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Mindfulness Practitioner Diploma (Level I, II, III & Master)

Become certified in Mindfulness, a time-proven life discipline that enables profound personal growth and development.

Created by Kain Ramsay - Social Entrepreneur, Applied Psychology Instructor & Author


Students: 79418, Price: $129.99

Students: 79418, Price:  Paid

Mindfulness is a time-proven discipline that enables profound personal growth and improvement. Studying Mindfulness enables its learners to cultivate positive mental health and make wise decisions during times of pressure, crisis or stress.

The present moment is where you conceive your entire reality. This comprehensive Mindfulness Certificate Course (Level I, II, III & Master) will equip you with a broad toolkit of vital principles and useful methods for building an effective mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness is a particularly compelling field of study that equips its students to develop a growth-orientated mindset which is rooted in conscious self-awareness and self-control. This Mindfulness Certification course provides a useful structure for growing in self-awareness, self-discipline, social-awareness and social effectiveness.

You'll explore the three fundamental concepts of Mindfulness: awareness (both internal and external), non-judgement (of others and ourselves), and living life in the present moment (including how to quiet unhelpful thoughts and make peace past adverse experiences). You'll also receive access to activities that will help you practice these.

Many people study Mindfulness in response to feelings of stress, anxiety and tension. This Mindfulness Certificate Course will highlight how easy it is for people to yield to emotional pressures without the firm base of self-awareness that grows from learning Mindfulness.

Becoming self-aware also helps people to make wise career and business decisions. It's important to know what you want from a career, what gives you the most fulfilment and the type of work environments you will thrive in the most. In short, Mindfulness provides a robust foundation of all personal growth and professional effectiveness.

Investigating Mindfulness and learning to apply it is among the most valuable investments a person can make into their personal growth. This Mindfulness Certificate Course will guide you step-by-step in how to make Mindfulness a 'way of life' so you can receive the benefits that come from maintaining a thoughtful and unbiased perspective.

Qu) What will you learn in the Mindfulness Certificate Course?

Throughout this Mindfulness Certificate training course, you will discover;

  • What Mindfulness is, how it works, and a variety of ways to practise it.

  • How Mindfulness leads to mature self-awareness and self-discipline.

  • How to develop a whole, fully-present and influential personal presence.

  • Why Mindfulness is a powerful discipline for positively motivating people.

  • The benefits of Mindfulness, including growing resilience and improving focus.

  • How applying Mindfulness can improve mental health & general wellness.

  • How to connect with people in an authentic, genuine and congruent way.

  • How to apply Mindfulness daily and benefit from a positive outlook on life.

  • The best ways to share what you learn in this course with other people.

  • And much, much more.

The main advantage of this course is that it is tailored to suit everyone. Kain Ramsay, your instructor, teaches Mindfulness in a sincere and lighthearted manner from the perspective of Modern Applied Psychology. This unique approach makes a robust case for applying Mindfulness amid chaotic western (or eastern) 21st-century life.

The Mindfulness Practitioner Course (Level 1, 2, 3 & Master) is fitting for those who have studied Mindfulness from other teachers as well as those who are completely new but would like to practice mindfulness in their life.

The emphasis of the course is on practical application, and the training does not shy away from negative experiences in your life. By the end of the course, you will know how to exercise self-awareness on a day-to-day basis and begin developing a mindfully contemplative life. You will have a clear view of how being mindful can be a regular part of your daily living.

Mindfulness is also a valuable discipline to study for those who are passionate about positively influencing other people in a guiding, coaching, mentoring, teaching or therapeutic counselling context.

This Achology certified training course comes with over 26 hours of video-based training, and an extensive range of Mindfulness and personal growth-related resources which you can download and use on yourself or with those whom you practice Mindfulness with in the future.

The benefits of taking this course are that you can study it anytime, anywhere and also from any device. You're also protected by a full money-back guarantee - which means that you can enrol on the course today, absolutely risk-free.

There's no deadline for completing this training. You can study the course lectures around your other commitments and complete the Mindfulness Practitioner Course at your preferred pace — most students complete this training within 2-4 months.

Learn Mindfulness Meditation for a Calmer and Clearer mind

Practical mindfulness meditation course showing the method how to increase concentration and reduce stress

Created by Per Norrgren - Director of Training and founder of inMindSight


Students: 52647, Price: Free

Students: 52647, Price:  Free

Hi, I am Per Norrgren, welcome to my mindfulness course.

I first discovered mindfulness some seven years ago when attending an 8 week mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) course — and it changed my life so much that since then teaching mindfulness is my passion and a major part of my life.

I'd love to share with you the peace and the benefits that living mindfully can bring to your life.

Whilst teaching mindfulness in the traditional group setting, I have received request to provide the course in eLearning format so even if you can not make it to a group course, you can still learn mindfulness.

To this end, I created (what I think is) probably the most comprehensive eLearning course on Mindfulness you will find. I have included all my material from the traditional course and added specific audio teachings that goes well for eLearning.

NOTE! The videos and text material is optional and there if you would like to know more.  The key is to do the audio tracks.

The key is to understand how mindfulness works, what happens in the mind and what to expect, then to experience the change under guidance for your self. This removes the mystic of the guru, stops you aimlessly wonder and ponder if you do it right and also answers the questions that inevitably pops up.

This course is unique in that it includes forty individual audio tracks (divided into 8 weekly sections) where the teachings are embedded in the meditation experience. I have included a short video for each section to give you an overview of what the session aims to achieve. Start each section by watching the video.

Each section also has a short handout based on the well-known 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme. These are my own notes, thoughts and experiences collected over the years from books, lectures, international conferences, retreats and training courses. They are there to support you with additional information if you are keen to learn more about how it works. Note, they are from the actual 8 week MBSR course and therefore contain a weekly home work section etc.

This course is designed to make it easy to learn and to practice at the same time. Becoming mindful can be straightforward but most people find they need external guidance to practice effectively when they first start out. This programme provides everything you need to make your mindfulness journey as effortless as possible. It is structured as easy-to-follow audio tracks, each being ten minutes long. You have five audio tracks per week and I want you to listen to each track twice on the same day. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon/evening. You can of course listen more often if you would like.

The full programme is intended to run over eight weeks. This is important. You cannot rush mindfulness. The parts of the brain you are exercising and "re-wiring" are very old and science has shown that it takes daily practice to create a permanent change to your automatic reactions. You can repeat weeks if you like and take longer than eight weeks if you need to - the important thing is to keep practicing each day.

I teach from my own personal experience, sharing what I have learned and how I conquered my inner fear, anxiety, stress and burnout. What you learn on this course is permanent, grounded in real life experience and science, and it is very likely that it will change your life.

In doing this course, not only does it help my clients to deal with the stress in this moment, they are also maximising their chances of maintaining good mental health throughout their lives.

Wishing you a wonderful course

in peace

Per Norrgren
inMindSight - The Algarve Center for Mindfulness Research and Practice

The Complete Mindfulness Course – Enjoy Life In the Present

Mindfulness Can Be Achieved - Stress Management - Meditation - Yoga - and SelfieSpeak Programming - Live In The Present

Created by TJ Walker - BestSelling Personal Development & Habits Expert


Students: 41979, Price: $99.99

Students: 41979, Price:  Paid

The Complete Mindfulness Course - Enjoy Life In the Present

Do you want to be able to enjoy the present more? Would you like to achieve a state of mindfulness on a regular basis instead of constantly fretting over the past of the future? Personal development expert TJ Walker will teach you his innovative techniques on how to use simple cell phone technology to achieve mindfulness on a regular basis. This course is unlike any other course on mindfulness. This course is especially helpful for anyone who is easily distracted, checks email too much, has an obsession with social media or doesn't have perfect self-control.

Here is what Udemy students say about this course:

"it's a really great thing I being learned. A topic like exotic put in my head" Duong Dinh Hoa

"Practical, right to the point, no foss"  Marcel Villeneuve

"It's a wonderful course, I recommend 100%." Iyanuoluwa Olatunbosun

"The whole content until the first half is far above expectations." Michael Kirchberger

"So far audio quality is good. Presentation made by speaker also is crisp and short" Shankar

"that was fantastic, this is so much relaxing" Zain

If you are ready to start getting more mindful moments out of life on a daily basis, then please sign up for this mindfulness course now!

Everyday mindfulness

Learn how to incorporate mindful practice into your life everyday, simply and effectively.

Created by Jim Dawson - Mindfulness coach and hypnotherapist


Students: 35740, Price: Free

Students: 35740, Price:  Free

This course will teach you how you can bring mindful practice into your daily life.

Mindfulness is an incredibly effective method for combatting stress and anxiety. It will allow you to enjoy the calm of living in the present moment.

The course can be enjoyed by anybody. Whether you are completely new to mindfulness or an established practitioner there is something here for everybody. It offers an introduction to mindfulness, it outlines the benefits and provides a number of simple exercises that will help you to embed the practice.

This is not an in depth exploration. It is an introduction that will start you off on your journey into mindfulness and hopefully inspire you to develop your own practice.

A series of 6 short videos will guide you through some basic principles and teach you a number of simple techniques that you can practice in your own time. These include the importance of the breath and how to develop your awareness of your senses, bringing your attention to the present moment.

Most people lead very busy lives and the instruction within these videos aims to encourage people to bring their awareness to the present moment often. The value of prolonged sitting is not underestimated but the benefit of short, frequent practice is extremely powerful.

You will be able to complete the course in an hour but it is best to spread the videos over a number of days to allow yourself some time to practice in between. There is also a handy guide that you can download to help practice the exercises.

