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How to Film your Videos: Official Udemy Course

Equipment tips and setup best practices for high quality videos

Created by Udemy Instructor Team - Official Udemy Instructor Account


Students: 1116255, Price: Free

Are you looking to learn everything you need to know to film Udemy courses that pass the Quality Review Process? Want to learn exactly what video equipment is most popular with Udemy instructors? Feeling a bit rusty with video filming terminology and tactics and want to brush up on your skills? Are you hoping to take your Udemy course from good to great? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this course is for you. In this official, Udemy-produced course you will learn the ins and outs of filming your course videos.  You'll also have created your very own video, and gotten feedback on it from the Udemy Review Team.

We'll go over all of the topics that go into filming a video for your Udemy course:

  1. Finding the right equipment
  2. Setting up your "Studio"
  3. No-Shame filming hacks to save time and money
  4. Filming (and getting feedback!) on a test video

In addition, you'll also hear directly from a few of our expert instructors, who share their own tips and tricks for ensuring that your videos look and sound amazing.

This course is part of the "Filming" track of Udemy's Official Instructor Education Program. In each of our official courses we strive to deliver information-packed lectures that quickly give you the information you need to make your course creation process easy and your final product amazing. We include lots of examples, as well as practice activities to make sure you're practicing your new skills. 

By the end of this course you'll have learned filming techniques to make your course look professional and to keep your students engaged. You'll also have created your very first video, and have gotten feedback on it. Let's get started!

How to Improve Your Video Quality: Official Udemy Course

Learn to recognize high audio and video quality

Created by Udemy Instructor Team - Official Udemy Instructor Account


Students: 1106354, Price: Free

We talk a lot about "high quality videos" here at Udemy, but do you know what "high quality" actually means? In this course we'll go over what a great video looks and sounds like so that you're speaking the exact same language as the Udemy Review Team. You'll learn what good (and bad!) audio and video look like and you'll also learn how to actually identify specific problems so that you can diagnose and fix your own videos.

In this official, Udemy-produced course you'll learn the skills and language you'll need to make sure your course is the best it can be. Whether you're an experienced videographer or a video newbie, this course will ensure that you understand how videos on Udemy should look and sound. 

We'll go over all of the topics that go into recognizing great videos:

  1. Identifying (and fixing) common audio issues
  2. Identifying (and fixing) common video issues
  3. Giving and getting video feedback

This course is part of the "Filming" track of Udemy's Official Instructor Education Program and is highly recommended for all Udemy instructors -- new and experienced alike. In each of our official courses we strive to deliver information-packed lectures that quickly give you the information you need to make your course creation process easy and your final product amazing. We include lots of examples, as well as practice activities to make sure you're practicing your new skills. 

By the end of this course you'll have learned exactly what videos on Udemy should look and sounds like, and you'll have learned valuable skills to perfect your own videos. Let's get started!

How to Edit Your Videos: Official Udemy Course

Learn easy edits to take your course from good to great

Created by Udemy Instructor Team - Official Udemy Instructor Account


Students: 1101593, Price: Free

Are you looking to learn some simple yet impactful ways to make your Udemy course engaging for students? Did you know you can use video editing to ensure your students have an amazing learning experience? Feeling a bit rusty with video editing terminology and tactics and want to brush up on your skills? Are you hoping to take your Udemy course from good to great?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this course is for you. In this official, Udemy-produced course you’ll learn editing tips and tricks that, while simple to pull off, have a big impact on the look and content of your course.

We'll go over two different ways you can use video editing in your Udemy course:

  1. You'll learn how to make your videos look and sound more professional by implementing things like background music, slides, and sound effects.

  2. You'll learn how to apply Learning Science best practices by implementing things like annotations and other visual cues

A quick note -- we won't teach you how to use every editing software out there. We will, however, go over the big picture of what edits you should be making in your course, and how these edits can help ensure you're delivering an amazing learning experience for your students. This should help you focus your own editing efforts in whichever software program you decide to use.

This course is part of the "Filming" track of Udemy's Official Instructor Education Program. In each of our official courses we strive to deliver information-packed lectures that quickly give you the information you need to make your course creation process easy and your final product amazing. We include lots of examples, as well as practice activities to make sure you're practicing your new skills.

By the end of this course you'll have learned editing techniques to make your course look professional and to keep your students engaged. Let's get started!

How to Add Practice Activities: Official Udemy Course

Learn how to add in practice activities throughout your course to truly engage your students

Created by Udemy Instructor Team - Official Udemy Instructor Account


Students: 1044718, Price: Free

Do you feel you have a handle on the basics of creating a Udemy course (like defining your course goal and creating an outline)? Are you looking for more advanced training to help really take your course to the next level? If you answered "yes" to those questions, this course is for you.

In this official, Udemy-produced course you will learn everything you need to know about adding in practice activities throughout your course. As a bonus, you'll also learn about your specific course style so you can target the practice activities directly to what you are planning on teaching.  

Before we get into what this course covers, let’s start with a disclaimer. This course is going to be tough! We’re covering some advanced concepts here that many of you might not have been exposed to before. It’s going to seem confusing at places. But that’s OK! These are hard concepts that we’ll work through together. By the end of this course you’ll understand the benefits of including practice in your course, and will know exactly how to embed practice throughout your own

Stick with the course and dive into these advanced materials and you’ll come out a much stronger Udemy instructor by the end.

We'll go over all of the topics that go into adding in practice activities to your course:

  1. Finding your course style
  2. Understanding activating questions, case studies, projects, and tutorial tours
  3. Using the Udemy platform to embed practice throughout your course

In addition, you'll have a ton of opportunities to get your hands dirty with working on activities throughout the course.

This course is part of the "Teaching" track of Udemy's Official Instructor Education Program. In each of our official courses we strive to deliver information-packed lectures that quickly give you the information you need to make your course creation process easy and your final product amazing. We include lots of examples, as well as practice activities to make sure you're practicing your new skills. 

By the end of this course you'll have learned how to actively engage your students as they work through your material. You'll also have completed an intermediate Udemy Insights course, which will help elevate your teaching technique to focus on truly engaging your student base.

How to Set your Course Goals: Official Udemy Course

Lay the foundation for your course creation journey by defining your target student and course goals

Created by Udemy Instructor Team - Official Udemy Instructor Account


Students: 1043616, Price: Free

Are you excited about creating a Udemy course, but unsure how to get started? Do you want to ensure the course you're creating will appeal to students? Are you looking for some guidance in how to begin your course creation journey? Then you're in the right place.

