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DA-100 certification: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI

Learn skills for Microsoft DA-100 certification using the free Power BI Desktop. Learn Power Query, DAX, M and more.

Created by Phillip Burton - Best Selling Instructor - over 350,000 students so far


Students: 25532, Price: $89.99

Students: 25532, Price:  Paid

This course covers the content required for the DA-100 certification exam, current as per the DA-100 exam update of 24 September 2021.


What do students like you say about this course?

Girma says: "This is another great course taught by the instructor – well-paced, every important aspects of Power BI are discussed in detail. I gained the real power of Power BI in this course."

Mohan says: "Another Excellent course by Mr Burton. This course can be used as a refresher , manual reference to review, understand and use Power BI tools efficiently. Explanations are very clear and crisp. Can help from Beginner to Intermediate level learning."

Andrew says: "I took a similar Power BI course through my work and I think this one is better. Highly recommend this training. I am a Lead ERP Financial Systems Analyst who worked mostly with Oracle BI tools. Company wants to go in a different direction so I am learning Power BI."


Do you already use reporting software such as Access, SSRS, Tableau or WebI? Or is this your first reporting software tool? Either way, welcome.

In this course, learn the skills that Microsoft want you to know, and add another tool to your CV, and even go for the Microsoft Power BI certification.

Power BI is one of the most requested reporting tools that are requested in the job market, and the ability to being able to use it now could be very useful for your current work, and your next job hunt.

This course comes in three parts:

Part 1 - Creating Visualizations (also known as Visualize the Data, and Analyze the Data)

We'll download and install for free Power BI Desktop. We'll start by creating our first visualizations (vizzes) and investigate the Power BI interface.

We'll look at the various visualisations available, and go through their common properties. We'll create maps, hierarchies, KPIs, guages, and all sorts of chart types.

Part 2 - Get and Transform Data (also known as Prepare the Data)

We see how data can be transformed, saving you time in analysing the data. We'll look at sorting and filtering, split columns, and other transform activities. We'll merge, append and combine queries together. We'll Pivot and Unpivot, and transform text, numbers, dates and times, and create custom columns using the M language.

Part 3 - Refining the model (also known as Model the Data)

We'll see how relationships can be made through multiple tables, and refine the data with custom columns and measures using the DAX language.

Part 4 - Power BI Service

We'll then publish our visualisations onto the Power BI Service (which you can sign up for free), and then from your reports create dashboards. With the Power BI Pro (for which you can get a free trial), you can also create workspaces and apps.

The course will take around 24 hours to complete, but completing this will enable you to create vizzes, dashboards and stories of your own, and know how to overcome common problems.

The course increases in difficulty slowly, so you'll create for instance a table or basic bar chart, then turn it into a stacked bar chart, and investigate more of their properties, step by step.

The course is fairly relaxed - there will be a few "wrong turns", so you can see what problems might arise, but every lesson works towards an end goal at a relatively slow pace, so you can follow on your own computer easily. I assume that you know how to use a computer, including installing programs, but the actual analysis will be at a basic level, and I'll introduce every component as we go on.

At the end of the course, you can download a certificate of completion, so you can show everyone your new-found skills, and be able to start creating analyses for yourselves. And if you are an American college student, you might even get college credit for passing that exam.

Microsoft Power BI Certification: DA-100 Exam Prep

Complete, hands-on guide to passing the DA-100 Power BI Exam and becoming a Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate

Created by Maven Analytics - Award-Winning Analytics & Business Intelligence Training


Students: 8891, Price: $99.99

Students: 8891, Price:  Paid

See why Maven Analytics courses are among the TOP-RATED and BEST-SELLING courses on Udemy:

"Some of the BEST courses I've ever taken. I've studied several programming languages, Excel, VBA and web dev, and Maven is among the very best I've seen!" Russ C.

"This is my fourth course from Maven Analytics and my fourth 5-star review, so I'm running out of things to say. I wish Maven was in my life earlier!" Tatsiana M.

"Excellent from start to finish. I picked up a bunch of techniques that will be useful in the workplace, from new chart templates to some very cool advanced visualizations. I loved all of it!" Robert C.

"Maven Analytics should become the new standard for all courses taught on Udemy!" Jonah M.



This course is designed to help you build the exact skills you need to ace the Microsoft DA-100 exam, guaranteed.

With hands-on projects, downloadable study guides, and a full-length practice exam, this is the ONLY course you'll need to prepare for your Power BI certification!

Throughout the course, you’ll play the role of Lead BI Analyst for Maven Cycles, a boutique cycling shop. You’ll use Power BI Desktop and Service, along with the skills you learn throughout the course, to design and build an end-to-end business intelligence solution from the ground up. We'll guide you each step of the way, with crystal clear explanations and pro tips to help you build expert-level Power BI and DAX skills.

