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Salary Negotiation: Learn the Negotiation Mindset

Entry-level course for those new to negotiation. Get an informative, entertaining intro to earning more in under 30 min!

Created by Jim Hopkinson - 85,000+ students as salary expert, career coach, author


Students: 82767, Price: Free

  Learn the importance of salary negotiation in this entertaining and informative intro course.
    Negotiating your salary when going for a new job or a raise is a critical skill to make sure you get paid what you deserve, yet it is a topic that makes most everyone anxious. 

    Before you can master salary negotiation tips and tricks, you first have to be in the right mindset. 

    Using an easy-to-follow storytelling approach -- along with case studies, statistics, and the right amount of humor from Improv-trained actors -- this course will change the way you look at negotiation.
  In just 20 minutes you will see: 

  •   Two crucial goals for any negotiation

  •   Case studies of negotiations gone wrong

  •   The new reality for a post-recession economy

  •   What family, friends, and your boss WON'T tell you about negotiation

  •   Negotiation statistics and facts

  •   The HR perspective

  •   The light switch moment of negotiation success

  • Bonus content: 5 Negotiation Mindset Tips for Your Job Search

  Who this course is for: 

    This course is a crucial introduction for professionals interviewing for a new job, underpaid workers seeking a raise, new college grads -- anyone that is new to negotiation and is ready to learn more and earn what they deserve.
  What are recommended next steps?

    After getting in the proper mindset, see the following advanced courses for specific tips, tactics, and case studies: 

  • Salary Negotiation: How to Negotiate a Raise or Promotion

  • Salary Negotiation: How To Negotiate a Job Offer (Student Edition)

  • Salary Negotiation: How To Negotiate a Job Offer (Pro Edition)

Mindset Makeover Training (Powerful Techniques & Meditation)

Discover & Destroy Blocks to Success & Happiness with Subconscious Reprogramming Techniques That Work!

Created by Rachael L. Thompson - Author, Instructor, Entrepreneur


Students: 16746, Price: Free

What to expect?

3 practical techniques & 1 powerful guided meditation. 

During this free training you will receive 3 techniques you can apply today to begin to transform your mindset for success, abundance, confidence, or anything else you wish to focus on. I give you a structure and you fill in the blanks, personalizing a plan that will work for you!

In addition, you will receive a 20-minute guided meditation, Your Ideal Future Self Meditation. This meditation will implant a subconscious blueprint that helps lead you to your future goals and desires. It is also paired with Binaural Beats for brain entrainment. These are specific tones found beneficial when trying to restructure subconscious thinking patterns.

Who will benefit from this training?

This training is designed for anyone who wants something more out of life but doesn't know exactly how to accomplish this. If you want a better job, more fulfilling career, more abundance, a better relationship, more confidence, or to overcome negative thinking patterns, the techniques provided in this training will help you change your thinking and behavior patterns so you begin to automatically make decisions that lead to your goals.  

How does it work?

This will be further explained in the training, but simply the techniques and meditation help restructure subconscious (unconscious) thinking patterns that hold us back and keep us stuck. You will learn how to uncover your subconscious blocks and are given tools to change any pattern that holds you back from the life you desire. 

What is the subconscious and is there research behind this training? 

This will be addressed in the training. Do not worry if you don't know exactly what the subconscious is or how it works. Just know that it often functions without our conscious awareness and is responsible for the majority of our thoughts, actions, and decisions!  

Everything in this training is backed by research. I touch on it in this training and provided various research studies in the 10 Day Challenge program (explained in training). The research was taken from the fields of counseling psychology, social psychology, neuroscience, and several other fields.

Roadmap to the Entrepreneurial Mindset and Toolkit

Experience the successful path from an innovative idea to a relevant, robust and attractive entrepreneurial project.

Created by Chereau Philippe - 


Students: 15026, Price: Free

You want to access the complete value chain of entrepreneurial tools? This course provides an integrated and systemic toolkit that SKEMA Business School has tested on thousands of project tested over the past 15 years in postgraduate and executive programs.

The toolkit includes:

  1. Building the scope of the project with ISMA 360
  2. Designing the business model
  3. The business plan
  4. Working out your financial objectives
  5. Checking your business plan for the pitch

This MOOC is free to use. Its content has been developed for the activities of Health-2-Market project, funded by the European Union's FP7 Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under Grant Agreement No 305532.