In this official, Udemy-produced course we will help you set the foundation for your course. You will walk through these first important steps alongside a fellow Udemy instructor, who will be present throughout this course, learning with you, and asking himself some of the questions you might have. You'll also meet other instructors who have already published their course and are there to share their experience.

In this course you will: 

  1. Define your target student
  2. Define your course goals
  3. Set the foundation for a great curriculum 

This course is part of the "Teaching" track of Udemy's Official Instructor Education Program. In each of our official courses we strive to deliver information-packed lectures that quickly give you the information you need to make your course creation process easy and your final product amazing. We include lots of examples, as well as practice activities to make sure you're practicing your new skills. 

By the end of the course, you will have completed the first step of your course creation journey. You will know who you're creating this course for, and what your students want to achieve. As our data shows, doing this crucial step will make it easier for you to approach the rest of course creation and also results in courses that garner higher reviews. 

Let's get started!

40 Tips on Making a Great Online Course

Free Course: 40 Lessons I wish I knew when I started teaching online.

Created by Chris Haroun - Award Winning MBA Professor, Venture Capitalist and Author.


Students: 47396, Price: Free

This is a free course to help you save time and money when creating your online courses. Learn from my mistakes. Creating an online course is easier than you think; in this course I will humbly teach you how to work smarter (not harder) by discussing 40 tips/best practices I have learned the hard way teaching online over the past 12 months.

Topics we will cover include:

  • Technology to use to make your online courses
  • What should you teach?
  • Structure of your courses
  • Delivery (how you present/teach)
  • Promoting your course
  • Customer/student communications (the customer is always right)
  • Legal issues (protect your intellectual property)
  • What to do if your course isn’t selling
  • The easiest way ever to write a book version of your course!
  • And much more...

    I will be making an annual free course like this one every November that discusses solutions to problems I encountered during my year of creating courses so that you won't have the same issues that I have had (and therefore you can work smarter and not harder). 



    How to Create your Course Outline: Official Udemy Course

    Get organized and improve your course quality with a solid outline

    Created by Udemy Instructor Team - Official Udemy Instructor Account


    Students: 35307, Price: Free

    Do you want to know which pieces make up a Udemy course? Are you excited about the next steps of course creation journey, but would like more structure in the process? Are you looking for excellent tools and examples to help you along? Then you're in the right place.

    In this official Udemy-produced course you will work on a project - YOUR course outline! We'll help you create a sophisticated outline that will serve as the basis for the rest of your course creation journey. You'll walk through this important step alongside a fellow Udemy instructor, who will be present throughout this course, and will share his story about working with a Udemy course creation expert. 

    In this course you will: 

    1. Find a good structure for your course

    2. Create your course outline

    3. Get organized so the rest of your course creation journey goes smoothly

    By the end of the course, you'll have completed your course outline. We know from data and experience, that instructors who start out with a solid course outline are more likely to complete their course and have a higher quality course.

    In each of our official courses we strive to deliver information-packed lectures that quickly give you the information you need to make your course creation process easy and your final product amazing. We include lots of examples, as well as practice activities to make sure you're practicing your new skills. 

    Let's get started!

    Udemy Course Creation – Free Training – Unofficial

    Udemy Course Creation - Answers to the top 12 questions new Udemy instructors ask & learn how to Teach Online on Udemy

    Created by Mark Timberlake - Professional Online Training Courses For Beginners


    Students: 31359, Price: Free

    This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.

    Udemy Course Business Building

    New To Udemy?

    Are you new to Udemy and want to learn what all the fuss is about?

    This short introductory course will answer some of the basic questions you have about Udemy and how you can build a business on the platform.

    Don't Waste Your Time Re-inventing The Wheel!

    You can waste a lot of time trying to figure out how Udemy works, this course is designed to get some of the basic questions and issues out of the way so you can get on with your Udemy adventure.

    What You Will Learn In This Course:

    In this course we will give you some key shortcuts to get you creating a profitable Udemy business and get you started creating Udemy courses quickly.

    You will learn what Udemy is and how it works.

    You will learn what types of courses you can create.

    You will learn some basic equipment choices you can make.

    You will also learn how to think about building a business on Udemy

    Topics Covered In This Course:

    1. What Is Udemy?
    2. What Can I Teach On Udemy?
    3. How Much Money Can I Earn On Udemy?
    4. Should My First Udemy Course Be Free Or Paid?
    5. What Style Of Udemy Course Should I Produce?
    6. What Camera Do I Need To Film A Udemy Course?
    7. What Microphone Do I Need To Record A Udemy Course?
    8. What Lighting Do I Need To Film A Udemy Course?
    9. What Software Do I Need For Creating A Udemy Course?
    10. Where Do I Start With Marketing My Course On Udemy?
    11. How Do I Market My Udemy Course Outside Of Udemy?
    12. How Do I Grow My Online Teaching Business Beyond Udemy?

    Join Me On The Other Side:

    So join me on the other side in this short introduction to Udemy and learn how you can create an income stream on Udemy.

    “Another” 40 Tips on Making a Great Online Course

    Free Course: "Another" 40 Lessons I wish I knew when I started teaching online! 3X's longer than Last Year's Free Course

    Created by Chris Haroun - Award Winning MBA Professor, Venture Capitalist and Author.


    Students: 26987, Price: Free

    [Optional Free Prerequisite Course40 Tips on Making a Great Online Course]. 

    Welcome to "ANOTHER" 40 Tips on Making a Great Online Course. This is a free course to help you save time and money when creating your online courses. Learn from my mistakes. Creating an online course is easier than you think; in this course I will humbly teach you how to work smarter (not harder) by discussing 40 [ADDITIONAL*] tips/best practices I have learned the hard way teaching online over the past 12 months.

    The Topics and Tips that we will Cover Include:

    What Should You Teach Tips:

    • Tip #1: Make “PASSIONATE” Course Placeholders to Help You Decide What to Teach
    • Tip #2: “Educational Darwinism” (Read Other Course Reviews Before Making Your Course) 
    • Tip #3: Using Udemy’s Insight Tool in Order to Decide What to Teach       
    • Tip #4: When to Stop Making a Course         

    Content: Innovative & Helpful Course Content Creation Tips:    

    • Tip #5: Consistent and “Creative” Content Theme     
    • Tip #6: Idea Generation          
    • Tip #7: Multiple File Formats
    • Tip #8: Question Anticipation
    • Tip #9: Using Props   
    • Tip #10: Making Your Course International  
    • Tip #11: Creating Innovative Exercises          
    • Tip #12: Calculating the Length of Your Lessons      
    • Tip #13: Scripting Your Course         
    • Tip #14: Spurts of Inspiration
    • Tip #15: Write Confidently from Your Heart (Be Different and Unique and Free!)  

