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What is Medical Billing and Coding?

An Introductory Course on Medical Billing and Coding

Created by PPMC Academy - Instructor


Students: 6813, Price: Free

This is a 60-minute, introductory, mini course in medical billing and coding.  This course is designed for individuals who are interested in a career as a medical biller and coder but are not familiar with the tasks.  We begin the course with an overview of the medical biller and coder's tasks.  Then the student will learn how to assign codes using ICD-10-CM, CPT and HCPCS, in a family practice setting.  Additionally, the student will be exposed to the types of tasks performed by a medical biller, such as, Claim Status follow-ups, Payment posting and the Patient collections process.  At the close of this course we will discuss the education and experience options that a student can take to become a medical biller and coder. 

Research writing using Citavi — Part 1

Reference Management in Citavi

Created by AIIAS Library Reference Service - Citavi for research writing


Students: 5389, Price: Free

  • Search databases and library catalogs directly from within Citavi.  Save results to your project with a click.

  • Surf and Save:  When you find a book, article, or webpage online, use the Picker to quickly add its information to Citavi.

  • Save copies of webpages as PDFs.

  • Find and save all available PDF full text articles in Citavi.  Everything in one place and always at hand.

  • Finally, Citavi will generate list of all references.

Study and Examination technique

How to maximise marks

Created by Professor Francisco Vigario - Professor in Managerial Accounting and Finance


Students: 4434, Price: Free

This course is intended for Accounting students and in particular those studying for a Managerial Accounting and Finance qualification.

You will learn how to read questions, how to identify marks and how to answer examination questions. Tips on several study methods are also given. I have over 25 years of teaching and examination setting experience and as such I am in a position to give you excellent advice on how examiners set questions and how you can benefit by applying this knowledge in your exams.

Learn to train your brain

The growth of mind never stops - so keep learning and growing!

Created by Dr Anshu Arora - Educator, author, speaker, life-long learner.


Students: 3869, Price: Free

In the process of teaching-learning, no one teaches you ‘HOW TO LEARN & MEMORISE?’.... this course is designed to bridge that gap. Enough teaching and exams are conducted in schools but there is a big lacuna in our Education system. We rarely tell a child how he can learn? Parents and teachers ask children to concentrate, to focus. But how?... no one gives an answer.

As an Educator, I used to talk to children about this and given them ways like association, linking, mind place, visualisation etc to learn better and retain the information for a long time. Due to pandemic, I recorded the which will enhance your brainpower.

Advanced SAR Training

Theory and application practices for InSAR, polarimetry and compact polarimetry.

Created by Kevin JONES - Executive Director, Marketing


Students: 3639, Price: Free

About this course

This course will cover important fundamental SAR concepts (image formation, sensors, data types) and progressively work towards operational processing and interpretation of SAR imagery and products. The course will cover theory and application examples for InSAR, polarimetry and compact polarimetry.

Course Instructors

John Wessels, Senior SAR Scientist, PCI Geomatics

Mr. John Wessels studied Math and Physics at the University of Guelph and developed a strong foundation in core principles required for SAR image formation and processing from early on in his career, having worked on processing systems for several airborne Side Looking Airborne Systems (SLAR) such as the Convair 380, and the Star 3i. He has been a key scientific lead and technical architect of SAR technology toolkits for private companies over the course of his career, most recently with PCI Geomatics where he has led key technology development projects for SAR Sensor support and development of user intuitive workflows for InSAR, polarimetry and compact polarimetric processing. Mr. Wessels is passionate about designing high quality, high performance software tools that make SAR imagery accessible to end users.

Esports in Education – Live Streaming Esports Tournaments

Exploring the Intersection Between Esports and Education

Created by Paul Richards - Chief Streaming Officer


Students: 3584, Price: Free

The intersection between esports and education is a place where innovation and excitement flourish. Course Instructor Paul Richards takes us inside the world of esports in order to understand the new challenges and opportunities that are helping to change modern education. From a perspective of acceptance and encouragement, parents and educators have the chance to find common ground that can help students excel in a sport that they are passionate about. Competitive video gaming today already holds the power to create heroes. Richards examines why athletes who are admired for their determination and excellence are no different whether they are playing on a field or in a computer lab. The tremendous growth in esports is being fueled by the internet, live streaming, and global economic demand. The need for a strong educational system that can support positive student development in esports is imperative.

