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Conquer Your Content Creating Fear And Become an Authority!

"This is a life changing course..This course will make your business skyrocket and take your life into a new level"

Created by Eric John Campbell - Author


Students: 6818, Price: Free

You Know You Want to Be a Content Creator

You have amazing content that you want to share with other people. 

You know people like your stuff and its time for you to get paid to teach it. That is the life of a content creator and you know you want it. 

By being a successful content creator you have the freedom to live your life in the way that you want without working for anyone else.

What happens when it’s time to create content; all of a sudden you freeze. 

You start to doubt that you might not know enough about your subject to teach it to other people yet. 

You start to second guess yourself and the voice inside your head starts to say why you can’t do it.

Every Single Content Creator Faces Fear

Every single content creators gets these thoughts at some point. 

There are a bunch of fears that get in the way from us sharing our great content with everyone else. 

These fears stop us from sharing our content and making the lives of the people around us better.

The way past these fears to find out where they’re coming from and see them for what they really are; an illusion. 

By becoming aware of these fears you can start practicing the mindset needed to overcome them.

Common Fears:

  • I’m not good enough to teach others
  • I’m not as good as my competitors (not even close)
  • I need to get more degrees, awards, etc.. before I can teach others.
  • I’m an imposter; sooner or later people are going to realize I don’t know what I’m talking about

We will talk about all of these fears in this course; everybody has them. 

The most successful content creators are the people that are able to identify what these fears are and move past them. 

The day you start to overcome these fears will be one of the most satisfying accomplishments you will have as a content creator

How Do You Get People to See You As an Expert

Once you overcome your fears of being a content creator you have made it past the biggest hurdle of becoming a paid content creator. 

The next biggest roadblock is establishing yourself as an expert. 

It’s not about how much you know; it’s all about how much other people think you know.

That is what the word ‘authority’ means. 

Someone that has authority in their target subject is considered to be an expert in that field. 

Once you have authority people will hand you their trust and will do anything to hear more from you (including pay you).

Authority Is an Illusion That You Can Easily Create for Yourself

In this course we are going to focus on how authority is an illusion that anyone can create. 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the appropriate university degrees or if you haven’t written a book before. 

We are going to talk about all of the ways that you can establish yourself as an authority and have your target market look to you as the go to expert in your field!

Once you become a content creator that has authority you will be surprised at the opportunities that come to you. 

Everyone wants to learn from the person they think is an expert in a certain field. 

You could share the exact same content that you have available now and people will pay you 10X as much for it.

It’s Not About What You Know; It’s About What Other People Think You Know

If people can trust that you are an expert in the subject they want to learn about they will do whatever it takes to learn from you.

This course is for any new content creator that has either not made money from teaching yet or hasn’t made as much money as they would like. 

What’s getting in your way is most likely fear & not being looked at as an expert by your audience. 

This course will take you past these hurdles and help you turn your content creating from hobby to full-time income.

In This Course You Will Learn:

  • How to identify what fears are stopping you from creating content
  • How to overcome your content creating fears
  • What authority is and why it is so effective
  • Why becoming an authority is the best thing you can do for your audience
  • How to see yourself as an authority figure and not feel intimated by other successful content creators
  • How to build up your own authority so people see you as the expert in your field

You Will Be Completely Satisfied with This Course

If you are not 100% satisfied with this course you have 30-days to get an instant full refund. 

The link below will take you to an article that walks you through exactly how to get a refund (without having to talk to anyone)

The World Needs More Content Creators

We need more content creators to share their expertise with the world. 

People want to learn from you. 

My hope is you get to overcome the fears that are stopping you from sharing your gift with the world. 

I also hope you become an expert in the minds of your audience so they will trust you and listen to what you have to teach them.

Have a great day,


Personal Branding

Improve your personal brand in three weeks. Learn from my experiments, observations, and interviews.

Created by Michal Juhas - Tech Entrepreneur


Students: 5694, Price: Free

Do you have less than 10k followers on social media? If yes, it's the right time to learn how to boost your online presence and connections.

I will help you determine what type of person you would like to become in the future and then take steps to make it a reality.

Learn how to attribute wins and learnings from your company to improve your personal brand.

I run experiments to improve my brand and share my learnings, insights, and stats in this course.

I built this course for entrepreneurs and tech leads -- to help them improve their personal brand and accelerate growth.

Boost Your Personal Brand Like a Pro!



This course will teach you how to skyrocket your credibility and become more visible at work and in your social circles.


