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Quitting Smoking with Hypnosis -Neuro Linguistic Programming

The easy way to stop smoking with hypnosis and NLP. Quit smoking today and enjoy a healthy and free life from cigarettes

Created by Sabbir Muslim BSc (Hons), MBA, ARCS - Spiritual Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner & Author.


Students: 58, Price: $89.99

Students: 58, Price:  Paid

Nothing to Fear in Quitting Smoking with Hypnosis and Everything to Gain

Hypnosis  is possibly  as  old  as mankind.  The old  myths and  misconceptions  about   hypnosis   have  given  way  to proven, scientifically sound  applications.  Today, the use of hypnosis  is seen  in a variety of fields, including: medicine, dentistry,  law   enforcement,   professional  sports, and education.

Most people  have a limited understanding of the  positive results  that  can be achieved  in  hypnosis.  I would  like to  dispel some  of the myths  and  answer  the  most  frequently  asked  questions about  hypnosis.

• How does  hypnosis  work?   Our minds  work  on  two levels  –  the  conscious  and  the  unconscious.   We  make decisions,  think,  and  act  with  our  conscious  mind.    

The unconscious  mind controls our habits.   In the relaxed state known as hypnosis,  I can communicate  directly with the unconscious  mind.   This is why it is so quick  and  easy  to change  habits  of a lifetime with hypnosis.

• Will hypnosis  work for me?   Generally speaking,  every normal person  is "hypnotisable".  That is, people with an IQ  of  at   least   70,   and   no   severe   mental   disorders.

Therefore,  virtually anyone  can  achieve  successful  results using hypnosis.

• How will  I know  if I am  hypnotised?  Most  people cannot  tell the difference between  the hypnotised and the waking  states. Some  people  feel  relaxed  and  lethargic, others  feel a lightness.  One thing that people do notice is an inexplicable change  in their daily behaviours.

• Is hypnosis safe? Hypnosis is completely safe.   You are aware  and  in control  at  every moment  and  can  terminate  the  session  at  any time.   Hypnosis  is not  sleep,  nor  can you  get  "stuck" in a  state  of hypnosis.  You  cannot  be made  to  do  something  against  your  will!    Hypnosis  is  a safe, relaxing, and  enjoyable  experience.

• How does hypnosis help me to kick the smoking habit? Because  smoking is  a  habit,  it  is  controlled   by  the unconscious  mind. Since hypnosis  and  NLP  work directly with the unconscious, this is the only method  that makes sense!  I can  help  you  effortlessly  transition  into  the healthy lifestyle of a happy non-smoker.

Why People  Don’t Stop Smoking

Most people  know that  by stopping  they  will save  several thousand pounds or dollars a year.  Most people  know that they could add  years  to  their  life.  And most  people  know that  if they stop smoking right now, they could save their health – before it’s too  late.

So, why do  people  continue  to smoke?  It   all  comes   down   to   one thing…FEAR.

• Fear   that   you’ll   have   to   give  up   your  crutch   or pleasure

• Fear  that  you  won’t  be  able  to  enjoy  life or  handle stress

• Fear that  you will put on weight

• Fear  that  you’ll  have  to  go through  an  awful  trauma to get free

• Fear   that   you’ll   never   get   completely   free  of   the craving

All  of these  fears  are  just  examples  of one overriding  fear. The one  simple  reason  that  you have  not  stopped  smoking is that you:

Fear that  it is going to be  too  painful and  too difficult!

Hypnosis Makes it Easy

In fact  hypnosis  makes  it so easy for you to be a happy  non-smoker – not feeling deprived,  not feeling that you’ve made a sacrifice, and not feeling  any  pain.  Instead, you’ll  have  a  huge  sense  of relief  and  elation  that  you  have  at  last  achieved  what  all smokers  long to achieve,  you have  become  a happy, permanent, non-smoker.

When  smokers   try  to  stop   with  other  methods  they  suffer misery and depression caused  by the feeling that they are being deprived of a pleasure  or a crutch. The beauty of hypnosis, and the  way I use  hypnosis  in particular,  is  that it removes  this feeling of deprivation.  It removes  the need,  and  the desire, to smoke.   