This book reviews the history of video gaming and sports to uncover how esports have evolved from a Teenage pass time to the international stage. Richards brings to light opportunities for technology-related career paths that students and educators are finding in the growing Esports industry. Richards explains in plain English how modern esports games require players to manage multiple economies, respond with split-second reaction times, and communicate with groups of players like a team of navy seals.

Richards draws on his experience with Broadcast Clubs in education to explain collaboration and career path opportunities for students. An inside view of a recent esports tournament which included a student-run broadcast team gives educators real-world examples of non-gaming yet tech-related roles that can get be used to get students involved. Richards teams up with the Center for Educational Innovation Esports program along with a host of other schools to provide diverse perspectives on what is working in esports and education today. As educators continue to embrace the esports movement students will benefit from learning opportunities that are fueled by passion, excitement, and opportunity.

Parents of video gamers will enjoy a recurring theme discussed in this book outlining strategies to create common ground between children, parents, and educators. These strategies apply whether kids are playing Fortnite or League of Legends. Richards outlines the history of video game studies to help illustrate the fundamental research parents and educators should understand in terms of video game literacy. Simple strategies can greatly increase the educational value kids can garner from their video gaming experiences. Perhaps sitting down and playing video games with your child isn’t such a bad idea after all? Getting the most educational value from video games requires a full understanding of the social development issues facing kids who simply play too many video games. This book addresses topics of interest from concerned parents and provides strategies for parents who want to curb their children’s video gaming addictions. Engaging students and preparing them for their interactions in the online world is perhaps the best way of shepherding the youth toward a positive future. This book serves as a wonderful guide and shareable reference for students, parents and educators alike.

Yoga Teacher Training 100 Hour – Category Six

Complete your Level 1 Yoga Teachers Training Procedure

Created by Paul Carlos - Yoga Teacher Training Programs


Students: 2901, Price: Free

This final and Free, Category of six of our Level One, 100 Hour Sacred Spiral Yoga Teachers Training Course, ties up the material from the previous five modules and provides further instructions regarding submitting requirements for your assessment. We have included some bonus material for you such as articles and videos unrelated to the admin. Remember Level 1 is the introductory level of our three level Yoga Teachers Training and lays the necessary foundation work for the intermediate and advanced programs. We offer substantial discounts to our qualified instructors after completing Level 1 and or Level 2. We are currently still offering a half price discount as part of our covid-19 relief initiative. Gaining the necessary skills and an international accreditation can greatly assist prospective instructors to set up online and earn a good income. We also offer assistance to our graduates that may need some technical advice and pointers. Level 2 is a 200 hour program building on the Level 1 material and Level 3 is a 500 hour program again building on the previous work. Finally, sacred Spiral offers on-going support in respect of all aspects of your Yoga teaching project to all our qualified instructors. Blessings and all the very best to you as you finish off your program.

Mental Ability for competitive exams

Course covers Mental Ability and Reasoning topics like Clock, Number System, Calendar and Blood Relation.

Created by Rekha Agarwal - 25 years of Teaching Experience


Students: 2688, Price: Free

The course is divided in 3 modules with quizzes on each module. The first module consists of Number System. Second Module is about another important topic in all competitive exams, clocks, calendar and last is blood relations.

Module 1 : Number Systems

Module 2: Blood Relations

Module 3 : Clocks

Module 4: Calendar

Each module has quiz in the end to test your skills. Have a happy course ! 

Soft skills to be happy and productive in science / academia

What does it take to succeed in academia? There's more to it than just hard work, perseverance, and luck. Come find out!

Created by Mike X Cohen - Neuroscientist, writer, professor


Students: 2680, Price: Free

This course provides an overview of "soft skills" that are important for a successful and satisfying career in academia. In addition to the video lectures, the course comes with an 80-page ebook (pdf format) that provides additional details about each topic.

If you are in academia or are considering a career in academia, then I hope you find this short course informative and useful!

Accelerated Broadcast Club Curriculum – Broadcasting Course

From live streaming a morning announcements show to video production for high school sports and more...