    Course Structure Tips:

    • Tip #16: Fast and Slow Navigation Options  
    • Tip #17: Structuring the Logic of Your Course Outline         
    • Tip #18: Immediate Value Added and Impact Strategy          

    Design Tips: Visual Design Idea Tips:

    • Tip #19: Design for Mobile   
    • Tip #20: Screen Casting Using QuickTime [Mac Only]        
    • Tip #21: Screen Casting Using PowerPoint [Windows Only]           
    • Tip #22: Providing Internet Links as Resources the “Correct” Way  

    Setting Up Equipment Tips:

    • Tip #23: Intro. to Setting Up Your Equipment, Recording and Editing from Scratch
    • Tip #24: Setting Up the Camera, Lights, Microphone and Computer
    • Tip #25: Recording the Video, Editing the Video and Uploading it to Udemy          
    • Tip #26: Getting Help from Udemy in Order to Perfect Your Videos+Best Practices           
    • Tip #27: Using and Setting Up a Teleprompter
    • Tip #28: Removing Echoes    

    Appearance and Health Tips While Creating Courses Tips: 

    • Tip #29: Health(ier) Desk Setup        
    • Tip #30: Cosmetics + Looking Camera Ready
    • Tip #31: Looking Less Tired  
    • Tip #32: Whiter Teeth

    Delivery Tips: 

    • Tip #33: Get In “Your” Friendly Personable Zone to Teach  
    • Tip #34: Staying Upbeat When Teaching       
    • Tip #35: Use Language That Won’t Get Lost in Translation & Easier to Understand

    Additional Editing Tips: 

    • Tip #36: Leave Room for Captions    
    • Tip #37: Adding and Customizing Images for Your Lessons with PowerPoint        
    • Tip #38: Selecting/Adding Music to Your Lessons   
    • Tip #39: Making a Video + Animation + Adding Pictures + Music from Scratch    
    • Tip #40: How I Made and Edited the Previous Lecture (Fun)!           

    I will be making an annual free course like this one every year* that discusses solutions to problems I encountered during my year of creating courses so that you won't have the same issues that I have had (and therefore you can work smarter and not harder). 



    Closed captions have been added to all lessons in this course.

    * [Optional] Please also watch last year's course by searching Udemy for the free course called: "40 Tips on Making a Great Online Course.

    Online Course Crash Course: Win at Teaching Online Courses

    Start teaching Udemy and self-hosted courses, with the latest techniques of a bestselling instructor. Udmy-unofficial

    Created by Phil Ebiner - Top-Rated Instructor, 2 Million+ Students


    Students: 24580, Price: Free

    This course is not sponsored or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.

    Want to make thousands teaching online courses?

    Interested in teaching courses on Udemy, Skillshare, or any other online course platform?

    Want to teach courses on a self-hosted Teachable (formerly UseFedora), Zippy Courses, or Patience site?

    Bestselling Udemy instructor Phil Ebiner gives you his best advice for teaching online courses in 2016.

    This mini-course will teach you:

    • How to choose your first online course topic
    • Should you create a flagship or niche course?
    • The equipment that I use for creating courses
    • How to choose a course title that will sell more
    • How to price your courses on Udemy and elsewhere
    • How to write promotional announcements that sell
    • How to increase interaction in your courses
    • How to make more money by self-hosting your course

    Please enjoy this course. I hope you truly enjoy it!


    How to Create a Course for Your Business

    The official guide to creating your own online course for your business, from start to finish.

    Created by Udemy for Business - The destination for workplace learning


    Students: 22310, Price: Free

    Welcome to the Frontier of Corporate e-Learning!

    If you are excited to create innovative online courses and currently have an active Udemy for Business learning portal inside your company, then you have come to the right place. Whether you are an experienced instructional designer, a boot-strapping entrepreneur, or a creatively charged employee - nothing should keep you from sharing the skills you know best with the rest of your company. Udemy for Business course creation is all about breaking down the skills-gap by promoting internal knowledge sharing in a way that is simple, engaging, and mobile-ready.

    This course is your one-stop-shop for all things related to course creation. The Udemy instructor team has created this course to be a constantly evolving resource for all of your course creation needs. Here's what we'll cover:

    • What scenarios are most useful for creating an internal online course
    • How to create your course, from beginning to end.
    • Course quality suggestions: so you can make sure your course is up to par.
    • How to pick your course topic, identify your target audience, and plan your outline.
    • How to actually film your course: the nuts and bolts of capturing awesome audio and video, and high quality editing to make sure your course looks amazing.
    • How to create buzz around the launch of your course internally and keep students engaged when the course is live
    • Teaching tips, and how to make edits to your course post-publishing.

    Additionally, think of this course as the jumping-off point for your exploration into the Udemy Instructor Community. We'll direct you to all of our resources as well as our communities where you can join the conversation and interact with other instructors from all walks of life (as well as the Udemy team).

    Are you ready to push the boundaries of corporate e-learning? Let's go!

    If you are not a Udemy for Business customer and would like to learn more about us, go ahead and shoot us an email at with the subject line "Tell Me More!"

    Udemy Instructor Strategies for Course Success – Unofficial

    A-Z Guide to creating courses on Udemy, how to upload videos, and do's and dont's of the Udemy marketplace - unofficial

    Created by Matt Bernstein - Best Selling Instructor, 175,000+ Students


    Students: 17719, Price: Free

    This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.

    Hi, my name is Matt Bernstein, successful Udemy instructor with over 175,000+ students across 198 countries.

    At the end of the course, you'll be able to upload a course to Udemy (step by step) and enroll your first 1,000 students.

    At the end of the course you'll learn how to…

    • Upload your course to Udemy.

    • Validate course subjects, and discover if people will buy your course.

    • Follow the Do’s and Dont’s of Udemy.

    • and finally, create a passive income on Udemy.

    Who should take this course? Who should not?

    • This course is specifically for the students who wish to create an asset and start teaching on Udemy.

    • The course will teach students how to share their knowledge on Udemy and enroll their first 1,000 students.

    • Students must develop patience and discipline to know that success does not happen overnight.

    You'll get a look over my shoulder (step by step guide) to learn exactly how I became successful on Udemy.

    Click the "Take This Course" button straight away at the top right of this page because every second you delay is costing you money.

