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Myths of Time Management

Time Accounting & Accountability

Created by Bijay Kumar Khandal - Keynote speaker | Author | Coach | Mentor


Students: 2113, Price: Free

If you have a desire to succeed and your present is not helping you, we can help you transition smoothly along with your profession. This course contains key myths related to time management. If you are saying "I am Busy" too many times while the opportunity is knocking at your door, then you need to look again at the way you are managing yourself and your time.

Fundamentals of Management Accounting

Management Accounting

Created by Darshana Bhatia - Qualified Accountant and Banker


Students: 1899, Price: Free

This course will make the students familiar with cost accounting concepts. They will learn Budgeting, Marginal and Absorption Costing.

Students will learn the basics of management accounting and its importance in planning and decision making.

They will learn to analyse and present key information required for decision making in organisations. by various stakeholders.

Cost & Management Accounting

Beginners to intermediate level of cost & management accounting

Created by Md Ilias Rubel ACCA, MBA - Chartered Accountant & Accounting Lecturer


Students: 491, Price: Free

Learn beginners to intermediate level of Cost & Management accounting, boost your CV & keep your boss happy with impressive work. Free accounting course included.

This is a comprehensive Management Accounting & Costing course which will increase your confidence in daily accounting work.

This course is helpful for HNC, HND, other university & professional accounting courses such as aat 3 & 4, acca, cima, cat fia cpa cga, cma, AQA A level Accounting etc.

This course is developed with years of research , guided by a Chartered Accountant & experienced UK lecturer.

You may claim CPD hours after completion.

*Comprehensive pre-recorded bite size hd video lectures using BPP, Osborne & other world class materials materials.

*Videos are sequentially structured.

*Tutor support via phone, email & website.

*Course materials can be accessed online.

*Short quizzes.

*All questions and test your learnings covered from text book.

*Guaranteed satisfaction & plenty of practice.

*Revision mock video.

*Social media Student community where thousands students getting help and sharing resources.

*Top AAT country leading tutor.

All you need to do is sit with a pen, paper & calculator, watch our videos, practice & pass.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone dealing with daily managerial accounting.

  • AAT level 3 students.

  • CAT,ACCA, CIMA & University students

  • A businessman who wants to know more about management accounting system.

  • Job seekers in Accounting & Bookkeeping.

  • Aspiring accounting students who wants to gain a certificate in management accounting.

  • Future NHS finance officers