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Negotiation: Successful Negotiation For Beginners

Learn Negotiation Fundamentals & Master Negotiation with negotiation tips, Negotiate Effectively

Created by Ali Haider - Business And Marketing Expert


Students: 123, Price: $19.99

Students: 123, Price:  Paid

Successful Negotiation: Skills you Must Learn About to Succeed In any kind of Situation

Learn Negotiation Fundamentals & its Secrets, Master negotiation Skills  with Negotiating tips & Negotiate Effectively

I welcome you to this exciting and amazing course about Successful Negotiation Course For Beginners where I am going to tell you the secrets through which you can make your negotiation skills more polished and powerful.

Negotiation: is a skill well worth mastering and by setting some simple techniques in your practice you can save time and money. In your life you will come across hundreds of situations which will put your negotiation skills to the ultimate test. Whether in personal or professional life when you deal with situations like buying a car, considering contracts for your business, or revising your salary, your accomplishment in these activities will be severely dependent on your ability to Negotiation properly. So by taking this negotiation course, you will learn to negotiate masterfully, giving yourself a better chance of personal and professional success

  • Get better results in every negotiation

  • Know how to prepare in the most effective way

  • Learn How to Create Win-Win Without Giving Up What You Really Want

  • Bargain over everything

  • Understand Negotiation Fundamentals, the Principles & Techniques

  • Be confident in starting and finishing a negotiation

  • Use smart tactics to increase their bargaining power

  • Learn how to deal with people in negotiation

  • Understand how to ask to get you what you want

  • Practice negotiating skills in both of your personal & professional life

You will change the way you look at yourself and others. You will not only become more active in your business dealings but also be able to manage your thinking and will learn how to act upon in different situations.

By the end , you will get the knowledge to be confident in approaching any negotiation situation and will be able to create terrific deals with your new negotiation skills !

So, come and join this course and let’s make a promise that you will implement these strategies in your life and become a better and more confident person and be the Boss of Your mind. Start believing yourself, get motivated and see a new you. The only failure is if you don't take any action.

Thanks for Taking interest in this course. Now let’s get started. Best of Luck!

Advanced Negotiation Techniques for Creative Professionals

Forge cooperative relationships, recover contracts, and successfully handle with aggressive personalities and bullies.

Created by Ted Leonhardt - Helping designers and other creative professionals win negotiations. Author, coach, trainer, consultant.


Students: 120, Price: $44.99

Students: 120, Price:  Paid

As creative professionals, we wear our hearts on our sleeves. No matter how long we’ve been doing the work, we face special challenges at the negotiation table. And, there are two situations where our talents can both make us especially vulnerable and give us special opportunities to shine: pitching in response to requests for proposals, and reacting when a client cuts a project. 

I’m here to help you turn your creative strengths into negotiation skills and improve your results. 

Meet the Expert

A lifelong designer and illustrator, Ted has turned his significant business wins leading his creative services firm and, later, a multinational conglomerate into a new career coaching and consulting on negotiation for creatives. He works with international corporations to land major deals, and he works one-on-one with individuals to help them find dream jobs and significantly higher salaries. Now, Ted has developed online training modules to bring creative people around the world the wisdom born of his notable successes, as well as a few failures, to help you elevate your career and earn what you deserve.

What You'll Learn

This course addresses some of the biggest challenges that creative businesspeople face in their careers: 

  • Making a pitch, often based on an RFP
  • Dealing with a canceled or changed project
  • Handing a negotiation that goes from cordial to confrontational
  • Managing difficult or high-conflict personalities
  • Working with bullies 

Most - if not all professionals - deal with these situations at some point in their working lives. For creatives, because we’re so emotionally invested in the work, it can be particularly difficult to make sales pitches, deal with rejection on a contract, or manage bullying or aggressive individuals. Yet we can use our creative abilities to work through confrontations and emerge with our self-esteem and employment status intact. 