It is designed and delivered by practitioners and scholars of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Teaching Online: Mindset & Strategies For Instructor Success

Discover the key mindset and strategies for success as an online teacher / instructor!

Created by Dave Espino - Be successful today with proven, real-world strategies


Students: 11565, Price: Free

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be successful as an online course instructor / teacher?

Would you like a shortcut to success as an online teacher?

Why not learn from an online teaching expert, who has been teaching online for 18 years?

This brief course gives you some of the key strategies for success in one short, power-packed course.

You will learn:

  • The #1 strategy that assures success in any online teaching business
  • The #1 thing that often creates failure for an online teacher and how to avoid it
  • How your online teaching business can get you "retired" in just a few years (as opposed to a lifetime of work)
  • 6 ways to make money with online teaching (and 5 of them do NOT require that you be an "expert"!)
  • And more!

Take this short course and immediately be better prepared for your journey as an online course instructor!

Taught by a veteran of online teaching, (with 43 courses on Udemy) this course will show you the way to success.

15 Mindset Shifts To Attract More Purpose, Play, & Growth

Appreciate The Beauty Of Your Life Now, Grow Into Your Potential, & Bring Purpose & A Sense Of Play Into Your Work

Created by Eric John Campbell - Author


Students: 10475, Price: Free

"The World Is What You Think It Is"

By changing the way you think you change your world. In this action-based course you are going to learn 16 powerful mindset shifts that will open you up to attract more purpose, play, & growth into your life.

Includes PDF Workbook Filled With Exercises

In each video you will receive 1 action step to complete to reinforce the insight & bring actual results to your life. (To make taking action as easy as possible this course comes with an interactive PDF workbook).

By The Time You Finish This Course Your Mindset Will Be More Appreciative Of Life:

  • You will live from your heart instead of your mind

  • You will realize at a deep level that your natural state of being is to feel good

  • You will make the decision to begin again, right now, in this moment (leaving behind your old stories)

  • You will see that you play an intimate part of a much bigger story

  • You will realize you're the teacher you've been looking for

By The Time You Finish This Course You Will Take Action To Grow Into Your Potential:

  • You will evolve past playing the victim in your life

  • You will see that every obstacle (including the biggest one you're facing right now) exists to help you grow

  • You will understand why willpower is an excellent servant and a terrible master

  • You will see why being careful is sucking your life energy (and gain the courage to go faster even if it means breaking a few things)

  • You will identify your Truths in life and learn to be more selfish with them

By The Time You Finish This Course You Will Approach Work As Play With A Sense Of Purpose:

  • You will see that you ave a critical role to play in Life (whether or not you see that now)

  • You will understand at a deep level that you are here on Earth to create, not just observe

  • You will realize that although you may not see your own power, others do

  • You will learn how to turn your work into playing with purpose

  • You will own your power and start taking action towards your dream now!

  • You will deeply feel that you don't have to work hard to feel safe & supported (it is your birthright)

About Your Instructor:
These mindset shifts come from my obsession with Spirituality which includes the 50+ Spiritual books I've read, experiencing what it's like to live in 7 different countries, watching endless videos, and having countless conversations on the subject.

I've already taught over 100,000 students through my online courses. So far it's mostly been teaching business topics but Spirituality is my main passion which is why I'm so excited to deliver this course to you!

Have a great day,

Eric John Campbell

Innovation Mindset

Make radical changes to your work and business model

Created by Karim Benammar, Ph.D. - Philosopher and author


Students: 6847, Price: Free

This course is part of a series:

  • Reframing Corona - using Reframing and Paradigm Shifts to rethink life and work during a global pandemic

  • Reframing personal questions: see my Reframing Your Life course.

  • Reframing work, organisations, leadership, and business models: this course.

  • Reframing societal change: see my Paradigm Shifts course.

The world is changing rapidly on many levels. This is a challenge for established businesses but also provides great opportunities for  innovative approaches. By questioning our assumptions, we can start to  think differently about organisations, products, projects, business  models or customers.

