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How to set and achieve your GOALS!

A simple and effective way to get what you want in life while keeping motivated

Created by Jose Ucar - Communication and Public Speaking Coach


Students: 12239, Price: $19.99

Students: 12239, Price:  Paid

In this class I'm sharing the strategy I use to get things in life. I believe to have a pragmatic and flexible approach when it comes to pursuing and achieving what I want and it is my desire to make it available to others.

I've always used the power of visualisation to realise my goals and in time I understood that there were other elements needed such as planning and consistent action.

When I look back at my international travels, how I've moved up the business ladder, my relationships, TEDx, all the way to my businesses, what they all have in common is the strategy I've implemented to materialise them.

If you want to make your life happen instead of it happening to you, I invite you to check out this class that I've created especially for people looking to fast track their success in any area of life.

Learn to get crystal clear on what you want, create a flexible and realistic plan and stay motivated throughout the whole process. I will teach you how to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be.

Remember, the secret of getting ahead is getting started - Mark Twain

So, what do you say? Shall we get started?

Beating Anxiety: Learn The Hidden Secrets Of Beating Anxiety

Discover The Hidden Secrets Of Beating Anxiety

Created by Prof. Paul Cline, Ed.D - Prof. Paul - Business/Psychology Expert - 205,000+ Students


Students: 11744, Price: $94.99

Students: 11744, Price:  Paid

Don't LIVE With Anxiety ... Learn How To Beat It!

Anxiety Has Horrible Plans For You ... Don't Go Along With It ... Gain The Tools To Fight Back & WIN!

This Course Give You The Hidden Skills Know Only To A Few ... Learn How To Beat Anxiety ... Don't Let Anxiety Beat You!

You Are About To Discover…

1) Discover How To Beat Back Anxiety & Worry ... Get Your Life Back!

2) Discover The Secrets Of How To Overcoming Your Resistance To Change

3) Discover How To Prevent Burnout ... And Get Back To ENJOYING Your Life!

4) Discover How Acceptance Can Be A Powerful Key To Freedom From Anxiety   Learn How Crush Self-Imposed Obstacles

5) Learn To How To Face Your Inner Demons … And WIN!

6) Learn The Secrets Of How To Crush Self-Imposed Obstacles

7) Discover The Secrets Of How To STOP Your Own Negative Thoughts & Self-Sabotage

Anxiety Is TEMPORARY >.. Unless You Never Learn The Skills To Beat It ... Then It Lasts Forever!

Learn The Skills!  Beat It Today!

Zero-Risk!  ... 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Sign Up Now!

Nursing Professionals Get Motivated! Motivation For Nurses

A Month Of Encouragement For Nurses and Those In Nursing School Taking Nursing Courses

Created by Crystal Hutchinson Tummala, J.D. - Personal Development Specialist, Attorney & Author


Students: 10759, Price: $19.99

Students: 10759, Price:  Paid

This is purely a course of motivation for those in the nursing profession.

Whether you are an established nurse or in nursing school taking nursing courses you will benefit from this positive program.

This is a course designed to build the self- esteem of nurses.

Nursing is a stressful profession. This course uses positive psychology.

The course takes notice of your unique nursing skills and qualities,

I encourage you to set out on this month-long journey of encouragement and praise.

Day-by-day you will watch one lecture per day on why nurses are valuable and necessary.

The course also includes a FREE e-book!

The course is backed by a risk free 30 day money back guarantee.

Enroll today and let's get started!

Personal Success: Mindset; Motivation For College Students

Mindset; Personal Success; 30 Days Of Positive Thinking Lessons For University & College Success

Created by Crystal Hutchinson Tummala, J.D. - Personal Development Specialist, Attorney & Author


Students: 10716, Price: $19.99

Students: 10716, Price:  Paid

Are you a new college or university student?

I spent many years in university.  I wish I had a motivation course like this to keep up my spirits on tough days.  That is why I created this course.

Join 74,000 students in 180 countries taking Pursuing Wisdom Academy courses.

Here is what the course is about:

  • Included with the course is the PDF of the course notes too

  • This is a motivational course for the new college or university student

  • It will motivate you through 30 days of positive psychology using messages that offer encouragement in order to raise your confidence and self-esteem

  • Learn to be your own life coach in order to reach your personal development goals 

  • The course is packed full of useful and practical tips for academic achievement success.

  • I want you to achieve your own idea of personal success

  • This course will make your transition to college level studies much easier 

This course is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

Enroll today.

Daily Motivation Hacks: The 50-minute Motivation Guide

Motivation Hacks: Unleash Your Motivation Everyday, Kill Procrastination, Never Lack Motivation Again: Motivation Tips

Created by Alain W. - International Best-selling Author & Speaker


Students: 10061, Price: $89.99

Students: 10061, Price:  Paid

**Alain's work has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CW and 300+ of nationally-syndicated television, newspaper, and magazine outlets.**


  • OVER 150'000+ happy students from 183 countries have enrolled in my courses and have left 6'500+ TOP Reviews

  • Presented by the social skills expert, Alain W., who is a recognized expert in the field of social skills and communication skills with over 15 years of experience

  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee offered by Udemy. I am 100% confident that this course will help you communicate better with people so try it risk FREE!

Would you like to learn the best motivation hacks so you will never lack motivation again during your day?

In this sort and intense course, I reveal the most effective ways to unleash your motivation on command. You'll learn how to be motivated when you wake up even if you don't feel like it, how to take action if you don't feel motivated, how to unleash your motivation at night, the most effective motivation hacks, how to master your self-talk and so much more.

You should take this course if you want to master your motivation in under 50 minutes. If you want to kill procrastination, if you want to feel more alive and have more energy.

Go ahead, enroll in this course.