In this course, you’ll learn techniques for: 

  • Changing the context to broaden a project beyond the RFP;
  • Requesting a paid planning session to develop ideas with the client;
  • Building a relationship with your client as you make your pitch;
  • Responding when a project is unexpectedly canceled or modified; 
  • Developing leverage points to win back business when a project changes; 
  • Identifying key traits of bullies and aggressive individuals in the workplace;
  • Strategizing short-term solutions and create a personal plan to survive working with a bully long-term;
  • Preparing for confrontations with aggressive negotiators;
  • Navigating an aggressive close in a businesslike, profitable manner; and
  • Negotiating with high-conflict personalities by identifying and tactics to work with both types.

Why This Course Is Effective

Short, beautiful videos relate critical messages, followed by Ted’s downloadable PDF Learning Guides that provide step-by-step, actionable techniques for addressing the challenges of navigating professional life as a creative. 

By completing this course, you’ll build the confidence to create better jobs through changing the context and handling changed or canceled contracts, and by being ready to deal with aggressive or bullying personalities. 

Want Better Projects and More Respect? Ted Will Teach You How

With your talent, hard work and experience, you can land and keep great jobs. This course will give you tactics for expanding projects beyond the RFP as well as handling negative contract changes and difficult personalities. Remember: You’re worth it. 

Negotiation skills: practical techniques for the work place

What to say, when to say it, how to say it, to get more of what you want

Created by Alexis Kyprianou - Negotiations practitioner and expert


Students: 60, Price: $94.99

Students: 60, Price:  Paid

Practical and easy-to-implement negotiation techniques to get you more of what you want in any business negotiation. No bla bla, just straight to the practical point.

One bite-size video per technique:

  • The objective and logic of the technique.

  • What to say, when to say it, and how to say it.

  • An excerpt of a negotatiation showing the technique in use.

  • Bonus video with Q&A to help you refine the use of the technique.

All techniques are a game-changer:

  • They take you straight to the heart of human behaviour and why people react the way they do in a negotiation.

  • They draw your counterparty into collaboration and co-construction.

  • They avoid conflict and lead to a better and durable working relationship with your counterparty.

  • Give you confidence by reinforcing your hand in a negotiation.

A trainer who has 25 years' international experience in the business negotiation field

  • Founder and Managing Director of a multinational negotiation advisory and training firm with high profile business clients.

  • Thousands of executives and employees, in both the private and public sectors trained with these techniques.

  • Author of the best-selling negotiation technique book for business in French and Italian language (sorry, English version not yet out, hence this e-Learning!).

You should take this course if:

  • You buy or sell

  • You are management

  • You have a commercial or operational role in your organisation

  • You are an entrepreneur or do business development

  • You are in human resources and negotiate with staff or unions

  • You negotiate in your job, internally or externally, voluntarily or involuntarily!

Sales & Negotiations Step-by-Step Blueprint⎢featured on TEDx

A European & Silicon Valley Company reveals the sales strategies and techniques relevant to Tech Business & Startups

Created by ELITEx Mentor - High Quality Courses for Impactful People


Students: 56, Price: $94.99

Students: 56, Price:  Paid

Very unique is that we update our course every couple of weeks, and host online workshops, so the value of the course grows exponentially for users who stay longer.

--Certification for people who finish this course included--

--Coming from a team working with clients from Silicon Valley to Amsterdam--

--For this course our ELITExMentor is WhyNot3--

-- 2 hours + worth of Exclusive Private workshops recorded for internal purposes - for the first time ever published here on Udemy--

Do you believe in making a real positive impact on people?

In this course, we reveal all the behind-the-scenes principles of our sales teams, and how that lead to multi-million pound deals.

Do you want access to a world-class team of people who are grinding every day in sales?

In this course, our focus is on you. We are daily practitioners giving you answers when you ask them in the QnA. Making sure you get the most cutting edge advice out there.

Are we the real deal?

Please check out the video testimonials from our executive clients who run 7+ figure businesses.  And previews of speeches we were invited at to speak, like Google Startupgrind.

These principles we're about to teach you are based on our very own blueprint and has been featured on TEDx, Google StartupGrind, and many more...

Outside of using these principles to help others, we also use them daily on our own team of over 50+ people, and they have been proven to work under the most extreme cases with people dealing from small startup teams to large corporates who join us at our European & North-American events.

That's why we can provide real use cases, 24/7 support, and a certification from an organization that has delivered thousands of trainings.