We are "human beings", not "human doings" or "human thinkings", allowing yourself to just be, without feeling the need to constantly do or think about something is not a waste of time. This course will help you to understand that just "being" in the present moment will help you to enjoy, experience and embrace being alive.

Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity

Learn what neuroplasticity is and how mindfulness techniques may be used to improve your life.

Created by Salvador Choussy - Certified Meditation Instructor/Teacher, Published Author


Students: 18107, Price: Free

Students: 18107, Price:  Free

The main objective of this course is that the student can understand what this ever growing trend that is Mindfulness Meditation really is.   Why is it so talked about and how come it is now recommended not only for those of us who want to learn an emotional modulation and regulation technique to become a better person and to improve the quality of our lives, but also in psychological and even clinical settings.  Also, we will be studying what neuroplasticity is and how the practices used in mindfulness may be used to produce changes both psychological and anatomical a so that your life and all-around wellbeing may improve permanently.

Complete meditation, mindfulness and mind training course

Learn the art of meditation and mastery of the mind. Bring inner peace, focus and mindfulness into your life.

Created by Michaël Bijker - Founder of "Life Awareness Project" - YogaLAP


Students: 17373, Price: $124.99

Students: 17373, Price:  Paid

The most extensive meditation and mindfulness course on Udemy.
'Awakening | Complete meditation, mindfulness and mind training course'  is an easy to follow and practical meditation course for complete beginners and advanced meditators. The course is filled with easy to follow guided meditations and theory you will get a deeper understanding of the workings of the mind and emotions and the nature of this reality.

Meditation is much more than just a relaxation practice; it is the way true and lasting inner peace and happiness. More and more scientific studies show that meditation positively impacts mental and physical health: it reduces stress; improves sleep; increases focus; heals a great variety of diseases and it even improves relationships. Live your life with more focus and attention, in a state of complete mindfulness and you will see the wonderful changes start to manifest in your life.

Therefore spiritual teacher Michaël Bijker will take you on a wonderful journey into the art of breathing; the workings of the mind and the healing of the spirit. The course is filled with enlightening guided meditation sessions and several breathing techniques and practical tools that help to calm and harmonize mind and body which will make it easier to go into a state of meditation. Breathing with mindfulness is the gateway to meditation.

There will be different types of meditation explained in this course including mindfulness meditation and Vipassana meditation. Vipassana meditation is said to be the type of meditation Guatama Buddha taught and is currently the most widely practiced technique. Most importantly you will learn in a systematic way how to do the mindfulness and meditation sessions by yourself and apply these techniques in daily life for inner-peace, health and long-lasting happiness.

Learn in a relaxed and enjoyable way the beautiful practice of meditation. Apply mindfulness in daily life to improve focus, clarity and inner wisdom and create a beautiful, healthy, and happy life for yourself and others.

(These techniques should be available for everybody, money or no money. If you have no money to do this meditation course you can send a message and we will find a solution)

Mindfulness & Meditation For Beginners – Best Course 2021!

Learn Meditation For Mindfulness, Stress Management, Less Anxiety, Improved Sleep, Resilience, Happiness, General Health

Created by Kevin Kockot, M.A. Prevention & Health Promotion - Master of Arts - Prevention & Health Promotion


Students: 13047, Price: Free

Students: 13047, Price:  Free

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I love this course. I especially love that Kevin provided mp3's so that I can meditate at any time listening to his voice. Thanks!! -  Dr. Dave Harris

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ One of the best courses I have taken on Meditation. Straight to the point. Worth investing time!!!

    Videos were awesome but instructions says to close the eyes, so during meditation practice did not get a chance to watch the videos ;)….. A big thank you to this course instructor. - Krishna M

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Started to be more aware of the tension in my shoulders and able to start releasing it with the breathing exercise - Jill Cowen

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Easy to follow, divided in short daily sessions. Good foundation for beginners. - Monica Ruda

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐An Excellent course! Video is very beautiful, your voice is soft, music is soothing! I was really enjoyed! Thank you! - Victoria Riabov

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I was able to learn to sink down into myself and really begin to understand the meditation process. I really liked the background music in this instructional video  - Tamara Crull

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐The modules are easy to understand and simple. Great practice for someone who already knows how to meditate and great startup info for someone new to the process. - Logan DeTour-Rowan

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐This course is fantastic. It is presented beautifully (lovely voice)! It goes way beyond other similar courses I've done. It's content, the concepts and the way it's put together is quite perfect. Stop hunting for the right course for you. This is it! - Buddhist Lady


Hello and welcome to “Learn to meditate in Seven Days” – My name is Kevin Kockot and I welcome you to this course!

>>> Learn Meditation for Mindfulness, Stress Management, Less anxiety, Improved sleep, Resilience, Happiness, General Health <<<



  • You want to learn to meditate and need a step by step guide? 

  • You want to take advantage of the health benefits that go with the practice?

  • You want to use a guideline that works?

If that is the case:




  • On this course I listed seven Meditations for seven days so that you are guided to get into the practice of mediation for more mindfulness

  • On that step-by-step process I will guide you to focus on your breath, the activity mind, emotions and more, so that you can fully relax and enjoy the health- benefits of the practice of meditation.

  • I also added free MP3s of the lectures to the course, so you can practice whenever you want - independently and self-determent.



  • >>> You have nothing to loose! But a lot to learn about "Mindfulness | Meditation for Beginners (Seven Days Couse)"!

  • >>> Enroll now! New insights are waiting for you!

  • >>> I am happy to meet you in this course!

If you have any questions – feel free to message me on Udemy anytime!

And now – enjoy the course! :)



PS: Thanks to  Erokia/JordanPowell - Sound Design Freesoundorg/people/Erokia/ (Commons Attribution 3.0) 

PSPS: Here a list of scientifically proven benefits of meditation:

"Clinicians should be aware that meditation programs can result in small to moderate reductions of multiple negative dimensions of psychological stress.     

                                      -  JAMA Intern Med. 2014 Mar;174(3):357-68.

"Increases in mindfulness were found to mediate the relationships between formal mindfulness practice and improvements in psychological functioning, suggesting that the practice of mindfulness meditation leads to increases in mindfulness, which in turn leads to symptom reduction and improved well-being."

                                      - Jounal of Behavioral Medicine 31(1):23-33 

"These results suggest that mindfulness training may improve attention-related behavioral responses by enhancing functioning of specific subcomponents of attention." 

                                      - Cognitive, Affective, & Behauvioral Neuroscience June 2007, Volume 7, Issue 2 pp 109–119

"Increasing evidence shows that mindfulness meditation, delivered either via MBSR or MBTI, can be successfully used for the treatment of insomnia with good patient acceptance and durable results."

                                       - Curr Opin Pulm Med. 2015 Nov;21(6):547-52. 

"Taken together, these data indicate that meditation engages multiple brain mechanisms that alter the construction of the subjectively available pain experience from afferent information."

                                       - J Neurosci. 2011 Apr 6; 31(14): 5540-5548


Mindfulness Meditation: The Science And Practice

Retrain your brain to reduce stress and improve your focus and concentration.

Created by Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D. - The Brain Lady


Students: 11500, Price: Free

Students: 11500, Price:  Free

Mindfulness meditation is a form of meditation in which you use your breath to bring your attention to the present moment. It sounds simple, but the results of Mindfulness meditation can be profound. Research at several medical institutions, including the University of Massachusetts and the University of Wisconsin, show that Mindfulness meditation can have a long-term effect on brain functioning that results in a reduction in anxiety and stress. and an increase in the ability to focus your attention.

This course includes downloadable audio files to you can use for homework and on your own after the class.

MIndfulness meditation has ancient roots in Zen buddhism, and became popular when Jon Kabat-Zinn started a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program at the University of Massachusetts in 1979. Since then it has gained in popularity.

In this course you will learn what mindfulness meditation is, and how to practice it. The course includes audio files that you can use on your own for the homework and in the future after you have finished the class.  You will also learn about the research that has been conducted on how mindfulness meditation re-trains your brain to reduce stress and increase focus. 

Here’s what you will learn:

   What mindfulness meditation is 

   How to meditate 

   How Mindfulness meditation is similar to, and different from, other forms of meditation and yoga 

   The research on the effects of Mindfulness meditation on the brain and body 

   The easiest and best ways to incorporate Mindfulness meditation into your own health and awareness routines 

The instructor, Susan Weinschenk, has a Ph.D. in Psychology, has been practicing mindfulness meditation for over 10 years, and teaches in-person workshops and 8-week long programs in mindfulness meditation.

Sign up now and get started on re-training your brain. 

Over 50,000 students have taken our online courses.

The Art of Mindfulness Meditation: Mindfulness Made Simple

Mindfulness Training System - How to Meditate Without Silencing Your Mind - Meditation Techniques for Everyone

Created by Ken Wells - Best-Selling Instructor 74,140+ Students in 182 Countries


Students: 10553, Price: $99.99

Students: 10553, Price:  Paid

Mindfulness Meditation should be a practice that anyone can benefit from. 

Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion and complication around this simple practice. This course will make it clear, simple and easy for you to practice mindfulness.

This course is about more than just how to practice mindfulness meditation. 

It's going to give you a fresh perspective on what mindfulness is and provide powerful, direct methods that will show you how to meditate deeply using mindfulness meditation

No more trying to silence your mind in order to experience deep meditation.

This is a Complete Mindfulness Meditation Course that will teach you exactly how to live more peacefully, enjoy your life more fully and experience more happiness and better health.

All with a small time investment, starting with as little as 5 minutes per day and gradually building to about 30 minutes per day.


