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A Mini Course on Better Reading

Use These 5 Specific Strategies to Instantly Become A Better Reader and Read More Books Than You Ever Have Before

Created by Brandon Hakim - Founder of InsiderSchool


Students: 59490, Price: Free

In this short 30 minute course, I'll show you 5 specific things you can do right now to read more books than you ever have before.

Because reading isn't just a nicety -- it's a must if you want to live your dreams. Yet everything we're taught in school holds us back from actually learning.

And that's why I created this course.

When I took over a failing business a few years ago, I had no mentors, no boss and no one to help me. My education from a "top 10 school" was no help either.

That's when I discovered the power of books. Every question I had, there was a book with an answer. And the better I got at reading, the more frustrated I got that we're never taught how to read the right way in school.

And that's why I decided to put together my course Become A Learning Machine: How To Read 300 Books This Year.

My goal is to share this message with as many people as possible. And that's why I've taken 5 of my favorite tips from that course and put them together for you here to go through in the next 30 minutes before you invest in the full course.

Here's what you'll learn inside:

  1. Why how we're taught to learn in school is the BIGGEST obstacle to reading a lot of books [Lecture 2]

  2. A simple mindset shift that will help you get through more books than ever before...and actually USE what you learn [Lecture 3]

  3. The obvious yet forgotten thing you NEED to do to read more books this year [Lecture 4]

  4. What you have to do as soon as you open the book to get through it quickly [Lecture 5]

  5. A simple trick that can INSTANTLY make you a faster reader [Lecture 6]

  6. Why you need to divide your reading into two separate categories to read as many books as you can [Lecture 7]

  7. Eight life-changing books you have to read [Lecture 8]

To enroll now, just click on the "Start Learning Now" button.

I'll see you inside.


English Speaking Course for Beginners

Learn Basic English Conversation Phrases through Listening and Repeating after an American Native English Speaker!

Created by Joyce Thompson - English teacher


Students: 46923, Price: Free

You will learn basic English conversation phrases in 6 different topic areas: Greetings, Personal Information, Family, School, Shopping and Travel.  A great way to remember new phrases and improve your pronunciation is to listen and repeat after a native English speaker.

I have an MA in Teaching and over 15 years teaching English as a second language to students from around the world.  I currently teach English to international students in California, USA.  I'm so honored to be able to use technology to help students meet their language learning goals.  I look forward to teaching you and getting to know you better! 

The Quick Guide To Speed Reading

Use These 10 Techniques to Read Faster, Remember More and Read More Books Than Ever Before

Created by Jordan Harry - CEO at StudyFast | TEDx Speaker (2M Views) | 30,000 Learners


Students: 19418, Price: Free

In this 30-minute course, I'll show you 10 specific things you can do right now to read more books, remember more names, learn a new language and memorise book notes.

Throughout education every subject gets progressively harder, yet the last lesson we had called ‘reading’ was when we were 12. This results in many people having difficulty keeping up with the ongoing information overload.    

And that's why I decided to combine content from my Speed Reading Mastery Course and Memory Mastery Course.   

My goal is to share the message of speed reading with as many people as possible. And that's why I've taken 10 of my favourite tips from that course and put them together for you here to go through in the next 30-minutes before you invest in the full course.   

Here's what you'll learn inside:


  1. How to utilise speed drills      to increase your reading speed. [Lecture 10]


  2. How to improve your focus      and concentration while reading. [Lecture 3]


  3. Advanced strategies to      improve comprehension. [Lecture 3]


  4. How to use web applications      to maximise your reading efficiency. [Lecture 8]


  5. How to approach dry,      difficult and technical material. [Lecture 4]


  6. How to utilise visualisation      to memorise reading content. [Lecture 6]

You'll Also Get:

✔ 24/7 access to me and the Private Mastermind on Facebook!

✔ Certified Speed Reading Certificate- Which you can add to your CV!

Here to Help

If you have a visual or learning disability don't feel like speed reading is impossible... it isn't! Please contact me before enrolling on the course, so I can work with you to ensure your utmost success. 

I hope you get everything you expect, and more, from the course.

- Jordan Harry

P.S. This isn't your normal online course: expect humour, clear and concise content that is far from boring!