Our project will incorporate all of the skills covered on the DA-100 Exam, including data prep, modeling, visualization, and analysis, along with deploying and maintaining reports and deliverables:

  • Data Prep: Getting Data From Different Sources

    • Connect to data sources, choose a storage mode & define data source parameters

  • Data Prep: Profiling

    • Explore the view menu & data profiling tools like column quality and distribution

  • Data Prep: Cleaning, Transforming & Loading

    • Clean data, apply table transformations, merge & append queries, and modify custom M code

  • Data Modeling 101

    • Design data models, identify keys, establish table relationships, and review model optimization tips

  • Data Modeling: DAX Calculations

    • Create calculated columns & measures with DAX, including aggregation, table, and time intelligence functions

  • Data Visualization: Creating Reports & Dashboards

    • Insert & format visuals, edit report interactions, add filters & tooltips, and create reports and dashboards

  • Data Analysis: Enhancing Reports

    • Review chart analytics options, natural language queries, filtering options, and AI visuals

  • Deploying & Maintaining Deliverables

    • Implement scheduled & incremental refresh, configure row level security, explore sharing options, and more

We’ll also walk through everything you need to know about the DA-100 certification process itself, including:

  • Exam structure & details

  • Question Types & examples

  • Measured skills

  • Exam rules & results

  • Tips for success

Finally, we'll wrap things up with a full-length practice exam, with knowledge-based and case study questions designed to mirror the actual exam experience and make sure you're ready for the real deal.

If you're ready to level-up your Power BI skills, increase your earning potential, and become a Microsoft Certified Analyst, this is the course for you!


Join today and get immediate, lifetime access to the following:

  • 7.5 hours of high-quality video

  • DA-100 Certification Prep study guide

  • Downloadable Power BI project files & solutions

  • Quizzes + full-length Practice Exam

  • Course Q&A forum

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

See you in the course!

-Aaron (Lead Power BI Instructor, Maven Analytics)

MICROSOFT POWER BI DA-100 EXAM: Advanced 2021 Practice Test

150 updated businesslike questions divided into six modules by the most relevant knowledge areas of Microsoft Power BI.

Created by Mariangela Toscano - Architect


Students: 8764, Price: $34.99

Students: 8764, Price:  Paid

Are you planning to become a Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate?

This practice test will break down all the concepts covered in the Exam DA-100, giving you real know-how about analyzing and visualizing data in the Power BI platform.

But mostly: this practice test will prepare you to deal with the design of the questions for the Exam DA-100.

This is a key point: no matter how hard you study Microsoft Power BI documentation. If you plan to get the Power BI Certification you need to work by advanced usage of Power BI platform on practical business cases. This will really measure your Data Analysis skills.

Thus, in this test, you will not find just theory questions. You will achieve a proven experience in facing businesslike issues, needed to pass the Exam DA-100, and become a Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate.

To take the exam DA-100 and, mostly, to use profitably Power BI features, you need to gain experience in six knowledge areas:

  • Microsoft DAX language;

  • Microsoft Power Query features;

  • Data Modeling in Power BI;

  • Data Visualization in Power BI;

  • Manage Publishing and Sharing Power BI contents;

  • Manage Power BI Administration settings.

Who this course is for?

Professional Data Analysts, Junior Data Analysts, and anyone who manages data. No matters what is your professional role, if you want to experience all the features provided by Microsoft Power BI: it is the current all-in-one market leader solution in Analyzing and Visualizing Data. Taking the DA-100 exam accredits you as a Microsoft Data Analyst Associate. This is an advanced career pass that certifies your skills in designing and building data models, cleaning and transforming data, and using advanced analytic capabilities to enhance data-driven strategy inside profit and no-profit organizations.

Take a look at the video introduction to get a full overview of the course.

MD-100 Windows 10 Microsoft Instructor Led Training Course

Get prepared for the MD-100 exam with instructor led labs and hands on tutorials available 24/7

Created by John Christopher - IT Engineer and Trainer for 20+ Years in the industry


Students: 7410, Price: $39.99

Students: 7410, Price:  Paid

This course is way more then the average training course on Udemy! Have access to the following:

  • Training from an instructor of over 20 years who has helped thousands on their certification journey

  • Lecture that explains the concepts in an easy to learn method for someone that is just starting out with this material

  • Instructor led hands on that can be followed even if you have little to no experience

  • Hands on tutorials that can be practiced 24/7 regardless of if you have Windows 10 in front of you

  • The hands on activities in this course will prepare you for all the lab based scenario's that show up on the MD-100 exam