"Very informative and well delivered, Ken is easy to listen to and very knowledgable, love the guided meditation! Thank you"

-Faye Couchman

"This course is a wonderful introduction to Mindfulness Meditation. The instructor has a tremendous gift for summary and your time will *not* be wasted. When carefully reviewed, It will become obvious that a great deal of work has gone into making this course flow well and stay tightly focused on real results. Even on the first pass through the course I've received tangible benefits. It is evident throughout this course that Ken Wells has worked very hard with the ideas presented, achieved remarkable results in return for his effort, and has a sincere desire to help 'others'. This is likely the best Mindfulness course available on Udemy."

-Brian Hicks

"Truly excellent Course . Ton of exercises and very practical ideas. What I love about the course is that the instructors makes it very clear that we can only get benefits from this material if we try and practice. Personally, I am very big on that."

-Braco Pobric

"Great content. if you just started to meditate and you are new to this practice, Ken Wells really explains wee what Mindfulness Meditation means. He explains really well and he has great material to support the course."

-Christiana Eliott

"Another great course by Ken. For new folks, I would suggest his first course, Meditation for Beginners. It introduces basic concepts and hits on the why behind meditation. This one is significantly more dense, but no less enjoyable. Kens' guided meditations are worth their weight in gold and will help you to deepen your meditation practice. Great work Ken, Thanks again."

-Wade Michels


When you watch the video above, you will understand why it's so important to practice mindfulness meditation. 

Not only for relieving stress and feeling better, but also for improving your physical health!

What will I be able to do after enrolling in this course?

  • Build Motivation for Practicing Mindfulness

  • Increase Your Concentration

  • Quiet Your "Inner Critic"

  • Experience Greater Self-Awareness

  • Overcome Negative Thinking

  • Relax Your Body at Will

  • Experience Peace of Mind Throughout Your Day

  • Overcome Negative Thinking

  • Reduce Anxiety

  • Consistently Create States of Deep Relaxation

  • Avoid Excessive Worry

  • Maintain Composure and Poise

  • Dissolve Inauthentic Aspects of Yourself

  • Deepen Your Spiritual Awareness

  • Develop a Consistent Mindfulness Practice

What will I learn?

  • "The Awakened Body Guided Meditation"

  • "The Mindful Breath Exercise"

  • The Importance of Learning In The Flow Zone

  • "The Integrative Breathing Exercise"

  • "The Breath of Life Guided Meditation"

  • "The Mindful Body Exercise"

  • "The Active Body Exercise"

  • "The Choice-less Observer Meditation"

  • “The Peaceful Mind Guided Meditation”

  • How to Escape the Prison of the Mind

  • "The Everyday Observer"

  • "The Pathless Path to The Ever-Present One Guided Meditation"

  • Dissolving All That You Are Not


This course will walk you through specifically why, what, when, where and exactly how to mindfully meditate and how to meditate deeply using easy to use mindfulness meditation techniques.

Mindfulness Meditation is the single best thing you can do for your mental, emotional & physical health.

It explains exactly how mindfulness works and how to practice mindfulness in your everyday life, giving you the ability to relax at will.

There are also Advanced Mindfulness Meditation Techniques that will help you to greatly increase the depth of your practice and enhance your Spiritual Awareness.

Why You Should Take This Course:

  1. Greater Peace & Relaxation

  2. Less Ruminative Thinking

  3. Increased Clarity of Mind

  4. Better Mental, Emotional & Physical Health

  5. More Mental Discipline

  6. Increased Concentration & Focus

  7. Enhanced Creativity

  8. Decreased Stress

  9. Increased Productivity

  10. More Self Confidence

  11. Greater Self-Awareness

  12. Greater Spiritual Awareness

  13. Reduced Stress & Anxiety

  14. More Happiness

  15. Make Less Mistakes at Work and in Your Social Life

  16. Increased Mental Strength & Mental Toughness

  17. Greater Intuition

  18. Better Organizational Skills

  19. Faster cognitive functioning

Some Questions This Course Answers:

  • Is it really worth it to practice mindfulness?

  • How do mindfulness practices work, and what are their benefits?

  • How can mindfulness benefit your work?

  • How do you practice mindfulness meditation?

  • How exactly can a person watch his or her thoughts?

  • What are the best mindfulness exercises?

  • How can I meditate in a house in a city where I hear car alarms and motorcycle noises?

  • My mind is always looking for reason to worry, why and what can I do for that?

  • Why is it so hard to meditate?

  • How does mindfulness affect the brain?

  • Why is it so hard to completely quiet one's mind during meditation?

  • How can I learn to live in the present?

  • Does mindfulness actually help to relieve stress?

  • Are the benefits of mindfulness proven scientifically?

  • Am I doing this right?

  • What are some proper mindfulness meditation techniques?

What Should I Do Now?

Give the course a chance to help you relieve stress and live more peacefully by enrolling today. Mindfulness meditation can truly change your life, it did mine. I'm looking forward to seeing you on the inside if you choose to enroll.

Mindfulness Through Meditation- A Simple Beginners Guide.

A simple step by step guide to learn the basics of meditation.

Created by Ashleigh-Jay Caines - Spiritual Teacher


Students: 8694, Price: Free

Students: 8694, Price:  Free

This course will 

teach you the basic steps to meditate and concentrate. 

Meditation is very relaxing and will help you reduce stress along with other many benefits. Have some time for yourself and relax, release and re-energise your mind, body and soul.

In this course we will start by explaining what meditation is and what the benefits are. 

You will then learn what preparation you need to do before meditating. 

Please note that meditation can make you feel drowsy so arise slowly and give yourself a few minutes after meditation to come round. 

I will teach you to concentrate on your breathing and to relax deeper. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy! 

Mind. FULL!ness to Mindfulness

Discover a more peaceful, less anxious life with better quality sleep and relationships

Created by David Colley - Scholar at Reaching Aspiration


Students: 8673, Price: Free

Students: 8673, Price:  Free

Tired of your Mind being Full. Feeling anxious, stressed and overwhelmed?

Join Sam as he goes through a series of simple exercises and mindset shifts to lead him towards a more peaceful and fulfilling life, with better quality sleep, relationships, and peace in his quest to reach his aspiration.

While mindfulness is a lifelong practice you can begin today with this course. There is a new video and exercise for the first 4 days of the week, with day 5 being for catch-up and reflection. Note this is not a course on meditation (we do recommend you start a practice), but rather a series of simple exercises that will increase your level of mindfulness.

While you may not enjoy or gain benefit from each exercise, with 12 different exercises we are confident that you will find significant benefit in taking the course.

Week 1 - Quietening the noise and negative framing - is about reducing the excessive stimulus to enable you to feel less overwhelmed and calmer.

Week 2 - Becoming more present - the exercises will enable you to train yourself to be more present in the moment.

Week 3 - Linking the conscious to the sub-conscious - allows you to be more focused and successful as you harness the connection.

These exercises are easy to repeat and we recommend either taking the whole course again from time to time, or perhaps "dipping" in to your favourites.

First preview the promo video to see if you think the course is for you!

5-Day Mindfulness for Anxiety

Reduce day-to-day worry and enjoy the here and now with this beginner's introduction to mindfulness meditation

Created by Chris Worfolk - Psychologist and software consultant


Students: 8546, Price: Free

Students: 8546, Price:  Free

Is your mind constantly being distracted by unwelcome thoughts and worries? Do you feel like it stops you enjoying the fun bits of life? Do you wish you had better focus and could enjoy the present more?

If so, this is the course for you.

This short course is perfect for anyone looking to reduce their day-to-day worrying using the scientifically-proven technique of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). You will learn about how it works and complete your first five mindfulness meditations.

Each meditation is delivered via guided audio and takes about 10 minutes.

The course is taught by Chris Worfolk, founder of the mental health charity Anxiety Leeds and author of Do More, Worry Less: Small Steps To Reduce Your Anxiety.

If you are ready to invest time in gaining a new skill and improving your wellbeing, hit "Enroll Now" to get started. I look forward to seeing you inside the course!

UPDATED: The course now includes a set of bonus meditations, based around music, to help you feel positive, breath better and wonder more.

Sounds True’s Mindfulness Practice for Joy and Compassion

Beloved Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh on Finding True Happiness and Peace Through Mindfulness

Created by Thích Nhất Hạnh - Zen master, scholar, poet, and peace activist


Students: 8140, Price: $79.99

Students: 8140, Price:  Paid

This course, taught by Thích Nhất Hạnh, a world famous Buddhist monk, poet, peace activist, and teacher, will teach you how to find happiness and access the “Kingdom of God” in the here and now.

You'll practice mindfulness techniques, including meditation and simple breathing methods, so you can concentrate fully and connect with all the life that surrounds you.

From breathing meditation to walking meditation, you'll learn how to touch the wonders of life to nourish and heal your body and reduce your suffering.

Practice Mindfulness in Your Everyday Life to Transform Your Mind and Body

  • Understand how to be mindful, whether you're simply breathing or walking
  • Learn from your past and release anxiety about your future
  • Reflect upon your connection with nature and to all life
  • Access ancient Buddhist teachings to release suffering and gain compassion

Receive Freedom, Joy, and Release from Suffering with Buddhist Teachings

As you listen to Thích Nhất Hạnh's speech, you'll begin to learn how to breathe, practice mindfulness, and release your suffering while sending compassion outwardly as well as towards yourself.

In addition to learning how to make yourself happier, you'll understand the necessity of being happy in order to serve others.

Also, in between the lectures in this course, Buddhist monks and nuns alongside Thích Nhất Hạnh will musically chant and meditate with you as you put what you're learning into practice.

