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Be a Great Mentor: A Practical Guide to Mentorship

Grow your career through mentoring, whether you're a manager, leader, subject matter expert, or individual contributor

Created by JeanAnn Nichols - Executive Mentor | Leadership Coach | Keynote Speaker


Students: 9402, Price: $129.99

Students: 9402, Price:  Paid

Do you want to accelerate your career growth? Get a raise or promotion? Consider becoming a mentor. Research shows mentors receive promotions and are more likely to earn raises. A study by the Association of Talent Development (2017) found that 75% of executives believe mentoring was key to their success, and 75% of millennial employees surveyed expected their manager to mentor them. Being a mentor gives you additional opportunities to practice your leadership, grow your communication skills and hone your emotional intelligence. If you're at the peak of your career, mentoring is a great way to continue to expand your network and build a legacy. Becoming a great mentor is good for you, your mentee, and your organization.

This course will help you prepare to be a Great Mentor. You will learn how to:

  • Get clarity on the value you bring as a mentor

  • Identify and select your ideal mentee

  • Build your mentoring skills

  • Overcome common obstacles to mentoring relationships

This course includes many resources to help you build your skills: worksheet exercises to download and complete, interactive assignments, and checklist tools you can download and share with your mentee. You'll create a Mentor Inventory to gain clarity on the expertise you have to offer, prepare your personalized "match" questions, and complete a Mentoring Engagement Worksheet with your mentee to get your relationship off to a strong start. You'll gain insight on how to overcome 7 common obstacles that may occur in mentoring relationships, including my tips on mentoring in the age of #MeToo. Throughout the course you'll be able to test your understanding with interactive assignments.

Mentors provided key insight at critical turning points in my 30 year career in the technology industry. In this course, I share my personal experiences and stories of great mentors, along with some cautionary tales.

Great mentoring happens at all levels of the organization, so whether you’re just starting out and want to peer mentor, or have extensive business experience and want to give back, get started with this course and become confident that you can make a difference as a GREAT Mentor.

CPE (Continuing Professional Education)

Learning Objectives

  1. Define the characteristics of good mentoring engagements

  2. Compare different types of mentoring relationships

  3. Identify the different responsibilities of mentor and mentee

  4. Describe why you want to mentor and the value you bring to your mentee

  5. Identify and select your ideal mentee(s)

  6. List concrete techniques for building trust with your mentee

  7. Summarize how to guide your mentee to craft a clear mentorship objective

  8. Explain how to build your mentoring skills in asking powerful questions, listening and using signature stories to share your experience

  9. Name concrete techniques for overcoming common obstacles in mentoring relationships

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Becoming a Mentor – Helping others grow and succeed

Learn coaching and communication skills that will make you a great mentor

Created by Hire Bright - Coach


Students: 5422, Price: $59.99

Students: 5422, Price:  Paid

In this course you will learn what is needed to become a great mentor and help others grow and succeed. We will cover the skills and attitudes, as well as a methodology that will give you the tools to become a great mentor.

You can become a mentor independently with your current knowledge and professional experience. Mentoring skills can be used by everyone in many situations. This is not about a status or a specific hierarchy level, neither do you need to have a Master or a PHD. This course requires no prerequisites what so ever.

Mentoring essentially, is guiding someone on a specific skill or subject. It’s about personal development and growth, it’s about dealing with situations, be it at work, or in any other type of organization. However, more than anything, mentoring is about communicating in an inspiring way.

This course is built for everyone, individuals who are part of a larger organization that offers a mentoring program, and as well individuals who are not part of any organization, but want to deepen their mentoring skills.

By the end of this course you will be able to properly prepare and handle mentoring sessions and you will also significantly improve your communication skills.

Conduct Behavioral Interviews & Be a Great Mentor

Learn how to hire and mentor the best. Learn what it takes to conduct interviews and foster mentee relationships.

Created by Eleventure Team - Higher Learning. @ Work


Students: 3468, Price: $19.99

Students: 3468, Price:  Paid

You want to hire the best talent. But how do you know just who that is? Use behavioral interviewing to select the right person destined for success. Past behavior is the best indicator of future performance, & behavioral interviews help you uncover candidates' past experience so you can project how they will perform in your environment. Keep things legal, smart & efficient with behavioral interviews.

Once you've hired the right people you'll want to foster them to become the best employees possible. Are you ready to pay it forward? It's time to step up & be a great mentor. Mentoring helps others grow while advancing your own career skills. Being a successful mentor means really listening to your mentee to help them establish clear goals, create a decisive action plan & deliver feedback. So what are you waiting for? The world needs you to be a mentor.

Course 1: Conduct Behavioral Interviews

Learn how to conduct a behavioral interview to find the right people for your team.

