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Learn Maya – Character Head Modeling for Beginners

This course will open your path towards character modeling.

Created by Nalini Kanta Jena - 3D Character Instructor


Students: 31736, Price: Free

Students: 31736, Price:  Free

Explore the wonderful world of Autodesk Maya with
this comprehensive introductory course. Maya is an industry standard 3d
application used to create movies, games and graphics. In this
course you will learn to create a character head.

Learn the fundamentals of character modeling

  • Basic blocking
  • Topology for animation
  • Refining face features
  • Modeling tools
  • Maya hair

Benefits of Learning Maya for Beginners

Maya is an industry standard application that is used by many
high-end productions. By learning it you make yourself more
employable. It has a flexible and wide toolset that can help you
create high quality work quicker. This course is specifically designed
to ease you into Maya, showing you the most common and powerful tools.
It is a project based course that will teach you practical skills that
you can use in your own work. This course comes with all the project
files you need and work in progress files incase you get stuck.

Structure of this course

This course has three sections:


In this section you will learn the course overview.

Blocking the head

In this section you will learn How to create the eyeball, nose, mouth, cheek, forehead and skull blocking.

Creating the topology for animation.

Refining the head

In this section you will learn How to refine lip


eye lashes

Refining nose

How to model realistic ear

How to use maya Hair

3D Logo Design using Autodesk Maya

Maya Quick Start Program is designed for beginners who are looking to explore 3D as a future career option.

Created by 3DTraining .com - Learn. Practice. Work.


Students: 31269, Price: Free

Students: 31269, Price:  Free

Welcome to's Quick Start Video Series: If you are a beginner looking to learn Autodesk Maya, these videos will give you a quick overview of the software to help you decide if you seriously want to pursue a career in 3D.

In this project-based course you will learn:

  • Autodesk Maya's Core Interface and Navigation
  • 3D Workflows (modeling, materials, lighting & rendering)
  • Design your own 3D Logo and get started towards your 3D career!

After this course, you will have created a personalized 3D Logo that walks you through step by step how to work on a project from start to finish such as modeling, materials, lighting & rendering.

Included in this course is a link to download the 30 day trial version of Maya (Courtesy of Autodesk) and approx 60 minutes of training video provided by The average student will complete this course in approximately 2-4 hours.

And if you enjoyed your experience working in the software and you are interested in professional training to find work in this field visit our site and sign up for a free one hour intro class for more information.

Also when you visit our site, don't forget to check out our company news page to see how the 3DTraining unique training methodology has helped our students launch a successful career in the 3D industry.

Maya for Beginners: Complete Guide to 3D Animation in Maya

Learn everything you need for 3D animation in Autodesk Maya: Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, Animation, Dynamics

Created by Video School - Learn Creative Skills


Students: 23881, Price: $139.99

Students: 23881, Price:  Paid

You can do your own 3D animations in Autodesk Maya!

Learn everything you need to know to get started - taught by a Hollywood professional!

As the industry standard 3D animation software, learning Autodesk Maya is a great skill to help you land a job in the film, music and gaming industry. In this course, you'll learn how to create your entire animation from scratch. 

What will you learn?

  • Getting started with Maya and understanding the interface

  • Modeling your own objects and scenes

  • Shading your objects

  • Creating proper UVs

  • Texturing your objects 

  • Lighting your scene and creating shadows

  • Rendering your project

  • Rigging characters to prepare for animations

  • Animating with keyframes

  • Motion graphics animation (MASH) toolkit

  • Simulating dynamic effects like cloth and smoke

  • Putting together an entire scene

Learn by doing real world projects!

Throughout this entire course, you'll be working on a Dia de Los Muertos inspired scene with a complete animated skeleton. By the end of the course, you'll truly be inspired by your own skills, and confident in using Autodesk Maya.

What do you get when you enroll?

  • 25+ hours of easy-to-follow tutorials

  • Bonus animation demonstrations

  • Downloadable project files for every step of the course

  • Premium support to help you as you take the course

Why learn from us?

Lucas Ridley is a professional 3D animator who has worked on Hollywood films such as Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One. His students love him, and we're sure you're going to enjoy this class.

Lucas breaks down the most complicated steps of animating in Autodesk Maya, so that you can easily start animating on your own! 

Phil Ebiner is the founder of Video School Online, and has taught over one million students around the world with our top-rated courses. We only partner with the best instructors, so you'll know that you're getting a great course with this one!

Our 30-day 100% money-back guarantee!

 We want you to be happy. If there's any reason you aren't enjoying the course, and getting what you expected, we'll refund your money.

We can't wait to see you in the course!


Phil + Lucas

MAYA Master Class – Complete Guide to 3D Animation in Maya

Learn everything you need for 3D animation in Autodesk Maya: Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, Animating, Dynamics

Created by EDU CBA - Learn real world skills online


Students: 14567, Price: $89.99

Students: 14567, Price:  Paid

In this training you shall be learning about modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, ncloth, design and much more in Maya most efficiently. It will not only teach you the techniques but also help you speed up your work and produce high quality work in Maya in no time. This is a very dedicated course targeted at improving your skills as a Maya artist.

Autodesk Maya as it is officially known, has many applications in the field of 3D animation.  Seeing is believing and Maya Training offers quality which few can replicate. For being a top tier animation expert, 3D animators need to be conversant with this animation software. Aspiring 3D animators need to learn Maya if they want to create spell binding products.

Maya combines animation with a professional look. Since the latter part of 2002, realistic field simulators have been included within the software with separate cloth simulation being there for previous versions. The Maya Nucleus now comprises nCloth and nParticle. Both offer control for flowing scene objects and special effects to create a realistic look and atmospheric effects that are far from airy.

Maya 2010 also included the Composite earlier sold as an Autodesk film composition software known as Toxik. As Maya evolved over the years, many more features were added. MatchMover is also part of Maya 2010 which provides enabling support for positing of CGI rendering with respect to motion data from film sequencing.