Contents and Overview

This course begins with Thích Nhất Hạnh explaining how to breathe to the sound of the bell so you can come back to center and bring calmness into the mind and body.

As you breathe in and out to the sound of the bell, you can begin practicing mindfulness from the start of the course.

You'll then learn about the importance of listening with every cell of your body by breathing with the sound. As you do, you’ll bring unity into your body and mind to become fully present.

If you're dealing with difficulties, you'll understand how practicing mindfulness can bring you joy in the present, and how to embrace your suffering while moving through it.

Next, you'll learn a method for transforming suffering into healing and compassion before diving into how to acknowledge your connection to the Kingdom of God through Mother Nature.

Another aspect of mindfulness is being able to learn from the past and prepare for the future. You'll learn how being in the present can help you transform the past and remove anxiety about what’s to come.

You'll even comprehend the law of interbeing, understanding how the entire universe is reliant upon positive and negative aspects of life being connected to each other.

Thích Nhất Hạnh will then discuss mindful consumption, as taught by the Buddha. You'll know how to avoid sickness and unhappiness by only consuming things that provide you, and those you love, with health.

By the time you complete this course, you'll be aware of how to use mindfulness in your everyday life to bring more joy and compassion to yourself and everyone around you.

You'll be able to meditate, reflect, transform, and make decisions in your work and relationships that will positively impact life all over the world.

Mindfulness Life Coach Certification & Mindfulness Blueprint

Mindfulness: Complete Life Coaching Blueprint with 50+ Mindfulness Exercise & 21 Day Mindfulness & Meditation Challenge

Created by Joeel & Natalie Rivera - Top Udemy instructor with over 300,000 students


Students: 7927, Price: $129.99

Students: 7927, Price:  Paid

Students who complete this Mindfulness Certification will receive an official life coach CERTIFICATION from Transformation Academy. This course is also accredited by internationally recognized Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency (Provider No: 50134), and 15 CPD or CEU credits are available upon request. Details for how to request the official certification and optional 15 CPD/CEU credits will be provided at the end of the course.


We are top Udemy instructors in the personal development category. Our courses have been taken by over 300,000+ happy students from 195 countries.

We have a thriving community in the course and we are actively involved and answer questions within 24h.


If you are a current or aspiring life coach and you want to help your clients develop more peace of mind, mindfulness, manage their thoughts and emotions, and lead happier, healthier, more awakened lives, than this Mindfulness Certification is for you!

Studies have shown that people spend almost 50% of their daily life on autopilot, meaning that your clients are probably missing out on their life because they’re lost in thought, worry, or stress.

But the good news is that YOU can offer them one simple thing that will not only help extend their life but will help them actually experience more OF their life...

The solution is MINDFULNESS!

Mindfulness has helped transform our lives and the lives of our clients. Regardless of the niche of coaching that you focus on, mindfulness is an essential skill to add to your practice.

You see, about 50% of our daily habits are unconscious repetitive actions... Let's face it, it is hard to create change in our client when they are stuck on autopilot, living in the past or sabotaging themselves with negative self-talk and overwhelming thoughts and emotions.

In order for ANY client to effectively create lasting change and happiness, they need to learn how to take back control of their mind, emotions and decisions through mindfulness.

And, the ONLY time they can do this is when they are aware in the present moment and able to clearly observe their thoughts and emotions.

***There is a reason almost all extremely successful people and professional athletes use mindfulness and meditation techniques!***

Mindfulness and meditation are the key that unlocks self-awareness, focus, concentration, emotional self-control, clarity of thought, and the ability to make transformational change. No one can be effective if they're trapped in their monkey mind, which is constantly distracting them from their dreams and causing stress and anxiety.

The greatest gift you can give your clients is the gift of being more aware, awake, and alive in their daily life!

Not only does helping your clients develop mindfulness (including meditation) transform their lives, it's also a great tool to use as a coach, such as bring both you and your clients' full awareness into the present moment at the start of your coaching session.



<<<A Personal Note from Joeel>>>

We are passionate about teaching people to develop self-awareness and mindfulness because our ability to remain centered and focused is what has allowed us to thrive through even the most challenging parts of life. In fact, when I was sick and bed ridden for a year I used many of these mindfulness techniques to not only help my find peace but also find joy in the darkest places. In my many emergency room visits,  the doctors wondered why I would be laughing and joking around with Natalie while my body was basically shutting down. The reason was that mindfulness helped me detach from the chaos and see the light at the end of tunnel, regardless of how dim it was because we were able to focus in the moment rather than being lost in worrying thoughts. Therefore, we know the power of mindfulness and this is why we are so excited to share these tools with you!


In this course we’re giving you all the mindfulness tools and strategies we use so your can get your clients these same results.

This course is a complete life coach training program that gives you a blueprint for helping your clients develop mindfulness and meditation practices in everyday life.

It includes a 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge that contains over 50 mindfulness exercises and meditations.


As a Certified Mindfulness Life Coach you’ll be able to help your clients:

·        Master their monkey mind

·        Reduce stress and burnout

·        Manage negative emotions

·        Enjoy their life more

Your clients will learn how to:

·        Be the observer of their thoughts and emotions

·        Stop getting caught up in a runaway mind

·        Stop being overwhelmed by their emotions

·        Develop self-compassion and take back control of what and who they allow to influence them, as well as practice being more present with others.

Plus, they’ll experience all of the benefits of mindfulness. Nearly all people who are extremely successful, as well as most professional athletes, use mindfulness because study after study have shown that mindfulness increases mental clarity, reduces stress, and has powerful health benefits, including improving sleep, increased energy, and an improved immune system!

As a life coach or an aspiring life coach this course will provide:

· A proven life coaching blueprint to help your life coaching clients develop Mindfulness tools.

· A life coaching program that you can implement as a stand alone niche life coaching service or life coaching tools and skills that you can add and incorporate to any life coaching niche.

· Transformational research based mindfulness  techniques that can be used in your life coaching practice

· Essential psychological and emotional life coaching tools that will better help your personal and professional life.

· Access to a private life coaching network community with over 7,000 active life coaches from all over the world. This group is made up of life coaches that have either completed or are completing one of our life coach certification programs. This support group of life coaches is invaluable as you have a range of life coaches with past experience that share their experience and provide feedback and insights.

· Made for you handouts, exercises, and activities that you can give to your life coaching clients.

· Access to our Transformation Life Coaching Magazine

· Free listing in Transformation Life Coaching Directory

· Official Life Coaching Certification from Transformation Academy

So, who are we?

We are Joeel & Natalie Rivera, serial entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and educators. We have over a decade of experience in the field of psychology and life coaching. All of our programs are designed based on our experience in coaching, social services, psychology, and education, as well my Masters’ in Counseling and research on happiness for my dissertation for a PhD in psychology. At the time of this recording, we have over 300,000+ students from 195 countries.


**If you are interested in mindfulness, meditation, and taking the 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge but you are NOT a life coach, look for the simplified version of this course. Note: This course contains the SAME core content as the Challenge course, so you do not need to enroll in both.


Copyright ©️ Transformation Services, Inc. | All Rights Reserved


Mindfulness Meditation for Real Life

Learn how and why Mindfulness works as well as several practical exercises that may be applied in everyday situations

Created by Salvador Choussy - Certified Meditation Instructor/Teacher, Published Author


Students: 7488, Price: $24.99

Students: 7488, Price:  Paid

The main objective of this course is that students firmly understand what this ever growing trend that is Mindfulness Meditation really is.   Why is it so talked about, why has it invaded the main stream media and how come it is now recommended not only for those of us who want to learn an emotional modulation and regulation technique to become a better person and to improve the quality of our lives, but also in psychological and even clinical settings.  Why is it slowly being recognized as one of the most effective techniques to regulate and control the most popular modern disease which is stress. The main goal of this course is that you unravel the mysteries of Mindfulness meditation by debunking its myths and grasping both the science and practical knowledge that upholds its effectiveness and that you learn several meditation practices that are designed in a way that can be practiced in our day to day, normal lives.

Mindfulness for Individuals: Mindfulness and Neuroscience

Mindfulness for Everyone

Created by Enjoy TEFL - Enjoy Mindfulness


Students: 6729, Price: Free

Students: 6729, Price:  Free


Welcome to the Mindfulness Course for Individuals, and thank you for choosing us. We believe that, by the end of the course, you will really be able to feel the benefit of practising Mindfulness in your daily life. 

Mindfulness Meditation Creates Awareness:

Mindfulness is best learnt through practising meditation and understanding the science of the brain.

The course will start by teaching you how to focus your attention on breathing, using a sitting meditation, which will train you to become more aware of inner and outer experiences.

Once a person has become more aware, it will give him/her a more responsive, compassionate, clearer and wiser way to experience events. It will allow you to adapt to your changing environment. 

We will also discuss the science of Mindfulness throughout the course.

Mindfulness Creates Balance, Compassion and Perspective:

Mindfulness helps smooth out the ups and downs of daily life. It can be used as an antidote to stress, and also to improve focus. Many of us often feel overloaded or as if we are on autopilot during the day but, by using Mindfulness, you will train yourself to focus your attention, using meditation techniques to create awareness.

This awareness will give your mind space and allow you to make wiser, more rational choices, instead of emotionally reactive ones. This emotional regulation will give you a way to achieve balance, perspective and equanimity.

By using Mindfulness, you will appreciate the present moment more and reduce distractions and thoughts about the past or what's going to happen in the future, to create clarity. This will give you a sense of contentment and help you relax.