  • Clarify the job offer
  • Ask better questions
  • Get the full story and take factual notes

Course 2: Be a Great Mentor

Form strong relationships and be the best mentor you can be.

  • Establish a rapport with your mentee
  • Set goals and communicate with your mentee
  • Learn to listen to your mentee

This two course bundle will teach you how to apply behavioral interview techniques to hire the right person and continue their professional development with smart and capable mentoring. It includes dynamic video, interactive practice lessons, tips from industry leaders, and downloadable PDFs. Each component is designed to be completed in short time allotments, or all at once, to suit your schedule. It will take approximately 1 hour to complete both courses.

We've set you up with the foundations to hire and mentor great employees, now go forth and do!

Mind Mapping for Coaches, Mentors and Business Consultants

An Introduction to how Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Mentoring & Consulting can benefit from Mind Mapping/Mind Maps

Created by Barry Mapp - Mind Mapping, Wellness, and Learning Coach


Students: 2175, Price: $29.99

Students: 2175, Price:  Paid

An overview of the importance of the basic principles and structure of a Mind Map and how the technique can be highly productive and useful for Coaches and Consultants giving clarity of thought, faster planning, new ways of thinking and many other benefits.

The course shows, with examples, how mind mapping can be used to improve personal effectiveness, to quickly plan, rehearse a speech or presentation and present to an audience (without traditional notes) and how the technique can be useful when working in collaboration with others. As Mind Mapping was originally developed as a study and learning tool it goes without saying that it also helps with learning new material and summarising knowledge.

Mind Mapping is not just a technique or 'tool'. It is also a Process. The process of Mind Mapping (when you follow all the principles) causes you to think more deeply about your topic, to organise in a non-linear fashion and to look and see the bigger picture,

Coaching and Mentoring Skills

Mentoring helps organizations to engage employees in a disciplined review of their performance and overall talent.

Created by Management Study Guide - pave your way to success


Students: 1262, Price: $24.99

Students: 1262, Price:  Paid

One of the best courses for those aspiring to become a trainer or coach or a mentor.  The entire course briefs about mentoring and need for a mentor.  After completing this course, one can understand the responsibilities of a Mentor, how to enhance Mentees’ Performance, Principles of Designing Mentoring Process, Development Tools used for Mentoring, criteria for Evaluation of Mentoring Process, Tips for better Mentoring etc.

The introduction part mentions how the company Phoneix cares for its new hires by assigning a mentor to its new hire. The Real Life Example explains about the importance of mentors for the growth of employees and another Real Life Example explains the importance of having a good and self-confident mentor.  The entire course is prepared keeping in mind the importance of mentoring and how well it contributes to the growth of employees and an organization. Excellent creativity is used in designing this course.

Step-by-Step Guide to Attracting Life Changing Mentors

How to make more money or land your dream job by attracting mentors who've already achieved the success you're after

Created by Sam Hysell - 24 Year Old Entrepreneur and World Traveler


Students: 1062, Price: $44.99

Students: 1062, Price:  Paid

How great would it be if you could jump out of bed everyday to go to your dream job or see your business make way more money?

Unfortunately, that's not the way life is for most people because they make some fatal mistakes and fail to do one simple thing that can help you crush it.

Think about it… Do you ever wake up not wanting to go to work the next day? Or try a bunch of different things but still don't see your business taking off? I was there too… Over and over again, I used to wake up and press snooze, not wanting to go into work. Even when I tried starting my own company and I was super passionate and inspired, that energy started to fade as my business was not taking off!

There's a problem you need to know… Most people don't realize that they are the average of the 5 people they surround themselves with most, and as a result they spend time with people who hold them back instead of propelling them forward.

Fortunately for you, if done right, you can use this very problem to your advantage. Through using the tactics and guidance provided in this course, you'll be able to easily attract mentors into your life that will change the game!

Using the same steps I outline in the course I

  • Got a dream job via a Cold Email where I got paid to travel and teach entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Munich as a 21 year old college student
  • Landed deals for my company with Fortune 500 companies
  • Worked with some of the most promising startups via the world's premier startup accelerator, Techstars
  • And more...

No matter what it is you want to achieve, your not going to get there alone. In the words of Sir Isaac Newton, “if I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." This course teaches you how to find giants who have your success in mind and presents an actionable system to turn those role models into mentors.

Attracting life-changing mentors isn't something you shouldn't leave up to chance. It is one of the most effective ways to make more money with your business or land your dream job and live the life you've always dreamed of. Using this course, you'll be able to make it happen fast.

(This course is backed by Udemy's 30-day money back guarantee so you have literally nothing to lose).

