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Mergers & Acquisitions – M&A, Valuation & Selling a Company

Mergers and Acquisitions - Step by Step M&A, Company Valuation, Negotiation Skills, Business Plans and Finance

Created by John Colley MBA, MA(Cantab) - Investment Banking | Business| Entrepreneurship | Finance


Students: 8654, Price: $29.99

Students: 8654, Price:  Paid

Welcome to my World... of Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions and Selling Companies

This is my Corporate Finance Course - for you

If you are an Entrepreneur, a Senior Manager or a Business School Student - this is going to help you!

Are you struggling to master M&A?  Then lets join forces as I have nearly 30 years experience in this field!

Let me explain:

  • Process

  • Valuation

  • Negotiation

  • Strategies

  • Tactics and Tips

And much more!

In M&A the difference between right and catastrophic can cost you a fortune, some times literally millions of dollars.

As an adviser, I have been there many, many times in the last 29 years.  I have seen good, sometimes even great. And I have seen downright awful!  (Of course, that was good news if I was on the other side at the time).

So this course is for you...

These are my real insights from my experience, pulled together to help you understand some of the pitfalls of the sales process which will hopefully prepare you for your company's sale.

You don't have to follow my advice here, but you have nothing to lose by checking it out and then using what works for you!

This is my Corporate Finance Centre of Excellence and all my Corporate Finance content will be updating in this course - I will no longer create more and more related courses, so join me today and tell me what you want me to add to improve the course!

Above all, I want your company's sale to be a success.  Hopefully, this will help. And if it does, even a little bit, the value multiplier for you could still be worth thousands of dollars.

What makes us qualified to teach you?

This is a Finance course taught by a 30+ year, Managing Director level, Investment Banker - from a practical perspective - I also have an MBA (with Distinction).


Over 101,000 students have enrolled in my Udemy courses, this is what one of them said about this course:

" I like the course and the approach of Sir John Colley. I believe I shall be able to achieve what I want through this course. I am looking forward to deeper and great understanding of the subject as this course will help me to make a career in Credit Analysis" R.R. Five Star


Our Promise

I have been teaching on Udemy since 2014 and am fully committed to it. If you have any questions about the content or anything related to any topic, you can reach out with your questions at any time and I always do my best to respond promptly

Don't forget that this course (and all my courses) benefit from Udemy's money back guarantee!

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A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this finance course.

Come, join me today, enroll in the Course and discover how you can discover what Corporate Finance, M&A and Selling Companies is all about!

Best regards


M&A for Management Consultants & Business Analysts

A practical guide on how to do analyses during mergers & acquisition projects

Created by Asen Gyczew - Expert in performance improvement, turnaround and startups


Students: 1145, Price: $89.99

Students: 1145, Price:  Paid

Course summary

What is the aim of this course?

Consulting firms are hired very often to help with Mergers & Acquisitions. Those projects are difficult as you have to deliver results fast and you have to deal with many stakeholders. You not only have to help select potential targets, model businesses in Excel, but also you will have to estimate the potential benefits of M&A, the value of the firm, and forecast the development of the acquired firms. In this course, I will teach how to perform fast and efficiently different types of analyses during M&A projects.

In the course you will learn the following things:

  1. What kind of analyses you may have to do during the M&A project

  2. How to Select Potential Targets for M&A using Excel

  3. How to create a financial model in Excel for M&A purposes

  4. How to estimate the value of M&A target

  5. How to estimate potential synergies coming from the M&A process

  6. How to conduct commercial due diligence

  7. What kind of market research tools you can use during due diligence

This course is based on my 15 years of experience as a consultant in top consulting firms and as a Board Member responsible for strategy, performance improvement, and turn-arounds in the biggest firms from Retail, FMCG, SMG, B2B, and services sectors that I worked for. I have carried or supervised over 90 different performance improvement projects in different industries that generated in total 2 billion of additional EBITDA. On the basis of what you will find in this course, I have trained in person over 100 consultants, business analysts, and managers who now are Partners in PE and VC funds, Investment Directors and Business Analysts in PE and VC, Operational Directors, COO, CRO, CEO, Directors in Consulting Companies, Board Members, etc. On top of that my courses on Udemy were already taken by more than 99 000 students including people working in EY, McKinsey, Walmart, Booz Allen Hamilton, Adidas, Naspers, Alvarez & Marsal, PwC, Dell, Walgreens, Orange, and many others.

I teach through case studies, so you will have a lot of lectures showing examples of analyses, tools that we use. To every lecture, you will find attached (in additional resources) the Excels as well as additional presentations, materials shown in the lectures so as a part of this course you will also get a library of ready-made analyses that can, with certain modification, be applied by you or your team in your work.

Why did I decide to create this course?

M&A projects are fast-paced and require from you a lot of hard work. You have to also master different skills and tools that you will be using during such projects especially: financial modeling, market research, identifying synergies, and potential improvements. Most firms, don’t give you the full toolbox that you need. This may lead to huge frustration during M&A projects and a lot of inefficiencies.

Therefore, I have decided to create this course that will help students understand or refresh the main skills and tools that they need during M&A projects. The course will give you the knowledge and insight into real-life case studies that will make your life during a consulting project much easier. Thanks to this course, you will know what and how to do it during M&A projects. You will master how to analyze data and draw conclusions from the analyses. On top of that, you will also master the essential information related to valuation.