You won’t need  useless aids, gimmicks, or substitutes. No nicotine  gum or patches.   No inhalers  or nasal  sprays.   No needles or lasers.   All that you have to do with hypnosis is sit back  in a nice comfortable  chair, and relax.            

 It   doesn’t get  much  easier than that 

The Unique Approach

Since the British Medical Association (BMA) and  the  American Medical Association (AMA) approved  the use of  clinical hypnosis  in the 1950s,   thousands  of   people have found hypnosis to be an effective way  to  stop smoking,  lose  weight,  and otherwise    improve  their lives.  You will be benefiting from over 15 years of my experience as a hypnotherapist.

The   beauty  of  my  unique approach is that I use the best of  traditional  hypnotherapy techniques, and  combine  them with  the  new  science  of  Neuro Linguistic Programming  (NLP),  which takes  hypnosis  to an even greater  level of effectiveness.

One  of  the   reasons   why  it’s   not   painful   or difficult  to  stop  smoking  with  our  method,   in  fact one of the reasons  why it is so easy,  is that  I  transfer the  pleasure  derived  from smoking  to a  healthier  habit of  your  choice  (e.g.  exercise,  drinking  more  water,  or relaxation).   

NLP- TAKE Total control of your feelings NOW -NLP Anchoring

Simple NLP techniques to give you full power over your state, feelings & emotions. Use NLP to contorl your Mind and life

Created by Milan Parikh - NLP, Mind, Wellness and Peak Performance Coach


Students: 22, Price: $24.99

Students: 22, Price:  Paid

Have you often felt Frustrated, Anxious, Stressed, Helpless or Unresourceful for any situation?

Do you feel Negative most of the time ?

Have you often observed that this negative state or frame of mind has adversely affected your behaviour?

Your state or your mood, dictate your behavior. If you are in negative state, it affects your life, your family, your profession, your relationship.

Being in negative state for long, adversely affect your mental and physical health. It increases stress, anxiety and lead to diseases like hyper tension , Blood Pressure, Heart problems and obesity.

On the other hand, being in positive State helps you to access all your required resources. It provides you with Positive Mind, Positive Vibes and Positive life. It helps you to live a happy, healthy and peaceful life. It helps you to achieve your goals and life objectives.

In this course, Milan Parikh- Certified NLP Master Practitioner, will take you through, step-by-step, easy to follow methods to change from negative to a more positive and resourceful state immediately, using Simple and Amazingly Powerful Technique of NLP Anchoring.

You will start feeling more confident and more resourceful, whenever you wish.

This course can help you to achieve success in your personal and professional life by following simple, step-by-step techniques and adopting easy to follow success rituals.

Who this course is for:

  • People who are willing to operate at their optimum potential and use their minds effectively

  • People who want to live a life of a WINNER!

  • People who want to unleash tremendous power of their mind

  • This course is for people who have realized that their, mood and feelings affect their outcomes. And want to learn how to       change their state from negative to more positive and resourceful state

NLP Practitioner Course (Basic to Advance) in Urdu/Hindi

Dive deep into the world of Transformation of Mind, Body & Spirit and become certified of Neuro Linguistic Programming

Created by Shahid Syed - Master Coach of NLP & Hypnosis, Life Transformation Coach


Students: 1, Price: $49.99

Students: 1, Price:  Paid

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a human mind technology;

an art by which you create wonderful results in the lives of people you care for. The quality of the delivery of this art depends upon the exposure that you have got with people and their issues. Here you need a person who can make you understand the core and finer points of the technology. It is rightly said by someone that the delivery is more important than the contents. It is true while applying NLP in any area of life.

This complete NLP Practitioner training offers a broad range of time-proven life principles you can use to develop your relationships, increase your productivity and generate profound self-awareness alongside a robust collection of people skills.

Neuro linguistic Programming is a unique field of study that exists to help people review their attitudes, perspectives and behavior for creating positive improvements and changes. In learning to understand new perspectives, people typically become more acquainted with themselves. Learning new outlooks is what stimulates personal growth.

