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Learn Mindfulness Meditation for a Calmer and Clearer mind

Practical mindfulness meditation course showing the method how to increase concentration and reduce stress

Created by Per Norrgren - Director of Training and founder of inMindSight


Students: 52647, Price: Free

Hi, I am Per Norrgren, welcome to my mindfulness course.

I first discovered mindfulness some seven years ago when attending an 8 week mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) course — and it changed my life so much that since then teaching mindfulness is my passion and a major part of my life.

I'd love to share with you the peace and the benefits that living mindfully can bring to your life.

Whilst teaching mindfulness in the traditional group setting, I have received request to provide the course in eLearning format so even if you can not make it to a group course, you can still learn mindfulness.

To this end, I created (what I think is) probably the most comprehensive eLearning course on Mindfulness you will find. I have included all my material from the traditional course and added specific audio teachings that goes well for eLearning.

NOTE! The videos and text material is optional and there if you would like to know more.  The key is to do the audio tracks.

The key is to understand how mindfulness works, what happens in the mind and what to expect, then to experience the change under guidance for your self. This removes the mystic of the guru, stops you aimlessly wonder and ponder if you do it right and also answers the questions that inevitably pops up.

This course is unique in that it includes forty individual audio tracks (divided into 8 weekly sections) where the teachings are embedded in the meditation experience. I have included a short video for each section to give you an overview of what the session aims to achieve. Start each section by watching the video.

Each section also has a short handout based on the well-known 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme. These are my own notes, thoughts and experiences collected over the years from books, lectures, international conferences, retreats and training courses. They are there to support you with additional information if you are keen to learn more about how it works. Note, they are from the actual 8 week MBSR course and therefore contain a weekly home work section etc.

This course is designed to make it easy to learn and to practice at the same time. Becoming mindful can be straightforward but most people find they need external guidance to practice effectively when they first start out. This programme provides everything you need to make your mindfulness journey as effortless as possible. It is structured as easy-to-follow audio tracks, each being ten minutes long. You have five audio tracks per week and I want you to listen to each track twice on the same day. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon/evening. You can of course listen more often if you would like.

The full programme is intended to run over eight weeks. This is important. You cannot rush mindfulness. The parts of the brain you are exercising and "re-wiring" are very old and science has shown that it takes daily practice to create a permanent change to your automatic reactions. You can repeat weeks if you like and take longer than eight weeks if you need to - the important thing is to keep practicing each day.

I teach from my own personal experience, sharing what I have learned and how I conquered my inner fear, anxiety, stress and burnout. What you learn on this course is permanent, grounded in real life experience and science, and it is very likely that it will change your life.

In doing this course, not only does it help my clients to deal with the stress in this moment, they are also maximising their chances of maintaining good mental health throughout their lives.

Wishing you a wonderful course

in peace

Per Norrgren
inMindSight - The Algarve Center for Mindfulness Research and Practice

Everyday mindfulness

Learn how to incorporate mindful practice into your life everyday, simply and effectively.

Created by Jim Dawson - Mindfulness coach and hypnotherapist


Students: 35740, Price: Free

This course will teach you how you can bring mindful practice into your daily life.

Mindfulness is an incredibly effective method for combatting stress and anxiety. It will allow you to enjoy the calm of living in the present moment.

The course can be enjoyed by anybody. Whether you are completely new to mindfulness or an established practitioner there is something here for everybody. It offers an introduction to mindfulness, it outlines the benefits and provides a number of simple exercises that will help you to embed the practice.

This is not an in depth exploration. It is an introduction that will start you off on your journey into mindfulness and hopefully inspire you to develop your own practice.

A series of 6 short videos will guide you through some basic principles and teach you a number of simple techniques that you can practice in your own time. These include the importance of the breath and how to develop your awareness of your senses, bringing your attention to the present moment.

Most people lead very busy lives and the instruction within these videos aims to encourage people to bring their awareness to the present moment often. The value of prolonged sitting is not underestimated but the benefit of short, frequent practice is extremely powerful.

