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Modern Calligraphy: Flourish Confidently

Modern calligraphy flourishes will soon be your best friend!

Created by Audrey Ra - Watercolorist & Calligrapher


Students: 418, Price: $39.99

Students: 418, Price:  Paid

Have you ever wondered how to achieve such natural, organic flourishes in your calligraphy? There are a lot of thoughts out there about how to do flourishes, but none of them really show you where to place them and how to strategically think through them. While there is an element of personal style and flair that goes into flourishes, there are some general rules that you can follow and practice so that you can start to launch your own flourishing style.

In this class...

  • We'll identify seven different locations where flourishes can be added

  • We'll look at 25 variations of flourishes by using and building on basic shapes

  • Practice flourishes within a composition with words and short phrases

You'll also get free downloads such as guidelines, worksheets, and assignments to help you out.

This class is geared towards the calligrapher who already has basic knowledge on how to write the lowercase and uppercase alphabets (I'm coming out with a class on this soon!).

You don't need any fancy tools. Just a pencil, eraser, and my worksheets to get you started.

Let’s begin this journey on flourishing confidently together. I’ll see you in class.

Happy writing!



Please note that I rebranded my business in April 2020 from Things Unseen Designs to Audrey Ra Design. Videos and older content may still reflect the old brand.

Brow Lamination & Lash Lift+Tint, Professional Application

Learn the full Lash/Brow Lift theory and the professional way of getting Lashes and Brows lifted + tinted

Created by Hajar Beauty Academy - Certified Make Up Artist, Cosmetician, YouTuber


Students: 415, Price: $34.99

Students: 415, Price:  Paid

For more updates like coupon codes, new course updates, and announcements please follow me on my social media

Instagram : hajarbeauty.official

NEW UPDATE: You are able to request certificates issued by Hajar Beauty Academy after completing the course!

"Bye-bye Brow Pencil/Mascara and Lash Curler!" is what you are going to hear after taking this course and being certified as a professional brow & lash stylist!

This new trend of getting the eyebrows and lashes lifted is getting anyone hyped to get the procedure done by a Professional!

All this course is about is how you can give your Clients a professional Brow Lamination & Lash Lift treatment, what the health & safety factors are,  and everything you have to know as a Pro!
We will go through every aspect you have to take in consideration before starting the treatment to demonstrating every single step with details on a model.

Also this course contains PDF files that give you additional information to the course content like the list of Contraindications you have to take in consideration & a list of allergenic ingredients. That way you can feel safe enough to start your own Lash Lift & Brow Lamination business!

Who is this Course for?

  • For Cosmeticians/Beauticians who want to expand their skills

  • For Makeup Artists who want to earn some extra money

  • Anyone ( Beginners) who is into Beauty

What does the Course cover?

  • Definition of a Lash & Brow Lift and how it works (sum up)

  • Contraindications that will not allow to start a treatment

  • Hygiene Standards

  • Aftercare of the Lashes or Brows

  • How to do a skin-patch test

  • How to find out you are allergic to a product

  • What to do in case of emergency

  • How much to charge for the treatments

  • Answer your Clients FAQ

  • How to do the treatments on a model professionally etc.

  • Which silicon pad size to choose for a client

  • How to tint Lashes & Brows

Ready for a new source of income or a new side hustle? Then welcome to the Course Professional Brow Lamination & Lash Lift!

NEW UPDATE: You are able to request certificates issued by Hajar Beauty Academy after completing the course!

The Gluten Free Sourdough Masterclass

Think like a baker, beat "bubble trouble" and bake better GF sourdough than ever before!

Created by Dragan Matijevic - The Artisan Bakery School


Students: 415, Price: $39.99

Students: 415, Price:  Paid

Delicious GF sourdough breads, baguettes, brioches, doughnuts and crackers are all within your reach!

Do you worry about your GF starters and leavens?

  • Are you frustrated by inconsistent/unpredictable behaviour?

  • Do you know how much starter to use to make a leaven?

  • Can you handle the time and temperature ‘levers’?

  • Do you know the Four Pillars of gluten free baking?

  • Can you modulate hydration and binders to achieve different crumb effects?

If not, then you are going to love this Masterclass.

If your only wish is to bake more beautiful, authentic, artisan breads with gluten free sourdough leaven, the recipes on this course will make you love it too.

And if you want to know the secret of developing recipes specifically for sourdough gluten free … then get enrolled now!

In Part One of the Masterclass, we cover:

  • the fundamentals of fermentation

  • how to build and maintain your brown rice, sorghum, teff, or buckwheat starters,

  • how to turn starters into leavens

  • young, ripe and old leavens

  • when to refresh and what to do with discard

  • the crucial relationship between time and temperature

  • the four leaven levers

  • a recap on the basics of gluten free baking: rise, bind, balance and blend

In Part Two, we dive into a series of original vegan and dairy sourdough recipes:

Sunflower Sour  (vegan or dairy)

Cheese & Chilli Baguettes

Vegan Almond Baguettes

Dairy and Vegan Brioche

Dairy and Vegan Doughnuts

Dairy and Vegan Cinnamon Squiggles

Sourdough Chocolate Heaven (vegan)

Focaccia Art (vegan)

Beetroot & Buckwheat Boule (vegan or dairy)

Crackers (vegan)

In Part Three, we share our secrets! How to use the Four Recipe Levers to create the texture of crumb and crust that you desire…every time.

How we teach:

Our approach is always friendly, practical and hands-on and, wherever possible, more showing than telling. This is not the place to overwhelm you with the (considerable) science, but to give you the benefit of all the know-how we’ve acquired after 12 years teaching and decades more of baking.

We spare you the fails, and share the secrets of all our successes. It’s win-win.

