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Find the best online Microsoft Outlook Courses for you. The courses are sorted based on popularity and user ratings. We do not allow paid placements in any of our rankings. We also have a separate page listing only the Free Microsoft Outlook Courses.

Linux Alternatives to Windows Applications

Learn about the Linux Equivalents to Windows Software, Programs, and Applications.

Created by Jason Cannon - Professional system administrator, consultant, and author.


Students: 51611, Price: Free

Students: 51611, Price:  Free

If you ever wanted to try Linux, but were afraid you wouldn't be able to use your favorite software, programs, or applications, take this course.

If you have applications that you rely on every day, you want to be sure those applications or equivalent ones are available on Linux before you invest any time learning about it.

In this course you will be introduced to some of the most popular applications available for Linux. These applications allow you to browse the web, watch movies, listen to music, create presentations, and more. If you are curious about what Linux has to offer, enroll in this course today.

Bonus Video - Learn How to Install Ubuntu Linux without Overwriting Your Current OS or Losing Any Data

If you don’t have dedicated hardware to run Linux, that’s totally fine. There’s no need to buy another computer or wipe your current one just so you can take Linux out for a test drive. Using this bonus video, you will learn how to install virtualization software so you can run Linux on your current system without having to delete your current operating system or lose any of your precious data. Don’t worry — the virtualization software works on both Windows and Mac computers.

You’ll also be guided step-by-step through an installation of Ubuntu. Along the way you’ll learn the differences between installing Linux in a virtual environment and a physical environment. That way you’ll be able to install Linux anywhere you want.

Click "Start Learning Now" to discover what applications are available for the Linux Operating System.

Microsoft Outlook 2016: Beginner and Intermediate Training

Microsoft Outlook 2016 at Its Best - Boost Your Office Productivity in No Time with Outlook 2016: The #1 Outlook Course

Created by 365 Careers - Creating opportunities for Business & Finance students


Students: 15911, Price: $44.99

Students: 15911, Price:  Paid

Microsoft Outlook from Top to Bottom.

Extremely hands-on … Super useful … Remarkably engaging

Microsoft Outlook 2016: Beginners and Intermediate Training is our newest course on Udemy. It guides you through Microsoft Outlook and looks into the practical application of its numerous functionalities. The video lessons touch on several topics such as Outlook's interface, Account Management, Sending E-mails, and other Mailing functionalities. Besides that, we will discuss how to use the Calendar Manager. Finally, we will focus on how to organize multiple tasks and we will show you some tips and tricks that will improve your performance in Outlook. Specializing in these topics will have a great impact on your career because employers consider this software a necessary pre-requisite before selecting you for a given job.

A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this course.

Why is this important?

You can include the course certificate on your resume. This will be valuable confirmation indicating you are familiar with the program and that you would not need tutoring in your first days on the job.

What if you don’t own a training certificate?

Well, you simply risk being beaten by the competition.

What makes this course different from the rest of the Finance courses are out there?

  • High quality of production – Full HD video and animations (This isn’t a collection of boring lectures!)
  • Knowledgeable instructor (certified Microsoft Outlook expert with significant professional experience)
  • Bite-sized learning – Our lectures are brief and to the point. We want your attention throughout the whole course
  • Excellent support: If you don’t understand a concept, or would like to ask us a question, you’ll receive an answer within 36 hours
  • Dynamic: We don’t want to waste your time! The instructor keeps up a very good pace throughout the whole course


Please don’t forget the course comes with Udemy’s 30-day, unconditional money-back-in-full guarantee. And why not give such a guarantee, when we are convinced the course will provide a ton of value for you?

So, what are you waiting for? Click the “Take this Course” button! See you on the inside!

The Complete Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2013

Another Computer Mama Guide

Created by Elizabeth Nofs - The Computer Mama


Students: 15377, Price: Free

Students: 15377, Price:  Free

Microsoft Outlook 2013 Complete

If you wish to prepare for Microsoft Certification Exam 77-422:Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 this course will help you build the skills and knowledge you need:

  • Step-by-step video demonstrations
  • Companion eBook with 342 pages of detailed instructions
  • Sample presentations and images
  • Practice and Quizzes

All materials for this program are available online.

The following resources are available to download throughout the lessons:

  • The Complete Guide to Microsoft® Outlook 2013

With this comprehensive, performance-based certification preparation online program, you can build and validate your business computer skills using Microsoft Outlook 2013 software. You'll cover basic through advanced topics. Upon completion, you'll be prepared to earn your certification and gain an important edge in today's competitive job market.