Beating Depression: The Hidden Secrets Of Beating Depression

Discover The Hidden Secrets Of HOW To Beat Depression

Created by Prof. Paul Cline, Ed.D - Prof. Paul - Business/Psychology Expert - 205,000+ Students


Students: 9887, Price: $94.99

Students: 9887, Price:  Paid

In This Online Course on Depression You Will Learn How You Can Transform Your LIFE By BEATING DEPRESSION! This Self-Help Course Covers ALL The Major Skills You Need To BEAT DEPRESSION, And Get Your LIFE Back! Depression Is HORRIBLE … And NOBODY Should Have To Live With It. Unfortunately … We Were NEVER Taught HOW To Beat Depression … NOW You WILL Have Those Skills With This One Simple Course!

Discover These Amazing Life Secrets ...

1) Learn What Depression Really Is And The REAL Way To Beat It

2) Understand The Physical & Psychological Effects Of Depression

3) Discover HOW Actually Depression Works .. and Use This Info To Beat It!

4) Learn The 11 Myths About Depression ... and How To Destroy It!

5) Learn How The world's Best Therapists Help People Beat Depression

6) Gain A Greater Understanding Of Depression Medications & How They Can Help

7) BEAT Your Depression With Our Unique & Cutting-edge Strategies

Full 30 Day FULL Money-Back Guarantee ...  No Risk To You ... Get Started NOW!

Start TODAY ... Feel Better Tomorrow!

Motivation Mastery: Discover The Secrets Of Motivation

Discover The Hidden Secrets Of Motivation

Created by Prof. Paul Cline, Ed.D - Prof. Paul - Business/Psychology Expert - 205,000+ Students


Students: 9673, Price: $89.99

Students: 9673, Price:  Paid

Motivation Is THE Key Life Skill .... Without it ... You Can't Get The Slightest Thing Done!  How Do The MOST Motivated People Get So Motivated?  ... FIND OUT!

Learn The Science Of Motivation ... In Ways That Make It Fast, Simple & Easy!

Get Ready To Discover …

1) What Motivation Is & How To Use It In Powerful Ways

2) Learn About “The Mind Games Of Motivation”

3) Discover How To Eliminate The Things That DE-Motivate You

4) Learn How Everything Can Be Used To Move You Forward … When You Know These Hidden SECRETS!

5) Discover How To Become … And STAY … Motivated Effort

6) Discover How To Make Motivation … An Effortless Habit!

7) Learn The Secrets Of How To Program Your Mind To Think Better Than Ever Before!

…. And This Is Just The Start ... There Is So Much More Inside This Course!!!!

What Are You Waiting For? ... There Is ZERO-RISK!  FULL 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Don't Miss Out! Sign Up NOW!

How To Accomplish Any Stretch Goal

You Can Accomplish Any Goal With The Right Mindset And Work Ethic

Created by Marc Guberti - Digital Marketing Expert, Podcast Host, and Author


Students: 9611, Price: Free

Students: 9611, Price:  Free

You have the big goal that you desperately want to accomplish. You're not sure if you can accomplish this goal since it's so massive, but the desire in you is strong. This course will tap into your desire and provide you with the mental tools you need to accomplish any stretch goal, regardless of its size.

In 2012, I set myself a goal to surpass 100,000 Twitter followers by the end of 2017. At the end of 2016, I surpassed 300,000 Twitter followers. At the time, getting 100,000 Twitter followers in five years was a BIG stretch for me, but with the methods I will share in this course, I got those Twitter followers in less than half of the time.

I know you want to accomplish many things in your lifetime. I do too, and that's why I created this free course. Not only will you learn how to accomplish your biggest goals, but you can acquire this knowledge without even giving me a penny. 

This course is a launching platform that will help you accomplish your stretch goal. The rest of the process solely depends on your persistence. 

Unleash Your Motivation & Boost Your Energy – 30′ Guide

Boost your motivation and energy levels with this short and intense motivation course!

Created by Alain W. - International Best-selling Author & Speaker


Students: 8919, Price: $19.99

Students: 8919, Price:  Paid

**NEW: Alain's work has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CW and 300+ of nationally-syndicated television, newspaper, and magazine outlets.**


  • OVER 140'000+ happy students from 183 countries have enrolled in my courses and have left 6'500+ TOP Reviews

  • Presented by the social skills expert, Alain W., who is a recognized expert in the field of social skills and communication skills with over 15 years of experience

  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee. I am 100% confident that this course will help you communicate better with people so try it risk FREE!

Would you like to learn the best motivation hacks so you will never lack motivation again during your day?

Motivation is something that can be learnt and activated when you understand how it works. I've decided to create this 30' course so people can understand the basics of motivation and have practical tools they can apply right away to boost their own motivation and energy in their personal and professional life!

In this sort and intense course, I reveal the most effective ways to unleash your motivation on command. You'll learn how to be motivated when you wake up even if you don't feel like it, how to take action if you don't feel motivated, how to unleash your motivation, the most effective motivation hacks, and so much more.

What you will learn:

  • What is motivation and how to boost it

  • 3 powerful ways to boost your motivation

  • Motivation hacks to feel more motivated and more alive during the day

  • Motivation Tips

This course is for:

  • People who want to have more motivation in their life

  • People who want to understand how motivation can be activated

  • People who want to have more energy

You should take this course if you want to master your motivation in under 30 minutes. If you want to kill procrastination, if you want to feel more alive and have more energy.

Go ahead, enroll in this course.

Master your Motivation:How to Succeed in Fitness & Nutrition

Finding your WHY - the real thing that will keep your going.

Created by Ryan Berry - Online Fitness Coach & Entrepreneur


Students: 8885, Price: Free

Students: 8885, Price:  Free

In this course, you'll define your reason for wanting a change, weight loss or fitness goal.  You will build a solid and emotional connection to the results to keep you pushing towards your goals, and be able to overcome the inevitable urge to stop. 