Since its inception in 2009, the Camera Sequencer has received much impetus as one can layout multiple camera shots and  attain this via a single animation piece much like an enlightened being who can see multiple visions through the prism of universal knowledge! Maya has advanced features as well such as motion tracking tools.

This permits the accomplishment of advanced projects in one go. Maya is suited to the conflicting demands of the film industry as well as video game designing. To learn Maya is to acquire important skills which will help you to stay efficient and be creative.. Animators from different fields would do well to undergo Maya training. Maya is the top notch software when it comes to animation.

Introduction to Autodesk Maya 2016

Fundamental Ideas to start learning Autodesk Maya 2016

Created by Andrew Rees - Animator


Students: 13481, Price: Free

Students: 13481, Price:  Free

Course Description

This is an introductory course to learn Autodesk Maya 2016. This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn Autodesk Maya for the first time.

Build a strong foundation in Maya the world’s best 3D Animation software with this Course.

  • Learn the basic user interface of Autodesk Maya
  • Understand View port which is Autodesk Maya’s work area
  • Maya is a node based software. So, one lecture is dedicated for understanding Maya Nodes.

3D Animation and Application 

Learning Autodesk Maya will enable you to be able to create 3D content for a wide range of applications. By learning Maya you can create

  • Model and animate 3D Animation films
  • Model and animate 3D Advertisements
  • Model and animate 3D Games for a wide range of mediums including mobile apps.

Of course it is not possible to learn everything about Maya this one course. This course will help you to get started with Autodesk Maya 2016. This will be the first step in the journey of exploring Autodesk Maya.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the basics of Autodesk Maya 
  2. Model a simple tree and background
  3. Understand the process of texturing and apply color to all the modeled objects
  4. Render a final image of a tree and the background

Content and Overview 

Introduction to Maya 2016 has six sections. Section 1,2 &3 covers some foundation for understanding Autodesk Maya 2016. Section 4 explains the modeling of the tree and the background. Section 5 explains how to apply color (texturing) to the modeled objects. In section 6, we will create lights and render our final image.

Section 1: Introduction

  • Lecture1:Introduction
  • Lecture2:Maya User Interface
  • Lecture3:Viewports or the work area
  • Lecture4:What are nodes?

Section2: Getting Started

  • Lecture5:Understanding Maya Projects
  • Lecture6:Saving in Maya
  • Lecture7:Marking Menus & Hotbox
  • Lecture8:Wireframe mode and shaded mode
  • Lecture9:Creating Premitives

Section3: Working in Maya

  • Lecture10:Basic Transformations
  • Lecture11:Duplicating in Maya
  • Lecture12:Grouping and Parenting
  • Lecture13:Selections & Poly Components

Section4: Modeling

  • Lecture14:Extrude tool
  • Lecture15:Modeling Tree : Root and Trunk
  • Lecture16:Modeling Tree : Leafs
  • Lecture17:Modeling the mountain

Section5: Texturing

  • Lecture18:Hypershade Window
  • Lecture19:Texturing the Tree and the mountain

Section6: Lighting&Rendering

  • Lecture20:Understadning Maya Lights
  • Lecture21:Lighting and Rendering

Model and Present a 3d Drone using Maya and Keyshot

Learn the pipeline for modeling this drone asset - as well as an intro to lighting and rendering it using KeyShot!

Created by 3dmotive LLC - High Quality 3d and Game Art Training by Industry Pros!


Students: 10500, Price: Free

Students: 10500, Price:  Free

In this course, instructor Laszlo Mandi is going to walk you through his process for creating a security drone inside of Maya and then rendering it in KeyShot. To start, he will be covering basic topology for the mesh and the initial face extrusion to create the metal plating. From there, he will complete the remaining main body mesh, add some simple animation to help visualize the functionality of the asset, and then model the remaining pieces to complete the asset. To wrap things up, he will export the drone into KeyShot where he will be giving a thorough introduction to the rendering software while teaching you how to rendering out individual images and turntables.

(Students - please look under Section 1 / Lecture 1 downloads for the source files associated with the lesson.)

More about the Instructor:

Laszlo (Laz) Mandi is currently in his third year studying Computer Visualization and Animation at the National Centre For Computer Animation (NCCA) in Bournemouth, United Kingdom. Laz specializes in High-Poly Hardsurface Modeling and he has over three years worth of experience in creating tutorials. Laz is working as a freelance generalist next to his studies and projects.

3D Modeling & Animation with Maya

Have fun creating anything you want in Maya. Create your own 3d worlds! Learn creature & character design/animation!

Created by Ben Taylor - Digital Design Teacher, MTCHS


Students: 9751, Price: $54.99

Students: 9751, Price:  Paid

***This course is being added to weekly*** This is meant to be a fun, introductory course on the full 3D pipeline using Autodesk Maya, the premiere 3D content creation and animation software. This course is specifically meant for high school or above level students. We are going to be learning how to use Maya, we will start learning polygonal modeling, then we will learn texturing, rigging, animation, lighting and rendering. We will even be doing simple character and creature modeling & animation.

It's my goal to get you up to speed feeling the confidence to model anything you want, texture it, rig it, animate it, light and render it. You'll finish this course able to do 3d modeling of any creature or character you want for games, videos, effects, or internet memes. 3d modeling and animation will open up new worlds of creativity for you! 

Learning can be difficult. That's why I encourage my students to have fun with the process and regularly take the time to not take the difficult process of learning too seriously. If you're not having fun learning 3d it's simply not worth your time, that's why I guarantee this will be the most entertaining course on 3d animation in Maya that you'll ever take! Join me as we have a blast learning to master Autodesk Maya together! 

3D Modeling and Texturing Interior Office in Autodesk Maya

A step by step guide to Modeling and Texturing an Office Interior in Autodesk Maya

Created by Andrew Rees - Animator


Students: 9646, Price: Free

Students: 9646, Price:  Free

Course Description

This is a basic to intermediate level course on Autodesk Maya for creating an office interior. As part of the Office Interior, we will create two types of chairs, two types of tables, a curtain, and some other items. We will create the model, texture all the models and finally create a render with simple lighting setup.