Instant Photo Memory For Students

Develop a Photo Memory in 1 Hour

Created by Roger Adams - Learning Connoisseur, Author


Students: 10733, Price: Free

Instant Photo Memory for Students teaches you to develop an instant memory capacity to study anything you want.  After you complete the course videos,  you will be able to easily use the method to remember any subject you are studying even if your exam is tomorrow.

Topics include:

Cramming 101

How does memory actually work

What a typical memory training database is and why you won't need it

Learning large amounts of abstract data using simple memory techniques

Nootropic Supplements to instantly and profoundly increase your memory and focus

Learning "Concepts"  and "Systems" is what most memory courses leave out

Powerful and simple memory techniques

Problems with memory systems

Advanced memory training recommendations

Controlling your brainwaves for increase memory, encoding, recall and exams

Learn the Sleep Method that teaches you how to stay up late and get up early easily without fatigue

Learn how to speed read effortlessly and extract targeted data from fluffy text

Integrate your learning goals with your daily and weekly schedules

Jack of All Trades – How to Be a Modern Renaissance Person

Beginner's Introduction to Learning and Being a Modern Renaissance Person

Created by The INSTANT-Series - Instant Solutions FOR Instant Problems TO Instant Results


Students: 7555, Price: Free

ADDRESS TO: The One, who has an insatiable craving for acquiring new knowledge, developing new skills, or nurturing existing talents...

Throughout history, there were those fascinating individualists of worldly culture, vast interests, myriad skills, remarkable erudition, and unfathomable capabilities - who we've come to know them as the "Renaissance men," who seem to not only KNOW everything...but DO everything as well.

What these polymaths, or  "Jack of all trades," could do and managed to achieve are very real and obtainable, but the secret question

The proverbial saying "don't put all eggs in one basket" holds true. Limiting all efforts and resources into one thing is not only being ill-equipped but risky, especially when comes to education, skill, career, and of course life.

"Jack of All Trades" tackles how to learn new knowledge and master multiple skill sets in record time to be a multi-talented, multifaceted modern Renaissance man/woman.

Become the rare breed who is multi-talented with your multiple masteries. Become the fascination and envy of other people with your endless knowledge. Become the contradicting enigma people are drawn to by your mysterious aura, attractive charisma, and refreshing ways of thinking, doing, and being...

Who am I? I am the YOU that you shall soon to be.

Until we meet again,

- Mr./Ms. Jack of all Trades

How to recall days of the week

Astound your friends. Recall any date in the years 2016-19 in under 30 seconds.

Created by Bill Aronson - Your imagination is your memory of the future


Students: 7303, Price: Free

"a very good mind lesson. your never too old to learn something new and life changing"
"It is fun and quick moving! Really enjoying it!
"This is one of the best courses I have taken on Udemy. I hope to practice what I have learned which should help improve my memory."

This course will get you kick-started on improving your memory. There is no strong scientific evidence that memory apps work. That is why every technique I teach is designed to be applied in the real world. Don't become good at games - learn to apply memory techniques to real life challenges. 

To get you started I am going to show you how you can recall the day of the week of any date in the years 2016 - 2019. It will take you less than an hour to master.  Imagine meeting someone and telling them what day their birthday will fall on next year. It's a great way to overcome awkwardness and get a conversation going. Plus they will look at you in  different light. 


  1. Boost working memory
  2. Great icebreaker
  3. Improve your productivity

As your memory improves, so will your self-confidence, clarity and communication.

How I Learned 12 Languages — The Polyglot Mind Series

Discover the mindset and learn the tools that you need to learn languages quickly

Created by Sébastien Roger de Nuñez - Hyper-polyglot (10+ languages), TEDx Speaker and TEDx Coach


Students: 6819, Price: Free

From learning over 10 languages and teaching hundreds of students over 5 years, Sébastien Nuñez has developed a quick step-by-step method to will get you to learn any language that you want in a much more efficient way.

We will focus on tools you can use at any moment of the day, without having to be sitting behind a desk or in a classroom. Learn from real-life situation so that you can learn the real-life language!

Master English Reading Basics Quickly and Easily

Master the English Letter-Sound Alphabetic System Step-by-Step

Created by Marilyn Martyn - Literacy Specialist


Students: 6396, Price: Free

In under two hours, you will understand how the English Alphabet System works.


The English Alphabet System has a reputation for being tricky. It appears that way, but it is not difficult to master if you study daily.