You will learn to deal with life experiences and challenges in a different way and improve health, performance and relationships.

Enjoy those wonderful little moments you sometimes miss:

The aim of the course is to introduce you to the practice of Mindfulness and give you an understanding of what Mindfulness means and what it can do, because a person who is aware of his or her mind and body will find it easier to respond to any given set of circumstances on any given day. 

We also believe that over time, with practice, you can begin to use these skills naturally throughout the day. This will allow you to be in the present more often, which will give you more positive interactions with the world and allow you to enjoy those wonderful little moments you sometimes miss.

The Science:

Mindfulness is a meditative, scientific and philosophical way of interacting with our world.

There is scientific evidence which states that Mindfulness can help change the neuroplasticity of the brain in very positive ways. We will discuss this in more detail later in the course.

These positive changes result in the improved performance of the Brain's Executive Function, the higher level of the brain, which looks after perspective taking, decision making, long-term planning and learning. 

Research also suggests that, by using Mindfulness, the brain's emotionally reactive centre, the Amygdala, which triggers the 'fight, flight, freeze' stress response, can be overridden by the conscious part of the brain which can activate the 'relaxation response' and restore balance to the mind and body.

Mindfulness can also improve relationships at work and home by increasing emotional intelligence, which results in more compassion, kindness and empathy.

Therefore, Mindfulness promotes health, performance and relationships.

Harvard and Stanford University Research:

A 2011 study, from Harvard University, showed that participants in an 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course exhibited measurable changes in the grey matter of their brains.

'The results suggest that participation in the course is associated with changes in grey matter concentration in the brain regions involved in learning and memory processes, emotional regulation, self-referential processing and perspective taking.' (1)

Another study from Stanford University showed that Mindfulness can reduce the reactive effects of the amygdala and strengthen the connections to the higher areas of the brain, which can override emotions. (2) 

Health, Performance and Relationship Benefits:

Research shows that Mindfulness practice can improve health, performance and relationships. We will discuss the positive benefits of Mindfulness throughout the course, and also present some of the scientific research behind Mindfulness, which we believe will deepen your knowledge and understanding of the subject. 

Anyone can learn Mindfulness:

Before we start the course, we would like to state that anyone has the ability to learn Mindfulness. Some people might take longer to discover the potential of Mindfulness than others but it doesn't matter.

Mindfulness is an individual, step-by-step, process because we all have different motivations for starting Mindfulness. Mindfulness is a skill that needs practice, like any other skill you will learn in your life.

One thing is for certain: by doing regular practice you will break down those unhelpful mental habits and impulses and become more aware and mindful. You will start making more rational decisions and feel more compassion for yourself and others.

Your day will go more smoothly: 

By using Mindfulness practice, your day will go much more smoothly: it will be calm and won't feel like you're in the middle of an ocean storm. It will feel like your 50,000 feet above the storm and looking down at the waves from the window of your plane.

Those waves will be just gentle ripples on the surface of a big pond. You will be seeing through mindful eyes.  

Our hope is to offer you a way to deal with life's ups and downs in a mindful way, using a combination of regular formal and informal activities to gain an authentic and natural way of living.

5. Mindfulness Practitioner Certificate Accredited [5 of 9]

Positive Psychology and Mindfulness. AND One of the Nine Prerequisites Required Positive Psychology Master Coach

Created by Braco Pobric - Internationally Recognized Positive Psychology Expert


Students: 6714, Price: $109.99

Students: 6714, Price:  Paid

This course is accredited by the internationally recognized CPD Accreditation Group (Provider No: 777313), and upon completion of this course, you will receive an official Accredited Certificate from Life Success Academy.

This course is also a part of the PPMC Program - Positive Psychology Master Coach Diploma offered exclusively for Udemy Students by Life Success Academy.

JOIN OUR > 44,000 HAPPY STUDENTS from 174 COUNTRIES who have already taken our Udemy courses and gave Mr. Pobric over 3,700 5 STAR REVIEWS!

As a Prominent Leader in Online Learning and the Authority Figure in the field of Positive Psychology, Happiness, Leadership, and Human Flourishing, Braco Pobric is actively involved in this amazing community of happier people and does his best to answer all the questions within 48 hours.

This training is a fully accredited professional program by The CPD Accreditation Group with 10 OPTIONAL CPD / CE Credit Hours. The course contains HD video content, the Entire Audio version of the program, course transcript, workbook, assignments, handouts, and supplementary resources that you can download any time and from any device.

You will also have FREE access to a private positive psychology/leadership coaching community network with over 3,000 active life coaches from all over the world and FREE one-on-one mentoring/coaching. You can be coached by one of them, our Certified Coaches, or practice mindfulness skills and receive valuable credit hours. The coaches within this network have either completed or are completing one of the Life Success Academy certification programs.
About this course:

  • FREE Full lifetime access

  • Fully Accredited CPD / CE Program by the CPD Accreditation Group

  • All future extra lectures and upgrades are always included for free

  • Regular free surprise bonuses to help you become even more mindful!

The research shows mindfulness improves our overall wellbeing, increases happiness level, improves the chance of a Life Success, helps with mental and physical health, reduces stress, helps people deal with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, even borderline personality, to name just a few.

This program is a full Mindfulness Program that includes Level 1 - 3, and it will give you a mix of research, tools, and practices. 

At the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits of mindfulness

  • Get to know the benefits of mindlessness

  • Apply habits to your mindfulness practice - connecting habits and mindfulness  

  • Learn about informal and formal meditation and mindfulness practices 

  • Apply mindfulness and meditation in your daily life

  • Learn and practice informal meditation such as mindful breathing, eating, driving, walking, waiting in line, etc. 

  • Learn How to Apply these tools to help with stress and pain 

  • Eat Mindfully 

  • Age Mindfully - Stay 20 years younger 

  • Enjoy Nature

  • Take 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

  • And much, much more...

This program is a Fully Accredited CPD / CE Program by the CPD Accreditation Group.

Our CPD provider Number is 777313

CPD / CE is beneficial for employees’ career progression and advancement. CPD research confirmed that anyone hoping to get promoted or specialize in a different area, demonstrating their learning agility and dedication to CPD / CE, can make a substantive difference. In real terms, this means that the Accredited Certificate contributes to achieving higher salaries.  

For employees, CPD / CE  helps them keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date. It also ensures that the professional standard of their qualifications and registrations is maintained. Furthermore, it contributes to their professional sense of direction. Completing CPD / CE helps build their confidence and credibility, allows them to showcase their achievements, and equips them with tools to cope positively with change.  

Within different regions, there can be different terminology used.  For example, CPD can be known as Continuing Education (CE) or Continuing Professional Education (CPE).  It is important to note that these terms are completely interchangeable with CPD and are focused on a structured approach to lifelong learning.    

Global Acceptance of the CPD Accreditation Group   

Based in the UK, the CPD Accreditation Group operates internationally and meets the CPD / CE requirements and expectations for all professional bodies, regulators, and membership organizations worldwide.  This means that a professional attending an accredited CPD / CE training activity can receive a CPD / CE Certificate of Attendance, which can then be used towards their national CPD / CE requirements.   

Due to the research undertaken by the CPD Standards Research Project with various professional bodies and regulators, the accreditation is recognized and respected internationally. Formal CPD Standards certificates are issued and accepted in a multitude of countries and across all professional sectors.  

CPD in the United States of America often uses slightly different language to describe the practice of CPD, e.g., CE – Continuing Education, CPE – Continuing Professional Education, CME – Continuing Medical Education, or CLE – Continuing Legal Education.  

Similar to the UK, there are stringent requirements for professionals to undertake CE within different sectors, with over 4000 professional bodies, institutes, and regulators across the country.   

It is a rather complex area as each of the 52 States has different CE requirements for regulated areas, e.g., lawyers in Alaska have to under 4 hours of CPD a year, whereas lawyers in Ohio have to undertake 24 hours of CE over 2 years.

For additional knowledge and tools on Positive Psychology and Habits, please check my other programs. 

Click the "take this course" button, top right, now ... Enroll NOW to become happier and more successful.

Every minute you delay is actually COSTING you...Happiness, Health, Success...

Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation Course

Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation For Beginners

Created by Libby Seery Founder of Renaissance Life Therapies - Ad.Dip.Psych, PGDip.CBT, Dip.Couns, Dip.Psych.Coach, Dip.NLP


Students: 6196, Price: $89.99

Students: 6196, Price:  Paid

We are the World’s number one provider of Self Development and Arts Therapy Courses, with more than 180,000 students in 192 countries.

Online Mindfulness Training Course

Learning to live in a mindful way will not only bring you a new found sense of joy and happiness, but it can also be used as a tool in order to overcome emotional and physical pain.

This online mindfulness training course has been created with you in mind.  It allows for a busy lifestyle and a demanding schedule, as some of the techniques can be done in less than a minute.  So if you've always wanted to learn about mindfulness and meditation, but never thought you had the time, think again!

This online mindfulness training course comes with unparalleled support from the course creator, Libby Seery, who is available 7 days a week.

During the mindfulness training course you'll learn the principles of mindfulness and how you can use it in everyday life and achieve the maximum benefits it has to offer.

Mindfulness training will teach you how to live in the here and now.  By living in the present moment, we can learn how to experience simple pleasures in a more meaningful way, and promoting a sense of contentment.

Mindfulness training also focuses on learning to become more self aware. With self awareness comes a deeper understanding and a greater appreciation of not only ourself, but of our relationships and how we view the world.

This online mindfulness training course will provide everything you need as all course materials are included as part of the course, including downloadable resources.

