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Graphic Design Bootcamp: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Bestselling Beginner Course! Use Photoshop, Illustrator, & InDesign for logo design, web design, poster design, and more

Created by Derrick Mitchell - Creative Director; Online Teacher to over 128,000 students


Students: 109492, Price: $149.99

Students: 109492, Price:  Paid

UPDATED! Now featuring over 15 hours of on-demand content, including getting your design portfolio up and running online using  Adobe Portfolio and Behance!

Welcome to the Graphic Design Bootcamp! This course has over 6,000 5-star reviews, and has been a Udemy bestseller for more than a year!

Do you like to learn in a project-based environment?

Do you want to learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign?

Do you want to tackle BOTH print and web design projects?

You’re in the right place! This course is for anyone who is interested in becoming a graphic designer, and especially geared towards beginners. When you enroll in this course, you will have access to over 15 hours of on-demand content, as well as the opportunity to join a private Facebook group with over 13,000 members.

I move quickly through the content, since many students enjoy a quick learning pace. Prefer a more laid-back pace? Many students find that re-watching lectures or pausing the lectures during key learning points is a helpful way to digest the information.

I also make use of shortcuts – something that all great designers learn how to do to increase their productivity and maximize their workflow – so once you enroll, be sure to download the course shortcut hotsheet: a PDF listing many of the most-used shortcut codes so that you can follow along easily and get ahead quickly.

In this course I'll also show you how to make some of the most popular projects in the industry, like:

· custom logos

· business cards

· brochures

· flyers

· web graphics

· and more.

What Students Are Saying About This Course:

· "I have used Adobe CC for a few years now, but everything I've learned I've learned from doing. While some of this has been basic as I'm already familiar with the tools, there are tricks and advice that I would have never known that make life MUCH easier (the "content-aware" fill is a game changer) and I really enjoy the pacing and manner in which he explains the tools, techniques and theory!" - Nikki Tetreault

· "This course is good. The tutor is really nice and clear (US accent is alien to me so I sometimes find it difficult to understand - the tutor here is great, doesn't speak too fast & is clear, without too many colloquialisms). Enjoying the classes. Feel prepared enough for the purpose I took the course. Would definitely recommend and also do other courses by this tutor" - Alvira Kiss

· "I started this course with little experience and thankfully I have learnt a lot throughout this course. I can't wait to learn more about this industry and make my mark on the world and its all thanks to this course which has kickstarted my journey!" - Charles Vaughn

· "So far it's been great. I'm a student that struggles largely in traditional school settings, the ability to pause, take notes, rewind, and move back and forth as I need has been great. The instructor has been clear and precise, and has given plenty to think about as we're creating files." - Samantha Finn

· "For a guy whove been working with photoshop for nearly 10 years Im still learning from this course." - Aryne Neil Cabatan

What to Expect:

We will be using Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator; the industry-standard applications for graphic design. I'll also review relevant terms and design practices to help you create pixel-perfect projects for print and web, with the goal to get you up and running as soon as possible so you can start your new and exciting career as a graphic designer.

If you aren't looking to learn design for a job, don't worry - this is a great course for you too! Many of my students are moms looking to make fun cards or invitations, or students looking to spice up their resumes and social media graphics, and teachers looking to add some creative elements to their homework materials - the list goes on and on. Design is for everyone! And this course is, too!

There is also a private Facebook group with over 13,000 students and counting, which is an awesome resource for you to take advantage of while you go through the course. The group is an excellent place to post projects, get insightful critiques, and network with other like-minded students and working professionals all over the world.

All project files are included as a free download at the beginning of each section, and you are welcome to use the files however you want, or simply to follow along with the projects as you move through the lessons.

As mentioned before, I cover a lot of program shortcuts in this course as well!

For the most part, all of the principles you will learn in this course transcend the tools you actually use - There are students using Adobe versions from CS3 up to CC 2019, and there are even students using apps like Sketch and Pixelmator to make some of the projects in this course.

If you see anything in any of the lectures that no longer apply with the software update, please let me know! I’m doing my best to keep this course up to date and continue to add value for you.

Instructor Qualifications and Background:

Derrick has spent his entire career in the creative arts and marketing sector. Starting back as early as high school where he turned homework into paying gigs, his love for all things art and technology driven has continued to grow. Working with brands such as MTV, Nintendo, and Netflix while employed as an intern for Seven 2 Interactive catapulted his career. His branding work and graphic design has been included in international publications for the design industry and regularly featured on trending websites.

Derrick is the owner of a small design agency, Mitchell's Garage | Creative Media Chop Shop, located in the heart of downtown Kalispell, Montana. Mitchell's Garage has been successful in reaching and working with clients all over the world, including Washington D.C., New York, California, Calgary, Austria, Australia, Washington, Colorado, and of course, throughout Montana.

Graphic Design Masterclass – Learn GREAT Design

The Ultimate Graphic Design Course Which Covers Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign,Design Theory, Branding and Logo Design

Created by Lindsay Marsh - 300,000+ Students | Graphic Design, Adobe, Affinity & More


Students: 105757, Price: $174.99

Students: 105757, Price:  Paid

As you can see, this course is updated frequently with new lessons, projects and resources!

