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Free Digital Marketing Basics Course

It's time for Digital Transformation

Created by Sorav Jain - CEO of echoVME


Students: 106929, Price: Free

Students: 106929, Price:  Free

Have you learnt Digital Marketing? You haven’t? Well, not to worry! Here is an opportunity for you to start everything from the scratch. I have made 21+ Free Video Lessons to Empower the world and embrace people with my knowledge in digital marketing and my passion for teaching.

I am in a mission to reach out to people and tell them Digital has a business side and it can be used for a purpose.

Like how you define the purpose of Life, I believe you should also define the purpose of Digital Life and here are those 21 lessons that you shall get every single day to master Digital Marketing.

The Complete Resume, LinkedIn & Get Your Dream Job Course!

By an Award Winning MBA Prof. Who Successfully Changed Careers from Goldman to Consulting to VC to Hedge Funds to Tech.

Created by Chris Haroun - Award Winning MBA Professor, Venture Capitalist and Author.


Students: 100412, Price: $129.99

Students: 100412, Price:  Paid

#1 Best Selling Career Development Course on Udemy! This 12 hour complete career course is 3 courses in one (interviewIng skills + resume/linkedin skills + networking skills!).

Welcome to The COMPLETE Resume, LinkedIn & Get Your Dream Job Course! by the author of the best selling business course on Udemy, an award winning professor, TEDx Talk speaker, author & entrepreneur.

I guarantee that this is THE most thorough job course available ANYWHERE on the market - or your money back. This is the #1 best selling career development course on Udemy. 

Are you ready to take your career to the next level and get your dream job?


This comprehensive complete career course is 12 hours, contains more than 250 lectures, 67 easy to complete exercises and 29 templates/other downloads to help you:


  1. Get any job you want,

  2. Build the perfect resume (using a format I have successfully used for more than 20 years),    

  3. Interview better than anyone else (you will be able to answer ANY interview question and turn your weaknesses into strengths),

  4. Build the perfect LinkedIn profile (learn how to get more recruiters & employers to find you),

  5. Network better than anyone else so you can get your dream job (or even get customers etc),

  6. and much more...

I want to help you get your dream job as my passion has always been helping others reach their full potential. I have conducted over 1000 interviews (1 per week for more than 20 years) and I have successfully interviewed and switched careers many times (from working at Goldman Sachs to the tech industry to consulting to hedge funds to venture capital, etc.). I want you to learn from my mistakes and accomplishments and reach your full potential.


* Since this is a very comprehensive career course, there are 4 ways to take this course as follows:


  1. You can chose to take only the Interview portion of the course, which is Part 1 (sections 1 – 23).

  2. You can chose to take only the Resume/LinkedIn/and Optional Career Goal Setting Workshop portion of the course, which is Part 2 (sections 24 – 41).

  3. You can chose to take only the Networking portion of the course, which is Part 3 (sections 42 – 50).

  4. *My recommendation is to take the entire course in order (sections 1-50).

    * I humbly recommend taking the entire course in order as I have reverse engineered and analyzed the process of getting a job over the past 20+ years and I know that if you go through Part 1 first, which is my interview boot camp, then in Part 2 you will know exactly how to improve your resume/LinkedIn profile based on how you completed the interview exercises in Part 1 of the course (very easy process to follow). Then you will be able to network like a rock star in Part 3!

I have mentored many people using the concepts in this course and they have all achieved incredible success in life (I am passionate about helping people reach their full potential).


This course will help you get the job of your dreams and is for every age, every industry, every career and everyone.


There are no limits; you can get any job you want and together we will make this happen. Are you ready to take your career to the next level?


30 day money back guarantee.


Let’s begin!



Chris : ) 

[2021] Career Hacking: World’s Bestselling Job Search Course

Supercharge your job search! Boost your resume, LinkedIn® Profile, cover letter, interviewing & networking skills +more!

Created by Davis Jones - Chief Learning Officer at Eazl


Students: 64313, Price: $139.99

Students: 64313, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the world's BESTSELLING career management course from Eazl and former Bay Area recruiter, Davis Jones! This course is tested by the market and has been reviewed 7k+ times. This course is now part of the curriculum at University of San Francisco, EDHEC Business School, Golden Gate University, Sonoma State University, Saint Mary's College of California, and Santa Rosa Junior College, and other top-tier institutions worldwide.

Career Hacking™ Version 6.6.3 Fresh as of March 2021 | Always being updated! We  make sure you have the latest important information when it comes to career planning and resume writing.

Speed up your job search: learn how to write a resume/CV that opens doors, how to write a mass-customizable cover letter, how to develop your personal brand, how to interview confidently, how to build a valuable professional network, and more!

"I have taken multiple great courses with Eazl. The Career Hacking™ [course] still remains the best course ever for impact on my life." -Cameron S.

"The easiest way to learn about strategies for interview and resume." -Deepak M.

"After spending months of searching for jobs the wrong way, this course provided me the tools to properly go about finding the next step in my career. It changed my outlook on job searching!" -Athanasios D.

A great job is the key to living a happy life. The problem is, you know how competitive the job market is but you weren’t taught how to job hunt in school.

The good news is, by simply mastering these leading-edge job hunting and professional presentation skills, you can get yourself into the running for positions that were previously out of your reach. Plus, you can present yourself articulately, with confidence, and with purpose. Identify the right opportunities so you don’t waste your valuable time and get hired for more money than you previously thought possible.

And it can all happen within the space of a few weeks. Thousands of job seekers all over the world have already benefited--and you can too.

"This is a great course for anyone looking to improve their resume and leverage LinkedIn as a platform. Lots of real world examples and tons of useful and actionable content. Really well done!" -Sean C.

"One of the best courses ever that teaches you what to do and what is the mindset behind the activity." -Rudyard V.

"I decided to start the Career Hacking™ course because I need all the help I can get to return to my professional field after 2 years off the path. The information Eazl offers is complete and valuable." -Esmerelda H.

"I just want to let you know that I got a terrific job offer this morning from Harvard Business School and I'm very excited. One of the people I interviewed with went out of his way to show me the highlight points in my cover letter that sold him. Thank you!" -Sandy

One of our students landed a new job that increased his salary by $20,000 a year--and he did so in just 21 days--by applying the skills he learned in this course.

Imagine a job hunt where:

  • Your resume captures the attention of recruiters immediately and helps you soar past other candidates for highly desired positions

  • Your LinkedIn profile shows instantly that you’re an outstanding candidate and garners you more positive attention and more interviews

  • Your interview skills increase dramatically, allowing you to connect better with potential employers and set yourself apart from the competition

  • Your professional network expands exponentially, opening yourself up to new relationships and opportunities for career advancement

  • Your potential for lifetime career earnings skyrocket as you move more effortlessly through your chosen professional path

It will only take you two or three evenings tops to unlock the secrets of resume writing, LinkedIn profiles, interviewing like a superstar, and much, much more!

If you learn and use these strategies, it could mean increased pay, new opportunities, and maximum control over your career, which could easily translate into tens of thousands of dollars of value. And you can get this entire course for the small investment of just $199.99. Not only that, but you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with this course, we’ll refund every penny, no questions asked. Enroll in this course now and start creating the future you want.

"I loved the Career Hacking™ course. It got me my first job as a video editor for a media company." -Dan A.

"I just wanted to say thank you. Your Udemy course helped me get an interview at Amazon." -Michael M.

"Eazl has the best course on resume writing." -Aditya G.

The Most Advanced Strategies in Job Hunting

What would it be like to have a killer resume, an extraordinary LinkedIn profile, phenomenal interview skills, and a top-tier network of professional contacts? This collection addresses the full range of topics relevant for the highest level of success in career advancement.

Career Hacking™ leverages cutting-edge research from top-flight organizations like Harvard Business School, the McKinsey Consulting Group, and Duke University. The course itself is currently implemented by the career centers of the EDHEC Global MBA Program and the California State University Business Schools.

As a premium subscriber to the course, you’ll get lifetime access to:

  • 150+ eye-catching and engaging videos presented in HD and designed by the animators at Eazl in San Francisco

  • Pro-grade, tested and proven templates for your resume writing, CV writing, cover letter writing, and LinkedIn profile

  • Word tracks for managing tricky situations like performing seamless e-networking, requesting professional recommendations, and handling tough interviews

  • Step-by-step guides for advanced resume writing and advanced LinkedIn profiles, including keyword optimization

  • Summary banks for your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile covering a wide variety of professional backgrounds

With highly-produced videos and other well-crafted materials, this course is optimized for both enjoyment and retention, allowing you to get the most out of this valuable career information. You’ll also get frequent updates to the course, giving you more and more value over time.

"It's worth the money. You should know that, in a week after implementing everything I learned from Davis, I got three job interviews through LinkedIn." -Gilang F.

"I'm convinced this course helped me get my current job. Thank you." -Scott W.

“A very informative course with a great suite of downloadable materials. There are many techniques that I have never considered while conducting a job hunt.” -Christopher T.

What are the requirements?

Access to Microsoft Word, Pages (Mac), or other word processing software

What am I going to get from this course?

With this course at your fingertips, you can:

  • Prepare a keyword-rich, targeted resume that gets outstanding results

  • Present yourself powerfully on LinkedIn and discover other online networking techniques

  • Interview competently and persuasively while still being yourself

  • Create career opportunities using traditional and non-traditional methods

  • Build relevant professional networks as a foundation for future advancement

  • Set the stage for a rewarding career filled with success and contentment

  • The chance to qualify for one free resume review from an expert on our team

Who is the target audience?

  • Professionals looking to stealthily get promoted or job hunt

  • Job seekers who want to improve their results

  • People considering a career change

  • Recent college graduates

  • Participants and recent graduates from MBA programs

  • Current undergraduate students

Who is not the target audience?

