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Fitness Nutrition: Build Your Perfect Diet In 5 Easy Steps

Learn The Truth About Nutrition, Dieting For Weight Loss, Building Muscle, Healthy Eating, Meal Planning, Fat Loss

Created by Felix Harder - Transformation Coach | Best Selling Instructor


Students: 26319, Price: Free

Learn How To Build The Perfect Diet & Meal Plan In 5 Easy Steps

Hi, I'm Felix Harder fitness and dieting coach and amazon best selling author. This course is designed for anyone who wants to get the most out of their diet, no matter if you're an athlete, bodybuilder or simply want to live a healthier life.

In my free training I will teach you the 5 aspects of great fitness diets and how you can apply them correctly. So often people obsess over diet aspects that have little to no impact on their results. If instead you focus on what truly matters, and I will show you exactly what this is, you can set up your ideal diet in less than 30 minutes and see results in no time. 

We will talk about the right calorie balance and the right macronutrient split - so how much protein, fat and carbs you actually need. I will also teach you about proper meal timing and a small number of supplements that are actually proven to work and not just marketing hype.

Here Is What's Inside The Program:

1. Calorie Balance

  • Why calorie matter

  • The three different calorie balances

  • How to determine your ideal calorie intake

2. Macronutrients

  • The 3 main macronutrients: Protein, Carbyhodrates & Fat

  • How much protein you should consume every day

  • How much fat you should consume every day

  • How many carbs you should consume every day

3. Nutrition Timing

  • When should you eat for optimal results

  • How often should you eat for optimal results

4. Food Composition

  • What are the best sources of protein

  • What are the best sources of fat

  • What are the best sources of carbs

5. Supplements

  • The 3 best supplements for beginners

Learn about nutrition, meal planning for building muscle or weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. A better diet plan  will help with fat loss and overall well being.

As a BONUS you also get a free cheat sheet with the most important information at a glance

So If You Want To Start Building Your Ideal Diet, Sign Up Now, It's Completely Free 

Health & Fitness: 30-Minute Guide to Supercharge Your Life

Nutrition For Beginners. Healthy Life. Nutrition Coach. Fitness Training. Nutrition Tips. Weight Loss. Nutrition Facts.

Created by Ben Detwiler - Health and Fitness Trainer with 12,000+ students taught


Students: 25263, Price: Free

Welcome to this FREE course! 

 Do you ever struggle with being consistent with your workout and nutrition regimen? 

Do you find yourself settling back into your 'old' routines just days into the 'new' one you were so excited about?

You may know exactly what you need to do, but you simply cannot stay on track. 

First of all, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Actually, most people struggle with holding themselves accountable to some extent and I used to be one of them. The good news is that being consistent is just another skill you can learn. 

In this course I will share with you some of my best strategies for becoming more consistent with your Health and Fitness regimen. The great thing about this course is that you can complete it in just 30 minutes, and most of the strategies I discuss can be implemented straight away. You will see some results, there is no doubt about it.

So go ahead, check out the curriculum and if you like what you see, sign up right away. After all, it takes 5 seconds and... it’s free.

Sports Nutrition Crash Course: Get Started with the Basics

Increase your nutritional knowledge on a basic level.

Created by Jen Puzio - Fitness Instructor


Students: 25177, Price: Free

This course touches on some of the most common topics when it comes to sports nutrition.  No experience is needed as I start off explaining about macronutrients - fats, carbs and protein.

Created for beginners, here is a glimpse of what we'll be covering in this course:

  • Explanation of macronutrients

  • Explanation of micronutrients

  • Benefits and types of supplementation

Knowing about nutrition is great knowledge to have if you are looking to optimize your exercise potential, experience body changing results or just be a healthier you. I've helped many people improve their lifestyles with the knowledge that I teach you in this course. Become more aware of your nutrition and enroll today!

Getting Started with the Paleo Diet

The basics of getting started with the paleo diet and lifestyle strategies to help you lose body fat and get lean.

Created by Chris Hiestand - Co-Founder of PrimalPal


Students: 20915, Price: Free

The paleo diet has become extremely popular. But is it right for everyone? If you're looking for more information about the paleo diet minus hyperbole and jargon you're in the right place!

This course lays out the foundation of the paleo diet and gives you the information and strategies you need to lose unwanted body fat and live a healthier lifestyle. You'll learn the exact steps I took to lose 33 pounds of unwanted body fat and cure my chronic digestive issues.