We also offer an exclusive support service to Udemy students.  On enrolment, you'll be given access to a fully supported learning experience which extends to personal support via email with the course creator, Libby Seery.  As previously stated, this is a bespoke service available to Udemy students only.

The course is self paced and offers you complete flexibility. Choose to study at a time and place that suits you, safe in the knowledge that help is always at hand.

Online Mindfulness Training Course Syllabus:

Section 1








Section 2








Section 3







Section 4









Section 5










Section 6






Section 7



Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Practitioner ACCREDITED

Combining Mindfulness and Cognitive Therapy to create Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy & a powerful change framework

Created by Graham Nicholls - Best Selling Instructor - Emotional & Behavioural Therapies


Students: 6037, Price: $129.99

Students: 6037, Price:  Paid

This Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Practitioner Certification course takes you into the fascinating world of combining Mindfulness with CBT, REBT and other Cognitive Therapy and Psychotherapy areas. In this fully comprehensive course you will discover how Mindfulness and Cognitive Therapy intertwine so effectively to create a therapy model that can benefit both yourself and those you work with.

Taking effective tools from the world of Mindfulness and combining them with the best tools from CBT and REBT produces a powerful framework for helping and change. Originally designed to help with recurring bouts of Depression, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy has evolved into something that can help with so much more from emotional issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, overwhelm and frustration to behavioural issues such as anger management as well as being a fantastic way to have and enjoy a better life.... a life on your terms, a mindful life!

** Please Note: This Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Practitioner Course is FULYY ACCREDITED with the Complimentary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA) and The Priority Academy is Fully Accredited as a Quality Distance Learning Provider, also with the CTAA - Membership Number: 10662322. On completion of this course you will be able to claim your Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Certificate of Accreditation from The Priority Academy and a Practitioner Accreditation Membership from the CTAA (details contained within the course).

"Mindfulness is simply being aware of what is happening right now without wishing it were different. Enjoying the pleasant without holding on when it changes (which it will) and being with the unpleasant without fearing it will always be this way (which it won't). - James Baraz

The core of working with Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy is an 8 week program of using the varying Mindfulness, Meditation and Cognitive Therapy tools to learn, grow and truly discover what living a mindful life is like. Within this course you will get that full 8 week program, including daily practices of Mindfulness, Cognitive Worksheets and Meditation.

==> Ready to jump in and get started? Hit the "Buy Now" or "Enroll Now" button and join in!

What are other students saying about this course?

  • NM - 5 Stars - "Graham is a great instructor and coach. He thinks not only about the students on here but the end-users who they’ll be coaching. He gives many resources to enable success."

  • AM - 4.5 Stars - "There is so much to learn and very valuable information to use in my practice as a Mindfulness Coach. The information is simply presented, not complicated and each lesson is not too long either. A lovely course overall"

  • AF - 5 Stars - "A fantastic course by a very motivational and passionate instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed this journey."

  • ED - 5 Stars - "So very informative and incredibly interesting, I'n really enjoying Graham and his style of teaching. I highly recommend him. I find him to be very real and honest."

  • NT - 5 Stars - "I loved Grahams passion and enthusiasm. He is a fantastic presenter and provided amazing content and resources. Thank you!"

PLUS... you will get so much more than that!

As we travel through this journey together you will discover all the tools you need to use with the 8 week mindfulness based cognitive therapy program, you'll also discover how Mindfulness and Meditation can have a powerful effect on so much of your life and the life of your clients when combined with Cognitive Therapy. As with all my courses I have included several "experience videos" so that you can fully immerse yourself in the learning, not just watching and listening but truly getting involved so that you know how it feels, sounds and looks to be working through the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy process.

"The present moment is the only time anyone has to perceive, learn, grow or change" - Jon Kabat-Zinn (generally regarded as the creator of western mindfulness)

There is a chance that you have looked at mindfulness courses already, you may have even taken one or more. You probably know that you want to help others, help yourself or even a bit of both and you are looking to learn, grow and develop your knowledge so that you can do that. The good news is you have found the right mindfulness based course for you, one where you can understand how to interact with these powerful modalities of Mindfulness and Cognitive Therapy and make them work for you and your clients.

  • PLUS - There are mindfulness and cognitive therapy worksheets and workbooks for you to download and use as you wish.

  • PLUS - There is a fully downloadable audio version of this Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course so that you can listen along and learn on the go. Contained in the audio version is, of course, all of the mindfulness breathing and meditation exercises so that you can use them for yourself or even give them to your clients.

There really is no doubt about it, this is one of the most comprehensive courses you will find on Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, at a Practitioner level, out there on the marketplace. It's time to take the opportunity that is presented to you and grab the moment... click the "Buy Now" or "Enrol Now" button and let's take this journey together. It will be my utmost pleasure to be your instructor, your guide, your coach and your mentor into this amazing world of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy.

Come and join me!

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped" - Tony Robbins   

As with all courses on Udemy, there is a full 30-day money back guarantee so if, for any reason, you do not like this Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course you can claim your refund. I am also available via the primate message system here on Udemy to answer any of your questions.

Are you ready to take your learning in the areas of mindfulness and cognitive therapy to the next level? Is it time you discovered how effective it is to combine mindfulness and cognitive therapy into a powerful framework for helping people? You are ready to push that "Buy Now" button on this mindfulness based cognitive therapy course aren't you?

It's time to make that decision, it's time to click that button...... I look forward to seeing you inside this Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course.

My Best Regards


Mindfulness | Cognitive Therapy | CBT | REBT | Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy | Psychotherapy

Freeing Ourselves With Mindfulness – with Tara Brach

Using mindfulness and meditation to heal harmful habits, attachments, and addictions

Created by Tara Brach, Ph.D. - Clinical Psychologist, Meditation Teacher, Author


Students: 5546, Price: $29.99

Students: 5546, Price:  Paid

Often when our basic needs and desires are not met, we pursue substitute gratifications. Craving and fixating on these substitute gratifications is what drives addictive and compulsive behaviors.

Overachieving, overextending ourselves, trying to check more and more things off the list: these substitutes are largely socially-accepted. Some private habits, like obsessive thinking or spending many hours every day gaming or browsing online, may go unnoticed.

Other behaviors draw more disapproval (causing us to work harder at keeping them hidden), because everyone can see the damage they do: addictions to alcohol or other substances, gambling, shopping, sex, overeating, violence, and so on.

Whichever attachments we find ourselves caught in, as long as we keep pursuing them and shaming ourselves for doing so, we can’t free ourselves in a deep way.

The good news is that the way we pay attention dramatically affects the structure of our brain and the function of our body, mind and heart. Any time an obsessive thought or a craving arises, if we can learn how to pause just long enough to attend to the feeling of it, we can step out of its trance.

Mindfulness meditation directly de-conditions habitual grasping - the “hungry ghost” syndrome – and allows us to reconnect in a healthy way with the energy of desire that makes all life possible… and joyful!

I Am In Control – CBT, Mindfulness & Neuroplasticity

Mind Mastery: Subconscious patterns, Core beliefs, Ego - Meditation for depression, anxiety & addictions - Certified

Created by Peter Torok - Teacher, Lucid Dreaming Expert


Students: 5500, Price: $99.99

Students: 5500, Price:  Paid

Updated for April 2020. This course has been ranked Best Seller in Self-development on Udemy. Certified Course.

Key words in the course: Meditation, Mindfulness, CBT, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Ego, Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity


My name is Peter Torok and I would like to welcome you to my Mind-mastery course. This combination of lectures and training was designed to let us learn how the mind really works so that we can access a higher aspect of ourselves and leave behind any undesirable ego identifications. Please check out the free previews!

Why learn about the mind?

Self-awareness training is powerful a psychological tool. There are things we all share, like our desire for love and purpose. The fundamental processes of our mind are also the same. Why do we have certain feelings and problems? Most of the philosophies say, that we are looking for the causes externally rather than looking inside. This is what modern psychology argues as well, and neuroscience, CBT, Schema therapy and mindfulness are the most effective ways thorough which we can connect to, and understand our inner self.

I have been researching the nature of the mind for over a decade, and as part of that I did a social experiment: I committed to two-years of 100% honesty in all of my interactions, no matter what the outcome may be. Imagine talking to your boss and really telling them your critical views about their work ethic, or talking to a difficult relative and pointing out everything that they are not willing to face.  -It was challenging… Why is it impossible to be 100% honest about what we say, really?

Constant evolution of Self-awareness

It is because there is a sense of self that is part of us, which reacts automatically in situations. We can call it the ego or part of the subconscious mind. In what other situation does this part react automatically? Whenever our `pain body` has control over us: when we`re suffering. 

Our automatic reactions are part of our evolved survival mechanism, however, we have evolved into social, intellectual beings, and the brain`s focus on pure survival mode is no longer beneficial for us. What`s really important is that in our everyday disagreements and power struggles with others, or when we are anxious, our subconscious sense of self that I mentioned feels as threatened as if we were still in the jungle, where a conflict with a tribe member would determine our survival. Life in society is no longer about protecting our lives from others…however the subconscious part of the brain doesn`t know this!  

These automatic reactions are the cause of most conflicts between us and others. And the same automatic reactions are the cause of our internal problems, like depression, anxiety and so on…


If we truly wish to understand our self, the root of our problems and to recognise that we have power to change anything in our life -we need to take a helicopter ride, which lifts us up from our everyday perspective and lets us take a look at ourselves from above, from the outside… to take a peak into our mind.  The aim of this course is, to gain one more layer of awareness, which enables us to recognise our automatic reactions and patterns, to enable us to choose the way we feel. To give us the ability to look at a problem or challenge and immediately focus on the solution, rather than allowing to be overpowered and pulled into negative emotion.  