Build up your modeling and texturing skills in Maya the world’s best 3D Animation software with this Course.

  • Learn polygon modeling of various types of furniture

  • Learn texturing in Maya for different kinds of surfaces.

  • Learn Simple lighting techniques to render a fully lit interior

Learning Outcomes

  1. Create various kinds of Inorganic polygon models in Autodesk Maya 

  2. Model the interior of an office building

  3. Understand the process of texturing and apply file textures all the modeled objects

  4. Render a final image of the interior created

Content and Overview 

3D Modeling and Texturing Interior Office in Autodesk Maya has five sections.

Section 1:Start Here

  • Lecture 1:Introduction

  • Lecture 2:Workfiles

Section 2:Modeling

  • Lecture 3:Modeling Round Table

  • Lecture 4:Modeling Revolving Chair Part 01

  • Lecture 5:Modeling Revolving Chair Part 02

  • Lecture 6:Duplicating the Revolving Chair

  • Lecture 7:Wall Curten

  • Lecture 8:Small Chair

Section 3:Texturing

  • Lecture 9:Texturing the Table

  • Lecture 10:Texturing the Rolling Chair

  • Lecture 11:Texturing the Small Chair

  • Lecture 12:Texturing the rest of the models

Section 4:Lighting and Rendering

  • Lecture 13:Lighting and Rendering

Creating a Cartoon Octopus Monster in Maya 2020

Learn how to create a cute character using professional techniques in modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering.

Created by Digital Saucer Studios - Become a Great Digital Artist


Students: 9476, Price: $19.99

Students: 9476, Price:  Paid

In this tutorial, Creating a Cartoon Octopus Monster in Maya, you will learn how to create a character from start to finish.

First, you will learn how to use the modeling tools to model the character.

Modeling tools you will learn include:

  • Multi-Cut Tool

  • Quad Draw Tool

  • Bridge Tool

  • Extrude Tool

  • Mirror Tool

  • Edit Edge Flow

  • Project Curve on Surface

And many, many more tools.

You will also learn how to create the correct topology when modeling. It is important to have correct and clean topology in order to create a great model.

You will also learn the difference between a low resolution model and a high resolution model and how that affects your workflow.

You will learn how to create the character's body, then the eye, then the tentacles.

We will then move on to creating the character's UVs/ UV mapping id very important as it allows you to then create textures for the character.

You will learn how to texture the character with the 3D Paint Tool.

The 3D Paint Tool allows you to paint directly onto the model, then afterwards, you will learn how to save the textures and how to plug the textures into the correct shaders to get the final look.

You will learn how to use the HYPERSHADE, which is the place where Maya keeps all of its materials and shaders.

You will learn how to use the Arnold Standard Surface Shader, an all-in-one-purpose shader that allows you to create many wonderful textures.

You will learn how to create skin, using Subsurface Scattering.

Then you will learn how to create a camera, and understand what the focal length is, and how that affects the proportion of the character.

You will learn how to set the lighting. There is the Skydome lighting, which acts as a global illumination. Then we will use area lights, one for the back and one for the front. Then finally, in Maya, you will learn how to use the render settings to get a final, professional looking rendered image.

Finally, we will bring the rendered image into Photoshop where we will create the final look.

From Maya to Blender | Blender Basics for Maya user

Quickly Learn Blender for 3D Artists Using Maya

Created by Digital Art HQ School - Teaching digital art in a new way.


Students: 9291, Price: $74.99

Students: 9291, Price:  Paid

Learning new software can be very hard and time-consuming when doing it by yourself. I will help you make that jump from Maya to Blender in very detailed videos.

We will start from scratch, going through the interface, tools, and concepts you need to translate from one package to another.

You'll learn tips and shortcuts that will accelerate your workflow and make you understand the fundamentals of Blender 2.8 or newer versions.

I will be available for you through the whole course, feel free to send me a message if you encounter any issue. I will help you solve it and understand why it presented itself.

Please, take this course now.

Maya Modelling – Beginner Projects

Creating a game ready asset

Created by John Stopforth - Senior mentor


Students: 9000, Price: Free

Students: 9000, Price:  Free

This course should be the starting point for any Games Development student who's course uses Autodesk Maya software. We are using Autodesk Maya 2017 but we will aim to keep the content non version specific where possible.

I will take you through all the points in many of the qualifications that have creative units or specific 3D Modelling units and help you to create a portfolio of work that will be ready for your showreel.

More importantly you will improve the quality of your final models and the speed at which you can create them. I break the course up in to the process sections you will find yourselves in on your course. I would stress this course is not designed to replace your course tutors and will not guarantee a pass, merit or distinction at the end of it that will come from your own hard work.

This course will help you to improve your modelling and give you a more realistic expectation of results to work ratio. The more hours you practice the better you will get. 

In this course we look at starting what is possibly your first game or animation asset. Short lectures will guide you through the process of creating a MacBook. Starting with your first research and moving through to the test in the games engine. If your serious about making games you need to know how to build assets. 

Learn Maya – A Beginners guide to Creating Realistic Scenes

Learn to create realistic models, texture, animate and render in Autodesk Maya from beginner level.

Created by Bhaumik Patel - Experienced 3d artist and instructor


Students: 8340, Price: $44.99

Students: 8340, Price:  Paid


Explore the wonderful world of Autodesk Maya with this comprehensive introductory course. Maya is an industry standard 3d application used to create movies, games and graphics. In this course you will learn to create your own stunning imagery. 

Learn the fundamentals of Autodesk Maya

  • Install Maya

  • Learn the Maya UI

  • Model and texture realistic objects

  • Animate you models

  • Light and render your animations so they look great!