  • Professional recruiters and career coaches

  • Anyone trying to offer services related to job search or career planning

  • HR professionals looking for relevant career training to add to their profile

  • This course does not qualify nor certify students to offer these services or perform such job functions as the curriculum does not focus on these skills, which are extremely different than an individual managing their own career and related materials.

Note: LinkedIn is a registered trademark of LinkedIn Corporation

Version release notes:

  • January 2, 2015: What's New in Version 2.0

    • Added the interview hacking cluster of modules

    • Added additional SideBYSides by request

  • February 22, 2015: What's New in Version 2.2

    • Added additional quizzes to support learning

    • Integrated private Facebook group access

  • March 5, 2015: What's New in Version 2.3

  • Our team performed a full audit of the SideBYSi

  • April 10, 2015: What's New in Version 3.0

    • We added further study section on career planning, career technologies, and common resume challenges

    • There are all new intros that are much more fun and engaging!

    • Better reinforced learning with key learning outcomes and quizzes

  • June 11, 2015: What's New in Version 3.1

    • Added a segment of an interview with Charles Hugh Smith, the economist and author, on the power of accrediting yourself in the modern economy.

    • Added four new sample resumes for you to use as you develop yours!

    • Added two new cover letters to the sample bank!

  • August 5, 2015: What's New in Version 3.2

    • Added the Guide to Post-Interview Follow Up (thanks for the suggestion Missy!). You can find it in Lecture 85.

  • August 28, 2015: What's New in Version 3.2.1?

  • Flow through to a few of the updates we've been making via the EazlVlog so that you can contextualize course concepts with real life scenarios and easy-to-use recipes.

  • October 21, 2015: What's New in Version 3.2.2?

    • Fixed an issue where the audio was creating blank space on two SideBYSide lectures. Thanks for helping us find the issue Cyrus!

    • Added an additional vlog link related to exporting your resume so that it works more seamlessly with the latest ATSs.

  • December 22, 2015: What's New in Version 3.3?

    • We've added a recording of the Practical Immigration Strategies for Working in the USA panel. This is a three-person panel discussion with Ari Sauer, a US-based immigration lawyer, Nick Livingston, a San Francisco-based technical recruiter, and Davis Jones, the co-founder of Eazl. Use this to dive into the world of US work visas and immigration strategies.

  • February 1, 2016: What's New in Version 3.3.1?

    • By popular request, we've created and uploaded a guide with sample interview questions, good responses, and other question prompts around specific work habits and practices. You can find it in lecture 77!

  • November 3rd, 2016: What's new in version 4.0?

    • Career Hacking™ 4.0 has a whole new suite of features and content for the AI-disrupted job search. In addition to new content centered around LinkedIn and the data-driven recruiter, 4.0 also features an brand new section to help you level up your soft skills. Similar one of the first (and still the best) conversation training tools, Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People," the new section will help you be a much better conversationalist and networker. We also de-escalated some modules and integrated micro-networking actions throughout the course to help participants get in the habit of digital professional networking. Enjoy the new course!

  • July 17th, 2017: What's new in version 4.1?

    • Career Hacking™ 4.1 migrates course document support from Dropbox to Google Documents. Students in the course should not experience any learning disruption from Dropbox's recent hosting infrastructure change!

  • November 22nd, 2017: What's New in Version 5?

    • Woohoo! Version 5 is a BIG UPGRADE. Since the acquisition of LInkedIn by Microsoft, things have changed on the platform. So, we've built a brand new step-by-step guide, new SideBYSides, and new content around the changes that have been made to the Platform. Also, we've upgraded to the 2.0 suite of Eazl Resume Templates and to support the upgrade, there are new 2.0 sample resumes and hands-on content to support the upgrade. If you enjoy the great upgraded content from our team here at Eazl, please tell your friends that this course is a reliable, trusted partner in any job search!

  • October 27th, 2018: What's new in Version 6?

    • The Eazl team continues to add value to your learning experience. In version 6 of the course, you have access to a brand new series of animations that make full use of Udemy's new assignments feature and a new section on designing a longer-term career plan.

    • Udemy's Assignments enable you to receive guided instructions, use your skills, and then see how your instructor does something. We've leveraged this feature by taking the most challenging parts of the Career Hacking™ course and making them easier for you through the use of these guided assignments. For example, when you reach the point in the course where you need to develop bulletpoints for your resume / CV, you'll find an animated Assignment that takes you through the process step-by-step, gives you a chance to develop your own resume bulletpoint using what you've learned in the course, and then shows you how it's done by your instructor.

    • Many of you have also asked for help developing a mid and long-term career plan. In version 6, we've added an additional section to help you. First, you'll learn soft skills that will help you transition to working with a new team and/or at a new job. Then you will have the opportunity to use the VISTA career planning tool that we've built for you so that you can align your values, interests, skills, and more with your career goals.

    • One of the new videos that we've added for you is an interview with Stephen Szermer, someone who successfully completed a big mid-life career change. His story will help anyone who is in a career rut, needs to change careers, or feels like the world has evolved past their existing skill set. We hope you enjoy Career Hacking™ version 6!

  • January 7th, 2019: What's new in version 6.1?

    • We've migrated some of the guides and course tools to Google Drive so that they're usable across all of your devices and easier to use than .pdfs!

  • April 9th, 2019: What's new in version 6.2?

    • You all are amazing! We want to harness the collective power of the Career Hacking™ community to make the course better for you and other future students, so we've added the ability for you to contribute your ideas related to new content and course features through a simple, anonymous feedback mechanism. Thanks for working with us to make your learning experience awesome!

  • June 21st, 2019: What's new in version 6.3? We've just made a HUGE upgrade to your course. Specifically, we:

    • Remastered all videos in the course. We realize that, over the years, we exported videos with varying volume levels. This was causing some of you to have to frequently adjust the volume settings on your playback devices, so Davis spent time remastering the volume across the entire Career Hacking™ learning experience.

    • We've heard many of you ask for additional support with mid and later-life career changes, so Davis spent quite a lot of time creating a comprehensive presentation specifically tailored to the needs of people going through a mid or later-life career change. You can find this presentation in the text lecture where all of the course resources are listed and in a special optional lecture in the career strategy section of the course.

    • The LinkedIn® Power Game is now a fundamental part of your learning experience. Previously, it was an optional video. We did this because being able to engage in professional networking on LinkedIn® is increasingly important for many careers.

    • Davis migrated two videos that were previously presented in-stream in the course to optional videos. The first video that has been converted to optional viewing is one on tips for people going into a coding interview and the second is for Career Hackers looking to get a US Visa. Because these are specialized scenarios, we want to make sure that they're taken by those who need them, not everyone who participates in Career Hacking™.

  • November 1, 2019: What's new in version 6.4?

    • You've asked and we've delivered! Career Hacking™ is now fully closed captioned in English so that you can clearly understand key Career Hacking™ concepts and so that students whose first language isn't English can have a fuller learning experience and develop their English skills while taking the course!

    • We're introducing a suite of Voices from the Field lectures. This lecture style is something that Davis learned while participating in Harvard's Leaders of Learning program. In each lecture, we pose an important career management question to experts with a variety of professional expertise and backgrounds so that you can get multiple informed viewpoints on these topics. In this update, we feature experts with experience in technical recruiting, in placing candidates looking for work after receiving professional certificates, in helping MBA graduates get jobs, in coaching executives in Silicon Valley, and in breaking into the financial services sector. Thanks for joining us in the Career Hacking™ course!

  • January 4, 2020: What's new in version 6.5?

    • When you're searching for a job, keeping records of your applications and managing your professional network are super important. Previously, we showed you how to take care of these problems using Podio® as your "Job Search CRM" platform. However, Podio® is really designed to be used by teams for much more complex activities, so Davis Jones, this course's designer, built a custom tool for Career Hacking™ participants that's built on top of Google Sheets and Google Apps Script. It's called the Career Hacking™ Hub. This free software keeps all of your information private (essentially, it's a modified Google Sheet that you own), and it pairs perfectly with what you learn in your Career Hacking™ learning experience. You should find this tool convenient, free, and helpful. You can learn more about it inside the course. We're always trying to add value for you and to support your success! Welcome to Career Hacking™ 6.5.

  • January 14, 2020: What's new in version 6.5.1?

    • Your fellow Career Hacker David Williamson contributed a valuable new career hack related to uncovering small and medium-sized businesses who don't often advertise higher-level positions publicly. It's been added in the description of the "Hidden Job Market" module. Thanks David!

  • March 13th, 2020: What's new in version 6.5.2?

    • You'll find a new SideBySide that walks you through using the new Career Hacking™ Hub App. This should enable you to get up and running with the newest technology feature of the Career Hacking™ course quickly!

  • April 20th, 2020: What's new in version 6.5.3?

    • We've started responding to the Coronavirus pandemic by adding additional resources to your Career Hacking™ experience.

  • July 30th, 2020: What's new in version 6.5.4?

    • After auditing Career Hacking™, we found that some of the course's resources were difficult for mobile users to access. So, we've upgraded the way we saved and uploaded your Career Hacking™ resources, and also added multiple cloud-based (Google Drive) resources. This should make it easier for you to take your Career Hacking™ on mobile devices, and in situations when your access to broadband may be limited.

  • November 2020: What's new in version 6.6?
    Wow. There are a BUNCH of new updates to your Career Hacking™ course!

    • You have a completely rebuilt resume-writing section. Specifically, your course has transitioned to building your resume in Google Docs by default. This has a number of benefits for you:

      • Your resume is now mobile-friendly. This is increasingly important, because your career conversations are now taking place, in the earliest stages at least, via messaging platforms (e.g. WhatsApp®, LinkedIn® messenger, Twitter®, DMs, etc.). In those situations, the person on the other end of your message is most likely on a mobile device. Now, when you send them your resume, it will open to a perfectly-formatted, mobile-friendly version.