You will be able to complete the course in an hour but it is best to spread the videos over a number of days to allow yourself some time to practice in between. There is also a handy guide that you can download to help practice the exercises.

We are "human beings", not "human doings" or "human thinkings", allowing yourself to just be, without feeling the need to constantly do or think about something is not a waste of time. This course will help you to understand that just "being" in the present moment will help you to enjoy, experience and embrace being alive.

Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity

Learn what neuroplasticity is and how mindfulness techniques may be used to improve your life.

Created by Salvador Choussy - Certified Meditation Instructor/Teacher, Published Author


Students: 18107, Price: Free

The main objective of this course is that the student can understand what this ever growing trend that is Mindfulness Meditation really is.   Why is it so talked about and how come it is now recommended not only for those of us who want to learn an emotional modulation and regulation technique to become a better person and to improve the quality of our lives, but also in psychological and even clinical settings.  Also, we will be studying what neuroplasticity is and how the practices used in mindfulness may be used to produce changes both psychological and anatomical a so that your life and all-around wellbeing may improve permanently.

Mindfulness & Meditation For Beginners – Best Course 2021!

Learn Meditation For Mindfulness, Stress Management, Less Anxiety, Improved Sleep, Resilience, Happiness, General Health

Created by Kevin Kockot, M.A. Prevention & Health Promotion - Master of Arts - Prevention & Health Promotion


Students: 13047, Price: Free

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I love this course. I especially love that Kevin provided mp3's so that I can meditate at any time listening to his voice. Thanks!! -  Dr. Dave Harris

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ One of the best courses I have taken on Meditation. Straight to the point. Worth investing time!!!

    Videos were awesome but instructions says to close the eyes, so during meditation practice did not get a chance to watch the videos ;)….. A big thank you to this course instructor. - Krishna M

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Started to be more aware of the tension in my shoulders and able to start releasing it with the breathing exercise - Jill Cowen

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Easy to follow, divided in short daily sessions. Good foundation for beginners. - Monica Ruda

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐An Excellent course! Video is very beautiful, your voice is soft, music is soothing! I was really enjoyed! Thank you! - Victoria Riabov

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I was able to learn to sink down into myself and really begin to understand the meditation process. I really liked the background music in this instructional video  - Tamara Crull

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐The modules are easy to understand and simple. Great practice for someone who already knows how to meditate and great startup info for someone new to the process. - Logan DeTour-Rowan

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐This course is fantastic. It is presented beautifully (lovely voice)! It goes way beyond other similar courses I've done. It's content, the concepts and the way it's put together is quite perfect. Stop hunting for the right course for you. This is it! - Buddhist Lady


Hello and welcome to “Learn to meditate in Seven Days” – My name is Kevin Kockot and I welcome you to this course!

>>> Learn Meditation for Mindfulness, Stress Management, Less anxiety, Improved sleep, Resilience, Happiness, General Health <<<



  • You want to learn to meditate and need a step by step guide? 

  • You want to take advantage of the health benefits that go with the practice?

  • You want to use a guideline that works?

If that is the case:




  • On this course I listed seven Meditations for seven days so that you are guided to get into the practice of mediation for more mindfulness

  • On that step-by-step process I will guide you to focus on your breath, the activity mind, emotions and more, so that you can fully relax and enjoy the health- benefits of the practice of meditation.

  • I also added free MP3s of the lectures to the course, so you can practice whenever you want - independently and self-determent.



  • >>> You have nothing to loose! But a lot to learn about "Mindfulness | Meditation for Beginners (Seven Days Couse)"!

  • >>> Enroll now! New insights are waiting for you!

  • >>> I am happy to meet you in this course!

If you have any questions – feel free to message me on Udemy anytime!

And now – enjoy the course! :)



PS: Thanks to  Erokia/JordanPowell - Sound Design Freesoundorg/people/Erokia/ (Commons Attribution 3.0) 

PSPS: Here a list of scientifically proven benefits of meditation:

"Clinicians should be aware that meditation programs can result in small to moderate reductions of multiple negative dimensions of psychological stress.     

                                      -  JAMA Intern Med. 2014 Mar;174(3):357-68.

