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Mind Mapping Mastery –> Effective Mind Maps -> Step by Step

Mind Mapping - SMART Productivity and Memory Tool: Think Clearly, Organise, & Plan better; Study, Learn, & Recall Faster

Created by Barry Mapp - Mind Mapping, Wellness, and Learning Coach


Students: 31110, Price: $139.99

Students: 31110, Price:  Paid

Udemy's Top Selling Mind Mapping course with 30,000+ students across 173 countries and more than 3,000 reviews (with 2,000 FIve-Star ratings).

Learn effective mind mapping to enhance your career and accelerate your studies at school, university, college or business school. At the same time maximising your personal development, your goal setting and planning, the preparing and completing of assignments, and much more

The course goes BEYOND Mind Mapping itself and covers both how the memory works and how to integrate mind mapping into your daily work or study. It can help you remember and recall articles, remember OTHER E-LEARNING courses, and help prepare and revise for exams etc, etc.

Most IMPORTANTLY the course teaches you how to use mind maps to think more clearly and increase personal productivity. You’ll learn how to save time on any task that requires planning, preparation, and clarity. You'll learn the important principles of mind mapping and HOW and WHY this tool enhances learning, understanding, and memory

By following this course STEP-BY-STEP, and not trying to rush ahead, you'll ensure that you are able to maximise the effectiveness of the technique, streamline your thought processes and thereby become more productive using this brain-friendly technique

You'll be taught how to develop and use this powerful productivity tool in a unique and effective way.

Master the Skill of Mind Mapping

  • Think clearly and streamline ideas so you can express them effectively

  • Quickly organize thoughts, ideas, or goals

  • Efficiently prepare events, speeches, articles, business plans, or marketing plan

  • Enhance your Cognitive Experience

  • Learn this technique that taps into the multitasking capability of the subconscious mind.

  • Get information into your head quickly, and back out again just as fast.

  • After completing this course, you will be equipped with a thought-organizational tool that will change the way you plan. Either for business or personal use, your mental approach to issues or ideas will become fundamentally different.

Contents and Overview

  • The course starts with an overview of the purpose and structure of the course.

  • You’ll soon see why mapping is so effective.

  • The benefits of mind mapping will be illustrated clearly.

  • You will be looking over the instructor’s shoulder so you can watch how it works.

  • The course will ease you into creating your mind maps -- first through a series of guided exercises, then through open assignments pertaining to your personal goals.

  • Quizzes along the way will track your progress and ensure you’re grasping the concept.

Your verbal-numeric working memory can only juggle 3 or 4 complex ideas at any one time. Mind mapping allows you to extend this by adding spatial and visual-spatial working memory into the working memory mix.

Worth repeating: By following this course step-by-step, and not trying to rush ahead, you'll ensure that you are able to maximise the effectiveness of the technique, streamline your thought processes and thereby become more productive.

Learn to LOVE mind Mapping and use it effectively and productively ENROL NOW!

Mind Maps Basics and Learning How to Learn with Mind Mapping

You become aware of the learning with Mind Mapping and you will never be the same again after FOR A MIND

Created by Akın Kağan Akçalı - Zihin Haritalama Eğitmeni (Tony Buzan Yetkili Eğitmeni)


Students: 16227, Price: $19.99

Students: 16227, Price:  Paid

FORAMIND's purpose is to create a Learning Culture. FORAMIND education tells us for what purpose Mind Maps, which is a very effective learning and thinking technique to create this culture, are used for what purpose, and most importantly, how to use them in a fun, permanent and effective learning. It aims to gain the ability to learn to learn, which is one of the most critical skills among the skills in the 21st century.

Let's not forget that 21st century is not the age of information, it is the age of using the information. People who use information well, feed their brains with select information, and learn purposefully. They are not “information obese.”

Learning Strategies for Exam: Brain Training, Improve Memory

Learning Strategies: Mind Mapping, Improve Memory, Brain Training, Study Skills, Note Taking ,Pass Exam, Neuroscience

Created by Ina Ilie - Mind mapping, Memory Improvement, Brain Training Coach


Students: 5197, Price: $19.99

Students: 5197, Price:  Paid

The course gives SIMPLE strategies and a better understanding of how to help yourself to become a great learner.

This course will teach you how to hack your learning, reading, and memory skills, empowering you to learn anything and everything faster and more effectively.

My name is Ina Ilie and my purpose is to find the most efficient ways to learn for the exams and put our mind to work.


Because smart strategies bring better results. You could work as much, if not less, as you do now, but with more impressive results.

I am a psychopedagogist, with a master's degree in cognitive sciences, and I teach thinking skill classes to kids, teenagers, young people, and adults.

Why do I focus on exams, specifically?

Because most of the students are learning pretty much the same and I know how it feels because, a long time ago, I did exactly that. So, they procrastinate, start learning very late, cram all the info in 3 days of studying, stay up all night before the exam, get there tired and stressed out, trying to use as much of the famous photographic memory to remember where was that info on the page. Trying to survive another exam. Some do, some don't, some remember how the page with the most wanted information looked like, some get blocked, trying the whole exam to remember one tiny thing, stressed out and tired. But you are not them, you are not like that. You are looking for smart ways to learn and good results, and I am here precisely for that.