The percentage of people who quit their gym membership, fitness program or nutrition plan (aka 'diet') is enormously high.  In the last 3 years of helping people reach their health and fitness goals, we've identified what has set the successful clients apart from the ones who fall short of their goals.  We've seen a much higher success rate in our online fitness and health groups and created this course to help everyone succeed in reaching their goals.

If you've ever struggled with weight loss, maintaining a fitness routine or following a meal plan long term, then this course is for you!

Confessions of an ex procrastinator

Beat procrastination with the latest scientific findings in habits, self-control, willpower and temptation.

Created by Gregory Caremans - Brain Academy - Neurocognitive and Behavioral Expert


Students: 8123, Price: $99.99

Students: 8123, Price:  Paid

Congratulations, you found the N°1 Course on Procrastination on Udemy!

When a procrastinator procrastinates, he or she doesn’t sit down and starts a rational thinking process about how to waste time. Of course not.

But neither does it just kinda happen. That might be what it feels like, but underneath that feeling, there’s an unconscious decision-making process going on which drives us to act a certain way in certain situations.

Whether you procrastinate occasionally, or do it hardcore, this course is for you.

Around 20% of the population admits to be a chronical procrastinator. 20%. That’s one out of every five individuals. And if you’re reading this, chances are you are one of them.And me, I was one too. I know everything about the guilt and the shame, the hours ticking away doing something completely different than what I was supposed to do... until a couple of years ago, I was really sabotaging myself. I was hating myself for it, but it seemed stronger than myself.

But today, I'm not a procrastinator anymore. What happened? To find out, you’ll have to enroll in this course. 

I’ll share everything with you: my journey, my research, my findings: Everything, from surprising insights to over a dozen highly effective strategies to tackle procrastination. We’ll even cover the upside of procrastination. oh yes, there is one. I’ll show you how you can even use procrastination to your advantage.

The Science behind the course...

Don't be fooled by the light tone in this fun and engaging course. It is based on the latest scientific findings in habits, self-control, willpower and temptation.

To understand procrastination, we have to understand where it comes from, understand our behavior. Why we do the things we do the way we do them.
The psychological model used to dive into our subconscious drivers is the result of a cross-disciplinary synthesis ranging from neuroscience over cognitive psychology to behaviorism.

I’m a strong advocate of uncovering the unconscious drivers behind our behavior. We like to see ourselves as rational beings, but we’re not. We’re most definitely not. Don’t get me wrong, we are capable or rational thought, but that doesn’t make us rational beings. No, we are social beings, emotional beings, contextual beings, even instinctive beings, long before we could consider ourselves rational beings.

My personal experience

Now what I would like to share with you, is this course about procrastination. As far as I remember, and even before that, I’ve been procrastinating. So you can say I'm a subject-matter-expert. However, today, I've managed to overcome that nasty habit, and I wanted to share my experience and journey with you. This course has been specially designed to appeal to procrastinators, as it is light and fun. The insights are surprising and counter-intuitive, based on break-through research from these past few years. And most importantly, the strategies to beat procrastination do work, as I have extensively used them myself.

I'm really excited to have you here, and hope you'll enjoy this course as much as I did creating it.

See you inside,


Motivation: The Science of Motivating Yourself and Your Team

Motivation Mastery for Every Team Leader and Entrepreneur - The Critical Leadership Skill

Created by Lawrence M. Miller, Institute for Leadership Excellence - Best Selling Instructor, Author & Leadership Coach


Students: 7827, Price: $94.99

Students: 7827, Price:  Paid

Your success is your ability to motivate and develop your team and team members. If they perform, you perform. This course will provide those skills that are critical to your success.   

Motivation is not a speech or pep talk! It is the skill of creating a worthy purpose, an effective team environment, designing work for intrinsic motivation, and using positive reinforcement in an effective way. This course will enable you to develop a system of sustained motivation for yourself and your team.   

I have authored eleven books and the key to getting books published is simply the self-discipline to sit yourself down and write! I have been CEO of two companies and consulted with more than one hundred major corporations on improving human performance. In this course I have distilled the science of human behavior down to the essential practical lessons that every entrepreneur and manager must know and practice to succeed. 

     The topics covered in the course include the following: 

  • Sources of Motivation

  • Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

  • Optimizing Social Reinforcement

  • Developing a System of Motivation

  • The ABC Model of Managing Behavior

  • Using Reinforcement Schedules

  • Is it a “Can’t Do” or a “Won’t Do?”

  • Managing Yourself. The Biggest Challenge!

What students are saying about this course:

  • "I love the detailed yet simple approach this course takes." Nikhil Shah 

  • "Excellent content, actionable and well delivered!" David Davis

  • "Wow Great Course! Easy to understand with true life experience suggestions." Carolyn Swanson

The 7-Step Surefire System for Goal Setting and Achievement

Proven Goal Setting System for Life, Career and Short Term Goals - Stop Procrastinating and Achieve Your Goals Faster

Created by Ken Wells - Best-Selling Instructor 74,140+ Students in 182 Countries


Students: 7799, Price: $89.99

Students: 7799, Price:  Paid

Goal setting is usually something that's done wrong.  It's one thing to set goals, it's another thing entirely, to actually achieve them.

How many times have you used goal setting techniques only to lose motivation or never even get started?

Because, at the end of the day, we don't care about goal setting techniques, we care about actually accomplishing our goals.

So, in this program you will learn a simple system, that will allow you to effectively plan and achieve your goals.

"This course is all about action. I like it very much. It's straight the point and you immediately start taking action, with just the right amount of detail. Efficient, lean courses are generally what I prefer. This course delivered as promised."

-Richard Moritz

"I've used SMART goals for years - but Ken adds some bits and pieces to the concept that are interesting and useful. I plan to apply his style during my next goal review."

-Sean Shaughnessey

"Awesome course!!!"