NLP relates our perceptions, personal beliefs, emotions, behaviors, attitudes and communication styles to the results and outcomes we experience on a day-to-day basis. You will progress from understanding the basics, to confidently applying the different NLP principles (and practices) in all aspects of your personal or professional life.

NLP Practitioner training tends to attract people who want to understand themselves better or start a new career that positively supports others. NLP Practitioners often want to make a profound impact and change peoples lives, but they don't want to study traditional psychology for years. NLP offers a basis for stimulating progressive self-improvement.

in this NLP Practitioner Training You'll learn:  too understand representational systems, Preferred Thinking System,Learning styles and eye movements, how to reprogram your mind for optimal success and achievement, how to detox mind body and soul, how to handle  past painful memories, unwanted phobias, guilt, revenge, grief, hurt, depression, anxiety and other mental issues. You can also recognize opportunities for advancing your personal growth, interact in a way that forms a profound connection with others, gaining the right state of being rich, identifying with money,  modeling rich people, collapsing wrong anchors about money, creating positive anchors, anchors for big motivation, Neurological Alignment for more productivity, how to works belief & value System, perceptual positions for better relationships, building attractive future  time line that is in alignment with your values, use an effective goal-setting process to achieve success, swish for goals, swish for better self image, conflict intervention – build conflict-proof relationships, defeat procrastination or a general lack of motivation, Six steps to re-framing and much much more.......

In this NLP Practitioner Certification training, you'll cover  the following topics:

  • NLP-Mind Transformation:

            a. NLP Introduction

    b. Presuppositions of NLP

    c. Pillars of NLP

    d. what is ecology and how it work?

    e. Our Mind, types of Mind and how it work?

  • Emotional States of Mind:

    a. what is states?

    b. Types of states

    c. how to create state of Mind?

    d. How to change states of mind?

    e. three Powerful Techniques to change states

  • Sub-Modalities:


    a. Difference between outcomes & Tasks.

    b. outcomes thinning Vs Task Thinking.

    c. 9 well-forms conditions for outcomes.

    d. outcomes and Hurdles

    e. outcomes and beliefs

    f. outcomes and self affirmations

  • Learn to Learning:

    a. what is learning & types of learning?

            b. what is learning zone? how to create it?

            c. Generating learning

  • Neuro logical levels

             a. What is neuro logical Levels?

             b. Neuro logical level Alignment?

  • Rapport:

    a. What is Rapport

            b. Pacing and Leading

            c. Matching and Mirroring

  • Anchoring

  • Re-framing:

    a. Frames in NLP

    b. Types of Frames

    c. 6 steps to re-framing

    d. Problem solving frames

    e. Intention value behaviors

  • Representational System:

    a. Accessing Cues

            b. Translating & over leaping

            c. Synesthesia

            d. Sensory Language

            e. Eye Movement integration

             f. Future pacing

  • Strategy:

    a. TOTE Model

            B. Elicit Strategy

            c. Designing and installing a strategy modeling

  • Meta Module

  • Meta Programme

The training and materials you receive are designed to familiar you with a useful road map for accomplishing your goals and fulfilling your personal or professional potential. You will also be able to observe real (video) demonstrations so you can put into practice what you've learned.

As you are shown how to apply what you learn, you can wholly emerge in the application of the NLP principles and processes that are shared. This ensures you leave this NLP Practitioner course with clarity about what's important to you, and also feeling confident in your ability to incorporate this training in your own life, as well as when working with other people.

This certified training course comes with over 40 hours of video-based training, and a wide range of Neuro linguistic Programming supplementary resources which you can download and apply on yourself, or those who you share what you've learned with in the future.

You will have INSTANT access to all of the online self-study materials to begin straight away! You will also get LIFETIME access, to any updates that are made within the self-study AND the course contents!

The advantages of taking this course are that you can study it anywhere and from any device. You're protected by a full money-back guarantee - which means that you can enroll on the course today, absolutely risk-free.

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