      • ALL of the Career Hackers in this course will now be able to create best-in-class resumes using the templates provided--whether you have access to Microsoft Word® (a paid software program) or not. Transitioning to Google Docs® makes your Career Hacking™ course more diverse and inclusive for our global Career Hacking™ community.

      • You'll now be able to short link to your resume. This will make it easier for you to share your resume, and you'll look like the tech-savvy person you are when you do it.

      • You'll still be able to export your resume to traditional formats (like PDF and .doc).

      • Important note: You can ABSOLUTELY still use Microsoft Word to build your resume. The course fully supports Microsoft Word®, Pages (Mac), and other word processing softwares.

    • You have a completely rebuilt LinkedIn® section. In recent years, LinkedIn® has made a number of important updates to the layout of the platform, how features are arranged, and how media is presented. So, your new Career Hacking™ course has brand new, fresh tutorials to enable you to take advantage of the Platform's most important tools and features.

    • New content on pre-interviewing and digital messaging. According to our network of labor market experts, an increasing number of career relationships are starting with informal message swaps. For example, you may connect with a recruiter on LinkedIn® and then immediately exchange a few career-related messages with them. Your new Career Hacking™ course embraces this new reality, and equips you with the tools to succeed in these message exchanges. This part of the recruiting process, which we call "pre-interviewing", is now covered in the Course.

    • Increased support for remote workers and applying for remote opportunities. An increasing number of roles are remote or partially remote, and these opportunities appeal to many Career Hackers. So, we've integrated a number of changes to your resume-writing, networking, and LinkedIn® profile design approaches that enable you to increase your ability to succeed in the distributed work environment.

    • We've added new Voices from the Field and interview lectures.

    • We've updated your LinkedIn® and resume writing guides, with brand new content that aligns with changes to the respective platforms, approaches, and wording practices involved in creating a stand-out professional profile. Enjoy the updates!

  • November 2020: What's new in version 6.6.1?

    • Your course has a bunch of fresh new links. We're migrating your course resources to the Google cloud, which will make them accessible to you on any device, anywhere.

  • January 2021: What's new in version 6.6.2?

    • The Eazl team has just added professionally-developed subtitles for all of the 6.6 content. Enjoy!

  • March 2021: What's new in version 6.6.3?

    • Upgraded multiple links in the course to the new, 2021, cloud-based versions of the resources. Thanks for bringing these need to changes to our attention, Foyzur!

SEO Your Resume: Bypass HR with Keyword Optimization

72% of resumes submitted are never seen by HR people. In 45 minutes learn to SEO your resume to be visible & attractive.

Created by Mike Glezos - Head of UX & Design @ Vudu


Students: 39667, Price: Free

Students: 39667, Price:  Free

Did you know ...

"72% of resumes submitted are NEVER seen by an actual HR person!"

"For every 100 resumes submitted online only 2% get responses."

(Source Forbes)


SEO YOUR RESUME is for job seekers looking for a COMPETITIVE EDGE!

* Includes an HR Optimized Word Resume Template & Step-By-Step Checklist


Gain the EDGE on the job application competition by using proven SEO techniques, keyword research and proper resume formatting. All covered in a detailed and informative 45-minute presentation.

This course does not require ANY technical knowledge but will teach you how to OPTIMIZE YOUR RESUME, elevate your job application success rate and increase your chances of landing that critical first interview with HR.

Short for Search Engine Optimization, SEO is a powerful marketing technique which internet marketing expert Mike Glezos effectively applies to resumes.


Mike's process has a dramatic increase in resume visibility in Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). Similar to search engines like Google, ATS is used by nearly all Human Resources departments.

Not only do HR professionals overpopulate job descriptions with excessive requirements, they also use the application screening and resume parsing software to pre-screen and rank resume submissions. It's EVIL!


If your resume is not keyword optimized, there's a high probability of it NEVER being seen by human eyes.



Learn how to create and submit an SEO optimized resume to help bypass the evil HR software and receive the education in LESS THAN 1 HOUR!

LinkedIn Training Course

LinkedIn Training from the B2B social media expert & best-selling author of "Social Marketing to the Business Customer."

Created by Eric Schwartzman - Digital Marketing Consultant


Students: 36278, Price: Free

Students: 36278, Price:  Free

Learn to use Linkedin effectively and responsibly in this definitive Linkedin Training Course.

Learn how to use Linkedin for business, how to use Linkedin for job searches and get tips on how to use Linkedin for social recruiting in this comprehensive online social media training course packed with training videos and tutorials by the coauthor of the first book on B2B social media.

Leverage the world's largest online professional network with more than 200 million members in over 200 countries and territories, 2 million company pages and corporate hiring managers from 85 of the Fortune 100.

B2B Lead Generation + B2B Sales With LinkedIn, Cold Email

LinkedIn + cold email lead generation for B2B sales. Lead generation, lead nurturing emails, B2B marketing for B2B sales

Created by Alex Genadinik - Business, Entrepreneurship, SEO, Marketing, Amazon, YouTube


Students: 33060, Price: $99.99

Students: 33060, Price:  Paid

Master high-ticket B2B sales, lead generation, and lead nurturing to get a large number of leads and take many of them through your sales process to become clients.

Acquire unlimited leads and do cold email and LinkedIn outreach. Then whoever doesn't respond, do lead nurturing to turn them from cold leads to warm leads that engage later.

Many popular businesses today like agencies, consulting companies, freelancers, and B2B businesses do cold outreach for lead generation and sales.

I get asked a few times a week by my coaching students how to do cold email and cold outreach.

The problem has been that cold email is almost like spam and it has very low response rates due to boring pitches that fill up people's inboxes.

In this course, I'll reverse that by showing you cold email and cold LinkedIn scripts that get people to engage with you and enter your sales process.


I'll show you a tool that gives you email addresses and contact information of potential clients in seconds. You can then use those email addresses to reach out to potential clients via cold email marketing and get them interested in your business. With this tool, you will be able to begin your B2B sales the same day you get this course.


The D7 tool is paid, but it is inexpensive. Also, some tools will require an email address to sign up.


Cold email marketing isn't the most desired approach to doing B2B sales because cold email is tedious to do and many of your potential clients will see it as spam. In this course, we go beyond just cold email. I'll show you how to do lead generation with SEO, freelancing sites, content, and much more.


Many small businesses rely on cold lead generation and B2B sales outreach to get their initial clients. The problem is that there are too many marketers pitching business owners. Instead of sending the same tired cold emails that get deleted, I'll give you more interesting email and LinkedIn scripts that make you stand out.

This B2B sales course is made for service businesses, local services, agencies, and freelancers. If you run any of these businesses and your clients are small or mid-size companies, then this course is perfect for you.



Lead generation is the process of finding potential new clients and getting them to the top of your sales funnel. Unfortunately, most fresh leads don't immediately proceed to buy. For example, if you send a cold email, you won't get many sales. After lead generation, and an initial cold email, you must perform lead nurturing to get people to take the next steps in your sales process.

This course covers both, cold lead generation with email marketing and LinkedIn and lead nurturing to turn those cold leads into sales.



* Lots of extra freebies, downloadable worksheets, and exercises to make the course more interactive and valuable

* Personal invitation to my Facebook community after you complete the course

* My list of 50 business-success skills when you complete the course



If you have questions, know that I am here to help! I answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. Many students tell me that other instructors don't respond. Well, I do because

1) I care about my students.

2) I feel a responsibility to make sure that students get their money's worth from the course.



This B2B sales and lead generation course comes with an unconditional, Udemy-backed, 30-day money-back guarantee. This is not just a guarantee, it's my personal promise to you that I will go out of my way to help you succeed just like I've done for thousands of my other students. 

Invest in your future. Enroll in this course now and master B2B sales and lead generation.

Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn marketing ideas to help grow your LinkedIn presence!

Created by Three Sixty Academy - Courses Created In Collaboration With Subject Experts


Students: 30707, Price: Free

Students: 30707, Price:  Free

Welcome to this Three Sixty Academy course exclusive to Udemy.

Here with Three Sixty Academy you can study online towards making your LinkedIn presence grow.

Our course is comprised of 5 sections all focused on helping you create a stronger LinkedIn presence.

  • Introduction
  • Creating Your LinkedIn Profile
  • How To Market On LinkedIn
  • What Not To Do On LinkedIn
  • Conclusion
  • More than enough to turn that LinkedIn influence of yours from zero to hero, using our proactive and practical approach.

    Good luck and we hope you enjoy our course!

    Please note: This is an introductory course.

    How To Design Social Media Posts with Canva! (Beginner)

    Learn how to create stunning social media posts with Canva without all the complicated hassle.

    Created by Matthew Brice - Social Media Marketer


    Students: 21988, Price: Free

    Students: 21988, Price:  Free

    Get the Ultimate Guide To Creating Social Media Posts with Canva!

    If you have your own social media that you want to spice up for your customers or followers.

    If you want to learn how to create social media posts to sell on fiverr, craigslist, and facebook like I do when I need extra cash, anywhere from $10 to $150 for selling social media post packages to clients.

    You'll get all the knowledge you need in this course to make it happen.

    Photoshop, After Effects, and GIMP can be confusing softwares to use.

    Make fast, fun, easy, stunning posts with Canva. Make it profitable, creative, and a delightful experience when you design.

    Find Your Dream Job

    Be a Savvy Job Seeker by Thinking Like an Employer (Learn from a LinkedIn Expert)

    Created by Rebecca Vertucci - Career Coach and LinkedIn Customer Success Manager


    Students: 20305, Price: Free

    Students: 20305, Price:  Free

    Are you in the driver's seat of your own career? In this FREE class you will learn inside tips and tricks from a recruiting and hiring professional! You'll walk away knowing what employers are doing to try and find you, how to be where they are and how to speak their language. It's 2016 and the job searching tactics of the past will no longer work. Sign up NOW for this FREE class, you won't regret it.

    LinkedIn Basics for Freelancers | Master Your Profile

    Learn to create a high quality profile, attract your ideal clients, and grow your network in under 60 minutes!

