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Become an Android Developer from Scratch

Simply the best place to start learning Android Development.

Created by Adam Lupu - Learning Scientist & Master Trainer


Students: 561025, Price: Free

Do you want to build applications for the most popular operating system in the world?

Do you want the opportunity to put your apps on over 1 billion devices?

"Become An Android Developer From Scratch” is designed to be the best first step to launching your career as an Android Developer. Whether you've never programmed before or are coming to mobile development for the first time, if you're truly inspired to learn Android Development, this is where you need to start.

This course has been in development for over two years, continuously perfected through research and testing in training bootcamps throughout the US. It represents a collaboration between a professional educator with over 20 years of experience in helping people learn and a professional mobile developer who has helped companies like Sony, Verizon, and nVidia build stunning mobile applications.

Starting with how the Java programming language works and progressing all the way to advanced Android concepts, you will get expertly produced instruction, visually descriptive explanations of deep concepts, screencasts that talk you through not just the “how” but also the “why,” and code challenges to test yourself and mark your progress.

Here’s what students are saying:

“Very clean and well done. Covers everything that you need to know for getting started whether you know how to code starting out or not. If you are at a loss trying to start making android apps this is the course for you.”

“I like this course, this would transform any normal person to a full fledged android developer.”

“This one is, by far, the most comprehensive, easy-to-follow, and genuinely well put together one of the bunch.”

“Inspirational! - got me over the hump (complete android beginner)”

Why it’s working...

One of the things we're most excited to offer with this course is access to the inner workings of the mind of a professional mobile developer. Throughout the course you will be able to listen in as our Learning Scientist teases apart all the thoughts that run through a professional mobile developer’s mind as he’s writing the code you will learn to create. It’s like sitting down in a movie with the writer, director, and lead actor. But in this case, it’s all in support of your transformation from novice to professional.

You will build several applications throughout the course, and the starting point for each project (as well as solutions to each challenge) will be available for download. You will also get all the visuals and info-graphics used throughout the course for reference and study.

"Become An Android Developer From Scratch" will give you a new, richer perspective on how mobile devices work. After you’ve completed this rigorous, challenging, and super fun course, you will be able to create your own apps, deploy to the Google Play store, and even interview for a job anywhere in the world.

The real value...

The most important thing you will get from completing this course is the confidence to say “I’m an Android Developer!” You’ll be able to interact with other students and professionals in the Android community with pride and self-assuredness. You’ll also become an independent learner, able to discern where to go for information and how to continue advancing your skills.

No course is going to make you into an expert. It’s up to you to challenge yourself and find your path to making the apps you dream about. Become an Android Developer from Scratch is the best place to begin. Are you ready to get started?

C++ Tutorial for Complete Beginners

How to program in the popular (and tricky!) C++ programming language, for complete beginners.

Created by John Purcell - Software Development Trainer


Students: 515451, Price: Free

This course teaches you the powerful, fast and popular C++ programming language from scratch, assuming only basic computer knowledge. If you want to develop apps that squeeze the most power from your computer -- high-end desktop games or complex artificial intelligence programs, for instance -- or if you want to use a language that let's you get close to your machine and access all of your computer's hardware, C++ is the language for you. While C++ is quite challenging, in this course we'll learn the basics step by step; towards the end of the course you'll learn how to create a beautiful "particle fire" program, including a smattering of the basic principles of game development.

Javascript Essentials

Learn how Javascript works, some basic API's and finally create a mini project.

Created by Lawrence Turton - Technical Instructor


Students: 274878, Price: Free

Learn the Javascript essentials for web development or any type of programming. Learn all the basics of Javascript including primitive types, arrays, functions, assignment operators, the window object and much more. Also I'll provide clear explanations of objects, constructors and arrays in a clear way for anyone to understand. We'll also dive into some more detail about how Javascript works and even advanced topics like prototype inheritance, scope, execution context and much more. So why should you learn Javascript? Well it's everywhere and is getting even bigger in 2016. It's available to mobile apps, desktop apps, server side nodeJS technology and as always in every single browser around the world. There has never been a better time to learn the basics of Javascript!

Programming 101

Comprehend basic foundational knowledge of hardware, networking, programming and licensing.

Created by Lawrence Turton - Technical Instructor


Students: 96931, Price: Free

Most people do not know how their device's process binary and work with data, from their washing machine to their smart phone. I found even some programmers don't have the knowledge of such; I'm in fact guilty of this sin!