This course will teach you to master reading STEP-BY-STEP.

I have taught many students to read, even those who struggled and failed to learn to read in primary school.

Reading and writing are skills. They are mastered one step at a time.

It goes without saying you must practise daily so your brain can build the necessary reading circuits.

When learned systematically, the English alphabet system makes sense.

In this course, you will learn the letter-sound relationships and to read words at the same time.

You will develop the essential skills that underpin all reading ability.

By the end of the course, you will know how to read most English words.

You will be ready to read texts to develop fluent reading.

You might be a slow reader at first, so you read easy texts.

Reading children's stories will help you to become a fluent reader. 

Choosing stories and well-planned information books by well-known authors is a fun and interesting approach to purposeful reading.

I know you will succeed when you decide to do the course slowly and methodically.

You may need to do repeat some lessons to master them.

Don't put off completing the course. It will open up a lifetime of learning for you.

Dyslexia and Mind Mapping: How the BulletMap™ Method helps.

Discover how mind mapping can bring creative order to chaotic thoughts with the BulletMap Method!

Created by Darius Namdaran - Teacher, Designer and Community Worker


Students: 5112, Price: Free

Do you want to understand the struggles of dyslexia and use it to your advantage? Are you looking to discover new study possibilities you can use at school? Then you're in the right place! 

This is a Free course taken from a live training session with Parents of Dyslexic teens looking for practical answers. Its here for you to enrich your understanding of Mindmapping and Dyslexia. Its fast paced, media rich and interactive. It's ideal for parents exploring practical solutions for creative children to master High School work.

This course will give you basic knowledge on both mind mapping and dyslexia. We will help you learn the difference of mind mapping from other study techniques and discover why colleges and universities recommend using this skill.  Also why many dyslexia assessors recommend mind mapping as a core skill for dyslexia.

We will be looking in-depth to the daily lives of a dyslexic teenager and how parents and children can use mind mapping as an effective skill to overcome many of the challenges of High school.

This course will help you as a parent or child understand dyslexia in an imaginative way. It will also help you understand how mind mapping can be used in a way that brings focus rather than randomness and confusion.

Its not a training in the actual BulletMap™ techniques. Its here to motivate you or your child to understand how valuable it can be and understand the basics before learning the practical skills.

This course is for:

- Parents

- Creative Children and Teenagers

- People who think they may be Dyslexic

You'll learn-

- What a day in the life of Dyslexic teen can be like

- Understand challenges and advantages of Dyslexia

- How Mind mapping can be used to bring order to creative chaos

- Next possible steps in your journey of discovery.

WealthyBrainHack – Hack Your Way to An Ultimate Success

Learn to Hack Your Way to Extremely Successful eBusiness, Memory and Life in General

Created by Zil Norvilis - Working Online Full-Time Since 2016


Students: 4498, Price: Free

The method, outlined in this course allows you to hack your brain and help yourself learn to build extremely successful online business. The simple trick allows you to learn and remember new facts quicker. I will share my personal experience with you so you can follow me too. This time you will succeed for real!

Elementary English Level I: Short Course

Beginning level course for those learning English.

Created by Brigitte Wayman - TESOL-Certified English Teacher (ESL/EFL)


Students: 4388, Price: Free

This short course covers the basics of the English language for beginners. Included are more than 125 vocabulary words, an explanation of the subject pronouns, and an introduction to the Present Simple. Various reading, writing, and listening exercises and quizzes help the student practice and implement the language skills they have learned. All exercises are reviewed with explanations.

LEARN ENGLISH FAST: How to Make a Plan

How to Improve your English every time you study!

Created by Eron Powell - Founder of ""


Students: 3628, Price: Free

This course will help you Improve Your English.. FASTER!

You will learn to be your own teacher and make the perfect English study Plan for your life!

How do we do this?

  1. Find your purpose for studying English

  2. Set specific goals so you improve every time you study

  3. Find the best content and use the best study techniques

My name is Eron Donevan. I was a college English teacher in China for 2.5 years and business english teacher for 4.5 years. The most common question students ask is, "How can I improve my English". This is a funny questions because they ask me.. In English. So I know they knew how to study.

The problem is that when you know around 2,000 to 6,000 English words... What happens when you learn 100 or 200 or 300 new words? NOTHING HAPPENS. It takes hours and hours of studying time.... And you can't read books. You can't understand your favorite T.V. shows...