Created by Paul Richards - Chief Streaming Officer


Students: 2626, Price: Free

Good for you! You are interested in taking your broadcast club experience to the next level with ABC2. The Accelerated Broadcast Club Curriculum (ABC2) is a 100% free online e-learning course designed to accelerate extra-curricular learning for student members of broadcast clubs around the world. Learning through the ABC2 program is supported by this book available via paperback, Kindle and audio formats, designed to inspire members of broadcast clubs at all educational levels. This curriculum has been crafted through many productive consultation meetings with elementary, middle and high school program directors. Our goal is to uncover the most effective learning strategies used by educators in the classroom and in the field. The course thoughtfully presents instructional content designed to help students learn one of the world’s most powerful communication mediums. That’s right broadcast television, streaming media, and the art of visual presentation.

ABC2 was made to educate students on the basics of video production principles and techniques. The course includes online materials, quizzes, and video tutorials to accelerate learning. The program includes sample lesson plans designed to ignite student interest surrounding the exciting live streaming and broadcast technology available today. Throughout this book, you will go behind the scenes with the Griswold High School Broadcast Club, and study the group's impeccable organizational structure. You will see how the SAR High School uses Google Apps for Education to organize their broadcast club with over 50 members. You will get a tour of the new Union High School broadcast club launched this past year in San Jose, California. Finally, we will meet with Gary San Angel from the Keck School of Medicine of USC (University of Southern California), to understand what it's like to pursue a career in video production and support a video production studio at the university level.

This course is presented to you by the StreamGeeks hosts Paul Richards and Tess Protesto. The StreamGeeks will teach each lesson inside their professional video production studio equip with entry-level video production equipment attainable by any school district. Students are encouraged to join the StreamGeeks, as they breathe new life into the video production industries best practices and workflows on their live shows available on both YouTube and Facebook. Following the ABC2 educational curriculum, students and teachers alike can follow along with some of the world’s most successful broadcast clubs.

As an added bonus, the StreamGeeks are going to take readers on site to visit video production studios in both New York and California. We will test your knowledge and take you behind the scenes as our team reviews what it takes to prepare for an onsite live video production. Whether you are interested in improving your school morning announcements show, broadcasting school sports, or live streaming an on-site event, we are going to use all of these use cases to broaden readers knowledge about video production in an educational environment.

Zotero for research writing

A researcher's guide to using Zotero effectively for collecting, organizing, citing and sharing research

Created by AIIAS Library Reference Service - Citavi for research writing


Students: 2554, Price: Free


  • Gather articles, books, reports, documents, presentations, artwork, recordings, emails and more.

  • Use Zotero Connector to automatically save and create items.

  • Manually save and create items from the Zotero toolbar.


  • Create citations and bibliographies of resources.

  • Zotero also allows users to create their own customized citation styles.

  • Zotero users can generate citations and bibliographies through word processor plugins

Research writing using Citavi — Part 2

Knowledge organization capabilities in Citavi

Created by AIIAS Library Reference Service - Citavi for research writing


Students: 2213, Price: Free


  • Create category system or what is known as table of contents.

  • Edit the table of contents

  • Amend your outline as you progress until you have found the perfect form.


  • Highlight important passages in your PDFs

  • Save direct and indirect quotations. Citavi takes care of the citations.

  • Save image quotations.

  • Save quotations from web pages

  • Export your Citavi project to MS Word and Citavi's MS Word add-in will generate all your in-text citations along with your entire list of references

How to write academic research papers: Select the best topic

Select the best research topic for your thesis, dissertation, paper or research of any type

Created by Ahmad Sharifzadeh - University Instructor, Editor & Proofreader, and Consultant


Students: 2211, Price: Free

In this series of courses, you will learn how to write a research paper in English in 5+1 steps which will be dealt with in three phases (i.e., the pre-drafting phase, the drafting phase, and the post-drafting phase).

In the 5+1 steps, which will be dealt with in separate courses, you will learn how to start by selecting your research topic (in this course), and you will be guided step-by-step from the journal selection to the step of submitting your final draft to the target journal and getting it published.