Benefits of Learning Maya for Beginners

Maya is an industry standard application that is used by many high-end productions. By learning it you make yourself more employable. It has a flexible and wide toolset that can help you create high quality work quicker. This course is specifically designed to ease you into Maya, showing you the most common and powerful tools. It is a project based course that will teach you practical skills that you can use in your own work. This course comes with all the project files you need and work in progress files incase you get stuck.

Structure of this course

This course has five sections:

How to install Maya

Maya Fundamentals

In this section you take your first look at Maya and the user interface. You will learn the different editors and the basics of create objects and manipulating them

Toy Train Project

In this section you will create a toy train model and animate it along a path. You will learn how to light your train and apply materials to it. You will finish by rendering out your animation and view it.

Wizard Desktop Project 

In this project you will create a desktop scene that you can customise and make your own! Dive deeper into the modelling tools and create a series of objects to create your scene. You will learn about texturing your objects and look at various different shaders to make different materials. You will also learn some more advanced lighting techniques and learn how to add atmosphere to your scene and render out a final image. This project is flexible enough to let you be creative with your own composition, lighting and look.

Maya reference 

I have created this section to cover additional tools and settings which are extremely useful. 

Autodesk Maya – quick guide for beginners

For 3D Designers and Digital Artists

Created by CADCIM Technologies - Leading eLearning Content for CAD, BIM, and Animation


Students: 7813, Price: Free

Students: 7813, Price:  Free

Autodesk Maya is an industry-leading 3D animation software application developed by Autodesk that enables video professionals

who work on animated films, television programs, visual effects, and video games to create highly professional three-dimensional (3D) cinematic animations.

This course covers the following concepts and tools of Autodesk Maya:






Bullet Rigid and Soft Body Dynamics

nDynamics Simulation Framework


Fluid Effects


Working with connections between dynamics objects


Learn Modular Level Building for CryEngine with Maya

Learn to create a warehouse environment for games using the modular workflow!

Created by 3dmotive LLC - High Quality 3d and Game Art Training by Industry Pros!


Students: 7796, Price: Free

Students: 7796, Price:  Free

In this course, Emiel Sleegers is going to be covering the full workflow of how to build a modular warehouse environment scene using both Maya and CryEngine. Here he will be teaching topics ranging from the initial planning phase and breakdown of a concept to determine the modular pieces needed, to the creation of set models and tileable textures, as well as the final stages of getting your models and textures into CryEngine. Finally, we'll cover the process of actually building the environment set and bringing it all together, and move on to creating lights for your final render.

(Students - please look under Section 1 / Lecture 1 downloads for the source files associated with the lesson.)

More about the Instructor:

Emiel Sleegers is a self-taught 3d artist currently residing in the Netherlands. He's been teaching himself 3D art for the past 3-4 years, and has worked as a freelance artist on numerous unannounced projects. He's a lover of all things 3d and enjoys sharing the knowledge he has obtained with others eager to learn.

Python For Maya: Artist Friendly Programming

Learn to code with Python to work faster in Maya

Created by Dhruv Govil - Lead Pipeline Developer for Feature Film


Students: 6901, Price: $99.99

Students: 6901, Price:  Paid

Welcome to Python for Maya: Artist Friendly Programming!

This course will take you from your very first line of Python code to creating advanced user interfaces with all that fluidity we expect of a professional. You'll learn skills that will help you work faster by automating repetitive tasks so you can focus on the work you want to be doing. This can in turn also add incredible value to you on the job market and help you move up the ladder faster.

Whether you're a beginner or already familiar with Python, there's a lot this course can offer you. Projects are split up by difficulty and there's a project for you whether you're a modeller, animator, rigger or lighter.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • Python Fundamentals: functions, classes, if statements, etc...
  • Advanced Python concepts like lambdas,partials, regular expressions, etc..
  • Writing User Interfaces with Maya Cmds and Qt
  • Writing data to disk and loading it back in to Maya as JSON
  • Creating command line tools
  • Setting up a professional workflow
  • The Qt interface framework: custom widgets, signals and slots, stylesheets etc

Additionally, this is currently the only course that covers changes introduced in Maya 2017.

You'll have full source code access with comprehensive comments to follow along with, as well as other resources that will help you learn when you're done.

I taught myself Python several years ago when I was an artist, and today hundreds of artists use my tools everyday. I'll be using the same project driven methods to teach you Python.

Ready to start your programming journey? Let's go!


The most important resource is:

This has:

  • Links to all the software you'll need.
  • Source code for all our projects with comments.
  • Other resources to further your education.

What are the requirements?

  • Maya 2011 or higher (2017 preferred).
  • A computer with an internet connection

There will be links to everything else you need on the github page.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • You'll have the skills to build tools that will speed up your work.
  • The necessary workflow to build code that can be shared with your team or studio.
  • The necessary skill set that we'd ask of a pipeline developer in major studios.

What is the target audience?

  • Beginners with no programming experience
  • Intermediates with some experience looking to hone their skills

Realistic Character Modeling For Game In Maya and Zbrush

An In depth Course on Modeling and Sculpting Realistic Human Character for Beginners to Intermediate Level.

Created by Nalini Kanta Jena - 3D Character Instructor


Students: 6689, Price: $99.99

Students: 6689, Price:  Paid

Reviews by Course Students : 

  • Edgar Y  :  Nalini is a great instructor. He is experienced and has a deep understanding of the subject he teaches. He covered a lot of things here that filled in gaps in my knowledge. As an experienced character artist myself, I can say this is one of the best courses out there on this subject. Although I may agree with some of the students regarding his accent & pronunciation of some words, to me personally, it really doesn't bother me as I can understand his English overall. With that said, I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their character modeling skills in an impactful way. 

  • Miguel Thevirum : Congratulations, this is the best course I have studied!!!!! Please don`t stop

  • Kyle Ogbourne : Really clear and up to date. Glad i purchased this course. Very impressed! 

  • Glhrmarques  : Really, this guy is teaching me loads of useful things that I thing I would've never found on the youtube. THX

  • Win Maw  : The best part of tutorial is about folds about clothes. Pipe folds, drop folds, tension folds, invert folds. I never thought about it before.   