  • Introduction

    1. Foundation of Microsoft Domains

    2. Foundation of RAS, DMZ, Virtualization

    3. Foundation of Microsoft Cloud Services

  • Deploying Windows

    1. Selecting the appropriate Windows Edition

    2. Windows Deployment Tools (Windows ADK, MDT, DISM, USMT, ACT, VAMT and more)

    3. Understanding Traditional Imaging

    4. Downloading and installing the Windows ADK and MDT

    5. Migrating User Data with the User State Migration Tool

    6. Understanding Windows Activation (MAK, KMS, Active Directory Based)

  • Performing Post-Installation Configuration

    1. The Settings App vs Control Panel

    2. A Foundation of Powershell

    3. Configuring Language Settings, Edge web browser, Mobile Settings, Sign-In Options and the Desktops Feature

  • Managing Devices, Data, Users and Groups

    1. Managing Devices in Active Directory

    2. Joining Windows 10 to a Microsoft Domain

    3. Creating Local users and Domain Users

    4. Creating and managing Local groups and domain groups

    5. Understanding User Profiles

  • Configuring Data Access and Protection

    1. Understanding NTFS Permissions

    2. Creating Shared folders and permissions

    3. Understanding conflicting permissions between Share and NTFS

    4. Managing Disk Quotas

  • Configuring Devices using the Registry and Group Policies

    1. Understanding the Registry in Windows 10

    2. Implementing Local Group Policies

    3. Understanding Active Directory Group Policy Objects

    4. Troubleshooting Policies

  • Managing Windows Security

    1. Configuring the User Account Control (UAC)

    2. Configuring the Windows Defender Firewall

    3. Implementing Encrypting File System (EFS)

    4. Implementing Bitlocker Encryption

  • Configuring Connectivity

    1. Understanding TCP/IP

    2. Configuring the TCP/IP settings on Windows 10

    3. Setting the Proxy Server settings on Windows 10

    4. Understanding WiFi

    5. Configuring the WiFi settings on Windows 10

    6. Troubleshooting connectivity using commands (Ipconfig, Ping, Tracert, Pathping, Netstat, Nslookup)

  • Remote Connectivity

    1. Understanding and creating a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection in Windows 10

    2. Powershell Remoting

    3. Remote Desktop, Remote Assistance, and Quick Assist

  • Managing Windows Updates

    1. Selecting the appropriate Update Servicing Channel

    2. Understanding the Windows Update Settings

    3. Understanding the different methods of providing updates to your environment

  • Monitoring and Managing Windows

    1. Understanding and Configuring the Windows Event Log

    2. Utilizing the Windows Monitoring Tools

MD-101 Microsoft Modern Desktop Admin Instructor Led Course

Get prepared for the MD-101 exam with instructor led labs and gain experience from actually practicing what you learn!

Created by John Christopher - IT Engineer and Trainer for 20+ Years in the industry


Students: 6573, Price: $39.99

Students: 6573, Price:  Paid

We really hope you'll agree, this training is way more then the average course on Udemy!

Have access to the following:

  • Training from an instructor of over 20 years who has helped thousands on their certification journey

  • Lecture that explains the concepts in an easy to learn method for someone that is just starting out with this material

  • Instructor led hands on that can be followed even if you have little to no experience



  • Intro to foundations

  • A Foundation of Active Directory Domains

  • A Foundation of RAS, DMZ, and Virtualization

  • A Foundation of the Microsoft Cloud Services

(OPTIONAL)Creating Free Accounts and Virtual Machine Setup

  • Creating a free Microsoft 365 Azure AD Account

  • Setting up a Windows 10 and Server 2019 Virtual Machine

Creating and managing user identities and groups

  • Understanding User Identities

  • Creating and licensing User Identities

  • Understanding Groups

  • Creating Groups

  • Creating Microsoft 365 users and groups with PowerShell

Planning and Implementing Windows 10 deployment including MDT

  • Understanding the deployments options in Windows 10

  • Traditional Image Deployment

  • Using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) to create a deployment share

  • Importing Windows Images into the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT)

  • Importing Applications for deployment using Microsoft Deployment toolkit (MDT)

  • Using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) Driver Packages & Task Sequences

  • Managing Provisioning Packages

  • evaluate deployment options in Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Plan and implement Windows 10 by using Windows Autopilot

  • Introduction to autopilot

  • Extracting and importing Autopilot HW IDs

  • Creating autopilot deployment profiles

Manage updates

  • Understanding modern update deployment

  • Modern configuration for Windows update settings

  • Configure Windows Update for Business

  • Deploying Windows updates with WSUS

Manage user profiles

  • Configuring user profiles

  • Configuring Folder Redirection Including OneDrive

  • Understanding Enterprise State Roaming

  • Migrating User Profiles

Joining an On-Premise Active Directory Domain with AzureAD

  • Configuring Custom Domain Settings in Active Directory

  • Configuring Custom Domain Settings in AzureAD

  • Performing an Active Directory Cleanup

  • Performing Azure AD Connect

  • Verifying Azure AD Connect Health

Manage device authentication

  • Manage authentication policies

  • Managing sign-on options with MFA and SSPR

  • perform Azure AD join

Manage Intune device enrollment and inventory

  • Configuring enrollment settings

  • Configuring Device Enrollment Restrictions

  • Enrolling Windows devices

  • Enrolling non-Windows devices

  • Generating device inventory reports

Configure device profiles

  • Understanding and planning device profiles

  • implement device profiles

  • manage device profiles

Implement conditional access and compliance policies for devices

  • Understanding conditional access policies

  • Implement conditional access policies

  • Understanding device compliance policies

  • Implementing and managing compliance policies

Deploy and update applications

  • Assigning apps using Intune

  • deploying apps to a group of devices using Intune

  • deploy apps by using Microsoft Store for Business

  • Looking at the Office 365 subscriptions

  • Customizing the O365 ProPlus deployment with ODT and OCT

Implement Mobile Application Management (MAM)

