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Oil Painting Techniques; Rembrandt

Impasto and Glazing

Created by Luis Borrero - Fine artist


Students: 39, Price: $49.99

Students: 39, Price:  Paid

What techniques or secrets did Rembrandt used to create his masterpieces? In this course students will learn the oil painting techniques and materials used by Rembrandt. The course curriculum includes a painting demonstration from beginning to end with individual chapters that include four key sequences used by Rembrandt to complete his paintings. The class also includes lectures dedicated to the preparation of a traditional oil ground, historical pigments, as well as modern materials substitutes. The demonstration offers detail instruction on how to create an under-sketch, working up sequence, and finally a glazing and finishing stage. Students will be guided through every step, and color mixture as the painting evolves from a sketch into a finished work of art.

The course demonstration focuses on Rembrandt's late style, in particular his painting titled "Self portrait at 63". During Rembrandt's late years, he began to work with an innovative impasto technique that has baffled art historians for centuries. His use of unique materials to achieve lifelike surfaces has been researched by scientists, and in this course I will be reconstructing those techniques with historical materials to achieve similar results.

Course features:

  • Improve your understanding of color and how to mix flesh tones.

  • Learn the various steps of oil painting including the use of historical materials.

  • Discover how to use color and light/shade convincingly to achieve three dimensional forms.

  • Learn the masterful techniques that Rembrandt used to achieve lifelike textures and forms.

Learn Oil Painting – Paint-a-long

Milky Way over the Beach

Created by Addison Kanoelani - Artist Creating Mystical Worlds


Students: 39, Price: $89.99

Students: 39, Price:  Paid

Have you ever looked at a painting and thought, it was so inspiring to you, you just wanted to create it for yourself? Or does the medium of oil painting confuse you? Come join this course to not only get a break down of how to use oil paint, but also paint along and create your own night scene landscape painting featuring the milky way over a pristine beach with the waves crashing on the shore.

Similar to a Bob Ross or paint night class, you will be painting along with your teacher to create a magical and inspiring piece of art. Addison treats the class as friends learning to paint together, so you never feel pressured.

While you are painting, you will learn the basics of oil painting, how to use the supplies, different techniques and some tips and tricks to help you along the way. The skills you learn creating this painting, will be applicable to any piece of art you create in the future, and will especially add to your knowledge of oil paint.

While this course is designed for beginners, even experienced artists may benefit from this course if they have ever struggled with, but had the desire, to create galaxy/milky way scenes and landscapes.

Easy still life oil painting

Simple approach to mastering the media

Created by Jurga Alminiene - Painter, Instructor at Udemy


Students: 33, Price: $39.99

Students: 33, Price:  Paid

Visual arts are one of the most  powerful and widely used languages nowadays. To speak that language, and make people understand you correctly, we have to master the craft.

Through my years as a painting teacher, I realised that a simple approach to mastering the media is the key. 

And the question should be raised not "How do you paint this?", but "What do you think, when you paint?"

What you will learn

Artists are visual learners. But studying art by only seeing how it is done is only one part of an apple. Explaining why you do this and how - is the other half.

For this course you will need access to a colour printer.

I will walk you through all the painting processes that include:

     *still life composition tips

     *colour mixing

     *underpainting and painting process

     *painting textures and details

This course is for beginners and advanced students who already have some drawing and colour painting skills  and wish to proceed to the next level.

After you finish this course, you will have the fundamental knowledge of how to see, analyse and paint almost any object in the future.

Oil painting wildlife animals

Full video of painting Realistic elephant

Created by Goutami Mishra - Artist Oil and Acrylic Painting


Students: 29, Price: $19.99

Students: 29, Price:  Paid

This course is for beginner and Intermediate artist who want to learn oil painting wildlife animals, realistic elephant and learn tips and tricks of painting. This is step by step complete tutorial which will help students to learn basic and details of painting.  Here in this tutorial I have covered following details

  • How to paint realistic African Elephant.

  • Which brushes should be used for which purpose.

  • How to create realistic wild life painting.

  • How to block colours and underpainting

  • How to add details step by step in painting.

  • How to merge colours without messing.

  • How to paint trunk of elephant.

  • How to add wrinkles on skin.

  • Ho to paint elephant tusk

  • How to paint light and shadow

  • How to turn your painting in 3d painting

  • How to paint sky and sandy stormy ground.

There are many video lectures in this tutorial which will guide you in painting. You can also ask your queries to me. This oil painting tutorial will help you to learn how to make realistic painting and how to add small details in your painting. Here you will learn how to add light and shadow effect and how to make your painting in 3d too. This is a complete guide for art learner. After completing this tutorial you will able to paint realistic elephant and wildlife painting.

Oil Painting Education for Everyone

SESSION ONE - French Impressionism; Bertha Morisot's 'Hollyhock Garden'

Created by Concetta Antico - Master Artist, Muse & Color Queen!


Students: 25, Price: $89.99

Students: 25, Price:  Paid

Concetta has instructed over 25,000 students for over 30 years in the USA and now in Australia.

The course will be a "Four Stage Process" taught step-by-step which will result in a successfully completed oil on canvas painting.

The Four Stages will consist of:

Stage One:

  • Explanation of fundamental oil painting materials and their use

  • Instruction on composition another painting elements

  • Preparation of a 6 -Value palette system for color mixing and value creation

  • Understanding the process required to create an oil painting

  • Breakdown & outline of the subject

  • Correct color and value selection

  • Block in of the outline

  • Creation of the underpainting

Stage Two:

  • Revision of materials particularly brushes

  • Analysis of underpainting shapes and methods to correct them

  • Initial development of the underpainting working from back to front

  • Initial development of the underpainting working from dark to light ( or light to dark)

  • "Double Darking” certain areas for opaqueness

Stage Three:

  • Continue to build up the painting from the underpainting

  • Additional help with color mixing and color theory

  • Adding values and depth will bring greater dimension

  • Discussion on “Poetic” brushwork and methods to express design

  • The painting starts to “turn the corner”

Stage Four:

  • Continue build-up of the painting

  • Check edges for correct placement or overlapping errors

  • Add local color for POP in focal point areas

  • Adding your signature!