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Prove It! Testimonials That Sell

Earn great testimonials. Collect them. Use your testimonials to gain instant credibility, and close many more sales.

Created by Andy Horner - CEO at Ace of Sales and Self Marketing Hero


Students: 18610, Price: Free

When you say it about yourself, it's bragging. When someone else says it about you, it's proof.

There is nothing more powerful than a customer switching from your biggest competitor and then telling everybody else about it.

After this webinar, 

  • Most will agree with us about the importance of testimonials. 
  • Most will commit to earning them from customers. 
  • Most will plan to make testimonials a key part of their sales and marketing strategy. 
  • Few will understand to the point that they're motivated to action. 
  • Few will actually put these tools and truths to work.

Don't be like most.

1 Hour Wordpress – Create a Beautiful Website or Blog

A step-by-step guide to setting up your Wordpress website or blog from scratch.

Created by Basim Salim - Digital Marketing Consultant & Small Business Coach


Students: 18267, Price: Free

Need a website for yourself, company or blog? Then...

  • Stop wasting time searching Google for answers.
  • Dump those confusing and outdated tech books.
  • Forget trying to go through YouTube looking for outdated tutorials.

Learn WordPress Today, Create Beautiful Websites Forever

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging tools on the web, making it easy for anybody to post their ideas, pictures, and audio/video. WordPress can be used for not only blogging posts but also to store static information that can be easily updated like a content management system (CMS). 


Then the 1 Hour Wordpress course is designed to get you started with your first Wordpress website in less than an hour. It’s an introductory course for anyone who wants to build their website using the Wordpress platform.

This courses teaches the new user how to get their blog up and started quickly while teaching students to fully understand the right way to install, administer, customize and market their blog.

The best part about this blog is that I won’t just be teaching but I’ll be guiding you by showing you my screen on how to get your website up step-by-step.

You will watch over my shoulder as YOU will..

  1. Purchase and set up your very own domain name and hosting.
  2. Install Wordpress on your hosting without using FTP or fancy database work.
  3. Set up Wordpress settings for perfect performance.
  4. Install a Free Wordpress theme on your website.
  5. Customize your Wordpress theme to fit all your ideas.
  6. Create Posts in Wordpress.
  7. Create Pages in Wordpress.
  8. Add media (photos, videos and documents) to your post
  9. Install key plugins you need for your Wordpress
  10. You will learn Wordpress!

By the end of this course, you will have an amazing professional looking Wordpress website and it will take you less than 2 hours!

Who is this course perfect for?

  • If you’re looking create a website for your business or a blog for you to host your content.
  • If you're looking to share your talents, hobbies and interests on a blog to share with the world.
  • You’re looking to build websites for others and want to get an introduction to Wordpress.

Pricing Your Services: Conquer the Five Pitfalls

Learn how to develop a pricing system that helps you overcome common pricing pitfalls.

Created by Gus Prestera - Consultant | Educator | Coach


Students: 11218, Price: Free

This 1-hour course introduces you to the Pricing Your Services program by addressing the five most common pricing pitfalls, how to counter them, and how to develop a pricing system that enables you to scope, cost, and price your services quickly and effectively.

The course consists of videos and mashups. You can also download a printable workbook (PDF). You'll also see excerpts from interviews I've conducted with clients and successful consultants, who share their wisdom and insights.

If you're a business consultant who is trying to evolve from a series of freelance gigs to a sustainable consulting practice and struggle with how to price your services, this course is for you. Let's get going!

Starting in Sales

Valuable tips and advice from Spencer Lodge that will help increase your sales.

Created by Spencer Lodge - Millionaire Jedi from Dubai


Students: 7503, Price: Free

In this course, you will learn invaluable sales insights such as 8 traits to encourage to become successful in sales, how to approach a client, you have to believe in what you sell, and perhaps most importantly, how to deal with objection.  This course was designed for those thinking about a career change to sales or beginning salespeople, but this course has something helpful to everyone in it.  Please let me, Spencer Lodge, share some of the tips, tricks, hacks, and lessons that I picked up during my 24 years of International sales experience to help you on your journey to become the greatest salesman you can.  If you take my courses and join my University and work your ass off, you WILL become successful in the shortest amount of time possible.  Using the concepts taught in my UNIVERSITY, some of my students experienced a 1000% increase in profits....some in only 3 months!  Well, what are we waiting for shall we get started on YOUR success story?