  • Managing and implementing MAM App Protection policies with Intune

  • Windows Information Protection

  • Understanding Azure Information Protection

  • Implementing Azure Information Protection

Manage Windows Defender and Monitoring our devices

  • Managing Windows Defender Antivirus Protection

  • Windows Defender ATP Guard Technologies

  • Monitoring Device Health with Log Analytics

Microsoft MS-100 Certification M365 Identity and Services

Pass the MS-100 exam by completing this course and start your path with M365!

Created by Skylines Academy - Educate.Enable.Empower


Students: 3020, Price: $89.99

Students: 3020, Price:  Paid

With the NEW MS-100 Certification Course: M365 Identity and Services, you’ll be able to take and pass the MS-100 exam. The MS-100 exam, coupled with the MS-101 exam (course coming soon!), will award you the “Microsoft 365 Certified” Enterprise Administrator Expert” certification.

The MS-100 course is intended for individuals and teams who have some foundational knowledge of Microsoft 365 features and services.

  • This course includes the following curriculum:

  • Introduction and Study Resources

  • Design and Implement M365 Services

  • Manage User Identity and Roles

  • Manage Access and Authentication

  • Plan Office 365 Workloads and Applications

Lectures will educate you on the terms and principles of the M365 platform and demos will enable you with a hands-on experience using scenarios to empower you in the real world.

Welcome to the Skylines Academy MS-100 course! We’re happy you’re joining us!

Microsoft MD-100 & MD-101 – Modern Desktops Practice Tests

Microsoft MD-100 - Windows 10 & MD-101 - Managing Modern Desktops Practice Tests covering all sections and objectives

Created by Andrei Vlad - Virtualization & OS Technical Specialist


Students: 2849, Price: $19.99

Students: 2849, Price:  Paid

Microsoft MD-100 - Windows 10 & MD-101 - Managing Modern Desktops Practice Tests

*One test contains only 50 questions ( the official exam varies between 45 and 60 questions ) and the time limit is 120 minutes (instead of the official 150 minutes)*
*The minimum score to pass is 70% - same as the official exam*

Mixed set of questions covering all sections and objectives of the MD-100 and MD-101 exams, seen below:

Sections Included in the Practice Tests - for MD-100 - Windows 10

Deploy Windows (15-20%)

Deploy Windows 10

• configure language packs

• migrate user data

• perform a clean installation

• perform an in-place upgrade (using tools such as MDT, WDS, ADK, etc.)

• select the appropriate Windows edition

• troubleshoot activation issues

Perform post-installation configuration

• configure Edge and Internet Explorer

• configure mobility settings

• configure sign-in options

• customize the Windows desktop

Manage devices and data (35-40%)

Manage local users, local groups, and devices

• manage devices in directories

• manage local groups

• manage local users

Configure data access and protection

• configure NTFS permissions

• configure shared permissions

Configure devices by using local policies

• configure local registry

• implement local policy

• troubleshoot group policies on devices

Manage Windows security

• configure user account control (UAC)

• configure Windows Defender Firewall

• implement encryption

Configure connectivity (15-20%)

Configure networking

• configure client IP settings

• configure mobile networking

• configure VPN client

• troubleshoot networking

• configure Wi-Fi profiles

Configure remote connectivity

• configure remote management

• enable PowerShell Remoting

• configure remote desktop access

Maintain Windows (25-30%)

Configure system and data recovery

• perform file recovery (including OneDrive)

• recover Windows 10

• troubleshoot startup/boot process

Manage updates

• check for updates

• troubleshoot updates

• validate and test updates

• select the appropriate servicing channel

• configure Windows update options

Monitor and manage Windows

• configure and analyze event logs

• manage performance

• manage Windows 10 environment

Sections Included in the Practice Tests - for MD-101 - Managing Modern Desktops

Deploy and update operating systems (35-40%)

Plan and implement Windows 10 by using dynamic deployment

• evaluate and select an appropriate deployment options

• pilot deployment

• manage and troubleshoot provisioning packages

• evaluate deployment options in Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Plan and implement Windows 10 by using Windows Autopilot

