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GCP Professional Cloud Architect: Google Cloud Certification

Become a GCP Cloud Architect. Architect Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Solutions. 2021 MAY - Includes New Case Studies.

Created by in28Minutes Official - DevOps, Azure, GCP, Docker, Kubernetes, Java & Spring Boot


Students: 11740, Price: $89.99

Students: 11740, Price:  Paid

ONLY COURSE YOU NEED TO GET READY for Google Cloud (GCP) Certified Professional Cloud Architect Exam!

6 Things YOU need to know about this Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect Course:

#1: BRAND NEW - MAY 2021 (with 4 new case studies - EHR Healthcare, Helicopter Racing League, Mountkirk Games and TerramEarth)

#2: HANDS-ON - The best way to learn GCP (Google Cloud Platform) is to get your hands dirty!

#3: Designed for ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS to GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

#4: MULTI-CLOUD INSTRUCTOR - MORE THAN 100,000 Learners are learning AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud with us

#5: COMPLETE PREP for Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect

#6: FREE Downloadable PDF - Quickly Review for the exam


5 STARS - I have cleared GCP certified Architect today. Thanks to Ranga sir for a really nicely outlined course. !!

5 STARS - The course is very well structured. All the topics are covered in detail and the explanation is very clear. Thanks to Ranga and the team.

5 STARS - Ranga does a great job in keeping topics atomic while covering everything required. The content is easy to understand as well.

5 STARS - I could not skip a single lecture, the content was so engaging and interesting!! Thanks a lot for such an awesome course!

5 STARS - Just Awesome. I have gone through many udemy courses for gcp architect exam but the way you explain architecture aspects is just incredible. You covered most of the critical architecture guidelines recommended by GCP and explained it so well.

Why should do a Google Cloud Certification?

Here are few results from Google's 2020 Survey:

  • 87% of Google Cloud certified individuals are more confident about their cloud skills

  • GCP Cloud Architect was the highest paying certification of 2020 (2) and 2019 (3)

  • More than 1 in 4 of Google Cloud certified individuals took on more responsibility or leadership roles at work

Why should you aim for Google Cloud - GCP Cloud Architect Certification?

  • Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect certification helps you gain an understanding of cloud architecture and Google Cloud Platform.

  • As a Cloud Architect, you will learn to design, develop, and manage robust, secure, scalable, highly available, and dynamic solutions to drive business objectives.

The Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Architect exam assesses your ability to:

  • Design and architect a GCP solution architecture

  • Manage and provision the GCP solution infrastructure

  • Design for security and compliance

  • Analyze and optimize technical and business processes

  • Manage implementations of Google Cloud architecture

  • Ensure solution and operations reliability

We have designed this amazing course to help you learn the Compute, Storage, Database, and Networking solutions in Google Cloud (GCP).

Are you ready to get started on this amazing journey to becoming a Google Cloud Architect?

Do you want to join 600,000+ learners having Amazing Learning Experiences with in28Minutes?

Look No Further!

An Introduction to PCI-DSS

Learn the fundamentals of PCI-DSS and its implementation

Created by Graeme Parker - Cyber Security Trainer, Consultant and Auditor


Students: 1773, Price: $94.99

Students: 1773, Price:  Paid

Thus course is designed to give an overview of the standard and to provide guidance on the requirements and key considerations when implementing a PCI-DSS compliance programme.  Whether your business is a large enterprise or small business the course provides relevant advice and guidance.  Your instructor Graeme Parker uses his expertise and experience of implementing PCI-DSS to give real world examples and support.  This introduction should provide some fundamental starting points for your PCI-DSS journey.

PCI DSS Compliance : The A-Z™ Information Security Course

Master the 12 Requirements of PCI DSS v3.2.1 Compliance, Cyber Security and Identity Access Management + Practice Test

Created by SecuritasX™ IT Training - Information Security Trainings and Consultancy


Students: 347, Price: $89.99

Students: 347, Price:  Paid

The perfect course to get started with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. A detailed understanding of each of the sub-requirements and how they will be assessed is essential for PCI DSS compliance.

It doesn't matter whether you know payment card industry data security standard or you are a security professional, this course will help you to understand the protection of payments in a very effective and simple way! We have tried to explain all the requirements and topics in a very simple way so that you don't have to memorize. We are pretty sure that this is the perfect course for you to get started in the payments security industry.

First, you will understand the basics of payment cards.

Topics Covered:

  • Why Protecting Payments is important?

  • What is a Payment Card

  • How does a Card Transaction work?

  • Payment Card Industry Standards

  • What is PCI DSS?

  • Overview of 12 Requirements for PCI DSS

  • Who must comply with PCI?