Why do you do what you do, and why do you think what you think in your work?  Are there underlying assumptions that you are not seeing?  Using the Reframing tool, you will learn to challenge cherished  assumptions and reframe these to design radically innovative approaches.

You will design an Innovation Experiment based on these radical proposals, which you can immediately put into practice.


  •        Insights into assumptions underlying current business practices

  •        Training in using the Reframing methodology for innovation ideation

  •        Translating radical proposals into Innovation Experiments

Train a Happiness Mindset through Playful Meditation

3 Easy and Playful Guided Meditations that create a new and positive way of thinking in your thought habits.

Created by Arial Els van de Schoot - Professional spiritual caregiver


Students: 5734, Price: Free

  • Learn to Cherish the Feel Good Moments of Your Day
  • Learn to Give more Compliments to Others and Yourself
  • Learn to Appreciate all the Good in your Life and of this World

In this course:

  • Meditation instructions for those who are beginners
  • 3 Guided Meditations, useful for beginners as well as advanced meditators
  • The Meditations are plafyul, and thus easy to focus on.
  • Support through the Q&A
  • A follow up course for those who want more

Arial: “I have been depressed for 1,5 years, I never went to a psychologist for it, instead I found ways throughout the years to develop a happy mindset. In this course, I’ll be sharing 3 of those fun ways I have found. I call them ‘Happy Mind Games’. They're little focus meditations in which you that make you instantly happy and will change your way of thinking forever into positivity. During the 3 lessons of this course, we will do this focusing of our consciousness together, and if any questions come up, please don't hesitate to ask for support in the Q&A section.”

Master Happiness

Let Life Be Awesome

You can do it.

Train a Happiness Mindset through Playful Meditation
3 Easy and Playful Guided Meditations that create a new and positive way of thinking in your thought habits

Agile and digital transformation; agile culture and mindset

Intro to Agile and Digital Transformation. Learn how you can use agile principles to reach your goals and full potential

Created by Tobias Falkberger ⎮ Ida Kjaer - Director of People and Culture ⎮ Business Agility Coach


Students: 3942, Price: Free

Hi there, welcome to our course in Agile Transformation.

Our names are Tobias Falkberger and Ida Kjaer, together we have over 20 years of experience working with teams and organizations. For this course, Ida will be your instructor.

Ida is a certified agile coach with ICAgile and works as a Business Agility Coach at one of Norway's largest financial institutions.

As you know agile is quickly becoming the highest priority for businesses across all different industries.

But, what is really agile? What does it mean when someone says that we need to have an agile mindset, agile leadership, and grow an agile culture? How do we work with continuous improvement, decision making, structures, and people in Agile organizations?

  • Anders: "Easily worth an hour of your time. Well structured, easy to follow and insightful on the "invisible" core of agile."

  • Anna: "Excellent course for understanding what Agile Organisations are all about!"

This is what we will learn about in this course. This course is an introduction to agile and it’s a great start not only to your own agile journey but also your organization’s agile journey!

This course is built around the 5 trademarks of an agile organization developed by McKinsey. We dig into each one of these to understand what they mean for your organization.

When you are done with this course you will have a fundamental strong understanding of agile, you’ll be ready to take on new challenges in your organization, and start working with agile principles.

Join us to learn about how agile can help you and your organization to reach your goals. See you on the inside!

Cybersecurity 101: Adopting A Security Mindset

Learn about cybersecurity!

Created by Jordan Sauchuk - Senior AI Advisor & Cybersecurity Engineer


Students: 3648, Price: Free

Every cybersecurity engineer, analyst, penetration tester, or operator within the domain all have learned core concepts throughout their career, but these concepts can range depending on the area of expertise. For those interested in working in this field, or who want to apply cybersecurity knowledge to their careers, it can be a challenge to start with some foundational material.

Enter Cybersecurity 101: Adopting A Security Mindset. Led by AI & Cybersecurity expert Jordan Sauchuk, this course is designed to get you up to speed with core and foundational cybersecurity material. It's intended to help get you started thinking with a security mindset and to keep cybersecurity principles in mind, no matter the domain that you work in. You will also be able to obtain hands experience setting up, deploying, and finding a vulnerability in a Capture The Flag exercise or CTF.