    Created by Erin Booth - Virtual Assistant Mentor


    Students: 19437, Price: $19.99

    Students: 19437, Price:  Paid

    A well-crafted LinkedIn profile can be far more powerful than a single resume, cover letter, or website, and we’ll show you how to set up your profile the right way. 

    LinkedIn is incredibly powerful and personal social media tool. I've had great success in both growing my network and attracting clients on LinkedIn, and I will help teach you how to use it in a fun and professional manner. 

    In this fast-paced course, we'll cover the basics of LinkedIn so that by the end, you'll learn:

    • how to set up a complete, all-star profile

    • how to stand out from the virtual crowd

    • establish your expertise

    • grow your network and maybe even pick up a new client or two.  


    1. Cover your entire profile from top to bottom so that you get a sense for how important each section is.

    2. Set goals that will determine how you should best use LinkedIn

    3. Talk about how to optimize your profile and background pictures so that your profile pops.  

    4. Implement strategies to increase your ranking (and searchability) within the platform.

    5. Learn strategies to make your summary section shine

    6. Set yourself up as an expert in your industry (and talk about why this strategy is so awesome).

    7. Learn about a free tool to automate content (like articles or videos about your niche) and share on LinkedIn daily.

    8. Ask for recommendations with a pre-written script, making it easy and stress-free.


    1. This course is geared towards freelancers, but the content is applicable to any industry.

    2. This course is for true beginners and is perfect for those who aren't sure how to showcase freelance work on their LinkedIn profile.

    You'll also get some nifty downloads to help ensure your profile is on fleek (as the kids say). Don't forget to leave a review for this course! We want to ensure that we bring value to students, and the only way to do that is through your feedback and input.


    "Tips are given step by step for creating an appealing portrait photo, how to become more visible and searchable, dos and don'ts for content creation in each LinkedIn section, references to external resources eg. stock photos and guidance for pre-scheduling content. Thanks, Erin, for presenting them with such great energy!"

    "I love the way Erin has laid out the course content. As I followed along, I stopped and fixed my profile, each step at a time. She's a great teacher and easy to understand. Thank you, Erin."

    "I wasn't a beginner on LinkedIn when I took up this course, but I was just looking to cross reference the course and see if I missed something! Its a perfect course for anyone starting a new profile on LinkedIn! Gives you great insights into being visible in your industry!"

    "Appreciated the simple strategy of completing my LinkedIn Profile. Working alongside the suggestions helped me finish my profile completely and I feel really good about it. Thank You Erin!"


    I'm Erin, I've been freelancing since 2012. Several years ago, I decided to get serious about LinkedIn. I learned how to create a perfect profile that attracted my ideal clients, how to network effectively, how to use SEO and rich-keywords to my advantage, and much, much more. My efforts paid off - and I soon began attracting clients who wanted to work with me. I can't wait to teach you how to set up your profile, too!

    LinkedIn Marketing Lead Generation for B2B Sales and Coaches

    The Ultimate LinkedIn Marketing Remote System for LinkedIn Lead Generation and B2B Sales. Messaging templates included

    Created by Gustavo Escobar Henríquez - Helping businesses generate quality leads and sales


    Students: 19285, Price: $99.99

    Students: 19285, Price:  Paid

    Would LinkedIn Marketing or LinkedIn Lead Generation work for you to generate high-quality leads, book appointments, and increase your B2B sales? Can you generate leads remotely by using LinkedIn?

    The answer to those two questions is: ABSOLUTELY YES!

    Now, most of the salespeople, business consultants, and entrepreneurs want to generate leads with LinkedIn, but they FAIL on this endeavor and they give up on it. This is the result of trying to sell on LinkedIn, without having a system to implement.

    As we all know, getting your foot in the door to any industry or any potential connection is the hardest part. It always seems like everyone is always busy or unavailable. So most people try different methods, like cold calling or networking events, which have mixed results at best and at worst are huge time wasters.

    Thanks to LinkedIn Marketing, you have a better way to leverage your time and money. In this course, you will learn a PROVEN STRATEGY that consultants and top salespeople in B2B industries have been using to generate high-quality B2B leads on a consistent basis, schedule meetings, and land new clients every single month... without cold calling. And all of this is done remotely.

    Whether you're just starting out on LinkedIn or you've been on this professional network for several years, this course will teach you the best LinkedIn Strategies for B2B sales, so that you can grow your business in the new times we are living it.

    If you are an entrepreneur, salesperson, consultant, coach, solopreneur, in other words, if you are in B2B sales or if you sell high ticket items, this LinkedIn Marketing Strategies will make you generate high-quality leads and increase your sales in just a few months.

    These are some of the LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies that you will learn, take with you, and implement and that will get you more sales and revenue for your business:

    • You will learn how to implement a LinkedIn Marketing PROVEN SYSTEM to generate leads. When I say a proven system, it is because we are a LinkedIn Lead Generation Agency and we run done for you LinkedIn campaigns for clients.

    • How to create an ideal buyer persona profile for LinkedIn B2B sales.

    • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile to get more views of your ideal clients, and most importantly to get the results you want.

    • How to prospect for your dream clients on LinkedIn and connect with them properly.

    • How to create a LinkedIn Group, what name should you give to the group, and how to use it to position yourself as an authority in your industry.

    • How to create a LinkedIn Company Page.

    • How to use LinkedIn to build a database of thousands of your ideal clients. Yes, I said thousands.

    • How to build rapport with your leads before you try to sell them anything.

    • We will show you how to convert LinkedIn leads to real meetings and sales.

    • Access to PROVEN LinkedIn Messaging Templates, for cold outreach that you can use and get results right away.

    • How to implement a LinkedIn messaging campaign, when to send the messages, and what to say.

    • How to keep track of everything you are doing with your lead generation campaign. for maximizing your efforts so you're not wasting your time.

    • How to combine LinkedIn Marketing with Cold Email Marketing.

    I'm excited to share these B2B business development strategies with you and so much more that we have included in this LinkedIn Marketing and Lead Generation Masterclass for B2B Sales and Consultants.

    If you're ready to take your business to the next level or get a meeting with anyone, then click the Buy Now button and I'll see in a minute.

    In this LinkedIn Masterclass, you will learn everything you need to know to start generating high-quality leads right away. I will share with you the proven system that we use every single day to run the lead generation campaigns for our clients.

    Three reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now!

    1. LinkedIn is constantly changing its features and tools, with this course you will get lifetime access to all the new lectures and to all the updates of the course. So that you can always stay on top of the new ways to generate leads on LinkedIn.

    2. You will have your own LinkedIn lead generation coach at your disposal to ask questions on the course, and we will respond thoughtfully to every single one of them.

    3. This is not a course about “social media”, this is a very specific course about highly targeted, high-quality LEAD GENERATION strategy using LinkedIn Marketing techniques. You will leave the course with a specific set of techniques that have been tested, and I have used them over and over again for myself and my clients in the last five years. You will learn how to implement these strategies for your business so that you too can position yourself as a thought leader in front of 2,000-6,000 of your ideal leads, and nurture them so that they know who you are. This LinkedIn lead generation system will allow you to create top of mind awareness in front of your ideal leads so that whenever they are ready to buy, you can be the first person they think of.

    This system will teach you the most effective LinkedIn Lead Generation strategy. Which, by the way, it is perfect for this Covid era where so much work has to be done remotely.

    +You will discover how to optimize the time you invest in LinkedIn so that instead of you been a lead, you become the one that generates leads.

    +You will learn how to build a network of hundreds or thousands of your ideal prospective clients, and how to nurture the relationship with them so that they are more open to talking to you.

    +You will be able to grow your first-degree connections targeting specifically those who are your ideal clients, and you will do it in a way that is fast, efficient, and most of all that will help you build relationships.

    +You will be able to do all of this remotely. From the comfort of your office or your home. Yes, all this system is ideal for telecommuters and digital nomads.

    Join this LinkedIn Marketing Masterclass now and you will discover how to position your brand in front of your clients and yourself as a thought leader. While everyone else focuses on Facebook, you will take your brand to the next level on the real place to do B2B deals, LinkedIn.


    After this course you will have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career, and I will pass on to you. Skills that will make you a nightmare for your competitors. :)

    LinkedIn Marketing, Lead Generation & B2B Sales for LinkedIn

    LinkedIn Machine: The LinkedIn MasterClass to learn LinkedIn Marketing, Lead Generation, Business Development, B2B Sales

    Created by Patrick Dang - Creator of | Sales Coach


    Students: 19012, Price: $129.99

    Students: 19012, Price:  Paid

    Why learn LinkedIn Marketing and Lead Generation?   

    You might be offering an amazing product or service…but getting your foot in the door to schedule that first meeting with your dream clients is usually the hardest part.   

    Most people aimlessly try finding new clients by cold calling or going to networking events, which we all know can lead to inconsistent results, and frankly, can be a huge waste of time. There has to be a better way, right?   

    Fortunately, there is a PROVEN method top salespeople, recruiters, and entrepreneurs have been using to schedule appointments with their dream clients for years, and it’s simply by leveraging LinkedIn.   

    Now using LinkedIn to generate leads is, easily and decisively, one of the most effective ways for an individual or business to develop a business relationship with another company.   

    LinkedIn is so pervasive in our everyday lives and will continue to be the overwhelmingly dominant social media network to do business in as time goes on.   

    Every day millions of users all around the world check their LinkedIn and it’s only getting started. As a salesperson, recruiter, or entrepreneur, this is a powerful concept.   




    For most people, whether they’re salespeople, recruiters, freelancers, consultants, or entrepreneurs, spend hours of their personal time writing and sending poorly written LinkedIn messages that get ZERO RESPONSES…and eventually give up thinking LinkedIn doesn’t work.   

    Or they may even spend hours of time trying to generate leads on LinkedIn using marketing…but without a blueprint, fail to capture a single lead.   