I missed out by learning a programming language first rather than trying to understand the computer on the hardware level. As programmers we are controlling the hardware and eventually even if you're programming in Javascript you need to know about memory and how the language works. So understanding binary data, persistent and temporary memory, CPU, SPU, GPU, networking and more is crucial even if you're a web developer this still applies to you.

This course will be a broad foundation of knowledge giving understanding of certain topics that need to be covered; giving you a solid foundation to grow from. I don't believe in understanding a programming language first is the correct way to go about things. Programming languages have evolved as a tool for us. NOT the computer! So if we understand the computer's hardware we'll understand clearly how our program's are controlling our device's.

Computers are tools that we created to benefit man kind, however as all tools we need to improve them more and more. However the core principle of computers from the very first computer ever invented hasn't changed. Over time the tool or computer has been refined. However the very core process and simplicity in underlying principles has been the same from the foundation of computing which is, processing ones and noughts. Computers have gone from processing 8 to 64 bits at any one time. This is just the computer being able to process more bits and thus more powerful operations can be done at a single time.

Don't get me wrong computers are far more advanced, but the concept is all I'm saying is simple enough that even a beginner can learn what most people consider advanced and above their pay grade.

Likewise understanding networking is of vital importance especially for the web developers of today. More apps are going online so understanding network infrastructure, that has been around for over a decade, is still important today.

What about programming languages? We invented them as tools to communicate with these raw processing machines. We must understand why we have programming languages and how they work. For example what're compilers or transpilers? How have we taken our form of communication, human languages, and turned it into an effective communication to manipulate the computer, programming languages? What about variables, constants, functions, objects and arrays that are in all major programming languages today? Also all languages have operators and if you didn't have them in a programming language you wouldn't actually have a programming language at all.

In this course we'll cover even more, what about programming paradigms. Paradigm just means a model on how to do something. So in this case we can write our program's in a certain way or in a certain paradigm. Very few beginners consider the style with which they program. When creating small scale apps it isn't that difficult, however when creating large scale apps, paradigms become imperative.

Most programming languages give you the flexibility to mix and match programming paradigms or styles for writing your app's. You have a few major styles to choose from such as assembly, procedural and object oriented. Do note in a single app you can mix these paradigms usually procedural and object oriented to best suite that part of your large scale app. I'll show you the styles of these paradigms and then apply procedural and OOP (object oriented paradigm/programming) to demonstrate how the human mind works with differing paradigms; proving that multiple paradigms are the way forward.

Finally at the end of learning such a broad range of topics in a clear and concise course; you'll also be learning about the licensing which should be covered especially for new comers. Then learning about software morality such as DRM, software patents and many other aspects of how the government is dealing with your data.

After all this, if you're still not satisfied you can have your 100% money back guarantee if the course actually cost anything. So this last bit is really the bit that sells it, what have you got to loose?

Introduction to Virtualization – One Hour Crash Course

Learn key virtualization concepts that apply to VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V in this beginner course!

Created by Rick Crisci - VMware Certified Instructor, Virtualization Consultant


Students: 30842, Price: Free

Are you brand new to virtualization? Have you found that many of the training resources out there use complex technical jargon that make it difficult to understand the basic concepts behind virtualization? If you need to learn virtualization quickly and clearly, this is the course for you.

I have taught thousands of hours of live training directly for VMware. Most lectures in this course are 5 - 10 minutes long. This course gives you an understanding of general virtualization concepts. You'll learn how to convert a physical server to a VM. You'll see how the hypervisor provides access to CPU, memory, and storage resources.

If you need to learn VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware Workstation, or any other virtualization technology, this course is the ideal starting point.

Quran Memorization Course. A proven system to do it easy NOW

This Online Quran Memorization Course is developed to be100% Practical system.Memorizing the Quran in short time is easy

Created by Basheer Alharthi - Personal Coach


Students: 26912, Price: Free

In this Course
you will learn and gain 6 new habits. Each habit will make big change in your Memorization Ability. Many people who have taken this course before were able
to memorize the whole holy Quran short Time. Even some of them were able to
memorize the whole Quran in short Time

This course helped myself and
when I noticed the amazing results, I have decided to do this course publicly
to help million of Muslims around the world. Learning
how to Memorize the Quran is easy. By successfully applying what you would learn in this course, you would be able to Connect Dots Differently from now. All you need is this course.