Your Cybersecurity 101 path will cover the following steps:

  • A foundational intro to cybersecurity terms

  • Core areas to help you become familiar with different operations

  • Powerful Resources

  • The Inspector

  • Setting up your very own CTF

  • Discovering a vulnerability/flag in a CTF

This is a completely free course to help you get started, and you will find useful information throughout each lecture and section.

Are you ready to start your path toward a cybersecurity career or to deploy cybersecurity skills to your job? Enroll now completely free!

See you in the classroom.

How to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

The Mindset and Important Tactics of a Successful Entrepreneur

Created by Divya VD - Instructor


Students: 3600, Price: Free

This course will walk you through ways to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset, as well as guide you in creating an avatar. Learning how to embrace the entrepreneurial mindset and cultivate key characteristics linked to success will help you build a thriving business. You'll get to know about the importance of different tactics that an Entrepreneur must-have.

This course also highlights the mindset mistakes that trip up most entrepreneurs and walks you through how to develop an energizing, focused and empowered mindset that will help you grow your revenue, business and confidence.

This course is designed for you if you are…

1. A new business owner looking for how to think about your next steps.

2. An existing business owner who jumped in without education in business and is interested in learning basic tactics.

3.. Interested in applying an entrepreneur mindset to your life.

4. Not feeling great about where your business is at and need to feel inspired again.

This course is not…
1. A marketing course.

2. “Follow these 20 steps and become a millionaire” get-rich course.

How To Buy A Happy Home: Life Changing Myths & Mindsets

Choose a house that supports the life you dream of living. Home buying lessons you must learn before buying a house.

Created by Bill Joyce - Coaching HomeBuyers On Choosing The Right House For Their Best Lives


Students: 3154, Price: Free

Schools don't teach people how to choose a life partner, manage money or buy a house.  We  simply learn by doing...often with devastating results.  Online learning is such a great resource and offers those with experience and knowledge a platform to help others.  This course contains the wisdom I would share with my younger self if that were only possible.  Over the years I have made both good decisions and poor decisions on house purchases.  As a real estate Broker in California I have helped hundreds of people buy a house and I understand the way we all think during this exciting and demanding life choice.  Take these lessons to heart and it will change the course of your life.  I guarantee it.

This is a fast paced and easy introduction to how people view the purchase of a house and how you can view it more realistically and productively.  Most of are raised to want to buy a house and feel safe, secure and settled.  I can tell you from personal experience, buying the wrong house will leave you feeling unsafe, insecure and unsettled while you lie awake at 3 AM feeling a crushing sense of dread.  Been there, done that.  While I am truly an advocate for home ownership, it really is only viable at the right time, under the right circumstances and with the right house.

Buying a house is only one part of building the home you dream of living in.  Dream homes are about people, relationships, experiences and creating memorable moments.  If you are not living happily now, a different house is not the solution to your problem.  Spend too much and commute too far and your life will change in ways you never imagined.  

This is a starter course to introduce students to where we go right and wrong when buying a home. 

While many of us have a romanticized image of finding our 'dream home', the reality is life comes with challenges.  Anticipate and plan for them.  The Social Security Administration says that only 5% of workers at retirement age will be financially independent, Bankrate has documented that 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and half of all marriages end in divorce.  It's not the regular latte's that do the most damage, it is getting the big decisions completely wrong wreak havoc on the lives of unsuspecting house shoppers.

Buying a house is a big and exciting transition, and is particularly important for launching each of us on the right path for a happy and successful life.  House choice has a large impact on your family's future, both personally and financially so this is something you want to get right.

I teach and coach home buyers across the country on balancing a house purchase with life goals.  As such I seek one of three outcomes.

1) You cheese not to buy a house.  If it's not the right time or circumstances, don't do it now.  Wait until the time is right for you.

2) You buy a different house.  Most home buyers overspend or add too much to their travel time.  I encourage people to buy a house that leaves money and time for more important things in their lives... like people and experiences.

3) You buy the same house, but you are different.  Choosing to make a house a priority is just fine as long as everyone understands and anticipates the challenges and sacrifice this will call for.  Go in eyes open and informed and you will better prepared for a happy home life.

If you're thinking about a house, take this'll know right away that this is life changing wisdom.

Life Purpose Quiz & Mindset Teaching – Valuable Tools

A Powerful Pre-course to Dream.Believe.Build.