This course is ideal if:

- you're an entrepreneur getting ready for a new venture and you need help to make sure that your interactions with potential customers generate business. You want to understand what a personal brand represents and how the process works for you.

- you're a (tech) professional or a fresh graduate and you want to set yourself apart from your peers in the job market. You want to understand what a personal brand represents and how the personal branding process works for you.

- and for anyone who wants to understand his unique strengths and wants to differentiate himself from other individuals.

Click on the Buy Now button in the upper right-hand side of your screen and we'll see each other on the other side!

Additional coaching

I'm happy to help you 1-1 to improve your personal brand.

6 Pillars of Entrepreneur Success with John Spencer Ellis

Life-Enhancing Framework for your Entrepreneurial Success

Created by John Spencer Ellis - Digital Nomad, Entrepreneur, Personal Development


Students: 4424, Price: Free

Start NOW and create ULTIMATE Entrepreneurial Success.

This is not some quick “fluffy talk” or a long sales pitch. These lessons form a comprehensive training that will forever and dramatically enhance all areas of your business and life.  

This guide breaks down the six pillars--Platform, Tribe, Products, Ascension, Retention, and Investments-- that contribute to your success as an entrepreneur and business owner. Whether your work takes place entirely online or in a storefront, these lectures will offer insight and guidance on how to drastically improve or refresh all aspects of your approach.

  • Have you optimized your platform? Are your business and products positioned correctly in the marketplace?

  • Are you utilizing your peers and building an engaged tribe via your smart business relationships and maximized use of technology?

  • Are you offering engaging and popular content that keeps your customers and clients wanting to see more?

  • Are you doing your research and having your products and services tested by not only your target audience, but by a diverse target audience that is made up of different genders, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and education levels?

  • How much of your attention have you given your marketing strategy? Have you won the hearts and minds of your ideal customer?

  • Are the investments you have made truly beneficial to your bottom line? Are they smart and varied investments?

You will see how the 6 pillars of entrepreneur success work together and on their own to support your "house of Success." Remember, if just one area is lacking (if your foundation is the slightest bit off kilter or uneven) your whole house can come crumbling down.

You and I both do not want to see that happen. So with these free course offerings, I will walk you through my breakdown of these 6 pillars as well as the building blocks of each, and together we can figure out a way to tackle your business struggles. In the end, you will have the tools to see what areas need help and will start making the decisions that will lead to your growth and increased success as a business owner and entrepreneur.

The Maxx You Project How To: Capture an Authentic You

Photo Stylist and Influencer Meredith Staggers teaches you how to be the true you on social media.

Created by The Maxx You Project How To - maxx you with us


Students: 4420, Price: Free

Join photo stylist and full-time influencer Meredith Staggers as she teaches you her secrets on sharing the authentic you on social media. She’ll help you uncover your unique point view, and teach you how to write social media captions that feel more relatable to the people in your life. Whether it’s for your personal Instagram account or for your business, her photo styling tips will help you elevate your social media content in a way that feels real to who you are. By the end of the course, you will feel more confident in sharing your true self on social media.

What are you waiting for?

This class is a part of The Maxx You Project, which is a community that encourages women to embrace their own individuality – together. You can join the growing community in The Maxx You Project Facebook Group.

Video Communication Course

Learn the basics of communicating on video to become an influencer

Created by Leher App - Social network to become better video communicators


Students: 2931, Price: Free

This course is for those who want to build a following, be social media influencers and communicate better. Use the tips and tools in this course to become better every single day.

Leher is a video social network for young professionals, content creators, influencers and vloggers.

The course will guide you through a 15 day program to improve your communication on video.

Creating your personal website at GitHub Pages

Get your personal site up and running with HTTPS and your custom domain in an hour

Created by Brian Gorman - Software Engineer and Computer Science Instructor


Students: 1163, Price: Free

This course is an overview of working with Github pages to quickly deploy a public-facing, static site.  The site can be used for anything such as your personal brand, giving your name and/or business a personal landing platform, and pointing your customers to you. 

During the course, you'll see how to quickly set up a new repository to host your files and get them to GitHub.  You will then put your web pages into the repository and then set the repository to be hosted via GitHub pages.

After the hosting is enabled, you can optionally point your own custom domain at the GitHub pages and then you will be able to enable HTTPS to make the site secure.

You will only be hosting static content, but using Simple HTML and a free template, you can quickly get a professional site built.

A couple of lectures in the course will show you how to do things like set up a calendly link for people to schedule calls with you and link to some youtube videos.

At the end of the course, you will be able to easily get your site up and your name/brand out there, so that the world can start benefitting from your gifts.