I have strategies for how to approach the exam itself, how to cope with the emotions, how to tackle subjects of various complexity. I am interested even in what is good to eat and to do the day of the exam to have an optimum experience.

But this course does much more than just help you get well through an important test. It feeds you with the best learning strategies for day to day learning, provided by years of extended research on how the human brain learns best, with not so much effort, but great efficiency. And, here and there, quite a bit of fun.

Here are some examples of what this course can inspire you with

The perfect timing for your reviews, so that they are not too much, not too little, memorization techniques, how to take efficient notes, how to train your working memory to think faster and keep ideas in mind, what are mind maps and how we can use them, how to control stress, what is Zeigarnik effect and how you can put ALL of YOUR BRAIN to work for you, not just the famous 10 percent.

So, to sum up, 3 reasons to be next to me on this one:

1. It feeds you the top and fresh information on the best learning skills

2. It gives you tips and tricks for how to deal with the exam itself, tactics and emotions, and

3. It gives you a general view on optimal sleeping, eating, exercising and thinking habits.

At the end of this class, you will have tools to memorize and learn more things in less time, you will know when is good to study and when you should take a break, when is the best time to review and what to do when there is too much to learn and you are overwhelmed.

Thank you again for taking interest in my course, I hope it can serve your purposes beautifully, and I am looking forward to knowing how it worked for you! This course gives you access to our online community. Once inside, you can ask me questions, get in touch with the others, share concerns and progress. I am here to help you enjoy the best learning experience possible, with 30 days money-back guarantee. Ready? I wait for you inside, all well!

Learning strategies, Mind mapping, Memory, Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity, Pass Exam

Dyslexia and Mind Mapping: How the BulletMap™ Method helps.

Discover how mind mapping can bring creative order to chaotic thoughts with the BulletMap Method!

Created by Darius Namdaran - Teacher, Designer and Community Worker


Students: 5112, Price: Free

Students: 5112, Price:  Free

Do you want to understand the struggles of dyslexia and use it to your advantage? Are you looking to discover new study possibilities you can use at school? Then you're in the right place! 

This is a Free course taken from a live training session with Parents of Dyslexic teens looking for practical answers. Its here for you to enrich your understanding of Mindmapping and Dyslexia. Its fast paced, media rich and interactive. It's ideal for parents exploring practical solutions for creative children to master High School work.

This course will give you basic knowledge on both mind mapping and dyslexia. We will help you learn the difference of mind mapping from other study techniques and discover why colleges and universities recommend using this skill.  Also why many dyslexia assessors recommend mind mapping as a core skill for dyslexia.

We will be looking in-depth to the daily lives of a dyslexic teenager and how parents and children can use mind mapping as an effective skill to overcome many of the challenges of High school.

This course will help you as a parent or child understand dyslexia in an imaginative way. It will also help you understand how mind mapping can be used in a way that brings focus rather than randomness and confusion.

Its not a training in the actual BulletMap™ techniques. Its here to motivate you or your child to understand how valuable it can be and understand the basics before learning the practical skills.

This course is for:

- Parents

- Creative Children and Teenagers

- People who think they may be Dyslexic

You'll learn-

- What a day in the life of Dyslexic teen can be like

- Understand challenges and advantages of Dyslexia

- How Mind mapping can be used to bring order to creative chaos

- Next possible steps in your journey of discovery.

Learn Mind Mapping Basics using MindManager (2014 version)

Be a super-productive Mind Mapper in under 2 hours.

Created by Peter Urey - Performance Coach


Students: 4732, Price: $19.99

Students: 4732, Price:  Paid

Heard about Mind Mapping but not had time to play with the software?

Feel like there must be a way to get more from your Brain?

Want to have more fun with the way you handle your work?

If so then take this course - it was designed with you in mind.

Maps marry your logical mind with your creative abilities to keep your brain more stimulated.

We have an infinite capacity for remembering images so we link graphics to ideas to boost memory.

The brain has an infinite capacity to make creative connections. Maps of your thoughts opens up linkages.

The whole or "gestalt" view relaxes the brain. Seeing the Big Picture feels like everything under control.

Using a simple scenario, making a training course, we demonstrate the features and benefits of MindJet's MindManager.

Learn by following the course with MindJet's 30 day FREE trial. Get practical experience. It takes about 2 hours to complete with three simple exercises to build your first map.

Things you will achieve:

  • See and work on all your ideas from a single screen.
  • Add graphics to your work to make it more memorable.
  • Link to websites, Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Visio for a complete view of the world without switching applications.
  • Add tasks and view them in a Project Workflow or Gantt Chart.
  • Make creative connections and brainstorm for innovative insights using prompts. if you get stuck.
  • Deliver more compelling presentations with Walk-through and Slideshow.
  • Navigate your map as it builds, search for specific elements, personalise the colours and backgrounds.
  • Share your ideas with others in a wide range of different ways.

Make the mental shift to mapping and achieve more from your most important asset - your Brain.

Mind map for Beginners. How to make learning fun and fast.

Learn to Mind Map in 2 hrs with these succinct videos. A vital 21C skill to deal with information overload.

