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Salary Negotiation: Learn the Negotiation Mindset

Entry-level course for those new to negotiation. Get an informative, entertaining intro to earning more in under 30 min!

Created by Jim Hopkinson - 85,000+ students as salary expert, career coach, author


Students: 82767, Price: Free

  Learn the importance of salary negotiation in this entertaining and informative intro course.
    Negotiating your salary when going for a new job or a raise is a critical skill to make sure you get paid what you deserve, yet it is a topic that makes most everyone anxious. 

    Before you can master salary negotiation tips and tricks, you first have to be in the right mindset. 

    Using an easy-to-follow storytelling approach -- along with case studies, statistics, and the right amount of humor from Improv-trained actors -- this course will change the way you look at negotiation.
  In just 20 minutes you will see: 

  •   Two crucial goals for any negotiation

  •   Case studies of negotiations gone wrong

  •   The new reality for a post-recession economy

  •   What family, friends, and your boss WON'T tell you about negotiation

  •   Negotiation statistics and facts

  •   The HR perspective

  •   The light switch moment of negotiation success

  • Bonus content: 5 Negotiation Mindset Tips for Your Job Search

  Who this course is for: 

    This course is a crucial introduction for professionals interviewing for a new job, underpaid workers seeking a raise, new college grads -- anyone that is new to negotiation and is ready to learn more and earn what they deserve.
  What are recommended next steps?

    After getting in the proper mindset, see the following advanced courses for specific tips, tactics, and case studies: 

  • Salary Negotiation: How to Negotiate a Raise or Promotion

  • Salary Negotiation: How To Negotiate a Job Offer (Student Edition)

  • Salary Negotiation: How To Negotiate a Job Offer (Pro Edition)

Steli’s Essential Guide to Negotiation Hacks

Master your negotiation skills using several sales hacks. Taught by Silicon Valley's most prominent Sales Hustler.

Created by Steli Efti - CEO at


Students: 27751, Price: Free

Negotiation is the backbone of any sales presentation. You cannot expect growth and exponential sales if you do not know how to negotiate. There are several resources out there that can help you sharpen your negotiation skills. Many of these negotiation guides can help you with all the basics but if you truly want to know the hacks that are being used by the big dogs of the game, then this course is right for you.

Steli's to the point, no-fluff teaching technique has been admired by many. See for yourself by looking him up online. He has led several international level sales workshops and now he will be offering you the same from the comfort of your home!

This course will take you a little over an hour to complete so don't expect any repetitive boring stuff. You will be able to sense Steli's passion when you will over these videos. So sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy the ride!

FREE TASTER: Negotiation – Understanding Personality Types

A FREE taster course in crafting agreements that produce excellent results, and better relationships

Created by Expert Academy - Supercharge your learning with the world's leading experts


Students: 27731, Price: Free

We all need to negotiate in our professional and personal lives, but negotiation doesn’t have to be a fight to get what you want. In fact, you’ll create better deals and better relationships through collaboration.

In this engaging, immersive and interactive online programme, Gavin Presman shares his ethical and mutually-beneficial approach, showing you how to prepare for and engage in every negotiation to achieve better results for yourself and others – whether you’re drawing up a contract with a new client, buying a house or, often the trickiest of all, settling family disagreements. With step-by-step guidance, illustrative examples and checklists to refer back to, this is a practical and empowering online training that will improve the negotiating skills of any learner, enhancing personal and professional relationships in the process.

This taster course gives you free access to 12 lectures on understanding personality types and how to use that knowledge to craft better agreements. The full course is also available on Udemy.

Global Business Skills in English for Your Career – BUS104

Business English, Vocabulary, Collocations, Job Interview, Meeting, Facilitation, Presentation, Negotiation

Created by CreateUp Academy - Educational Animation Studios


Students: 11837, Price: Free

This course is designed to help
students understand basic business skills and language etiquette.  Students will follow Justin, who searches for
a programming engineer position, secures a spot at an IT software company, and
performs his daily duties.  Areana,
Justin’s supervisor, helps him along the way.

Students will learn how to develop a cover
letter and resume in order to search and apply for job opportunities.  They will also learn basic interviewing
skills and how to perform common business functions, such as
giving presentations, producing agendas, coordinating meetings, planning
business trips, and attending annual performance reviews.  Business terminology, including Key
Performance Indicators, OARRs, and SMART goals, among others, will be
discussed, and business collocations will be used throughout each chapter.

This course is a valuable tool
for anyone looking to hone their business and language skills.  It is especially helpful for those venturing
into the corporate world, who are likely to encounter individuals and
situations like the ones used in the story.

Following Justin and Areana
through all ten mini-chapters will ensure first-time learners enhance their
command of business etiquette and business language while getting a feel for
what it’s like to secure a cutting-edge position in the fast-paced corporate world.