June 2021 -
NEW Lesson! How to properly give and receive critiques and feedback
April 2021 -
 NEW! Section on how to create YouTube Thumbnails! 
March 2021 -
 NEW! Video on How to Encourage and Spark Creativity
March 2021 -
NEW!  Section on The Double Exposure Effect in Adobe Photoshop 2021!
March 2021 - NEW!  Section creating vector art in Adobe Illustrator 2021 using the new repeat tool and the blend tool.
February 2021 - NEW!  Detailed section on Adobe Photoshop Photo editing basics - New projects added! 
January 2021 -
NEW!  2021 Design Trends Section with three new student projects! 
November 2020 - NEW!  16 page History of Typography Guide, 16 Page Color Theory Guide and 8 Page Font Pairing Guide!
October 2020 -
Updated Lessons!  Photoshop 2021 Neural Filter and Liquify Tools
August 2020 -
Updated Lessons!  Logo Design and Branding Project
July 2020 -
NEW!  How to work with Photoshop Mockups! 
June 2020 -
NEW!  How to Become a Graphic Designer 14 page Resource Guide and Lessons!  
May 2020 - NEW!  InDesign Portfolio Builder Template!  
April 2020 -
NEW!  Entirely new Adobe InDesign Section including a cookbook project
April 2020 -
NEW!  Color Theory - Exploring Color Palettes Section
March 2020 - NEW! A Guide to My Favorite Fonts and Where to Download Them
Jan 2020 -
NEW! Lessons: 2020 Design Trends: and how to create them
Nov 2019 -
NEW! - Adobe Illustrator introduction and tools section (vector tracing worksheet)
Nov 2019 -
NEW! - Photoshop section and Projects (including a new youtube thumbnail and book cover project)
Oct 2019 -
NEW!  11 page downloadable resource - The Guide to Grids
Oct 2019 -
NEW!  Color Theory and Color Harmony Lessons + new Downloadable Resources
July 2019 -
NEW!  Affinity Designer Section! Learn The Basic Tools and Differences Between Adobe Illustrator And Affinity Designer
May 2019 -
NEW! Downloadable Resources - the Anatomy of Typography poster and the Psychology of Color graphic! 
April 2019 -
NEW Lessons: Finding Your Graphic Design Niche and Focus!

Graphic Design Master Class - Learn GREAT Design

Do you want to learn all the skills and techniques you need to create incredible designs? 

Do you want to know the process of creating logos and branding packages? 

Are you intimidated by learning photoshop, illustrator or InDesign and want to learn through practical real world projects? Than This class will be for you! 

We will extensively review Typography, color theory, layout and composition, how to use photos in design, photo manipulations and editing and magazine layout designbranding and logo design just to name a few. 

We also learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop, illustrator and InDesign and do projects with real world applications. Every designer needs to know and master these programs and this course makes sure you know the essential tools to power through amazing projects. 

In Adobe Photoshop, we will review photo editing and manipulation techniques like how to cut objects out, duotones, changing color on objects, the liquify tool and we will create a compelling YouTube thumbnail with our newly learned photoshop skills as well as an entire book cover design project. 

In Adobe Illustrator, we will master the pen tool by hand tracing simple and complex shapes. We will explore the power of the shape builder tool and In the end of this section, we will design a complete logo design. There is an entirely new introduction and tools section that has been added where we work through a 7 page vector tracing worksheet and in the end create a complex vector illustration using our newly learned illustrator vector tools. Lastly, we will put together an event flyer to practice our layout skills, and even work through the branding process and create a logo, business card and letterhead for a business.

We will will create a magazine layout in InDesign and learn the master pages tool to drastically speed up your design workflow when working with multiple paged layouts. 

We will talk about branding basics, what makes a good logo? How do you extend your logo or brand to other marketing materials? 

I designed this extensive course to be gentle enough for new comers to design but detailed enough for everyone to get a TON out of this course.

New Mini-Course Added! 
Discover Your Design Niche! 

Do you want to find out what design niche you should concentrate on? This is an exploratory mini-class added to the Graphic Design Masterclass course on Udemy (Section 15) that helps you find your next focus and explore many wonderful options for budding and established designers.

We are going to review some main core design categories and talk about what types of projects you will do and also what you will need to learn to leap into those design niches.

There are always more niches to discover but we will focus on the following in this mini-class:

Logo Design
Print & Editorial Design
Pattern Design and Illustration
Package Design
Branding Design
UX/UI Design
Social Media/Digital Graphic Designer

By the end of this class you will have a solid grasp of what each design niche entails. You will have confidence in choosing your top three focal niches to kickstart or enhance your design offerings and know what to learn next.

The Complete Graphic Design Theory for Beginners Course

Learn Graphic Design Theory and the Basic Principles of Color Theory, Typography, Branding, Logo Design, Layout & More!

Created by Lindsay Marsh - 300,000+ Students | Graphic Design, Adobe, Affinity & More


Students: 40237, Price: $149.99

Students: 40237, Price:  Paid

NEW! June 2020 - How to Become a Graphic Designer New Lessons and 14 page Resource PDF! 
NEW! Jan 2020 - Design Trends for 2020 and how to create them! 

Learn Graphic Design Theory in this New Course!

Many people want to become designers but don't know the basic fundamentals of design at all.

It can takes years to piece together different ideas to truly begin to understand how it even works.

but it doesn't have to be like that.

By understanding the foundations of color, typography, layout, composition, branding, and other fields of study in the graphic design realm, you can propel yourself from a beginner to an expert, just by having the right education.

You have found the perfect course for learning graphic design. It doesn't matter if you have no experience at all, this course was designed to teach you design theory in the most effective means necessary. 