Created by Darius Namdaran - Teacher, Designer and Community Worker


Students: 4445, Price: $44.99

Students: 4445, Price:  Paid

Learn how to mind map. This course will take you as a complete beginner with carefully crafted time lapse videos that condense the normal 6 hours to learn this valuable life long skill into 90 min. Discover how mindmapping can transform your study strategy, saving stress and time. Saving over 2 weeks revision a year. Its especially valuable for working students. You will learn why people map and how to mind map using lots of walk through and time-lapse videos.

Learn Mind Map Basics Quickly and Thoroughly Using Five Principles.

  1. Discover why people mind map.
  2. Find your mind mapping style
  3. Learn five main principles of mind mapping.
  4. Know which words to put on your branches.
  5. Draw your own mind map

Ideal foundation course for High school pupils, University students and working students.

You’ll learn how to create a mind map in a step by step fun visual way, as you watch me draw mind maps, so you can see how its done, and the variety of techniques. Its a simple immersive way to learn how to create mind map notes is with a paper and pen.

Mindmap drawing is a simple and powerful learning tool. You can create a mind map straightforwardly with this course. I will show you how the only mindmap tool you need to get started is a paper and pen. You will learn how to mindmap in five easy steps. Using this simple technique you can learn how to create a mind map in an evening.

I’ve designed this course with lots of time-lapse video of maps being drawn to make it fast and visually engaging. A lot has been fitted into this fast paced course. All the main mind mapping techniques are covered. It would probably take a 5 hour course in real life to do the same without the time-lapse videos.

Mind map technique is simple, but takes a little practice, especially selecting keywords. There are some exercises and demonstrations to show how mind mapping works in real life. Knowing what words to put on the branches is an important mind map technique that is often overlooked and needs a little practice. Its normally what trips people up with actually using mind mapping in real life. There are two videos dedicated to this typical hurdle.

The course is full of creative mind map ideas which you can do without being an artist. Its like painting by numbers or colouring in once you know the techniques. See how you don’t need to be artistic to draw a mind map.

You will learn how to draw a mind map by doing the step by step walkthrough and draw a mind map in real time.

Mind mapping is great for revision. I will show you how a basic revision mind map can save you over 60 hours revision a year for high school, university or professional development. Revision maps need a strong grasp of finding the key words to put on the branches. This is a core focus of this course. Keywords are crucial for exam revision and successful mind map revision.

This course is the foundation for how to use mind mapping for studying. Learning mind mapping as a student is the ideal way to learn the skill. Once you have it you can use it for planning a project, business mind map and mind map brainstorming.

If your a student I’m sure you will complete this course inspired and equipped with mind map ideas that will save you time and help you learn faster.

New Thinking in Life & Business > Prospering in 21st Century

Mental Models & Thought Leadership. LifeTime & Longevity Strategies. Mind Mapping as a Biz Tool + much more (Not in MBA)

Created by Barry Mapp - Mind Mapping, Wellness, and Learning Coach


Students: 4050, Price: $89.99

Students: 4050, Price:  Paid

This course is based on a number of talks given to the business and health-conscious community by the author.

The course outlines some new thinking for Business and Life Success in the 21st Century. If you are a leader, manager, or even a solopreneur this course gives you new ways to look at what you do. Many of the ideas here are deliberately provocative and thought stimulating, so if you take the course, please chip in with your own thoughts, concepts and new thinking in the discussion thread!

So, are you already a successful in your chosen career or would you like to become successful? Are you following traditional thinking and guidance about how to become a success in your chosen subject area, or are you looking for new and better ways to live your life and to do your business? 

Taken from a series of live lectures delivered by the author, the Course gets you to look differently at business that is fit for the 21st Century. Although full of insights for those working in big companies, this course is especially relevant for smaller more nimble companies (including solopreneurs and freelancers) who want to help take their business to the next ‘level’. There are also insights for anyone thinking of starting their own business and wanting to become an entrepreneur.

Although we still need to continue with many of the business processes of the past (which are not covered here) it is important to take stock and consider how new thinking, new knowledge and new skills will enhance your business longevity, wellbeing and success. The course is not about the things that lead to short-term transient success, but is about the things you need to THINK about and take ACTION on, in order to achieve long-term meaningful 'success'.

The course comprises several live recorded talks that have been delivered to various professional/networking groups in the UK and the content includes:  

  • How Premature Organisation prevents Conception

  • A Four Quadrant model of Knowledge 

  • A new approach to your 'Health Insurance'

  • Mind Mapping introduced as an important business skill

  • Expert Frame of Mind v the Learner Frame of Mind (and the fall of the expert)

  • A ‘Cash Flow Quadrant’ - to get you thinking about your personal value

  • My FIVE Knowledges for Business Success

  • The rise of the Millionaire Teachers (something to think about)

  • A different perspective about TIME (How much have you got?)

  • The importance of Sleep time, Downtime and Brain Time

SMART LEARNING -All About your Brain & Learning How to Learn

Find learning success with Learner strategies and Memory Secrets; + Mind Mapping, MindMaps, Neuroscience

Created by Barry Mapp - Mind Mapping, Wellness, and Learning Coach


Students: 3623, Price: $49.99

Students: 3623, Price:  Paid

The course gives SIMPLE strategies and a better understanding of how to help yourself or others become great learners .The course currently has a section on understanding what is likely to help and what is likely to hinder learning and a section on various strategies and techniques to help enhance learning. I also discus theories and modes about how your brain works (based on NEUROSCIENCE).

