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Create a Personal Brand Website without coding | 2021

Create a beautiful professional personal brand website and stand out from the crowd. No code. Easy to implement in 1 hr.

Created by Dheeraj Sharma - Wordpress developer | Android Developer | Entrepreneur


Students: 9134, Price: Free

What you will learn in this course:

  • How to use WordPress

  • How to use a simple drag and drop builder (Elementor) to create a completely unique personal website

  • How to create a professional portfolio to showcase your work

  • How to easily link all of your social media profiles on your website like LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Why do you need a personal brand website?

  • Get a job (show exactly what and the way you want to)

  • Grow your business (clients can share website with other prospective clients)

  • Become a thought leader (can also promote your products/services)’

  • Your creative outlet (showcase anything and everything to your audience)

  • Grow your own audience/email list (social media come and go/ algorithm change)

  • Monetize your website (ads/affiliate/sell own products/services/)

  • People instantly get to know you

  • Ownership of site/ Absolute control (how it looks and all)

  • Organic Traffic from google

  • Professional Email address

  • Build authority Expert/Coach/Consultant/Author/Speaker/Trainer/Business

Topics that we will cover in the course

  • Set up domain and hosting

  • Install WordPress

  • Install Theme Astra

  • Elementor

  • Astra Options

  • Changing picture/text/menu

  • Embedding HTML/ Yt vids/Tweets/Social- smash balloon social photo feed

  • Google search console

Who should take up this course?

  • Students

  • Professionals

  • Freelancers

  • Consultant

  • or Anybody who wants to stand out from the crowd using a personal brand

This course is a great way to get started with building your beautiful and professional-looking WordPress website in a matter of just 1 hour or so and just minimum resources.

Personal Branding

Improve your personal brand in three weeks. Learn from my experiments, observations, and interviews.

Created by Michal Juhas - Tech Entrepreneur


Students: 5694, Price: Free

Do you have less than 10k followers on social media? If yes, it's the right time to learn how to boost your online presence and connections.

I will help you determine what type of person you would like to become in the future and then take steps to make it a reality.

Learn how to attribute wins and learnings from your company to improve your personal brand.

I run experiments to improve my brand and share my learnings, insights, and stats in this course.

I built this course for entrepreneurs and tech leads -- to help them improve their personal brand and accelerate growth.

Boost Your Personal Brand Like a Pro!



This course will teach you how to skyrocket your credibility and become more visible at work and in your social circles.


This course is ideal if:

- you're an entrepreneur getting ready for a new venture and you need help to make sure that your interactions with potential customers generate business. You want to understand what a personal brand represents and how the process works for you.

- you're a (tech) professional or a fresh graduate and you want to set yourself apart from your peers in the job market. You want to understand what a personal brand represents and how the personal branding process works for you.

- and for anyone who wants to understand his unique strengths and wants to differentiate himself from other individuals.

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Additional coaching

I'm happy to help you 1-1 to improve your personal brand.

FREE Personal Branding for Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters

Use social media to improve your personal brand and get more clients

Created by Michael de la Maza, PhD, CEC - Agile Trainer / Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach


Students: 4361, Price: Free

Five years ago, I was an absolute ZERO on social media.

I relied on run-of-the-mill recruiters to get all of my gigs.

Eighteen months ago I began to focus on using social media to improve my personal brand and I have seen huge rewards:

  • One of the five largest tech companies in the world called me to train and coach one of their data science teams

  • A famous startup asked me to give a three hour workshop

  • I was asked to keynote a major conference

In this course, I introduce you to what I've been doing to increase my business by using social media.

This course is for beginners. If you are already familiar with Twitter, LinkedIn, and web sites DO NOT take this course.

Design a brand style guide | The Entire Brand Design Process

Design Brand Style Guide, Personal Branding and Brand Identity

Created by Muhammad Asif - Graphic Designer || Brand Strategist


Students: 269, Price: Free

My name is Muhammad Asif and I have vast experience in designing.

in this course, you will learn how to design a personal branding, brand style guide brand identity, brand manual, and everything about branding. in this course, you will learn how to choose colors for the brand using brand feelings. I will show you the best website where you can get inspiration about logo design and design your professional logo and you will learn about typography and how to represent typography in the brand style guide and brand identity. I will show you how to design professional social media posters for brands. in this course, I will show you how to present brand imagery and photography. in this course, I will show you where you can download images and videos for free and use them in your branding design. and show you the best website where you can see the branding of big brands like tesla, apple, adobe, and others so see you in the class. after completing this course you will be able to sell services on Fiverr and Upwork and earn money online. I sure you will learn something new and something unique from in this course

Regards Umair

Free Personal Branding Beginners Course

Building The Business Around Your Passion

Created by Anish Kokani - Content Creator | Marketing & Business Growth Consultant


Students: 228, Price: Free

Welcome to my Personal Branding Beginners Course!

This course will teach you how to create a strong personal brand that will position yourself as THE expert in your niche.

The course is:

  • 100% BS-free: I don't beat around the bush, everything in here has its relevance.
    That is because I respect your time!

  • Based on real-life experience: everything I teach in the course, I have applied to my own business.
    This is a concentrate of my 10 years of business experience, successes & failures.

  • Detailed & complete: yes it's over 8 hours long, but that's because building a strong personal brand is no joke!
    I will guide you through all the major steps you should take to become the authority in your niche.

  • A Roadmap: we will start from scratch (brainstorming your business idea) and the roadmap will progressively lead you to your final destination: becoming the Go-To person in your field.
    Every section explains the next critical step you should take to grow your authority and your reputation.

Learn from scratch How To Build Your Personal brand and create business around your passion and market it with seamless ways.

You will get an idea of how to choose your niche and figure out to monetise it, which are the fundamental steps to personal branding.

This course is about getting real to your life with building a business with what you are passionate about and achieve Freedom Lifestyle.

The entire course encapsulates the system and procedure to find what you are passionate about and connecting it with market requirements and finding your own niche to build the business around it and launch it with monetization completely online.

It also helps you in understanding all the digital skills required to promote your business and it does not end over here because I will be helping you get the further updated digital skills to be learned and implement to grow your business.

I will be including the new updated skills for the course which are required to not just grow your business but also build the strong foundation to promote it in such a way where you never lose your freedom lifestyle but yet grow your business wherever you are.

Building the business around your passion will not only give you the freedom lifestyle you dreamt about but will also help you achieve all your dreams.

I would like to see you in the course soon.