    Here’s the good news: this failure is an OPPORTUNITY for YOU.   

    As long as you use our PROVEN LINKEDIN MARKETING & LEAD GENERATION MACHINE (which I’ll show you how to do step by step), you’ll be able to generate leads and get a meeting with anyone.   

    Here are some of the many things I’ll cover for you in this course that trains on how to utilize LinkedIn Lead Generation & Marketing (and, get meetings with your dream clients):   

    • We will show you how to create a LinkedIn Lead Generation Machine for developing consistent new leads and prospects to grow your business using a FREE LinkedIn Account   

    • How to optimize your LinkedIn Profile to get 10x more visibility and generate leads   

    • How to send cold LinkedIn Messages and get a meeting with ANYONE from small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies   

    • Access to the MOST EFFECTIVE LinkedIn Cold Outreach scripts and templates you can use in almost any situation   

    • The MOST EFFECTIVE LinkedIn Marketing strategies to capture your audience’s attention and convert them into warm leads

    • How to create engaging LinkedIn content using text, photos, videos, downloads, and more

    • The best LinkedIn Social Selling strategies to combine outbound prospecting with LinkedIn content marketing to generate more leads   

    • How to create a LinkedIn Group and a LinkedIn Company Page to build your profile credibility   

    • How to drive traffic to your website using LinkedIn Videos and LinkedIn Blog Posts   

    • How to generate leads using LinkedIn Ads   

    • Why identifying your customers’ main PAIN points is critical and how to solve for their PAIN   

    • When and how to follow up to people who “play hard to get”   

    • How to convert LinkedIn conversations into REAL meetings via phone or in-person   

    This course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to generate leads on LinkedIn using marketing and outbound strategies and get a meeting with ANYONE whether you’re already familiar with LinkedIn or just getting started.   

    I’ve personally tested all these bulletproof email strategies myself with small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies in all types of industries like retail, real estate, health care, etc. as one of the TOP salespeople at Oracle and Y-Combinator-backed startup, Lob.   

    I promise these LinkedIn strategies WILL WORK for YOU whether you’re a salesperson, recruiter, consultant, freelancer, or entrepreneur or your money-back guarantee.   

    This LinkedIn Marketing & Lead Generation Master Course is designed to walk anyone through the steps to get a meeting with your dream clients and grow your business. Everything is given to you. You’ll have all the tools you need.   

    If you do this program, take action, and don’t generate more leads then I will give you a full immediate refund. No questions asked.   

    So if you’re ready to TURBOCHARGE your business and get a meeting with ANYONE using LinkedIn, then I’ll see you inside!   



    What Is Linkedin | How To Use LinkedIn

    What Is LinkedIn? It is the largest professional social media network. Wanna know how to use LinkedIn this will help.

    Created by Lee Beattie - SEO, Social Media, Marketer | Helping Others Succeed Online


    Students: 17762, Price: Free

    Students: 17762, Price:  Free

    This course What Is LinkedIn - How To Use LinkedIn is based on the largest professional social media network in the world. If you have ever wondered what is Linkedin and how do to use it to benefit you? This exclusive Udemy course will share the most common and relevant ways to use LinkedIn and how to network to a broader audience, get a job or even land clients if you offer products and services.

    What you can expect to learn from this LinkedIn course:

    • LinkedIn Basics
    • Profile Setup
    • Advanced LinkedIn SEO strategies
    • LinkedIn Groups
    • Unleash LinkedIn 30 Minutes A Day
    • Getting your first 1000 Connections
    • Maximizing your LinkedIn Reach

    All of these topics will be covered extensively. If you wanted to know What Is LinkedIn and How To Use LinkedIn to benefit you this course will help to easily reach your goals.

    ALSO...Everything that is covered in this LinkedIn course had to meet these following criteria

    1. Has to be Free
    2. Simple Enough Anyone Can Do It
    3. Requires 30 Minutes Maximum A Day after initial setup
    4. You have to be able to duplicate your steps easily
    5. Has to be scalable
    6. Doesn't require having a Premium Membership (if you have this membership you will have an added advantage)
    7. Can be achieved on any device (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone)

    When you complete this Udemy LinkedIn Course you will have more skills to achieve better results on LinkedIn then over 98% of the 340+ million people currently on this huge social media platform.

    Have you ever wondered how these "GURU's" get so many professionals to join their networks on LinkedIn? Have you heard so many times it is so easy to do but you still scratch your head and want to know how?

    Well, your in luck because this course is going to show you exactly how to get better results using LinkedIn the right way. This course will outline the exact steps I use to get more connections and increase my network very easily.

    I use the informal approach to teach my courses just like you being in a classroom with me. So now let me ask you a very important question?

    Why should you take this course?

    Well, that is simple, if you want to start having success on LinkedIn and struggling to get more connections, land more clients or even snag a career simply by connecting with the decision makers then you need this course.

    This is truly a What Is LinkedIn - How To Use LinkedIn course that will change your whole outlook, profile and marketing strategies forever!

    LATEST: Uploaded to Udemy February 2015

    Please Note: All students to my "What Is LinkedIn - How To Use LinkedIn" course here on Udemy get full access to this course for free including future updates!





    You are failing at LinkedIn, more then likely you are missing the number 1 secret ... and yet you probably don't even know that you are failing!

    LinkedIn is the Largest Professional Social Network and when you understand how to effectively make adjustments to your PROFILE, Profile Image, Header then you distinguish yourself as an expert and practically from everybody else's and getting these same professionals begging to join your network.

    Unfortunately there are many LinkedIn users who fail to get more profile views, interaction from their peers because they just don't know or realize how to achieve these types of results and WHY?

    • They fail to attract attention.
    • They fail to get profile views.
    • They fail to get connections.
    • They fail to make money or get a job.
    • They fail to stand out from the massive LinkedIn community by simply incorporating very basic strategies.

    Unless you or one of the 40% of LinkedIn users who check their accounts daily then more than likely, you will be failing, too!

    But more importantly how do you use this What Is LinkedIn - How To Use LinkedIn training to achieve to quickly and easily get more attention within the massive professional network preferably for free to get more attention, profile views,professionals requesting to connect with you, or simply larger network?

    Well, I am Lee Beattie and I easily get anywhere from 10-25 professionals who friend request me a day and I want to show you how I do it.

    In this beginner friendly comprehensive LinkedIn course, with full accompanying over the shoulder videos, examples, notes, I lead you down the path by the hand as I demonstrate show you not only how to make simple adjustments, connect with Like Minded professionals, make your profile images stand out from the crowd, but I also show you how to do it for free just like I show in my lectures.

    You do not need to be a expert or even have prior knowledge for that matter. The best part is that you do not need expensive programs or anything like that because I reveal FREE resources that will help you achieve these results all within LinkedIn. Everything, even including templates exact methods are supplied for free in this Introductory What Is LinkedIn - How To Use LinkedIn course.

    Your Profile setup, Header keywords,profile picture,how to share with your groups the right way that make your profile and your message stand out stand out amongst all the hundreds of millions of other professionals on this massive LinkedIn network.

    If you properly set up your LinkedIn profile, header images, descriptions, keywords, thumbnails, the correct way, following LinkedIn's extensive rules and guidelines, your profile and message will stand out on LinkedIn easily much more than the others looking to achieve the same results that you will learn in this course. The best part is that and you will get the more organic profile views, connectionss and you if you monetize your effort potentially an income from these What is LinkedIn | How To Use LinkedIn course strategies.

    Unfortunately so many people don't understand LinkedIn which can potentially be an absolute nightmare to follow and understand, RIGHT?

    Do you wanna leverage my experience, my knowledge of 4+ years of LinkedIn (I get more professionals reaching out to me organically which helps my profile grow and achieve views every month without any additional effort and easily get connections every month on average from the same effort I outline), follow my videos and written lectures - and be as successful at standing out from the professional crowd with your profile just like I do (or even more if you are motivated!).

    What's even better, however, is that these simple and easy to follow methods are infinite - for example. use LinkedIn to easily drive more traffic to your offers, squeeze pages, websites and get more views and subscribers in the process, these same people will send you other organic traffic which helps to increase your profile views, income and connections, for ever more while simply implementing the What Is LinkedIn | How To Use LinkedIn strategies ORGANICALLY.

    The best part is that these one time set it and forget it efforts will continue to send you viewers, hour by hour, day by day ... every day without having to babysit to stress how you keep your videos ranking.


    Keep in mind LinkedIn will always send targeted traffic to your profile that are set up effectively which helps you to be successful and you can only be successful if your foundation within your LinkedIn profile, description, profile image and so much more stands out from the busy online space and professional crowd that is out there.


    With hundreds of millions of professionals and over 1 billion endorsements on LinkedIn right now and increasing each day, knowing how to stand out from the crowd and distinguish yourself and feature your content to the internal LinkedIn search engines and potential professional viewers is a skill that is necessary.

    • If you want to get organic professional connectiions then this course is for you.
    • If you want more profile views on LinkedIn, this course is for you.
    • If you want more people in your professional network on LinkedIn, this course is for you.
    • If you want to make more money on LinkedIn, this course is for you.

    It doesn't matter whether you're monetizing your efforts you must catch the eyes of other Like Minded professionals before anything else happens ... and I show you how to do all of this for free, and it only takes minutes to do.

    As with all my courses:

    the initial low price will increase shortly - the course is currently $7, but will eventually increase to $67

    you have unlimited lifetime access at no extra costs, ever

    all future additional lectures, bonuses, etc in this LinkedIn course are always FREE

    there's an unconditional, no questions asked full 30 day money-back-in-full guarantee back by Udemy

    Keep in mind my one on one question and answer help is always available to you if you get stuck or have a question - my support is legendary in Udemy

    Remember: All students from my previous courses who complete anyone of my previous courses 100% and leave a review will receive this "What Is Linked | How To Use LinkedIn" course here on Udemy get full access to this course for free to include all future updates and additional strategies at no addional cost to you!