This course is designed for every age group; either youth or adults. This Quran memorization course is really has an Innovative and easy Way to Memorize the Quran.

Our Course divide to:

  1. Build yourself Goal's Map.
  2. Quantum Reading Technique
  3. Scan Reading Technique
  4. Initial Memorization Technique
  5. Forgetfulness types and their solving.
  6. Deep Memorization

This step by step training will let you be able to Finally Memorize the Whole Holy Quran in Short Time.

You will...

  1. Learn Four New Techniques for improving you Memorization Ability.
  2. Learn the Forgetfulness types and their solving.
  3. Be able to memorize around 10 pages daily.
  4. Be able to Memorize the Whole Holy Quran in Short Time.
  5. you will be my supportive brother/ sister.
  6. Simple Way to Memorize The Qur'an
  7. A Quick and Easy Way to Memorize The Quran.
  8. Memorize Quran Online. A complete Online Quran Memorization Course For you.
  9. If you get stuck or have questions, you will always have access to me as a resource for you inside the course.

Let's dive in to learn: who to memorize the whole Quran. Click on the "Take This Course" button and I look forward to see you inside the course.

 This rating of this course in its page is only about the content of the course and not from people who followed the system and became successful. 

The Quick Guide To Speed Reading

Use These 10 Techniques to Read Faster, Remember More and Read More Books Than Ever Before

Created by Jordan Harry - CEO at StudyFast | TEDx Speaker (2M Views) | 30,000 Learners


Students: 19418, Price: Free

In this 30-minute course, I'll show you 10 specific things you can do right now to read more books, remember more names, learn a new language and memorise book notes.

Throughout education every subject gets progressively harder, yet the last lesson we had called ‘reading’ was when we were 12. This results in many people having difficulty keeping up with the ongoing information overload.    

And that's why I decided to combine content from my Speed Reading Mastery Course and Memory Mastery Course.   

My goal is to share the message of speed reading with as many people as possible. And that's why I've taken 10 of my favourite tips from that course and put them together for you here to go through in the next 30-minutes before you invest in the full course.   

Here's what you'll learn inside:


  1. How to utilise speed drills      to increase your reading speed. [Lecture 10]


  2. How to improve your focus      and concentration while reading. [Lecture 3]


  3. Advanced strategies to      improve comprehension. [Lecture 3]


  4. How to use web applications      to maximise your reading efficiency. [Lecture 8]


  5. How to approach dry,      difficult and technical material. [Lecture 4]


  6. How to utilise visualisation      to memorise reading content. [Lecture 6]

You'll Also Get:

✔ 24/7 access to me and the Private Mastermind on Facebook!

✔ Certified Speed Reading Certificate- Which you can add to your CV!

Here to Help

If you have a visual or learning disability don't feel like speed reading is impossible... it isn't! Please contact me before enrolling on the course, so I can work with you to ensure your utmost success. 

I hope you get everything you expect, and more, from the course.

- Jordan Harry

P.S. This isn't your normal online course: expect humour, clear and concise content that is far from boring!

How to Learn: Effective Approaches for Self-Guided Learning

Discover learning best practices, including setting goals, practicing & applying, reflecting, and learning with others.

Created by Padraig Nash - Director of Learning Science and Instructional Design


Students: 13040, Price: Free

So, you've enrolled in a Udemy course - now what? All you have to do is watch it and you'll magically learn, right?

Well, not quite. While watching an online course is certainly a step in the right direction, learning is much more complex than that. Learning is an active process that requires your participation - it's not just passively watching someone talk. Put simply, learning is DOING - and this course will teach you the things you'll need to do to learn most effectively. You can use this course alongside another course you're taking - apply the approaches you learn here to make any other course or learning experience more valuable.

In my role as Director of Learning Science and Instructional Design at Udemy, it's my job to care about all things learning. And that means caring about how you, our Udemy students, learn! I want you to get the most out of the courses you take, so I built this course to give you tips and strategies I've learned over my 20+ year career, based on psychological principles and learning science best practices.

