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Complete Guide to Maschine Mk3

Learn to produce quality music with Native Instrument's Maschine

Created by Rob Jones - Course Director at Producertech Ltd


Students: 4787, Price: $39.99

Students: 4787, Price:  Paid

NI’s latest Maschine controller has elevated the device to whole new levels, transforming it into one of the most incredible platforms for making music. Whether producing or performing, the powerful hardware/software combo provides all the tools you need to create original beats or complete arrangements with ease. On this comprehensive course by certified trainer Rob Jones, you’ll learn every aspect of both the MK3 controller and Maschine software, as well as learn a multitude of techniques for creating many different styles of music with them.

The tutorials begin with a detailed look at how to make patterns with the pads, working in the default pad mode as well as keyboard, chord and 16- velocity modes, explaining the various benefits of each one. Rob then teaches the ins and outs of soundslots in Maschine, by building a kit from scratch, before getting more advanced with Maschine’s Sampler, showing how to record and edit your own samples, slice up loops and lots more.

There is also a thorough exploration of Maschine’s instruments and effects, with lessons on both Drum and Bass Synths, as well as the entire range of built-in effects. Additionally, the course includes tutorials covering more advanced signal routing and effects usage, teaching how to modulate parameters and set up send effects, and also how to use Maschine within DAWs like Ableton Live and Logic Pro.

Signing up to the course provides immediate access to over 4 hours of tutorials, written notes, Maschine projects and 250MB of bonus samples. Before signing up, check out the free sample modules for an example of the tutorial content, which will have you mastering NI’s legendary music-making tool in no time!

Complete Guide to Maschine MKII

Every aspect of the hardware and software comprehensively explained, with examples of many styles of music throughout.

Created by Rob Jones - Course Director at Producertech Ltd


Students: 2159, Price: $49.99

Students: 2159, Price:  Paid


  • 3 and a half hours of streamed lessons - access 24/7/365
  • written notes with each lesson
  • Maschine projects made throughout the course
  • 240MB of bonus audio samples from Loopmasters

This course takes you through every part of the Maschine software and hardware, slowly explaining how each one works and the ways they can be used to create a variety of different styles of music.

Taught by Producertech Course Director, music and sound recording graduate and professional producer Rob Jones, the lessons not only show you how to use each area of Maschine, but apply every technique to inspiring examples of how quality music is made.

The course comes with 3.5 hours of video tutorials and written notes, as well as the Maschine projects created in the movies. Plus, there are 240MB of royalty-free samples from Loopmasters included in the course pack. Before signing up, check out the free sample lesson, which provides an introduction to Maschine and the course.

Intro to Music Production: Maschine Mikro mk3

How to Use Maschine Mikro mk3

Created by Cory Kensinger -


Students: 352, Price: $29.99

Students: 352, Price:  Paid

Learn the Basics of Music Production and start an EDM track using the Maschine Mikro mk3, an Integrated Groove Production System that works in tandem with Native Instrument's Maschine 2 Software and the Komplete Sound Libraries. The hardware/software combo between Maschine Mikro and Maschine Software puts everything you need to start making great music at your finger tips.

In this Class you will be guided through a step-by-step Song Creation Process, starting with the groove and building a classic "four on the floor" drum beat from scratch. Then you'll learn how to lay down an energetic bass line using Maschine Mikro mk3.

In addition to basic song creation, you'll explore and learn advanced features and functions using the Maschine Mikro mk3 - such as: Chord Sets, Arp and Note Repeat Functions, Count-In Recording, Quantization, and Gain Staging.

Track Production with Maschine MK3

Step-by-step guide to each process of producing a track with Maschine MK3

Created by Rob Jones - Course Director at Producertech Ltd


Students: 208, Price: $29.99

Students: 208, Price:  Paid

Now in version 2.13, Native Instruments Maschine has seen improvements that have taken it from the humblest beginnings when it comes to song arrangement, to a flexible and fully-featured timeline. Following on from the Complete Guide to Maschine MK3, which covered all of the basics of working with the software/hardware combo, Producertech Senior Tutor Rob Jones now returns to use the latest version to produce a Future Funk track from scratch.

Rob begins the course by building up the beats, which are created using a combination of step and 16-velocity modes, editing events and processing sounds with insert and send effects entirely from the hardware. He then works his way through all of the melodies, starting with the main chords progression, played with a Vintage Organs preset, and then adding pads, leads, arps and bass.

Percussion and Vocal samples are then sourced from Loopcloud to show how easily the free app integrates with Maschine, and how sounds can be imported and worked into patterns using Maschine’s Audio device. All parts are then woven together into an arrangement, starting by creating scenes in ideas mode, before moving into song mode to lay them out into sections along the timeline.

Rob also shows how patterns can be converted into clips, the most recent big addition to Maschine, making arranging even more flexible and intuitive. The course finishes up with a look at the next steps, whether that’s exporting audio to obtain a completed track or stems, or routing sounds into the DAW.

Signing up to the course provides immediate access to the streamed tutorials, as well as the project made along the way and even a bonus Maschine Kit made exclusively for the course. Check out the sample modules before signing up for an example of the course style and content.

Maschine Native instrument Beginners Trap Beats Instrumental

Learn how to create a Trap beat easily using only your Maschine Software and free sound loops and drum patterns beats

Created by Kevin Altenor - Music Producer and Engineer


Students: 67, Price: $19.99

Students: 67, Price:  Paid


This course is all about how to create a dope instrumental beat easily using nothing but your Native Instruments Maschine Software and Free drum loops that can be found on websites such as Hiphopmakers / TheProducersplug and more.

This Professional Beat course is perfect for beginner producers and intermediate beatmakers with a little more experience, to help students craft an awesome self-made product that can be implemented into their future projects with the music scene.

  1. You should expect to learn how to create a great drum pattern

  2. Edit Sample Loops to fit into anything BPM (Beats Per Minute) / Tempo

  3. Manipulate Drums such as Hi-Hats, Shakers and Kick Drums to improve production

  4. Layer Drums to add life into your track

  5. Easily turn any sound into background ambiance to add fullness and texture to your instrumental.

This course is only about an hour don't be fooled the content will suit your needs for years to come within your beat production.

If you struggle with creating a great sounding instrumental or just want to broaden your instrumental beat production ability's than this course will benefit you in more ways than you'll expect.