The information provided in this course is not only useful while writing a research paper, but a large bulk of it will also be useful while writing book reviews, review papers, short reports, and so on.


An Overview of the AQA English Literature GCSE Paper 1

Created by Dr Ken Baker - LECTURER


Students: 2090, Price: Free

1. Overview: Introducing the AQA English Literature GCSE Paper 1

2. Overview of the Shakespeare Options: In this section, we simply examine the phrasing of the essay titles so that we can simplify our approach to an accurate answer.

3. Example: Julius Caesar: In this section, we take a typical essay question on the play Julius Caesar and examine how it might be answered.

4. Overview of the 19th Century Novel Options: Once again, examine the range of questions.

5. Example: Pride and Prejudice: And once again, we take one typical question and examine how it might be answered.

A Beginner’s Guide to Preventing Youth Suicide

The "S" Word: The Role of Schools in Preventing Suicide

Created by Brandy Brooks - Instructor


Students: 2083, Price: Free

Thank you for expressing an interest in The “S” Word: The Role of Schools in Preventing Suicide online course.

The purpose of this course is to provide a practical, step-by-step resource for educators, youth serving organizations, parents, legislators and others concerned about youth suicide. This course will help all learn how to better support the needs of youth and young adults at risk of suicide and/or self-injury. Rather than presenting theories, The “S” Word provides a comprehensive summary of “what works” based on extensive real-life experiences from survivors and experts in the field of suicide prevention.

The training includes a post-test assessment along with six modules featuring suicide loss survivors, attempt survivors, educators, school administrators, emergency responders, faith leaders, students, and local celebrities, as well as prominent experts in the field of self-injury, suicide prevention, postvention and trauma.

Module 1 – Suicide is a preventable public health problem
This module focuses on the role of everyone in identifying and supporting youth who are at risk of suicide.
Running time: 8 minutes and 35 seconds

Module 2 – Suicide prevention is everyone’s business
This module provides examples of how schools and youth-serving organizations can work with mental health and community-based organizations to create a safety net for students who might be at-risk for suicide or other kinds of self-destructive behaviors.
Running time: 9 minutes and 18 seconds

Module 3 – Risk factors, warning signs and protective factors for youth suicide
This module introduces some of the core risk factors, warning signs, and protective factors for youth suicide. This module also provides five scenarios and one self-care scenario which provide detailed suggestions for appropriate interventions for youth and young adults as well as  staff/colleagues that may be at risk for suicide.
Running time: 81 minutes and 23 seconds

Module 4 – Postvention
This module presents compelling examples on how communities can respond to the suicide death of a young person.
Running time: 11 minutes and 55 seconds

Module 5 – Stories of resilience: Journey to hope and healing
This module presents real life stories of resilience, hope and healing.
Running time: 16 minutes and 44 seconds

Module 6 – Suicide prevention resources in Massachusetts
This module provides a comprehensive description of suicide prevention resources in Massachusetts.
Running time: 8 minutes and 14 seconds

Memory Unleashing Model

Be Unforgettable

Created by Chakradhar Dixit - Author of Book " Unleash Your Memory" and Memory Coach


Students: 2012, Price: Free

This course is suitable for complete beginners who want to take control of their brain capacity by using a trained memory. You should approach this course by awakening child within you and a open mind like kids as children are the best learners on the earth. Rest assured this approach will take you places in the world of memory training. Just use three basic memory techniques and Be Unforgettable.

Securing your dream teaching job

Getting the right teaching role for you

Created by Thomas Rogers - Passionate teacher


Students: 1743, Price: Free

If you are a teacher at any level or phase, and considering a career move, this is the course for you. We start by exploring whether you *really* want to leave your current position - what are the push and pull factors? What factors might be most significant in making you want to stay or go? From there, we will look at the application process, starting with the writing of an effective letter of application, finishing with the job interview itself, the interview lesson (including advice and guidance for online interviews too) and hopefully ending with you securing the job you want.

Fiverr : master freelancing on fiverr

Learn step by step How To Become A Successful Freelancer in 2021 ?