With over 4.5+ hours (and counting) of video and practical projects to follow along with, this course is JAM PACKED with information to help you learn this graphic design theory!

The videos build on one another so that as you work through this course, you will understand more and more!

Pretty sweet, huh?  :)

Not only that, but this course is also designed so that if you already know some design theory and just need help with a specific principle, you can skip directly to that topic! 

So who can benefit from learning graphic design theory?

The fundamentals of design are useful for a lot of careers, industries, and hobbies. It doesn't matter if it's logo design, web design, social media, user interface design, advertising, product design, printing, or t-shirts. This course will cover ideas that can be used in any niche!

Each section goes into specific detail of the main principle being taught so that you get in-depth knowledge of that theory.

This course will cover:

  • The Basics of Graphic Design

  • Color Theory

  • Typography

  • Layout

  • Composition

  • User Experience

  • Branding

  • Logo Design

  • Photography in Graphic Design

  • Modern Trends and Themes

  • The Legal Side of Graphic Design

  • and much, much more!

Other great stuff you might want to know..

Not only will you get over 5+ hours of video content (and counting) and lessons, project files, and a new life skill, you will also have direct communication with the instructors to help you along.

This includes direct messages, discussions, and specialized projects in the course that will allow you to interact with the instructors and others. There is even a facebook group to connect with Lindsay and I and other students to ask questions, get feedback and participate in design challenges.

Feeling lost?  Don't worry, we are here for you!

As they say, "Come for the course, stay for the community."

What else is there to know?

Well there is that little 30 day money back guarantee thing.

That basically means that if you don't enjoy this course for any reason at all, you can get a full refund up to thirty days since the time you purchase it.

It's a win-win situation!

and we applaud winners.

So what are you waiting for?!

The time is now to stop procrastinating and begin learning graphic design theory so that you can take full advantage of everything that it has to offer!

Enroll now in this course and get started!

The Logo Design Process From Start To Finish

Learn every aspect of a logo design project from the initial meeting with client, the technical design and finalization.

Created by Stephen Looney - Master Adobe Illustrator Graphic Designer


Students: 35103, Price: $49.99

Students: 35103, Price:  Paid


  Have you ever had a client ask you "CAN YOU DESIGN A LOGO FOR ME?"                         

Logo Design is usually the Gateway that will lead into all other types of design for a client. Once you design a logo that the client is thrilled with, it's pretty much a given that they will let you design their business cards, brochures, websites, etc.. This course will cover a wide variety of topics including: 

  Client Interaction

  • Logo design information sheet

  • How to get clients

  • Setting up your meeting

  • The client meeting

  • Pricing a branding package

  • Project proposal/contract

  Project Research

  • Mind Mapping

  • Coming up with ideas

  • How to take a screenshot

  • Sketching out ideas

  • Books with inspiration

  • Online inspiration

  Building Your Logo

  • Creating a NEW CLIENT folder

  • Setting up your document

  • Type tool basics & effects

  • Enhancing with gradients

  • Finding & installing free fonts

  • The pathfinder tools

  Finalizing Your Logo

  • Saving a full branding package

  • Exporting elements for web & print

  • Outlining / Expanding elements

  • Refining with the pathfinder

  • Sending drafts / proofs

  • Receiving final payment


  • Extended versions of each new Professional Logo design from YouTube series

  • Bonus video tutorial of an additional logo.

  • Correspondence with client.

  • A view of my entire canvas of ideas and sketches.

  • Downloadable vector file of the logo in this tutorial.

  • The full finalized branding package.

Graphic Design Masterclass Intermediate: The NEXT Level

Up Your Graphic Design Skills: Logo Design, Photo Manipulation, Package Design, Infographics, Portfolio Building, Grids!

Created by Lindsay Marsh - 300,000+ Students | Graphic Design, Adobe, Affinity & More


Students: 25923, Price: $129.99

Students: 25923, Price:  Paid


June 2021 - New - Create a Dynamic Seamless Instagram Carousel Post!
April 2021 -
New - The Guide to Print Design 22 page pdf resource
April 2021 -
New - The Practical Guide to Print Design!   
May 2020 -
New - Logo Design Presentation Template!  
April 2020 -
New - Adobe InDesign Portfolio Building Template!   
Feb 2020 -
New - The Full Logo Design Process and Downloadable Logo Design Worksheet Template  
Feb 2020 -
New - Mastering Isometric Grids! 
Feb 2020 - New Portfolio Building Section - How to Build Strong Design Portfolios
Jan 2020 -
New InDesign Project Added - Creating a Magazine Front Cover and Article Spread
Jan 2020 -
New full page ad design project and Photoshop section added!
June 2019
Create Compelling Infographics!  (Section 11)
Nov 2018
How to Price Your Freelance Projects! Updated lessons (Section 19)
Nov 2018New Package Design Lessons! Design a chocolate bar wrapper from start to finish
Oct 2018Project: Create a Poster Using Only Typography
Sept 2018 - New Lesson - Characteristics of Solid Logo Designs
Aug 2018 - The Legal Side of Design: Properly Using Photos, Fonts and Resources

The Graphic design masterclass intermediate level, are you ready to level up your design skills

Who should take this class? Those with very basic skills in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. You already may be familiar with the pen tool basics understand the layering system and know a few other basic tools. You have a little experience using these programs and have a solid basic working knowledge of these programs.