In Microsoft Outlook, you will learn the follow business skill:

  • Design and format professional E-mail using Themes and images
  • Track and respond to messages
  • Manage the Inbox with Rules and Quick Steps
  • Create appointments, meetings and tasks
  • Plan and collaborate online

The Microsoft Outlook 2013 Certification Training Program is part of the Microsoft Business Certification program: Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS). MOS certification is the globally recognized standard for validating expertise with the Microsoft Office 2013 suite.

Students who wish to prepare for Microsoft Certification Exam 77-422:Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 will find beginning through advanced lessons that demonstrate these required MOS topics.

This course teaches the objectives for the following certification tests:
Core Certification: Pass any 1 test:
Outlook® 2013: Exam 77-423

Effective use of Outlook 2013

Save time and become more organized with better work methods and more effective use of Microsoft Outlook 2013.

Created by Ulrika Hedlund - Productivity Coach and Entrepreneur


Students: 6274, Price: $19.99

Students: 6274, Price:  Paid

Do you feel overwhelmed with the number of email you get every day? Do you wish you had a better system for taking control of your inbox? Do you wish you could learn from a professional how to effectively use Outlook to manage your email, calendar, tasks and contacts?

If so, this is the right course for you!

Many online training courses are boring to watch, we do our best to make sure our courses are as engaging as possible by using real world examples. Instead of walking through features of the product, you will learn how to use Outlook 2013 most effectively by using real life business scenarios.

By watching this course you are investing time in your professional development which will increase your productivity and help you advance in your career. Let’s get started!

Master Microsoft Outlook – Outlook from Beginner to Advanced

Learn how Microsoft Outlook can make your life more organized! (Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 & 365)

Created by Kirt Kershaw - Microsoft Certified Trainer - Training Microsoft Since 2000!


Students: 5654, Price: $94.99

Students: 5654, Price:  Paid

Microsoft Outlook All-In-One Training

This Microsoft Outlook course includes all three Levels from Beginner to Advanced

  1. Microsoft Outlook Level 1 – Beginner

  2. Microsoft Outlook Level 2 – Intermediate

  3. Microsoft Outlook Level 3 – Advanced

Material recorded with Outlook 2016 but works in 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 & 365.  MAC users, since the videos are recorded with the Windows version of Microsoft Outlook, the interface will be different - please be sure to watch the free lectures for evaluation.

As your instructor I will use my 18+ years of Outlook training and certifications including: Microsoft Office Specialist, Expert and Master Instructor: 2000, XP (2002), 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) to guide you step by step through Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels of Outlook.

At completion of this course you will have mastered the most popular Outlook tools and have the foundational skills with a sureness to complete many daily Outlook tasks with efficiency and ease.   Below are just a few of the topics that you will master:

  • Create, edit, reply, forward and recall email messages

  • Find, sort, filter and apply conditional formatting to Outlook Items

  • Meeting requests, propose new times and track replies

  • Create Voting emails, track replies and calculate their totals

  • Set workdays and times, and holidays and time zones

  • Manage task assignments, requests, ownership, updates and status reports

  • Ask, delegate and share folders and set permissions

  • Add email and digital signatures including encryption

  • Mail Merge your Contacts into form letters, labels and emails

  • and much, much, more…

Includes all the training you need to help pass the Outlook 2016 (77-731) Exam and become certified, guaranteed.

Bulk Emails | Outlook automation using Excel VBA

Automated Emails using Excel macros and Outlook

Created by Kamal Girdher - Professional Trainer and Automation Expert


Students: 3649, Price: Free

Students: 3649, Price:  Free

Learn how to send customized emails using Excel vba and outlook. You can switch email accounts in between, customize subjects, body, attach customized files, add tables, use template for body and attachments and lot of other things.

If this sounds interesting to you. Go ahead and enroll for this course.

Happy Learning!

Learn Microsoft Outlook 2013 the Easy Way – 7 Hours

Take control of your inbox with this expert led course to help you master Outlook.

Created by Simon Sez IT - 490,000+ Students | Wordwide Use 180 Countries |150+ Courses


Students: 3175, Price: $74.99

Students: 3175, Price:  Paid

Time is money. That’s why the more you get done, the more you’re worth! Includes an online quiz - to test what you've learned.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 helps you achieve more by simplifying email and contact management challenges. Used in many businesses, Outlook’s calendars, search options, contact tools, and email design features make it easy to create visually appealing messages and to keep up with everyday duties.

