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Power BI – The Ultimate Orientation

Business Intelligence and data is here to stay. Get your Orientation to Self Service BI with Power BI

Created by Paula Guilfoyle CPA & MVP - Microsoft MVP, CPA Accountant, & Life Long Learner


Students: 66892, Price: Free

Business Intelligence and data are here to stay.  Now with Power BI by Microsoft, costs and skills are no longer a barrier to entry.

Power BI is a self service business intelligence system, and best of all, it is free for all to use. 


The aim of this course Power BI - The Ultimate Orientation is to give you a solid orientation of Power BI. First you will learn how to download and install power bi desktop.  We will have a look around the user interface and then we will start to work with some data.

Using an example data set, we will connect to both excel and cvs files and you will get an introduction of the Query editor as we do some transformation on the data.  Then we will move on to a few calculations and you will be introduced to the concept of relationships and dax. Finally in powerbi desktop we will look at the visualisations side.

After we look at visualisations in Power Bi Desktop we will move on to power Bi services.  Its in services that you will get insights, have the ability to share reports, build dashboards and connect to data packs that contains prebuilt dashboards and reports.

 We will not be looking at any of this in detail as, this course is an orientation course, designed to get you familiar and comfortable with the Power BI user interface.  The aim of the course is to get you up and running.  To show you that Power BI offers a real solution, and give you ideas of how it can be used.

Getting to Know Power BI

Answer Critical Business Questions with Power BI

Created by Gaelim Holland - Data Analyst


Students: 5298, Price: Free

If you are familiar with the field of data visualization, you would have heard of Power BI as a visualization tool. However, this is not an equal comparison since data visualization is a small part of this tool and a data analyst work. Among data professionals such as analyst, DBA, and data science. Power BI provides a more robust set of solutions around data preparation and data modeling.

This is an overview course is design to help analysts develop a working knowledge of Microsoft Power BI.  This course will cover the fundamentals of loading data, transforming data, building graphs and dashboards. The course will allow the user to create interactivity for the end-users to deliver excellent business insights through data visualizations.

Data Visualizations with POWER BI

Data Visualizations with POWER BI

Created by Rahim Zulfiqar Ali - Chief Executive Officer at Excel Basement (Private) Limited


Students: 3949, Price: Free

Visualizations (known as visuals for short) display insights that have been discovered in the data. A Power BI report might have a single page with one visual or it might have pages full of visuals. It's important to make the distinction between report designers and report consumers. If you are the person building or modifying the report, then you are a designer. Designers have edit permissions to the report and its underlying dataset. In Power BI Desktop, this means you can open the dataset in Data view and create visuals in Report view.

The Must Have Skills for Using Microsoft Power BI

Take advantage of the valuable insights hidden in your data

Created by Key Skills - Professional Course Development


Students: 813, Price: Free

Looking to take advantage of the valuable insights hidden in your data? No need to use a dedicated team, just learn the awesome capability of Power BI Top Skills, a self-service business intelligence tool. This powerful data analytics tool streamlines how your business works with data and provides better insights of the data than other analysis techniques. Course instructor John David Ariansen, an analytics expert and entrepreneur, leads you through the fundamentals to analyze data effectively. You’ll learn key skills such as importing and manipulating data, managing relationships, and creating reports so that end users find it easy to find patterns and understand the data for making better decisions. Power BI Top Skills was created from Excel, meaning if anyone can learn Excel then anyone can learn Power BI and reap the powerful analytical benefits. After watching this course, you’ll have added a forceful means of capitalizing on the data that’s waiting to go to work for you.

Learning Objectives

  • Create diagrams, bar charts and dashboards

  • Visualize data easily for better decision-making

  • How to manage and manipulate data easily

  • Create data models

  • Learn to work with DAX

  • How to transform tables and text

  • Connect to multiple data sources

About the Expert

John David Ariansen: An expert in helping organizations understand and use data. John David is the co-founder of Silvertone Analytics and teaches the data visualization capstone course for Greensboro College.

Microsoft Power BI Course for Beginners – Practical Course..

Project Oriented Course about Microsoft Power Bi -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Created by Mohammed Shahin - Certified Technical Instructor


Students: 647, Price: Free

Free Course which cover all the basics for creating a report


Power Bi is a tool which allows you to create a visual reports to interpret data, you can get a conclusion from your historical data which can help you to take a better business decision to improve from your business performance.

In this course we are going to explore different features of Power Bi tool and we will learn the workflow to create a visual report by building a solution for a certain customer requirement.

In this course we will cover the followings:

  1. Power BI Structure

  2. Power BI Installation & Overview

  3. Data Transformation

  4. Create relationships between tables.

  5. Using DAX to write some Formulas.

  6. Create Reports using multiple visuals.

  7. Sharing the report using Power BI service.

We will build a visual report for the below customer requirements:                                           

  • Orders Quantity per product name.

  • Total Quantity orders per product sub-category/product category.

  • Return Quantity per product name.

  • The territory which is having more orders.

  • The total revenue/profit for a certain time interval.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking for a practical session to learn Microsoft Power BI.

  • Data Engineers who want learn about business intelligence.

  • Students who want a comprehensive, engaging, and highly interactive approach to training

  • Anyone looking to enter data analysis or business intelligence field.

About the instructor : 

Mohammed Marwan is a Certified ILM Instructor having more than 10 years of experience in Training and Development (for both Technical and Non-Technical fields) with an excellent communication /presentation skills and developing training materials for multinational organizations.

He is delivering currently the below courses:

1- Internet of things (IoT), (Duration : 1 days)

2- Artificial Intelligence (AI), (Duration: 2 days)

3- Machine Learning using Microsoft Azure (2 days)

4- Data Science using Python (2 Days)

5- Basics of Python Programming (Duration : 3 days)

6- Advanced Python Programming (Duration : 3 days)

7- Robotics Process Automation (RPA) using UiPath (Duration : 2 days)

8- Chatbot designing using Python & Dialog flow.( Duration: 1 day)

9- Augmented Reality , (Duration: 1 days)

10- Thingworx IoT Application platform (Duration : 5 days)

11- Machine learning using Python

12- Deep learning using Python

13- Microsoft Power Bi

14- Raspberry pi mini computer