The course in its original format was designed for Parents and teachers to help the children in their care become effective learners. However it soon became clear (from the participant feedback and as further lectures were added) how helpful this course is to EVERYONE. For many of us, school actually sabotaged our natural learning abilities: so this course, whatever your age, can get your natural LEARNABILITY back on track.

So how can we best encourage our learning to be effective?

If we enjoy learning, we are 8/10ths of the way to becoming good learners and great students. However If we don't or didn't enjoy ‘school’, or college and learning is a 'chore', then we struggle. If it is us doing the ‘teaching’ and the ‘students’ are our own children for example, then unless they have our understanding, our unconditional love and our continuing support we can actually sabotage their best efforts (as this course demonstrates).

Let us not forget that Einstein was a late talker, a slow learner and did very poorly at school. Many highly successful people received poor reports at school. So whatever your age now, your performance at school is or was not a good predictor about how successful you can be. So let's take the pressure off and focus on what we do well and let's stop doing the things that hinder natural learning progress.

Our 'LEARN-ABILITY' - the ability to learn (and how good we are at it) is key to our success as human beings in the 21st Century and WE ALL HAVE IT.

As a bonus the course includes my two part  "Five Secrets of Memory" Webinar recording

Mind Mapping for Public Speaking: Plan, Rehearse, & Deliver

Confident Speaking>>Mind Maps,Mind Mapping>> Speed prepare & deliver lectures, speech or podcast. No script, No autocue

Created by Barry Mapp - Mind Mapping, Wellness, and Learning Coach


Students: 3171, Price: $89.99

Students: 3171, Price:  Paid

This short course shows you how to plan a talk, lecture, podcast or webinar in record time (what we call SMART SPEAKING). It also shows how to deliver any presentation without reading from a word-for-word script or without reading from slides or flashcards. Also during summer/autumn 2012 the course is being expanded by including I new section sharing my experience of using Mind Mapping to prepare and deliver a TED Talk

THE COURSE doesn't teach you how to do mind mapping (I've another course that does that). However the course walks you through how mind maps and the mind mapping process can be used to easily and quickly prepare, rehearse and deliver talks and speeches. For those that don't know mind mapping yet, this course is a great introduction to show you one of its greatest benefits.

In the course you'll be following a case study where you are taken, step by step, through an easy-to-use and effective process to plan, rehearse and deliver a lecture. Plus there are two short projects that give you an opportunity to put your own learning into practice.

For Mind Mappers: Do you just use mind mapping for occasional brainstorming exercises rather than to USE it everyday with practical business applications like planning and rehearsing presentations?

For Non-Mind Mappers: Have you avoided learning this technique because you can't readily see any useful practical applications? Well here is one very practical application

Speaking Skills: Can you present confidently to an audience without notes? Are you already a confident Public Speaker or do you require help?

Speaking Skills: Do you need to present effectively in front of a camera with a conversational style? Would you like to quickly construct audio recordings like podcasts for example? This course will help you become a better public speaker both to a live audience and in front of camera.

Speaking Skills: Do you need to reduce the time it takes to prepare and learn a new speech or present a new workshop?

Speaking Skills: The course shows you how to massively reduce your preparation time, overcome writers block, and if necessary memorise your talk, all using one simple technique on a single sheet of paper.

Mind-Mapping for Personal Development, Growth & Life Change

A Powerful Introduction to Utilizing Mind-maps for Self Improvement & Personal Growth - Uses Free Mind-map Software

Created by Craig Pennell - Author & Entrepreneur


Students: 2940, Price: $54.99

Students: 2940, Price:  Paid

A Uniquely Practical approach to laying Foundations for Personal Development & Self-Improvement that can Transform your Life!

It's time to begin the journey of intentional personal transformation

Get inspired as you learn to Map out your Personal Growth Strategy to help you discover what's important to you, chart your development and equip yourself to make powerful life changes.

Using free software, we will explore 7 key elements of Personal Growth and you'll learn how to bring focus and direction into this exciting process of Personal Transformation.

This is for you if:

  • You're looking for a breakthrough in your career
  • You want to start making positive changes
  • You need a turn-around in your life and don't know where to start
  • You want to discover what you're capable of and reach new heights

The 7 Pillars of Personal Development

Personal Development is much more than simply reading some motivational books.  It's a continuing process of learning, growth and change that should affect every aspect of our lives if we are to become the people we know we could be, and live the life we always dreamed of.

The problem for many is where to begin...

So laying a solid foundation and putting a plan in place is vital to see the success you desire and start living your dreams.

Using 7 key growth areas, we will explore how each of these "pillars" work together to form a Platform that we can build our lives on far into the future, all working together to help us continue to reach our full potential

How does it work?

We will use free mind-mapping software to create a framework, using an example Personal Development Plan Template, to explore the 7 Pillars in depth.  

The example ideas and resources will help an individual to develop their own unique growth Plan and build a mind-map that can serve as a tool for inspiration, organization, planning and recording progress.

I've drawn on personal experience and the wise words of others who have
walked the road of personal growth, to put together a course that can
help anyone begin the same process, define their own plan, and stay on

WARNING!  If you take action, adapt and apply what you learn through this course, it could change your life for the better.