Hi, Welcome to Realistic Character Modelling for Game in Maya & Zbrush course. This 21+ hour’s of video content will teach you how to model and sculpt realistic human characters from scratch step by step.


Do you have any of these Problems?

  • Do you lack Confidence when it comes to Realistic character modelling?

  • Is your character model looking like a cartoon or alien even if you don't want that?

  • Are you fine with props or non organic modeling but find character modeling is difficult?

  • Do you want to become a character modelling artist but find it difficult to model realistic characters?

  • Do you wonder How professional people model such realistic characters?

  • Do you want to switch to character modelling from props or Environment?

If any of these problems that sounds like you are having then this is the perfect course for you.

About the instructor:

My name is Nalin, I am a 3d Modelling and Texturing Artist com Educator.


I began my career as a traditional clay Sculptor. My professional qualification is BFA. I have passed out from B.K College of Art & Crafts, Bhubaneswar.


I have been teaching since 2008 at various Institution such as ZICA, Reliance Education and Arena Animation. I have also worked as a Character Modelling and Texturing Artist at Lakshya Digital and Dhruva Interactive. 

Why Should you take this Course?

Learning realistic character modelling is a necessary step towards becoming a character modelling artist for Game and Films. Character modeling artist position is a highly rewarded and demanding position in the Film and Game industry. 

By the end of this course you will be able to model realistic human characters for your portfolio so that you can apply for your dream job.

If you are a freelancer then you can learn this and add a new earning method to your bag.

You are going to be a better artist after completing this course.

If you are a student then this is the best course because it shows you how to model a professional quality character model with a step by step approach so that you can follow along. 

List of Major Components

Let’s see how the course is designed and what’s there for you. There are 15 modules.

1. Introduction

Introduce you with the concept art and course project.


2. Maya Basics For Beginners

Maya Basics and this is for absolute Maya beginners.


3. Character Body Modeling in Maya

Learn Maya modeling tools to model character body

4. Jacket, Pant and Hat Modeling

Learn Maya modeling tools to model Jacket and Hat

5. Gloves and Accessories Modeling

Learn Maya modeling tools to model Gloves base mesh

6. Gun Modeling in Maya

you will learn hard surface modelling in Maya by doing a realistic Gun for the character.


7. Zbrush Basics For Beginners

Zbrush Basics and again this is for absolute Zbrush beginners.


 8. Character Body Sculpting

Head and Hand anatomy. How to sculpt realistic Lips, Nose, Eyes and Ears.


9. Skin Detailing

I am going to reveal how to sculpt photo realistic skin detailing such as pores, fine wrinkles, skin bumps and most importantly how the skin is different in different areas of the face and hand.


10. Sculpting Hair with Fiber mesh

using Fiber mesh to create Hair, Beard, Mustache Eye Brows, Eye Lashes and Body Fur.


11. Detailing the Jacket

I am going to work on the Jacket detailing. In this module you are going to learn how to model torn shirts, Adding wear and tear, Creating your costume alpha and many more things.


12. Pant Sculpting

you will learn different types of folds and how to sculpt those folds on the pant, You will also learn Unwrapping UVs in Zbrush , adding Surface textures, stitching details and memory folds.


13. Shoes Sculpting with Zmodeler in Zbrush

Shoe sculpting with Zmodeler in Zbrush here you will learn to use Zmodeler to model the sole trade pattern, Making the shoe lace with Curve brush and adding stitching to the shoe.


14. Gun Holster Detailing

In this module you are going to learn sculpt the Gun Holster.

15. Conclusion & Wrap up

in this Final module I am going to conclude and wrap up the course.

For detailed course curriculum please check the Curriculum For This Course category on this landing page.

 Ideal Students

I designed this course for beginner to Intermediate level 3d modelling students and artist who wants to model photo realistic character but struggles with making the character look realistic.


Still confused  whether you should take this course or not,  then this should give you some push.

There is a 30 days money back guaranty. Which means if you aren’t satisfied with the course then you can refund it within 30 days.


So literally there isn’t any risk at all, so go ahead and click on the enroll button. I can’t wait to see you modelling realistic characters.

With 30-days money back guarantee, there is nothing holding you back from jumping in right now and trying the course out.

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in lesson 1.



Model a Product in Maya to Sell on Shapeways 3D Print Store

A crash course on creating products for 3D Printing

Created by Young Lee - Visual Effects Specialist


Students: 3109, Price: Free

Students: 3109, Price:  Free

A crash course for modeling a basic dollhouse chair for selling in your Shapeways store.  In this course, you will learn:

1.  How to model a dollhouse 1:24 chair in Maya from scratch using Maya modeling tools

2.  How to prepare the model for exporting to a DAE_FBX format for export to Shapeways

3.  How to specify the scale inside Maya using a 'distance measuring tool'

4.  How to upload your model to Shapeways and check it for integrity

5.  How to create your product page and tips on how to start your own e-commerce Shapeways store.

Learn all this completely free!

Learn Maya – Intro to 3D Box Modeling Techniques with Maya

Learn the basic concepts of box modeling in Maya with polygonal shapes building a portfolio ready model

Created by Kyle Pew - Microsoft Certified Trainer


Students: 3042, Price: $29.99

Students: 3042, Price:  Paid


3D modeling is part of a huge industry that includes; movies, television, product design, video games and many more. As a 3D modeler it is your job to take a conceptual design (pencil and paper) and build it in 3D space within the computer (Maya). The magic that you will feel and master as your model begins to take life is something that you will want to experience many times over.


This course will quickly introduce you to the basics that you will use to build your career upon. The basics aren't something that you will learn and then forget, but they will stick with you from day one throughout the rest of your career. You will learn to master 3D space and working with primitive shapes that will take a on a life of their own as you breathe life into them pulling, pushing and twisting the geometry wherever your imagination takes you.