Believe me, even the wisest person on Earth doesn’t have complete control over their mind. This material takes you through my personal journey through stories, psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and meditation.This training is intended to serve as a manual for the mind, and it`s for anyone who wants to take control of their life.

Mindfulness during the day may lead to a new type of awareness in our dreams too, called lucid dreaming. If you are interested, check out my 10 Day Lucid Dreaming course.

Why learn from me?

Personal - I share the story about how I use mindfulness practice & meditation for self-development, joy and healing anxieties. I demonstrate the power of introspective work through my own examples.

Expertise - I began to study the mind in 2010 because I wanted to know the psychology and the neuroscience behind my meditative states and my out of body experiences.

Experience - Over the years, I have developed my own meditation technique, which I have taught one to one and on retreats. I visited Hindu and Buddhist masters in India and Nepal. I am also a qualified teacher.

Mindfulness - I think that by today I found my passion. I like to learn about the mind and consciousness. Meditation, mindfulness, introspection and lucid dreaming have become the core part of my life. 

Community - You gain access to my Facebook community, in which you may discuss your progression with other practitioners  

Check out the free previews!

I'm confident that you'll love the course and that once you take action, you will revolutionise your self-development practice!

I hope to see you soon,



What my students said:

`It is difficult to put into words what I think about it. For me, the material was very positive. I`d like to begin with your put me in such a calm state in which I managed to shut out all outside noise. I found the things you have said very interesting and I feel that I must listen to it again. Thank you very much for sharing it with me.`   -Anett N. 

`I am grateful for the video -I have listened to it more than once. I think it is the most valuable video on the topic. I am going to listen to it many more times! Thank you very much. `  -Yvett S.T. 

"Super enthusiastic about the course. Very accessible and well structured to understand easily. Love it very much"  -Ilse


Core Practices For Living Wisely

Created by Jack Kornfield, Ph.D. - Clinical Psychologist, Meditation Teacher, Author


Students: 5347, Price: $29.99

Students: 5347, Price:  Paid

Mindfulness Meditation with Jack Kornfield is a complete course in practicing mindfulness by one of the world’s leading experts. Decades of neuroscience studies show the power of mindfulness to relieve stress, awaken our positive capacities, and bring balance to our lives. Mindfulness gives us the power to meet any situation wisely, to be fully present, and to operate with compassion. When we can look more clearly into ourselves and our life situation, new possibilities naturally open up for transforming difficulties and emerging stronger and wiser.

This comprehensive training in all the fundamental mindfulness practices is entirely accessible to everyone, from beginners to those with prior meditative experience. Rich with stories, practices, teachings and good humor, it features eight complete sessions of guided exercises in sitting meditation including mindfulness of breath, body, feelings and thoughts; walking meditation; mindful eating; compassion practice to free the heart; and connection with our deepest aspirations and intention. These guided segments are a valuable resource that can be used again and again to sustain or refresh your regular, ongoing practice.

Here is the benefit: We all know how busy and divisive modern times can be, and how easily they can fuel stress and anxiety. Mindfulness is both healing and liberating. Learning to meet our complex world and our own changing mental states with mindful loving awareness and courage allows us to find spacious, clear and healthy responses to life, rather than be caught in habitual reactions and struggle.

Mindfulness quiets the mind and heals the heart. Systematically practicing mindfulness, we can recognize and foster positive states of mind like kindness, generosity, steadiness, and love -- discovering how they are natural to us; and learn to nurture and strengthen them into a new, more gracious life of well-being.

Practical Mindfulness – Mindfulness and mindful meditation

Master the art of mindfulness and mindful meditation

Created by Greg de Vries - The Meditation Coach, Author, Speaker, Meditation Instructor


Students: 4955, Price: $39.99

Students: 4955, Price:  Paid

With Practical Mindfulness you will learn mindfulness tools to overcome limiting thoughts and behavior patterns and to live healthier, happier, and a more productive life.

Practical Mindfulness will assist you in:

  • Eliminate the effects of stress from your life for good
  • Clear and calm your mind
  • Experience freedom from emotional turmoil, anxiety and depression
  • Sleep better, wake up feeling refreshed
  • Feel more joy and happiness in your life


For over 5000 years the greatest minds in history have understood the benefits of mindfulness and mindful meditation. Mindfulness enables you to connect with your inner-self where energy, creativity and inner wellness are your natural state of being. Learn about mindfulness and how to integrate this powerful practice into your daily routine.

Greg de Vries, The Meditation Coach, has taught thousands of people to meditate over the last 15 years. Don't think that mindfulness is some complex process of clearing your mind - everything is explained and broken down so that anyone can learn mindfulness.

This course will teach you how to do the most popular type of formal and informal mindfulness including seated mindful meditation practices and informal mindful practices such as walking, eating, speaking and more. Everything is laid out for you - all you need is an open mind and a little time to dedicate to your new wellness practice.

Guided meditation and mindfulness audios are included for you to use anytime day or night.

It's time to take control of your future. What would life be like with enhanced health and confidence, better sleep, enhanced focus, concentration and memory? Its time to find out!

Enroll in Practical Mindfulness today.

Mindfulness for Busy People

Exploring the core concepts of mindfulness and presence in everyday life - both principles and practice.

Created by Vasco Patrício - The Executive Kingmaker (MIT-Backed Entrepreneur & Coach)


Students: 4848, Price: $44.99

Students: 4848, Price:  Paid

Do you wish you could be less stressed and more present?

We are so busy in our everyday lives that we rarely stop to think and be aware of our surroundings. However, this is harmful, as it prevents us from being more calm - both in terms of relaxing our body, but also quieting the internal chatter in our minds.

Especially as a busy person, that runs from one task to another, it's easy to never stop and relax, which can make you more stressed or anxious.

In this course, you are going to learn more about the fundamentals of mindfulness and its components. Elements such as presence, awareness, self-acceptance and others. All of these contribute to being more present and aware in everyday life, which has multiple beneficial consequences:
- Being less stressed and more relaxed;
- Being in better health (breathing better and being less tense);
- Being less negative and judgmental (both about events and yourself);

This course will be especially helpful to you if:
- You frequently judge yourself or don't accept certain parts of yourself;
- You still ruminate on past events and are not able to gain closure on them;
- You are frequently stressed with situations;
- You feel like you are not "present", living in a world full of distractions and escapes;

This short course will tell you both about the core principles of mindfulness, as well as some exercises to help cultivate it. By the time you're done, you will be able to cultivate a calmer, more aware, more relaxed presence.


Warning: Choose the Right Course!

This course is part of the "Mindfulness" series, containing different courses for different purposes:
- Fundamentals of Mindfulness ("generic" version);
- Mindfulness for Busy People (for people that don't have a lot of time, and have a lot to do);
- Mindfulness for IT Professionals (for coders, tech leads, others);
- Mindfulness for Executives (for entrepreneurs that need to be present for presentations and communication);
- Mindfulness for Startup Founders (for startup founders and entrepreneurs);

These courses are 50% similar (half of the course, the "base course", is the same for all, while 50% is "custom" to each situation. The "generic" version only contains the 50% that is the "base course", which is why it has a lower price.

If you're interested in another version of this series instead of this one, just search by name on the course directory or my profile.


Mindfulness Life Coach Certification Practitioner Accredited

Learn mindfulness and become a certified mindfulness life coach: therapeutic mindful personal transformation strategies

Created by Patrick Howell - Internationally Recognized Life Coach Expert Positive Psych


Students: 4094, Price: $129.99

Students: 4094, Price:  Paid

Students who complete this course are eligible to apply for a complimentary Accredited CSA Mindfulness Life Coach Certification (12-B.4  Member in Good Standing with 14 Continuing Professional Development Credit Hours). 

Accredited certificates are awarded on a 1-year basis with the option to extend or renew.

Providing you complete the course on the Udemy platform, and are approved by the CSA Application Review Team, you'll be granted permission to display your CSA Teaching credentials to both current and prospective clients.

(Provider No: 776727)


Patrick Spring Howell is recognized as a top Udemy instructor in the life coaching category (52,000 students | 172 countries).

This program includes access to a thriving community of more than 3,500 active life coaches, professionals, and personal growth enthusiasts. Together we strive to answer your questions within 24 hours.


Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others?

Do you want to benefit from exponential personal growth? 

Do you want to make money doing what you love?

Have you always wanted to step into a helping profession?


Right now is the best time to become a life coach. The life coaching industry is a $4 billion industry.  And, it is growing at an incredible pace. The American Society of Training and Development anticipates the industry to grow at a faster pace than any other service based industry.

Whether you are new to life coaching and mindfulness or a seasoned professional, this training will guide you through basic and advanced interventions to help you to transform your client's life and your own.

Never underestimate - you can be a life coach.

Help others transform, experience fulfillment, re-awaken, and discover the beauty life has to offer, reduce anxiety and stress, become emotionally healthy, and gain unwavering confidence and purpose in life.


There are multiple compulsory writing and reflection assignments within this course.  Students working toward formal certification should anticipate spending approximately 20 additional hours in self-study.  This course can easily be completed within 2-3 weeks (depending on your time commitment).  There is NO time limit for completing this course.  Once enrolled in this training, and all course materials, are yours for a lifetime.

You do NOT need to hold a current life-coaching diploma to enroll in this Mindfulness Certificate Course.  In fact, many students enroll in this Specialty Training as a reflective life tool, and for personal or family reasons.

The Mindfulness Life Coach Specialization Certificate is valid for two years from issuance and may be renewed with proof of continuing education anytime within a three-month window of expiration.  