As a BONUS, you'll get free access to an expanding online resource of tools to help you on the way, plus my eBook "Now Living Forward".

Mind Maps/ Mind Mapping for Teachers, Trainers, & Presenters

Using Mind Mapping to Plan>Rehearse >Teach brain-friendly lessons, broadcasts or webinars (Mind Maps,Memory,Mindmapping)

Created by Barry Mapp - Mind Mapping, Wellness, and Learning Coach


Students: 2903, Price: $49.99

Students: 2903, Price:  Paid

This course shows you the many potential applications for mind maps and mind mapping in the field of teaching and training. THE COURSE DOES NOT TEACH HOW TO DO MIND MAPPING (there are other courses on Udemy that do this). Instead the course is intended to show some of the many benefits of learning how to do mind mapping properly. The course is intended as an eye-opener for people in the teaching and training professions who don't realise that Mind Mapping can be such a useful technique and this course shows how Mind Mapping can be used in many different training scenarios.

On this course you’ll learn the many ways that mind mapping boosts teaching effectiveness and improves students' success

You’ll discover:

  • how mind mapping enhances teacher, trainer or presenter productivity and effectiveness

  • how mind mapping enhances the student or audience learning experience

  • how mind mapping primes students for learning, demonstrates prior knowledge, reinforces understanding and improves study and exam results

  • how mind mapping develops students' confidence, speaking skill, reading, writing and interpersonal skills

  • how mind mapping helps you assess student understanding and knowledge

  • how mind mapping enhances student and teacher memory and recall

So in summary, this course shows you the potential of mind mapping in all areas of education. It demonstrates how Mind Mapping can be used by the Teacher/Trainer in daily preparative work and in lessons. How it can be used in curriculum setting or topic overview. How it can help with goal setting, CPD, lesson planning, the lesson process, lesson review and student assessment. The course reminds us that when taught effectively mind mapping will help students, whatever their ‘learning style’, with learning and understanding, and will give them additional study and exam help (after all Mind Mapping was originally designed as a study tool) 

Mind Mapping for Coaches, Mentors and Business Consultants

An Introduction to how Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Mentoring & Consulting can benefit from Mind Mapping/Mind Maps

Created by Barry Mapp - Mind Mapping, Wellness, and Learning Coach


Students: 2175, Price: $29.99

Students: 2175, Price:  Paid

An overview of the importance of the basic principles and structure of a Mind Map and how the technique can be highly productive and useful for Coaches and Consultants giving clarity of thought, faster planning, new ways of thinking and many other benefits.

The course shows, with examples, how mind mapping can be used to improve personal effectiveness, to quickly plan, rehearse a speech or presentation and present to an audience (without traditional notes) and how the technique can be useful when working in collaboration with others. As Mind Mapping was originally developed as a study and learning tool it goes without saying that it also helps with learning new material and summarising knowledge.

Mind Mapping is not just a technique or 'tool'. It is also a Process. The process of Mind Mapping (when you follow all the principles) causes you to think more deeply about your topic, to organise in a non-linear fashion and to look and see the bigger picture,

Barry’s Briefs: Concept Map/Diagrams compared to Mind Maps

Mind Mapping & Concept Maps/Diagrams. At least 10 differences! - comparing & contrasting these two Graphic Organisers.

Created by Barry Mapp - Mind Mapping, Wellness, and Learning Coach


Students: 1869, Price: $29.99

Students: 1869, Price:  Paid

In this short course I compare and contrast Concept Diagrams (also know as Concept Maps or Conceptual Diagrams) with Buzan's Mind Mapping technique. Some teachers and trainers seem to think that Concept Maps and Mind Maps are the same thing. Both techniques are types of Graphic Organisers and although they have some similarities of purpose (to display knowledge on paper), there are many differences between the structure of the two techniques. Concept (Maps) Diagrams v Mind Mapping - what you need to know!.

Complete Mind Mapping Course: Beginner to Advanced Technique

Learn to Quickly Organize Your Thinking, Visualize Your Thoughts, & Understanding Information Faster

Created by Aisha Borel - Graphic Designer | Mind Mapping | Instructional Designer


Students: 1728, Price: $89.99

Students: 1728, Price:  Paid

What STUDENTS Are Saying About "Complete Mind Mapping Course: Beginner to Advanced Technique" ... 

"I really liked the course. I especially like the focus on being creative and not being so focused on the "perfect" technique or following rules to a 'T'." ~ Steven

"I like your way for explaining the course, Simple and fun and easy to understand." ~ Rosa

"Course was very informational and helpful. I am using these tactics for my Project Management examination. Thank you for the lectures." ~ Yahya

"Really creative and attractive course; so far so good, I am enjoying it." ~ Omar

"I liked this course, thank you for your help." ~ Edmar

"Hey!!! you will be the next super start of Udemy. The structure, delivery, style and content of this course is just PERFECT." ~ Andres

About Complete Mind Mapping Course: Beginner to Advanced Technique  Learn to Quickly Organize Your Thinking, Visualize Your Thoughts, & Understanding Information Faster


This is an ACTUAL Mind Mapping Course!!!

Unlike other Mind Mapping courses available on Udemy, this mind mapping course actually teaches you how to mind map — not mind mapping as one of many visualization strategies. 