If you'd like to skip this introductory overview and go right to my UNIVERSITY, go here

Social Responsibility and Ethics

CSR Disclosures & Ethics

Created by Prof Robert Ebo Hinson - Marketing Professor


Students: 6839, Price: Free

Introduces the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as it relates to customers, employees, the environment and society at large. It also explains the sometimes complex relationship between business and society by focusing on assurance of CSR disclosures, ethics, conflict of interest in organisations, what it takes to establish a company's corporate ethical culture, and suggests ways managers can keep their companies ethical.

The 20 Day Fundraising Challenge

A different learning and a different task each day...all to help you raise more and improve your fundraising!

Created by Simon Scriver - Helping Good Charities Do Better Fundraising


Students: 5226, Price: Free

Welcome to the 20-Day Fundraising Challenge!

Over the course of 20 days you'll learn a bunch of new fundraising skills, tricks and tips to help you raise more money. There's a lecture for each day where I'll assign you a task to help you raise more money for your organization. I'll show you the thinking behind it and why it'll work for you!

You'll learn loads about all sorts of fundraising from individuals and companies, using the phone, e-mail, post, social media, video and more! With this course you'll learn loads, raise more, and even have some fun along the way. (*fun not guaranteed)

I recommend you set aside less than an hour each day to watch each lecture and put it in to practice. But of course the beauty of this course is that you can do it all at your own pace...cram it all in to one day or pick it up whenever you have a bit of spare time.

Take this journey with me and you WILL raise more money!

What is campaigning?

A short course aiming to demystify campaigning

Created by Jonathan Ellis - Campaigner |Teacher | Catalyst


Students: 4150, Price: Free

Are there things that you would like to change and have you ever thought that you would like to know more about campaigning? If so, then this short course is just for you. By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Define campaigning
  • Understand the different approaches to campaigning
  • Know what makes for an effective campaign

Based on my practical experience from around the world supporting people campaign for policy and practice change, this course will give you an introduction to campaigning and aims to fire your enthusiasm to learn more about how you can campaign for change.

Off Market Land Deals

Wholesaling Vacant Land

Created by Damien Dupee - Off Market Land Specialist


Students: 1868, Price: Free

This course is for anyone looking to start a wholesaling land business with no money. This course teaches you the basics on how to structure your business, find, analyze, market, and last but no least collect your assignment fee form anywhere in the world. There is no limits to what income you can make in wholesaling.

Marketing Planning and Place Decisions

Addressing some foundational issues in Marketing

Created by Prof Robert Ebo Hinson - Marketing Professor


Students: 1578, Price: Free

This short course throws some light on some of the foundational issues in Marketing. Marketing success is usually predicated on the successful management of the 7ps of the Service Marketing Mix, Product, Price, Promotion, Place, Physical Evidence, Processes and People. This course focusses on core marketing issues like Market Segmentation Targeting and Positioning, Marketing Strategies and Plans, as well as Place/Distribution Management in Marketing.

Targeted at advanced undergraduate or MBA students, this course will also be a useful marketing lesson for non-marketing managers.

Ideas Unlocked

Learn how to use your creative mind to produce bigger ad concepts, far more easily.

Created by Rob Aspinall - I help advertising creatives produce better ideas, faster


Students: 724, Price: Free

Creative thinking is supposed to be fun, right?

So why do so many copywriters and designers find it so hard?

It's only because they don't have a firm grip on how their minds works. (And many are using the wrong part of their mind to being with.

If you sometimes struggles for ideas...

Or you'd just like to produce more concepts, without the mental blocks...

This course will help you tap more of your genius and unlock more of your natural creativity.

What you'll learn:

  • The one simple mindset shift to tap waaay more of your potential.

  • 3 ninja tips to help you relax while you create.

  • 2 oh-so-easy exercises to boost your brainpower and creative flow.

  • A simple mind-mapping technique to make faster creative connections.

Plus, grab your bonus Genius Sheet to revisit all the key points at a glance - and put your genius on autopilot.