- Producer: Animate U, Japan

- MBA Writer: Sara Teller, United States                                

- Female Voice Talent: Kim Zewatsky, United States

- Male Voice Talent: Kevin Orland, New Zealand

- Animator: Mariana Havryliv, Uklaine

Negotiation : How to Actualise your negotiation potential!

Negotiation Skills for Non-Business People to achieve Win-Win Outcomes for all situations

Created by CET Academy - Grow as You Learn


Students: 7647, Price: Free

Do you fear getting caught in a bargain?  Do you find it hard to close a deal?  Have you ever wondered no matter how good a worker you are, you always end up getting the short end of the stick in a negotiation?  

We are in ‘negotiating’ situations more often than we think.

This course will heighten your awareness of being in negotiation situations.  In just 30 mins, you will sharpen your negotiation skills by discovering your innate negotiation styles and be laser focused in deploying the appropriate negotiation strategies. 

The course objectives are for you to:

(1) know what is involved in negotiations and acquire a deeper understanding of one’s negotiation style

(2) achieve the techniques and skills acquired to apply negotiation in day-to-day situations

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Actualise your negotiation potential 
  • Frame up the negotiation skillsets and strategies for different context
  • Be totally comfortable to negotiate
  • Be satisfied with the Win-Win outcomes achieved in negotiation

Desired Salary Quoting and Salary Negotiations

What to say for desired salary and salary negotiations

Created by Karen Gurney - Executive Search Consultant


Students: 2307, Price: Free

Salary Negotiations Introduction and Desired Salary Quoting

It is estimated that 85% of employers expect job candidates to negotiate salary. The reality is that only 37% to 44% of candidates enter into some type of negotiation. The lack of salary negotiating in your career can cost an average of $500,000 in lifetime lost earnings. In addition, women are much less likely to negotiate than men. Not negotiating is a primary contributor to the female gender pay gap where women make 77 cents of every dollar a man earns.

Let's explore some salary myths and common beliefs.

Myth 1. Salary negotiations begin after interviews when the offer is made.

In the past, salary negotiations were the final step in the hiring process or, for existing employees, a part of the performance review. Now salary negotiations often begin at the point of application to a job.

The following list presents the five points where a salary negotiation may occur:

  1. At the time of application,
  2. During the phone screen,
  3. In the first in-person interview,
  4. At the point of a job offer, and
  5. During a performance review.

When “Desired Salary” is used early in the process, the question is essentially turns into the “Guess What the Job Pays” Game.

Here are the rules of the game:

Negotiations don’t even happen if you cannot guess what the employer has decided the job is worth.

Myth 2. Salary is not used to screen out a candidate.

When applying for a job, the employers may elect to create pre-programmed fields inside the applicant tracking systems to eliminate candidates that do not meet a certain range of salary amounts. These same questions may also be asked during an initial telephone screen or first in-person interview. If salary is discussed this early, the employer is using this information as a way to screen candidates

Myth 3. Once the employer makes the offer the interview process is complete.

Actually no. When the employer is ready to make an offer, the salary negotiation process is used as the final interview in the process. It is important to know that you are still being evaluated for the job based on how you perform the salary negotiation.

Myth 4. The candidate will lose out if they throw the first number.
As long as the candidate knows the value of the job, understands the prevailing wages in the professional category, and demonstrates the ability to state their value, a candidate should be in a better position even if they state a range early on.

Guessing what an employer is willing to pay is a critical skill set in income growth.

Please join me in learning what to put for ‘desired salary’ and how to successfully negotiate salary.

Numerous Negotiations: Necessary Skills to Succeed

Negotiation tactics and how to counter

Created by Hassan El Zein - Corporate Trainer


Students: 289, Price: Free

This course gives all the essentials that one need in negotiation. It explains all the major terminologies that one need to be aware of in this intriguing field; then moves into how to overcome impasses (as it is a major terminology), what type of planning is needed before heading to the negotiation venue, what are the essential skills that one need to have owing to succeed, and at the end what are the major negotiation tactics that the counterparty might use and how to counter them. It also narrates the most influential quotes in negotiation and what can we learn from them; as well, it discusses the international aspect and incidents from Louiss XIV, the Sun King, to Paris Peace Talks in relation to Vietnam War, the Cuba Missile Crisis and many more.

The Art of Negotiation

Learn the essential skills to nail your next negotiation!

Created by The Sourcing Station . - Category Manager/ Supply Chain Consultant


Students: 246, Price: Free

In business as in life, you don't get what you deserve but what you negotiate. 

Chester L. Karras

Good Negotiators rely only on intuition?

FALSE. 9 times out of 10 the person with the higher preparation will win

Be Proactive: systematic preparation and thought

Not reactive – dependent upon reaction of opponent

Preparation is the key of success, you will learn what are the things to prepare before negotiation and the tricks to gain what you want. Secure both HARD and SOFT skills via this course.