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Google Analytics Course Zero To Hero

Best Google Analytics Instructions for Business, Track Digital Marketing Analytics to Grow Sales & Optimize Your Website

Created by Pouya Eti • Digital Marketing Expert - Digital Instagram Marketer, Author & Entrepreneur


Students: 22093, Price: Free

Google Analytics Course To Improve Your Website And Business

We will follow powerful Google Analytics instructions to set up our Google Analytics, learn to read the information and analyze them to grow our business and avoid hard mistakes.


In this WordPress Website course You will learn how to:

  • Setup Google Analytics and activate all of the important triggers to receive data.

  • Read and analyze data to improve and grow your business.

  • Use powerful custom dashboard for marketing and sales.

  • Track your conversions and grow them

  • Find the exact places on your website that you need to improve.

  • And much more ...


During this Google Analytics course we will learn and practice every important element that exist and you need to use to receive important data from your website and use it to improve your business.

Google analytics is a powerful platform that nowadays if you really want to become successful and be able to compete with other brands in your niche you must use it. Even if your business is local, learning Google analytics will give you the right mentality to apply on your business, to find problems, to find mistakes and to solve them.


Along the way I will point out to many powerful marketing tips that can grow your business and website much faster. Pay attention to the bonus marketing strategies inside the course.


If you really want to achieve everything said above join this course NOW! , setup and use Google Analytics and take your business to the next level with "Create WordPress Website For Marketing & Sales" course.

WordPress Website For Marketing & Sales by Pouya Eti 

Wi-Fi Marketing for Digital Agencies and Local Consultants

Discover the Breakthrough Plug-and-Play Strategy That Exploded My Recurring Income, On Autopilot!

Created by Kevin Zicherman - Founder & CEO of MyWiFi Networks | Wi-Fi Marketing Platform


Students: 4841, Price: Free

I'm inviting you to step inside my Wi-Fi Marketing SaaS (Software as a Service) Business to show you exactly what we've put together to help local marketers, agencies and large venues capture valuable data from their customers.

You'll learn how to:

  • Tap into the BILLION dollars WiFi Marketing industry

  • Build a sustainable business with a proven White Label platform

  • Deploy on everything from small local to large stadium networks

  • Build a Network like Zack who made $80K (and more) selling Social Wi-Fi

  • Exclusive Business in a Box package (CEO special)

Don't miss this chance to discover why Social Wi-Fi Marketing can EXPLODE your business, and how to apply it to your Local Marketing Agency or consulting business.

Google Analytics Beginner to Advanced | Setup + Audit

Learn to set up Google Analytics, audit your settings and create reports to find your product & business opportunities

Created by Ruben Portz - Creator of ZebraFarm and Head of Growth at Seneca Learning


Students: 1870, Price: Free

This course is designed to take you to the next level no matter whether you're a beginner or power user of Google Analytics.

This course will guide you through:
- Installing the old Universal Analytics & new Google Analytics 4
- Creating a professional structure of views
- Auditing your admin settings like a pro (e.g. filters, segments, alerts, dimensions, metrics, linkage, etc.)
- Setting up goals and events to track any click or move your users make (in case you wish to do so)
- Discussing business models and funnels
- Building scheduled reports to monitor product performance

The goal of the course:
1. Understand 99% of Google Analytics's functionality
2. Impress your business partners, clients and/or shareholders with new reports and insights
3. Find a scala of product opportunities to start working on

Google Data Studio | Beginner to Expert

Create reports & data visualisations from Google Analytics, Google Sheets, BigQuery or any other data source

Created by Ruben Portz - Creator of ZebraFarm and Head of Growth at Seneca Learning


Students: 1856, Price: Free

The goal of this course:
Be able to create insightful visualisations and data reports no matter what data source you've been given

To achieve this we'll go over:
- Basics of Google Data Studio
- How to add Data Sources (e.g. Google Analytics, Sheets, BigQuery, MySQL, Google Ads, Search Console, etc.)
- Add, format and style visualisations
- Manipulating data with date ranges, filters and segments
- Creation of custom metrics & blending of data sources
- Exporting, emailing & sharing of reports

For the visualisations, we'll go over: Graphs, Tables, Pivot Tables, Column & Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Geographic Maps, Scatterplots, and Score Cards

Learn Google Apps Script and Become a Google Sheets Master

Use Google Apps Script to automate repetitive tasks, create custom functions, import data & connect to external tools

Created by Ruben Portz - Creator of ZebraFarm and Head of Growth at Seneca Learning


Students: 1535, Price: Free

Google Apps Script for Google Sheets

In this course, I'll show you how to create:

  • Custom functions

  • Ways to automate repetitive tasks

  • Fetch data from external sources

  • Send data from sheets to external tools like Slack

  • Trigger scripts automatically while asleep

  • Change the spreadsheet layout with menus, sidebars and popups

To help you navigate the world of Apps Scripts, I've created a cheat sheet with the most important functions. This should take you through to the end of the course even if you've never worked with JavaScript.

Google Sheets Functions for Growth Marketing & Product Teams

Covering the top 20 functions to import, clean & analyse data (Inc. Pivot Tables, IMPORTXML, VLOOPUP, INDEX & QUERY)

Created by Ruben Portz - Creator of ZebraFarm and Head of Growth at Seneca Learning


Students: 1130, Price: Free

In the course you'll receive:

  • Practice dataset

  • Cheatsheet with 20+ functions

  • Short lectures explaining functions with examples

This course is designed to upskill your Google Sheets knowledge and is based on my experience leading growth teams and working day-to-day with Google Sheets. I've narrowed the course down to the top 20 most important functions that I use to import, clean, analyse and visualise data on a regular basis.

We will skip the basics of adding & subtracting and go right into the juicy stuff such as importing data with IMPORTXML and searching that data using QUERY. It will be no problem if these functions are completely new to you, as we'll cover all functions according to a practice dataset so that you can work alongside me and implement each function right away.

If you have any questions or requests, please don't hesitate to contact me.