In this course, you will:

  1. Define learning and discover different theories of learning.

  2. Describe the importance of motivation on learning.

  3. Set goals in order to focus your desired learning outcomes.

  4. Practice and apply the skills you learn to do what matters.

  5. Reflect on what you've learned in order to think critically about the information you receive.

  6. Reflect on the progress made towards your goals as a way to boost motivation.

  7. Plan how you'll learn with others to get help, feedback, and different perspectives.

  8. Turn learning into a lifelong habit.

In the spirit of learning as doing, be sure to complete all the activities we've laid out in this course, and be sure to apply what you're learning to other courses you're working on.

The more you do to learn, the more learning will do for you. If you want to level up your learning, join me in this course!

Reading Essentials

Cognitive science and the gift of fluency for all

Created by Helen Abadzi - Cognitive psychologist and polyglot (PhD)


Students: 12633, Price: Free

Governments and international agencies have invested heavily in education systems, in hopes of making students literate. Literacy has become a global priority. Despite increased enrollments, many students in low-income countries or areas fail to learn and drop out illiterate.

Education for all literally means that nearly all children and adults who study reading must become fluent readers. How best to achieve this goal in low-income areas, which principles to use for teaching all students to read? One widely accepted source is the operation of our memory. We all retain material most easily if we learn it according to the ways we process information.

This course presents reading from the perspective of cognitive science. It covers all aspects of basic literacy: from visual perception to automaticity, from teacher training to project implementation and selection of specialists. You will surely find some little-known reading aspects that are counterintuitive and intriguing. Emphasizing those in instruction makes the process feasible for all.

Productivity Mastery: How To Become More Productive

A Scientific Approach To Productivity - Learn The Science Behind Time Management, Focus, Memory, Learning And Much More

Created by Noah ​Merriby - Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur & Award-Winning Speaker


Students: 9000, Price: Free

If you want to boost your productivity and become more productive, you are already ahead of tons of people who don't understand the importance of being productive.. Yet.

In a digital world, where every second count, improving your memory, and your learning ability can give you a huge advantage over everybody else around you by making you more productive. You have the chance to master productivity, to be the " productive " version of yourself, the version you always wanted to be.

In this course, we will go through the Scientific Background of learning strategies and how it learning works, memory and how you can control it and use it to your advantage, speed reading and how to read way more in less time while ensuring proper comprehension of the content. You will learn the fundamental scientific basis behind productivity and time management.e

We even went beyond that to explain different concepts related to your daily life that, by controlling, you can even take it up a notch and control some of the detrimental habits that you have

You will not just learn how to be more productive, you will rewire your brain into being more productive, more effective, become a proficient speed reader and perfect your reading, improve and enhance your memory on a daily and natural level, and learn like you never did before.

Break Vocabulary Barrier: Memorize 100+ Words Everyday!

Complete Guide to Memory Improvement & Significantly Increasing Quality and Quantity of Vocabulary

Created by Revshan Abdurakhmanov - Life Enthusiast


Students: 7874, Price: Free

Ever wondered how someone learns an enormous amount of information in such a tiny amount of time? How people become fluent in couple of languages and memorize in shortest possible period? Why is it enough for somebody to once learn something and memorize it for long time?

Logically, it all has to do with the way we memorize & recall needed information. This course will answer to all those questions and give you the best tools and techniques to boost your memorization efficiency so you can memorize 100+ words per day!

This course is deigned for both beginners as well as professionals. 

- Things you will learn from this course -

  1. How, What, When and Why we do Memorize, Forget & Recall Information.
  2. The Best World Practices, Proven Methods, and Real-World Techniques
  3. How to Memorize and Recall Tremendous Amount of Information
  4.  Tips & Tricks to Boost your Data Retaining Efficiency.
  5. How to Learn and Build High Amount of Vocabulary!
  6. Knowledge that has Helped Become Fluent in 6 Languages 

= S
tructure of this course =

SECTION 1: Journey Starts Here

SECTION 2: The Art of Memorization

SECTION 3: Breaking Vocabulary Barrier

SECTION 4: Conclusion 

If you want to know the Best World Practices, Proven Methods, and Real-World Techniques required to Master Memorization & Quickly Learn High Amount Vocabulary of Any Language, Click Take This Course and start your amazing journey right now.

Every moment is another chance to change your life!