"Increases in mindfulness were found to mediate the relationships between formal mindfulness practice and improvements in psychological functioning, suggesting that the practice of mindfulness meditation leads to increases in mindfulness, which in turn leads to symptom reduction and improved well-being."

                                      - Jounal of Behavioral Medicine 31(1):23-33 

"These results suggest that mindfulness training may improve attention-related behavioral responses by enhancing functioning of specific subcomponents of attention." 

                                      - Cognitive, Affective, & Behauvioral Neuroscience June 2007, Volume 7, Issue 2 pp 109–119

"Increasing evidence shows that mindfulness meditation, delivered either via MBSR or MBTI, can be successfully used for the treatment of insomnia with good patient acceptance and durable results."

                                       - Curr Opin Pulm Med. 2015 Nov;21(6):547-52. 

"Taken together, these data indicate that meditation engages multiple brain mechanisms that alter the construction of the subjectively available pain experience from afferent information."

                                       - J Neurosci. 2011 Apr 6; 31(14): 5540-5548


Mindfulness Meditation: The Science And Practice

Retrain your brain to reduce stress and improve your focus and concentration.

Created by Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D. - The Brain Lady


Students: 11500, Price: Free

Mindfulness meditation is a form of meditation in which you use your breath to bring your attention to the present moment. It sounds simple, but the results of Mindfulness meditation can be profound. Research at several medical institutions, including the University of Massachusetts and the University of Wisconsin, show that Mindfulness meditation can have a long-term effect on brain functioning that results in a reduction in anxiety and stress. and an increase in the ability to focus your attention.

This course includes downloadable audio files to you can use for homework and on your own after the class.

MIndfulness meditation has ancient roots in Zen buddhism, and became popular when Jon Kabat-Zinn started a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program at the University of Massachusetts in 1979. Since then it has gained in popularity.

In this course you will learn what mindfulness meditation is, and how to practice it. The course includes audio files that you can use on your own for the homework and in the future after you have finished the class.  You will also learn about the research that has been conducted on how mindfulness meditation re-trains your brain to reduce stress and increase focus. 

Here’s what you will learn:

   What mindfulness meditation is 

   How to meditate 

   How Mindfulness meditation is similar to, and different from, other forms of meditation and yoga 

   The research on the effects of Mindfulness meditation on the brain and body 

   The easiest and best ways to incorporate Mindfulness meditation into your own health and awareness routines 

The instructor, Susan Weinschenk, has a Ph.D. in Psychology, has been practicing mindfulness meditation for over 10 years, and teaches in-person workshops and 8-week long programs in mindfulness meditation.

Sign up now and get started on re-training your brain. 

Over 50,000 students have taken our online courses.

Mindfulness Through Meditation- A Simple Beginners Guide.

A simple step by step guide to learn the basics of meditation.

Created by Ashleigh-Jay Caines - Spiritual Teacher


Students: 8694, Price: Free

This course will 

teach you the basic steps to meditate and concentrate. 

Meditation is very relaxing and will help you reduce stress along with other many benefits. Have some time for yourself and relax, release and re-energise your mind, body and soul.

In this course we will start by explaining what meditation is and what the benefits are. 

You will then learn what preparation you need to do before meditating. 

Please note that meditation can make you feel drowsy so arise slowly and give yourself a few minutes after meditation to come round. 

I will teach you to concentrate on your breathing and to relax deeper. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy! 

Mind. FULL!ness to Mindfulness

Discover a more peaceful, less anxious life with better quality sleep and relationships

Created by David Colley - Scholar at Reaching Aspiration


Students: 8673, Price: Free

Tired of your Mind being Full. Feeling anxious, stressed and overwhelmed?

Join Sam as he goes through a series of simple exercises and mindset shifts to lead him towards a more peaceful and fulfilling life, with better quality sleep, relationships, and peace in his quest to reach his aspiration.

While mindfulness is a lifelong practice you can begin today with this course. There is a new video and exercise for the first 4 days of the week, with day 5 being for catch-up and reflection. Note this is not a course on meditation (we do recommend you start a practice), but rather a series of simple exercises that will increase your level of mindfulness.