Students stop studying because nothing good happens, so studying just seems like boring, hard work.

How do we fix this? The secret is that you need to set your purpose for studying English. Then you need to need to be your own teacher.

You will set goals that help you do things you find interesting and useful.

(not just the goals your teacher, book or language app thinks is interesting and useful)

Okay, I hope to see you in class!

Important Tips for Exam Preparation

A one stop guide to be exam ready!

Created by LetsTute Make it Easy - Experts in Mathematics, Science, Accounting & Art and Craft


Students: 3334, Price: Free

An examination is a crucial phase for every individual. It is a very stressful time where a student has to study a lot and that too in a very short time. To make it easy for the students we have come up with this course on ' Important Tips for Exam Preparation'.

Who can take this course?

This is a free course and can be taken by any student who is preparing for their school/ College examination.

What are the benefits of taking this course?

On taking this course the student will be getting important tips that are to be kept in mind while preparing for their exams.

You will learn effective ways to manage their time and give their best in the preparation.

One will also learn the various paper presentation techniques to create a good handwriting and to write a very neat paper.

So, if your exams are near then enroll in this course and take the advantage of scoring well with these important videos.

Effective Learning – Learn to Learn

Learn how to learn effectively

Created by Elvis Graholskis - Web Developer


Students: 3043, Price: Free

In this course you will learn the truth about effective learning. There is a lot of false information floating around and this course is made to counter that.

In this course you are not learning about my google results, this course is made thru painstaking reading and personal research. You will learn a lot of new ideas and concepts about learning and I can give you a 100% guarantee, that you will learn something new. How can I give you that 100%? Well... a lot of the ideas presented in this course are not found anywhere in the web, because they do not offer a quick fix or supperficial observation.

Caution! You will not become super learner or super memorizer after this course. It is your job to take concepts from this course and develop them on your own.

Do you want to invest in yourself for the long run or do you just want to be fascinated by movie character with outstaning memory and learning skills? This course does not offer tipical perspective that is inline with the hopes and dreams of average TV-Series viewer. This course is ment to give you the right tools to boost your learning.

Let's start learning!

Get A Smarter Brain And A Better Life

Learn how to boost your intelligence, and your brain power to accomplish almost anything in life

Created by Luke. G Dahl - Award-Winning Author and Financial Advisor


Students: 2786, Price: Free

Are you having trouble concentrating? There are ways to increase your IQ and your focus.

Do you need to work faster but you try and try without seeing results? You can do it by following the right training.

There really are ways that you can boost your intelligence and your brain power to accomplish almost anything.

With this 10-part video training you will be able to:

  • Learn the ways you can bring about tangible, measurable improvements in your life by focussing on ways to increase your IQ and your focus.

  • See how you can increase your intelligence and focus to a profound degree.

  • See how you can become sharper, how you can learn faster and how you can even improve your a social IQ.

  • Know how to train your brain in just the same way that you would normally train your body.

  • And much more!

Productivity for Students: Study Smarter, Not Harder

Powerful learning strategies to increase your personal productivity: Studying SMART with ProjectElon founder Mike Elon

Created by Mike Elon - Study Coach, YouTuber and founder of ProjectElon


Students: 2667, Price: Free

Level up your productivity and transform your grades with powerful learning strategies taught by ProjectElon founder Mike Elon.

With over 700,000 subscribers on his study advice YouTube channel, join Mike as he shares how he transformed his 1.3 GPA at high school to a 4.0 GPA at university.

He'll be going in-depth with real examples and stories of his own university experiences, as well as using examples and stories from some of the thousands of students he has coached too.

There are countless classes explaining all the hundreds of personal productivity tips, hacks and tools, but for this class, Mike pulls out the most effective productivity strategies that can be implemented into your life right now to directly boost your grades.

Whether you’re a high school student or a mature post-graduate, this class will give you the tools you need to decrease the number of hours you study while simultaneously improving your grades - the very definition of studying smart. You’ll learn how to:

  • Study smarter rather than harder

  • Implement advanced memorisation techniques

  • Significantly improve your productivity

  • Make your studying more fun and engaging

  • Overcome procrastination

  • Utilise advanced study skills

  • Cultivate a personal development mindset

To achieve exceptional grades, studying 10+ hours a day is just not necessary. After taking this class, you’ll have a powerful set of strategies to make your studying more efficient and streamlined. Because of your increased productivity, you'll be able to achieve more while studying less.