    Publish your First Udemy Course in 1 Day! Unofficial

    Watch as I go step-by-step through the course creation process and show the quickest way to get your course published!

    Created by Joseph Delgadillo - Best-Selling Instructor


    Students: 14635, Price: Free

    This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.

    If you want practical tips for publishing your first course on Udemy, you are going to love this course! Watch as I go step-by-step through the course creation process and show you the quickest and most efficient way to get your first course published.

    Learn from an instructor with over 2 years of experience teaching on Udemy, working with top instructors to create bestselling courses, and marketing online courses across multiple platforms!

    This course requires absolutely no experience working with Udemy, teaching online, or recording in front of a camera. Anyone can start teaching on Udemy today, and that's what makes it such a fantastic learning platform!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see you in the course!

    Udemy Course Creation: Fast Track Course Creation – Unofficial

    Learn the rapid action Udemy course creation tips that Paul Jenkins & Steve Rosenbaum use to make best sellers... FAST

    Created by Paul Jenkins - Documentary Film Director, Writer & Founder of Brilliantio


    Students: 14407, Price: Free

    This course is not sponsored by of affiliated with Udemy, Inc.

    Learn the Top 10 Udemy Course Creation Tips that Paul Jenkins and Steve Rosenbaum credit for taking them each from Udemy Newbies to #1 Instructors in their categories, in this fast-paced, content-rich, totally free must have course.

    6 months ago, neither Paul not Steve were instructors on Udemy. Today, they have combined to reach several thousand students in over 100 countries.

    "Udemy is the perfect platform to help you build Fame, Fortune and Fun by doing and teaching others the things you're passionate about," says Steve Rosenbaum.

    "It's ideal for anybody that wants to create extra income, help others, and meet and connect with like-minded people all around the world," add Paul Jenkins.

    Despite being more than 5000 miles apart, and coming from 2 completely different industry, Udemy has brought Paul and Steve together to demonstrate to you exactly how you can quickly expand your influence.

    Who is Udemy Course Creation for?

    If you have never produced a Udemy Course: You will love how this course cuts through clutter and highlights exactly what you need to know to turn out the highest quality courses with ease. There are scores of courses on Udemy about how to create courses, but none that so cleverly cuts through the minutia and so quickly and effectively teaches you the important production and marketing skills that will help you launch your success on Udemy.

    If you have created Udemy Courses: You will love how this course focuses on the high level production and marketing tips that will help you get the most reward for your effort. Paul and Steve produced this course together in less than 24 hours. Their goal is to show you exactly how you can do it to.

    Others that will benefit from this course:

    • Business People
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Second Act Seekers
    • Udemy Speakers
    • Authors
    • Bloggers
    • Website Owners
    • Many, Many, Many, More...

    Enroll in Udemy Course Creation now (did we mention that it's absolutely free?). Invest just 1 hour now to watch the lectures and review all the tips so that you can immediately start and improve your Udemy Course Creation.

    Udemy: How To Create Great Talking Head Videos – Unofficial

    Learn how to feel comfortable, speak clearly, and teach awesomely when recording videos in front of the camera

    Created by Derek Franklin - Teaches 11 Crazy Good Courses You Will Love!


    Students: 13348, Price: Free

    This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.

    • Over 9000 happy students enrolled in my courses
    • Currently 86% of reviews are 4- and 5-star
    • No risk involved. Watch the PREVIEW VIDEOS!

    Do you say these things to yourself:

    • I hate being in front of the camera, but I know that to be successful online, I've got to learn how to do it!
    • When I press the record button on the camera, it's like my confidence instantly drains right out of me
    • Why doesn't my mouth and brain don't work properly when I'm in front of the camera - it's unbelievably frustrating!
    • I'm a professional teacher/presenter and I can't believe how difficult of a time I have recording a simple video
    • I'm tired of nonsense advice like: 'just be yourself', and 'think of the camera as your friend' - it doesn't work!
    • I'm tired of spending hours/days writing scripts for videos where I sound like I'm reading a book and look stiffer than a board on camera
    • How can I record high-quality videos quickly?
    • How do other people record great videos with so little effort - how can I be like them?!?
    • I want to create great videos - HELP!!!

    If you've said any of these things to yourself in the past week, you're going to love this course!

    Not only does it answer all these questions (and more), but the course is delivered to you in a energetic, simple, and fun way (check out the preview videos).

    So...what makes this course so unique?

    • My relentless focus on delivering high-quality content within the course
    • The high value of the ideas
    • The unique and engaging way lessons are presented
    • How practical and usable the ideas are that I teach you
    • The transformation you'll see in yourself
    • The transformation others will see in you

    This course is for you if you:

    • Want to quickly create amazing talking-head videos for your students, listeners, and fans!
    • Have very little time to watch boring, complicated lessons
    • Tired of ideas that are really nothing more then weak, boring cliche's that are largely worthless nonsense ('be yourself', 'love the camera', 'let go of your fear', etc.)
    • Enjoy video training over book-learnin'
    • Want actionable, practical strategies and tools that you can use right now - today
    • Think visual guides for the course content is cool and useful for reference later
    • Like having some fun while you learn

    Scan the lessons below, and be sure to watch some of the FREE preview videos to see for yourself that what I just said is true!

    After you're done watching the free preview videos (and your brain has adjusted to how awesome it feels), then follow these steps:

    1. Join the course
    2. Watch all the videos
    3. Download all the included guides (I call these LifeMaps)
    4. Put what you learn into action
    5. Come back and let me know what you think - if you like what you've learned, leave a lovely (that means nice) review, if not, get a lovely refund (you have a full 30 days to do this)

    Be amazing!


    How To Start Your Own Online Courses Business In 2021

    In this course you will learn the 3 tips that helped me to start my own online course business and get my first results.

    Created by Sorin Constantin - Online Entrepreneur And Marketer


    Students: 11477, Price: Free

    Are you looking forward to starting your own online courses business, share your passions, experience, and expertise with the world but you don't know where to start?

    Don't worry, you came to the right place!

    Less than one year and a half ago I had no clue about the online courses industry, how it works, how you can create an online course and how you can make money with it. 

    Fast Forwarding a year and a half later, now I have multiple online courses which I sell on different platforms all across the web and that produce for me multiple 4 figures every month and with a large portion of it being passive income.

    In this short class, I am going to share with you the 3 main tips that anyone new should know and use in his/her advantage so that he or she can start this business right away.