Anyone can use the strategies in this course to transform their body and their life. You don't have to be a Ph.D. in nutrition to be fit, healthy and happy. Get started with the paleo diet and see how easy it can be to Go Paleo!

Growing organic food on small plots – made easy

A life changing course designed to give you the tools to get you healthy through growing and eating organic food.

Created by Peter Derek Montgomery - 


Students: 16201, Price: Free

Using narrated Power Points and short videos of practical demonstrations, this course will cover the eight principles of bio-intensive growing (growing organic, nutritious food on a small plot of land without chemicals). It will also cover, how the body works, what nutrition the body needs to stay healthy and also the basics of Natural Medicine, what works and how to grow it. After taking this course you will be able to grow your own nutritious food and natural medicine.

Each session is around 20 minutes followed by a multiple choice quiz. To complete the 50 session should be easy within one month. The purpose of this course is to teach people how to grow their own healthy nutritious food, how to stay healthy and avoid disease.

Create Gourmet Vegetarian Salads with Super Food Ingredients

Learn to make 3 healthy & nutritional salads. Impress your friends and family with these vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Created by Victoria Holder - Victoria's Creative Kitchen


Students: 15880, Price: Free

On this course you will learn how to make three nutritious and delicious gourmet salads. Two of the recipes are vegan and the third is vegetarian but easily adapted. All are wheat and gluten free, and contain healthy ingredients, rich in essential vitamins. You will learn more about nutrition and how certain foods can benefit you.

The course is taught in a visually exciting, engaging way, with multi-angle footage, including close-ups to get you right in the thick of the action.

Once you have completed this course you will be able to create gourmet salads, packed with super food ingredients, which will give your body what it needs for a healthier and happier you.

51 Fitness, Nutrition, Skinny-Fat &Health Myths and Mistakes

Avoid these Fatal fitness,nutrition,skinny fat& health myths & mistakes that can help you save unnecessary time & effort

Created by Akash Sehrawat - Fabulousbody Founder & International Best-Selling Instructor


Students: 13860, Price: Free

"Everything that is Popular is Wrong"

Oscar Wilde

I followed conventional wisdom for nearly 9 years with average success.

I made EVERY MISTAKE in the book, when it came to building





I listened blindly to coaches/experts who probably had superior genetics than me and who were on Steroids & Drugs (I am not judging. What someone does to their bodies, is not my business). 

Well, I ALMOST gave up of building my dream physique.

But I realized that there is ONE good thing about me (besides few other things I hope):

Is the fact that I never give up!

If an idea clicks with me, I want it. It becomes almost like an obsession.

I am obsessed about wanting to:

-Become the healthiest version of me

-Get Strong and in the process enough Lean muscle so as not to look thin

-Drop my body fat to around sub 10%. Cut to 6% if the situation demands. And it's ok even if I go up to 14% (this happens when I let go slightly, drink few times a week, have ice creams and chocolates...Life is meant to be Enjoyed...right?)

I ditched:

All the bodybuilding magazines

STOPPED listening to gym trainers, and following 'bro' science.

Instead I delved deep in the 'Science of Muscle Building' & 'Fat Loss'.

Being certified I feel is the tip of the iceberg. Sure I have many certifications to brag about but when you start reading scientific journals and research papers and books you get to the depth and realize that truth is hidden from most people.

This course is a result of my:

Over a decade of passionate self-reading in health & fitness, passing lot of certifications, and anecdotal evidence (applying all theory relentlessly on myself and my clients to see what works and what doesn't), besides using science to support my claim.

In the end, I would be delighted if you avoid making EVEN ONE MISTAKE (or few) out of all 51, that pays you handsomely in the long run.

Cheers to a Healthy, Leaner & Sexier YOU:)





How to Make The Perfect Green Smoothie

Do you want to lose weight? Have more energy? Get clearer skin? Green smoothies can help all of these challenges & more.

Created by Zac Deane - I believe being healthy can be easy, simple and fun!


Students: 13816, Price: Free

Zac from the Raw Cave YouTube channel is back with an entire course dedicated to the incredible world of green smoothies.

In this course, you'll learn:

  • Why green smoothies are a fantastic addition to anyone's diet.
  • How to make healthy and delicious green smoothies (and some simple ratios for beginner, intermediate, and advanced smoothies).
  • Tips & tricks to get the most out of your smoothie making.

You only need a blender and some basic ingredients to get started, so what are you waiting for? Take this course and take control of your health.