Calendar Trick: Calculate Any Day Of The Week for 2019.

Learn Calendar Trick with this step-by-step course and use it to upgrade your skills

Created by Bojan Matic - Engineer of electronics and telecommunications


Students: 2561, Price: Free

This course is about one simple calendar trick which you can learn really fast. After taking this free course you will be able to know day of the week for any date in 2019. in just a few seconds, without looking at calendar. It takes about 32 minutes to learn this and it is really cool and useful thing to know. Check my course and I am looking forward to share these skills with you

The Art and Science of Reading Comprehension:

How you can read faster and remember more.

Created by Ray Harvey - Creative director of all things lovely.


Students: 2490, Price: Free

In this free course, you're given four keys that will unlock the latent brain-power residing within you.

So much of our lives depend upon reading.

The reason this is so is that reading facilities and amplifies the transmission of knowledge -- and it is by means of knowledge that humans not only survive but prosper and flourish. In this way, knowledge is the fundamental thing you must possess in order to get the things you want from your life.

This course will teach you the vital importance of reading; it will also provide you with the information you need to develop faster and more efficient reading skills while, at the same time, cultivating deeper levels of comprehension.

This is not, however, a speed-reading course, nor a memory course. It's a series of bite-sized lectures, based upon real-life seminars I've given to students (all ages and all skill-levels) so that they might streamline their reading -- right away.

"Fun, interactive, and inspiring!"

I give you my word not to bore you or waste your time.

What you’ll learn

  • The complex nature of reading, which most people take completely for granted.

  • How to become a more active reader.

  • The four levels of reading and how to raise your level.

  • The four keys to better reading.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Basic reading knowledge.

  • The willingness to have fun and challenge yourself.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who desires hyper-acute reading comprehension, with amplified retention.

RJ’s Trans Knowledge House

Memory techniques and student NLP



Students: 2119, Price: Free

Life Transforming Training Programmes for students on study techniques and memory techniques through NLP. At Trans Knowledge House TKH, we focus on developing different aspects of human life and transforming an individual to achieve the dreams and goals in life. This course helps a student discover their true self by understanding the vast possibilities of Mind Power and Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP in the realization of their vision of life.

Study Skills – Improvement And Development

Study Skills - Aquire skills, tools, and knowledge for success

Created by Noah ​Merriby - Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur & Award-Winning Speaker


Students: 1926, Price: Free

Our life long journey in the professional world starts with our education. That's exactly why study skills are essential for students who aim to make their educational journey a successful one. Study skills can take student's performance to a whole new level, it gives them to ability to finish more, in less time, and have more free time for themselves.

Get ready to learn revolutionary study skills that will take you to a while new level. 

Memory Skills Improvement In Arabic – تحسين و تقوية الذاكرة

Memory , Memory Palaces , Memory Improvement, Improve Memory ، تحسين الذاكرة و الحفظ و الفهم بطرق حديثة و سهلة ، تفوق

Created by Mohammed Nagieeb - Dentist , Memory Instructor


Students: 1075, Price: Free

أهلا وسهلا بيك في كورس تحسين الذاكرة باللغة العربية ( المحتوى الأول من نوعه في الوطن العربي )

  1. هنتعلم مع بعض طرق فعالة جدا في تذكر المعلومات وهنجتاز الامتحانات ونحقق أعلى الدرجات في الامتحانات بدون أي قلق أو توتر

  2. هنتعلم نفهم ونحفظ المعلومات بأقل مجهود ونوفر على نفسنا وقت كبير جدا

  3. هنزود قدرتنا على التذكر حوالي 6 أضعاف ونزود وقت الفراغ

  4. هنقلل القلق ونزود الثقة أثناء الإلقاء وهنكون فاكرين لك حاجة ساعتها

  5. الطرق علمية ومثبتة وتم استخدامها من قبل أبطال العالم في مسابقات التذكر

  6. هتلاحظ النتائج بنفسك و دا هيأثر على حالك وحياتك بشكل عام ورضاك عن نفسك

  7. هتنجز أعمال كتير وتختصر وقتك

How to Enhance your Memory by 10X!