Or you have taken my Graphic Design Masterclass: Learn Great Design, the first in this masterclass series, although taking this class is not a requirement to join on this one, just those basic software skills. But this class Is a natural next intermediate step.

This is a practical design course meant to teach you techniques and skills by producing real world projects.

We will first talk about intermediate techniques when it comes to Adobe Photoshop, like diving deep with removing complex objects from photos and using the content aware tools. We then will talk about photo composites and put two totally different photos together using curves and other more intermediate Photoshop tools.

We will brush up on your brush tool in Photoshop to learn how to paint on realistic shadows that can be applied to a variety of situations.

We quickly get into real world projects by tackling a fast food burger ad that is both dynamic and helps us practice working with typography, headlines and effects in Adobe Photoshop.

This course includes a fairly large logo design section. We talk about the power of sketching our ideas on paper or in a digital sketching app. This course even includes an extensive downloadable logo design worksheet and we will work through the entire logo design process with the help of this worksheet. We talk about client presentation, when to present to clients, color and even exporting files.

The golden ratio is a great intermediate logo design concept to master and we will do just that in this course.

Speaking of grids we will not stop there, we talk all about the isometric grid system and work through an entire project using isometric grids to create a realistic 3D illustration.

New to this course is an intermediate InDesign section. We will walk through the creation of a magazine spread and cover and talk in more depth about creating strong editorial designs, headlines and crafting compelling stories with photos.

Infographics is a tough topic for designers and can have a steep learning curve, I thought it would make for the perfect project to work through together in this extensive section.

We will walk through topics about how to legally and safely use fonts photos and downloadable vector resources as this is impotent to any maturing designer.

Knowing how to craft effective ads is a great quality to have and can help you have more success as a designer, we will talk about how to create effective advertising as well as work through an entire social media campaign.

There are tons of extra project sections including one on creating a poster using just typography.

Package design is another great intermediate topic and we will go in-depth about the package design process including how to work with files, set them up and create a rich looking package design for a chocolate bar.

Graphic design is more than just creating projects it also about finding work and clients. I have included an entire portfolio building section where we talk about how to create stunning portfolio presentations and how to build them online and offline.

I hope you decide to join me for this incredible journey through lots of fantastic intermediate design topics, projects and more.

The Ready for the next Level?

This course is dynamic, so new lessons and bonus content will be added frequently! 

Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator – for Beginners & Beyond

Learn how to design a logo by a Published, Multi-Award Winning Logo Designer! 21+ Years Experience!

Created by Daniel Evans - Published, Award Winning Logo Designer. 21 Years Experience


Students: 19366, Price: $109.99

Students: 19366, Price:  Paid

* 'Truly the best course I have come across on Udemy (out of 30 so far!)'

* I have learned more about logo design here than I have at college'

* 'I am just amazed by how dedicated the creator is to this course, I think this is better than university courses. 5/5 perfect'.

* 'After just a few sections, I learned more than I did in my four years of undergrad getting my BFA in Graphic Design.'

* I was able to win 4 logo competitions worldwide. Thanks to this course'

* 'One of the best Logo design Courses on Udemy.'

* 'Really the best Logo design course ever created.'

* I wish I could rate 10. The courses of Mr Evans are enough for everyone to be a professional logo designer'.

* 'Stop reading reviews and buy this class. incredible.'


*** UPDATED NOVEMBER 2020! ***

Do you want to be a professional logo designer who can design stunning logos with little effort? This is your exclusive opportunity to learn from an award winning, published logo design professional so that YOU can do this in no time at all!

In the course, I reveal the whole professional logo design process from start to finish covering everything from sketching, fonts, character placement, symbol development, colour application and much more. You'll also learn insider tips and tricks as well as having a full briefing of logo design types in exclusive showcases.

I also provide all the materials I use to run my day to day logo design business so you can use them to do exactly the same from logo design client questionnaires to email templates. You'll also gain insight into my communication with a real life client as we embark upon the First Point Surfing case study!

Not only that, we're going to explore additional case studies designing symbolic logos for Coffeeshake and Goldstein, Typographical logos for Cloudbox and Goinstall and vintage logo designs in the Bristol Barbers case study!  I'm also going to pass on the skill of designing unique mosaic / Pixel style logos!

What's more there are exercises laid out for each and every one of these logo types, so that you can try your hand at them and receive valuable, professional feedback from me in the Q&A!

All that's required to start is a free download of Adobe Illustrator and a pencil and paper. From here we're going to go on a journey to design awe inspiring logos.

If you want to master designing proper, professional logos faster than you ever imagined, I'll see you on the inside!

Get your Certificate of Completion after finishing the entire course!

Logo Design Masterclass: Learn Logo Design and Illustrator

Learn logo design by applying principles and techniques in Adobe Illustrator CC and Dimension CC. For beginners + more.

Created by Chad Neuman, Ph.D. - Professor / Graphic Designer / Photographer 20+ yrs exp.


Students: 15964, Price: $124.99

Students: 15964, Price:  Paid

Course updated November 2019: Entire section added on using Adobe Dimension to produce a logo concept in a 3D scene for a client.
Course updated August 2019: New lecture on customizing the toolbar.

Would you like to become a professional logo designer and create beautiful, relevant, distinct, and memorable logo designs? Do you want to gain insight into the lucrative and fun industry of logo design? In this value-packed course, you will learn how to become a professional logo designer. Learn about logo design principles by looking at corporate logos and student logos, and then apply those principles in your own logo design work. You'll gain valuable insight into logo design and the logo design industry.

