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The Glazing Method

Oil Painting Tutorial

Created by Theresa Rykaczewski - Artist & Gallery Director


Students: 3826, Price: Free

This course is about the glazing method for oil painting. It has been used by the old masters for centuries and remains popular today. This tutorial is for someone who is familiar with oil painting and wants to learn a new technique. We will cover a brief history of glazing and of the materials needed. Through multiple demonstrations you will learn how to load the palette and to paint a light skin tone with the method for face and feet.

Changing colors – A Photo to Oil Painting Workshop

Experience the transformation of a simple photo to an artwork!

Created by Mandar Marathe - Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, and Engineer


Students: 1878, Price: Free

Welcome to this Photo to Oil Painting Workshop! In it, I'll show you 

  • how to take a simple looking photo and find a pleasing composition in it, 
  • do a value study to get the shapes and values clarified
  • choose a color scheme based on the mood you want the final painting to have
  • adjust the drawing to accentuate the feel of the painting and 
  • finally, paint the scene with confidence that it will turn into a successful painting!

Come, join me in this adventure where I paint this painting and explain to you my process and thinking behind my brushstrokes!

See you in the class!

Watercolour painting

watercolour painting for beginners “watercolour painting” painting courses oil painting acrylic painting

Created by Jay Nale - Artist


Students: 722, Price: Free

In this course you will be able to learn 3 water colour drawings in which 1 drawing is of sunset and 2 drawings are couple drawings

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Hope you will like the course and will give your best rating possible

And enjoy the landscape painting by Jay nale only on Udemy.

In this course you will be able to learn a couple drawing in watercolour

That will improve your water colour skills

In this course you will be not finding anything which is not irrelevant of drawing with watercolour

So dont worry go ahead and buy this course.

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Painting a Black & White Master Copy

To Improve Your Painting Skills of Any Level in oil or acrylic

Created by Viktoria Majestic - Painting Instructor & Award Winning Fine Artist


Students: 332, Price: Free

Have you ever wanted to know how to paint beautiful paintings? In this course Viktoria will walk you through the entire process of how to paint a black and white master copy of Emil Carlson's still life step by step using her easy to understand method. Viktoria is a classically trained artist, she studied art both in Europe and in the United States, in schools like the prestigious Art Students League of New York and the Ridgewood Art Institute. All you need is some very basic understanding of painting fundamentals and how to use a brush, Viktoria will teach you the rest.

She will start with demonstrating how to create a simple sketch instead of a complex drawing, show you how to mix the values that she uses for this mastercopy painting, and then will break the rest of the painting down to actionable steps. This will help you to easily and quickly learn the secrets of this old master painting even if you only have minimal painting skills. Viktoria demonstrates this painting in oils but, you can use your favorite medium to achieve the same results.

Art students and advanced artists have been painting old master copies for centuries to improve their own art. You can successfully learn how to paint this study by using Viktoria's simply to understand method.

Easy, quick start into oil painting

Painting a unique cute bird on canvas

Created by Julie Boehm - Filmmaker and painter


Students: 319, Price: Free

Surrounded by expressive and positive images, one draws a lot of motivation for one's own goals.

Painting has changed my life and has become a daily meditation for me.
I am very happy to share my approach to my favourite technique with you today: Oil painting

This class is for beginners for oil painting who want to try out the medium with having fun with fluffy cute birds without spending too money or time on it. Just giving it an easy try!

This course is a project based workshop.
You can take one of the references I collected in my Pinterest "Bird board" or choose your own photos.

I'll show you how to:

  • set up your space and materials

  • make your very unique base on the canvas

  • start planning and painting in oil

  • make your art one of a kind

We will create cute bird painting together. This is a step by step tutorial showing you my progress and thoughts of finishing an easy painting.

Create your first piece of art in oil with me in no time as a great home decoration, the very personal surprise gift for your favourite person.
All the materials I use in my course are very inexpensive and you don't need to be afraid to make your first brushstroke!

You are also welcome to send me your artwork in a message here and I will give you a personal feedback.

Thank you for booking this course, because you are the reason that drives me on to beautify the world.
Become part of my community and create your own colourful way of life! 

Creative hugs, Julie