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Be 100% GST Compliant With Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Configure Goods & Services Tax (GST) In Microsoft Dynamics NAV And Be 100% Compliant With GST Power Compliance Dashboard

Created by Online CRM Training (3E Consulting Private Limited) - The Best &Most Affordable Microsoft Dynamics Training Online


Students: 5803, Price: Free

Goods & Services Tax (GST) has changed the way how we Indians pay Taxes and it's a must have knowledge for every business owner to be GST Compliant!

So, let me ask you a question.

Are You a Business Owner running Microsoft Dynamics NAV for managing your Business?

And are you looking the easy way to get 100% Compliance with GST (Goods & Services Tax)?

If you have answered YES, then I invite you to attend this course where you will learn basics of GST (enough to talk the GST Language), how to implement GST in Dynamics NAV and finally how to achieve 100% Compliance every month with GST Power Dashboard!

In this self-paced course, you will learn:

  1. The Basics of GST (Goods & Services Tax)
  2. Learn about different components of GST
  3. Case Study / Scenario to help you understand GST better
  4. Configure & Setup GST in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (supported versions)
  5. Configure NAV Masters with GST Related Setup
  6. Run Order To Cash (OTC) with GST inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  7. Run Procure To Pay (PTP) with GST inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  8. Run Inventory Transactions with GST inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  9. Generate The Reports (GSTR1 & GSTR2)
  10. Use the GST Power Dashboard to be 100% Compliant so you don't miss any Deadline
  11. Information required to file your returns (highly recommended Suvidha Provider)
  12. Request Your GST Power Dashboard

If you are using Dynamics NAV for your business, then it's a MUST HAVE training course where you will learn all the insights about GST and we have also recommended the best solutions for you to be 100% GST compliant every month.

So, don't waste any time, and just sign up for the course!

To Your Success, 

Abhay Sharma (Co-Founder 3E Consulting Pvt. Ltd.)

* - this course is not endorsed by and not associated with Govt. of India. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the information in this course. However, we cannot guarantee your results as there are a lot of factors dependent on an individual nor are we responsible for any of your actions.

How To Create a Budget Using Microsoft Excel

The Budget is the Most Important Tool In Your Personal Finance Arsenal

Created by Eric Harris - It's All Relative!!


Students: 5580, Price: Free

Would you travel across the country without a road map? Of course not!! So why do you go through life without a map for your finances. This course will equip you with the first tool that you need to master your personal finances: your personal budget. I will walk you through, step-by-step, how to create the four sections that I include in my personal budget while sharing with you the purpose for each section. If you have never used excel before, no worries. I will teach you how to format cells and create math formulas. With this budget in hand you will have the foundation to make significant improvements in your personal finances.

Personal Finance, What they dont teach you in school!

Learn what they dont teach you in school! Master your finances!

Created by Carlos Garcia - CEO of GAR Capital


Students: 4487, Price: Free

We break it down top to bottom: From understanding finances and spending! to budgeting, to managing and eliminating debt, retirement, investing, passive income and wealth building! Step by step from the basics to the advanced levels of building wealth! So sit back , relax, takes some notes and enjoy this journey into the world of personal finance! Continue into the mastery of yourself and your finances! Let's rock! 

FREE COURSE: Changing your spending habits to SAVE YOU MONEY

Saving, investing, and spending. Keeping track and accounting for your personal finances.

Created by Forge Productions - Creating clear, concise video lessons for the masses


Students: 4081, Price: Free

In this FREE personal finance course, you'll use basic math to realize exactly how much money your spending habits are costing you. Knowing this number is the first step in creating healthier habits.

Each lesson in this course comes with its own custom spreadsheet for you to plug in your own personal numbers to see how much money you can save by modifying a few simple habits.


-Discover exactly how much you spend by driving one mile or kilometre.

-Hack the system by avoiding local sales tax

-Realize that a 2% savings account is actually more dangerous than the stock market

-Learn how much money you're spending on coffee every year

-See how much money you can save by selling your car tomorrow

-Find out how much money you save by making cocktails at home

-Discover how much money you spend on haircuts every year

-Build your own home gym to save thousands of dollars.

-Purchase your own washer / dryer to save you money

Budgeting Basics: Zero-Based Budgeting for your Family

Learn from a published author, blogger, and family man. 2000+ students have completed this course!

Created by Nick French - Personal Finance Writer


Students: 2371, Price: Free

With thousands of students and 4.5 stars. This course has been a game-changer for many.

Zero-based budgeting is a term commonly used in business. You may have heard of the every dollar budget as made famous by Dave Ramsey. We want to ensure that every dollar of income generated by your household has a purpose. That may be saving, investing, bills, or groceries. By fully understanding our inflows and outflows of household cash we can make more intentional decisions with our money.

Too many Americans are living beyond their means. We want to live below our means so that we have a surplus of cash to save and invest. This is how wealth is built and how we can achieve financial independence. The more you earn, the more you reduce your budget, and the more efficient you are, the faster you can achieve financial independence.