This course guides you in the process of brainstorming, sketching, and designing logos after meeting with a client. You will also learn about logo design creative briefs and contracting, as well as the importance of creating a logo design portfolio.

You will learn various Illustrator techniques to create high-quality, beautiful logos.

After enrolling, you can post your work to the discussion board for critique as you build your logo design portfolio.

Gain valuable insight on logo design and Illustrator by learning from Chad Neuman, PhD, who has:

  • Worked at an award-winning advertising design firm using Illustrator.

  • Taught logo design and Illustrator at the university level.

  • Done freelance graphic design work for about 20 years.

  • Was previously managing editor at two graphic design magazines, one of which focused on Illustrator.

This course has manually added closed captions for most sections (instead of only auto-generated).

Master logo design today to start building your portfolio and client list. Design your own logos for your brand or for others. Apply relevant color, typography, and design principles to create an awe-inspiring and distinct logo design portfolio. Become a logo design rockstar!

Be sure to check out the promo video and remember that this course features a 30-day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with it after enrolling. See you in the course!

PowerPoint Masterclass: Logo Design & Animation for Beginner

A step-by-step guide to use PowerPoint for fast & easy designing of logo, 3D Effects and Logo Animations

Created by Slideopedia Inc - Powerpoint Design Agency


Students: 13449, Price: $19.99

Students: 13449, Price:  Paid

Designing a logo with no graphic design skills and without graphic design software is not possible.

But believe it or not… with nothing but a simple pc and PowerPoint, you can design an awesome logo for your brand, even animate the logo for doing a business presentation or for creating videos.

It’s easier than you imagine!

Put simply, if you can do a few simple clicks, you can use PowerPoint to get the job done. Because instead of using complicated features (like the ones you’ll find in graphic design software), you only need to use simple tools that come with PowerPoint to design and animate your logo.

This course shows you all the tools you can use, and how to use them to get your logo done for far less time and money.

That’s not all!

This course shows you more than just creating a basic logo.

After this course, you will not only be able to create and animation your logo in PowerPoint but able to scale up your mastery in PowerPoint with an array of DIY projects.

What’s more, you’ll also gain access to:

  • Instructors feedback and support if you ever get stuck

  • Lifetime access to future course updates, so you can keep updating your skills

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


1. Gain Access to 100+ PowerPoint editable logo bundles and get hands-on practice creating your logo.

2. FREE EBOOK: When you join the course, you’ll also get a supplementary eBook that shows you theoretical aspects of logo design, and the best places to quickly find all the resources you need for your work including, logo intro music, free images, and more. Plus, the book also shows you how to find inspiration fast, so you’ll never get stuck.

Improve your skills and discover more valuable tools and resources from the FREE EBOOK:

Because we want you to have more than just a basic understanding of creating a logo with PowerPoint, but have the basic skills to create a professionally-designed logo, we’re giving away a free eBook called “Basics of Logo design”.

Here’s what you’ll learn from the free eBook:

  • Understand what a logo is and how it's beneficial to the business.

  • Learn principles of Logo Design

  • Discover types of Logo Design

  • Understanding typeface and color schemes

  • Spot Top Websites to find logo Inspiration

  • Creating color palates from various websites

  • Identify Royalty-Free Images, Illustrations, Fonts, and Music websites

Successfully Working With Clients on a Logo Design Project

Learn how to successfully and efficiently work directly with a client to create a brand new logo for their business

Created by Derrick Mitchell - Creative Director; Online Teacher to over 128,000 students


Students: 12351, Price: $69.99

Students: 12351, Price:  Paid

This course is designed to help you navigate real life logo design projects, and show you exactly how I work with clients. I walk you through everything, starting from the very beginning of the first client meeting all the way to delivery of the final files.

  • You get access to watch all client meetings and see my exact process

  • Get the exact emails I send to clients to follow up and keep the project on track

  • Access to all editable project files

  • Logo design tips, tricks, and best practices

  • Repeatable step-by-step process for logo design success

  • How to have effective client management

  • and more lessons added often.

Student Reviews

I enjoyed this course. To be able to see how a professional designer works day to day is very valuable but I was hoping there would be a little more focus on the logo design process itself. - Tyler Trapp

So far so good. Helped me realize where I was lapsing,especially in building good rapport with the client by keeping a good communication line. Great stuff!!! - Beltarzar Nicholas

I think this class offers a lot of good info for someone that has never had a business before by showing the steps necessary to complete a project, as well as, how to work with the client and providing what the client needs. - Lori Mayberry

How to Design a Logo – a Beginners Course

Learn how to design a logo from client brief to finished design.

Created by Tara Roskell - Graphic Designer 20+ Years Industry Experience


Students: 11677, Price: $29.99

Students: 11677, Price:  Paid

Creating logos isn't easy, especially when working with particular clients. And with so many designers out there, differentiating yourself can be difficult.

Knowing how to effectively map out your ideas will be the foundation on which you can craft extraordinary logos and bring something fresh to the table that clients can't refuse. This is how you make clients happy, draw attention to your work, build your client base, and potentially earn more money.

Learn How to Design an Eye-Catching and Effective Logo Every Time.