From Photo to DVD – Preserving those Precious Memories

Improving your digital photography techniques, enhancing photos with Photoshop and creating videos with Premiere

Created by Rick Phillips - PhD with 25+ years computer industry experience


Students: 6108, Price: Free

“From Photo to DVD – Preserving Those Precious Memories”
covers three primary topics.  First, we’ll
explore some techniques and strategies for taking better digital photos.  We’ll take a moderately deep dive into portrait
and landscape photography and an overview look at sports, low-light and
underwater photography.  Next, we’ll
explore the editing of photos using Adobe’s Photoshop Elements.  We begin simply with things like cropping, light and color adjustments.  By the time
we’re finished we’ll have explored photo merges, panoramas, special effects and
even creating your own images from scratch. 
We conclude the course with a look at creating high quality videos and
DVDs with Adobe’s Premiere Elements. 
Again we start simply with things like single-threaded timelines, music,
narration and transitions.  By the time
we conclude you will be creating photo montages, utilizing multiple,
simultaneous timelines and creating your own menus.  It should all be great fun.

The course is best suited for individuals familiar with
digital photography, but seeking to improve their skills.  No prior knowledge of photo or video editing
is required.  Similarly, Adobe’s
Photoshop and Premiere Elements are not required.  The download and installation of the free
trial versions of each of these products is described within the course.

Rick Phillips, Ph.D., the instructor for this course,
describes himself as “someone who doesn’t always color within the lines.”  He is energetic and entertaining, but will
likely challenge you within every section to expand your understanding and explore the
world around you.  As Rick is known to
say, “have some fun out there, but Keep On Learning!”

WealthyBrainHack – Hack Your Way to An Ultimate Success

Learn to Hack Your Way to Extremely Successful eBusiness, Memory and Life in General

Created by Zil Norvilis - Working Online Full-Time Since 2016


Students: 4498, Price: Free

The method, outlined in this course allows you to hack your brain and help yourself learn to build extremely successful online business. The simple trick allows you to learn and remember new facts quicker. I will share my personal experience with you so you can follow me too. This time you will succeed for real!

Get A Smarter Brain And A Better Life

Learn how to boost your intelligence, and your brain power to accomplish almost anything in life

Created by Luke. G Dahl - Award-Winning Author and Financial Advisor


Students: 2786, Price: Free

Are you having trouble concentrating? There are ways to increase your IQ and your focus.

Do you need to work faster but you try and try without seeing results? You can do it by following the right training.

There really are ways that you can boost your intelligence and your brain power to accomplish almost anything.

With this 10-part video training you will be able to:

  • Learn the ways you can bring about tangible, measurable improvements in your life by focussing on ways to increase your IQ and your focus.

  • See how you can increase your intelligence and focus to a profound degree.

  • See how you can become sharper, how you can learn faster and how you can even improve your a social IQ.

  • Know how to train your brain in just the same way that you would normally train your body.

  • And much more!

RJ’s Trans Knowledge House

Memory techniques and student NLP



Students: 2119, Price: Free

Life Transforming Training Programmes for students on study techniques and memory techniques through NLP. At Trans Knowledge House TKH, we focus on developing different aspects of human life and transforming an individual to achieve the dreams and goals in life. This course helps a student discover their true self by understanding the vast possibilities of Mind Power and Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP in the realization of their vision of life.

Memory Unleashing Model

Be Unforgettable

Created by Chakradhar Dixit - Author of Book " Unleash Your Memory" and Memory Coach


Students: 2012, Price: Free

This course is suitable for complete beginners who want to take control of their brain capacity by using a trained memory. You should approach this course by awakening child within you and a open mind like kids as children are the best learners on the earth. Rest assured this approach will take you places in the world of memory training. Just use three basic memory techniques and Be Unforgettable.

Study Skills – Improvement And Development

Study Skills - Aquire skills, tools, and knowledge for success

Created by Noah ​Merriby - Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur & Award-Winning Speaker


Students: 1926, Price: Free

Our life long journey in the professional world starts with our education. That's exactly why study skills are essential for students who aim to make their educational journey a successful one. Study skills can take student's performance to a whole new level, it gives them to ability to finish more, in less time, and have more free time for themselves.

Get ready to learn revolutionary study skills that will take you to a while new level. 