What's the alternative? Staying in debt? Losing your credit score, your car, or even worse, your house?

Households generate income, have expenses, and provide value to society. The highest performing businesses are those that generate significant cash flow. A zero-based budget is a proven way to improve efficiency and generate free cash flow in your household. This cash flow is what we use to pay down debt, save for emergencies, and invest in our long-term goals.

Personal Finance : A Key to Survival

Understand the Essentials of Personal Finance and learn how exactly to apply these principals to your own life

Created by Shivam Shah - High School Personal Finance Expert


Students: 1559, Price: Free

Learn everything you need to know to be financially successful today!

In this course I will show you how to avoid debt and bankruptcies and maximize your savings. I will also show you how you can take advantage of the financial system to build credit, save money and spend wisely.

I will thoroughly explain how banks and bank accounts work as well as how credit cards work so you know how to choose your perfect credit card and banks accounts that can save you the most money. Learn how to budget, save and how the credit score directly impact you. Not only does this course have a real- life personal finance application section but it teaches you skills that can be applied to any facet of life! Not only this, but you will learn about the future of banking and currency as well- a topic that is often neglected!

I will also supply you with several articles and videos to make sure that you understand the concept better. In addition, again for FREE, I will be updating and adding new resources to make sure that you succeed! Moreover, get lifetime membership to a member only private Facebook group where you can discuss content and/or ask any other questions that you have! I am always here for you if you get stuck or have a question- please feel free to ask any question that you might have! Moreover, I made this course FREE just for you, in order to spread free access to uncommon personal finance knowledge.

Take this course now and learn from the 4+ years of experience that I have with personal finance. Take a look at the insides of the banking and finance industry to understand how YOU can plan your finances. Avoid the mistakes that 27% of the American population makes that puts them into debt!

This course is for anyone- from middle school to adults! All you need to succeed is an open mind!

Can’t wait to see you inside!


What Happens if I cant Pay My Home Loan-FREE

How to get assistance now

Created by Shelly Cofini - Strategist, Speaker and Coach


Students: 1187, Price: Free

Navigating through the noise of the media, regulators, government programs, social media, friends and family and the latest scam offers.  It is so hard to know what is accurate information, and what assistance is available. We designed this free course  to guide you to getting the assistance you need now. A simple blueprint to decipher what you qualify for and the necessary resource links and tips to get started. We provide questions and insights from people who are in the same situation. We provide Servicer Guidelines. 

Your instructors Shelly Cofini and Amy Sessner want you to get informed,  so you can make informed choices. The course comes with a workbook filled with resources, links and phone numbers. We include actual links to real websites with phone numbers, not scam sites looking to make money off of your hardship.

This course is taught by seasoned professionals in real estate and lending, who have experienced hardships personally, and who learned a lot from the experience and which fueled their desire to assist homeowners in distress.  They hope to provide timely insights and great questions to ask as well as what you can expect, from current programs and loan servicers.

A Small Mini Course on Personal Budgeting Post Pandemic

Improving Financial Literacy : A Small Course on Personal Finance

Created by Adnan Hasbi - Passionate Teacher Changing 1 Life at a Time


Students: 1053, Price: Free

The world is getting more and more uncertain in this post pandemic environment, with many big companies going bankrupt and many jobs being less secured. Aside from that, as we were not taught financial literacy in school, many families has declared themselves bankrupt. It is truly a scary time. Having said that, those who saved money are less impacted and they are doing a little better at this very uncertain time.

So with that, I decided to share some insights on budgeting after being an accountant and a financial analyst for close to 20 years. In this course, you shall gain the following :

Peace of Mind

I like many weren't taught any financial literacy in school and with that we are not equipped to weather the financial uncertainties. But after reading books and working in the financial industry, today I have a better understanding of money and I would like to teach that financial understanding to you.

A Fun Way To Learn

Lets face it, to pick a new skill up especially if we have to read a text book is hard !!! more so when a book is filled with numbers. So I think a video course on the subject of budgeting is the perfect solution.  Whereby, we will have slides and me guiding you in this learning process.

Actionable Steps

I for one am guilty of reading many many books only to not take any action and I know the pain of not taking action even though we know what to do. So in this course, I have outline how to start a budget and cut our expenses in a simple to follow step by step format


I know we live in a fast moving busy world, so learning a new skill has been made so much easier as you can now access this information through mobile devices or your laptop. Basically at any where and any time to your convenience.

So come and join us on this adventure of personal budgeting.

Introducing to Market Profile Indicator / TPO

Bonus Volume Profile indicator

Created by Marius Stanescu - CEO


Students: 925, Price: Free

I have tried to put together in this course, information that I have learned in my last years of trading. It took me allot of time and money to learn, so i know how important is to find all the information you need in one single course.

  • You will learn about Market Profile indicator and all that is needed to start trading using it.

  • You will get an overview of Market Profile structure, market participants and Market Auction Theory which are all very important.