  • Generating and Sketching Design Ideas Quickly
  • Fonts and Text Positioning
  • Color and Format Options
  • Using Adobe Illustrator for Creation of Logos
  • Submitting Design Ideas and Working with Clients

Make Every Client Happy by Designing a Great Logo

The most difficult part of working as a designer is being able to generate a logo that a client will be happy with. The key is knowing how to understand a client's expectations, and using the right tools to draft ideas quickly. As a designer, you should also know how to properly position text, and how to choose the right colors and fonts that will represent a business in the best and most accurate way.

Contents and Overview

This course, containing over 42 lectures and 2.5 hours of content, provides step-by-step instructions on logo design. No logo design experience is required; however, you should have a full or free trial version of Adobe Illustrator, even though you don't need prior knowledge working in this program.

You'll receive a 61-page eBook on how to design logos, as well as information on how to receive a logo design brief from a client. Then you'll learn how to collect reference materials and imagery to sketch out ideas.

Upon completion of this course, you'll understand mind mapping and mood boards, which help you brainstorm logos. You'll know how to create unique symbols, add elements to a word, use geometric shapes and initials, and position text properly.

Students will nail the basics of Illustrator, know where to find free fonts, and create logos in color, black and white, and in different formats. You'll also receive tips on sending ideas to clients, making changes and finalizing a logo, and pricing your work. All of these skills will make you a more valuable designer or allow you to use your creativity to make your own logos.

Typographic Logos: Typography and Lettering for Logo Design

Learn the beginning to end process for creating your own custom type-based logo.

Created by Ray Dombroski - Graphic Designer


Students: 10328, Price: $24.99

Students: 10328, Price:  Paid

Learning and improving upon your type-based logo designs is one of the most important investments you can make in your design career. In this course we'll go over the entire process of creating a type-based logo, from idea to implementation. Let's get started!

In this course we'll cover:

  • How to find and apply inspiration
  • Learn the Digital and Analog Tools you'll need to create your logos
  • Use both Traditional and Untraditional tools to create your logo
  • Special techniques to refine your design
  • How to structure letterforms and overall composition
  • Sketch design thumbnails
  • Create a clean vector design
  • Implement color theory, shading, and add a 3D effect
  • How to add texture in Photoshop and Illustrator

Then it's up to you to take these methods and create something incredible!

As a bonus, you will also receive:

  • 26 Bitmap Textures to use in Illustrator
  • 26 Photoshop Brushes to add texture to your own designs
  • A collection of vector halftone gradients
  • The finished "Typographic Logos" design in vector format

Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator – The Intermediate Level

Learn how to design a logo by a Published, Multi-Award Winning Logo Designer! 21+ Years Experience!

Created by Daniel Evans - Published, Award Winning Logo Designer. 21 Years Experience


Students: 8801, Price: $129.99

Students: 8801, Price:  Paid

* 'Another amazing course from Daniel. This one really takes your from a beginner level to a more advanced logo designer status.'

* 'Awesome course as always, if you have understood the fundamentals of logo design this is a perfect next step to level up.'

* Brilliant course! I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it was the perfect ‘next level’ from ‘Logo Design - for Beginners & Beyond’. 


*** UPDATED NOVEMBER 2020 ! ***

Due to unprecedented demand, I'm proud to launch this course as the follow up to: 'Logo Design for Beginners & Beyond'.

**** To all fellow Logo Designers, who are ready for the NEXT LEVEL... ****

As a logo design professional with over 18 years experience, I'm going to reveal to you the next stage of learning in the exact manner in which I learned myself.  We're going to cut to chase and explore all the next realm of logo design, leaving nothing untouched and delivered in a no nonsense manner!

In this second series, we're going to cover: key logo principles, font selection strategies, precise and professional kerning, measurements, spacing and balance, hidden meaning application  and the all
valuable negative space logos - which separates the amateurs from the

We'll also be delving into comprehensive case studies in which you can see me storm projects from start to finish, from client questionnaire to finished logo, including moodboarding, mind-mapping, comprehensive sketching, pin-point accurate refinement sketching, right through to the digitization in Illustrator.

Try your hand at various assignments too, and I'll give me highly reviewed, one on one feedback and undivided advice in the Q&A section so that we can fine tune your logo design skills to your personal needs.  I'm always here.

Grab your pencil and paper.  We're ready to go.

If you want to supercharge your ability and worth as a logo designer, the next level is only one step away....

Get your Certificate of Completion after finishing the entire course!

Logo Design Mastery In Adobe Illustrator

Learn Logo Design Theory, The Creative Process, How to Work With Clients & Master Adobe Illustrator Tools

Created by Lindsay Marsh - 300,000+ Students | Graphic Design, Adobe, Affinity & More


Students: 8697, Price: $139.99

Students: 8697, Price:  Paid

NEW! May 2020 - A Client Presentation Template in Adobe Illustrator 

This powerful extensive class trains you in all aspects of the logo design process including logo design theory, execution, working with typography, selecting color pallets, preparing and exporting files and how to work with adobe illustrator to create stunning logos.

Not only that this class teaches you how to work with clients by following several full logo design projects from start to finish. We talk about what type of questions to ask clients before starting your logo design process.

We also apply our logos to mockups so we can create polished presentations for our portfolio or to the client for approval. We even talk about where to find possible clients by following a step by step process.

For the theory section of this course we dive into logo design categories and also review all the different logo design styles while showing stellar examples of each.

I go over the characteristics of strong logos designs and walk you through these using real world companies. Lastly, we cannot talk about logo design theory without talking about the power of color as we review the color psychology chart.