-Sachitra Liyanage


Are you truly ready to take charge of your life and achieve your real goals faster than you ever thought was possible?

If so, you may have heard of setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals…

It's essentially a proven system for goal setting that really helps you to correctly planclarify and build motivation for your goalsmaking them much more real to you.

The thing is, even though it’s a great method that really works, there are some gaping holes in that system…

It leaves out a few key areas that, if missed, can lead to self-sabotageloss of motivation and also to "winning the battle but losing the war".

Simply put, it can lead to excelling in one area...but failing miserably in many others.

So, in this class, you will learn how to create S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals that not only make full use of the benefits of the original, proven system but also fill those gaping holes.

The end result being a much more complete, motivating and realistic vision of your goals and how to achieve them, without setting yourself up for failure down the road.

You will also receive a A Powerful Guided Meditation for Achieving Your Goals, that will allow you to Tap into the Power of Your Subconscious Mind, to Help You get and Stay Motivated and Enjoy the process of achieving Your Goals More.

It's a great addition to your morning routine or daily success regimen.

What else will I learn?

  • How to Avoid Sabotaging All Your Hard Work
  • How to Find Your "Why" and Create Momentum to Reach Your Goals
  • How to "Reverse Engineer" Your Way to Success
  • How to Beat Procrastination and Build Motivation to Achieve Your Goals
  • How to Keep Your Goals Relevant over Time
  • The Key to On-Going Goal Achievement

So, go ahead and enroll now, so you can stop settling and start living the life you know you deserve today!

High IQ Course: The Science of Being Smart

Learn how IQ is measured and how you can increase your IQ score by using your brain's Neuroplasticity

Created by Chris M Nemo - Creator of The Super Clever Advanced Learning Method (SCALM)


Students: 7596, Price: $94.99

Students: 7596, Price:  Paid

*** Welcome to the High IQ Course -The Science of Being Smart ! ***


You may be asking yourself: why you should take a course about IQ when you can just Google it and you will find a lot of information about this common notion?

The truth is that there is always some mystery involved when it comes to IQ, and especially your own IQ. There is always a secret hope that the IQ test will show you that you are a genius, accompanied by a fear that you will score lower than anyone in history .

And, to be honest, very few people actually know their accurate IQ or how a real standardized IQ test looks like.

The aim of this course is to present a commonsense approach to what IQ is and what it is not - and to the nature of IQ tests.


Even more important, psychologists have demonstrated that IQ scores can change over time. So, if IQ score can be increased, how can you increase yours? In the next lessons, you will find actionable, easy-to-apply concepts and activities that can be used immediately to increase your brain power and improve your IQ score.


How about the High IQ and Ultra High IQ societies? Have you ever heard of Mensa, Triple Nine or Mega Society? In this course you will find a lot of interesting information and how you can qualify for these exclusive organizations.


 Finally, you will learn about the mind-boosting effects of Nootropics and you will find a lot of answers to all your questions you might have regarding the smart drugs.

 This course will take you on a journey of self-discovery, showing how your intelligence works, how to develop its full potential, and how to use it effectively in daily life.


I'm sure you will enjoy it and I can't wait to be your guide on this exciting new journey!

Your Instructor,

Chris M Nemo


All published lectures have been captioned. The subtitles of this course, automatically generated by the  Udemy platform, have been corrected by the instructor so that they can  be used by the students.

Greater Performance Through Mental Imagery and Self-Talk

Mental Imagery and Self-talk

Created by George Hanshaw - Human Performance Expert


Students: 6036, Price: $19.99

Students: 6036, Price:  Paid

We have all heard some form of the saying, "sports are 80% mental and 20% physical".  Let's purposefully engage the 80% and make measurable performance gains.  In this course you will create and apply mental imagery and self-talk techniques for the purpose of gaining greater performance in the skill of your choosing.  Mental imagery and self-talk can give you quick results and when practiced over a longer period of time mental imagery and self-talk can also help with focus, clarity, your ability to overcome mistakes and programming of specific actions when under high amounts of pressure or stress.  In other words what you see in your mind and tell yourself matters when it comes to performing.  Throughout this course you will use the workbook I designed to help you shape your mental movie and script to attain performance gains.

Increase Motivation with Hypnosis Programming

Easily increase Motivation with hypnosis by programming your mind to boost feelings of motivation you can test

Created by Alan Kirwan - Change Your Mind Instantly with Hypnosis Change Your Life


Students: 5940, Price: $34.99

Students: 5940, Price:  Paid

Hypnosis for increased motivation Guided Hypnosis Program has bee created to simulate a private hypnosis session 

Hypnosis will help you Learn how to feel more excited about creating success in your life or business. Then this is the course for you by using the power of your subconscious mind and natures gift of hypnosis to change your attitude towards how motivated you feel about creating and working for to be successful.

Because when you use hypnosis to reprogram your attitude to feel more excited about being successful you will be happy to motivate yourself to do the work to create that success where ever you want it to be.

 In this course I will teach you

Hypnosis for increased motivation Guided Hypnosis Program 

 I will teach you

1. You will begin by creating an image in your mind of what you want so that you will know where you are going and what you want to be successful at.

2. How hypnosis will work for you

3. learn how your mind and body work together with some fun but important lessons that will improve the results of this hypnotherapy session.

4. Learn how you naturally resist changes even changes that can be very good for you

5. Learn just how powerful words can be and their effect on you physically even if they are only self talk.

6. Learn who can and cannot be hypnotized

7. Learn how you can feel amazing any time you want to

8. Hypnosis Course bonus section

Assertiveness Hypnosis

How to use and apply EFT in the bonus section an amazingly powerful technique that can eliminate any limiting bad feelings

Help! What’s Happening To Me?

Learning how to make sense of your life when nothing make sense anymore.

Created by Paul Fryatt - Life Development Enthusiast..