Career Coaching And Mentoring For Software And IT Engineers

Get the right advice to achieve your goals and move up the corporate ladder. Career coaching is an essential skill



Students: 1050, Price: $89.99

Students: 1050, Price:  Paid

The quick technology advancement in the software industry makes it imperative for the Software Engineers to keep abreast with the latest trends in the industry. Constantly learning new skills, be it a new technology or soft skills, is crucial for the engineers. However, even before the Software Engineers start moving up the corporate ladder, either the technology becomes obsolete, or their skills become irrelevant.

How do you keep pace with this ever-changing environment?

How do you ensure that you are always one step ahead from your peers?

How do you prepare yourself for the next level in your career?

How does coaching and mentoring help in achieving this?

Continual coaching and mentoring by industry experts is the most efficient way to ensure that you stay relevant with your technical as well as soft skills. Although used interchangeably sometimes, coaching and mentoring are significantly different in what they achieve in terms of their goals and objectives. While coaching is for a specific short-term need, mentoring has a broader and long-term scope.

Mentoring programs help IT professionals grow, develop and learn new skills under the guidance of a seasoned expert. Coaching and mentoring provides benefits for the "mentee," the mentor and the organization. Organizations implement mentoring programs to align the goals of the company with the professional development of its employees. A supportive and conducive atmosphere can improve employee morale and loyalty, thereby helping to reduce employee turnover and boost productivity.

Companies can assign a mentor or coach to new employees during the probation period to help them familiarize with company procedures and policies. Mentoring also provides the worker connect with a leader he can turn to with questions.

Coaching and mentoring programs provide the mentee with real-world knowledge that bridges the gap between educational theory and actual business practices. Mentors also grow in a mentoring position by honing leadership skills and communicating with other professionals. An ideal coaching relationship is a win-win situation where both parties learn from one another.

Companies can align the goals of the business with a mentoring program to gain a competitive edge. For example, the mentoring program can target new employees in product development when the goal of the organization is to bring new products to the market

A research conducted by Manchester Consulting Group says that "Coaching and mentoring"

·      Increases the Net profit by 22%

·      Reduced costs by 23%

·      Customer service by 39%

·      Quality by 48%

·      Job satisfaction by 61%.

·      It is to be noted that team work & relationships improved by 77%

How does our course help?

As you gain experience and move up the corporate ladder, you may have to provide guidance and support to new and less experienced employees.

This course on Coaching and Mentoring addresses both as you will understand all the nuances of Coaching and Mentoring, their concepts and best practices. This will help you grow into a matured Software / IT Manager.

So, we are delighted to introduce our new training program “Coaching And Mentoring For Software And IT Professionals”.

Do you want the skills and be highly sought after? Do you want your career to touch cloud 9?

Did you answer, “Absolutely” to that question? If so, then our new training program " Coaching And Mentoring For Software And IT Professionals " is for you.

With an experience of over two decades in the software industry, we have been part of many prominent projects and start-ups. This experience has given us a good insight into what makes for scalable, flexible and strong software solutions and we are passionate to share our knowledge in this field with you.

So, if you are ready to understand more about Coaching and Mentoring and are interested to move up in the value chain of Management, then make sure you enrol yourself for the course today. Trust us the money and time you invest with us will not only boost up your career path but will also pay you manifolds in just no time. And this is a promise!

To become a part of this change just click on the “Add to cart” button, which you will find below the video. We assure you that when you purchase a copy of “Coaching And Mentoring For Software And IT Professionals” it will be value for money. Also, we are happy to share that the course comes with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. In case you feel that the course doesn’t meet your requirements, all you need to do is just send us a message, and we will refund the amount immediately.

Look, if you're serious about becoming an expert project manager and generating a significant income for you and your family, it’s time to take action.

Imagine getting that promotion which you’ve been promised for the last two presidential terms. Imagine getting chased by recruiters looking for skilled and experienced engineers by companies that are desperately seeking help.

We call those good problems to have :-)

Imagine getting a massive bump in your income because of your newly-acquired, in-demand skills.

That’s what we want for you.

So, give a kick start to a flourishing career in the IT industry today with a course in Coaching and Mentoring. Grab your “Coaching And Mentoring For Software And IT Professionals” copy today and get started!!

Let’s do this together!


Be A Thought Leader Business Coaching, Mentoring On Clarity

Find success freelancing & improve your personal brand by establishing yourself as an expert & business coach on Clarity

Created by Alex Genadinik - Business, Entrepreneurship, SEO, Marketing, Amazon, YouTube


Students: 754, Price: $19.99

Students: 754, Price:  Paid

Clarity is a high end service where you can make money by freelancing as a business coaching or marketing coach, or helping people in other areas.

The least amount of money you can make is $1 per minute which is a $60/hour rate. That is very different from other freelancing services online where you make as little as a few bucks for your effort.