The next section is for those who need a crash course in Adobe illustrator as we review all of the most used tools we will use throughout this class including the width, shape-builder, offset path, gradient tools and using layering masks and more.

Afterwards we walk through the entire logo design process from scratch. We will learn how to quickly get our ideas out on paper, and then turn those rough ideas into real workable designs we can present to the client. We will walk through each step of the journey as we work finding those final concepts to present. We will create a mood board to find our perfect color matches and finish off our logo with the final touches.

Our next section dives deep into the golden ratio in logo design. We will create from scratch the golden ratio spiral and create the golden ratio circles we need to start to adapt our designs to the golden ratio. We will do several practice projects as well.

We then take this logo all the way through to the end including create all variations and sizes we will need to adapt this logo to just about anything. We will also create polished designs by learning how to use photoshop mock-ups. We will then use our downloadable file export guide to learn how and why we export the specific files to our clients.

The next section goes over portfolio building basics and several places and steps to find clients and to get client referrals so you can start building your design business.

This course is packed full of downloadable resources including a client questioner document, Logo styles and categories cheat sheet, color wheel and color psychology documents, a finding client’s resource, and file export, a golden ratio cheat sheet, a font paring guide and much more!

This class is extensive but is gentle and paced well enough for beginners to work through the course. There are both beginner and intermediate level topics discussed with some advanced topics discussed later on in the course.

This will be for anyone interested in working through a course that has a deep focus on logo design or any designer who wants to fine tune their logo design and presentation skills.

So, are you ready to up your logo design game? Let’s get started!

Vector Logo Design in Affinity Designer

Learn how to design a logo by a Published, Multi-Award Winning Logo Designer! 21+ Years Experience!

Created by Daniel Evans - Published, Award Winning Logo Designer. 21 Years Experience


Students: 5195, Price: $109.99

Students: 5195, Price:  Paid

* 'Excellent extensive crash course in vector based logo designing in Affinity Designer.'

* 'Fantastic course! Not only have I learned a new piece of software, I’ve learned even more about the professional logo design process!'

* Very to the point course - simple basics and, most amazingly, creative workflow of logo design!

* 'If you want to learn to design original logos, this is the course you have to take.'

* ‘One of the best teachers on Udemy.’


*** UPDATED NOVEMBER 2020! ***

Do you want to discover how professionals design PROPER logos with minimal hassle and learning?

I'm Daniel Evans.

I'm a multi award winning, published logo designer and I earn my living designing logos and the majority of every penny I’ve ever made has came from logo design.

I'm going to teach you the entire steps of professional logo design from concept to finished, digitised product using Affinity Designer!

From start to finish, leaving no stones unturned! We’re going to explore every tool and primary feature in Affinity Designer which we’ll use to weave solid business brands that make good money!

From the ground up, you’re going to discover every step as we explore extraction of concept from mind to masterpiece!

If you want to learn the tricks of professional logo design in Affinity Designer and amaze people with your skills, I can have you achieve this lightening quick!

Those who succeed take the next step! Those who succeed, find that it’s easy!

Get your Certificate of Completion
after finishing the entire course!

Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator – The Advanced Level

Learn how to design a logo by a Published, Multi-Award Winning Logo Designer! 21+ Years Experience!

Created by Daniel Evans - Published, Award Winning Logo Designer. 21 Years Experience


Students: 2827, Price: $139.99

Students: 2827, Price:  Paid

* 'This is by far one of the best logo designing course I've taken on Udemy so far! I took another one of Daniel's classes which is what made me take this one too! Awesome course!!!'

* '..absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Daniel is a fantastic teacher and definitely a master of his craft. Right from the start, you know you are in very good hands. I can not recommend this course highly enough. If you are serious about Logo/Graphic Design you have a chance to learn from one of the best. Thank you Daniel.'

* 'Taking this course and committing yourself to it will definitely give you the confidence needed to make your way into the logo design industry.'

* 'With comprehensive insights and some tips and tricks - he's helped me enormously improve my skills and yes even enjoyment in designing logos.'


*** UPDATED NOVEMBER 2020! ***

So, you’ve made it this far!

Whether you’ve tackled my Beginner & Intermediate logo design courses or if you’re just ready to jump into the deep end, to discover the gems of advanced logo design, I’ve got a whole range of logo design wisdom to reveal to you!

We’re going to explore the technical depths of advanced logo design skills!

In the course, I’m going to reveal everything from utilisation of grids, transposing them to illustrator, selection of high quality fonts and detailed type manipulation whilst exploring and utilising the almighty Golden Rule in a logo design case study for a luxury watch brand.

You’re going to learn how to plan and present professionally and how to use your initiative to conduct in-depth research which you can present to the client and store for your own reference.

This is the very fabric of an advanced logo designer and I’m going to reveal everything to you, so you can can become EXACTLY THAT!

Don’t hang around at the lower levels!

Join us at the very heights of Logo Design mentorship and acquire knowledge that will push your skills to the higher levels!

Get your Certificate of Completion after finishing the entire course!

Logo Design For Social Media Accounts | Canva

Learn Professional Logo Design Theory with Canva ! You have never seen Canva like this

Created by Lobi Education - Instructor and Engineer


Students: 2289, Price: $19.99

Students: 2289, Price:  Paid

Learn Canva for Logo Design in This New Course!

Fastest Logo Design You Ever See | with Canva

Learn Professional Logo Design Theory with Canva. İn this course so you can use Canva in your next logo design project!