In our Learn Outlook 2013 video training course, you’ll learn the secrets of super-star productivity. During 7 information packed hours, our expert instructor will guide you on maximizing Outlook’s email, contacts, tasks, reminders, and calendar functions.

Learn to shave time off tasks with the preview messages in a list and custom workspace options. Utilize inline replies and Lync IM real-time chats for lightning-fast response times. Assign commands to messages by flagging and adding comments directly inside your message list. Set-up one-time or recurring appointments and upload attachments to the calendar. Keep your contact details in one central place by taking advantage of the People Card. And master the program’s Exchange and SharePoint features so you can give your team access to shared calendars and task lists.

It’s a simple way to get organized so you can start getting more stuff done!

Plus, when you sign up for our online Outlook 2013 training, you’ll also get these 4 BONUSES in addition to the 50+ online course videos:

  1. An online quiz - to test what you've learned.
  2. Downloadable & printable transcripts (over 190 searchable pages) – to give you another learning option, if you prefer reading but don’t have time to take notes.
  3. Downloadable & printable keyboard shortcuts - to help you save time and get your work done faster.
  4. A certificate of completion to tell everyone you've aced the course

So start learning today. Because being slow and disorganized isn’t going to get you a raise!

What People Are Saying:

★★★★★ “I took this course because I have to use the software at work and I knew nothing but basic receiving and sending. Now I am learning all of these wonderful features that are making my life so easier. If you know nothing about Outlook like I did, I strongly recommend this course. It has made me more productive at work." –Bernadette Henderson

 ★★★★★ “Very clear, does very well what's needed to enable using Outlook efficiently.” –Peter Nguyen

Note: All videos are high-definition and are therefore best viewed enlarged and with the HD setting on.

KnowledgeWorker Productivity Using Outlook 2010, 2013 & 2016

Learn how to effectively manage e-mails to save 1 hour a day, be fully in control of your todo's, and have less stress!

Created by Lars Axelsen - IT Area Manager


Students: 2303, Price: Free

Students: 2303, Price:  Free

NOW FREE!!!! - To celebrate the teachings and sharing of wisdom from two of my "mentors" (HBR professor Clayton M. Christensen and former GE CEO and Chairman Jack F. Welch) who both recently passed away, I have chosen to make this course free for everyone.

If you find the course useful, please consider donating a little money to your own favorite causes. Please share the knowledge from this course and point others to it so they can benefit as well!

Cheers, Lars Axelsen - Course Instructor, 2020-03-06


Do you want save up to 1 hour a day and still get the stuff done you are supposed to do, so you can go home on time?

Are you constantly worried that you forgot to do something or even drop tasks?

Do you feel stressed by e-mails and that your mailbox have taken control of your life?

A modern Time Management system should fit to you, the owner of the system, and your preferences!

A modern Time Management system should be able to accommodate different needs and taste!

A modern Time Management system should be possible to change to adapt to different job-types, job-changes, work needs, and demands!

A modern Time Management system should be a Work Management System!

A modern Time Management system should allow you to use it as a Decision Support System - making good decisions easier and faster!

This course teaches you a methodology that delivers on all of the above requirements of a modern Time Management System - this course is professional Time Management made easy!

I reveal never seen before ideas of how to use, customize, and automate Outlook in ways no one else have thought about!

It is intended for Knowledge Workers and Managers in a company or a corporate setting, it is not for handling the family e-mail account!

This course cuts to the bone by only focusing on the vital concepts, which have the most impact on your productivity. Only the techniques you need!

First, you will learn the 6 Basic Principles that are critical for making you effective. Second,  you will learn about the 7 Decisions needed to customize your system to make it natural and easy to use. Finally, you will learn about the 10 places for Automation as these will make you much more efficient.

Take action NOW, enroll in the course today and become more productive at work tomorrow! This course could be the best investment you ever made in yourself!

Essential Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the Administrator

Baseline administration, Data Management, and Customization for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Curious...

Created by Owen Scott - On-Demand Technical Training and Consulting


Students: 669, Price: Free

Students: 669, Price:  Free

This free course is a gift to the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (Sales and Service) community, delivered by Owen Scott -  a 14-year veteran of the platform.  The intention of this course is not only to introduce some of the fundamental elements of administration, including the first steps required to get started deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365, but also to provide some slightly more advanced topics, like integration with Microsoft 365, data management, how and why to use Global Option sets, field relationship mapping, and a module to walk the student through a tiny case study for the software development lifecycle of Requirements, Analysis, Design and Deployment of a simple solution within Dynamics 365.