While you may not enjoy or gain benefit from each exercise, with 12 different exercises we are confident that you will find significant benefit in taking the course.

Week 1 - Quietening the noise and negative framing - is about reducing the excessive stimulus to enable you to feel less overwhelmed and calmer.

Week 2 - Becoming more present - the exercises will enable you to train yourself to be more present in the moment.

Week 3 - Linking the conscious to the sub-conscious - allows you to be more focused and successful as you harness the connection.

These exercises are easy to repeat and we recommend either taking the whole course again from time to time, or perhaps "dipping" in to your favourites.

First preview the promo video to see if you think the course is for you!

5-Day Mindfulness for Anxiety

Reduce day-to-day worry and enjoy the here and now with this beginner's introduction to mindfulness meditation

Created by Chris Worfolk - Psychologist and software consultant


Students: 8546, Price: Free

Is your mind constantly being distracted by unwelcome thoughts and worries? Do you feel like it stops you enjoying the fun bits of life? Do you wish you had better focus and could enjoy the present more?

If so, this is the course for you.

This short course is perfect for anyone looking to reduce their day-to-day worrying using the scientifically-proven technique of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). You will learn about how it works and complete your first five mindfulness meditations.

Each meditation is delivered via guided audio and takes about 10 minutes.

The course is taught by Chris Worfolk, founder of the mental health charity Anxiety Leeds and author of Do More, Worry Less: Small Steps To Reduce Your Anxiety.

If you are ready to invest time in gaining a new skill and improving your wellbeing, hit "Enroll Now" to get started. I look forward to seeing you inside the course!

UPDATED: The course now includes a set of bonus meditations, based around music, to help you feel positive, breath better and wonder more.

Mindfulness for Individuals: Mindfulness and Neuroscience

Mindfulness for Everyone

Created by Enjoy TEFL - Enjoy Mindfulness


Students: 6729, Price: Free


Welcome to the Mindfulness Course for Individuals, and thank you for choosing us. We believe that, by the end of the course, you will really be able to feel the benefit of practising Mindfulness in your daily life. 

Mindfulness Meditation Creates Awareness:

Mindfulness is best learnt through practising meditation and understanding the science of the brain.

The course will start by teaching you how to focus your attention on breathing, using a sitting meditation, which will train you to become more aware of inner and outer experiences.

Once a person has become more aware, it will give him/her a more responsive, compassionate, clearer and wiser way to experience events. It will allow you to adapt to your changing environment. 

We will also discuss the science of Mindfulness throughout the course.

Mindfulness Creates Balance, Compassion and Perspective:

Mindfulness helps smooth out the ups and downs of daily life. It can be used as an antidote to stress, and also to improve focus. Many of us often feel overloaded or as if we are on autopilot during the day but, by using Mindfulness, you will train yourself to focus your attention, using meditation techniques to create awareness.

This awareness will give your mind space and allow you to make wiser, more rational choices, instead of emotionally reactive ones. This emotional regulation will give you a way to achieve balance, perspective and equanimity.

By using Mindfulness, you will appreciate the present moment more and reduce distractions and thoughts about the past or what's going to happen in the future, to create clarity. This will give you a sense of contentment and help you relax.

You will learn to deal with life experiences and challenges in a different way and improve health, performance and relationships.

Enjoy those wonderful little moments you sometimes miss:

The aim of the course is to introduce you to the practice of Mindfulness and give you an understanding of what Mindfulness means and what it can do, because a person who is aware of his or her mind and body will find it easier to respond to any given set of circumstances on any given day. 

We also believe that over time, with practice, you can begin to use these skills naturally throughout the day. This will allow you to be in the present more often, which will give you more positive interactions with the world and allow you to enjoy those wonderful little moments you sometimes miss.

The Science:

Mindfulness is a meditative, scientific and philosophical way of interacting with our world.

There is scientific evidence which states that Mindfulness can help change the neuroplasticity of the brain in very positive ways. We will discuss this in more detail later in the course.

These positive changes result in the improved performance of the Brain's Executive Function, the higher level of the brain, which looks after perspective taking, decision making, long-term planning and learning. 