  • History of PCI DSS

  • Maintaining a Secure Network System

  • Protecting Card Holder Data

  • Maintaining a Vulnerability Management Program

  • Access Control Measures

  • Monitoring and Testing Networks

  • Maintaining an Information Security Policy

Since its formation, PCI DSS has gone through several iterations in order to keep up with changes to the online threat landscape. While the basic rules for compliance have remained constant, new requirements are periodically added.

This course is a must for every computer user of an organization. No prior training is required to take this course as we will start with the basics. This will be a major step up in your career and if you still have doubts you should know I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee no questions asked so what are you waiting for?

Jump on in and take your career to the next level by learning information security today. I'll see you in the course!

PCI DSS Standard and Compliance Fundamentals

Learn essentials of PCI-DSS and its implementation

Created by Varinder K - Consultant in information security


Students: 130, Price: $19.99

Students: 130, Price:  Paid

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) applies to every entity or organization that stores, processes, or transmits cardholder data. In this course, you will learn about the standard in detail and all its requirement.Along with that you will learn about various terminologies which are required to understand PCI DSS Compliance.

You will learn PCI DSS is STANDARD OR REGULATION ( No of Candidates have confusion around the same)

This course provides essential knowledge so that one can understand the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). It will providing additional insight into both the standard and the compliance process.

You will learn intention of each of the 12 PCI DSS requirements and how these requirements will be accessed by a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) to share information about the compliance readiness

For easy understanding complete course is divided in 10 Sections and topics covered in respective sections are defined as follows:

In Section 1 following topics are covered

  • Background - PCI DSS Standard

  • History - PCI DSS Standard

  • What do mean by PCI DSS

  • Why you should get PCI Compliant

  • Confusion around PCI DSS

In Section 2 following topics are covered wherein most common terminologies used in PCI DSS are covered.

  • What do Merchants, Provider or Issuers Mean ?

  • What is a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA)?

  • Who is ISA (Internal Security Assessor) ?

  • What is (SAQ) Self-Assessment Questionnaire  ?

  • What is (AOC ) Attestation of Compliance ?

  • What is (RoC) Report on Compliance ?

In Section 3 following topics are covered wherein concepts like PCI DSS Scope and Its Requirements are covered in detail

  • How Card transaction work (Explained in 8 Steps)

  • PCI DSS Applicability

  • Systems In Scope of PCI DSS

  • 6 Goals and 12 requirements

  • Imp- Structure of PCI DSS Standard

In Section 4 is about Goal 1 (Build and Maintain a Secure Network) wherein underlying Requirements are covered in detail

  • Req 1: Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data

  • Req 2: Don’t use vendor-supplied defaults for system passwords

In Section 5 is about Goal 2 (Protect Card Holder data) wherein underlying Requirements are covered in detail

  • Req 3: Protect stored cardholder data

  • Req 4 : Encrypt transmission of cardholder data across open, public networks

In Section 6 is about Goal 3 (Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program) wherein underlying Requirements are covered in detail

  • Req-5: Use and regularly update antivirus software or programs

  • Req-6 : Develop and maintain secure systems and applications

In Section 7 is about Goal 4 (Implement Strong Access Control Measures) wherein underlying Requirements are covered in detail

  • Req-7 : Restrict access to cardholder data by business need to know

  • Req-8 : Assign a unique ID to each person with computer access

  • Req-9 : Restrict physical access to cardholder data

In Section 8 is about Goal 5 (Goal-5 : Regularly Monitor and Test Networks) wherein underlying Requirements are covered in detail

  • Req-10 : Track and monitor all access to network resources and cardholder data

  • Req-11 : Regularly test security systems and processes

In Section 9 is about Goal 6 (Goal-6 : Maintain an Information Security Policy) wherein underlying Requirements are covered in detail

  • Req-12 : Maintain a policy that addresses information security for all personnel

In Section 10 we have covered following topics which helps you to understand as how Verification of PCI Compliance can be done

  • Levels of PCI Compliance/Merchant Levels


  • Verifying Compliance with PCI

  • Validating a Requirement is in Place

  • Meeting the reporting requirement of PCI DSS

Practice Test : PCI DSS Internal Security Assessor Exam

PCI DSS ISA certification exam

Created by Dhirendra Rajput - 15+ years of experience in IT Operations & IT Security


Students: 70, Price: $34.99

Students: 70, Price:  Paid

By completing this course ( practice test) you will be able to test your knowledge before appearing for actual exam. PCI DSS ISA exam and QSA exams require full knowledge of many aspects. I struggled a lot to find test exams when I was preparing for my PCI DSS ISA exam .

During the preparation I jot down many points and questions . Same are presented here for your success. I wanted this course to be free, however Udemy platform probably doesn't allow test course as free subscription.  Actual PCI DSS exam has only 75 questions , however this course is for preparation hence there are 25 extra questions!

Good Luck for your PCI DSS certification.