    Are you going to be my next success story?

    Educate A Macro Community That Funds A Micro Community That Feeds A COMMUNITY - Lee Beattie

    LinkedIn Growth Hacking & Personal Branding Masterclass

    Learn all that you’ll ever need to know about LinkedIn growth hacking and personal branding !

    Created by Harsh Jhunjhunuwala - LinkedIn Growth Hacker & Personal Branding Expert


    Students: 15679, Price: $19.99

    Students: 15679, Price:  Paid

    Do you want to grow your business and career with a free Linkedin account?

    Then this is the course for you.

    Linkedin is the #1 social network for B2B marketing, hustling entrepreneurs & career development.

    With over 500 million professionals and 40 million decision makers there is no better place to do business online than Linkedin!

    Sign up today and learn how to:

    • Generate freelancing and business Leads & Sales from Linkedin

    • Growth Hack your LinkedIn account

    • Establish a strong personal brand

    • Learn how to get more endorsements.

    • Learn how to rank for specific keywords

    • Learn how to automate the process of getting endorsements.

    • Make stunning profile that stands out !

    • Optimise your Linkedin profile for search optimisation.

    • Get a secret cheatsheet that makes your profile 10x searchable than ever before !

    • Learn a secret tool that helps you optimize your LinkedIn profile in 5 minutes for free !

    • Learn the essence and power of LinkedIn recommandations for depicting 100x trust to visitors

    • 10x Your Linkedin following

    This course comes with:

    • A risk free opportunity to try out the course (30 day money-back guarantee)!

    • Lifetime access to the content

    • Fast & friendly support in the Q&A section

    Seize the Linkedin opportunity!

    Sign up today to growth hack your business and career with a free Linkedin account!

    New for 2021 – Learn the Basics of LinkedIn in just 30 mins

    Learn about the new-look LinkedIn with me. A LinkedIn trainer and Digital Marketing professional

    Created by Alastair Banks - Director of Optix Solutions - UK Digital Marketing Agency


    Students: 15359, Price: $19.99

    Students: 15359, Price:  Paid

    *Please note this is a basic course - only applicable to those completely new to LinkedIn*

    LinkedIn is the most powerful corporate social network for anyone in business or looking to forward their careers. In this course I will teach you the basics of this platform. We take a look at your profile, building your connections, how to use groups and the search system. 

    Its a course thats great for anyone looking to get started with this platform. 

    I also have an advanced course on Udemy which goes into more detail on each section of this course and looks more at the options for anyone looking to build leads for their business.


    A quick bit of history: I started using LinkedIn about ten years ago. It was one of the first social media sites I found a real affinity with. In the last 17 years I have built a business from just two people to twenty and head up the sales element of said business. I generate more leads and opportunities through LinkedIn than any other social network. 

    I have spent the last five years training my clients face to face in how to use this incredibly powerful platform. I've taken that content and created these online courses so you can be sure that the material has been tried and tested over a number of years. 

    This incredibly powerful social media platform is one of the most important B2B channels out there. I will help you get to know how best to use it in a fun, friendly and professional manner. 

    I hope to see you on the course. All feedback is always welcome. 

    B2B Lead Generation via Personalised Sales Videos & LinkedIn

    Wonder Leads: Outbound sales for positive businesses that's proved to be nearly 20x more effective than cold calling

    Created by Dave Holloway - Author & Founder @ Wonder Leads


    Students: 14067, Price: $69.99

    Students: 14067, Price:  Paid

    Imagine if your B2B lead generation tactics were 20x MORE EFFECTIVE than they are now.

    This course can help make it happen…

    Wonder Leads is an innovative new approach to business development. It centres on individually personalised sales videos delivered through LinkedIn, where it’s proved to be almost 20x more effective than cold calling at generating warm leads.

    Based on the Axiom award-winning sales book (previous winners include Seth Godin, Tony Robbins & Peter Drucker), entrepreneur and champion for positive communication Dave Holloway reveals a step-by-step approach to effective social selling that anyone can follow.

    You’ll learn the skills that will help you quickly fill your sales funnel, while simultaneously building meaningful relationships with the people that matter.

    It doesn't matter if you’re a virtual selling pro or a video marketing novice. A small businesses owner, solopreneur, start-up founder, freelancer or seasoned sales and marketing professional. If you need to grow your customer base, Wonder Leads is the proven way to generate leads without sacrificing your time, money or integrity.



    All students have the opportunity to access PERSONALISED FEEDBACK FROM DAVE on their first personalised sales video.

    Full details in the bonus section at the end of this course.


    Take the B2B Lead Generation via Personalised Sales Videos & LinkedIn course today to start opening incredible conversations with your ideal customers.

    Awards & recognition for the Wonder Leads book upon which this course is based:

    • Silver Medalist – Axiom Business Book Awards 2021

    • Finalist – Business Book Awards 2021

    • International bestseller

    This Udemy course will suit anyone interested in the following topics:

    • B2B Sales

    • Business Development

    • Digital Marketing

    • Lead Generation

    • LinkedIn Lead Generation

    • LinkedIn Marketing

    • Outbound Marketing

    • Outbound Sales

    • Sales & Marketing

    • Sales & Selling

    • Sales Techniques

    • Social Selling

    • Video Marketing

    • Virtual Selling

    Career: Complete Career Change Program

    Career Change Strategies

    Created by Karen Gurney - Executive Search Consultant


    Students: 13142, Price: Free

    Students: 13142, Price:  Free

    Now, you have access to the work I do for Executive MBA programs through this class so you can craft and keep your peak income. And you are not alone in the process. When you join today I will send you an invitation to connect via Linkedin for a free profile review.

    If you are not getting interviews for the job you want, you will want this class.

    The best course I’ve ever been on.If ever there was a course that you need to go on then it is this. I am very qualified but wasn't getting the phone calls for jobs because my strategy was totally wrong...If you want to get the hits then get the course!” by Keith McClean

    Concise, efficient, effective,With amazingly helpful downloadable content (just copy and paste into document)…Generates results, works for every industry and all job levels.” by Kevin Massabni,

    This includes cutting edge tools for how hiring is done.

    A whopping 75% of my clients get calls from their online profiles for the jobs they want, not through direct applications that get sucked into the 'resume black hole.'

    And I give you my effective pre-formatted resume/CV template to write with along with 'fill-in-the-blank" interview and salary negotiation scripts.

    This is my epic course that is the A to Z strategy that I use for my 6-Figure Executive MBA clients, now available to you.

    You will want to take this course for these reasons.

    1. You dislike your current career path and want something else.

    2. You think you could be making more.

    3. You do not have time for a job search and need recruiters to come to you.

    4. If you are getting calls from recruiters but not for the jobs you want.

    5. You need interview and salary negotiation scripts to make things easier.

    I look forward to helping you reach your career goals.

    Dr. Karen Gurney

    Build the Best Resume+Linkedin Profile:by Award Winning Prof

    By an Award Winning MBA Prof. Who Successfully Changed Careers from Goldman to Consulting to VC to Hedge Funds to Tech.

    Created by Chris Haroun - Award Winning MBA Professor, Venture Capitalist and Author.


    Students: 12885, Price: $99.99

    Students: 12885, Price:  Paid

    Are you ready to take your career to the next level and get your dream job by creating an incredible resume and LinkedIn profile from scratch?    

    This comprehensive resume and LinkedIn course, contains many exercises, downloads, lectures and a 67-page Resume and LinkedIn Success Journal for you to complete during the course to create an incredible resume and LinkedIn profile. There is also an optional goal setting workshop at the end of the course (so you can create what your resume will look like in 10 years).  

    We use the Harvard Business School resume format as this is the format that has helped me to switch careers many times (from the consulting industry, to the venture capital industry, to the hedge fund industry, the the tech industry, to working at Goldman Sachs etc.).     

    This course will help you to create an incredible resume and LinkedIn profile and help you get the job of your dreams and is for every age, every industry, every career and everyone.  We also cover more advanced LinkedIn topics like SEO (search engine optimization), publishing professional quality articles on LinkedIn, etc. Learn tips/tricks/hacks/secrets to how recruiters and human resources professionals search for you via LinkedIn.   

    30-day money back guarantee. Please note that this course overlaps with Part 2 of 3 of my Complete Job, Interview, Resume/LinkedIn and Network Career course.   

    I want to help you get your dream job as my passion has always been helping others reach their full potential. I also want you to learn from my mistakes and accomplishments and reach your full potential.   

    I have mentored many people using the concepts in this course and they have all achieved incredible success in life (not just my employees, interns and friends, but also my in-class students at the MBA and undergraduate universities that I teach at).    

    There are no limits; you can get any job you want and together we will make this happen. Are you ready to take your career to the next level?   

    Let’s begin!   

    Chris : )    

    Professor Chris Haroun, Founder and Partner 
    Haroun Education Ventures   

    Social Media for Financial Services

    Successfully originate new accounts on social media in accordance with SEC and FINRA rules and regulations.

    Created by Eric Schwartzman - Digital Marketing Consultant


    Students: 12846, Price: Free

    Students: 12846, Price:  Free

    Using Social Media in Financial Services

    Social Media for Financial Services Providers guides financial advisers, investment advisers, registered principals and anyone else associated with a broker-dealer or an investment advisory firm through the process of using social media for business communications.

    In recent years, regulatory organizations like FINRA and the SEC have issued guidance on how firms and individuals can remain in compliance with all the applicable regulations, while still benefitting from the power of social media.

    This course covers what financial service professionals need to know to use social media without running into problems with regulators or their firms.

    How to achieve a complete ‘All Star’ LinkedIn Profile

    Learn how profile completeness can dramatically transform your ability to be found on LinkedIn and in Google search

    Created by David Reilly - Digital skills trainer and founder of Lets Learn Digital


    Students: 12634, Price: Free

    Students: 12634, Price:  Free

    If you follow this course “How to achieve an All Star profile completeness on LinkedIn" you will learn and understand why completing your LinkedIn profile can dramatically improve your performance the platform for either lead generation and sales, B2B marketing or recruitment.