Research also suggests that, by using Mindfulness, the brain's emotionally reactive centre, the Amygdala, which triggers the 'fight, flight, freeze' stress response, can be overridden by the conscious part of the brain which can activate the 'relaxation response' and restore balance to the mind and body.

Mindfulness can also improve relationships at work and home by increasing emotional intelligence, which results in more compassion, kindness and empathy.

Therefore, Mindfulness promotes health, performance and relationships.

Harvard and Stanford University Research:

A 2011 study, from Harvard University, showed that participants in an 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course exhibited measurable changes in the grey matter of their brains.

'The results suggest that participation in the course is associated with changes in grey matter concentration in the brain regions involved in learning and memory processes, emotional regulation, self-referential processing and perspective taking.' (1)

Another study from Stanford University showed that Mindfulness can reduce the reactive effects of the amygdala and strengthen the connections to the higher areas of the brain, which can override emotions. (2) 

Health, Performance and Relationship Benefits:

Research shows that Mindfulness practice can improve health, performance and relationships. We will discuss the positive benefits of Mindfulness throughout the course, and also present some of the scientific research behind Mindfulness, which we believe will deepen your knowledge and understanding of the subject. 

Anyone can learn Mindfulness:

Before we start the course, we would like to state that anyone has the ability to learn Mindfulness. Some people might take longer to discover the potential of Mindfulness than others but it doesn't matter.

Mindfulness is an individual, step-by-step, process because we all have different motivations for starting Mindfulness. Mindfulness is a skill that needs practice, like any other skill you will learn in your life.

One thing is for certain: by doing regular practice you will break down those unhelpful mental habits and impulses and become more aware and mindful. You will start making more rational decisions and feel more compassion for yourself and others.

Your day will go more smoothly: 

By using Mindfulness practice, your day will go much more smoothly: it will be calm and won't feel like you're in the middle of an ocean storm. It will feel like your 50,000 feet above the storm and looking down at the waves from the window of your plane.

Those waves will be just gentle ripples on the surface of a big pond. You will be seeing through mindful eyes.  

Our hope is to offer you a way to deal with life's ups and downs in a mindful way, using a combination of regular formal and informal activities to gain an authentic and natural way of living.

The Mindfulness Triangle – How to teach others (microcourse)

A simple and concise micro course on understanding, experiencing and teaching mindfulness more effectively.

Created by Reuben Lowe - Founder of Mindful Creation and non-profit charity ACT On It


Students: 3717, Price: Free

Maybe you're curious about what The Mindfulness Triangle is?

Maybe you're looking for a simple way of learning and practicing mindfulness more effectively?

Maybe you're actually wanting to teach mindfulness?

All of the above apply. Here is a simple and easy-to-teach micro course on mindfulness. Everything is here to equip you with what you need.

There are two main sections to this micro course: Part 1 and Part 2. Both parts have a tick list at the end of them. These tick lists will guide you on exactly what you need to do to teach others.

Then we'll finish off with a simple quiz to pull everything together.

In taking part in this, you are going to benefit personally, as well as empower others, to be part of the positive change that's going on in the world, one triangle at a time!

Mindfulness for Anxiety

A gentle introduction to mindfulness, helping to reduce anxiety: now free, to support you through the COVID-19 crisis

Created by Katie Sheen - Mindfulness Teacher : Public Speaker : Presenter


Students: 3636, Price: Free

Do you ever suffer from anxiety? 

Do you get stuck in worrying thoughts about the past or the future? 

Would you to feel calmer, more secure, and happier?

Originally priced at £39.99, this course is now free so that more people can benefit from the content throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, regardless of their financial situation.

If you are new to the world of mindfulness and would like to know how it can help you to manage your anxiety, this course will provide you with an introductory overview that is full of ideas that you can begin to use straight away. 

Discover how mindfulness can provide strong foundations that help you gradually flourish into the peaceful, happy person that you want to be.

Practice the power of coming back to your breathing, building a core of relaxed inner strength that you can take with you into every stressful situation. 