Some of the topics you will master during this course will include:

  • Basic 3D Concepts
  • Working with Basic Primitive Shapes (Cubes)
  • Accessing Sub-Component Modes of Your Shapes to Build Complex Model
  • Common 3D Modeling Tools Found in Maya
  • and more...

After mastering the basics you will then move on to creating a portfolio ready model. Through the step-by-step instruction you will take the knowledge you are mastering and create this model from scratch, starting with nothing more then a 3D cylinder.

Join this course and begin your journey from novice 3D modeler to paid professional. the journey maybe long at times but well worth the time invested!

Fast animation and rigging techniques using Maya 2017

Learn to rig a biped character and animate a walk cycle for film, TV and video games for beginner Maya users

Created by Bhaumik Patel - Experienced 3d artist and instructor


Students: 2899, Price: $59.99

Students: 2899, Price:  Paid

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at animation? 

Modelled lots of characters but too intimidated by the rigging process? 

Do you want to bring life to your characters to use in game engines like Unity and Unreal?

Autodesk Maya is the hub of animation companies around the world thanks to its powerful and flexible toolset. In this course you will learn how to quickly prepare your 3d models for animation in a process called rigging. You will then animate a walk cycle. The Human IK system is the rig we will be using to bring our character to life. You will also learn more advanced topics like applying and editing motion capture to your characters. These techniques will allow you to quickly create great looking animation to your film,TV and video game projects. 

This course is specifically designed for beginner level but it is packed full of useful tips, tricks and tools to help more experienced users learn features that they are unfamiliar with. It covers some of the latest updates to the animation features in Maya including the new Graph editor, Quick rig and Time editor.

The skills covered in this course will not only allow you to create great work but also make you more attractive to employers for Animator, Pre-visualisation Artist, Technical Animator and 3d generalist jobs.

Take your first step into the exciting world of 3d animation today!

Maya 2017 Quickstart – Create a Low poly scene for Beginners

Create your own 3d world using Maya 2017 in this fun project based course

Created by Bhaumik Patel - Experienced 3d artist and instructor


Students: 2607, Price: $19.99

Students: 2607, Price:  Paid

This course will introduce to the wonderful world of 3d using Autodesk Maya 2017! 

Learn the basics and more in this easy to follow project where you will create a stylish isometric low poly scene. This course is designed for the complete beginner and doesn't get bogged down in unnecessary technical jargon. It's specifically shows you the fundamentals you need to create 3d geometry and output great looking images.

If you are thinking about learning 3d there is no better time then now with this fun introductory course.

Maya Bootcamp – Projects Based Course

Learn Maya from scratch by creating variety of short projects : NO previous knowledge required

Created by Raffi Bedross - FX TD Artist


Students: 2380, Price: $109.99

Students: 2380, Price:  Paid

  • This is a comprehensive Maya course.

  • You will learn Maya by creating short and sweet projects.

  • NO previous knowledge required.

  • No Time wasting,it's all about doing and creating short projects and effects.

  • This course is continually updated with new lectures,new effects and new techniques.

      In the first section we are going to dive quickly into Maya's most important features to help you start using Maya       

      without wasting much of your time,then we are going to learn how to create effects in Maya.

Instead of creating one big project,this course contains variety of professional and high quality short projects,this is more fun,more interesting and more engaging for beginners.

 Last Updates:

  • Arnold (still being updated)

  • Creating Landscape using xGen

  • Bifrost

  • Skirt and Tanktop simulation (nCloth Section).

  • Simulating a cloth on animated character (nCloth Section).

  • nCloth (New Section)

  • collision Self Component Id (Expression Section).

  • Killing the particles when they Exit the volume field (Expression Section).

  • Collision Layers.

  • Coloring the particles based on the geometry index (Expression Section).

  • Dry sand using nParticles.

  • Water Effect

  • Particle Expressions (New section)

  • Newton and Radial Fields (Fields and solvers Section).

  • Drag Field (Fields and solvers Section).

  • Air field (Fields and solvers Section).

Student Review:  Terence Kent

      "Excellent course about the different fluids and rigid body dynamics in Maya.

        Really helped me to understand the basics, I'm now really comfortable using these in my projects."

Maya is a standard 3D Application tool used widely in Visual Effects studios to create 3D models,game assets, smoke,fire and dust etc...

Learning Maya is challenging for beginners,that's why I created this course to cover all the techniques,we are going to start supper simple and gradually we're going to create more advanced effects.

What you will Learn:

  • Quick dive into Autodesk Maya.

  • 3D modeling fundamentals.

  • You will Understand how the 2D and 3D containers work.

  • Complete nParticles section.

  • Expressions.

  • How to use Maya fields.

  • Creating Helicopter Landing dust effect.

  • Creating Torch Fire.

  • Creating rain effect.

  • Rigid Bodies.

  • Creating Wheel burnout.

  • Water effect.

  • Dust effect.

  • Rocket smoke.

  • Bifrost

  • and much more...

So enroll now and I promise you won't be disappointed.

The Complete Bipedal Rigging for Games in Maya Course

Learn the complete rigging and skinning process for bipeds using Maya with a focus on game characters!

Created by 3dmotive LLC - High Quality 3d and Game Art Training by Industry Pros!


Students: 1839, Price: $19.99

Students: 1839, Price:  Paid

In the Bipedal Rigging Series, we take a thorough look at the complete process of rigging, creating bones, skinning, and painting weights of a character from start to finish in Maya. Even if you’ve never rigged a box before, this tutorial breaks down a complex process in an amazingly thorough – and easy to understand way.

Included in this course is a copy of the character - both before and after - so that you can follow along, or compare your rig with the instructor.


About the Instructor:

Justin Harrison is a Character and Technical Animator with more than 7 years experience in the game development industry. Currently, he is working for Molten Games in Del Mar, CA on an unannounced title. Previously he has worked for for both Activision and Sony on titles such as The Bourne Conspiracy, Ghostbusters: The Game, as well as Transformers: War for Cybertron to name a few. Justin holds a BFA in Digital Art and Animation from the College for Creative Studies, and has a generalist skill set that ranges from artistic modeling and asset creation, to motion capture and keyframe animation, to technical rigging and character setup.