All Day Energy: “Kick-Ass” Breakfast

A Guaranteed Way to Have Amazing Energy and a Vibrant Healthy Life

Created by Hari Kalymnios - Wellness Author, Coach & Lifelong Learner


Students: 11824, Price: Free

This program is designed for anyone who is looking to have more health, vitality and energy in their life. Whether you are healthy, active and energised and just want that "edge" in life, or whether you could do with improving yourself in that department - this course is for you.

In this course, Hari will show you exactly what goes into his breakfast which will help keep you full and energised but also give you all the nutrients you need for the day, so you can relax about what you eat for the rest of the time.

Once you start on this breakfast routine, you'll have amazing energy, vitality and even focus and be ready to take on the world!

The 21 Day Health Challenge

Wholesomely improve your health via mindful food and lifestyle choices

Created by Ian Craig - Nutritional Therapist and Exercise Physiologist


Students: 10745, Price: Free

The 21 day health challenge is designed for people who would like to take charge of their own health by learning more about their best food and lifestyle choices, while in the process, improving their own weight management. 

So if you’re looking for another diet to blindly follow, please move along to the next item in your google search list. If, however, you wish to learn a lot about nutrition, health and individuality, plus value self-empowerment so that you can make informed choices by the end of the course, come and join us….

Weight Loss For Beginners: Diet And Workout For Men & Women

Learn The Truth About Dieting For Weight Loss, Exercise, Meal Planning, Fat Loss And Nutrition

Created by Felix Harder - Transformation Coach | Best Selling Instructor


Students: 10537, Price: Free

Learn How To Lose Weight & Keep It Off For Good By Using Proven Science-Based Strategies 

Hi, I'm Felix Harder fitness and dieting coach and amazon best selling author. This course is designed for anyone who wants to lose fat, be healthy and feel great.

My Weight For Beginners Course is not some random fad diet that tells you which foods you should and shouldn't eat. Instead I will teach you the proven stragies behind the right diet and workout for fat loss

Unfortunately, the internet is full of false health gurus that sell you all kinds of diet plans and supplements that are overpriced and don't work. This is why I wanted to create a video course that not only debunks the most common weight loss myths but also teaches everything you need to know to lose weight, get your dream body and live a healthier life. 

Here Is What's Inside The Program:

The Theory & Science Behind Weight Loss

  • The Most Common Weight Loss Myths Debunked

  • The Weight Loss Pyramid

  • The Science Of Successful Weight Loss

  • The REAL Fat Loss Foods (They Aren't What You Think) 

Setting Up Your Weight Loss Diet (Step-By-Step)

  • Determining Your Daily Calorie Needs

  • How To Track Calories Correctly 

  • Adjusting Your Diet For Optimal Fat Loss

The Right Workout: Training For Weight Loss:

  • Cardio For Weight Loss

  • Weight Lifting For Weight Loss

  • Can You Build Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time?

If You Want To Lose Weight, Feel Great And Live A Healthier Life, This Is The Right Course For You

This course is great for anyone and will help with weight loss over 50, fat loss for men and fat loss for women. It will teach you proper meal planning that is ideal for your fat loss diet and fat loss plans to achieve weight loss mastery.

Cancer nutrition

A simple to follow nutrition tips for cancer survivors, who are either in treatment or in remission

Created by Homer Lim - Integrative Medical Doctor


Students: 9785, Price: Free

This course is about how cancer can be controlled, stopped or prevented using proper nutrition. Cancer can be a formidable diagnosis, but it is not a death sentence.

This course will take about 1-2 hours and contains PDFs that can be printed. This course is structured for people to be able to recall and understand with ease.

Course includes tips on:

  • Foods that feed or fight cancer
  • Foods that boost the immune system
  • What to take before, during and after surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • What supplements would be the ideal for cancer prevention, recurrence
  • What is detoxification and fasting good for

Master your Motivation:How to Succeed in Fitness & Nutrition

Finding your WHY - the real thing that will keep your going.

Created by Ryan Berry - Online Fitness Coach & Entrepreneur


Students: 8885, Price: Free

In this course, you'll define your reason for wanting a change, weight loss or fitness goal.  You will build a solid and emotional connection to the results to keep you pushing towards your goals, and be able to overcome the inevitable urge to stop. 

The percentage of people who quit their gym membership, fitness program or nutrition plan (aka 'diet') is enormously high.  In the last 3 years of helping people reach their health and fitness goals, we've identified what has set the successful clients apart from the ones who fall short of their goals.  We've seen a much higher success rate in our online fitness and health groups and created this course to help everyone succeed in reaching their goals.