Memory Skills Improvement In Arabic – تحسين و تقوية الذاكرة

Memory , Memory Palaces , Memory Improvement, Improve Memory ، تحسين الذاكرة و الحفظ و الفهم بطرق حديثة و سهلة ، تفوق

Created by Mohammed Nagieeb - Dentist , Memory Instructor


Students: 1075, Price: Free

أهلا وسهلا بيك في كورس تحسين الذاكرة باللغة العربية ( المحتوى الأول من نوعه في الوطن العربي )

  1. هنتعلم مع بعض طرق فعالة جدا في تذكر المعلومات وهنجتاز الامتحانات ونحقق أعلى الدرجات في الامتحانات بدون أي قلق أو توتر

  2. هنتعلم نفهم ونحفظ المعلومات بأقل مجهود ونوفر على نفسنا وقت كبير جدا

  3. هنزود قدرتنا على التذكر حوالي 6 أضعاف ونزود وقت الفراغ

  4. هنقلل القلق ونزود الثقة أثناء الإلقاء وهنكون فاكرين لك حاجة ساعتها

  5. الطرق علمية ومثبتة وتم استخدامها من قبل أبطال العالم في مسابقات التذكر

  6. هتلاحظ النتائج بنفسك و دا هيأثر على حالك وحياتك بشكل عام ورضاك عن نفسك

  7. هتنجز أعمال كتير وتختصر وقتك

How to Enhance your Memory by 10X!

Crash course for Beginners and Students to learn tricks to increase the memory power and retain maximum information.

Created by Shweta Jain - NLP Practitioner, Wellness and Student Coach


Students: 951, Price: Free

If you have a misconception that you are not good with remembering things then this course will break it down and teach you a simple method with which you can learn easily. Basically, your information absorption would increase tremendously.

A good and active memory is an exercise for your mind and you should definitely do exercise your mind like you should do exercise for your body. A good and healthy memory will not only help you enjoy remembering things when you are young but will also reduce your chances of having diseases like dementia and Alzheimer.

At the end of this course, you will be able to use the memory technique in your daily life to memorise practically anything and everything from birthdays and anniversaries to educational lessons to speeches and presentations as well as general knowledge.

This will not only boost your knowledge but will also give you that extra confidence to achieve your goals. And the best part is there is no age to improve your memory.

The method I am telling you in this video is tested and used by memory experts, globally. And rest assured if it has worked for them, it will work for you as well.

I have made a lot of effort and presented this course to you with all my heart and I would simply request you to apply it in your everyday life effectively, so that you are able to reap the benefits

I know you will enjoy this course, so do stay tuned and enjoy this wonderful transformational journey.

Making music with the Arturia Memory Brigade Delay

Learn to use this awesome delay

Created by Fernando Lobo Przewlucki - Music producer


Students: 844, Price: Free

Do you want to learn how to use The Memory Brigade ? You are in the right place

We will make a complete tour throughout the whole software.You will learn all the logic and practice behind The Memory Brigade.

To sum everything up, you will learn in this course:

  • The logic behind it.

  • All the settings and knobs and how to use them.

  • We will practice everything on a tiny track.

So why reading the manual when you can learn everything on this tiny course.

How To Enhance Your Memory 10 Times Faster

Magnificent Memory Mastery course is for Students, Parents, Teachers and all others who want to enhance their memory

Created by Vikram Mehra - Mind Trainer and Life Coach


Students: 667, Price: Free

The course has been designed and developed looking at the over all requirements of students. This course will help to students in concentration and retention in studies where they are  not performing. In this course I am sharing NLP based techniques and explanations to improve the functioning of mind, thus enjoying the benefits of higher performance and success.

Comprehensive Memory Training for Students

Memory Mastery Skills, Widely Used Memory Techniques, Learning Strategies (Complete Training) from Memory Trainer

Created by AbdulSalam Chaudhary - Psychologist| Author | Public Speaker


Students: 569, Price: Free

Introducing you with Linking, pegging, SQ3R, Space Repetition, palace method & unlimited other memory enhancing tool in this wonderful course.

Hey, My name is AbdulSalam & I am a professional Psychologist & an Author. I am teaching Memory for the past 4 years in the educational & corporate Industries.  In these four years, I Have found out that memory is a much-needed skill in this modern era of competition. So I have summarized a course for you in which you are going to learn the pathway of becoming extra-Ordinary in your tasks.

Let me define this course for you

Memory is our most widely used brain program throughout our life. From school's quiz & exams to professional Interviews, we need excellent memory & strong retrieval power every time to succeed & move forward in our life. No one hires or gives awards to someone who is not as good as it should be. So, out of 70000 things from which you go through from morning till night, how many you can remember?

Why you often forget your special's one birthday or your anniversary?