Maya 2018 VFX – Learn to create Visual effects using Maya

Learn the fundamentals of VFX by creating a realistic model and composite it into background footage using Nuke

Created by Bhaumik Patel - Experienced 3d artist and instructor


Students: 1647, Price: $89.99

Students: 1647, Price:  Paid

In this intermediate level course, you will be taken through a VFX shot from start to finish by creating a crashed spaceship complete with CGI smoke!

Start by matching the movement of your real camera in the computer using Autodesk Matchmover which is available for FREE. 

You will then model your spaceship using the industry standard Maya 2018 and unwrap the objects UVs so you can create textures.

You will then go on to light your shot to match the background using the industry standard Arnold renderer which is included in Maya 2018.

Finally you will output render passes using Arnold AOVs and Maya render setup, and composite them together using the industry standard compositor Nuke to make your final shot.

This course is designed to give you as much information as possible for you to create your own shots using the same workflow. 

Take this course today to start creating photorealistic VFX shots!

3D Modeling With Maya: How to Model 3D Weapons From Scratch!

Master 3D Modeling With Maya: Learn How to Create Extremely High-Quality Weapon Models For Your Production.

Created by Animation Hacks - High Quality Visual Effect Institute


Students: 1629, Price: $89.99

Students: 1629, Price:  Paid

Course Information:

Weapons can be one of the most enjoyable assets to create in modern game development as they can receive a lot of attention and care, and are highly appreciated by players and developers alike. In this course, Game Weapon Modeling Finally, you'll discover how to unwrap the low poly mesh in UV Headus Tools that's ready for texturing.

 By the end of this course, you'll be able to confidently create hard surface weapons for game development.

More about the Instructor:

This course is designed by Animation Hacks which is the visual effect studio with high-quality skill artist work on numerous unannounced projects. In addition, they enjoy sharing their knowledge with those students who learn 3D online.

NOTE FOR STUDENTS - please take a look Section 1 / Lecture 1 to downloads for the source attachment link with the lesson.)

Maya Rigging for Beginners- Part 1 (5 hours)

An easy to follow course that simplifies the rigging process! *This course is just part 1, not the FULL course*

Created by Daniel López de Medrano - Remote 3D Character Rigger


Students: 1533, Price: $24.99

Students: 1533, Price:  Paid

In this course you will learn the very basics of Maya rigging, any previous version of Maya can follow along as well! The instructor makes sure this course does not feel like a robot giving you information about rigging, but in a way it actually feels like a friend that is sitting right next to you at your desk helping you out to understand the entirety of what is rigging.

You will learn the most used tools in Maya rigging, starting off with the basics and gradually progressing to more advance techniques, not only does the instructor teach you how to use a tool, but he as well gives ideas of when he has used certain tools or when he would see the most potential for it. 

There is plenty of Maya rigging tools, but your imagination also has to be involved in order to accomplish amazing and beautiful production ready rigs!


Learning Autodesk Maya 2016

Learn how to make amazing models in Maya - Taught by a World leading expert

Created by Infinite Skills - High Quality Training


Students: 1390, Price: $49.99

Students: 1390, Price:  Paid

In this Learning Autodesk Maya 2016 training course, expert author Todd Palamar will teach you the basic fundamentals of Autodesk Maya. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no previous experience with Autodesk Maya is required.You will start by touring the Maya interface, then jump into learning about nodes and transformations. From there, Todd will teach you about polygon modeling, including how to select polygon components, extrude faces, and how to extrude along a curve. This video tutorial also covers texturing, rigging and weighting, and animation. 

Finally, you will learn about rendering with mental ray.Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will be be fully capable of modeling, texturing, animating, and rendering in Autodesk Maya. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

Master Maya – A Guide to 3D Modeling With Maya

This course shows you how to quickly get up to speed with one of the most powerful 3D modeling applications - Maya.

Created by Infinite Skills - High Quality Training


Students: 1357, Price: $49.99

Students: 1357, Price:  Paid

This Maya training video Infinite Skills introduces you to the 3D modelling and animation program, Maya. Created by AutoDesk (well known for their CAD software), and used by heavyweights such as Industrial Light and Magic, Electronic Arts and more, Maya is a complete and powerful 3D program.

Starting with the basics, this course takes you through the interface of Maya. As this tutorial on Maya 2012 continues, you will learn how to model using NURBS and Polygons. You will learn about rendering, lighting, and texturing your objects. Lee also shows you how to animate your 3D models. Bump mapping, Raytracing, using Mental Ray, and projecting 2D maps are just a few of the other subjects covered.

By the completion of this computer based training course, you will be fully versed in the basic tools and capabilities of Maya, and ready to create, animate and render your own 3D models! Working files are included to allow you to work alongside the author using the very same projects as in the training video.

Maya for Beginners: Complete 3D Animation Fundamentals

Complete training with practical exercises and comprehensive expert advice to mastering animation fundamentals.

Created by Opi Chaggar - Professional Character Animator


Students: 1224, Price: $99.99

Students: 1224, Price:  Paid

Get ready to do your own 3D animations in Autodesk Maya!

Learn and master everything you need to know to get started in animation - taught by a Bafta award winning animator

Maya is the essential industry standard 3D animation software. Maya is a must in the film and the video games industry. In this course, you'll learn how to master the fundamentals and principles of animation to give you a solid foundation when starting your animations from scratch.

What will you learn?