Created by Sahid Khan - Fiverr freelancer


Students: 1650, Price: Free

Fiverr : master freelancing on fiverr

This is complete crash course to help you become a pro seller on Fiverr. you will learn the following things

  • How to research low competition keywords with high demand in 2021

  • How to write effective gig title and gig description on fiverr

  • How to create gig images with the help of Canva

  • How to get your first order

  • How to fill buyer requests effectively that makes buyer to click on your request

  • How to get order from Buyer request

  • How to rank your gig in top search results on Fiverr

  • How to handle order dispute with the buyer

  • Why Fiverr gives warning to seller

  • Why Fiverr deny your gig

  • How to multiply your Fiverr earnings

  • How to beware of online scams that generally happens to the seller

  • How to scale your freelancing business

  • Top 10 keywords with very low competition to create your gig on

if i upload more videos in this course then i will let you know.

about me:-

We are Parvej and Sahid khan we are a freelancer we have been doing freelancing from 1 year . we have courses here on udemy in both languages English & Hindi .we earn a decent amount of money by doing freelancing . we are here to share our experience with you at minimum cost possible .

Learn how to master MRP in the supply chain

You will have a full understanding of MRP

Created by Ahmed Khaled - Supply Chain Professional


Students: 1596, Price: Free

What, how much, and when to raise an order are questions at the core of every manufacturing operation.

In this course, you will be able to have a full understanding of what are the MRP inputs and parameters that control all of those questions.

Not only that, you will receive the idea in a very simple and applicable manner.

Learning to Write Scientific Research Paper

Research ethics, writing and publishing research paper, research writing, manuscript writing, abstract, conclusion,

Created by Ravindra Munje - Professional Trainer and Freelancer for research guidance


Students: 1389, Price: Free

Writing and publishing a research paper is an art and for that, we need to learn or acquire some skills. In this course, you will be empowered with all the vital skills required for writing a research paper.

The course will begin with the meaning of the Scientific Research Paper. Further, it will cover all the components of a typical research paper, right from the title of the paper to the references. Just to summarize, it includes guidelines for writing

Title: The fewest possible words describing the contents of the research paper

Authors: Contributing authors and their affiliations

Abstract: The one-paragraph summary of the whole paper

Keywords, Index Terms: Important words in the paper

Introduction: The most read part of the research paper

Main Contribution: The main contribution of the paper

Results: Outcomes of the research process

Discussions: The most creatively and innovatively written section of the paper

Conclusion: The overall concluding summary of the paper

Acknowledgments: Saying thanks to all who contributed and then

References: Listing papers referred/studied to construct paper

Above all, the course will also cover general writing guidelines applicable to the whole paper and research ethics. So let us begin the exciting journey of learning to write a scientific research paper.

The objectives of this course are to empower you all to write research papers for peer-reviewed journals, make you aware of research ethics and integrity, and present and introduce good practices in research writing

Community Education Model for your Passion Project

Application of community education elements to a proposal to address community issue of your choice!

Created by Haein Shin - Education Adviser @ CSD,Earth Institute,Columbia University


Students: 1300, Price: Free

This is a project-based course, where we will present key elements of community education that can be used to draft a proposal for YOUR topic of choice.

Your topic of choice may range from public health issues, sustainability, climate change to environmental issues. Whatever your topic may be, your task will be to draft a proposal to improve a particular issue in your community. As a proposal, you are NOT expected to implement your whole project, however, you ARE expected to share a detailed plan of how your project can play out in reality in your community.

The key concepts, including broader personal development and life skills we will cover include:

  • community mapping

  • citizen science & usage of data

  • community organizing

  • communication skills

  • cyber wellness

  • mental health

  • nutrition

Bug Sweeping (Introduction)

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Created by Michael Chandler - Retired Bodyguard, Author & Security Consultant


Students: 1188, Price: Free

This course provides a brief insight into the world of Bug Sweeping. This and the full course (currently priced at £299) was written by industry expert Michael Chandler who is also the author of Technical Surveillance Countermeasures.

As stated by the author:

“Bug Sweeping is a skill that all close protection officers, bodyguards and residential security teams should have in order to establish and maintain a sterile environment, safe from electronic surveillance.”