Created by Janette R. Smith - SI Cert. Life Strategist & Mindset Coach


Students: 2512, Price: Free

Close the Gap on Where You Are vs. Where You're Meant To Be!

Transform  Your Life! Get Crystal Clear About Your Unique Purpose. Eliminate  Patterns That Keep You Stuck. Create Your Massive Action Plan. Build the  Life of Purpose You've Always Dreamed of. Strategically: Learn More About Your  Unique Dream-building Mindset.  Define Your Vision.  Set Challenging  Goals.  Create An Action Plan. Anchor in Accountability. Achieve  Extraordinary Results.| taught by Janette R. Smith

Krump Millionaire Mindset

To Inspire Your Team With Krump Leadership

Created by Professor Arun Nadarasa MPharm MRPharmS - The World's #1 Krump Business Coach | Author | Investor


Students: 2073, Price: Free

KMM is an online course on Udemy to help Krumpreneurs develop the right mindset in order to grow their businesses and increase profitability. 

You will learn how my mindset operate and my daily habits which enabled me to become the World #1 Krump Business Coach with a footprint in 109 countries

This is based from my experience as a Krumpreneur since November 2009 and the $60,000 investment in my Krump Portfolio

Since October 2013, I have personally mentored Indian Krumpers with the correct mindset to enable them to push past their limiting beliefs. 

This leads to a tremendous growth and to become world-recognised Krump dancers like Hectik aka Jr Asura and Sabertooth aka Kid Stretch. 

Business is 80% mindset and 20% mechanics.

I used Krump terminology as anchor for Success Principles which will allow to influence more people by inspiring them.

Copy Mindsets: Mastering the Inner Game of Copywriting

Get the mindsets you need to grabs attention, triggers curiosity and sell your products/services again and again.

Created by Basim Salim - Executive Mindset Coach: Breakthrough Limiting Beleifs


Students: 1822, Price: Free

There’s a highly overlooked strategy to grow your business…one that most business owners overlook.

That is your copywriting. 

But you might be wondering, “What if I’m not a writer?”

I wasn’t born knowing how to write. I certainly wasn’t a “natural” writer. In fact, the first time I ever tried to sell anything online, my writing was incredibly clumsy. It tooks me years to learn how to copywrite and by no means do I think of myself as a professional copywriter.

However there is something that all good copywriters have in common, it’s principles and mindsets when putting that pen onto that paper.

You can know everything about power words, headlines formulas and get the best sales swipes, but if your copy mindset is not set towards influencing your audience, you will never be successful in business.

In fact, you might have the best product, the best web design, even the best customer service. But what’s the first thing a potential customer sees?

It’s not your product. It’s not your whiz-bang technology. It’s not your customer service.

The first thing that anyone sees in your business is what they read on your website and your emails.

The first thing they see is your

Nothing else comes close. Your copywriting is truly the “tip of the spear” — the first cut, the one that matters. It is what your users see. It drives what they feel.

Introducing... Copy Mindsets

Copy Mindsets is course that gives you the critical mindsets, and foundational copy skill-sets that you need to become a successful, high performing copywriter. By the end of the course, you’ll have the the tools and mindset shifts you need to quit sabotaging your copy…and START achieving your goals of getting more sales.

In this course we will cover...

  1. You’ll learn the patterns and secrets all the successful copywriters who build one profitable business after another have in common, so you can easily learn them and start using them in my own life and business starting today.
  2. Discover how the business world’s elite copywriters ‘think, operate, and make decisions’ on a day to day basis to reach the highest levels of marketing and business success
  3. Uncover the worst (but AVOIDABLE mistakes) you can make during your copy and how you can gracefully side-step each one to get ahead faster
  4. Learn what it requires to write words to sell your products & services, and how to actually get your products & services to “sell themselves.”

Who is this course for?

  • You’re ready to take your business to the next level... and put your scaled-up profits on autopilot.
  • You genuinely care about your message and the people it serves
  • If you’re looking to maximize your marketing to so you’re spending less dollars on advertising and getting more traffic, more leads and more sales.
  • You’re looking to get people to listen to what you have to say and take action on your content. 
  • You’re looking to get ahead of your competitors by cutting through the marketing noise and speaking directly to your customers.