• evaluate and select an appropriate deployment options

• pilot deployment

• create, validate, and assign deployment profile

• extract device HW information to CSV file

• import device HW information to cloud service

• troubleshoot deployment

Upgrade devices to Windows 10

• identify upgrade and downgrade paths

• manage in-place upgrades

• configure a Desktop Analytics environment

• assess which computers can be upgraded to Windows 10

• migrate user profiles

Manage updates

• configure Windows 10 delivery optimization

• configure Windows Update for Business

• deploy Windows updates

• implement feature updates

• monitor Windows 10 updates

Manage device authentication

• manage authentication policies

• manage sign-on options

• perform Azure AD join

Manage policies and profiles (25-30%)

Plan and implement co-management

• implement co-management precedence

• migrate group policy to MDM policies

• recommend a co-management strategy

Implement conditional access and compliance policies for devices

• implement conditional access policies

• manage conditional access policies

• plan conditional access policies

• implement device compliance policies

• manage device compliance policies

• plan device compliance policies

Configure device profiles

• implement device profiles

• manage device profiles

• plan device profiles

Manage user profiles

• configure user profiles

• configure Enterprise State Roaming in Azure AD

• configure sync settings

• implement Folder Redirection, including OneDrive

Manage and protect devices (20-25%)

Manage Windows Defender

• implement and manage Windows Defender Application Guard

• implement and manage Windows Defender Credential Guard

• implement and manage Windows Defender Exploit Guard

• implement Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection

• integrate Windows Defender Application Control

• manage Windows Defender Antivirus

Manage Intune device enrollment and inventory

• configure enrollment settings

• configure Intune automatic enrollment

• enable device enrollment

• enroll non-Windows devices

• enroll Windows devices

• generate custom device inventory reports’ Review device inventory

Monitor devices

• monitor device health (e.g., log analytics, Desktop Analytics, or other cloud-based tools,


• monitor device security

Manage apps and data (10-15%)

Deploy and update applications

• assign apps to groups

• deploy apps by using Intune

• deploy apps by using Microsoft Store for Business

• deploy Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise

• enable sideloading of apps into images

• gather Microsoft 365 Apps readiness data

• configure and implement kiosk (assigned access) or public devices

Implement Mobile Application Management (MAM)

• implement MAM policies

• manage MAM policies

• plan MAM

• configure Windows Information

DP-100 Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Complete Exam Prep

Learn how to use Azure Machine Learning to add AI and ML to your own applications - APR 2021

Created by Scott Duffy • 550.000+ Students - Bestselling Azure & TOGAF® Trainer, MCT


Students: 2341, Price: $79.99

Students: 2341, Price:  Paid

Covers the requirements of the updated DP-100 Exam, Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure.

Updated as of Mar 2021.

This course goes through the requirements of the Microsoft DP-100 exam, section by section. We cover everything you need to know to pass the exam.

The Azure Data Scientist applies their knowledge of data science and machine learning to implement and run machine learning workloads on Azure; in particular, using Azure Machine Learning Service. This entails planning and creating a suitable working environment for data science workloads on Azure, running data experiments and training predictive models, managing and optimizing models, and deploying machine learning models into production.

This exam measures your ability to accomplish the following technical tasks: set up an Azure Machine Learning workspace; run experiments and train models; optimize and manage models; and, deploy and consume models.

  • Set up an Azure Machine Learning workspace (30-35%)

  • Run experiments and train models (25-30%)

  • Optimize and manage models (20-25%)

  • Deploy and consume models (20-25%)

Taught by Scott Duffy, the number one instructor of Microsoft Azure on Udemy.

You get lifetime access to the course, and so there are no silly "30-day" countdowns that require you to pay more to extend access. This course will be here when you need it.

Enroll today!

Microsoft, Windows, and Microsoft Azure are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. This course is not certified, accredited, affiliated with, nor endorsed by Microsoft Corporation.

SC-900: Microsoft Security Fundamentals Exam Prep – JUL 2021

Learn the fundamentals of Azure/Microsoft 365 Security, and get certified, with this complete beginner's SC-900 course!

Created by Scott Duffy • 550.000+ Students - Bestselling Azure & TOGAF® Trainer, MCT


Students: 2097, Price: $49.99

Students: 2097, Price:  Paid


New course, recorded in June 2021. Up-to-date with July 26 2021 updates!

This course is continually improved.

Complete preparation for the new SC-900 Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals exam.

This always-up-to-date course completely covers the SC-900 exam from start to finish. Always updated with the latest requirements. This course goes over each requirement of the exam in detail. If you have no experience in Azure security or Microsoft 365 security, this is the course that will get you up to speed.

The objectives of this exam are:

  • Describe the concepts of security, compliance, and identity (5-10%)

  • Describe the capabilities of Microsoft identity and access management solutions (25-30%)

  • Describe the capabilities of Microsoft security solutions (30-35%)

  • Describe the capabilities of Microsoft compliance solutions (25-30%)

Microsoft Azure is still the fastest-growing large cloud platform. The opportunities for jobs in cloud computing are still out there, and finding well-qualified people is the #1 problem that businesses have. Microsoft 365 is the dominant work platform and includes Office 365 products such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Sharepoint, and Teams.