Students: 5900, Price: Free

Students: 5900, Price:  Free

The course covers different methods anyone can use to bring more helpful thoughts to their mind especially when you don't understand even yourself because of problems you may be facing.

The sections include: Do not disturb, Be true to yourself, If you're confused - you're not alone, Dressing for your future.

If any student is looking for a different and more easy way to get through periods in their life that they normally struggle with, then take a look it may help you.

Entrepreneurship: Turn Fear into Success for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs guide to turning fear into success in life business and much more

Created by Sergey Kasimov - - eCommerce - eBay & Etsy Trainer - Home Business -


Students: 5753, Price: $24.99

Students: 5753, Price:  Paid

Entrepreneurship: Turn Fear into Success for Entrepreneurs

Year 2020 could be known as the year of Fear! So much has changed and happened in a year.
My question to you is: are you going to let fear keep you from achieving success? In business, just like in life, fear, or the feeling of fear, can hold us back from becoming successful.

The world is in very strange place. The pandemic economic crash found many without jobs and forced to work online. For many people, now is a great time to start a side hustle. One of the most profitable avenues? E-commerce. But to get started a lot of people have to get over something known as fear. You don't have to be a Fortune 500 company to be successful.

Turn Fear to Opportunity: Conquer your Fears for Entrepreneurs this is the class if you want to win and conquest and slay the demon that is holding you back so you can embrace the opportunity given by doing what you fear and facing it head on. This class gives you all the tools you need to get it done what are you waiting for? The best opportunity and doors for you open up on the other side of fear.

In this course where I team up with clarity Coach Rachel together we will teach how to take fear and turn it into success. Rachel travels the world as a digital nomad taking fear head on while I have taken numerous businesses as challenges as an entrepreneur.

In this course you will learn...

  • How to turn fear to success

  • Tools & Techniques to beat fear

  • 10 Places to start online business

  • Be limitless, fearless and successful

  • Take risks and try new opportunities

Taking this class will help you take on fear and learn how to turn it into growth. Are you scared of starting a business because you fear failure? Are you thinking you wont be successful? If the answer is 'YES',  simply join this course. We are here to help you succeed in your journey.

Becoming a Mentor – Helping others grow and succeed

Learn coaching and communication skills that will make you a great mentor

Created by Hire Bright - Coach


Students: 5422, Price: $59.99

Students: 5422, Price:  Paid

In this course you will learn what is needed to become a great mentor and help others grow and succeed. We will cover the skills and attitudes, as well as a methodology that will give you the tools to become a great mentor.

You can become a mentor independently with your current knowledge and professional experience. Mentoring skills can be used by everyone in many situations. This is not about a status or a specific hierarchy level, neither do you need to have a Master or a PHD. This course requires no prerequisites what so ever.

Mentoring essentially, is guiding someone on a specific skill or subject. It’s about personal development and growth, it’s about dealing with situations, be it at work, or in any other type of organization. However, more than anything, mentoring is about communicating in an inspiring way.

This course is built for everyone, individuals who are part of a larger organization that offers a mentoring program, and as well individuals who are not part of any organization, but want to deepen their mentoring skills.

By the end of this course you will be able to properly prepare and handle mentoring sessions and you will also significantly improve your communication skills.

Success Crash Course: How to Become Successful

Understand the psychology of success. Learn the principle of success. Implement this knowledge into your life and grow.

Created by Frank Valentine - BalanceCharm - Psychology of Success


Students: 5328, Price: $19.99

Students: 5328, Price:  Paid

Success Crash Course: How to Become Successful

Understand the psychology of success. Learn the principle of success. Implement this knowledge into your life and grow.

We all want to be successful. But have you ever asked yourself a question: what is success?

Does being successful mean being rich? Does it mean being healthy? Does it mean being overall happy? Does success mean being in a healthy relationship?

See we all want to be successful, but we rarely try to understand success. And think about it, how can you become something you do not understand?

In this crash course, I will help you understand the psychology of success. Together, we will define success.

Also, my goal here is to show you that you can achieve success. Whatever your current situation may be, whoever and wherever you are, you can be successful!

And after you are done with the above, I will give you the Principles of Success.

Here is the thing, we all have our own journeys ahead of us. Some of us know the map by heart and some of us are still in the process of developing that map. But at the end of the day, we all have to take steps in order to successfully complete these journeys, to grow and prosper. And of course, there are a lot of things that can sway us off our paths, just like there are a lot of things that can prevent us from moving forward. This is where the Principles of Success come into play.

Principles of Success will help you stay on this journey towards success.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to start?

How to Be an Epic Failure

Tips and Tricks for Conquering Your Fears and Stumbling to Success

Created by Dawn Smith-Camacho - Speaker, Coach, and Master Imperfectionist


Students: 4990, Price: $19.99

Students: 4990, Price:  Paid

Do you spend so much time worrying what might happen if you don't have the skills, motivation, energy, resources, finances, or knowledge to reach your true dreams, that there's no time left to actually do it? Do you feel like everyone will ask, "Who do you think you are?" or "What the heck do you think you're doing?" if you finally pursue what you've always wanted to do? Are you your own worst enemy when it comes to success? 

Learn how failing epically can actually help you overcome fears, beat procrastination, set realistic goals, and make real advancement in the direction of your boldest ambitions.

When did we start thinking that messing up, making a fool of ourselves, and falling down were signs that we’re on the wrong path? In this brief course, you'll acquire concrete steps for breaking old patterns, pushing your boundaries, and finding what works for you. Dawn will share why failure should be a part of every success story, how to create an effective failure plan and hold yourself to it, and specific stories and strategies to inspire you to stay the course.

Activate Personal Success with Self-Hypnosis Brain Training

Overcome bad habits and uncover your success blueprint. Includes 2 "hypno-acceleration" sessions by Dr. Patrick Porter.