This specific ELITEx Sales course is approx. 30-35 hours and more heavily focused on getting you up and running. In this course, we will be focused on:

  1. Fundamentals

  2. Behind-the-scenes

  3. Sales Essentials & Basics of CRM software

  4. How to sell in the digital age through social media.

  5. Expert interviews (From global corporates coming back from burnout, to professional IronMan and NBA athletes)

Even though it is smaller, it's still ongoing and will be updated monthly with new QnA videos until we've answered all your questions. You can request the next topic once inside the course. So make sure to stay engaged once inside.



  • Sales & Sales Training

  • Starting with sales by learning the basics

  • Learn the fundamentals of sales and how to explain them to others, so they know the strategies behind all sales techniques

  • Beginners who are starting with sales and in the tech sector or a startup / scaleup

  • Sales management

  • Sales training organizing

  • Sales  exercises

  • Sales strategies

  • Beginner training

  • Sales Fundamentals for beginning sales instructors

  • Sales for instructors who need more tools

  • Sales tools for instructors who need more royalty-free assets for their teams, like templates, proposals, and more...

  • Training your sales team

  • Business sales events

  • How to guide your sales team

  • A great new way to create additional revenue and give yourself more credibility

  • Great step-by-step process and history to explain sales better to beginners


  • Only parts of this course may be relevant for you if you are a professional Chief Sales Officer or doing 7 figure sales and up. For that, you'll need our more in-depth courses.

  • This course is heavily focused on attracting what you need to get started or improve your basic teachings. You need to be comfortable with talking to people to accomplish this.

Even if you are a beginner or advanced, our entire team is here to answer your questions, so if you have a unique situation, getting this course is a cheaper way to get access to us.

Extra 10+ hour Expert interviews included.

* And a ton of extras, QnA's, Free update videos, More content, more expert interviews ...


Do you also find it extremely difficult to focus and stay in the moment – where you are actually enjoying selling?

For the first time ever, as ELITEx, we’re launching the ultimate online sales training.

We’ll be teaching you how we came up with our teachings through countless interactions with our clients from all over the world, from Silicon Valley to Amsterdam, and how we scaled it within our organization of over 50+ people. The best thing is that you can have zero experience starting out and we'll be able to guide you through the essential strategies of sales.


This is perfect for you if you’re a business owner, freelancer, or student that is looking to create a career path and wants to learn proven sales strategies and practices... Whether you're a beginner or seasoned sales expert we'll cover the basics of sales in this course.

Our practices have been featured in small rooms as well as in front of global audiences with thousands of people at our events.


If you ever wondered how to start your sales career or explain certain practices to your team… but the only thing stopping you is the experience or lack of resources, then this course will be worth it to you.


We’ll be walking you step by step through the following:


Learn how to do lead generation, start and automate the sales process, close sales on a global scale and much more...


The basics of how to adapt traditional methods in the digital age, and automate all your boring tasks. So that you can understand or teach others who are more practical and need the exact strategies to become successful.


Sending cold and warm emails can be overwhelming, so we'll teach you how to manage and automate this whole process. This alone can be worth the entire course.




Our learning platform is updated monthly with new videos. If there is a certain topic you want to know about, please request this by asking us a question on the Udemy Platform. Our support and instructor team answers quickly.

Of course, the practical experience is half the work. That’s why we also invite you to our virtual job shadows, and any of our events, to really get practical with everything you learn. That's right, free access giveaways to our members to visit a live event.


We invest highly in the community culture, with live events, meetups, feedback Fridays, and collaborations. It is our everyday mission to create a creative, safe, and fun environment to thrive in.



The ELITEx Program is a private online training community founded in 2018.

It’s the ultimate online school for impact creators, designed to teach you how to build and scale any skill that has the potential to bring good into the world and impact human lives, even if you have no idea where to start or you have no technical skills or knowledge.

Each year we have thousands of new people from all around the world enter our online training programs, and live events and I want to make sure that you can make an informed and educated decision on whether the ELITEx Program is right for you.

What people say about our live in-person events

“The event was fun, energetic, and inspiring… Thank you so much team, keep doing what you do, and stay in the core of all this energy.”

“This Event really opens up the calendar... I think it’s a win-win situation. I’ll definitely be inviting other partners to join the event as well.”