Crash course for Beginners and Students to learn tricks to increase the memory power and retain maximum information.

Created by Shweta Jain - NLP Practitioner, Wellness and Student Coach


Students: 951, Price: Free

If you have a misconception that you are not good with remembering things then this course will break it down and teach you a simple method with which you can learn easily. Basically, your information absorption would increase tremendously.

A good and active memory is an exercise for your mind and you should definitely do exercise your mind like you should do exercise for your body. A good and healthy memory will not only help you enjoy remembering things when you are young but will also reduce your chances of having diseases like dementia and Alzheimer.

At the end of this course, you will be able to use the memory technique in your daily life to memorise practically anything and everything from birthdays and anniversaries to educational lessons to speeches and presentations as well as general knowledge.

This will not only boost your knowledge but will also give you that extra confidence to achieve your goals. And the best part is there is no age to improve your memory.

The method I am telling you in this video is tested and used by memory experts, globally. And rest assured if it has worked for them, it will work for you as well.

I have made a lot of effort and presented this course to you with all my heart and I would simply request you to apply it in your everyday life effectively, so that you are able to reap the benefits

I know you will enjoy this course, so do stay tuned and enjoy this wonderful transformational journey.

Mind Mapping – The Complete MasterClass 4.0

Learn Mind Mapping Techniques and Formulas To Revolutionize Your Brainstorming Ability. Mind Maps Have Never Been Easier

Created by Lurnus Academy - An Innovative Educational Platform


Students: 673, Price: Free

Mind Mapping is one of the most important skills that people can learn, unfortunately, not a lot of people know or understand how they can use mind mapping effectively nor how to create mind maps.

That's exactly why we made this course. We made this course for you! For you to learn the ins and outs of mind mapping and develop this life changing skill properly.

This course will help you get from where you are, to where you want to be... The question is, are you ready!

A Shortcut To Effective Speed Reading And Learning

Become A Super Learning Machine

Created by Louay El Charif - Senior Financial Operations Accountant


Students: 656, Price: Free

Whether it's course material that you have in school, or documents that your boss gave you, or a simple book that you want to read but you just can't find the time to finish it, after finishing this course, all of this can change. By learning and applying the principles in this course, you will be able to effectively implement a speed reading systems, formulas and techniques that you can use in different areas in your life to optimize your learning, memorization and processing ability.

Brain supercharge (Speed reading and eye training course)

In this course, you will see significant progress in speed reading and get acquainted with your hidden abilities.

Created by Ali Kimiaei - Instructor and future doctor


Students: 626, Price: Free

What exactly does speed reading mean?

Most people read at a maximum speed of 200 words per minute, while everyone has the ability to read at a speed of at least 600 words! How? Simply! Our normal brains and eyes are not able to analyze content quickly and accurately. But with a little practice and some techniques, you can reach your full potential. Our brain has the ability to do things that are beyond our imagination. The best way to use this hidden power is to learn skills such as speed reading. Speed reading is a launching pad for passing tough tests and achieving a bright future! People like Warren Buffett read a book almost every day. But when asked what regrets he has in life, his answer was why he did not read more books. Reading books keeps your mind young. By reading books, you will learn new things that will change your future career. In other words, the more books you read, the more experience you will have and the more successful you will be. Do not have enough time to study? Do not worry, because speed reading is exactly the skill that training will cure your pain.

Speed reading will wake up your brain Using your brain many times over will make you smarter.

Why is speed reading so important?

Have you ever been to a job interview? Probably yes. People can succeed in job interviews with a more productive and compelling resume. When you know other skills besides the skills needed for the job you want, you will have a better chance of getting that job. Now, if you are familiar with the knowledge of speed reading and have passed the speed reading courses, you will have the opportunity to make your resume more productive than ever (because you read a book every few days and learn a new skill …) But speed reading will not be limited to this. By learning to read fast, you can get better grades in different exams. In addition to increasing your knowledge of your field of study, this will help you find a job with a better salary, benefits, and position.

Each lecture is composed of up to dated techniques and plenty of exercises.

How to Program your mind in an Instant for Law of Attraction

Master Law of Attraction for Happiness, Eliminating Unwanted Beliefs and Manifesting Your Ideal Life

Created by Anuja Sinha - Wellness and Life Transforming Coach


Students: 618, Price: Free

The Law of Attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person's life. The belief is based on the ideas that people and their thoughts are made from "pure energy", and that a process of like energy attracting like energy exists through which a person can improve their health, wealth, and personal relationships.