How you can forget your own phone number or someone's special mailing address?

How you can forget your boss's email address?

Being a Guinness is lucky but not common but this Guinness can be achieved through learning & proper practice

Memory is a science like any other we study in our schools but this science has a major impact on how we study, learn & behave. In this course, you will be able to understand what memory is, what are its building blocks & 100+ tools & techniques to improve your memory. I can assure you that after this course, you will find yourself way faster in your thinking, observation & making decisions.

Wish you a full of learning course.

Rediscovering You , a brand new memory

Be the magic you are

Created by Pooja Agarwal Rao - Rediscover your power .Be the Architect of ur future !


Students: 560, Price: Free

It offers a brilliant opportunity to embrace the power of your mind .

This course enables one to be a confident speaker , a teacher par excellence ,a brand new version of yourself.

It introduces one to the simple science behind memory, the techniques of NLP . When we enhance the memory we not only become confident in our studies but  meetings ,stage presence , even grocery lists become simple to tackle .

How to Design a Kindle EBook Cover

How to Design a KDP Paperback Cover

Created by Memory Bengesa - Writer


Students: 482, Price: Free

Hello! If you would like to design your own beautiful book cover, you are in the right place! My Name Is Memory, I am an author who enjoys designing book covers for my books; I am excited to teach you a fast, low cost, easy, and yet quality producing method that has helped me deliver catchy book covers for my books.

· In this course, you will learn how to design a Kindle Book Cover using minimal computer tools.

· In this course you will learn How to design a Full Book Cover using minimal computer tools.

· In this course, you will learn How to find stock-free images.

· In this course, you will learn How to understand licenses for required stock images.

· In this course you will learn How to use PowerPoint and Canva to complete the book cover design using KDP requirements.

If you have book cover design ideas and are eager to create that AMAZING, original book cover, then you are in the right place! I am excited to share with you the formula that has worked effortlessly for me and has allowed me to complete my book cover designs in a quick and efficient time. Thank you!

About me

Memory Bengesa-Mosley is a Zimbabwean-American writer who lives in the vibrant and energetic city of St. Louis. Currently, she serves as a writer, speaker, and CEO of Verengai Publishing House and Memory Bengesa Enterprises.

Her prolific writing talents have seen Memory produce a number of titles across different genres, including Born Again Afresh, FREE Overcoming addiction, The Millennial and the Work Place, and her novel, Sameness Life of Nandi. Her talents have seen her be a Nanowrimo Finalist in 2014 and winner of the Gourmand Award for a cookbook in 2011.

In her spare time, Memory is the Vice President of an international non-profit organization and a proficient public speaker. In the future, she would like to help rewrite and publish books on African history as it has been the source of much of her writing inspiration in the past.

Enhancing Memory Retention : A Gateway For Students To Excel

Learning & Memorizing With Fun

Created by Sukhdev Narayan - NLP Trainer, Counselor and Mentor


Students: 450, Price: Free

It is essential for every child, student, teacher, parent rather I would say all to learn memory enhancing techniques and those techniques which would help growing our mind’s potential, strengthening the mind and learn to run the subconscious mind in a better way. I will be sharing lot of techniques and information that will help you in enhancing the power of your memory by at least 10 times. This video emphasizes on how a memory is formed or captured. This is especially beneficial for people looking to enhance their parenting and teaching skills and for the students who wish to have rock solid confidence during exams and interviews. This course is about Memory & Learning, Mode of Learning, Parenting and the linkage between all these topic to succeed in life and achieve the Desired Goals. If you are looking to enhance your memory and retaining it 10 times. You must remember 5 things- 1. Create a link, 2. Link should be unique, 3. There should be "you" in the link, the mind captures and remembers memories which it can resonate with. There will always be an I or me element in your memory.4. Image should be colorful and 5. having some sound in it. See this video to clearly understand the concept with example.

Enhance Your Memory Multiple Times

Memory Technique

Created by ABHA AGRAWAL - Wellness and Mind Trainer


Students: 441, Price: Free

This Is the wonderful course to enhance your memory multiple times. Enjoy learning for your personal development. You will be able to learn that how we can recall images quickly, what kind of quality of images is required for retention of content. Here we will learn about the secret of memory improvement with the help of various examples. You will able to learn various memory techniques to make your learning effective and long lasting.