Great copy doesn’t sound like some stilted business school professor or scammy internet marketer wrote it. It sounds natural (because it IS natural — like the words you’re reading right now!).

And when you get it right, you connect. You go beyond just transactions or mechanical A/B tests and connect emotionally with your audience. 

and YES — once you write copy that’s “good enough,” you can move on and you’ll reap the rewards for years to come — automatically.

To get started click "Take this Course" or "Add to Cart" and I'll see you inside.

- Basim

Investing, retirement, mindset and personal finances (intro)

Course 1. Learn the basic terms and information needed to get started on your journey to retirement and wealth.

Created by Eric Almonte - Investor and beginner educator


Students: 1150, Price: Free

This course is an informative course for those who do not know anything at all when it comes to investing. We will go over different types of investments, where you can invest, compare different types of investments and briefly talk about the mindset of investing. I have narrowed down this course to talk about the most important information you'll need instead of throwing every single thing about investing there is to know in a long extensive course. You can use this knowledge to your advantage to make less mistakes than the average investor because you will have a head start. This is not a get rich quick course, this course will help get you started on your journey to wealth in retirement. Basics first.

We will not go over how to buy and make full moves yet in this course because I recommend studying and getting financials in order first. In the next course, we will go over how to assess stocks and funds for your retirement account while showing you how to navigate through different accounts and brokerages. If you already know the basics but do not know what to do next, I recommend taking the next course.

The subjects we will go over:

•What is an investment? Different types of Investing. Can anyone invest? Should you invest? Where can you invest? What is a brokerage account? Basic terms.

•What are stocks? What is a Mutual fund? What is an Index fund? What is an ETF? What are dividends?

•What are the risks? Diversification. Realized and unrealized gains/losses. Capital gains. Compound interest.

•Assessing/Valuing stocks intro. Rushing, hype and FOMO. Long term vs short term. Options trading, day trading and margin.

•Mindset. Personal finances, goals and budget intro.

Creating an Entrepreneurial Mindset

A begining Journey to a Finacial Freedom Adventure

Created by Tore Castagnier - Welcome to your Online Life Coach


Students: 973, Price: Free

Learning the four principles to achieving an Entrepreneurial Mindset. Create a business idea from scratch using the same tools I teach my clients. I have been working with people for over six years learn how to create purpose and build confidence. I have now found a way to teach that same philosophy to help others build business ideas and achieve long term goals more efficiently.

Develop a Winner Mindset – Learn How Successful People Think

Being Successful is a Choice and Successful Mindset is a Learnable Skill. Learn Ways the Most Successful People Think.

Created by Skills On Demand - Better Skills Better Learning


Students: 790, Price: Free

Mindset is everything to be successful in life be it Personal or Professional level. It doesn’t matter what experience you have, how talented you are or how many connections you have. If You Don’t Have the Right Mindset You Won’t Go Very Far in Life.

There are two types of mindset.

  • Winner Mindset

  • Loser Mindset

The Only Difference between a Winner and a Loser is their Mindset. Winning is a game of Disciplined Habits, you are what you do, day in and day out. Discipline and Habits helps you win in life both personally and professionally. Your Habits are the result of your daily routines. it could be small or big steps that you take each day. If you observe people carefully, you will notice the difference clearly between those who create positive daily habits for themselves and those people who go with the flow and depends on others opinion to live their life. Everybody has a desire to do something and be someone however Winners find a way, take risk and strive for something great while Losers' find an excuse, prefer safety and stay in their comfort zone.

Everybody wants to be a winner, however Not everyone has, what it takes to be a winner. It’s a difficult process, where you should have a Desire, a Commitment, Discipline, Focus, Hard work and What Ever It Takes Attitude. Above all this You need to know your Why or the reason why you have to be a Winner. Is it for yourself, is it for your family, is it for the people around you or is it to inspire others and to prove that its possible

One of the main differences between someone who is Successful and someone who is not, is not their ability or talent or knowledge, but Their Desire. Everyone wants to be successful, but not all of them have a strong desire for it.

Winners know that Nothing Comes Free and they have to Make Their Own Success, losers on the other hand wait for someone to give them an opportunity.

Winners Find a Way in Obstacles, losers find an excuse.