If you're an advertising creative looking to boost your conceptual thinking, this is the course for you.

How to write a good case study

A step by step guide to turning project histories into powerful marketing tools

Created by Catherine Every - A freelance copywriter with over 15 years’ experience


Students: 667, Price: Free

At its most basic level, a case study is a simple thing: it’s a description of a project. But if you think about case studies in those terms, you’ll be missing a vital opportunity to give powerful examples of:

  • the size and type of project you work on
  • the expertise you have
  • your ability to overcome complex problems and situations
  • the outcomes you achieve for your customers.

In other words, case studies are some of the valuable things you can have in your marketing toolkit.

In this course, I’ll teach you how to take the plain facts of projects and turn them into compelling case studies that help you to win new clients and position you as the expert in your field. 

Conversion Rate Optimization process & insights in Airtable

Get the best overview of your Conversion Rate Optimization process, see your progress and gather insights in Airtable.

Created by Ruben de Boer - CRO Consultant, online teacher, author, and speaker


Students: 584, Price: Free

***Brand new course on Udemy, by a best selling instructor in the categories of Conversion Rate Optimization, A/B testing and Online Psychology***

Welcome to the Conversion Rate Optimization process & insights in Airtable course. In this course, you will learn how to set up your own (free) CRO tool in Airtable, which results in a reliable and proven structure in your CRO process and great documentation of all your insights.

By taking this course, you will get...

  • A proven and structured Conversion Rate Optimization process in Airtable.

  • A great overview of everything that is happening in the CRO process and who is doing what.

  • Insights on many levels, which help you keep building on your successes.

  • A tool that takes your Conversion Rate Optimization practices to the next level.

You will learn about all the possibilities in Airtable. We will cover both the free version (which is sufficient for your CRO process) and the paid version (which is $15,- per user per month). You will learn about all the fields, views, and apps, while we build your Conversion Rate Optimization tool together, step-by-step.

By the end of the course, you will have your own Airtable base. You can start using it immediately. It contains every step of the CRO process, shown in different views, so you always know what is going on, and who does what. You will also have forms so colleagues can send in ideas, and automated insights on your KPI’s, pages, devices, and psychological tactics.

Conversion Rate Optimization process & insights in Airtable course setup

Section 1: Introduction
In this first section, we will briefly have a look at the Conversion Rate Optimization process so you understand what we will be building in Airtable. We will also cover why Airtable is the best choice for this.

Section 2: Airtable free version
In this section we will cover the free version of Airtable, which is sufficient for your CRO process.

Section 3: Airable paid version
The paid version of Airtable will be covered in section 3. The paid version is necessary when you have a huge amount of experiments and when you want to build dashboards.

Take your Conversion Rate Optimization practices to the next level

If you sign up today you will have lifetime access to the course, including all future updates, all for FREE.

If you have any questions during or after this course, please feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to help you out. You can use the Q&A feature inside the course or send me a private message. I will answer all of your questions as soon as possible.

Ready to take your Conversion Rate Optimization practices to the next level? Then, let’s start building your CRO process in Airtable together. :-)

Dominate Udemy (unofficial) with Teachinguide

Course keyword research, competitor research, topic research, get insights on how to rank higher, and sell more courses

Created by Alex Genadinik's Teaching Assistant SEO, Facebok marketing, communication skills - SEO, Facebook marketing, business plan, communication skills


Students: 520, Price: Free

This course will teach you how to use an amazing tool for Udemy instructors named Teachinguide.

This tool has been game-changing for me as an instructor and in the course, I'll walk you through case studies of how in just minutes I am able to do great keyword research and rank my courses higher and make more sales.

Without a tool like this, it can feel like you are flying blind through the vast space which is Udemy. With this tool, you know exactly where to go and how to shape your strategy.


If you are in the planning phase and researching topics you can teach, this tool will help you understand which niches are too competitive and which are not. This tool can also help you research keywords, and correctly choose your categories and topics.

If you already have a course that's live on Udemy, you can look up better keywords and plan your future courses for more success. You can also check the advisor tab to see how you can improve your course quality and marketing. This is truly an amazing tool that must be used by all inspiring and veteran instructors.


This tool is a paid tool, but it does offer a free trial.

Invest in your future! Enroll today!