In this mind mapping course I teach you real world mind mapping techniques in a creative, knowledgeable, simple to understand way. 

We will discuss:

  1. What is mind mapping

  2. Basic mind mapping materials and what you need to get started mind mapping right away

  3. How to create your first mind map in 5 simple steps

  4. The process of mind mapping

  5. Deconstruction of mind mapping

  6. Different types of mind mapping media including traditional mind mapping through pen and paper as well as digital mind mapping techniques

  7. Mind mapping for business communication

  8. Mind mapping lectures and ways to go from outline to mind map

  9. How to turn your task list into real world mind map

  10. Note taking and how to take better notes and increase your note taking abilities

  11. Mind mapping for writing

  12. Mind mapping for Udemy online course creation

  13. Digital forms or mind mapping as well as ways to create quick, hand-drawn mind mapping


Complete Mind Mapping Course: Beginner to Advanced Technique  Learn to Quickly Organize Your Thinking, Visualize Your Thoughts, & Understanding Information Faster

Effective mind mapping doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, increasing note taking skills, brainstorm new ideas, and captivate audience attention with storytelling methods can easily be achieved by learning how to increase your mind mapping skills. By learning specific mind mapping techniques — such as note taking, brainstorm strategies, and how to get your message across with effective storytelling is not only possible but probable when you take this course and effectively apply the mind mapping methods inside of it.

Thankfully you DON'T have to Learn Boring, Complicated, Ineffective Mind Mapping Methods to be able to reap the many benefits of mind mapping for effective note taking, brainstorm new ideas, and captivating your audience's attention with essential storytelling techniques taught inside my mind mapping course.

In this mind mapping course (Complete Mind Mapping Course: Beginner to Advanced Technique  Learn to Quickly Organize Your Thinking, Visualize Your Thoughts, & Understanding Information Faster), I teach you effective mind mapping tools you can quickly implement immediately into your life so that you can rapidly master the fine art of getting stuff done (aka. personal productivity). 

Mind mapping is for those who want to:

  1. Learn Effective Note Taking

  2. Quickly Brainstorm New Ideas

  3. Captivate Audience's Attention with Essential Storytelling Methods

  4. Increase Memory with mind mapping

  5. Take Your Note Taking to a Whole New Level with mind mapping

  6. Shorten the Time  it Takes You to Learn New Topics with mind mapping

  7. Be a Better Communicator with mind mapping

  8. Improve your Productivity and Lessen the Learning Curve with mind mapping

  9. Learn Faster and Be More Productive at Work with mind mapping

  10. And Increase Creativity through Proven Brainstorming Techniques with mind mapping

Complete Mind Mapping Course: Beginner to Advanced Technique  Learn to Quickly Organize Your Thinking, Visualize Your Thoughts, & Understanding Information Faster is specifically designed to help you: 

  1. Use Mind Mapping to Stay engaged

  2. Quickly learn the essential mind mapping tools you need, so that you can ... 

  3. Stop getting distracted by things that don't matter with mind mapping 

  4. Finally get more stuff done through simple, easy to learn, mind mapping techniques 

  5. Learn what mind mapping software is out there

Each lecture inside Complete Mind Mapping Course: Beginner to Advanced Technique  Learn to Quickly Organize Your Thinking, Visualize Your Thoughts, & Understanding Information Faster will give you an in-depth, example-filled, highly instructional, comprehensive, immersive experience into the world of Mind Mapping so that you can immediately start reaping the benefits from this powerful tool known as mind mapping.


“Mind mapping is a technique based on memory and creativity and comprehension and understanding, so when the student or a child uses the mind map, they are using their brain in the way their brain was designed to be used, and so the mind helps them in all learning and cognitive skills. It simply helps them in what the brain does naturally.” ~ TONY BUZAN / Inventor of Modern Mind Mapping

Document your thoughts like a genius – Mind mapping & Xmind

Learn how to skyrocket productivity, memory, organization and creativity using the power of mind mapping.

Created by Colin Holding - Health and wellness coach, specialized in making life easier


Students: 1004, Price: $34.99

Students: 1004, Price:  Paid

Document your thoughts like a genius.

So why the title?

Well, take a close look at people we regard as ‘genius’ characters over the centuries. The way they documented their thoughts, took notes, drew and sketched for inspiration and the format they chose when putting pen to paper had a remarkable similarity to what we now call ‘mind mapping’. Doodles, sketches, linking-lines, pictures, images, groupings, relationships; big picture and fine detail. There was less color than the classic modern day mind map, but crayons and felt tip pens were hard to come by, so the humble quill had to sufice.

This course is about mind mapping - a slightly more formalised and researched form of note taking, that has huge benefits over traditional note taking or thought documenting techniques.

Mind mapping is being adopted in schools and universities by thousands of students who find this method of note-taking to be amazingly easy and beneficial. These same students take mind mapping into their professional lives to organize, memorize, manage and communicate.

Mind mapping is extremely fast , very intuitive and amazingly easy to re-visit and understand.

Mind mapping can be used by anyone who, at any point in their daily lives, needs to make a plan, take clear and readable notes, or explain concepts or projects to others - everyone including C level executives, management consultants, project managers, engineers, writers, poets, students, designers, teachers, stay at home moms or dads.