If you're looking to change your career, this would be a good entry point into security.

Scott Duffy is a leading Azure teacher, with over 500,000 students on the Udemy platform. The objectives of the exam are covered completely.

Sign up today!

PL-100: Microsoft Power Platform Apps Maker

Create Power Apps, Power Automate flows, Power BI visuals, the Dataverse - for Microsoft's PL-100 exam.Helps with PL-200

Created by Phillip Burton - Best Selling Instructor - over 350,000 students so far


Students: 1636, Price: $89.99

Students: 1636, Price:  Paid

This course covers the content required for the PL-100 certification exam, current as per the PL-100 exam update of 23 July 2021.


This course teaches the requirements for the Microsoft Certificate PL-100 "Power Platform App Maker Associate", and focuses on the various apps which make up the Power Platform, together with how they can be used by other programs, apps and services.

We'll start off by looking at canvas Power Apps. We'll get a free Developer edition and/or free trial of Power Apps, and get some sample data using the Dataverse (previously known as the Common Data Service). We'll then create a canvas Power App through a template and then, starting from scratch, we will replicate it and expand the functionality. This also includes creating a new table in the Dataverse. We will also look at Global and Context variables, components and collections.

We'll then look at model-driven Power Apps using the Dataverse. We'll look at the constituent parts of a model-driven Power Apps: site maps, forms, views, charts and dashboards. We'll also restrict the type of data which can be inserted into our Dataverse by using business rules.

Next up is Power Automate. Using our free Developer edition or the paid-for version, we'll create several automated flows, and the different triggers and actions you can use. We'll look at various triggers and actions, together with looking how we can enter data in sections using the business process flows.

We'll then go back to the Power Platform more generally, looking at solutions, security, and importing and exporting data.

We'll start off with looking at Power BI. If you have a PC, we'll download for free Power BI Desktop, and look at the various processes which you can use on the Power BI Desktop. Then, we'll look at the Power BI Service (available through any modern web browser), see what you can do with this, and how they compare. We'll also look at sharing Power BI reports and adding existing Power BI tiles or dashboards into our model-driven Power App.

We will have a brief look at the AI Builder, and models such as the business card reader, object detection model, form processing model and prediction model. We'll then look at practical examples of using models inside Power Apps and Power Automate.

We'll finish off by looking at Microsoft Teams and other topics, such as exporting solutions, testing, accessibility and field and data security.

No prior knowledge is required - we'll even see how to get a free Power Platform trial!

There are regular quizzes to help you remember the information, so you can be sure that you are learning.

Once you have completed this course, you will have a good knowledge of how to make Power Apps and Power Automate flows, together with how to use them in Microsoft Teams. And with some practice, you could even go for the official Microsoft certification PL-100 - wouldn't that look good on your CV or resume? And if you are an American college student, you might even get college credit for passing that exam.

So, without any further ado, let's have a look at how you can use Udemy interface, and then we'll have a look at the objectives for the exam and therefore the syllabus for this course.

Microsoft MD-100 : Modern Desktop Exam -> Practice Test 2021

|| ✅ Latest and Updated MD-100 Exam Question || ✅ Best for Self-Study & Self-Assessment || ✅ Easily Clear MD-100 Exam ||

Created by Karuna Maheshwari - || Education is Your Attitude ||


Students: 1587, Price: $19.99

Students: 1587, Price:  Paid

Dear Friends,

Are you Preparing for Microsoft MD-100 Exam? Don’t be stressed, Take our Microsoft 365 Certified - Modern Desktop Administrator Associate Exam Based Practice Test and prepare yourself for the Exam.


What you will get in These Practice Test ?

  • It Contains Sample Questions which are likely to be asked in the Real Exam.

  • These Questions Help you with Self-Study and Self-Assessment.

  • These Practice Test Helps you check your Knowledge.

  • These Practice Tests are Prepared According to the Latest Exam Format.

  • These Practice Tests are Mobile Compatible So you can easily access anytime with your Smartphone.

  • Lifetime access Practice Test With all the updates for MD-100 Certification Exam.


Generally, you need to refer a variety of books and Websites in order to cover the ocean of topics for Microsoft MD-100 Exam. To make it easy for you guys, I have collected a Few Microsoft MD-100 Exam Based questions from Different Topics. Our practice Tests Contain the Latest Questions for Microsoft MD-100 Exam.


In These Practice Test We Covers The Following Topics of MD-100 Exam:

  • Deploy Windows (15-20%)

  • Manage Devices and Data (35-40%)

  • Configure Connectivity (15-20%)

  • Maintain Windows (25-30%)


These Microsoft MD-100 Exam Practice Test have a passing score of 75% but I highly encourage you to repeat taking these Practice Test again and again until you consistently reach a score of 85% or higher in Each Practice Test. Remember that this product does not give guarantee that, you will pass the Microsoft MD-100 Exam. You still need to do your self readings. However, These Practice Test provide a Self-Assessment that on which area you need improvement.