If you've ever struggled with weight loss, maintaining a fitness routine or following a meal plan long term, then this course is for you!

Fruits and Veggies: From Healthy Snacks to Weight Loss Hacks

Intro to fruits and vegetables: Know the health benefits, empower your body with nutritious foods

Created by Jesse Taylor - Renaissance Man


Students: 8875, Price: Free

This intro course on fruits and veggies will give you the basics, the benefits, and all the other facts that will blow your mind on this exciting world of edibles. You'll quickly be on your way to understanding why those health geeks eat the way they do.

Two main categories will be found that divide each fruit and vegetable into their own individual lecture. This growing compilation of foods that are loved around the world, will be updated with new lectures. So keep a look out for those new fruits and new veggies!

I designed this course to give you a new found love for these amazing edibles. With each video, you'll be asking yourself, "Why am I not eating more of that?"
Perhaps you'll even find yourself anxious to grow them in your very own yard!

This course will change the way you see, think, and feel, about fresh produce. You may even feel you owe your mom an apology for all those times you gave a fit about eating your broccoli.

Introduction to Homeopathy

Intro to Homeopathy

Created by Ellen Bench - D. Hom, HMC Homeopathic Master Clinician


Students: 8545, Price: Free

In our Introductory to Homeopathy, Ellen gives an introduction to homeopathy as a safe and effective alternative to drugs and chemical treatments. You will learn about the history and principles of homeopathy, healing vs. suppression, vitality vs. disease, and how things such as stress, environment, diet, genetic disposition, and vaccinations affect health and more. Learn why many consider homeopathy to be truly life changing. Recorded live.

The Ultimate Guide To The Keto Diet +Free Keto Recipes

And How to Lose 20lbs+

Created by Troy Ragland - Professional


Students: 6420, Price: Free

Don't Forget to Join my Email List to receive Free Keto Recipes Every Week! Check the Free Keto Recipes Section in the Course!

This course will go in depth with the Ketogenic Diet. You will Learn How the Ketogenic Diet works. During this course, we will also explain the science behind the keto diet. You will also learn what you can eat on the Keto Diet. Most importantly, you will learn how to setup a weight loss plan based on the Ketogenic Diet.   

How to start a daily green juice routine when time is short

Add green juicing to your daily diet without overloading your routine.

Created by Lita Doolan - Reviewer


Students: 5377, Price: Free

Ever wondered how you can drink more green juice in less time? Is your goal to reach for a green juice instead of a coffee every morning? This course will help you design a simple strategy to achieve your juicing goal.

In this course we will together fix the reasons you don’t juice often enough by looking at the ways the process can be simplified. By the end of the course you will:

  • Add new twists to boost the flavour of a juice instantly
  • Feel motivated to use a juicer daily
  • Discover vegetables that make a juice you love
  • Know how to clean your juice machine fast

This course will help those who are new to juicing and have a busy laptop-lifestyle find the juice recipes that will fit easily into a hectic life style.

The course walks you through this with 5 short modules showing you how to put together a green juice that is so enjoyable you will want to make every day. For example, by using earthy seasonal plants to make a vegan juice there are ingredients to soften the taste. Using local seasonal produce also supports sustainable ecology.

I designed this course to be fun and useful for busy people with sit down lifestyles who are new to juicing and want to be motivated to drink green juice fast.

Basics of Nutrition

Introduction to Nutrition (Creating your own diet plan)

Created by Paletta Academy - Approachable, engaging courses from great teachers!


Students: 3762, Price: Free

This course will help you identify changes you need to make to maintain a healthy lifestyle and maintain this for a long period of time. Give you all the information you need to support you in planning changes you can stick to with simple tips and ideas to put it into practice. 

By the end of this course you will have learned about; 

  1. Identifying healthy eating and wellbeing

  2. How to create a healthy, balanced and sustainable lifestyle

  3. Reading food labels and how to understand them

  4. Nutrition and combatting illnesses. E.g.Diabetes, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

  5. Goal setting for healthy eating

  6. Portion sizing and macronutrient balance

  7. Mindfulness and Food

  8. Importance of hydration

Persian Herbalism Crash Course 2

A brief introduction to making different remedies for different conditions.

Created by Ramana K - Herbalist


Students: 3287, Price: Free

I believe that in many situations mother nature has given us the remedy to treat our illnesses. Maybe you are one the people who like to have a sufficient knowledge in different practical subjects. In this course, you will gain a lot of information about medicinal herbs that you either already know or you did not know them at all. And to take it even further you will also gain the knowledge needed to use them properly to treat simple ailments at your home.

