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MasterCAM Multi-Axis Programming

MasterCAM 2-Axis,3-Axis,4-Axis and 5- Axis Programming

Created by Swaylen CAD I CAM I CAE Expert - Learn engineering Course anytime and anywhere


Students: 302, Price: $19.99

Students: 302, Price:  Paid

In this Course, you will learn basic and advanced geometry creation in MasterCAM

What is Mastercam?

Mastercam is a computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software program used by manufacturing professionals, such as machinists and computer numerical control (CNC) programmers.

Where is CAM used?

CAM is now a system used in schools and lower educational purposes. CAM is a subsequent computer-aided process after computer-aided design (CAD) and sometimes computer-aided engineering (CAE), as the model generated in CAD and verified in CAE can be input into CAM software, which then controls the machine tool.

Mastercam Expert Level Training

CAD-Detailed Explanation of creation of Wire frame, Surface and Solid Modelling objects in 2D & 3D using Mastercam_CAD

Created by Ramana Murthii Garimella - Executive Officer cum Guide at Tool Cutter Technologies.


Students: 290, Price: $49.99

Students: 290, Price:  Paid

Mastercam - CAD (2D & 3D)

96 HD (1080P) Video Lectures

3 Sections:

  • Section 1: Wireframe Modelling.

  • Section 2: Surface Modelling.

  • Section 3: Solid Modelling.

Section 1: Wireframe Modelling.

  • Introduction to Mastercam.

  • Introduction to Mastercam - CAD.

  • Introduction to Geometric Modelling.

  • Introduction to Wireframe Modelling.

  • Basics, Video Lectures and Practice Exercises.

Section 2: Surface Modelling.

  • Introduction to Surface Modelling.

  • Video Lectures and Practice Exercises.

Section 3: Solid Modelling.

  • Introduction to Solid Modelling.

  • Video lectures and Practice Exercises.


SolidCam CAD CAM and CNC Programming Professional

Solidcam advanced manufacturing style CNC programming

Created by Technical School Online Technology Training Center - Engineering


Students: 181, Price: $109.99

Students: 181, Price:  Paid

SolidCAM is the leading Integrated CAM software which runs directly inside SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor, with seamless integration and full tool path associativity.

With the single-window integration, all machining operations can be defined and verified without leaving the parametric CAD assembly environment you're used to.

Solidcam software has the easiest interface and is the easiest to learn software in the world. This software, which is used by many small and medium sized companies, works integrated with the Solidworks software, which is the most used in the design world.

With the help of this training set, you can be an advanced Solidcam user starting from scratch. The feature of our training set is that it does not only mention what the commands are for, and all subjects are reinforced with various industry applications where all commands are used. With this training set, you can turn your dreams into reality.

When you watch the training videos, you will be able to learn CNC working logic, M, G codes, 2D and 3D design, 2½ axis milling, 3 axis milling, 4 and 5 axis milling, iMachining features with industrial applications.

You can save up to 80% with iMachining toolpaths developed exclusively by Solidcam software.

Who Can Use: Engineers, Technical Staff, Hobbyists, CNC operators and Job seekers.