When you Solve these Questions then Definitely Your Confidence will Increase. Also This Course has 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Without any Delay, the Applicants participate in this Modern Desktop Administrator Associate (MD-100) Exam Practice Test.

Best of luck for Exam!


Windows 10 (MD-100) Practice Exam

Improve your performance before taking the MD-100 exam with hours of practice tests.

Created by David Junior - Specialist in Information Technology.


Students: 1549, Price: $69.99

Students: 1549, Price:  Paid

I offer you the best way to become a Windows desktop administrator. The MD-100 practice tests help you test your knowledge by mastering the methods and technologies for managing Windows 10 in an enterprise environment. This practice test will prepare you for the MD-100 Windows 10 certification exam, one of the exams required to obtain Microsoft 365 Certified certification: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate.

  • Who should take this course:

Anyone interested in taking the Windows 10 MD-100 exam or on the way to becoming a Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate

Administrators who deploy, configure, protect, manage and monitor client devices and applications

IT professionals who manage identity, access, policies, updates and applications

Basic IT skills and basic knowledge and experience with the Windows network are required.

  • What you will learn:

This Practice Tests covers the full range of topics found in the Windows 10 MD-100 Exam, including:

Deploy Windows

Manage devices and data

Configure connectivity

Maintain Windows

  • Features and benefits when purchasing our Practice Tests:

You only buy once and have lifetime access.

Content updated frequently.

All exam objectives are addressed so that the student knows if he / she is prepared for the exam.

Performance-based practice tests provide the student with a better learning experience.

The timed person prepares the conditions for the "exam" with a graphical score at the end.

You have a 30-day refund if you don't like our practice tests for any reason.


Unofficial testing practice.

We offer educational materials and practical tests to assist and help students prepare for these exams.

All certification marks used are the property of the respective owners of the marks.

We do not own or claim any ownership in any of the Marks

Modern Desktop Certification Exam MD-100: Windows 10

Exam MD100

Created by Integrity Training - Certification Trainers for Over 20 Years


Students: 1323, Price: $129.99

Students: 1323, Price:  Paid

The skills and objectives in this course cover the Microsoft Windows 10 (MD-100) certification, and will help you prepare for Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate workload.

This course is intended to help participants acquire the skills and expertise required to take and pass the first of two Microsoft exams relevant to Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate Certification. This is one of the most common certifications on the current IT pro qualification list which requires the following exams :- MD-100: Windows 10-MD-101: Managing Modern Desktops.

This course dives into the skills needed to deploy Windows 10; manage devices and data; configure connectivity; and maintain Windows 10 as part of a Microsoft 365 platform.

Dive in and start learning the premium concept that will get you up and running quickly along the path to acing your MD-100 exams and to become a Professional Windows desktop Administrator. REGISTER TODAY!

Microsoft Windows 10 MD-100 Prep w/ FULL Practice Exam!

Deploy and Manage Windows 10 - Like A Boss. Quick Prep for MD100 + access to *Official* Practice Exam (see datails)

Created by Brian Culp - 100k+ students • 3M+ student minutes • MS Certified Trainer


Students: 841, Price: $99.99

Students: 841, Price:  Paid

Looking to take that crucial first step towards the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator certification? Hoping to get the best value for your educational (and career) investment? 

And, are you hoping to enhance your chances for exam success by practicing with Microsoft's Official practice test?

If so, you've come to the right place.

In this course on deploying and configuring Windows 10, Microsoft Certified Trainer and bestselling instructor Brian Culp delivers an efficient and timely overview of the skills and knowledge you'll need to pass the MD-100 exam.

Here's what Like a Boss certification students have to say:

"I've completed my AZ-900 certification after completing your Azure Fundamentals Beta program. Thanks so much for the practice test... It really helped a lot. Thanks again. Kind regards, Callum." - Callum Davies

"I passed AZ 900 exam with 953/1000 score. It was a great learning experience with Udemy. All topics were detailed and specific. Thank you."  -Padmalatha Ravi

"It was simple fantastic... This course could saved me a lot of time trying to get all the concepts in an understandable way. Easy to follow and the best approach possible. Now, all I can say is thank you. Please do not quit doing these courses, you have a gift in the way of teaching that can be found only 1 between million." - Jose Alcazar Luque

The MD-100 will serve as the foundation for validating your skills with the operating system platform used by over 95% of Fortune 500 companies. It is the first step towards more advanced (and more career-enhancing) certifications in the Microsoft 365 Certification Track like Teams Admin Associate, Security Admin Associate, and Enterprise Administrator Expert. (Check out free preview lesson #2 for more details.)