- Maya Animation Interface Introduction

- Manipulators and Camera Movement

- How To Create Custom Hotkeys

- How To Create A Playblast

- The Graph Editor

- The Motion Trail Tool

- IK (Inverse Kinematics) FK (Forward Kinematic)

- Principles_Of_Animation

- Key Poses And Breakdown Poses

- Why Is The Bouncing Ball An Absolute Fundamental To Master

- Exercise – Bouncing Ball

- Exercise – Bouncing Ball Squash And Stretch

- Exercise – Light Bouncing Ball

- Exercise – Editing Exisitng Animation Heavy Bouncing Ball Exercise

- Anticipation And Overlap

- Overshoots

- Exercise – The Pendulum

- Upper Body As The Pendulum

- The Arm As A Pendulum Exercise Lecture

- Exercise – Hips And Legs Upper Body Exercise (The Jump Exercise)

- Introduction To Walks

- The Importance of Arcs And Paths Of Action

- Planning And Blocking

- Exercise – Blocking Walk Cycle - Hips And Legs

- Exercise – Splining Walk Cycle - Hips And Legs

- Exercise – Polishing Walk Cycle - Hips And Legs

- Exercise – The Walk

- Exaggeration, Weight And Balance

- The Importance Of Reference

- Exercise Side Shift Of Weight

- Exercise – Picking Up Heavy Weight Shifting Exercise

- Games Industry Standard Default Animation Set

- What We Will Animate From The List

- Exercise - In Game Idle Animation

- Exercise - In Game Run Animation Exercise

- Exercise - In Game Walk Animation Exercise

- Creating a Showreel For A Job

- Networking

- Applying For Jobs

Learn what the professionals are doing!

There will be exercises throughout the course that you can follow at your own pace and then we will apply these fundamentals and principles to real life industry standard exercises.

What to expect when you enroll?

- 10+ hours of animation tutorials and related lectures.

- Support from me through the course Facebook page and email.

- Downloadable Rigs so you don't have to worry about modelling and rigging. You can focus on animation 100%.

- Bonus section on how to create a appealing showreel, networking and applying for jobs.

30-day 100% money-back guarantee!

In the unlikelihood of you not being satisfied there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

Why learn from Opi?

Opi has over 15 years experience in film and video games animation. He has worked on award winning game titles and triple AAA games.

He has work on titles such as Heavenly Sword which starred Andy Serkis (Gollum) as the boss in the game. He has worked on Bafta award winning Lego games and a list titles below:

- The Bourne Conspiracy

- Rift (MMO game)

- Motorstorm Apocalypse

Ready to have fun?

I am looking forward to seeing you on the course! Remember animation is all about having fun too. The learning curve may be steep but it's just a curve and we can all get over it. Have fun along the way!!

Who is the course designed for?

- For beginners who want to master the fundamentals of animation.

- Anyone that wants to learn 3D animation.

- This course is designed for anyone who wants to master the fundamentals and use it as a propel to the next tier.

Learn Autodesk Maya In 3 Hours

Learn how to use the industry standard, 3D modeling and animation software: Maya 2018

Created by Ruan Lotter - VFX Artist / Editor / Filmmaker


Students: 674, Price: $19.99

Students: 674, Price:  Paid

Maya 2018: Learn Maya 2018 In 3 Hours

Have you ever wanted to create amazing 3D models and 3D animations? Want to learn how to create 3D gaming assets? Do you want to learn how to use the industry standard 3D Modeling and 3D Animation software: Autodesk Maya 2018?

Autodesk Maya 2018 is seen as the industry standard when it comes to 3D modeling, 3D design and 3D animation. Learn how to render your 3D animations and scenes using the amazing Arnold renderer now built into Maya 2018! Don't have a copy of Maya 2018? - No problem! - You can download a 100% FREE educational version from the Autodesk.

This course consists of 25 Maya 2018 lessons where you will learn how to:

  • Use the Maya 2018 interface
  • Create your own amazing 3D models
  • Animate and create your own awesome 3D scenes
  • Creating your own materials using the Hypershade in Maya 2018
  • Using HDRI maps for lighting and reflections
  • How to use Image Planes to model amazing 3D assets
  • Working with lights in Maya 2018
  • How to create amazing animations using the Maya Graph Editor
  • How to create stunning 3D text
  • How to do physics simulations in Maya 2018 using the Bullet Physics Engine
  • UV and UV projections
  • Rendering your scene and animations using the amazing Arnold Renderer in Maya 2018 - All of this and much more in only 3 hours!!!

During the three hours you will learn all the basics and even some advanced techniques using this amazing 3D application! Master these 25 lessons and you will be able to create anything that you can imagine! Good luck and have lots of fun using Autodesk Maya 2018!

3D Medical Animation in Autodesk Maya

Learn to create biological 3D animations and problem-solve inside the industry standard software for 3D animation

Created by Lucas Ridley - Award-winning Animator


Students: 662, Price: $89.99

Students: 662, Price:  Paid

If you learn best with projects and have always been interested in 3D animation, this is the course for you! If you're also in the medical field then this course will be even more beneficial.

This course is geared toward the beginner but there's something for everyone in this course including fairly advanced material. It's the kind of course you could start with and return to as you progress in your understanding of 3D.

I will not just show you what buttons to press but I explain why we're pressing them. We'll create a plan of attack for the most complex series so we understand why we're taking the approach we are and how other approaches wouldn't work and why.

I've divided the course into four sections (with a bonus section):

  1. Cell Division
    1. We'll create one cell dividing into two, and these two divide again
  2. Chromosomes
    1. Model in a modular way so we can leverage Maya's MASH motion graphics tools
  3. DNA
    1. There is a beginner and advanced section so we can show a simple and more complex approach
  4. Bloodflow (and heart bonus)
    1. Control a particle system with fields and animate blood flow
    2. We will also dive deeper into fields with a bonus series on creating the iconic heart shape with red blood cells

This is my most ambitious course I've made so far and I hope you enjoy it. I learned things creating it so I know you'll get something out of it as well.

Who Am I?

My name is Lucas Ridley and I work full-time as a professional 3D Animator on movies like Suicide Squad, Transformers, and Ready Player One. My work has contributed to Emmy-winning projects and has been nominated for several other awards like the Annie's. My freelance clients include LEGO, Braun, Nestle, and many others.