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IELTS Booster and Beyond Premium Course 2-Note-taking skills

Speaking Part 2: Practical 1 minute approaches to note-taking strategies to boost your IELTS from a 6 to a 7 or beyond

Created by Nathaniel Jensen - IELTS Instructor


Students: 6463, Price: Free

One of the big struggles for many students in the speaking exam is the Part 2 note-taking. You have one minute to make notes for your part 2 speech and that time used wisely can really work to your advantage. Helping to boost your score from a 6 to a 7 or beyond.

Lesson 1-The Cue Card: 5 prompts. Making mental and written notes. Visualizing

Lesson 2-TNT: Topic specific vocabulary, Nature of the question-Narrative vs. Non-Narrative, and Tense.

Lesson 3-Weighing the Husband and 5 Wives: Using the prompts to boost your score

Lesson 4-The Story: The tangential untrue story with a double boost

Lesson 5-Note-taking: The structured Student-Narrative

Lesson 6-Note-taking: The Creative Thinking Student-Non-Narrative

Lesson 7-2P=3C: Dave's secret formula for boosting the end of your answer

Lesson 8-Overview of the 3 Booster and Beyond speaking programs: SCORE-Premium, STRIKE-Advanced, and IMPACT-Deluxe.

When you've finished our course you will be an expert in note-taking and you'll have some tips and strategies that you can use to really boost your speaking part 2 speech. We will also have 2 more original courses dealing with tips on how to boost speaking part 2, followed by 2 courses for boosting speaking part 3.

PREMIUM COURSE 3: STRUCTURING PART 2.-Giving a good structure to your Part 2 talk helps with the coherence score (FLU COH) and gives you confidence.

PREMIUM COURSE 4 DISCOURSE MANAGEMENT-The ability to show your listener where you are going is essential for fluency.

PREMIUM COURSE 5 : COMMENTING-You can have a good structure with many discourse markers but a really rich talk is one which adds interesting comments and supplementary topics. Using the concept of FACE we introduced in the last course, we develop ways to supplement your prompts.

PREMIUM COURSE 6 : SPEAKING PART 3-A detailed look at the different types of questions you'll find in speaking part 3. Speculation and Hypothesis, Compare and Contrast, Giving your opinion, Reason and Result, and Evaluation and Solution.

PREMIUM COURSE 7 : THE A IN GRA-Speaking with few grammar errors is essential for at least 6.5 . In this course we look at some areas of grammar which may be confusing for students. Note we assume your tenses and knowledge of grammar structures are generally at a good level already.

PREMIUM COURSE 8 : THE GR OF GRA : GRAMMAR RANGE-You can have very few grammar errors but in order to attain a 9 score in GRA you have to impress the examiner with a wide range of grammar skills. In this course we look at some colourful examples of strategies you may wish to try to include in your speaking.

PREMIUM COURSE 9: PRONUNCIATION (PRO The segmental part of the English Language)-Being able to be aware of the pitfalls of pronunciation is a great way to ensure a 9 in IELTS for the PRO score. But remember this includes tone and stress as well.

COURSE 10 : FLUENCY AND COHERENCE-Course 10 fluency and coherence : The Suprasegmental booster part of English.

So continue to join us as we do a deep dive into the IELTS speaking exam. You will be getting a 7 in no time with Booster and Beyond.

Markdown Essentials

Easy way of Writing the Documentation or Taking a Notes using Markdown

Created by Ranga Bhupal R G - Software Engineer


Students: 1075, Price: Free


Simple and Powerful.  Simple Syntax and write the notes in plain text format.  Supported by many Software such as GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, and many more.

In this course, students will learn Markdown Syntax and the tools that are required.  Use cases are limitless.  Students can use for taking the class notes, writing theories, research information, technical documentation, and many more use cases.

Course Outline

  • Tools/Software

  • Basic Syntax

  • Usage

  • Online Editors

  • Making Presentations

Course Material

  • Slides

University | Drastically Improve your Study Skills in 1 hour

Effective learning strategies and time management, boost your number memory and increase your productivity

Created by Camilla Bergersen - Fire Safety Engineer


Students: 461, Price: Free

Are you about to start University, College or any other Tertiary Education? Would you like to get a head start on the first semester? Then this course is for you.

Having a degree is in many cases the fundamental building block of a successful career and can open countless doors for you. This course won’t just provide you with best tools and techniques but it will also teach you a sustainable way to study so that you can graduate without compromising your health.

What will you learn? You’ll not only learn how to plan your day like a pro, how to take amazing notes and how to successfully study remotely as well as in the classroom. You’ll also learn powerful techniques to drastically improve your memory to learn anything FAST. Lastly you’ll get a step-by-step guide on how to study for and write an exam. And more.

This course is designed as to be your experienced and comforting friend when entering university. I hope to bring you some peace of mind when it comes to your studies and how to navigate through this wonderful time. I believe that when we feel safe and encouraged we begin to feel brave and can become the best version of ourselves. At the end of the course I hope that you’ll feel more confident and can hold your head up high as you approach your new life.

This course will cover everything you need to know to start studying like a master (even if you are a beginner), including:

  1. The Nr 1 Best Way to Learn Anything FAST

  2. Preparing for University: 5 Ridiculously UsefulTips

  3. How to handle nerves when you are about to start College and become confident

  4. Crucial prep BEFORE a Lecture: How to Get Ahead (and what to bring)

  5. Taking Better Notes; The 5 Best Methods

  6. How to Regain Control When you Feel Overwhelmed in Class

  7. Studies After a Lecture; Step-by-Step Guide

  8. How to Study Text-Based Content

  9. How to Remember Numbers You Aren't Interested In

  10. The 3 Most Essential Study Methods That Work

  11. The Most Powerful Way to Improve Your NUMBER Memory

  12. Plan Your Day Like a Pro (and get more spare time)

  13. Study Online + 5 Amazing Tools You Can't Live Without

  14. Final Exam Week; Maximise Your Chances

  15. 24h Before the Exam: Do this (and stop studying at 4 pm)

  16. Writing the Exam; 9 Essential Tips

Who is this course for? This course is designed for students who are just about to start a program or course in the engineering or technology subject area and want to learn the fundamentals of studying (both online and on site). Maybe you know that you are awesome (because you are) but you have absolutely no idea what to expect, how to prepare or what study methods that are suitable for college. Or you have already started college but struggle to plan, implement or write exams with satisfactory results. This course is for you as well.

Who is this course not for? This course is not for the experienced college student who already see results from their study methods and lives a well balanced life between studies and rest.

Why is this course only for students who are just about to start college in the engineering or technology subject area and want to learn the fundamentals of studying? Since I studied engineering myself I developed a lot of techniques applicable to math, physics, chemistry and the like. This means that the course is packed with methods to cover that! So if you are about to start a program that involves a lot of math, physics or chemistry you will definitely benefit from this course! We will of course cover how to study text-based content as well.

Learn from someone who has never failed an exam and knows the most current and effective ways to study!

Enroll now, and I'll see you in lesson 1!