Countering Systemic Abandonment with Systemic Change

a youth worker's seminar on how to address the mental health crisis for their students

Created by Nathan Davis - Student Pastor


Students: 1088, Price: Free

This seminar is designed for youth workers who want to figure our how to respond to the growing mental health crisis that adolescents are presently experiencing. In it, you will be exposed to the latest data and trends surrounding the mental health crisis and will learn helpful strategies and tactics for countering the systemic abandonment by creating systemic change.

Endodontic emergencies

Management of Endodontic emergencies

Created by Chankhrit Sathorn - Adjunct Professor of Endodontics


Students: 1077, Price: Free

Diagnosis in patients with Endodontic emergencies is usually difficult.  Complete anaesthesia (a prerequisite before a management can be rendered) is also difficult to achieve in patient with pre-existing pain.

Effective management of Endodontic emergencies utilizes three-prong approach i.e. operative, pharmacological, and psychological management.

The talk starts with the importance of diagnosis, then physiological mechanism of hot pulp and its clinical management. Pharmacological management covers recommended medications and dosages. Psychological management involves its rationale, supporting evidence and practical recommendations.

Best tools or extensions for online class everyone must know

Different types of best online tools

Created by Denis Jangeed - My goal in all my courses is to teach at the level of 100%.


Students: 1076, Price: Free

  • Everyone can join the course.

  • In this course you will learn about best tools or extension of online classes.

  • Will learn about how to take an online class in a very smooth way.

  • Will Learn about that how technology is increasing day by day.

  • Will learn about how to Join online class.

  • Students need no prior knowledge.

  • No Need any paid software because it is totally free.

  • Content in English & Explaination in Hindi Language.

Riemann surfaces and their applications in integrable system

Riemann surfaces and their applications in integrable system

Created by Andrey Mironov - Doctor of science, Corresponding member of Russian Academy o


Students: 1048, Price: Free

In this course we discuss very interesting and beautiful object - Riemann surfaces. Riemann surfaces have many different applications in integrable systems. And one of our main aim is to explain how Riemann surfaces and their degenerations in singular algebraic curves help to solve problems from geometry and integrable models of mathematical physics. For example, one of such models is a famous Korteweg-de Vries equation:

ut = (6 u uxx +uxxx )/4, u = u(x, t).

This equation describes solitons, that is, solitary water waves in a channel. The theory of Riemann surfaces and its applications in integrable models of mathematical physics.

Sincerely, Andrey Mironov.

Описание курса на русском языке:

В этом курсе мы обсуждаем очень интересные и красивые объекты - римановы поверхности. Римановы поверхности имеют много различных применений в интегрируемых системах. И одна из наших главных целей-объяснить, как римановы поверхности и их вырождения в сингулярных алгебраических кривых помогают решать задачи из геометрии и интегрируемых моделей математической физики. Например, одной из таких моделей является знаменитое уравнение Кортевега-де Фриза:

ut = (6 u uxx +uxxx )/4, u = u(x, t).

Это уравнение описывает солитоны, то есть одиночные волны воды в канале.

Теория римановых поверхностей и ее приложения в интегрируемых моделях математической физики. Мы будем рады видеть Вас на нашем курсе!

Приятного изучения.

С уважением, Андрей Миронов.

How To Get Into Harvard & Other Ivy League Graduate Schools

A Step By Step Guide For Applying to Graduate School

Created by Umar Iqbal - Author and Speaker


Students: 1000, Price: Free

Welcome! This course is based on the book, How to Get Into Harvard & Other Ivy League Graduate Schools. In the book, I've outlined the path I took to get into an MBA Program at The Wharton School in 2018 and an MPA Program at the Harvard Kennedy School in 2019.

I personally struggled when I applied because I didn't know who I could reach out to. Coming from a lower middle-class background, I couldn't afford the admissions consultants, nor did I know anyone who could relate to my circumstances. In the book and the accompanying course, I have tried to offer a perspective that I wish someone would have shared with me when I was applying.

Refer to the video, 'How This Came About' to get a sense of my other reasons for creating the course. I have incorporated the questions that I'm asked by other prospective applicants but if there is anything that you feel is missing, please comment and I will try my best to find you the right answer. My hope is that this course will help you make the right decision for yourself.

