, and we can do the same for you.

37 Proven Techniques to Greater Persuasion and Influence

You'll learn how to...

·       Get your audience to be engaged in from the moment they sit down

·       Hook your audience by telling them why they should stay and listen

·       Explain your agenda and show them what's in it for them and what they will get.

·       Show you will meet their needs and show that you care

·       Make both you and your product look good

·       Keep your audience engaged, on track, and having fun all the way through your communication

·       Make it enjoyable by meeting their needs and get them to interact with you

·       Make them feel safe and create excitement with your personality

·       Persuade  your audience to say "YES!" to your proposal, initiative or idea

·       Confidently answer any question, including those you don’t know or are completely off topic

·       Roll with the unexpected and look good by managing mistakes, disruptions or negativity

·       Get your audience to thank you for the communication

·       Save time and have less frustration getting yourself and others ready for the talk

And, much, much more...

Educational Research Goes Into Every Technique

Jason Teteak has helped more than 10,000 business professionals to “Rule the Room”.

After observing thousands of business professionals in real business and personal settings, he was asked to put this program together for teaching it on Udemy.   

He’s won praise and a wide following for his original methods, his engaging style, and his knack for transferring training skills via practical, simple, universal and immediately actionable techniques.

Or as he puts it “No theoretical fluff”. 

Step-by-Step Modeling of Everything We Suggest You Do

You’ll get to see Jason model for you (with our very own case studies) exactly how to master communication skills in your business and personal life. 

It used to drive Jason CRAZY when "gurus" would tell him what to do, but wouldn't model it themselves. 

This program is the exact opposite...Jason models EVERYTHING.

Teaches the “Why” AND the “How”

Eventually, everyone has to become more assertive and influential.

Most gurus just say, “Here’s the gold dust,” and then people don’t know what to do with it, or it simply doesn’t work...ESPECIALLY for challenging situations.

The point is that they don’t give the precursors as to why it works.

In this program, we will break down each and every technique (77 TOTAL TECHNIQUES) to make it simple and easy and tell you why it works so that you can apply it to new situations day after day to master your persuasion and influence. 

Includes Tons Of Valuable Resources, Tools, & Bonuses

When you sign up for this program, you’ll get 77 PROVEN techniques from dozens of case studies to master communication skills in your business and personal life.  

Listen to what some real business professionals who attended this presentation had to say...

BONUS PROGRAM NOW INCLUDED: Public Speaking and Presentation Evaluations: Success Now!

If you’re able to take the presentation you’ve designed and built and find out if the audience learned what they needed to learn, then no matter who walks out or misses the presentation, you know if they'll be successful at their job.

You know whether you and your presenters met the objectives when you can clearly evaluate whether your audience enjoyed, learned and can use your presentation after it’s finished.

Presentation skills to design proper evaluations are important for many reasons. Not only do they find out if the audience enjoyed the presentation and liked the presenter, but most important, if done right, they can help you determine how effective the presentation was.   

For example, a presentation evaluation survey can help you determine whether the presentation was effectively taught by discovering such things as whether the concepts of the presentation were well organized or how well the presenter knows the subject matter. Evaluation surveys can also tell you whether the presenter communicated clearly and was easy to understand.     

Evaluation surveys can also tell you how effectively the presentation was managed. You can determine whether the presenter’s pace was just right, too fast, or too slow. You can also find out if the presenter controlled the audience and kept appropriate focus, or whether the presentation was enjoyable and kept the interest of the audience. You can even find out whether personal attention and extra help were available.   

Our goal is to give people practical and actionable presentation skills that create a real connection with your audience.   

Not pie in the sky ideas, one hit wonders or concepts that sound good on paper but are impossible to execute, that come off as disingenuous or that are just plain ineffective.   

Over 20 years ago, I began crafting this method for meeting the challenges of public speaking in a way that’s genuine to you.  

We show you exactly how to take presentation skills and use them to seize opportunities, big & small.   

So you can have the confidence you need to deliver your message, because our guess is what you have to say is pretty important.

Course Reviews: 

"I was totally blown away by that class and talked to a number of other people who attended who felt the same way. What really struck me about your class was your flawless embodiment of what you were teaching. When you talked to us about body positioning during a presentation, you had been doing exactly that the entire 2 hours you talked with us. Too often in classes/discussions like this, the instructor is simply telling you what you ‘should” do whether or not the presenter himself actually does it. You provided the info, you clearly implemented that information in your own presentations, and its effectiveness showed in the way you presented the class itself. There are very few classes I leave feeling that pumped up about what I do!"