Abacus beginner level

Improves your child concentration and Memory

Created by venkat panjagala - Teacher


Students: 416, Price: Free

Abacus - the Ancient super fast and super efficient technique for mental mathematics has proved to be the best method not only for the calculations but also for the stimulation of brain function. Researches have found the increased concentration, comprehension, listening abilities and also improved memory and problem solving skills in the people who mastered this technique.

  • In this particular course you will get the basic idea of calculation using abacus.

  • During the course you will master speed writing.

  • With adequate practice your fingers will start moving efficiently on abacus tool.

  • You will learn to add and subtract 4 to 5 single digit numbers.

  • By the end of the course you will be all set to master complex addition and subtraction in the Level I course of this series. Abacus - the Ancient super fast and super efficient technique for mental mathematics has proved to be the best method not only for the calculations but also for the stimulation of brain function. Researches have found the increased concentration, comprehension, listening abilities and also improved memory and problem solving skills in the people who mastered this technique.

    This course is designed to build a strong foundation for mastering the technique of abacus for mental math. It is the Abacus Masterclass -Level I which is the second course of the series of abacus masterclass which has eight levels in addition to the beginner level. We will move ahead step by step gradually in each level.

    • In this particular course you will get the basic idea of calculation using abacus.

    • During the course you will master speed writing.

    • With adequate practice your fingers will start moving efficiently on abacus tool.

    • You will learn to add and subtract 4 to 5 single digit numbers.

    • You will be able to use small and big friends formulae on you abacus.

    • Practice exercises will also introduce you to the first step of mental mathematics.

    • By the end of the course you will be all set to master complex addition and subtraction in the Level II course of this series.

Learning Strategies & Memory – The Complete MasterClass 4.0

Learning Strategies, Memory Skills and Practices. Ensure Cognitive Dominance And Take Control Of Your Life

Created by Louay El Charif - Senior Financial Operations Accountant


Students: 337, Price: Free

Warren Buffet says: The more you learn, the more you earn.

We learn from the things that happen to us - our experiences. For example, we learned that lightning is followed by thunder, we learned not to tell lies because it can cause us to lose our credibility and to lose our friends, or that we learned how to dance by watching others demonstrate dance steps to us. We can say that we have learned these things because we have acquired appropriate responses for them - we cover our ears when lightning strikes, we try to avoid telling lies, and we dance. Learning is acquiring relatively permanent change in behavior through experience. We experience things and learn to modify our behaviors based on what we know.

Learning applies not just to humans, but also to animals. For us humans, learning extends beyond the scope of proper education. Prior schooling, we learned how to tie our shoes, how to write, and maybe, even how to read. For animals, learning could mean knowing how to hunt for food, how to climb trees, and when to avoid predators. Learning about the environment is important for adaptation and survival.

After seeing that people tend to solve some problems only to encounter other problems, I decided to create a course that can help people cover a variety of problems that they might be encountering. The goal is to help each and every one of you in achieving their breakthrough and personal transformation.

Psychological research in learning typically employs laboratory experiments, and consequently uses animals as participants. This is to allow extensive control over the environmental conditions that govern learning. After decades of research in learning, it is widely accepted today that many of the principles of learning demonstrated with animals also apply to humans.

In this course you will learn how to improve your learning ability and skills, how to improve your memory and boost your recalling and retaining ability. You will learn effective speed reading and cognitive comprehension expansion.

Learn to Read at Any Age

Reading Understood As Never Before

Created by Gitika Bansal - NLP Practitioner Student peak performance and wellness coach


Students: 134, Price: Free

I am an NLP Coach and practitioner from India. I present to you a course here which will bust your myths abkout Reading like never before. it will clear your m ind on the myths about comprehension , eye movements while reading and much more. Reading is much much more than just word identification. You will learn a lot with this course.

This course will enable the students to overcome their fear of reading. They will know how to overcome their inhibitions about reading as this course comes from the desk of an NLP Coach and practitioner. There are techniques and two primary exercises to erase patterns of the past unsuccessful attempts and thus create new resorces.

They will know why they were just not able to read until now. They will hone their reading skills, comprehension ability to a much greater extent. . Age is not a barrier for anyone to become a reader at any age. This course is meant for people at any level of reading and will empower them to influence their world the way they want  to by  understanding about reading in a new way.

Anyone who comes across this course will get a gist of how reading will greatly influence their performance overall. One  must recommend this course to friends and acquaintances too.