The uses for mind maps are only limited by imagination itself. Imagine documenting one of Shakespeare's plays - the plots, sub plots, characters, major and minor - the relationship between the characters within the play and even with characters in other of the bards plays. Maybe the relevance of the storyline to a particular time in the life of Shakespeare. To document all this information in a word document for example, might end up as a book in itself. Imagine having all this information on a single sheet, radiating out from a single central topic (i.e the name of the play) - all the information at a glance - imagine using this as the tool to explain every facet of the play to a class of students for example.

Mind maps have awesome power to map, distill and convey information, and explain relationships and ideas in a way the written word cannot. We are visual beings, and a good mindmap gives us an instant picture which is far easier to understand and remember than any other method.

This course covers the theory and principles of mind mapping and then gives you an in depth look into the fantastic market leading mind mapping software XMind.

The course consists of five hours of video tutorial and supplementary materials and the occasional quiz. Depending on your time commitments, the course can be completed anywhere between a day and a few weeks.

Mind Mapping – The Complete MasterClass 4.0

Learn Mind Mapping Techniques and Formulas To Revolutionize Your Brainstorming Ability. Mind Maps Have Never Been Easier

Created by Lurnus Academy - An Innovative Educational Platform


Students: 673, Price: Free

Students: 673, Price:  Free

Mind Mapping is one of the most important skills that people can learn, unfortunately, not a lot of people know or understand how they can use mind mapping effectively nor how to create mind maps.

That's exactly why we made this course. We made this course for you! For you to learn the ins and outs of mind mapping and develop this life changing skill properly.

This course will help you get from where you are, to where you want to be... The question is, are you ready!

The Complete Mind Mapping Masterclass For Success 4.0

The Ultimate Mind Mapping Masterclass For Success In Your Private Life As Well As Your Professional Life

Created by Mayez El Merhbi - Personal Development And Transformation Expert


Students: 670, Price: Free

Students: 670, Price:  Free

To start off, let me ask you a question: What are mind maps to begin with?

Starting with the brainstorming:

We all know how important it is to brainstorm. Whether you have a school project, a product launch, a job interview, a presentation, or any type of learning material you want to emphasize or present, brainstorming is the first step to take.

You want to gather as many ideas as possible, details and information. Then you want to organize them properly, and finally, draw a guideline out of them.

It is one thing to brainstorm and have numerous ideas rushing through your head. It is another thing to put those ideas on a piece of paper, and it is an absolutely different thing to mind map those ideas.

Here is another way to look at it:

Mind mapping can be also known as “clustering ideas”. It is a way of collecting and grouping certain ideas focused on a specific topic and defined by correlated connections.

Let’s explain the concepts more:

What you will be doing, is representing those ideas visually, for your personal and interpersonal presentation and understanding. The way toward making a mind map is more creative and engaging than a standard diagram or table; the visual quality licenses clients to feature and audit key focuses effectively and more rapidly than with standard arrangements of notes.

They also encourage review, on the grounds that the relationship of thoughts reflects the manner in which the cerebrum works.

Some of the main guidelines for mind maps is that you need to avoid criticism and throw in as many ideas and thoughts as possible. You also need to expand your cognitive horizon by thinking in an exaggerated creative way. This is where originality starts. Mind maps are built around a cluster of random yet specific ideas, to be later on organized through the mind mapping process.

I’ll give you a simple metaphor of mind mapping. The idea you are trying to develop is in your mind. Once you start mind mapping, an explosion happens, a Big Bang.

At first, nothing makes sense, ideas being tossed around randomly just like atoms were tossed around randomly when the Big Bang happened.

Then what? You start organizing your ideas, coordinating the correlation, making sense out of it, this is where planets started to form, galaxies were built, the universe started to work in a coherent matter.

Then you get to the end, you finished your mind map. This is the part where life started on earth. Lastly, you need to execute, this is where revolution took place. The pinnacle of the evolution of the evolution of us, human beings, and to reflect upon mind maps, it is getting to the end result of your mind map after following the execution plan.

MindManager for Personal Productivity (Mind Mapping)

Learn how mind mapping with MindManager can help to manage and improve your productivity!

Created by Biggerplate Training - The Home of Mind Mapping!


Students: 334, Price: $19.99

Students: 334, Price:  Paid

Take control of your to-do list using MindManager!

Learn how mind mapping with MindManager can help you take control of your productivity, and manage your time and tasks more effectively.  We'll take you from basic to confident use of MindManager, working  through 4 key steps to create your own personal organiser mind map.

Biggerplate is the Home of Mind Mapping; providing Templates, Tutorials and Training to help you get more from your mind map software! The contents of this course are based on our own experience of running a global mind mapping brand for nearly 10 years, combined with the extensive learning and insights we have gathered from our worldwide mind mapper community of approximately 150,000 members! The result is a course that aims to provide you with practical guidance that is grounded in the real world, and to help show you how and why thousands of people  around the world use mind mapping software to help take control of their productivity!

XMind for Personal Productivity (Mind Mapping)

Learn how mind mapping with XMind can help to manage and improve your productivity!

Created by Biggerplate Training - The Home of Mind Mapping!


Students: 316, Price: $19.99

Students: 316, Price:  Paid

Take control of your to-do list using XMind!