      Kyle McAllister -- Implementation Services

“Jason Teteak’s concepts and ideas go far and beyond communication skills.   There are many people who are good presenters but they lack the skills to adjust to questions or lead discussions in a positive direction. Teteak’s concepts are fundamental to becoming a dynamic communicator.  In the day and age of communicating through texts and emails, people have lost the art of face to face communication and explaining their ideas clearly and confidently. Dynamic communication leads to productive interactions and expedited decisions. Dynamic communicators can solve problems and facilitate decision making faster than a person who struggles with communicating in an ever changing industry.  If you only have time to attend the class, do so and without any distractors. If you practice the skills learned, you will begin to notice the pickup in efficiency and credibility.”

     Richard Welton -- Team Leader

    “This was definitely the most helpful class that I have taken.  The way you teach is engaging and the material is very applicable.  I was able to go use it right away at a validation session and it worked perfectly! I took your suggestion and was able to keep my communication on track and connect with people and they still walked away happy and feeling like their concerns were heard.”

     Rachel Duff  -- Sales

“As project managers we attend and give a LOT of presentations.  You’ve left at least one presentation thinking it was a total waste of your time. Want to prevent your audience from muttering that about you? Great! Me too! (In case I attend one of your presentations!)  Then you should connect with Jason and Rule the Room. Jason is a savant with presentations; he can present something as mundane as mud and make it riveting. I’ve worked with him to train project managers. His material is spot-on and effective. It works because he focuses on doing the basics well.  When Jason gives advice, you think ‘well yeah, of course I knew to do that.’ But you didn’t really – and it takes someone saying what sounds like common sense for you to realize that you’ve been missing the blunt direction. I highly recommend you see what Rule the Room has to offer. Your presentations will never be the same.”

      Dayna May  -- Project Manager

Don't just take their word for it.  Try it for yourself...

Click the button and watch the program now.

About Your Instructor

International Public Speaking Coach, TEDx Speaker and Best Selling author Jason Teteak has taught more than one million people how to flawlessly command attention and connect with audiences in their unique style.

He’s won praise and a wide following for his original methods, his engaging style, and his knack for transferring communications skills via practical, simple, universal and immediately actionable techniques.

Or as he puts it “No theoretical fluff”.

Jason gained recognition at EPIC Systems in the medical software industry, where he was known as “trainer of trainers of trainers.”

He has developed more than fifty presentation and communication training programs ranging in length from one hour to three days that serve as the basis for The Rule the Room Method.

In 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 he was named #1 Best Selling coach on Public Speaking for his on-demand video teaching tools that quickly took off for over 100,000 online students around the world.

Teteak has flipped the model and changed the approach to great Public Speaking for even the most seasoned veterans.

Persuasion Psychology & Influence | Close the Deal

Master Persuasion Psychology & Influence to Increase Sales & Close More Deals in Business, Marketing & Sales Situations.

Created by Robin & Jesper - Best-Selling Instructors in Digital Marketing & Business


Students: 102, Price: $89.99

Students: 102, Price:  Paid

Would You Like to Learn How to Close More Deals?
Then, You've Come To The Right Place!

Persuasion Psychology & Influence | Close the Deal is an Online Video Course For Anyone Wanting to Learn to Close More Deals through Persuasion and Influencing. You'll Learn How to be Successful With Your Sales & Deals in Any Business, Marketing or Sales Situation.

Inside This Course, You'll learn how to Close Deals.
This Course Also Includes Premium Support.
(We'll answer all your questions within 24 hours).

After This Course, You'll Be Able To

  • Close More Deals.

  • Persuade Others to Take a Desired Action.

  • Influence Others to Change Their Minds.

What You Will Master Inside This Course

  1. How to Close a Deal

  2. How to Persuade

  3. How to Influence

  4. Sales Psychology

  5. How to Build a Credible Character

  6. How to Reason

  7. How to Play on Emotions

  8. How to Use Metaphors

  9. How to Use Brevity

This Course Includes Templates, Tools, Phrases & Exercises That Will Help you to Close More Deals, Persuade & Influence.

The Tools in This Course Are FREE.

See You Inside The Persuasion Psychology & Influence | close the Deal Course!


Robin & Jesper