Simple Secrets To Networking Success

Effective use of LinkedIn, Meetup & Vistaprint to grow your professional network

Created by Alex Ivanov - Author | Speaker | Connector


Students: 929, Price: Free

Learn how to effectively use LinkedIn, MeetUp & Vistaprint to grow your network by attending networking events. You never know when you might meet your next client, friend and/or just get a chance to practice telling people what you are about.

I am happy to say that over the course of 2015 alone I more than doubled my network which now stands at just over 3333 people. I've been to dozens of conferences, having overcome my fear of public speaking.

I used to be very shy and unsure of myself, so going to events with rooms full of strangers was completely out of the question. I am so glad those days are behind me and in 2015 I discovered the hidden power of MeetUp and how you too can leverage this app to grow your network. This course contains lessons learned over the past 2 years.

Please join me for the essentials needed to grow your network and personal brand.

FREE: Obtaining an Internship | How Show Your Projects

Get the skills to sell your skills to prospective employees.

Created by Joaquin Pujols - Technology Lover | Infrastructure Engineer | DevOps | AWS


Students: 626, Price: Free

This FREE Course is Part of a series of courses to help you launch your career as an IT Professional.

These days, we need to sell ourselves by demonstrating what we are capable of providing to organizations. Employers are more interested in seeing (Demo) before buying your services. Why? We live in a digital era. There is more competitive advanced. Don't miss the opportunity to demonstrate that you have hands-on experience and you are able to do the work.

Below I have a list of items that will help you to get an internship in the IT world.

  • How to create a profile to search for a job?

  • How to get more practical experience?

  • How to write an effective entry-level resume?

  • Introduction to Linkedin

  • Introduction to Blogging

How to publish a book: Idea to book in Kindle and Paperback

Learn key features of Amazon, Fiverr, Scrivener and Camtasia for converting the ideas in your head to a real book.

Created by Alex Ivanov - Author | Speaker | Connector


Students: 235, Price: Free

Ever wanted to be a published author? Well here is you chance, with today's technology and collaboration with others you can make this a reality. I have 4 published books that I was able to publish in both Kindle and Paperback format using the same process that I share with you in this course.

What tool do I need?

To follow my exact steps you will need:

  • Mindly (alternative is a just pen and paper) - $5 app on your phone

  • Scrivener (alternative is to hire people to give you the properly formatted files) - $45 software program

  • Camtasia Studio (alternative is to write your book or invest in a cheaper microphone not intended for Udemy courses) - $200-300 software for recording and editing videos

What will I learn?

  1. Coming up with a book topic.

  2. Speaking your book into a microphone.

  3. Using Fiverr to find the exact helpers needed to make this process a breeze.

  4. Using Scrivener for organizing, formatting and generating the exact file types needed by Amazon.

  5. Uploading files to Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback format.

  6. Promoting yourself and your books.

Why should you take the class?

You will walk away with a proven process for getting your ideas into your very own books. An easy to follow set of steps to help you get your own ideas out to share with others in the world.

Introduction of ASHA (Accregated social Health Activist )

Excellent health care... Close to home. ...

Created by Ruby Kushwaha - Web Designer And Trainer


Students: 138, Price: Free

Accredited social health activist (ASHA) is a community health worker instituted by the government of India's Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) as a part of the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM).[1] The mission began in 2005; full implementation was targeted for 2012. Once fully implemented, there is to be "an ASHA in every village" in India, a target that translates into 250,000 ASHAs in 10 states.[2] The grand total number of ASHAs in India was reported in July 2013 to be 870,089.[3] There are 859,331 ASHAs in 32 states and union territories as per the data provided by the states in December 2014. This excludes data from the states of Himachal Pradesh, Goa, Puducherry, and Chandigarh, since the selection of ASHA is underway in these states.

Their tasks include motivating women to give birth in hospitals, bringing children to immunization clinics, encouraging family planning (e.g., surgical sterilization), treating basic illness and injury with first aid, keeping demographic records, and improving village sanitation.[6] ASHAs are also meant to serve as a key communication mechanism between the healthcare system and rural populations.

A baseline survey is to be taken at the district level. It is for fixing decentralized monitoring goals and indicators. The community monitoring would be at the village level. The planning commission would be the eventual monitor of outcomes. External evaluation will be taken up at frequent intervals

Choose to learn about compliance for health and safety with us, and you’ll gain the confidence, knowledge, and talent to take your career to a whole new level of possibilities. After completing this course you will learn how to apply Health and safety instantly in your workplace or home.