In this course, I'll teach you how you can use Law of Attraction in your daily routine to make yourself more productive.

Rediscovering You , a brand new memory

Be the magic you are

Created by Pooja Agarwal Rao - Rediscover your power .Be the Architect of ur future !


Students: 560, Price: Free

It offers a brilliant opportunity to embrace the power of your mind .

This course enables one to be a confident speaker , a teacher par excellence ,a brand new version of yourself.

It introduces one to the simple science behind memory, the techniques of NLP . When we enhance the memory we not only become confident in our studies but  meetings ,stage presence , even grocery lists become simple to tackle .

Enhance Your Memory Multiple Times

Memory Technique

Created by ABHA AGRAWAL - Wellness and Mind Trainer


Students: 441, Price: Free

This Is the wonderful course to enhance your memory multiple times. Enjoy learning for your personal development. You will be able to learn that how we can recall images quickly, what kind of quality of images is required for retention of content. Here we will learn about the secret of memory improvement with the help of various examples. You will able to learn various memory techniques to make your learning effective and long lasting.

How To Solve A 3×3 Step By Step Beginner Intermediate (Free)

In this course we will start at the very beginning, going in-depth into the 4 steps of the popular 3x3 method (CFOP)

Created by Jayde Rea - Coding Electronics Puzzles


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In this course, we will be learning the popular method (CFOP), which stands for Cross, F2L, OLL, PLL, these are the 4 steps to (CFOP). In the beginner series, we will start with the absolute basics Learning some extra steps to assist our way to the first step Cross, After we learn how to get our daisy and the white cross we things start to get interesting because we learn to insert our first corners, Making the cube have 1 hole layer solved. However, to finish F2L (First two Layers) we must match the corners with their corresponding edges and then re-insert them to have 2 steps done in our (CFOP) Method. Once you have practised enough to be confident you will move into the third step of CFOP this is called OLL which stands for (Orientation Of Last Layer) here we will learn how to read algorithm notation this is getting close to our first algorithms, we will use this knowledge to solve the hole yellow face and orientate the corners of the top layer just leaving the last step of (CFOP) Witch is PLL.

PLL is the very last step of solving the cube and involves moving the edges of the top layer into place to have a finished cube. The intermediate series goes way more in-depth into advanced topics and skills that will be vital to having sup 30-second solves. This course is filled with knowledge to be learned and I hope I see yous there.

Learning Strategies & Memory – The Complete MasterClass 4.0

Learning Strategies, Memory Skills and Practices. Ensure Cognitive Dominance And Take Control Of Your Life

Created by Louay El Charif - Senior Financial Operations Accountant


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Warren Buffet says: The more you learn, the more you earn.

We learn from the things that happen to us - our experiences. For example, we learned that lightning is followed by thunder, we learned not to tell lies because it can cause us to lose our credibility and to lose our friends, or that we learned how to dance by watching others demonstrate dance steps to us. We can say that we have learned these things because we have acquired appropriate responses for them - we cover our ears when lightning strikes, we try to avoid telling lies, and we dance. Learning is acquiring relatively permanent change in behavior through experience. We experience things and learn to modify our behaviors based on what we know.

Learning applies not just to humans, but also to animals. For us humans, learning extends beyond the scope of proper education. Prior schooling, we learned how to tie our shoes, how to write, and maybe, even how to read. For animals, learning could mean knowing how to hunt for food, how to climb trees, and when to avoid predators. Learning about the environment is important for adaptation and survival.

After seeing that people tend to solve some problems only to encounter other problems, I decided to create a course that can help people cover a variety of problems that they might be encountering. The goal is to help each and every one of you in achieving their breakthrough and personal transformation.

Psychological research in learning typically employs laboratory experiments, and consequently uses animals as participants. This is to allow extensive control over the environmental conditions that govern learning. After decades of research in learning, it is widely accepted today that many of the principles of learning demonstrated with animals also apply to humans.

In this course you will learn how to improve your learning ability and skills, how to improve your memory and boost your recalling and retaining ability. You will learn effective speed reading and cognitive comprehension expansion.