    The curriculum is structured in a logical, sequential order making it easy to follow and implement seamlessly into your working day.

    Note: This course is updated regularly with new lectures and downloadable pdfs.

    What does this course offers that others don't:

    • Its completely free so you pay nothing

    • The videos are precise with no fat on them, no words are wasted

    • The instructions are clear and easily understood

    • No one else offers a free course on a topic that is so important when using LinkedIn

    The course duration is a lean 30 minutes for completion of all 9 Videos. Enjoy

    Generating High Quality Leads For Your Digital Agency

    Build The Systems, Create The Workflow, and Execute the Necessary Actions That Will Ensure Your Pipeline Is Always Full

    Created by Nick Calabro - Founder of Calaboration


    Students: 12295, Price: Free

    Students: 12295, Price:  Free

    Generate quality leads for your digital agency without leaving your desk and without spending any money on advertising — even if you have no testimonials, no past experience, and are just starting your agency today.

    Generating High Quality Leads For Your Digital Agency was designed with the new and seasoned agency owners in mind. I take you through all the steps I took when I was first creating my digital agency — the good, the bad, and the wastes of time!

    We discovered that so much of what we were doing were simply forcing us to spin our wheels without getting very many results. The results we were getting were phenomenal, but that didn't make up for the fact that we were wasting so much time on other avenues that were trying to force to work.

    Wake Up Every Morning To Dozens Of Qualified Leads In Your Inbox Eager To Work With Your Agency.

    Once I started optimizing my lead generation tactics and trimmed all the fat I possibly could've in all my efforts to acquire new clients, I knew I had something on my hands that would change my agency for good. We now are constantly dealing with a full pipeline of pre-qualified and eager leads that want to work with us.

    Generating leads isn't hard. We could very easily get thousands of leads if we simply promote we're giving away a free car. The beauty in quality lead generation for your digital agency is when you get the qualified and willing leads knocking on your door ready to hand you a signed check without any education or consulting upfront.

    This is what Generating High Quality Leads For Your Digital Agency will teach you because this is what I learned building a successful digital agency.

    Social Media for Special Events

    Essential Tips & Tricks for Using Social Media to Increase Exhibitor ROI. Taught by Best-Selling Author Eric Schwartzman

    Created by Eric Schwartzman - Digital Marketing Consultant


    Students: 11979, Price: Free

    Students: 11979, Price:  Free

    Social media for trade shows includes everything you need to know to increase the effectiveness of your next trade show investment.

    Exhibiting at trade shows is the single most expensive lead generation channel.  Learn how to use social media to build advance anticipation before you arrive, generate more business on-site and extend the excitement after the carpets are rolled and the booth is packed up.

    Taught by Eric Schwartzman, who has led trade show marketing efforts for some of the world's biggest brands at the most competitive trade shows, this course is packed full of easy to execute actionalble insights. Get this course for all your booth staff and start scaling social media engagement at your next trade show or conference.

    This comprehensive course covers social media event marketing via websites, email, search engine optimization, blogs, Foursquare, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, SlideShare and Mobile Apps.

    You'll also get case studies and extensive supplemental resources to get your trade show team up to speed on integrating social media into your next trade show exhibitor marketing effort.

    Watch Me Get a Job Interview (Literally) New Grads & College

    Graduated Without a Job Offer? Let Me Show You How to Get a Job Interview STEP BY STEP

    Created by Dayvon Goddard - Professional Career Coach For New Graduates


    Students: 11537, Price: Free

    Students: 11537, Price:  Free

    There has been a devastating number of college graduates who fall short when it comes to getting a job after college.  Most have to either go home and work retail, fast food or jobs that don't require a degree at all.  With the student loan crisis at an all time high, students are not able to pay their loans back because they cannot find a job after they graduate. 

    The issue is that most college students and recent graduates don't know how to job search in the year we actually live in.  I teach you how to do so in this course.

    And yes their are HUNDRED of career professionals out there but I’ve noticed that most career professionals only TELL you what you
    should do.  They only tell you how to optimize your resume and how to
    tailor your resume.  There is a huge problem with this tactic.  They are not  SHOWING YOU how to get a job offer.  So, how do we know that their methods actually work?  Well, we don't!

    Well that is exactly what I decided to do with this course



    Social Media Marketing – How to Make Engaging Content FAST

    Master Creating Content: Blogs, YouTube, Facebook Marketing Strategy, LinkedIn & Instagram

    Created by Jordan Harry - CEO at StudyFast | TEDx Speaker (2M Views) | 30,000 Learners


    Students: 8798, Price: Free

    Students: 8798, Price:  Free

    You'll go from spending hours creating content to making engaging content fast and Jordan will take you through each step on screen.

    By the end of the course, you will have defined your audience, understand that not all platforms are made equally and be driving traffic to the major marketing channels. You can implement the same steps at work or for your clients.

    Inside the course, you'll learn how to:

    • Avoid common mistakes that cost beginners a fortune

    • Define your audience and unique selling proposition

    • Get found in the search engines

    • How to reuse a piece of content

    • And much much more!

    All the strategies, tips and tools recommended are either free or very cost effective.

    You'll also get:

    ✔ Lifetime Access to The Course

    ✔ Fast & Friendly Support 

    Enrol today to learn how to make engaging content FAST!

    Stacked Career

    Double Your Job Interviews, Leverage Recruiters, Unlock Linkedin

    Created by Karen Gurney - Executive Search Consultant


    Students: 8546, Price: Free

    Students: 8546, Price:  Free

    My Story and Why This Class is for You 

    I have been working in the recruiting industry as an Executive Search Consultant and Career Coach since 2004, but something happened in 2015 that completely changed how I worked, literally overnight.

    I had a client who was an Internet Marketing Manager  and was seeking a position in E-commerce, social media marketing, or digital marketing;  he could barely get a call for an interview after a year of job hunting. Before I started his job search campaign, I checked his LinkedIn profile to make sure it looked good. 

    His LinkedIn profile was absolutely horrifying.  His picture was a selfie that looked like a bad mugshot after a night of drinking and a subsequent police interrogation. His profile had too much information that was irrelevant to his goals, his headline was meaningless, and he only had 24 connections. There was no way I could position someone that was supposed to be an expert in digital marketing with this repellent LinkedIn profile. 

    My client was absolutely desperate for job. He was a nice guy and a good job candidate with a lot of related experience. I usually just give my clients tips to improve their profile but I knew time was of the essence and I needed to take control of his online image immediately. I got his login for LinkedIn as well as other online job boards and within two hours, I re-aligned everything, got a new professional profile picture, changed all of his online profiles to match his job search goals, and did a campaign to grow his connections over the LinkedIn 500+ connection display threshold. 

    Within 48 hours he had over 300 connections and one job interview. By the end of the week, he had four job interviews and had hit the 500+ connection mark and … 

    He had not applied for a single job! Not one! 

    All the calls he got were from his online profiles. This method is now the core of my career coaching practice.

    So what is the secret? It is just one phrase: Keyword-stacking. 

    Once you learn how to keyword-stack your profiles in the way that recruiters search, you will get calls too.

    What You Will Be Able to Do After This Class

    • Have recruiters come straight to you for great jobs
    • Get calls for jobs without applying
    • Double your interviews
    • Tap unadvertised jobs in the hidden job market

    You Also Get …

    • A keyword-stacking resume template that beats the resume black hole and wows employers
    • My copyrighted ‘Core-3©’ career assessment
    • Fill-in-the-blank interview preparation scripts
    • Salary negotiation scripts
    • And so much more!

    The best course I’ve ever been on.If ever there was a course that you need to go on then it is this. I am very qualified but wasn't getting the phone calls for jobs because my strategy was totally wrong...If you want to get the hits then get the course!” by Keith McClean

    Concise, efficient, effective,With amazingly helpful downloadable content (just copy and paste into document)…Generates results, works for every industry and all job levels.” by Kevin Massabni,

    These methods have facilitated thousands of career changes, and now you can use them too! 

    I look forward to helping you achieve your career goals. 


    Dr. Karen Gurney

    Get Hired: Launch your Stand-Out Resume & LinkedIn Profile

    Learn insider tips to REALLY stand out in the job market with your resume and LinkedIn profile ...​

    Created by Kara Smith - Talent Development/ HR Leader, Deloitte Alum


    Students: 7469, Price: Free

    Students: 7469, Price:  Free

    Join over 6500 students who have enrolled in Kara's courses to learn HR Insider Tips on finding work in the Now Economy! 

    “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Your resume is your opportunity to showcase your BEST stuff to recruiters and hiring mangers and your LinkedIn profile focuses on your BEST highlights from your resume.  Yet, most resumes have one of these issues: 1) Poor formatting 2) Lacking accomplishments 3) Reads like a job description.  And, most LinkedIn profiles include too much or too little information to showcase your BEST work.  

    Learn insider tips from HR expert Kara Smith - on how to REALLY stand out in the job market with your resume and LinkedIn profile ...


    • 30 minute video lessons - streamlined content for what you REALLY need to know

    • Workbook & Tips 

    • Project assignments to launch a ready resume and LinkedIn profile in 7 days 

    • +Over 1 hour of Bonus Video HR insider tips for the over achieving student!

    A Few Testimonials:

    "Kara's advice to look at what we've already done, and identify when and where and by what that spark of interest and energy ignited, and to build on that recognition instead of focusing forward into that fog--well, for me it's a whole new way of thinking." Wendy

    "Working with Kara was an absolute pleasure.  Her attitude is fun while maintaining a high level of professionalism.  Not only did I come away with an A+ resume, I gained a massive amount of confidence on how to present myself to future employers.  I can honestly say my resume now communicates the nearly decades worth of work I have accomplished throughout my career in a concise document that expresses my true talents!"  Mike B  

    Giving Back & Paying it Forward:

    A portion of the proceeds from this course will be donated quarterly to the non-profit: The Cara Program, based in Chicago, Illinois. The Cara Program has evolved as not only a best-in-class job training and placement provider for individuals affected by homelessness and poverty, but also a vehicle for true life transformation.