In the materials accompanying this book, you will hear from dozens of graduate students about their journeys and what it took to get there. I have also contacted the Admissions Committees at multiple schools and I will be adding their interviews over time. Don’t miss out on:

1) First-hand stories of students who recently applied and got into the top Ivy League graduate schools (updated weekly)

2) The challenges that other graduate students faced and how they overcame them

3) Free access to the original book, currently priced at $20 for paperback

4) Application Timelines for Top MBA Programs

5) Essay Questions for Top MBA Programs

6) Admission Committee Interviews

7) My personal collection of dozens of GMAT and GRE resources

8) Rankings for top graduate schools (MBA, Med School, Engineering, Computer Science, and Public Policy)

9) An overview of the US Visa application process

10) Sample MBA Essays

11) Sample Post Graduation Career Report

12) Typical MBA Class Profiles

Given my experience as an MBA and MPA student, I am cognizant that I am much more knowledgeable about those degrees than any other graduate schools you might be applying to. If you feel that might be the case, please reach out to me and I can interview someone else who can provide you a more first-hand perspective on the process.

All the very best with your applications and please don't hesitate to reach out. My objective is to build a community of learning that can help alleviate the confusion around the admissions process.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in the course!


Introduction to Light and Electricity in Physics

Learn the Basics of Light with explanatory conceptual videos of Types of Lens and Electricity

Created by LetsTute Make it Easy - Experts in Mathematics, Science, Accounting & Art and Craft


Students: 990, Price: Free

Physics is the branch of science that deals with the structure of matter and how the fundamental constituents of the universe interact.

In physics Light and Electricity are the two important factors, they are very distinct from each other light is a wave and a particle (photon). Whereas electricity, it is a stream of electrons traveling along a wire, filament, etc.

Well, a lot of learners find it difficult to understand these concepts and their fundamentals. So we have designed a course on Light and Electricity to help you understand the concepts and know its various applications.

The content is prepared with great care by our Physics experts

This is a complete course as it involves a series of videos based on a variety of topics and concepts of light and electricity

Each video includes theoretical explanation with real life examples. The course can be taken by any learner who has these two topics as a part of their curriculum or would like to learn about it. This will also help teachers who are willing to give the best quality education to students.

At the end of the course learners will not only understand the concept in depth but also will be able to improve their basics of the concepts and hence score good marks in your exams.

So join us on this course and make learning fun and easy.

Academic Writing in a Nutshell: From Simple to Advanced

A Complete Essay Writing Course with Tips, Techniques & Strategies to Help You Write Better Essays

Created by Mohammed Ali - Blogger | Business | Self-Development


Students: 827, Price: Free

This is a straightforward and easy-to-understand course that encompasses all the main aspects of academic writing. It comprises 34 lectures that serve as a step-by-step guide to help high school and university students enhance their writing skills.

The number one goal of this course is to help you write better essays. But of course, it is not limited to writing essays only. Once you grasp the basic techniques of writing an excellent essay, you are pretty much ready to engage in any form of writing be it fictional or non-fictional. If you plan on taking up a writing career whether it's in journalism, PR, blogging, content writing, marketing, or sales, being a good writer becomes essential. As you move from section to section and from lecture to lecture, it is important that you practice along by implementing everything that you learn for maximum benefit.

You will:

1) learn how to choose your essay topic

2) learn how to write thesis statements

3) learn how to develop and support your ideas

4) understand the various essay types and how to develop them

5) learn how to achieve unity and cohesion through effective organization

6) learn to deliver concise yet effective messages

Sign up now and build your writing confidence.

Let's get started.

Basics of Nautical Maneuvering Boards

How radar and the maneuvering board help you avoid collisions at sea

Created by Christopher D. Nolan - Professional Mariner and Educator


Students: 818, Price: Free

This course helps you understand a key tool of professional mariners: the maneuvering board.  It's not just for naval and coast guard ships, this tool helps you avoid collisions and makes you a better boater!  In this course you will learn how the maneuvering board works, how it pairs with radar to help you make good collision avoidance decisions, and how you can use the board to calculate the true or desired wind on a moving vessel.  Also included is bonus content: some handy tricks that help round out your knowledge of maneuvering boards and relative motion.  This course comes with a 50 page textbook which is available to download as part of the course.