Want to take your business and brand logos to the next level? Have you ever wondered why some brands on social media stay in mind, and haven't you taken a second look at some? Would you like to design a professional logo to keep your brand in mind?

What is this course about:


Canva Course: Logo Design in Social Media or Your Business


Canva is a very easy to use and free online software platform for creating stunning logo designs in no time. Its pre-made templates, elements, and other features make it the ideal graphics software for many businesses and entrepreneurs.

What you will learn in this course:

You will learn to be able to design original logos.

Fastest professional logo design you ever see

You will learn about materials that can be used for logo design in Canva.

You will learn the points to be considered while designing the logo.

You will be able to learn all the preparation steps of a logo design.

You will be able to see how different style logos are designed.

Fastest professional logo design you ever see

Logo Design: Mastering the Wordmark

Discover how to design creative, unique and relevant wordmark logo designs.

Created by Gary Simon - Professional Freelance Designer & Course Instructor


Students: 1257, Price: $19.99

Students: 1257, Price:  Paid

Are you ready to become a great identity designer? Excellent!

This course will show you how to start thinking creatively to design excellent wordmarks; you know, the type portion of a logo design. You will discover the essential fundamentals that make any given wordmark great: Simplicity, relevance, readability, uniqueness and more.

Get inside Gary's head

Follow along as Gary designs 5 different wordmark projects over the course of 2 hours, two of which include hand-lettering with the use of a drawing tablet. Discover Gary's process when coming up with great logo design concepts.

Who is Gary?

A renowned designer and instructor of 15 years. Gary works as a course author for some of the biggest online education portals on the internet such as DigitalTutors and Envato Network's TutsPlus. Gary's work has also been featured in various publications including PhotoshopCreative magazine. Gary also runs a youtube channel with over 3 million views and 70,000 subscribers.

Logo Design Made Easy: Create your own logo in PowerPoint

This beginners course is filled with handy tips & tricks so you can start creating your own logo within minutes.

Created by Fenna Kooijmans - Founder of Studio Fenna


Students: 1209, Price: $19.99

Students: 1209, Price:  Paid

Hello You!
Welcome to my course page. Want to make logo designs quick and easy? Then you have come to the right place! In this  beginners course we will be designing several logo's together, showcasing all the amazing features that PowerPoint has to offer. By the end of the course you will have learned all the necessary fundamentals & techniques, so you can start creating your own logo's and designs within minutes.

Why use PowerPoint instead of using other design software, such as Photoshop/Illustrator?

  • Most people know their way around Microsoft Office programs – such as Word & PowerPoint- which means the learning curve will be much shorter. Creating your designs in a familiar environment, such as PowerPoint, will help you to pick things up quickly.
  • PowerPoint is an accessible tool! The majority of people who own a laptop/computer will have PowerPoint installed on it.
  • You can start creating your own amazing designs in no-time, without having to make the initial investment of purchasing expensive designing software.
  • You can achieve amazing results ”just” by using PowerPoint. I’ve been creating my designs in PowerPoint for many years now and the majority of my family, friends and colleagues still can’t believe that I create such impressive designs ”just” by using Powerpoint.
  • PowerPoint has many amazing in-built features, such as: subtracting objects, grouping multiple object together and exporting your designs with a transparant background. PowerPoint has many similarities with other design software, such as Photoshop. 

Logo Design Theory & Application Bootcamp

Learn how the professionals design logos!

Created by Shawn Barry - Creative Director and Social Media Educator


Students: 769, Price: $49.99

Students: 769, Price:  Paid

This course is a logo design bootcamp, and it's good for all levels. Beginners will see how the design process unfolds and be able to follow along and learn a professional logo design workflow. Intermediate designers will sharpen their skills and refine their process by learning to evaluate ideas against a brief and become ace presenters. Advanced students and pros will enjoy this refresher, and if they've never tried logo design, this course will give them a push in the right direction toward creating great logos based on solid theory and design strategy.

This course is purely creative. NO software tutorials. NO tool tips. Just pure concept and design. Choose a brief, follow along, and create great logos.

if you want to learn logo design, sharpen your skills and develop a professional design workflow, you need to take this course.

Professional logo design

Professional logo designing using Adobe Photoshop CC

Created by Inbasekar S - Learner


Students: 3, Price: $19.99

Students: 3, Price:  Paid

you will learn how to design a professional logo in adobe photoshop cc in easy way with less time.

this is a logo design course with a cool difference the main difference being that it will not over complicate things by producing logos that feature weird / wacky shapes textures or layers


because if you think about it, some of the biggest companies in the world today actually have some of the simplest yet still very memorable logos around. they make use of nice fonts and cool colors.

i am talking about the likes of: ebay, facebook and even the all mighty google. they feature no wild shapes or curves. but instead opt for simplicity & practicality. this really is the future trend in logo design for serious online businesses.

this unique course will take you through a different type of logo design. a type that does not include crazy or quirky shapes.

what if i am not 100% happy with the content of this course?

i am really glad you asked that. because here at web u teach want to you be 100% happy with your course purchase from us.

so i would just like to remind you that your purchase is actually backed by the udemy 30 no quibble day money back guarantee.

so truth be told you have absolutely nothing to lose and a possible brand-new skill to gain!

we really can't wait to see you on the inside of the course, and welcome you. i also look forward to sending you your personal welcome message once you have joined.

see you on the inside