Created by Dan Safkow - I consider myself the MindMastery "Master Student"!


Students: 4612, Price: $29.99

Students: 4612, Price:  Paid

Are you a lifelong student of personal development of transformation?

Do you need help with motivation, stress management, mindset, or productivity?

If you said "yes" to any of those, a MindMastery course is right for you.

Specifically, students who take our Activate Personal Success  course experience these roadblocks:

  • Fear and self-doubt.

  • A lack of personal confidence and decisiveness.

  • Struggle with focus and planning.

Our students report these benefits from the MindMastery experience:

  • Better goal-setting and productivity.

  • Discovery of an internal success blueprint.

  • Better access to the vast resources inside of each of us.

How does it work?

This "Activating Your Personal Success" MindMastery course will guide you through a transformation process to end procrastination and redirect your energy into usable motivation in 4 easy steps.

  1. Begin the positive change process by watching Dr. Porter’s wisdom/motivation lectures.

  2. Relax and immerse yourself in the hypo-acceleration, creative visualization sessions that address your self-doubt and create new thought patterns.

  3. Commit to the content and further the reprogramming of your mind by completing each session’s simple action plan for success.

  4. Revisit and repeat whenever you need a refresh/reminder or to discover new learnings within the content. You have lifetime access to the downloadable informational and hypnosis sessions for your continued personal development!

About the course designer, Dr. Patrick Porter

Dr. Patrick Porter is an award-winning author, inventor, speaker, and Quantum University faculty member. He has devoted his professional career to developing successful neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), meditation, visualization, and hypnosis methods that empower people and is a highly sought-after expert within the personal development industry. He created the MindMastery series to help people like you focus on, visualize, and create the life you desire. He is also the creator of BrainTap Technology™, which uses creative visualization and relaxation to help people overcome stress and insomnia, lose weight, stop smoking, manage pain, accelerate learning, and much more. Patrick’s mission is to better 1-billion brains!

About the "master student", Dan Safkow

Dan is a life-long learner, mental wellness advocate, and the "guide on the inside" of the MindMastery sessions. After experiencing the benefits of Dr. Porter's recordings and technology for himself, he partnered with Dr. Porter to support his mission as the course developer and co-host.

Smart Goal Setting: How to Create The Future You Want Today

Goal Setting & My "Unique" Daily Planner will set you on the path to success and cause you to become a Super Achiever!

Created by Boomy Tokan - Startup Consultant.


Students: 4152, Price: $94.99

Students: 4152, Price:  Paid

Great Course - The course contains lot of tools and techniques which will definitely drives towards setting of goal which is single most virtue for successful living. thanks... - Anusha (Student)

It leads you somewhere...Most people just act for the sake of it. That's wrong. If you don't know where you are going, you won't be able to walk that way. Once you know where you're going you can put all of the necessary effort needed into achieving that goal and THIS COURSE is your perfect companion to do so. Trust Boomy to lead the way and you'll find your own in a heartbeat.- Max (student)

****Updated For 2015****

Join Over 3800 Students!

Have you ever wondered how ordinary people achieve extraordinary results?

Can you also join the elite 3% of the society that go from one level of accomplishment to another? Do you think success is only for some people? Can you imagine living the life you really want? The good news is that you can create the future you want by starting today. There are some simple rules to follow that will set you on the pathway to the success destination you desire for your life!

I have revealed what you need to do in a few easy to follow steps within this Goal Setting and Daily Planning Course!

I have structured the course in 3 parts

  • Part 1 – Details important elements about goal setting with examples
  • Part 2 – Introduces my “Unique" daily planner template
  • Part 3 – Pulls the parts together with the Unique Template to action your goals

It you want to achieve the success you have always dreamed about; have a better life for you and your family, wake up and be excited every morning because you love what you do and if you want a purposeful life; then this course is for you!

In this easy to follow step by step guide I have also included my unique daily planner that will revolutionise your goal setting efforts and turbo charge your desire to succeed.

You know there are no short cuts in this course neither is it for those looking for the get rich quick schemes.

What I am teaching you are proven techniques that have worked for success achievers from all works of life and I know will work for you if you take action!

Highlight include:

  1. How to write and achieve your life goals
  2. How Goal Setting really works
  3. The secrets to successful goal setting
  4. Goal setting techniques
  5. What can hinder you from actualizing your goals Using a daily template

It is time to get on the right path to change your future forever by enrolling on this life-transforming course – now!. This course comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee so you start on the winning side from the moment you enroll.

Benefits of this course include:

  • Increasing your financial base
  • Creating the future you want
  • Enjoying an extremely productive & purposeful life
  • You will become much more fulfilled
  • Becoming an all-round super achiever

Al future update and additions are also free to you. Future price increases will not affect you either.

So why delay another minute, why postpone the future you desire. – Enroll Now!

This course comes Life Time access Plus a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Building Personal Resilience

An 8-week training session on personal resilience

Created by Jonathan Anderson - Student, Teacher, Healthcare Quality Improver


Students: 4128, Price: Free

Students: 4128, Price:  Free

This is a course developed for a PhD dissertation study, in which participants have been recruited for the study specifically because they are currently enrolled in a weight management course. The study is designed to understand how and if an online, on-demand, asynchronous resiliency training can have an impact on the participants.

The Productivity Lifestyle: Motivation, Focus and Success

Become the most productive person you can be with this proven method for every type of work. Achieve your goals ASAP!

Created by Nic Patino - Self-Expansion Coach


Students: 3631, Price: $99.99

Students: 3631, Price:  Paid

Spark fiery motivation, reclaim your focus and experience the refreshing sensation of success.

In this course you'll learn the skills for creating a happier and more fulfilling life through a comprhensive set of proven Mindset Development & Lifestyle Management skills that will last a lifetime.