    These 3 tips helped me make my first 1000$ from online courses without even having my own online platform and I am 100% sure that they will help you to achieve great results!

    Join me in the course right now and let's get started!

    Publish a Udemy Course in 5 Hours or Less – Unofficial

    Build and Publish your course in 5 hours or less with super sonic speed!

    Created by Harshajyoti Das - Author, Entrepreneur, Investor


    Students: 10869, Price: Free

    This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy .Inc


    ✔ Brand New: Released 8/03/15 (30 days Money Back Guarantee)


    The “Online Course" Industry is estimated to be worth $56.2 Billion In 2014. How much of its share are you earning? BUILD and PUBLISH a Udemy course in 5 hours or less. Start a stream of passive income. Change millions of lives worldwide.

    Why do most 'wannabe' Udemy Instructor procrastinate to build their first Udemy course? Even I kept procrastinating for more than 4 months. Finally, I found the answer. This course is a result of that Answer.

    You will be able to BUILD and PUBLISH a Udemy course in 5 hours or less with my proven techniques.

    After taking this course, I bet you will develop an urge to build your own course in 5 hours or less.It will be a record in itself. Or let's say, you will break all other records.

    This course is an actionable approach to building your course step-by-step as a beginner. I cover the psychology to beat procrastination and a lot of tips and hacks to quickly build the right mindset, trick your mind to, plan, prepare and execute your ideas into reality.





    How is this course structured?

    I have taken a whole new approach to make this course more interactive. You will find Video Lectures, Audio Lectures, Visual Workbooks, Quizzes to Weekly Q&A sessions.

    There is also a Final Test. Anybody who scores a perfect 100% is going to win some SURPRISE GIFTS along the way.

    It's really exciting once you get started with this course. I am waiting to see you on the inside....

    Affiliate Marketing Mastery 2020 – NO Website Needed!

    Start your affiliate marketing career the RIGHT way with this PROVEN success strategy that NEVER fails!

    Created by Kevin David - Teaching YOU How to Build A Successful Online Business!


    Students: 9397, Price: Free

    Affiliate Marketing 2020 - NO Website Needed! is the ONLY guide you’ll ever need for starting your lucrative affiliate marketing career from scratch with ZERO prior experience or skill.

    Learn all the inside hacks and proven strategies that will maximize your earning potential from visitors to your website with little or no cost and effort.

    Set yourself apart from the competition and make sure your leads convert every time for long-lasting sustainable success and a steady income stream!

    How To Create a Profitable Online Course in 10 Simple Steps

    The Quick-Start Course Creation System - Taught by a QUALIFIED 7-Figure Education Professional

    Created by Sarah Cordiner - Qualified Course Creation Coach


    Students: 9390, Price: Free

    This 'Course Creation Starter Kit' will take you through the 10-step system for creating your very own profitable online course that your students will absolutely love!

    It is a basic walk-through of the course creation process, to give you the crystal clear overview of the full journey of creating highly successful online courses.

    Each step gives you an activity to implement to get you started with your own online course - kickstarting your digital course creation without the guess work and confusion.

    Sarah Cordiner is a Postgraduate QUALIFIED Course Creation Specialist with over 14 years experience as a teacher trainer, curriculum developer and education entrepreneur.

    Sarah's 10 Step Course Creation system has been implemented by over 20,000 course creators internationally, helping entrepreneurs and experts to create a course that not only will lift your credibility and make you money - but importantly that your learners will love.

    This mini-course does NOT go deep into the course creation process, but instead will provide the overview of the main steps and get you started on each one - however, it IS sufficient to produce an online course in full from this training alone.

    If you are ready to create your own online course QUICKLY and just want the 'get it done now' fast-action steps - then this course creation starter kit is for you!

    Launch Your First UDEMY Course In 7 Days or Less -Unofficial

    Learn the Secrets to Online Course Creation in Less than 7 days and get First 1000 Students Quickly!

    Created by Impact Millions Online - Are You Making An Impact On The World?


    Students: 8978, Price: Free

    What Students Are Saying:

    Daniele Alessandra says "This course really gives you what it says: you'll be able to create, edit and publish your first course in seven days if you stay focused and follow the instructions."


    Mikel Sanders says "This is a great course he makes the videos short and sweet and to the point. I got 2 ideas from this course so far that I'm sure will help me generate a nice amount of revenue. The Course Outline Template by itself is worth the price of admission! I do wish that he would have provided a few more technical examples but I truly enjoyed the quick high energy of the course."


    Kushal says "Wow! This a real eye opener. I had so many myths around building my own course and Abhay has made it super simple to create and launch it. Let's get it done! Thanks, Abhay!"


    Bob Choat says "Great course as it simplified the process of course creation..."


    Robert says "I took earlier course by Abhay on training automation and I feel he should have launched this course first. Because once I have my course ready, I can automate it. Anyways, it's amazing to learn some great content and excited to create and then automate. :)"


    Abhishek Yadav says "So far it's great. I just loved the concept of launching the course in 7 days and I'm excited. I'm sure if I follow the instructor and work, I should be able to launch my first course. Thank you Abhay!"


    Juan M says "very engaging and highly recommended. got some really good golden nuggets."


    Ravi says "Very very useful course, looking forward to implementing these tactics in my videos."


    Have you been thinking about creating your first online course? and still thinking?

    Not anymore! This course will give you a step by step process to create and launch your first awesome online course FAST!

    You will get practical tips & ideas (cutting all the crap out) to launch your first online course in 7 days or less! (yes, you read it right)

    I'm a best-selling instructor of multiple courses and most of them I was able to create in less than 7 days. In fact one of the best-selling course I launched in just 3 days!

    I've put together a simple step by step blueprint that you can follow without getting overwhelmed for a successful launch.

    So, here's what you will learn inside this course:

    • Introduction & Why Online Course

    • Identify Your First Course Topic Effortlessly

    • Pre-Requisites (Equipment & A Place To Record)

    • Create Your Course Outline Quickly

    • Create Your Course Content Quickly

    • Record Your Course Quickly

    • Course Editing

    • Publish Your Course

    • Get First 1000 Students For FREE!

    • Get Help To Launch Your Course

    By the end of this course, you will be all pumped up to create your very first course!

    Plus you can also get a chance to work with me where I will personally help you launch you first online awesome course, so you don't loose the track!

    I look forward to welcoming you to the journey of your online business and let's change the people's life by teaching them!