All of the information that I give you are cross-checked with scientific papers and resources. I hope that after finishing this course you'll be able to decrease your medical bills and treat some of the most common of simple conditions at your home all by yourself. Do not worry about the herbal teas for being bitter sometimes, beer is bitter too. I hope we'll have an enriching experience together in this little course.

Please remember that over-consumption of any food, substance, or drug could be dangerous. It is all the same for medicinal herbs as well. So remember not to over-consume any of them and use them based on the dosage that I recommend it to you.

One other thing to mention is that a lot of medicinal herbs have blood thinning potential. Although their effect is negligible even in comparison to weak blood thinners like aspirin, you must take caution by which I mean you should not use these herbs in the period of pregnancy or breastfeeding. You also should not give these herbs to children and not use them if you have any serious liver condition. Plus if you have a major surgery coming up, you should not use them from 2 weeks before.

I hope you enjoy this course.

Change Food Cravings in 5 Days!

Try a Top 5 Raw vegan nourishing smoothies diet cleanse for effective & physical understanding of our mind habits.

Created by Denis Nikulin - yellow tutorial


Students: 3277, Price: Free

As the course is for free please Write us a review if you liked :), thank you a lot!

Welcome to top 5 Raw Vegan Nourishing Morning Smoothies Course for Beginners. 5 Days detox to change you food Cravings! If you are reading this you might be feeling excited? A little nervous? Proud? Overwhelmed? Any kind of emotion or feeling could be bubbling to the surface right now, as you are about to embark on a five-day journey of transformation of mind body and soul. It is about to begin. This is a guideline to your journey. Providing you with the information you may need over the next few mornings, explaining the importance of ingredients and how they affect our body.

Who we are?

Hello everyone, we are Keny and Kym from New Zeland. Before we had a Raw Vegan cafe - Mana Kai in Australia. 

About Mana:

Mana is a Māori word meaning, spirit, life force, prana. At Mana juice, we are providing the Busselton region and hinterlands with high-quality cold pressed, loved crafted juice. A Mana juice will help to not only nourish the body but the mind and spirit with an abundance of bioavailable and living nutrients. By incorporating a Mana smoothies and cold press juice into your life it will begin a beautiful alchemical transformation of self-love, connection, and empowerment. We provide you with further information, empower you to educate yourself on healthy living, and support you energetically. We are passionate about sharing with all the wonderful benefits and transformation that nourishing smoothies can bring. 

We also produce Kambucha and Jamu. These drinks are probiotics and they help to lose weight. Jamu for ex. is made by ginger, Curcuma, etc.. 

About Keny:

He was a drug addicted for many years, and he spent some years in jail. After that life starts to help him true healthy food patch.

About Kim:

About 10 years ago, she was in a crisis time, she has a 120kg, she was very busy with business, she was stressing about the health and self-evaluation. 30 days juice fasting method changed her life, she lost 32kg and start to have back mental and physical health.

Juice fasting is one of our programs what we are organizing for help to people to clean mind and body.

This course of top 5 smoothies is basically started to do a challenge bad habits, to stop use pharmaceutic drugs, etc.. YES! Is possible, start with our small pre-fasting top 5 smoothies - 5 days introduction what we made for you! Please enjoy and follow us, be prepared for our next course of Raw Vegan Juice Fasting.

MEDITATION. YOGA. RAW FOOD. KAMBUCHA - This is it our message to you!

Dear friend, as we are doing this class for free right now, we ask only one thing from you, after you finish this course and if it brings you usefulness, please write for us a great review! Thank you a lot dear!

Is Clean Eating Real? | General Nutrition Debate

Nutrition skill building topic for investigation with 17 year pro Coach | Learn meal plan basics

Created by Johann Francis CSCS - Certified since 2003, 35,000 + hours coached and trained!


Students: 2425, Price: Free

Clean eating is the default suggestion for dieters and for coaches to you and other trainees.

That's because - clearly - coaches are clean eaters, right?

Well that's the hypothesis amongst those who suggest or believe in perfect eating. Let's see if it is a real idea or lacks any form.

Largely, let's figure out an alternative.

Find out how I share with my trainees, both current and past, how to stagger their foods.