What separates this course from the rest?

It's the "back to basics" approach that explores the most fundamental obstacles limiting your productivity and teaches you how to shift your mindset, cultivate the right environment, and integrate strong habits that make success effortless.

If you're looking for skills that build success & momentum, and make success a daily occurrence, this is the course for you!

Get ready to feel the effects of your effort and watch yourself get more done faster and better, leaving you with more time to enjoy life!

You could keep trying time-management hacks that shave a few seconds off your workday...

or you can take back control, update your mindset & redesign your life to BE SUCCESSFUL TODAY.

The Power of Motivation – Shape and Control Your Destiny

Positivity. Climb the career ladder. Confidence. Boost your self-esteem. Become fearless. Overcome procrastination.

Created by Dr. Roy Naraine - Medical Doctor, Coach, Award Winning Udemy Instructor


Students: 3431, Price: $89.99

Students: 3431, Price:  Paid

  • This course is written and presented by a medical doctor with 20 years' experience in self-improvement training, coaching and counseling.

  • It has been recorded and produced on a studio quality level.

  • By enrolling in this course, you will get a lifetime access to the current content, as well as, BONUS MATERIAL

  • No risk involved! Watch our PREVIEW VIDEOS

  • Over 70,000 happy students enrolled in our courses!

  • Over 5500 TOP reviews!

Motivation, according to the Cambridge dictionary, is the enthusiasm, need or reason for doing something. I would personally prefer to call it the burning desire to achieve a specific and well defined goal.

It is the eagerness and passion that governs and manages your behavior and defines the path along which you will move. Motivation is something that triggers you into action and allows you to follow through when obstacles appear.

It is the endurance to keep moving ahead in spite of difficult times and difficult circumstances. It is the drive to stick to your plan even when all odds are against you.

Motivation is the vigor and perseverance that pushes you to FULFILL YOUR DREAMS. Our brain is in a permanent state of need for pleasure. If you are able to filter the thoughts that you send to your brain, you are on your way to controlling how the brain reacts in different situations.

Once the brain detects possibilities to acquire pleasure, it will jump into action to satisfy its needs. At the same time, however, the brain has the natural tendency to avoid painful and unpleasant situations.

Learn to feed your mind continuously with empowering thoughts. Fuel your mind with thoughts that are related to happiness, contentment and pleasure and the brain will strive towards its achievement.

Use your Power of Motivation to:

  • Become fearless

  • Emanate Confidence

  • Climb the career ladder

  • Define your goals

  • Become more energetic

  • Fuel your brain with positivity

  • Become hungry for success

  • Increase your self-confidence

  • Boost your self-esteem

  • Conquer obstacles

  • Overcome procrastination

  • Take control of your thoughts

Discipline and The Psychology of Success

How To Become Limitless

Created by Dr. Sarah Zaldivar - Faculty at Miami Dade College, DeVry University, ACSM


Students: 3286, Price: $19.99

Students: 3286, Price:  Paid

Do you have a dream, a project, or something that you would LOVE to accomplish in your life, but you feel that you keep hitting a wall every time you gain some momentum?

Do you feel you keep sabotaging yourself whenever you make a breakthrough? Well, join the club. I was exactly where you might be right now, and I finally "get it" now. I understand that it has always been myself stopping myself.

In this course, I want to distill all the tools (they're not that many!) I gathered from the countless podcasts, books, and research I did to shorten the time it takes you from the patterns you have created in your mind to being limitless.

There's no-one stopping you except your limiting beliefs that you accepted from the people around you or the media messages you received or even articles you've read.

You are far more powerful than you ever thought possible, and in this course, I share with you how I learned that truth so you can be just as limitless as I am.

Are you skeptical? Then you probably need this course more than other people as you probably have more limiting beliefs that you need to work on. Do you have the courage to take this course? If so, I hope to see you on the inside :)


Master Your Mind | Master The Power Of Subconscious Mind

Learn how to master the power of subconscious mind. The are traits that can be developed over time with serious practice

Created by Zoolord Academy - 100,000+ Happy Students


Students: 3262, Price: $19.99

Students: 3262, Price:  Paid

There’s no such thing as a life that involves just an unlimited number of rainbows, and smiles, and lollipops. We live in reality, and there is always room for improvement.

Most of people are living far below their potential. They know they are capable of so much more. They know that they have the raw ingredients for great success and accomplishment in this life.

Still, for whatever reason often self-inflicted, they fail to live up to their fullest potential.

The key is to use the hidden power of your subconscious mind and take control of your life.

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to achieve the things that you desire in life? You try everything out there, and nothing seems to really work.

Yet, the funny thing is, some people just seems to be able to achieve what they want in life, one after the other. And what's unfair is that they make it look so easy.

As compared to you, you are still where you are today, still wondering why you just can't be like them and keep achieving the things you want in life.

The secret is in your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind can do 2 things only:

  • It can either work to help you achieve your goals and dreams...

  • Or it will work against you and keep giving you these excuses that stops you dead in your path towards achieving your dreams.

This video course will help you understand the secret, and apply it in your life, you will have absolute confidence to achieve literally anything that you want in life.

The course contains proven and time-tested tools and strategies that you can use immediately to achieve anything that you want out of life!

Discipline and willpower are not something that anyone is born with. They are traits that can be developed over time with practice.

This video course can teach you how to overcome your fears and really rise to the heights of personal mastery over the mind.

It is a synthesis of a variety of different techniques and methods with all of the excess removed.

You can create the life of your dreams and master your subconscious with these proven techniques for personal mastery.

Motivation 10X – The Complete Guide To Get Ultra Motivation

Motivation SECRETS - Discover The 7-Step System To Skyrocket Your Motivation And Become A Top Performer

Created by Silviu Marisk - Effective Learning Lab - Online Instructor Teaching 17 Courses and 124,000+ Students


Students: 2757, Price: $99.99

Students: 2757, Price:  Paid

Motivation 10X - The #1 Motivation Mastery Course on Udemy with over 62 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ratings and 2,661+ students!