    To Your Success,

    Abhay Sharma

    Smart eLearning Content Development Course for All

    eLearning Content creation was never this easy! Use PowerPoint to create high engagement content for your students

    Created by MKCL India - Creating a Knowledge Lit World


    Students: 8607, Price: Free

    Are you an Educator or Teacher who is looking to reach out to students beyond the traditional classroom?

    Do you think that creating eLearning Content is highly specialized job and its very difficult to learn?

    Do you want to engage your students by giving them interactive puzzles and assignments and increase engagement?

    Do you want to quickly create educational videos, walkthroughs, eContent, instructional videos, etc using everyday and free tools?

    If the answer to any of the questions above is YES, then this is the course for you.

    In this course, you will understand that eLearning Content creation is fairly easy, and you will be comfortable to create your own eLearning Course Content after finishing this 1 hour course. Check out the Curriculum to know more about the course, and happy learning!

    How To Sell Your Knowledge Online

    A step-by-step knowledge commerce training

    Created by Matt Codde - Content Strategist At Kajabi


    Students: 8347, Price: Free

    Knowledge truly is the New Small Business. We are watching this new opportunity emerge right in front of us and we at Kajabi are leading the way. In this training you will learn how to turn your knowledge into products and start your very own business. You will also learn how to do this with just 1 simple tool called Kajabi. 

    Online Course Creation – Master Promotional Emails – LITE

    Master Udemy Promotional Announcement Emails: Create Great Promos, Increase Enrollments, Make More Sales - Unofficial

    Created by John Colley MBA, MA(Cantab) - Investment Banking | Business| Entrepreneurship | Finance


    Students: 7555, Price: Free

    This Course is not sponsored by or affiliate with Udemy Inc.

    FULL Disclosure: This is a LITE version of my Promotional Announcement Emails course that is being published shortly on Udemy.  Content in this course will be repeated in that course.

    Online Course Creation includes a CRITICAL SKILL - writing and sending effective, HIGH CONVERTING Promotional Announcement Emails.

    If cross selling your courses to existing students is one of the BEST WAYS TO MONETISE your courses - and get 97% of the proceeds - why are more instructors not focusing on sending better promotions to their students?

    Do you want to sell more of your courses to more of your students?  

    Of course you do! 

    So, I urge you to read on, your Promotional Announcements will never be the same again!

    With nearly five years experience on Udemy and having created over 40 Courses (not all are live as I write), I have been striving to improve my Udemy Promotional Announcement Emails constantly.  

    By applying my Copywriting expertise to the challenge and studying over 2,000 emails I have received from other instructors, I have found that it is possible to create Promotional Announcements that engage and entertain as well as sell!

    In this Course, I have distilled my Email Marketing experience of Udemy Promotional Email Announcements to share with you the skills and knowledge you need to make huge improvements to your Promotional Announcements. 

    This is how I have converted literally thousands of sales of my courses using my Coupon Code and gaining the 97% Revenue share!  

    And you can too!

    In this Course you will discover:

    • The Basic Structure of an effective Promotional Email Announcement
    • Discover a Promotional Email Marketing Template from one of the most successful instructors
    • Copywriting and Content Writing skills to help you to create high converting Titles for your Email Marketing
    • Creative Use of Images in Your Promotional Announcements
    • Answers to a critical Email Marketing question relating to Udemy Course Promotion
    • How do find out how effective your Promotional Email Marketing of your Udemy Courses really is

    Imagine if your Promotional Announcements could be twice as effective as they are now? 

    What impact would that have on your Sales?

    Of course, you could just stick with the same old emails you have always sent out…and be in the same stagnant place in a years time that you are now.  Or you could take action today and transform your Promotional Announcements into something truly spectacular!

    Check out this FREE Course Now

    Enroll Today!

    Best regards


    Learn How To Create An Online Course In 10 Days. Unofficial

    Creating a course can be overwhelming, Learn how to create your course within 10 days, by following these simple steps.

    Created by Devon Campbell - Business Expert.


    Students: 7442, Price: Free

    This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.

    Have you been taking courses on Udemy and saying to yourself  "I can create a better course" or have you ever wanted to start an online business?

    Now is the perfect time to get started creating an Online course and start your own business. According to Forbes, the Online Learning Market Place reached 107 Billion in 2015 and the market is going to get bigger in 2016.  

    Imagine if you could make a full time living creating online courses! You can create online courses and live where you want, work when and where you want, travel the world, or just have more free time at home.  You can be just like so many online instructors.

    But THERE is one big problem. Creating an online course can be big project, especially if you have never created an Online course before. Let me tell you, it's not that hard! Once you know the right steps to take, you will be able to easily create an online course.

    In this course, I will show you, step-by-step, how to quickly create your own, high quality online course AND everything you need to know to get started on Udemy.  I show you how to easily create your Online course in only 10 DAYS.  Think about it, in 10 days you can start making money from your online courses.

                In This Course, You will learn:

    • What you need to get started.
    • How to find course topics that are in HIGH Demand on Udemy .
    • A step by step Blue print for from Day 1 though to Day 10.
    • Secrets to properly setting up your course on Udemy.
    • Tips for selecting the correct title for your course.
    •  And More !

    Bonuses Included :

    For a limited time I am going to be providing a PDF that outlines the most popular search terms on Udemy. With this PDF, it will help you to choose the correct courses to create and It will also show the most popular search terms and the courses that are in High Demand On Udemy.


    No Risk Involved. This course also comes with a 30 DAY No Questions required Money Back Guarantee From Udemy. Get Started Today !! See you in the course. 

    How to Write, Create, and Sell a Video E-course in 7 Days

    Produce an online teaching resource by this time next week without hi-tech gear, a budget, or even much talent!

    Created by Rob Parnell - Freelance Writer, Educator, and Bestselling Author


    Students: 7222, Price: Free

    Discover how to easily write, produce, and upload a video e-course - by as early as next week. That’s only 7 days from today!

    And you don't even need to get expensive gear - everything you need is LO to NO COST - and I show you where and how to get it!

    Having your own video e-course you can expect…

    • Sales generated organically by Udemy
    • ZERO delivery cost – no printing or postage
    • A no-risk business you can operate anywhere in the world

    • The prestige and recognition of being a respected expert and online educator

    Please read the following important message from Rob Parnell, who Midnight Bookworm called, “The World’s Foremost Writing Guru.”

    Dear Udemy Subscriber,

    If you want the satisfaction of selling a popular course, and the prestige that comes from being an online teacher, then this might be of great interest to you...

    Here’s why:

    I can teach you how to write, create and sell your own e-course with less than a week’s work – even if you feel like you can’t write a complete sentence, can’t teach to save your life, and still have nightmares about using technology!