Coronavirus Diet: Carbs, Fats, & Proteins

Create Your Ultimate Immune Boosting Diet

Created by Dr. Sarah Zaldivar - Faculty at Miami Dade College, DeVry University, ACSM


Students: 2353, Price: Free

Are you worried about exposure to the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, and the disease it causes, COVID-19?

Maybe you are in good health, but you are worried about your parents or grandparents contracting the disease. Or you are probably worried about your significant other who has one of the risk factors for worse COVID-19 outcomes: overweight/obese, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, lung disease, kidney disease, etc...

That's understandable and that is why I have created this course. In this course, I put together my decades of teaching and working in the health and nutrition field to present you with the knowledge that is so urgent to have during these uncertain times.

In this course, you will learn what really strengthens your immune system, and no it's not kale! A lot of "common knowledge" about what is healthy for us does not hold up under scrutiny.

There is so much misinformation about what a healthy diet constitutes that it can be very frustrating for the average person who just wants to improve their health without getting a Ph.D. in the process.

For that reason, I simplify what foods are essential for improving our immune system function and which foods can wreak havoc on our physical health.

I also provide you with concise straight-to-the-point explanations for my recommendations.

If you are ready to take back control of your and your loved ones' health, then I will see you on the inside!

In Health,

Dr. Z

Living with the Low FODMAP Diet

Learn more about the Low FODMAP Diet for IBS

Created by Alastair Banks - Director of Optix Solutions - UK Digital Marketing Agency


Students: 2046, Price: Free

If you suffer from IBS in Australia you'll be put on the Low FODMAP diet as standard. The Monash University in Melbourne were the first to determine a link between certain food groups (FODMAPS) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). For the last 8 + years their research into this area has got better and more valuable for sufferers of this disibilitating condition. 

I've lived with IBS for almost 15 years now. After many trips to doctors, specialists and even hospitals nothing was offered up as an answer to my pain. When my first son was born things were so bad that I struggled to pick him up in the evening when I returned from home. Many evenings were spent bent double in pain on the sofa unable to do anything at all. I decided that enough was enough and sought more help. 

I found a GP who had heard about this Low FODMAP diet but didn't know about it personally. I spent the next few months researching it online. I became self taught but was still making lots of mistakes. I finally found an excellent dietician who had been trained by Kings College in London in the diet. She was based in Torquay near my home. She was instrumental in helping me implement the diet and teaching me how to reintroduce the different food groups.

Now I am NOT a dietician and if you're serious about this diet you MUST seek help from a professional like this as they will know things I simply don't. What I can give you is an honest account of living with this diet (having done so for two years now). I know the tips and tricks that exist and can really help you implement this in your lives if you're serious in doing so. 

If you choose to take the course I wish you the very best. It has been an absolute life changer for me personally so I hope it can be for you too. Good luck.   

Best DETOX Raw Vegan Food Recipes for weight loss from BALI!

Meet all of your gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free needs! Detox you body and mind with Raw Vegan MAGIC!

Created by Denis Nikulin - yellow tutorial


Students: 2019, Price: Free

You will see how easy it is to create super yummy and healthy raw vegan recipes. Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced raw vegan chef. Our master class is tailored for everyone. You don’t need to be vegan to enjoy our raw vegan classes.

Class is designed to give you the basic knowledge and techniques of Raw Food preparation, nutrition, and dietary implementation.

The information we will provide, the tips, tricks and recipes we will teach you, will do wonders in preparing yourself to embark on your quest of a healthy, Raw Food powered lifestyle.

This class is taught by a Certified Raw Food Chef who draws on experience preparing Raw Food and Studying holistic nutrition to show you just how simple and easy it is to create delicious and tasty raw food so that you can indulge in this delicious healthy food for one whole day.

Improve your health and weight with the naturally low calorie, high nutrient density whole-food, plant-based DETOX diet.

What is Raw Vegan Food or Living Food?

Raw Vegan food is 100% pure natural, uncooked and minimally processed. And Ideally organic.

This includes:

• Fruit, including low temperature, dried fruit

• Vegetables

• Nuts and seeds that are not roasted, toasted or baked – which most nuts in the grocery store are

• Virgin Cold Pressed oils – olive and coconut oil are the two most commonly used

• Soaked and sprouted grains and legumes such as lentils, mung beans & quinoa

In order for food to be considered raw vegan, or more accurately, living food it must:

1. Not Contain animal products – no milk, no meat, no eggs, no fish, no cheese

2. Not be heated above 43 C /118 F – this means no canned food and no pasteurized food


The modern diet is comprised of many artificial, chemical-laced, preservative packed “foods”. It has reached the point where the majority of ingredients on many products were conceived in a laboratory. And are made from GMO corn and soy. Many of these ingredients are toxic. As our world becomes more polluted, we also absorb more toxins simply by walking around. Eating fresh, organic, raw food allows the body the time and provides it with the energy it requires to remove built-up toxins. A lot of people struggle with weight loss because many toxins are fat-soluble, and so they are unable to lose the fat until they remove the toxins. Storing toxins in fat is the body's way of protecting the blood and organs from them.