Simple Strategies for UNSTOPPABLE Motivation Revealed!  

This Course is Designed For YOU! 10x Ultra Motivation will be your daily guide to redefine yourself, achieve more balance in your life and take massive action.  

This is a revolutionary Ultra Motivation Self-Study course. It has been created to inspire, encourage and most importantly, EQUIP you with all essential tools, tips and strategies. This will help you move from a place of potential to optimal performance in your personal, academic and professional life.

Quick Overview of What You Will Learn

1. Ultimate Motivation Techniques: How to Motivate Yourself

  • 3 Secret Techniques To Increase Motivation 

  • What Is The First Thing To Do When You’ve Lost Your Motivation

  • The Positive Effect Of Gratification

  • The Simple Trick To Overcome Distractions

  • 7 Tips To Just Get Started With Studying

  • The Main Reasons Students Are Not Very Enthusiastic About Studying And What To Do About This

  • What Music Should You Listen To Immediately Energize Your Whole Body?

  • How To Beat Procrastination And Distraction

2. Find Out The Truth About Motivation 

  • Why Trying To "Get Motivated" Is A Wild Goose Chase

  • Why “Watching Motivational Videos” Or “Reading Inspirational Quotes” Will Not Help You Getting More Motivated

  • Why You Shouldn't Rely On "Motivation" To Get Things Done

  • What Are The 3 Components Of Motivation

  • What Is The Difference Between External And Internal Motivation

  • The Surprising Insight Researchers Have Discovered About The Psychology Of Human Motivation 

3. How To Overcome Negative Emotions

  • 4 Hacks To Overcome Fear Of Failure

  • 4 Steps To Take Charge Of Your Life

  • Why Subtle Stress Is Actually Good For Taking Action

  • 6 Tips To Reduce Stress

  • 5 Steps To Overcome Procrastination

  • 4 Strategies To Elevate Your Interest In Life

  • 6 Steps To A More Confident YOU

4. How to unleash your true potential

  • The Essential Questions To Ask If You Want To Understand Who You Are And What You Want To Become

  • What You Need To Do For Any Real Change To Take Place

  • 5 Steps To Master Your Emotions

  • How To Find Out If You Ask The Good Questions That Can Empower You

  • The Two Essential Questions To Filter The Noise Around You

  • One Of The Things That You Can Do To Accelerate The Pace Of Your Improvement

  • 3 tips To Create Your Own Path To Success

  • The First Step To Personal Discovery

  • Why Your Reality Is Shaped By The Meanings You Attach To It

  • One Of The Things That Can Set You Apart From Everyone Else

The knowledge you get from this course will improve your productivity, work efficiently and effectively in any job, profession and venture you choose to be. 


10x Ultra Motivation - Get the Results you need!

  • Achieve quicker the results that you want.

  • Be more productive and committed.

  • Move specific ideas/projects ahead quicker and easier.

  • Strengthen your focus.

  • Take focused action and achieve breakthrough results.

  • Get focused on what's most important to you.

  • Define your priorities and take action aligned with these.

  • Learn more effectively


Here is what you'll get when you Join this Course:

1. Complete tested and proven blueprint on improving your motivational skills and perform better.

2. Unlimited support from me PERSONALLY. You can ask million questions and I will answer till you get the answer.

3. Support and help from other members in the group.

4. All the tools required to help you achieve your learning goals.

And Here's A Little Something Extra For You…

I am confident you will be able to increase dramatically your motivation power after going through this course if you follow each of the techniques & strategies I created for you.

You have a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee with no questions asked so you have nothing to lose. I make myself available so you will have access to me if you have questions or need feedback along the way. You're not in this alone!


Guarantee #1: QUALITY

You'll notice the highest level of quality in every aspect of this program, from the detailed and structured way each technique and lesson is delivered, to the highly personalized attention, right down to the audio clarity of the call. I pride myself on bringing you the best product I possibly can, but if you're unsatisfied for any reason, you can ask for a refund within the first 30 days from joining the program.

Guarantee #2: POWER RESULTS

10x Power Focus Program has helped thousands of people from all walks of life dramatically improve their learning abilities by reshaping their habits and thus their realities. You too can get such results. Once you understand the strategies revealed in this course – you'll be able to move from a place of potential to optimal performance in your personal, academic and professional life.

Guarantee #3: HAPPINESS

With the new heightened sense of awareness and understanding of yourself you will experience real impact in all facets of your life. If you don't think that's the case, simply contact Udemy within 30 days for a full refund. There's nothing to return, and no effort required at all The choice is always yours.


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Motivation and Employee Engagement, a Comprehensive Guide !

Comprehensive Insights, Lessons, Strategies; from the Research and Theories, on Human Motivation and Employee Engagement

Created by Sivakami S ; MBA ; Ph.D (ongoing) - Experienced Business Leader, Academic, and Research Scholar


Students: 2724, Price: $89.99

Students: 2724, Price:  Paid

Motivated and Engaged Employees are everyone's dream come true! Happier and more productive employees, less absenteeism and turnover, better performance ... it is almost a panacea for most, if not all, the ills that Corporations and Institutions face.

And yet, it has never been easy to figure out sustainable ways to do so. There are some tenets of ancient wisdom, which have been practiced for centuries, but without really any long term improvement in employee motivation or  engagement.

This Course will take you you into the depths of Motivation Theories, the research behind them, and what their findings and lessons are! It also delves into evolution and history of Human Motivation, to provide a context to understand its complexities; and what works, and what does not, under different circumstances.

Some Images and Videos courtesy Pixabay, Pexels, Pressfoto and FreePik. Some Music snippets courtesy Bensound.