This course is also intended to provide a community forum by one of the foremost leaders of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 community. Owen Scott has delivered Microsoft Dynamics 365 over 100 times for small businesses, and more than 30 times for the Enterprise, providing solutions for Aerospace, Manufacturing, Healthcare, State and Local Governments, Higher Education, K-12, Financial Services, Real Estate, and the Entertainment industries, just to name a few. Interaction with this course will help inform a more comprehensive course offering planned to be released within the next eight months or so. Ideas and interest in topics expressed by the students of this course will influence what we cover, so feel free to communicate with Owen during this course!

Time Management and Productivity with Microsoft Outlook

The course for busy people. Make better use of Outlook to manage your time and focus on goals that make a difference.

Created by Skilltastic - Thomas Ripplinger - Productivity coach at Udemy


Students: 119, Price: $49.99

Students: 119, Price:  Paid

Need to get more structure and focus in your work days? Want to get the most out of Microsoft Outlook?

Join senior consultant and Udemy instructor Thomas and learn how to get the important things done - and make better use of your limited time. Increase your productivity and get to know the relevant tips and tricks for Outlook - it can handle far more than just emails. The course contains 40 concise lectures with video instructions and short exercises for practical application of what you learn. This is 20+ years of practical experience and expert advice, condensed in a 2 hour course to give you the best return on your time investment.

After this course…

  • You will start the following days with your first weekly plan

  • You will focus your energy more effectively on your key goals

  • You will know the most effective ways to use Microsoft Outlook for task planning, tracking and email handling

  • You will make better use of the tool that you already have, and save time during your day-to-day activities

The course is a new and revised version of my German course for the same topic, where it quickly became a bestseller. What students say about it:

      ...great course with lots of practical takeaways
      ...very good concepts to apply
      ...thanks a lot for this great course...I will definitely apply the concepts from now on
      ...great tips

Here is what you are going to learn:

  • We'll start with a few basic principles:
    – How to derive your personal goals and key tasks - the Pareto principle
    – The Eisenhower matrix and how to use it for prioritization
    – Why todo lists are not useful for time management

  • Most successful people work based on a calendar plan:
    – We'll go through the setup procedure
    – With a few systematic steps we’ll convert your current to-do list into a calendar plan. You’ll see it can be done in minutes

  • We’ll use Microsoft Outlook (no specific version required) as a tool for our practical application
    – A great tool, totally underutilized if only used for emails
    – Make better use of the software that you already have!

  • How to use Outlook more effectively and increase your productivity
    – efficient use of the calendar functionalities 
    – how to manage tasks and reminders   
    – reduce the number of emails in your inbox via automated rules
    – set up an efficient info retrieval system based on folders and categories
    – quickly and reliably track emails and tasks

  • There will be many short exercises and tips for for putting theory into practice, beyond just using a tool
    – how to find out your personal key tasks
    – how to handle interruptions and surprises
    – tracking of tasks via sticky notes, Kanban and much more

I will guide you step by step through all relevant topics via hands-on demos.
Checklists and short exercises simplify the application, to make sure you can immediately apply what you learn.

This course is not...

  • This is not a theory-only course. We'll focus on a few fundamental principles and their practical application. I will explain what has worked for me for many years.

  • And this is not an general Outlook beginner course. Rather, we'll focus on the calendar and task tracking functionality and the application of rules and categories. Regarding time management, we'll start from scratch.


  • You'll get lecture summaries, exercises and checklists as pdf downloads

  • I'll help you with questions or problems you may have during the training exercises - just post in the Q&A section

Ready to go?

  • Enroll now and get the benefits of your improved work skills from tomorrow onwards:
    – more structure to your days
    – more results that make a difference, with less stress!
    – and more efficient use of Outlook, to save time and energy in your daily work

  • In about 2 hours you can reach the next level of your time management approach

  • Even a 2% improvement will help you save time over the next few weeks, but more than 2% is certainly possible - is there a better way to invest your time?

  • As usual with Udemy: no risk - you can return the course if you are not satisfied

  • Make sure to check out my website for downloads and special offers (see link on instructor page)

Enroll now, and see you in class!