Enjoy the liberation that mindfulness can bring by practising simple ways to free yourself of repetitive, anxious thought patterns. 

Explore the transformative power of gratitude and appreciation: a technique backed by science that draws on the combined wisdom of mindfulness and positive psychology. This section of the course is supported by our free Soul Nutrition App called "Appreciating Windowsills" that you can download on the App Store or Google Play. You could also develop a daily gratitude practice by signing up to our free "Happiness Calendar" on the Soul Nutrition website. However, neither of these free external tools are compulsory, they are simply optional extras that you could choose to enjoy in addition to all the great content that you can access and benefit from without ever leaving Udemy!

Please note that this course doesn't include any guided meditations, although the accompanying YouTube Channel (Katie Sheen Mindfulness Teacher & Speaker) contains an expanding library of meditation tracks for you to enjoy for free at any time. The course does contain some great tips on making mindfulness a daily habit that helps you discover more happiness in every day.

Mindfulness stems from Buddhism and I study in the tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, so I refer to him and other teachers who have inspired my own mindfulness practice in this course: but the material here is suitable for those of all faiths or none. Everyone is welcome!

The Zen Entrepreneur: Less Stress, More Productivity & Focus

Mindfulness Meditation for Busy People (Entrepreneurs,Employees & Students) Reduce Your Stress & Boots Your Productivity

Created by Martin Georgiev - Rocket Scientist & Super-Connector


Students: 3109, Price: Free

  • Overall, Over 4000 Satisfied Students Enrolled in our courses
  • Overall, 200+ TOP 5 Star Reviews from very happy students
  • Over 3 hours of TV High Definition Quality Videos


Do you have a lot of stress due to your business, work or studies?

Do you feel the pressure due to all the tasks you have to perform daily?

Do you want to be able to relax and unwind in just 5 minutes?

Do you want to be able to concentrate and focus in difficult situations?

Do you want to boost your creativity to be able to come with original ideas?

Then this course is for you!!


What some students say about my courses:

''This course offers a ton of value and was presented in a compelling way... Recommended.'' - Jimmy Naraine (bestselling instructor on Udemy)

"Great course. Martin explains everything very clear and with a lot of passion. " - Joepperd D

"Outstanding. Very energetic videos that are motivating by conveying your high vibe and your easy to understand, practical content. I found lots of good advice in them that I will start to implement right away. Thank you Martin!" - Gergely Horváth

"He explains step by step not just what to fill in (and what is not needed) but also why and tips and tricks to make sure you are successful. Many of these things I never would have thought of on my own. His videos are high quality, his voice is clear, and the content is well thought out." - Michael Glasser

Look at it as a mind-training for busy that develops a peace of mind and focus that every busy person needs. The mindfulness meditation techniques that we will be covering in this course are scientifically proven to be beneficial.

Meditation should be a training that anyone can benefit from. Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion and complication around this simple practice. This course will make it clear, simple and easy for you to meditate. No spiritual woo-woo topics. Just pure practical exercises to train your mind to be relaxed, focused and creative.

This is a beginners course that will teach how to meditate properly so you can relieve anxiety & stress and experience more peace and relaxation. And the exercise will take as little as 1-5 minutes per day.

This course will walk you through specifically why, how, when, where and exactly what you need to do to master meditation.


Mindfulness for Everyone

Useful tools to help you be successful and happy

Created by Patti Marshall - Educator


Students: 2153, Price: Free

This is an introductory course to mindfulness. I will show you how to use mindfulness to enhance your life, be more productive, and be happier. We will cover what Mindfulness is, what Meditation is, the power of living in the present, how to become a better listener and how to manage feelings, and we will look at your "circle of control." Last, I share supports for success as you begin your journey.

Reduce Stress Using Mindfulness & Become a Superstar

By Teens. For Kids, Teenagers, Parents and all!

Created by Kailash and Akash Gupta-Verma - Instructors on Udemy


Students: 1141, Price: Free

Through their experiences and practices, these two teenage brothers share tools & techniques to reduce stress that have proven helpful in their lives. By practicing mindfulness, they have developed deeper connections with family & friends, became straight A students, and created resilience to trauma and life's challenges.