This is a complete Specialization life coach training program led by Patrick Howell - an internationally recognized leading expert in the life coaching field, and former Dale Carnegie Training Institute, Global Leadership Coach

Offered in the course is a complimentary optional assessment. If you decide to take the optional assessment you will be required to temporarily leave the Udemy learning platform to visit a Not For Profit website.   Taking the assessment is not a requirement for the completion of this course.  If however, you choose to take the assessment, the outside provider may require an email address and/or other personal details.  Neither this training course nor it's instructional team have affiliation with the assessment provider.


★★★★★ "Absolutely brilliant course! Patrick's knowledge and insights opened up a whole new approach in how I am wanting to develop my own life coaching and meditation practice!" - Jennifer

★★★★★ "I have followed a 27-hour course on Udemy which claimed I would be a Mindfulness master practitioner after completing it. However, Patrick's 3-hour course has given my a LOT more experience, insights and valuable lessons than the course I followed earlier. There are lots of different moments to reflect and interact. Patrick also explains everything in a to the point and listener friendly way. This is the best course I've followed on Udemy thus far!! - Roel

★★★★★"I would give this course 10 stars if I could, I absolutely loved it!" - Tanya

Who is the target audience for this training?

  • This course is well-suited for the typical practitioners of Mindfulness Practices including; life coaches, therapists, counselors, teachers, social workers, pastors, organizational leaders, wellness professionals, and loving parents

  • Students searching for ways to contribute to society from within a helping profession

  • This Specialty Training is ideal for those interested in Mindful and Cognitive Behavioral Practices that are related to integrative wellness

  • Growth-seekers working towards self-actualization

  • Coaches-in-training who want to provide substantial guidance and direction to their clients

  • Wellness professionals in need of continuing education units

+In order to promote exceptional coaching practices you are advised to use this training program within the boundaries of your expertise.  The course author is not responsible for unauthorized usage of this training program.

The Mindfulness Triangle – How to teach others (microcourse)

A simple and concise micro course on understanding, experiencing and teaching mindfulness more effectively.

Created by Reuben Lowe - Founder of Mindful Creation and non-profit charity ACT On It


Students: 3717, Price: Free

Students: 3717, Price:  Free

Maybe you're curious about what The Mindfulness Triangle is?

Maybe you're looking for a simple way of learning and practicing mindfulness more effectively?

Maybe you're actually wanting to teach mindfulness?

All of the above apply. Here is a simple and easy-to-teach micro course on mindfulness. Everything is here to equip you with what you need.

There are two main sections to this micro course: Part 1 and Part 2. Both parts have a tick list at the end of them. These tick lists will guide you on exactly what you need to do to teach others.

Then we'll finish off with a simple quiz to pull everything together.

In taking part in this, you are going to benefit personally, as well as empower others, to be part of the positive change that's going on in the world, one triangle at a time!

Mindfulness for Anxiety

A gentle introduction to mindfulness, helping to reduce anxiety: now free, to support you through the COVID-19 crisis

Created by Katie Sheen - Mindfulness Teacher : Public Speaker : Presenter


Students: 3636, Price: Free

Students: 3636, Price:  Free

Do you ever suffer from anxiety? 

Do you get stuck in worrying thoughts about the past or the future? 

Would you to feel calmer, more secure, and happier?

Originally priced at £39.99, this course is now free so that more people can benefit from the content throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, regardless of their financial situation.

If you are new to the world of mindfulness and would like to know how it can help you to manage your anxiety, this course will provide you with an introductory overview that is full of ideas that you can begin to use straight away. 

Discover how mindfulness can provide strong foundations that help you gradually flourish into the peaceful, happy person that you want to be.

Practice the power of coming back to your breathing, building a core of relaxed inner strength that you can take with you into every stressful situation. 

Enjoy the liberation that mindfulness can bring by practising simple ways to free yourself of repetitive, anxious thought patterns. 

Explore the transformative power of gratitude and appreciation: a technique backed by science that draws on the combined wisdom of mindfulness and positive psychology. This section of the course is supported by our free Soul Nutrition App called "Appreciating Windowsills" that you can download on the App Store or Google Play. You could also develop a daily gratitude practice by signing up to our free "Happiness Calendar" on the Soul Nutrition website. However, neither of these free external tools are compulsory, they are simply optional extras that you could choose to enjoy in addition to all the great content that you can access and benefit from without ever leaving Udemy!

Please note that this course doesn't include any guided meditations, although the accompanying YouTube Channel (Katie Sheen Mindfulness Teacher & Speaker) contains an expanding library of meditation tracks for you to enjoy for free at any time. The course does contain some great tips on making mindfulness a daily habit that helps you discover more happiness in every day.

Mindfulness stems from Buddhism and I study in the tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, so I refer to him and other teachers who have inspired my own mindfulness practice in this course: but the material here is suitable for those of all faiths or none. Everyone is welcome!

The Definitive Guide To Mindfulness & Mindfulness Meditation

How To Use Mindfulness Meditation, Learn How To Bring Balance, Improve Sleep, Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Depression.

Created by Julian Jenkins - Psychic Medium, Healer, Teacher


Students: 3354, Price: $89.99

Students: 3354, Price:  Paid

The Definitive Guide To Mindfulness & Mindfulness Meditation

How To Use Mindfulness Meditation, Learn How To Bring Balance, Improve Sleep, Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Depression.

Learn the powerful foundations of mindfulness and mindfulness meditation to help with stress management and personal development. This simple course will take away all the myths of meditation and allow you to truly move forward even if you have the most active mind in the world.

This course has been updated with a comprehensive 14 mindfulness challenge which will truly help you to live a mindful life.

It now has over 7hrs of content and is a great teaching resource as well.

Meditation and Mindfulness isn't complicated and this easy to learn course will give you all the foundations you need to live a happy life with clarity and purpose.

Certified: This is a certified course and a personal certificate from myself will be issued at completion on request.

Mindfulness is a powerful tool to help people develop themselves, understand and work with stress, anxiety and life's super highway.

We all need to spend some times on ourselves and Mindfulness is a great gift not just to use ourselves but also the course gives you the ability to teach others.

This course will give you the foundation to build a stronger connection and relationship with yourself, allowing you to grow psychically and spirituality, but furthermore allowing you to teach others these very powerful tools to cope with everyday life, loss or anxiety or mental issues.

As always my courses are un-edited and cut through the complications and the noise of complexity to deliver in a way that will resonate with you.

I have two 5 Star reviews from Daiva & Sandra I am so pleased they have seen results and transformation and if you sign up today you can too.

Daiva Dugnaita

Really enjoyed this course thanks you Julian by helping others to connect back to ourselves and be able to understand Spiritual Mindfulness and how to work with it. Very grateful being able to do this course ??❤️

Sandra Campbell

Julian comes across as a sincere genuine person who is focussed on helping others to achieve inner peace. His voice is soothing to listen to and easy to stay connected with during his videos.

#mindfulness #spirituality #mindful #meditation

The Zen Entrepreneur: Less Stress, More Productivity & Focus

Mindfulness Meditation for Busy People (Entrepreneurs,Employees & Students) Reduce Your Stress & Boots Your Productivity

Created by Martin Georgiev - Rocket Scientist & Super-Connector


Students: 3109, Price: Free

Students: 3109, Price:  Free

  • Overall, Over 4000 Satisfied Students Enrolled in our courses
  • Overall, 200+ TOP 5 Star Reviews from very happy students
  • Over 3 hours of TV High Definition Quality Videos


Do you have a lot of stress due to your business, work or studies?

Do you feel the pressure due to all the tasks you have to perform daily?

Do you want to be able to relax and unwind in just 5 minutes?

Do you want to be able to concentrate and focus in difficult situations?

Do you want to boost your creativity to be able to come with original ideas?

Then this course is for you!!


What some students say about my courses:

''This course offers a ton of value and was presented in a compelling way... Recommended.'' - Jimmy Naraine (bestselling instructor on Udemy)

"Great course. Martin explains everything very clear and with a lot of passion. " - Joepperd D

"Outstanding. Very energetic videos that are motivating by conveying your high vibe and your easy to understand, practical content. I found lots of good advice in them that I will start to implement right away. Thank you Martin!" - Gergely Horváth

"He explains step by step not just what to fill in (and what is not needed) but also why and tips and tricks to make sure you are successful. Many of these things I never would have thought of on my own. His videos are high quality, his voice is clear, and the content is well thought out." - Michael Glasser

Look at it as a mind-training for busy that develops a peace of mind and focus that every busy person needs. The mindfulness meditation techniques that we will be covering in this course are scientifically proven to be beneficial.

Meditation should be a training that anyone can benefit from. Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion and complication around this simple practice. This course will make it clear, simple and easy for you to meditate. No spiritual woo-woo topics. Just pure practical exercises to train your mind to be relaxed, focused and creative.

This is a beginners course that will teach how to meditate properly so you can relieve anxiety & stress and experience more peace and relaxation. And the exercise will take as little as 1-5 minutes per day.

This course will walk you through specifically why, how, when, where and exactly what you need to do to master meditation.


Mindfulness for Everyone

Useful tools to help you be successful and happy

Created by Patti Marshall - Educator


Students: 2153, Price: Free

Students: 2153, Price:  Free

This is an introductory course to mindfulness. I will show you how to use mindfulness to enhance your life, be more productive, and be happier. We will cover what Mindfulness is, what Meditation is, the power of living in the present, how to become a better listener and how to manage feelings, and we will look at your "circle of control." Last, I share supports for success as you begin your journey.