“What I really liked at this event is that it’s about giving back… You can be successful. But you can have even more success if you’re in an inspiring environment and today was all about that!”

“I think this event is one of those potential partnerships where you can get a lot of value out of it.
Thank you so much for having us and helping us with the preparations… It was really joyful to be here!”

“The giving back concept of the event as well as the people making impact is what I love. I think this is the start of a great initiative… Initiatives like this should be started in other places as well.”

“Empowering, inspiring, and connecting with other people...”


When you complete 100% of the videos in this course, you will be emailed a certificate of completion by Udemy so you can show it as proof of your expertise.

Negotiation Skills

Discover the Negotiator in You!

Created by Lecturio GmbH - eLearning Company


Students: 54, Price: $19.99

Students: 54, Price:  Paid

This course will look at how to work on developing win-win solutions in every negotiation, and at the same time deal with challenges, difficult people, bargaining tactics, and communication problems. Most importantly, it will teach participants about their own negotiation skills and focus on how to maximize the potential they bring to the negotiation table.

Sales Negotiation masterclass

Don't give away in negotiations. Trade, exchange, and improve your margins

Created by Amaro Araujo - Bestselling Author, International Sales & Negotiation Expert


Students: 33, Price: $89.99

Students: 33, Price:  Paid

NEW: Practicing tests

Sales tests and Business cases to help you explore and apply knowledge. Very important to prepare you for real case situations and job interviews. Both with proposed solutions.

In this course, I'll go through all the fundamentals of Negotiation.

We all negotiate, even in our personal lives. With our wives, kids, parents, or bosses. Everyday.

Knowing the negotiation background and understanding what is at stake each step of the way will empower you to reach your objectives.

In this course, I'll touch on the following topics:

- Preparation and planning

- Dialogue

- Making an offer / Proposal

- Closing the deal

- Confirming, implementing, and reviewing the deal

By the end of the course, you'll have a broad spectrum of things you have been missing, and you'll be equipped to face any negotiation (personal or professional) at your benefit.

I'll explain and show you some tools you can use to give you a stronger position.

At the end of the course, in the bonus lesson, besides templates and many support material, you'll find some slides explaining how this course can help you with your career.

Negotiation 101: NEW self paced online course on negotiation

Cultivating your negotiation skills.

Created by Monish Chainani - Entrepreneur, Strategist & Expert Negotiator


Students: 20, Price: $94.99

Students: 20, Price:  Paid

Negotiation 101 is an introduction to Negotiation as a formal subject. It aims to convey essential concepts of negotiation in as elemental a form as possible, thereby providing a stellar foundation for your foray into an otherwise broad discipline. With practice, you will recognize the recurring tools and tenets of negotiation and will know how best to apply them to extract better results. Each chapter is short, easy to understand and to the point; allowing you to absorb the concepts at your own pace and in your own time. The course is intended to help you get more out of your negotiations, whether for inter-personal leverage or for financial gain.    

Negotiation Skills Simplified

Simple tips on negotiation skills to be better prepared to influence the decision of your opponents

Created by Syed Mukhtar - Experienced IT Professional and Personal Development Coach


Students: 14, Price: $39.99

Students: 14, Price:  Paid

This course is designed to help anyone interested in learning negotiation skills to win any negotiation for his/her company. The skills learnt in this training can also be used to influence others in one's personal life or in your work environment. These skills have been explained in simple terms to make the learning simple and fun. The techniques learnt in this training are very easy to apply in day to day life at home, with friends and at work. The course has been broken up into eleven lectures, which can be viewed in one session or each lecture can be viewed multiple times. It's highly recommended to make notes and try to memorize the key concepts and tips discussed.

The most important sections of this training are the pre-negotiation framework which talks about five steps that will help prepare a negotiator before entering into a negotiation. The other important section is the negotiator's tool kit section which talks about the three tools that are available to all negotiators. These three tools will help a negotiator claim maximum value from a negotiation as well as create more value for both parties.

There are two sections in this training that focus on the psychological aspects of a human mind in order to understand the human biases and how to deal with different kinds of biases people have. Armed with the knowledge about human behaviours and how to respond to various kinds of biases, a negotiator can be well prepared to influence the other side in winning a deal.