This Course is divided in to 16 Chapters where You Will Master Techniques and Principles used by Rich, Successful and Happy people

Once you Understand How a Winner Think and Do Things, irrespective of which field you are in or which level you are playing currently, you will be able to Make a Massive Change.

The Value Investing Journey, Part 1/3 – Money & Mindset

Streams of income, Financial Budgeting, Assets and Liabilities, Investor Mindset, Economics, Stock Exchange

Created by Marco Tägl, M.Eng. MBA - VIA Financial Education UG (haftungsbeschränkt)


Students: 568, Price: Free

This online course contains the first four chapters of “The Value Investing Journey” and is mainly recommended for beginners of investing or those who want to build or complete their basic knowledge.

The presented topics are amongst others the streams of income, financial budgeting, assets and liabilities, the mindset of successful investors, compounded interest, economic knowledge and the functionality of the stock exchange.

During the last years, we have experienced that many people don`t have enough knowledge about the stock market and therefore struggle to start investing. But especially in times of low interest rates, investing is almost without alternative.

Therefore, we want to empower you to become an investor by providing financial education!

Value Investing, which was invented by Benjamin Graham, is a stock market investing approach that is based on the fundamental data of a company. With the intrinsic value calculation and the margin of safety, Graham identified companies he could buy for share prices far below their intrinsic value and recieve extraordinary returns.

Warren Buffett adapted this approach from his professor Benjamin Graham and became one of the richest people on our earth. He focuses not only on undervalued companies but also on high-quality companies with a profitable and stable business model over a long period of time. The compounded growth of dividends also became an important aspect when selecting new investments.

Winner Mind-Set for interview – Job interview preparation.

Get your dream Job, learn interview skills, showcase yourself and sale yourself.

Created by Mittan . - Trainer


Students: 494, Price: Free

About this course:

You can easily get your dream job, if you have “Winner Mind set for interview”.

Good job will give you good money and better life style.



 If you want to learn interview skills in easy way then this course is only for you. This course we called

Winner Mind-set for interview”. There is a reason behind this title. If you think like a winner then you prepare like winner and perform like winner.

Life results in only depend upon your mind-set. 

After completing this course you will learn below topics.

Interview Process

How to create “Impressive resume

How to reduce “Fear Anxiety and nervousness” of interview

How to  use “Power of visualization” for interview.

Learn “Mock, Mirror, Voice recording and Video recording”  interview practice

How to use “Body Language” during interview

How to prepare “Introduce yourself” or “Tell me about your self

Importance of “Job description

How to prepare “Phone and Skype interview

Why “Company research” is important before the interview.

Never use these words during interview – One negative word can change interviewer perception

Things not to do during interview – Behavior skills

Challenging question – How to use STAR for interview answers.

How to stay motivated – If you truly want something then why would you struggle with motivation. 

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Billionaire Mindset – How To Think Like A Billionaire – Pt.2

Learn How The Highest Achievers On Earth Think & Act

Created by Daniel Barada - Founder & CEO


Students: 275, Price: Free

Have you ever wondered how the highest achievers on this planet think & act? How they make decisions? How they improve themselves and grow their businesses day after day without losing any energy? What made them the people they are? 

If yes...

Then this course is for you.

In this new, revolutionary course you will learn: 

  • What "identity crisis" is and how it stops you from achieving your goals

  • How to forget about the past in order to create the future you want in the present

  • How to create a new identity that will help you achieve all of your goals

  • The secret levers of life (and how to use them in order to transform your life)

  • How thinking in this certain way (discussed in module 5) can either help you achieve your goals or destroy your life

  • Why you seem to be stuck in one place, sometimes making progress and other times self-sabotaging (and how to stop this loop)

  • The natural law of the universe and how understanding it will change the way you see the world

You will get lifetime access to close to 2hrs of on-demand video. There is no deadline for finishing the course, and you can fit it around your current responsibilities or at your preferred pace.

Who this course is for:

  • The aspiring entrepreneur who wants to start a business and succeed

  • The artist who wants to achieve his/her goals but struggles with procrastination

  • The athlete who wants to understand the hidden laws of success

  • The person who has a hard time with procrastination

  • Someone who has been trying to become successful for years but doesn't know what's holding them back