Questions for you or your teen:

-Feeling anxious and stressed about school or life in general?
-Getting into fights with your siblings or your parents?
-Struggling to stay focused during the COVID-19 pandemic?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the class for you!

By Teenkind: uniting humanity with kindness

Free Course: 12 Days of Mindfulness

Discover the magic of mindfulness and kickstart your practice!

Created by Katja Holzhei, Neuland Yoga - Professional Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness Teacher


Students: 739, Price: Free

Do not dwell in the past,

do not dream of the future,

concentrate the mind on the present moment. (Buddha)

Discover the incredible magic of mindfulness and join this free course! A variety of brief sessions is waiting for you. They don't take longer than sipping a cup of coffee and will help you right away to start a regular mindfulness practice - without the need to hire a teacher or to leave your house. Try different techniques and find out what benefits you the most. Get a little bit of everything that defines mindful living:


Short, slow, easy-to-follow, and beginner-friendly, accessible meditation sessions with different themes.


Ideas and inspiration for everyday mindful living. Down to earth, without the fluff and dusk.


More than just movement. More than just relaxation. Practical yoga and Yoga Nidra for all levels.

Start practicing today and discover the benefits of a mindful life that can be:

- Reduced stress

- Lowered blood pressure

- Lowered heart rate

- Increased awareness, attention, and focus

- Increased clarity in thinking and perception

- Lowered anxiety levels

- Experience of being calm and internally still

- Experience of feeling connected

- Higher brain functioning

- Increased immune function

- Enhanced ability to deal with illness

- Decreased depressive symptoms

- Reduced work-related stress and psychological distress

- Improved general health and well-being

What is Mindfulness? Train your brain

change your color now

Created by Atlas Meditation - meditation


Students: 689, Price: Free

Life is full of unforeseen changes, challenges, and chaotic times. It is easy to be swept away by the seemingly endless list of chores, tasks, and deadlines that seem to pile up without you even realizing it.

This can cause you to feel rundown in your body, mind, and spirit.

There is a way to improve your life even during the most chaotic or stressful of times. Studies have shown that mindfulness is a key technique for improving your body, mind, and spirit no matter the situation, even times of chaos.

With this video guide you will learn what mindfulness is and key techniques for becoming more mindful. As a result, you will learn how to improve your entire essence during these chaotic and challenging times.

Topics covered:

  • 3 Reasons Mindfulness Helps You Grow as a Person

  • 3 Ways to be Mindful During a Chaotic Day at Work

  • 5 Reasons You Should Practice Mindfulness Today

  • How Mindfulness Improves Your Mind

  • How to Be Mindful Like a Pro in 3 Steps

  • How To Relax Your Body Through Mindfulness

  • Top 3 Mindfulness Practices For Calming The Body, Mind, And Soul

  • Top 3 Ways To Calm Your Mind Using Mindfulness

  • Top 4 Myths About Mindfulness To Stop Believing Today

  • Top 5 Ways To Become Mindful During Chaotic Times

Practical Mindfulness for Peaceful & Powerful Mind

Learn Mindfulness to ensure holistic growth in your personal & professional life.

Created by Lokesh Kumar Lakhotia - NetEdu Academy - A Edu-Tech org. focused to provide quality educational sol.


Students: 663, Price: Free

Do you wish to achieve a PEACEFUL MIND?

Do you wish to develop CONCENTRATION?

Do you wish to develop CLEAR THOUGHT PROCESS?

If any of your answer is YES, you should JOIN this COURSE.

In this course you learn the power of MINDFULNESS along with the process to practice the same in your day to day life.

Mindfulness is a age old tool which is practiced by millions of people across globe to achieve a peaceful mind, build concentration and along de-clutter mind.

Our intention while designing this program was to ensure that we keep things simple and ensure effectiveness of the content.

Just remember that it’s a continuous process and not one time task. If you practice Mindfulness on daily basis then you can expect amazing experience starting your day 1 of practice.