    Let me show you how it’s very possible, in fact, quite straightforward to turn out your own highly successful e-course using the methods I’ll teach you in this new course…

    * Rob Parnell has helped over 1,000,000 authors write, publish, and promote their e-books, print books, audio books and videos! 

    * Rob is a veteran freelancer, bestselling author, and writing guru whose reputation for writing resources is legendary!

    * Over the last 15 years, Rob has published several number ONE AMAZON best-selling books – including “The Writer and The Hero’s Journey”, “The Easy Way to Get Rich”, and “Fast and Furious: How to Write and Sell for Amazon Kindle”.

    If you want to create your own e-course quickly, you need step-by-step details spelled out quickly by a real-world expert who can teach you the ropes.

    Over the last 15 years, Rob has written, created and sold millions of dollars worth of books, e-books, courses, videos, and all kinds of info-products online and off.

    Here are just some of the tips & techniques this course will teach you:

    • How to get up, running, and selling courses on Udemy
    • A step-by-step explanation of how to actually get a complete REAL e-course DONE in less than 72 hours!
    • The absolute “bullet-proof” best e-course to write, create and sell online – and FAST.

    • Proven methods for turning out a highly effective course in record time… even if you have no idea what to write about now.
    • Step-by-step exactly how to format your videos so they look great.

    Learn the tips, tricks and secrets directly from
    one of the most successful authors online today!

    • Go inside the mind of one of the most successful online teachers today to learn his real-world secrets.

    • Discover what he learned about teaching
    • Learn from someone just like you… who jumped in, wrote a book once, and is now an online teacher
    • Rob will reveal his marketing secrets to YOU…

    • How to write and manage your time
    • What works and what doesn’t in the “real world” of online teaching.

    Here’s the bottom line on this incredible resource:

    “How to Write, Create and Sell a Video E-course in 7 Days” will guide you step-by-step on how to:

  • Identify a target market with laser-beam focus
  • Create an e-course idea that will generate interest and curiosity
  • Show you how to publish your e-course on Udemy
  • … and much MORE!
  • Rob says: "If my e-course doesn’t help you overcome any stumbling blocks to writing your own e-course, if it doesn’t guide you step by step through picking a topic, if it doesn’t show you how to market your course to the widest audience possible, if it doesn’t take you by the hand and teach you exactly how to get your course online, if it doesn’t make creating your own e-course easier than you ever dreamed possible, then I don’t want your money… I'll give it all back."

    You have nothing to lose and a successful, prestige and self esteem building e-course to gain.

    Click Below to Gain Access Now 

    You will be watching and studying my e-course within just a few minutes… and using it to get your very own e-course written and published in as little as 7 days!

    To your success,

    Rob Parnell
    Bestselling Author and Educator

    P.S. — This introductory price is a “Buy it NOW before it’s gone” offer… so act fast!… ..

    P.P.S. — Let’s be blunt: If you pass on this offer, will you have an e-course or not one week from today? Probably not!

    You’ll still wish and want it, but you won’t have it. Face it. Most of what you need is instruction and encouragement.

    Get this course NOW and have your own video e-course as fast as one week from TODAY!

    Wouldn’t you like to be bragging about your course within a week?

    IELTS Booster and Beyond Premium Course 2-Note-taking skills

    Speaking Part 2: Practical 1 minute approaches to note-taking strategies to boost your IELTS from a 6 to a 7 or beyond

    Created by Nathaniel Jensen - IELTS Instructor


    Students: 6463, Price: Free

    One of the big struggles for many students in the speaking exam is the Part 2 note-taking. You have one minute to make notes for your part 2 speech and that time used wisely can really work to your advantage. Helping to boost your score from a 6 to a 7 or beyond.

    Lesson 1-The Cue Card: 5 prompts. Making mental and written notes. Visualizing

    Lesson 2-TNT: Topic specific vocabulary, Nature of the question-Narrative vs. Non-Narrative, and Tense.

    Lesson 3-Weighing the Husband and 5 Wives: Using the prompts to boost your score

    Lesson 4-The Story: The tangential untrue story with a double boost

    Lesson 5-Note-taking: The structured Student-Narrative

    Lesson 6-Note-taking: The Creative Thinking Student-Non-Narrative

    Lesson 7-2P=3C: Dave's secret formula for boosting the end of your answer

    Lesson 8-Overview of the 3 Booster and Beyond speaking programs: SCORE-Premium, STRIKE-Advanced, and IMPACT-Deluxe.

    When you've finished our course you will be an expert in note-taking and you'll have some tips and strategies that you can use to really boost your speaking part 2 speech. We will also have 2 more original courses dealing with tips on how to boost speaking part 2, followed by 2 courses for boosting speaking part 3.

    PREMIUM COURSE 3: STRUCTURING PART 2.-Giving a good structure to your Part 2 talk helps with the coherence score (FLU COH) and gives you confidence.

    PREMIUM COURSE 4 DISCOURSE MANAGEMENT-The ability to show your listener where you are going is essential for fluency.

    PREMIUM COURSE 5 : COMMENTING-You can have a good structure with many discourse markers but a really rich talk is one which adds interesting comments and supplementary topics. Using the concept of FACE we introduced in the last course, we develop ways to supplement your prompts.

    PREMIUM COURSE 6 : SPEAKING PART 3-A detailed look at the different types of questions you'll find in speaking part 3. Speculation and Hypothesis, Compare and Contrast, Giving your opinion, Reason and Result, and Evaluation and Solution.

    PREMIUM COURSE 7 : THE A IN GRA-Speaking with few grammar errors is essential for at least 6.5 . In this course we look at some areas of grammar which may be confusing for students. Note we assume your tenses and knowledge of grammar structures are generally at a good level already.

    PREMIUM COURSE 8 : THE GR OF GRA : GRAMMAR RANGE-You can have very few grammar errors but in order to attain a 9 score in GRA you have to impress the examiner with a wide range of grammar skills. In this course we look at some colourful examples of strategies you may wish to try to include in your speaking.

    PREMIUM COURSE 9: PRONUNCIATION (PRO The segmental part of the English Language)-Being able to be aware of the pitfalls of pronunciation is a great way to ensure a 9 in IELTS for the PRO score. But remember this includes tone and stress as well.

    COURSE 10 : FLUENCY AND COHERENCE-Course 10 fluency and coherence : The Suprasegmental booster part of English.

    So continue to join us as we do a deep dive into the IELTS speaking exam. You will be getting a 7 in no time with Booster and Beyond.