  • You will understand how to set properly the indicator according to your trading instrument.

  • You will learn how to merge MP session and how to read chart price action based on MP.

  • You will get a BONUS of Volume Profile indicator short introduction.

For any questions regarding this course, or any other types of issues in using MP indicator, please join my advancedtradingtools Discord group.

I wish you all good luck!

Be Money smart and do your own Financial Planning

Simplifying investment options, insurance options, tax saving options

Created by Gurleen Kaur Tikku - Certified Financial Planner


Students: 688, Price: Free

  • Financial Planning is not rocket science, yet not many people get it right

  • Managing Money is easy yet complicated

  • It's not the income that makes you rich, but your spending habits

  • Everyone works for money, the challenge is to make your money work harder for you

  • Simplifying investment planning, insurance planning, tax planning

    This course will help you to take the front seat & take charge of your finances.This will help you in following ways:

    1. You will learn to do your own financial planning with practical tips.

    2. You will be able to build budget and savings plan for you

    3. It will help in Identifying and planning for your financial goals like retirement, children's education, buying your dream home, become debt free

    4. You will be able to calculate your adequate insurance cover and choose right insurance policies to cover you and your family.

    5. You will be able to invest in right asset class in a balanced way and as per your risk appetite and financial goals.

    6. You will be able to consolidate your financial life and get rid of unwanted/ non performing / unorphaned assets.

      Overall, you will be be able to take wise & informed Financial decisions for life and you will Have the financial life you have always dreamt of.

      A good financial Plan is a roadmap that shows us exactly how the choices we make today will affect our future.

Credit Card Debt: Rid Out Of Credit Card Debt Trap

Wealth Magnet > Attract Wealth Like Magnet

Created by Lucas Lenin - Entrepreneur, Coach, Trainer


Students: 639, Price: Free

The majority of people’s problem is to manage the debt, the DEBT one word give immense pressure physiologically on relationship, workplace, personal health, and other many phases.

Basically a piece of Plastic card, A credit card issued by a bank or financial company that allows cardholders to borrow funds with which to pay for goods and services with merchants that accept cards for payment.

Credit card invention a great idea and superior support to the peoples, who are learn to manage the credit card very discipline... And the same Credit Card is squeezing the Happiness of peoples, who do not use discipline.

Lucas Lenin is a Coach and Mentor on personal financial to reach financial freedom, an Entrepreneur in various business segments... He has experience in Corporate 18+ years and conducting Training, Coaching. Few years back he had landed in Credit Card debt and came out of Debt trap. The course content is designed very simple and practical way to understand and implement in your life. He has created wealth and Asset worth of $350,000 in 2 Years after came out of debt trap.

Thousands of Students Learning and Applying the same technique and Method, which helped them to come out of debt trap.

Welcome you and All the Best to Debt Free Happiest Life Style….

Parents & Future Students: How to Avoid Student Loan Debt

Learn ways to avoid student loan debt

Created by Mark Sorokach, MBA - Financial Services and Insurance Professional


Students: 438, Price: Free

Parents & future college students:  As you may already know, college is expensive!  You may also be stressing on how you are going to afford for college. Don’t stress. There are plenty of ways to get free money to help you fund your education. In this course, examine a wide variety of methods that have helped people in our society avoid student loan debt.  The information in these lessons will help prepare you or your child from not becoming one of the 45 million people in the United States today that have student loan debt.

Mastering Student Loans

Mastering student loans will transform your life and give you freedom.

Created by Joseph Reinke - CFA Charterholder, Founder of FitBUX


Students: 427, Price: Free

Student loans should compliment your life not dictate it. Easily learn which repayment plan is right for you and how to maximize your strategy.  The host of the course, Joseph Reinke, is the founder of FitBUX.  We've helped new grads manage over $900 million in student loans and have taught workshops at more than 120 universities throughout the country.

Mini Course on How to Get Out of Debt

Improving Our Financial Literacy : The Mini Course on how to Get out of Debt

Created by Adnan Hasbi - Passionate Teacher Changing 1 Life at a Time


Students: 166, Price: Free

Lets face it, post pandemic there is no such thing as job security as many are losing their jobs during this period. Personally when I walk around, I notice many shops closing up and I see worried faces among grocery buyers especially those struggling with debt. How does one get money when there is very little job opportunity. And with that, I was inspired to make a course on How To Get Out Of Debt and be financially free. Should you be a student among the benefits gained will be as follows :

Paying Off Debt

This course shall guide and share with you the steps to enable you to gain more clarity on how to finally pay off you debt

Having More Security

In this time of so much of uncertainties, many has felt confused, angry and depressed while others want to have a greater control of their environment among which includes their finances. So with this course, I shall teach you how to budget and pay off your debt, that way you will have a greater sense of financial security and less worries.   

Help You Take Action

In this course, I shall show you the step by step of paying off your debt. That way, you wont be lost in the information and you would be on your way into having a debt free life.

So lets start your journey in paying off your debt by learning how to do so in this course.