With Clarity, you will get high end customers who can afford to pay higher rates. In this course I will teach you how to get more exposure on clarity, get your personal brand out there, and how you can even retain those lucrative customers long term.

Try the course today and start making money on Clarity.


If you have questions, know that I am here to help! I answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. Many students tell me that other instructors don't respond. Well, I do because

1) I care about my students.

2) I feel a responsibility to make sure that students get their money's worth from the course.


The Clarity coaching course comes with an unconditional, Udemy-backed, 30-day money-back guarantee. This is not just a guarantee, it's my personal promise to you that I will go out of my way to help you succeed just like I've done for thousands of my other students. 

Invest in your future. Enroll today.

Social Media Influence for Coaches, Leaders, and Mentors

Learn how to position yourself on social media to create influence and establish authority in your industry or niche.

Created by David Baer - Social Marketing Trainer & Wine Geek


Students: 751, Price: $74.99

Students: 751, Price:  Paid

This course is designed to explain the importance of and strategies behind becoming influential using social media for your niche or industry. Why is this important?

Social media matters in reaching your ideal audience:

  • Nearly 2.1 Billion people have a social media account
  • 1.7 Billion of those people are currently active
  • 3.65 Billion people have access to social media through smartphones
  • 47% of all people are on Facebook
  • Twitter has over 284 Million active users
  • 53% of people aged 18-29 have an Instagram account

Inside this course you will learn through video and summary checklists, how to influence your audience to gain authority and to motivate people to take action, (and, ideally, to spend money with you).

Mentoring in the Modern World: Become an Amazing Mentor

Become an Amazing Mentor and Mentor brilliant individuals

Created by Nicholas Carroll - Personal Development Guru


Students: 362, Price: $19.99

Students: 362, Price:  Paid

Have your ever thought I really wish I could be a better Mentor it would really add value to my team. I would be able to go to train the next leaders of the business and really give back. Well then look no further the course Mentoring in the Modern World is here to help you do just that. In this course I go through what is Mentoring as well as look at some of the key skills required to effectively Mentor people within business with some practical tips on how to improve them. You don’t have time to wait so enrol now and help take other’s careers to the next level.

Create Your Life Mentoring

Learn how to change your story so that you can create a life you love

Created by Brittania Wilkerson - Holistic mentor


Students: 24, Price: $19.99

Students: 24, Price:  Paid

In this course you will learn how to set up and use a vision board as well as why and how to use it. You will learn about your story and how to change it from a story that holds you back to one that serves you and helps move you forward to accomplish anything you want. You will learn tools and do assignments that will help you to change your mindset from one of scarcity and weakness to one of abundance and capability. Through these tools you can also learn to love yourself. As you learn to take control of your life with these tools, you will gain emotional freedom and literally be able to create a life you love.

The Secrets of Career Advocates, Mentors and Sponsors

How 3 Key Relationships Can Take Your Career or Business to the Top

Created by Marne Platt - Sharing a Lifetime of Experiences


Students: 22, Price: $29.99

Students: 22, Price:  Paid

Do you want to build your career or your business? No one makes it to the top alone. Savvy employees and entrepreneurs use advocacy, mentoring and sponsoring to help them reach their goals.

Do you know the differences between each of these 3 critical relationships?

Do you know what to ask a mentor, how to be a powerful advocate, or how to find a sponsor?

Most people know something, but they don't know the truth. In this course, we share that truth with you.

How can you use advocates to become known? What's the difference between a mentor and a sponsor? What are the secrets to finding the right mentor? How can you catch a sponsor's attention?

In 5 self-paced videos two successful women, one entrepreneur and one corporate executive, bust the myths. We share our real-life experiences and give you facts, so you can make these relationships work for you.

You will learn how to be an effective advocate, and how to encourage other people to advocate for you. You'll learn what a mentor is really for, how to find one who can make a difference in your career, and how to learn the most from your mentor. And you'll learn the biggest secret in the game - how to find a sponsor who will want to give your career or your business a big boost.

It's not just theory, either. We'll help you build an action plan that puts your new knowledge to work.

If you want to take your career or business to the next step, you need this course. Enroll now!

Creating High-Impact Coaching and Mentoring Programs

This course provides HR leaders with the practices & skills needed to take on the challenge of professional development.

Created by Illumeo Learning - Condensed and Efficient Courses for Busy Professionals


Students: 5, Price: $24.99

Students: 5, Price:  Paid

HR Leaders are taking on the challenge of creating new approaches to professional development of employees. This course is designed to provide these leaders with the practices and skills needed to do so.

This course provides HR leaders with:

1) Insights about how best to introduce coaching and mentoring programs within their companies

2) What best practices apply

3) How best to prepare managers for their roles

4) What steps to take to be sure of success