Here's what's included:

  • over 4 hours of video instruction, with lots of hands on exercises using the Azure Admin Portal

  • 5 review quizzes - 27 practice questions to reinforce learning

  • several downloadable handouts to help guide you along your path to certification, and best of all-

  • 1 OFFICIAL Microsoft practice exam - via our partnership with MeasureUp, you can purchase Official practice exams at a 50% discount at the LikeaBossLearning (dot com) companion website - know exactly where you stand going into test day, and take advantage of the Test Pass Guarantee**

Brian has been teaching people about Microsoft solutions for over 15 years, and some of his content has been selected by Microsoft as their official training for Office 365 Admins. Now, he brings that same expertise to some of Udemy's highest-rated and best-selling courses. There's a reason for the thousands of five-star reviews.

  • "Excellent content! Just what I was looking for to enhance productivity at the office." -Paige Popejoy

  • "Great personality and explained things well. Felt like he was at my desk explaining it to me." -William Potts

  • "I can't believe how much I learned. The instructor is great and the lessons were so easy to follow." Sherie L.

Microsoft 365 Certifications can make you a lot more valuable in emerging market for Information Technology talent as companies all over the world hire - and compete for - Windows and Azure and expertise.

As always, you get ongoing support, and you're always covered by Udemy's refund policy. Enroll now, get certified, and start your path towards Azure expertise.

See you in class!

**details about how to purchase the optional MeasureUp practice exam, along with LAB's Test Pass Guarantee, are contained in the course Welcome email.

MD-101 : Microsoft Exam Practice Tests (Updated Tests)

Pass your Microsoft MD-101 Exam in first attempt (Updated latest questions with included Case Study questions )

Created by Chandrika patel - IT Trainer and Professional


Students: 140, Price: $29.99

Students: 140, Price:  Paid

MD-101 : Microsoft Exam Practice Tests (Updated Tests)

MD-101 exam candidates are Administrators who deploy, configure, secure, manage, and monitor devices and client applications in an enterprise environment. Candidates manage identity, access, policies, updates, and apps.

This practice tests course provides practice for taking the real exam and this practice test will help you prepare for the real exam test environment.

Exam Topics covered in Microsoft MD-101 Certification Exam :

1. Deploy and Upgrade Operating Systems (25-30%)

Plan a Windows 10 deployment

  • assess infrastructure readiness

  • evaluate and select appropriate deployment options (Endpoint Manager, MDT)

  • plan upgrade and downgrade paths

  • plan app compatibility

  • plan for user state

Plan and implement Windows 10 by using Windows Autopilot

  • choose method based on requirements

  • create, validate, and assign deployment profile

  • extract device HW information to CSV file

  • import device HW information to cloud service

  • deploy Windows 10

  • troubleshoot deployment

Plan and implement Windows 10 using MDT

  • choose configuration options based on requirements

  • create and manage images

  • deploy images (may include WDS)

  • create and use task sequences

  • manage application and driver deployment

  • monitor and troubleshoot deployment

Manage accounts, VPN connections, and certificates on Windows 10

  • secure privileged accounts on Windows 10

  • configure VPN client

  • configure and manage certificates on client devices

2. Manage Policies and Profiles (20-25%)

Implement compliance policies for devices

  • implement device compliance policies

  • manage device compliance policies

  • plan device compliance policies

Configure device profiles

  • implement device profiles; Manage device profiles

  • plan device profiles, Control policy conflicts

  • configure and implement assigned access or public devices

Manage user profiles

  • configure user profiles

  • configure Enterprise State Roaming in Azure AD

  • configure sync settings

3. Manage and Protect Devices (30-35%)

Implement and manage device, application, and threat protection

  • implement and manage Windows Defender Application Guard

  • implement and manage Windows Defender Credential Guard

  • implement and manage Windows Defender Exploit Guard

  • plan and Implement Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection for Windows 10

  • integrate Windows Defender Application Control

  • protect devices using Endpoint Security

  • manage enterprise-level disk encryption

  • implement and manage security baselines in Microsoft Intune

Manage Microsoft Intune devices

  • configure enrollment settings in Microsoft Intune

  • configure Microsoft Intune automatic and bulk enrollment

  • enroll non-Windows devices

  • enroll Windows devices

  • review device inventory

Monitor devices

  • monitor devices using Azure Monitor and Desktop Analytics

  • monitor device inventory reports using Endpoint Manger Admin Center

Manage updates

  • configure Windows 10 delivery optimization

  • deploy Windows updates using Microsoft Intune

  • monitor Windows 10 updates

4. Manage Apps and Data (10-15%)

Deploy and update applications

  • assign apps to groups

  • deploy apps by using Microsoft Intune

  • deploy apps by using Microsoft Store for Business/iTunes/Google Play

  • deploy Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise using Microsoft Intune

  • enable sideloading of apps into images

  • gather Microsoft 365 Apps readiness data

Implement Mobile Application Management (MAM)

  • implement App Protection policies

  • manage App Protection policies

  • plan App Protection Policies

  • plan and implement App Configuration Policies (Windows Information Protection)

" This is an Unofficial course and this course is not affiliated, licensed or trademarked with Microsoft in any way."

Wish you all the best !