About Raw Food Chef Mathias

Mathias is a Holistic Raw Food Chef and Health Educator. He finished his raw chef training from the globally recognized Pure Joy Culinary Academy. He is the owner of Raw Food Bali and is currently teaching raw food classes in Ubud, the raw food mecca of the eastern hemisphere!

The History of Raw Food Bali This company is entrenched in the history of the development of the Raw Food Movement in Ubud and Bali. Started by Raw Food Nutrition Expert Mark Ament back in 2007 and grown with the help of Raw Chef Leah Rinaldi, many of the first Raw Food Classes in Ubud were run by the dynamic duo. Amongst the current Raw Food Chefs of Ubud that studied under the original Raw Food Bali Squad are Dayu of Dayu’s Warung, Wayan of Alchemy and Adi of Kafe, to name a couple. In 2012, Jon Dale took over. In November 2015, the keys to the Rawesomest website in Bali were handed over to Raw Food Chef Mathias.

••• Raw Chef Mathias •••

The Present of Raw Food Bali In order to align his personal purpose on this Earth with the mission of the business, Raw Food Chef Mathias have made the goal of Raw Food Bali to provide the resources, information, and education required by those who desire to eat organic, healthy, and raw, particularly in Bali. To facilitate this he provides his skills and knowledge to those who are in need of them. These tools have bloomed from education in raw food from Elaina Love’s Pure Joy Academy, a love of Bali, growing experience in personal Juice Fasting and Detoxification, and an unbridled passion for creating Raw Delicacies that will rock your world! His Vision To see this magical Island rejoice in a creative illustration of a healthy, flourishing, beautiful life. Through the combination of the organic farming movement, the powerful local culture that will forever be entrenched in the communities of Bali, and the altruistic contributions of authentic ex-pats, we can create a paradise where people thrive in every moment until they die; where the truth shines through the veil of every lie.


Raw Food is quickly becoming a very popular way of eating, not only does it provide essential nutrients, fiber and is easy on our digestive system - but now in our modern world raw food is taking on an all-new level of excellence, with amazingly simple and gourmet recipes that are not only tasty and delicious but also amazingly healthy and nutritious.

I have put together a beginner's course that looks at some basic recipes and kitchen staples, that can be built upon and incorporated into your lifestyle - no matter where you stand at the moment. A lot of the recipes in my course can be used with cooked food, sneaked into family meals, as well as stand-alone. Learn and master the basics of Raw Food Preparation and feel confident that you are providing yourself and your family the best nutrition wherever possible.

My hope is that armed with some basic skills and ideas, you can incorporate raw foods into your diet and grow at your own pace into a new world of health and vitality. Once you are comfortable and confident with these foods you can then take it further and incorporate more and more healthy raw foods into your lifestyle. Along with raw food, you can explore vegan and plant-based foods as you begin your journey to health.

  • Enjoy better energy and mental clarity by fueling your brain and body optimally.

  • Understand the nutritional value and health benefits of real, whole plant foods.

  • Have a more positive and healthy relationship with your food.

  • Choose the right foods at the grocery store that will provide the best results at home for eating whole-food, plant-based.

  • Create dozens of simple, wholesome, and optimally healthy meal combinations for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

  • Consume delicious whole-food, plant-based meals that positively support your overall wellbeing.

  • Choose the right foods beyond the kitchen when in restaurants or while traveling.

  • Enjoy the comfort and peace of mind that comes with knowing how to nourish your body optimally.

  • Create a life-long foundation for healthy eating habits.

  • How to quickly and easily create a wide variety of amazingly delicious and healthy raw food dishes.

Who this course is for:

  • For those with a passion for healthy food and lifestyle who wish to easily take care of their health & wellbeing, with delicious & nutritious meals.

  • This course is for anyone who is interested in improving their health, weight, or energy via a holistic, whole-food, plant-based approach.

  • This course is best for beginners who would like to learn about or are just getting started with plant-based eating.