To sum it up, I believe that if you want to become a world-class Management Consultant or Business Analyst you have to have a pretty decent understanding of M&A projects and analyses done during such projects. That is why, I highly recommend this course to Management Consultants or Business Analysts, especially those that did not finish business schools or Economics. The course will help you become an expert in M&A analyses on the level of McKinsey, BCG, Bain, and other top consulting firms.

In what way will you benefit from this course?

The course is a practical, step by step guide loaded with tones of analyses, tricks, hints that will significantly improve the speed with which you understand, analyze the businesses. There is little theory – mainly examples, a lot of tips from my own experience as well as other notable examples worth mentioning. Our intention is that thanks to the course you will learn:

  1. What kind of analyses you may have to do during the M&A project

  2. How to Select Potential Targets for M&A using Excel

  3. How to create a financial model in Excel for M&A purposes

  4. How to estimate the value of M&A target

  5. How to estimate potential synergies coming from the M&A process

  6. How to conduct commercial due diligence

  7. What kind of market research tools you can use during due diligence

You can also ask me any questions either through the discussion field or by messaging me directly.

How the course is organized?

Currently, you will find the following things in the course:

  • Introduction. We begin with a little intro to the course as well as some general info on how the course is organized

  • When M&A is done? Mergers & acquisitions are done for a lot of reasons by different players. In this section we will discuss how do they differ and why they invest so much money in M&A.

  • M&A process. In this brief section, I will shed some light on how the M&A process looks like.

  • Selecting Potential Targets. M&A starts with picking the right targets that make sense. In this section, I will show you how you can do that in practice using Excel. We will conduct analyses of potential targets in different industries.

  • Modeling Businesses in Excel. During M&A projects you will quite often have to create a model of the business in Excel. I will show you how to do that using a few examples.

  • Valuation. During consulting projects, especially devoted to M&A or due diligence you will have to evaluate a specific business. In this section, I will show you examples of how to do it in practice.

  • Estimating Potential Impact. In this section, I will show you how to estimate the potential benefit coming from M&A. We will do in Excel for a few interesting case studies.

  • Commercial Due Diligence. A lot of effort of Management Consultants goes to the Commercial Due Diligence stage of the M&A Process. We will have a look at some things that are important during this stage.

  • Requesting Data from the Target Company & Independent Data Gathering. In the next 6 short sections, we will discuss how you can collect data required for the commercial due diligence.

  • Discussion of the results. In the last section, we will briefly give you some tips on how to discuss the results of commercial due diligence with the customer.

You will be able also to download many additional resources

  1. Useful frameworks and techniques

  2. Analyses that are shown in the course

  3. Additional resources

  4. Links to additional presentations, articles, and movies

  5. Links to books worth reading

Corporate Finance: Foundations of Modern Finance

Financial markets, Risk, Bubbles, Mergers and Acquisitions, Options, Leveraged Buyouts, Hostile Takeovers, and More.

Created by Chester Sky - Entrepreneur, Music producer, and Composer


Students: 969, Price: $89.99

Students: 969, Price:  Paid

From the best selling instructor comes a brand new course: History of Corporate Finance In a Nutshell: The Foundations of Modern Finance.

This course is a non-fiction narrative, taking you on a journey to where finance came from. It describes how financial theories were developed, how ideological and government experiments shaped economies, and the rise and fall of financial markets. It discusses influential thinkers who shaped society, crazy scams that worked (for a while), and demystifies financial concepts into simple ideas everyone can understand.

You'll learn what drives and creates markets, mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts and hostile takeovers, and the 2008 U.S. financial housing collapse. We'll walk through the rise and fall of financial markets, financial theory and the crazy true story of modern economics.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to talk fluently about key financial concepts, unpack financial stories in the news, and recognize financial ideas as they show up in everyday life.

Business Valuation – Mergers and Acquisitions

Valuation for Mergers and Acquisitions

Created by Vikash Goel - CA, CFA, MBA and Professional Valuer


Students: 306, Price: $34.99

Students: 306, Price:  Paid

This course is for upcoming finance professionals and practicing accountants who want to understand about Mergers and Acquisitions. It explains the concepts, different types of Mergers and Acquisitions and how to assess synergies. The course draws from various M&A transactions around the world. Learners will be able to assess the value of companies and calculate the Share Exchange Ratio.

Whats more, you get Valuation Templates to download and use in your valuation engagements.

Company Valuations, Mergers and Acquisitions

Valuations for under-grad and post-grad students

Created by Professor Francisco Vigario - Professor in Managerial Accounting and Finance


Students: 232, Price: $24.99

Students: 232, Price:  Paid

This course has been designed for students studying Corporate Finance at the under-graduate or post-graduate level.

The topics covered are – Free cash flow valuations, Dividend valuations, Earnings valuations, Mergers and Acquisitions.

You will learn the following -

1. The fundamental application of valuation models.

2. How to design templates to answer valuation questions.

3. Identifying and applying the planning period with the terminal value.

4. Valuation of Majority versus minority holdings

5. Mergers and acquisition for companies in the same industries as well as conglomerate takeovers.

6. How to read and answer examination questions. I will take you through several valuation questions with increased difficulty, teaching you how to integrate other Finance topics into the solution.