The power of Mindfulness increases if done at the same time and place regularly. Remember when you are traveling or having a bust day, you can do it at any time at any place. Just ensure a peaceful place to start the process.

So what are you waiting for, here is this wonderful program specially designed for you to ensure a peaceful mind for an AWESOME LIFE ahead.


Mindfulness 101

A beginner's guide to conscious & happy living.

Created by Alok Taunk - Mindfulness & Mindset Coach | Meditation Facilitator


Students: 531, Price: Free

  • Is stress hampering your efficiency?

  • Are you wanting to bring more clarity in your decision making?

  • Are you looking out for different & more productive outcomes in your life?

  • Are you looking out for more calmer & peaceful state of being?

if yes, Mindfulness is your answer !

The ‘Mindfulness 101’ course is your first step towards conscious living. This course will uncover the basic understanding of the Mindfulness wisdom along with a practical framework for integrating it in various aspects of your life.

This course also has a guided mindfulness meditation for calming the mind & achieving instant relaxation.

Integrating the science of mindfulness helps in breeding clarity in our thoughts which leads to better decision making & smarter choices. There are thousands of research studies carried out on the effects of mindfulness on our mind & body, for which the studies have been astonishing.

Globally, Mindfulness has been embraced & integrated in various aspects of life, right from schools, to college, to offices, army, even hospitals for that matter.

Mindfulness is the gateway to living a peaceful, content, productive & happy life.

Some of the benefits of practicing Mindfulness on daily basis are:

  • Stress-free & relaxed state of mind.

  • Mental clarity & better decision making.

  • Elevated awareness & attention to detail.

  • Sharper & calmer cognition.

  • Stronger immune system.

What do you get in the course?

  • 6 video lessons

  • Mindfulness framework

  • Guided meditation

  • Quizzes

Commence your Mindfulness journey now & turn your NOW into WOW!

Yoga Mindfulness Training – Level 1

Learn and use yoga mindfulness principles.

Created by Kalpana Kamat - Yoga and Meditation Teacher


Students: 512, Price: Free

Yoga philosophy is traditionally written in the form of sutras. Sutras are threads or lines of wisdom that essentially teach us how to not be controlled by our mind and emotions. There is a belief that when sage Patanjali documented these sutras, he left them open for the interpretation of their teacher; to modify them for the students of their times.  Yoga mindfulness principles are one of the key teachings of the yoga sutras.

This course trains students to be able to understand and use the yoga mindfulness principles as a part of their life as well as service offering.

Please note: the workbook included as a part of this course is mandatory and students are highly encouraged to take their time when completing the workbook to really bring the teachings into their own lives.

This course counts towards non-contact/self-study Continuous Education or Continuous Professional Development. Please check with your membership association for further details.

This course is NOT a teacher training course, it is a complimentary course for existing practitioners. It is ideally for meditation, mindfulness, reiki and yoga teachers. However, other modality practitioners may also find this course useful for their offerings.

Non-practitioners are welcome to enrol and complete this course for the purpose of their own self-study.

Mindfulness tools to start or deepen your practice

Meditations and teachings to deepen your relationship with yourself

Created by Claire Villarreal, PhD - Meditation for transformation


Students: 365, Price: Free

Do you want the benefits of meditation, but you can't get your mind to quiet down?  Don't worry, you're not alone!  This course is for everyone who wants a better relationship with the most important person in life: yourself.  Whether you want to meditate for greater productivity at work, to relax and unwind, or just to know yourself more deeply, the tools in this course can help you.

In it, you'll find:

  • Guided meditations you can download and use in daily practice

  • Stretches to help you sit comfortably on the floor

  • The difference between the outcome of meditation (e.g., a calm mind) vs. the process of training (e.g., bringing your mind back from thoughts again and again)

  • How to be gentle with yourself in each meditation session so that you enjoy practicing

  • A 70-page free publisher's preview of Mindfulness in Plain English, a classic text that takes you deep into the traditional practice of mindfulness

  • And more!

This free course is quick and easy to use, whether you're just starting to practice meditation or you've been at it a long time and just want a fresh take on topics you know well.  You can get started today on the life-long goal of developing a better relationship with yourself.