Learn how mind mapping with XMind can help you take control of your productivity, and manage your time and tasks more effectively.  We'll take you from basic to confident use of XMind, working  through 4 key steps to create your own personal organiser mind map.

Biggerplate is the Home of Mind Mapping, providing Templates, Tutorials and Training to help you get more from your mind map software! The contents of this course are based on our own experience of running a global mind mapping brand for nearly 10 years, combined with the extensive learning and insights we have gathered from our worldwide mind mapper community of approximately 150,000 members! The result is a course that aims to provide you with practical guidance that is grounded in the real world, and to help show you how and why thousands of people  around the world use mind mapping software to help take control of their productivity!

Radiant Thinking: Mind Map Your Way to Success & Empowerment

Learn the extraordinary, versatile benefits of mind mapping, in an easy-to-follow and practical process.

Created by Brenton Harris - Dream Coach


Students: 77, Price: $19.99

Students: 77, Price:  Paid

Mind Mapping isn't a new concept. It is, however, a largely untapped resource that most people either skip over or think themselves incapable of utilizing.

This course will help guide you through not only the steps and uses of mind mapping, but also the elements of deeper, insightful thinking. You will learn to utilize mind mapping in order to:

  • Discover solutions for problems
  • Organize your thoughts for study and research
  • Write presentations
  • Plan events
  • And more!

With two hours of content, this course gives you both experiences and information, and it does so with enough time to keep you engaged, yet without hours of repeated, unnecessary content. It also includes downloadable mind map templates to help get you started.

This course is designed to guide you through discovering radiant thinking, learning the basics of mind map structure, and then 7 ways to use mind maps in real world situations. It also includes countless mind maps I've used for years, so you have real examples to both validate the information you're learning and to inspire you in your mind mapping endeavors!

The course will also have regularly updated bonus material, such as case studies (stories of myself and others using mind mapping in real-world situations) and bonus lessons (based on new ways I've discovered uses for mind mapping).

Strategic Business Analysis

Carefully using business analysis mind mapping to gain effective and efficient analysis

Created by Eric Yeboah - MBA/Chief Executive Officer


Students: 19, Price: $89.99

Students: 19, Price:  Paid

Business analysis can be understood as a research discipline that helps you to find the business needs and identify solutions to the business problems. These solutions may include the development of a software or system component, improvements in process, organizational changes or strategic planning and policy development. The purpose of business analysis is to identify solutions that meet the need for improvement. Business analysis process offers concepts and insights into the development of the initial framework for any project. It stores the key to guide stakeholders of a project who perform business modeling in an orderly manner.

There are some key steps involve in the business analysis process such as requirement planning and management: In this step, you need to define the tasks and resource which are associated with the planning and management of requirements. This helps you to ensure that the set of activities that are undertaking is appropriate according to the specific project. It is also important to capture changes correctly and consistently. Requirement analysis and documentation: this stage describes how stakeholder needs to analyse, structure, and specify the design and implementation of a solution. Requirement analysis helps you define the methods and tools used to structure the raw data.

Mind-mapping a Novel

How to use mind-maps to control the development of your novel

Created by Hank Quense - Author and Lecturer


Students: 17, Price: $19.99

Students: 17, Price:  Paid

The first draft of a novel needs consistency and continuity: the more the better the novel  will be. Mind-maps offer a way to gain that consistency.

  • What if you knew how to create mind-maps to ensure that consistency? And that continuity?

  • What if you had a way to make sure your characters didn’t inadvertently change in the middle of the story?

  • Imagine have a visual diagram to keep your plot on track.

  • What if you could have the synopsis of the novel displayed on a single graphic?  It could be used as a roadmap to control your first draft.

Hank Quense is the author of a number of highly regarded novels and often writes and lectures on fiction writing techniques. His non-fiction book Creating Stories has been praised by novices and published authors alike.

In this lecture series, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use mind-maps to ensure the first draft is consistent.

  • Create a mind-map depicting the character’s important traits

  • Create mind-map to ensure the plot events and turns are in sync

  • Develop a graphical synopsis of the entire story.

Get control of your first draft!  By using mind-maps! Inconstancies are difficult to root out. Learn how to prevent making them.  Grab a seat in this innovative lecture series now by clicking on the Buy Now button on the top of the page.

Introduction to Mind Mapping

Learn how to read and make hand-drawn mind maps

Created by Jayne Cormie - Founder and Managing Director - The Thinking Business


Students: 10, Price: $49.99

Students: 10, Price:  Paid

This course is a step-by-step guide on the basic principles of mind mapping. You will practice how to read a mind map and then learn how to make hand-drawn mind maps to help you to think smarter, learn faster and communicate better.

What You Will Learn:

  • What is a mind map?

  • The benefits of mind mapping

  • How to read a mind map

  • How to make mind maps

  • How to count to 10 in Japanese using mind maps as a study aid

The course features of a series of lessons consisting of video demonstrations, downloadable mind maps and text documents that you can use to make your own.

The lessons aim to inspire you with ideas about how to make your mind maps fun, creative and memorable using branch designs, shapes, colour, images and 3D.

The course also features a bonus lesson which teaches you how to count from 1 to 10 in Japanese using a mind map to study, revise and recall the information from memory.

Also, you can upload your own mind maps to the student showcase for personal feedback from me and your fellow students.

Happy Mind Mapping!