  • This course is also suitable for those who are already familiar with plant-based eating and are looking to further enrich their skills or gain new tips, confirmation, and inspiration.

  • This course is NOT for people who are interested in consuming animal foods (meat, eggs, dairy) or processed foods.

  • This course is NOT for people who want a reductionist approach to nutrition based on isolated nutrients and numbers.

Dear friend, as we are doing this class for free right now, we ask only one thing from you, after you finish this course and if it brings you usefulness, please write for us a great review! Thank you a lot dear!

Emotional Eating – Self Assessment

Understand your relationship with food. Do you use food or drink to nourish your body or to numb your emotions?

Created by Rachel Nekati - Author, Entrepreneur, Trainer, Leadership and Life Coach,


Students: 1600, Price: Free

This Emotional Eating and Food Anxiety Assessment will help you find out whether your eating habits are a result of a more deep - rooted issue. It will provide you with a thought provoking chance to examine your relationship with food and thus increasing your self awareness. You will also learn how intermittent has helped me and others to overcome emotional eating. You will also learn how to establish a good relationship with food and manage your eating habits so that you can be control of yourself.

Is Your Relationship with Food Healthy Or Is It Damaging?

Find Out Now and Liberate Yourself!

“Every-Single-Diet” review & master Guide

Diet & nutrition questions answered by a 17 year pro coach |Receive a meal plan on completion.

Created by Johann Francis CSCS - Certified since 2003, 35,000 + hours coached and trained!


Students: 1563, Price: Free


This is your Master Diet and Nutrition Guide.

Finish this course completely, pass the quiz and receive a CUSTOM 1 DAY MEAL PLAN!

First, let's begin with the numbers.

  • 90%+ diets slow down

  • 36% more people who workout dieted in 2018 than 2017 (double)

  • 50% are confused about diets and which one is best

Let's clear the air!

We cover:

  • 4 Types of Diets

  • Top 4 REASONS you Diet

  • How to tell which Diet does what

  • Diet myths

  • Discern your future diet

  • -Carnivore

  • -Paleo

  • -Whole30

  • -South Beach

  • -Intermittent Fast

And find out which is my favorite!

Moroccan Delights

the traditional Moroccan soup

Created by Imane Ahjam - Cooking teacher, traditional Moroccan cook


Students: 1512, Price: Free

Do you have an idea about Morocco delight?flavors, ingredients?

do you want to discover the flavor of Moroccan cooking at home?

with me IMANE MOROCCAN DELIGHTS you will love to cook and discover new Moroccan flavors as well as the famous pastry.

Today we are going to prepare the HRIRA,

the HRIRA is the traditional Moroccan soup served all the evening during the month of Ramadan for the breaking of the fast and also served for the breakfast of the day after the wedding celebrations.

What You Need to Know About Weight Loss

Learn how to transform your mindset, select the right foods, and do the right exercises for a healthy weight!

Created by Breanna Reeser - Behavior Change Specialist


Students: 1369, Price: Free

Welcome to the manual on owning a human body, or as we are calling it here, how to achieve a healthy weight. Diets, meal plans, and exercise programs will not work until you know the facts about how the body functions, what the body needs, and how weight loss happens. Join Exercise Physiologist and Behavior Change Expert, Dr. Breanna Reeser, for a course on everything you need to know about weight loss. Never fail to meet a healthy weight loss goal again with the power of knowledge. Don't just follow someone else's weight loss rules, learn how to set and adhere to your own rules.

Health Benefits of Sprouts & Microgreens

Raw Living Foods

Created by Christelle Siohan - Environmental Educator


Students: 1261, Price: Free

Learn about the difference between sprouts & microgreens, as well as their incredible nutritional value. Discover the 5 categories in which these young plants are divided to pick and choose from an abundant variety of tasty raw plants. Watch our mini tutorial to start growing your own nutrient-packed microgreens at home.

Plant Based Protein for Everyday

Everything you need to know to live a healthy plant based lifestyle

Created by Paletta Academy - Approachable, engaging courses from great teachers!


Students: 840, Price: Free

This programme is for everyone who is thinking about living a more plant based life style, whether you are already a vegan or even a meat eater who is thinking of eating more alternative foods, this course provides you with the tools and knowledge you need to enable you to introduce healthy protein in every dish. We also discuss sports nutrition and protein intakes for people with various goals such as the elderly. Finally we discus meal prep and fun ideas which you can introduce into your own meals and that of your friends and family.