    LinkedIn Blueprint: Become An Influencer

    LinkedIn Hacks: My LinkedIn Path To 1000+ Connections, Top 1% Profile Views In A Multinational & Networking w/ Execs

    Created by Dragos Stefanescu - Founder at |15 Udemy Courses & 15,000+ Students


    Students: 7088, Price: $89.99

    Students: 7088, Price:  Paid

    • 23,000+ Students have enrolled in my 17 Courses!
    • Course updated for 2016 with over 2.5 hours of video!

      Have you considered the fact that LinkedIn is more than just an online Resume?

      Do you want to pursue the opportunities LinkedIn offers and get the job you wanted, obtain a promotion faster or spread your influence within your company?

      Or maybe you want to solidify your reputation as an entrepreneur or professional in the online world…

      Here are a few facts about LinkedIn from my perspective:

      • LinkedIn has an amazing potential for networking and it's how I made dozens of face-to-face meetings happen, both in a corporate environment and with entrepreneurs
      • LinkedIn allowed me to network with 100+ people in 2 months in a major Consulting company
      • LinkedIn is a great branding opportunity and it will be the go-to place for your personal online image

      Double your Visibility Guarantee

      I personally guarantee you will get measurable results if you implement the concepts I talk about. I'm so confident that I will personally guarantee you will see a spike in your visibility on LinkedIn after taking this course. That is the basis to increasing your connections, networking with executives and positioning yourself as an influencer.

      If you feel that's not the case, I will PERSONALLY TRAIN YOU via:

      - 1 to 1 Skype Calls to suggest changes to your Profile

      - Tailored Strategy & Templates to approach Influencers in your Industry

      - Advice on Publishing topics for the future

      Shortly after launching the course, a student contacted me saying that he got approached by a recruiter a few days after implementing 10% of the aspects I talk about in this course. Imagine if you did 70% and were dedicated to improving your LinkedIn presence...

      Here's what some students say about my course:

      "As a fellow Udemy instructor with 5 bestselling courses I know how much commitment it takes to publish a comprehensive Udemy course. This production is certainly one of the best in the Social Media category.

      Dragos is my good friend and I could see firsthand how much effort he put into delivering tremendous value to his students. I'm happy to see that all those weeks of hard work paid off and customers are loving the content.

      Great job." - Jimmy Naraine - Top Udemy Instructor

      "Respect. I have to say you put a good course together. I'm already thinking about implementing some of these tactics and getting material to tell a group social media marketers that I work with.

      My all-time favorite is being able to extract emails from LinkedIn. You would never know that otherwise - well put together Dragos. Keep the quality coming." - Jim Jones

      This course will reveal exactly how you can achieve all of these:

      • Get over the 500+ Connection base mark in half the time
      • Increase your Profile views x3 with only a few hours of work
      • Create and nurture your own niche community, skyrocket your profile searchability both in LinkedIn and Google results
      • Publish like Influencers and establish yourself as an expert in your subject matter.

      This course will teach you how to develop your personal online brand through a strategic approach that aims to help you achieve the maximum progress in the shortest possible time. Whether it's how to set up your profile or how to network like an Influencer, this course will show you the techniques to achieve success.

      Gain access to 3+ hours of high quality videos which will keep you engaged and hungry to progress. I will update the lectures regularly to be in line with LinkedIn changes and constantly add Bonus material. What's more, you also get PDFs with case studies and real-life examples of how Influencers enhance their presence.

      Take this course Now!

      I have experienced the power that LinkedIn can have and I truly believe it can benefit you tremendously. I'm excited to share my knowledge with you and lead you on the path to success!

      Using LinkedIn to Get a Job Without Going Crazy

      A Practical Guide for the 2017 Platform

      Created by Donna Shannon - Career Coach Specializing in Practical Job Searching Tools


      Students: 6988, Price: Free

      Students: 6988, Price:  Free


      Is LinkedIn driving you crazy? You’ve heard the rumors: 90% of recruiters and HR professionals are looking at your LinkedIn profile before contacting you. However, you have yet to gain a real, viable job opportunity through the site that fits your career goals.  If this describes you, sign up to learn how you CAN find a job on LinkedIn without going crazy.

      Go Beyond Just Writing a Winning Profile to Become a LinkedIn Master

      In this course, learn how to:

      • Write a compelling Profile that attracts recruiters and hiring managers
      • Leverage Groups to make the most of a free account
      • Track down and connect with key managers
      • Apply to jobs without making deadly mistakes

      Tap into the Social Media Giant That Recruiters, Managers, and HR Departments Use Every Day

      Since 2007, I have been an avid user of LinkedIn, helping job seekers tap into this vital website and apply strategies to connect with managers, recruiters, and industry leaders. As a former Human Resources Recruiter, I know what employers look for – and how to work within the unspoken rules while fully utilizing effective, tactical networking tools like LinkedIn to gain access to the real decision makers.

      Course Overview

      This course is perfect for everyone, from beginners to skilled LinkedIn users. In particular, I discuss not just the “how to” with LinkedIn, but also the important strategies of “why” that makes an effective job search.

      Using a mix of lectures, guided screen shots, quizzes, and written content, you will learn everything from the basics to advanced tactics for using LinkedIn to gain a new job. With over 2.5 hours of video content, the entire course is outlined in detail so you can quickly jump to specific lectures to answer your questions. Plus, as LinkedIn rolls out new advancements, I will continue to update the course so you always have the most up-to-date content on LinkedIn.

      At the end of this course, you will be able to make meaningful connections while you build your online reputation and increase your number of Profile views. And of course, you will be able to make the most of every job posting you see and find the hidden jobs on LinkedIn.

      Stop the insanity of doing the same ineffective strategies over and over while expecting different results. Learn how to get a job on LinkedIn without going crazy!

      LinkedIn Ads: High-Performing LinkedIn Lead Generation 2021

      LinkedIn Advertising Course, LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn Lead Generation, LinkedIn Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Ads

      Created by Dekker Fraser, MBA - Marketing Executive | Startups to Fortune 100 | Kellogg MBA


      Students: 6930, Price: $89.99

      Students: 6930, Price:  Paid

      Now you can get fast results from LinkedIn advertising in this new, groundbreaking course from a veteran marketing executive with a top-tier MBA... who has been advertising on LinkedIn since 2011.

      By the end of this LinkedIn ads course, you will know how to...

      • Book sales meetings & acquire customers quickly

      • Generate requests for demos, quotes, consultations & free trials for under $30!

      • Fix common LinkedIn lead generation mistakes

      • Scrape LinkedIn for emails that can be used for advertising on Twitter & Facebook + email marketing (hint: this is super cheap)

      • Success in B2B social media marketing & social media management

      I provide lots of REAL EXAMPLES of LinkedIn campaigns I ran for multiple companies...and explain why they were successful...and how you can be too!

      I'll transform you into a master LinkedIn advertiser.

      I'll walk you through how to generate leads and solve critical problems like paying too much for leads or not getting enough responses because you haven't hit the right funnel stage.

      Other topics...

      • New! Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Tutorials

      • Nurture leads (with marketing automation)

      • Develop a LinkedIn ads video that sells

      • Develop LinkedIn copywriting that sells

      • Use LinkedIn ads to improve other social media marketing / social media advertising

      • Use LinkedIn advertising analytics

      • Bid properly to minimize expenditures

      BONUS: this course includes the 2021 LinkedIn Advertising Tip Sheet PDF

      Learn from a veteran marketing guru with 11 years experience working for tiny startups all the way to up to the Fortune 100. Your instructor has an MBA from the #1 ranked school in the USA for marketing. He presents some of his most effective LinkedIn ads in this groundbreaking course for 2021.

      See some of my most effective ads so you can replicate them!

      • LinkedIn video ads

      • Linkedin image ads

      • LinkedIn text ads

      • LinkedIn carousel ads

      • LinkedIn message ads (including the new conversation/chatbot ads)

      • Full-funnel LinkedIn advertising campaigns

      Linkedin Marketing: B2B Sales & Lead Generation From Scratch

      Grow Any Business With a Free Linkedin Account: Business Development, Lead Generation, Linkedin B2B Sales & More!

      Created by Daragh Walsh - Join 1 Million Students In My Best Selling Courses!


      Students: 6320, Price: $129.99

      Students: 6320, Price:  Paid

      Do you want to grow your business and career with a free Linkedin account?

      Then this is the course for you.

      Linkedin is the #1 social network for B2B marketing & career development.

      With over 500 million professionals and 40 million decision makers there is no better place to do business online than Linkedin!

      Sign up today and learn how to:

      • Generate Leads & Sales from Linkedin
      • Optimise your Linkedin profile
      • Connect with influencers
      • 10x Your Linkedin following
      • Publish articles on Linkedin
      • Drive traffic to your website from Linkedin
      • Build an email list from Linkedin
      • Create a Linkedin company page
      • Create a Linkedin Group 
      • Get $50 free Linkedin ad credits

      Just take a look at these top rated reviews…

      ★★★★★  "Worth 100x more than what I had paid for. Simply excellent" - Rishad Hassan

      ★★★★★ "Am truly excited by this course. So many secrets were unravel" - Chenemi Peter

      ★★★★★ "Awesome course with valuable information to get more connections" - José Luis González Centeno

      This course comes with:

      ✔ A risk free opportunity to try out the course (30 day money-back guarantee)!

      ✔ Lifetime access to the content

      ✔ Fast & friendly support in the Q&A section

      Seize the Linkedin opportunity!

      Sign up today to grow your business and career with a free Linkedin account!