    Create Your First Udemy Course – Unofficial

    A short introductory guide to creating a Udemy Course for a complete beginner to course creation and video production

    Created by Mark Timberlake - Professional Online Training Courses For Beginners


    Students: 6378, Price: Free

    Do You Want To Understand How To Create A Udemy Course?

    In this simple introductory course we cover some core principles that you need to be aware of when creating a Udemy training course.

    Who Is This Course For?

    This course is for beginners who are new to course creation and want to understand what is involved in creating a Udemy Course.

    Why Should You Listen To Me?

    I have produced 11 successful Udemy courses with over 9,000 students and 110 reviews. I also know how to successfully market those courses.

    I also run an online marketing company called SME Heroes, which offers video production, online marketing, web development and commercial photography.

    I have also been teaching on a voluntary basis for over 10 years.

    What You Will Learn From The Course?

    You will learn how to approach course creation on Udemy.

    You will also get some simple tips and tricks to help you avoid some simple mistakes that many Udemy instructors make when starting out.

    What Is Covered In The Course?

    We will discuss the following topics:

    The Golden Triangle

    We will explore what are the key factors in creating a successful course and will cover subjects like quality courses, social proof and marketing funnels.

    The First Steps

    In this section we will give you some simple tips to get you going and put you on the right path to create a successful Udemy training course

    Video Production

    An introduction to lighting, filming and sound will be covered in this section, we will guide you through some of the basic decisions you need to make when filming your Udemy course.

    SEO For Udemy Courses

    What is the point of having a great course that nobody can find? We share some key principles in this section so that you can practice good Search Engine Optimisation skills.

    Building Social Proof

    People don't buy from people who tell others how good they are!

    They buy based on what other people think, so we explore this in this section.

    Creating A Marketing Funnel

    This is key if you really want to start getting sales from your Udemy course, this introduction will help you understand the principles of a marketing or sales funnel when it comes to digitial marketing online or even using Udemy's internal marketing system.

    Bonus Goodies

    We will share lots of bonus goodies for free in this section as they become available.

    Join us on the other side:

    So join us on the other side and start learning how to create your first Udemy course!

    The Power of Complimentary Udemy Courses – Unofficial

    Discover the game-changing course creation strategy that results in more students for your Udemy courses

    Created by Marc Guberti - Digital Marketing Expert, Podcast Host, and Author


    Students: 6358, Price: Free

    This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.

    Wish you had more students and made more revenue? It's common to have this desire. Every instructor has it. Instructors become successful by turning that wish to a reality. They create courses and market them as much as possible. Then they repeat the process over and over again.

    That's Udemy success in a nutshell, but one important thing almost always gets left out. The critical piece of information that gets left out too often is the power of offering free Udemy courses.

    Free courses allow you to grow your student base because they are more appealing. Free courses get more students than paid courses. Not only do free courses get more students, but they can also generate more sales for your paid courses too. It's no wonder more instructors are exploring free course creation.

    In this FREE no-risk course, you will not only learn why free courses are important but also discover how to correctly implement free course in your Udemy strategy for maximum profit and visibility.

    And you will gain that knowledge in under an hour.

    If you are ready to tap into one of the most powerful methods of getting more students and revenue from Udemy , then click "Take This Course" now.

    Skillshare for Udemy Instructors Unofficial

    Skillshare: Why you should be teaching online on Skillshare as a Udemy Instructor Unofficial

    Created by Meike Hohenwarter, MSc - Österreichs Nr. 1 - fast 60.000 TN aus 176 Ländern


    Students: 5975, Price: Free

    This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.

    Skillshare for Udemy Instructors:

    Why you should be teaching online on Skillshare

    Have you ever been contemplating on becoming an online teacher?

    This class will help you with your decision!

    Here, you will find 5 FAQs about Skillshare and the answers to:

    1. What is Skillshare?

    2. Which courses can I find there?

    3. How can one earn money on Skillshare?

    4. Is it difficult to become a teacher on Skillshare?

    5. Can I re-use already existing classes?

    After this class it will be an easy decision wether you want to start teaching on Skillshare.

    Create, Launch & Sell Your Premium Online Course

    Test Your Topic | Create Your Course | Convert Sales

    Created by Ryan Lecour - Automation, Lead Generation, Marketing & Sales Expert


    Students: 5861, Price: Free

    You already have the EXPERTISE required to make serious $$$ in 2021 from the $187 Billion online course industry.

    If you have been living on Earth for a while now, chances are good that you've gone to school, worked in various industries, and have developed passions and interests of all kinds. 

    Congratulations! You are qualified to teach online courses right now.

    You have insight and knowledge into fields of interest that other people want to learn about. We just have to get all of that great stuff out of your head (or from your research) and into an easily consumable, marketable and scalable online learning package.

    Wait, slow down. Before we go hitting record with all that excitement, there are a few things you'll want to know.

    Not everyone does amazingly well in the online course game. It's like that old 80/20 principle-- 20% of online course creators tend to get 80% of the results. The reason of course is that online consumers these days are smart. They will not buy just anything from you simply because you have put it on the internet. They will sniff you out. They want to feel super comfortable before buying.

    That is, if a PREMIUM course is what you're after, your leads and prospects will have to trust you enough to purchase a BIG TICKET online item.

    This is the critical part. When you sell your course as a big ticket item, the number of sales conversions required to generate 6 and 7 figures goes WAY DOWN. In fact, the top mediapreneurs and infopreneurs out there are routinely holding 6 and 7 figure launches and generating all of that delicious profit from ONE SINGLE COURSE.

    How the heck do they do that?

    First, they make the choice to play in a 'bigger sandbox'. In other words, they decide to not settle for selling their course below a premium price point. Second, they have a marketing system that kicks butt.

    That's the part I'm here to show you.

    By the end of this course, you will know how to do the following:

    • Choose course ideas that sell

    • Test your topic to ensure your audience will pay you for it

    • Presell your course and make money before the course exists

    • Develop a name and personal brand that is optimized for your audience

    • Plan your course to make the creation process a breeze

    • Create your course without typing or writing anything down

    • Record your course without headaches, hassles or wasted time

    • Host your course and get all the technical stuff out of the way quickly

    • Build a sales funnel to sell your course

    • Develop a nurture sequence and a launch marketing sequence

    • Get testimonials and other forms of social proof

    • Optimize your sales page, sales video and learn how to open and close your cart

    • Promote your course beyond the launch with Joint Ventures and Affiliates