We also provide useful practice exercises and quizzes to test your knowledge.

At The Artisan Bakery School, we believe that baking your own naturally gluten free sourdough bread is fundamental to improving your personal health and happiness. Making great starters and leavens is the base of all that.

This courses empowers you to:

  • understand your starters

  • leverage your leaven

  • bake wonderful breads with true confidence

  • troubleshoot problems

  • measure your progress from amateur to amazing

  • create your own recipes

We can't wait for you to join us!

5-STAR REVIEWS for our other GF courses

Kara Mitchell

I liked this course a lot because every details was accounted for with explanations, every time I thought, but why ? there would be an answer :) My type of learning - thank you

Adrienne Paciera

Updated 10 days ago

The teacher is precious. The pace is great. I wish we would have had the hint to print the guides/ resources first though

Hailey Andler

Penny is the absolute best! She is adorable and thorough and incredibly helpful. My sister and I have been working through these recipes diligently and are convinced she should adopt us. Dragan and Penny have done such a great job setting this up. One tip: read the recipes and watch the videos simultaneously and take notes there is often someone you miss in one that gets filled in in the other.


Translate - Курс прекрасный, очень подробный. получила новые знания о различных видах безглютеновой муки. очень подробно и понятно объясняется весь процесс приготовления закваски. интересные варианты безглютеновых смесей. пока только изучаю теорию, но видео с хлебом и пиццей такие вкусные, уже очень хочется попробовать приготовить! Хочется сказать огромное спасибо создателям курса за прекрасную душевную атмосферу на всех видео и глубокие полезные знания. Купила еще один курс этой прекрасной пекарской школы! На сайте школы увидела фото свадебного хлеба, хотелось бы научиться такому мастерству тоже!

Emily Niedoba

Updated 18 hours ago

As a traditional hearth bread baker, this course has opened my eyes to all of the flours I haven't been playing with yet!

Hind Mahroug

Updated 3 days ago

Thank you it was amazing course <3


Updated a month ago

It was very well presented, clear explanations. Can’t wait to start baking bread.


Updated 22 days ago

ottimo! Questa signora è molto simpatica e spiega molto bene

Master the Rubik’s cube – Learn to solve it AND Get faster

Learn a beginner friendly method to solve a cube, and advanced techniques to get faster. Taught by a UK semi-finalist

Created by Hugo Sugawara - Speedcuber


Students: 414, Price: $19.99

Students: 414, Price:  Paid

In this course, I will teach you by far the easiest method to solve a cube, so that with just a day you can learn it AND solve it in under a minute.

I have also included an advanced method (CFOP) that I use to solve a cube. Learning this will result in you being able to solve a cube in under 30, 20 , or even 15 seconds.

The easy method I will teach for those of you who want to just learn to solve a Rubik's cube in the easiest way possible consists of following steps and learning a few algorithms ( a combination or pattern of moves ). By the end, you will be able to solve a cube in around 1 minute with no help at all. 

The more advanced method I will teach is called CFOP. This is optional so you don't have to go through this part ( around a third ) of this course.

There is quite a lot of algorithms to learn and hard recognition, but with a good amount of practise, you will get through it!

So, by the end of this course, you will become a Rubik's cube master!

Wire Wrapping : Jewelry Making for Beginners

Learn to Create Beautiful and Unique Jewellery with Wire Wrapping Techniques..

Created by Gopi Dave - Wire Wrapped Jewelry Maker @


Students: 413, Price: $39.99

Students: 413, Price:  Paid

If you are an art enthusiast, a modern-day Jewelry lover, or one of the rare individuals who appreciates finding beauty in the most humble things, then you are the one who will love Wire wrapped Jewelry Making. You will be able to infuse life with beautiful, unique one of a kind jewelry through this delightful technique of Wire wrapped jewelry making. This Wire Wrapping for beginners Course is a perfect first step towards your Wire Wrapping journey.

Wire wrapping is one of the oldest methods of jewelry making, it does not require and heat of soldering. Nor does it require many tools or a specific work place.  Wire wrapping just requires some motivation and the desire to explore your creativity (and a few tools and materials!!). We will explore wire wrapping to create most intricate and beautiful designs. This course focuses on creating a strong foundation for the students and teaches some of the most basic skills of wire wrapping.

------------- Enroll for this Course right now to start learning the beautiful art of Wire Wrapped Jewelry Making ---------------

Wire wrapping is fun and addictive!! You will fall in love with wire wrapping by the end of this course. You will want to test your limits and explore the art to the fullest. It is one of the best Hobby you can have.

After taking this course you will be able to create beautiful jewelry which you can wear yourself, gift to your loved ones and even create a small business to sell unique jewelry.

In this course you will learn,

- All you need to know about Wires, Tools, Stones and beads used for Wire wrapped Jewelry Making.

- You will learn to handle the wire and create shapes using hands and tools.

- You will learn different weaving techniques

- You will create three unique pendants with each style of weaving.

- As part of the bonus lecture you will learn all about finishing and polishing your jewelry.

By the end of this course you will be creating different and unique jewelry. 

This course is perfect for you if you are ,

- Absolute beginner with no experience in jewelry making.

- Beginner wire wrapping artists who are looking to experiment with various new styles.

- Those who want to learn to weave on Multiple wires to create entire jewelry pieces.

- All of you who want to take their jewelry making skills to the next level.

---------------- Sign up for this course right now to start learning to create Wire wrapped Jewelry  --------------------

Stress Busters – 77 Stress Busting Tools & Strategies

Stress Busters - Discover your personal stress patterns & 77 Stress Busting tools & strategies to help yourself

Created by Graham Nicholls - Best Selling Instructor - Emotional & Behavioural Therapies


Students: 413, Price: $99.99

Students: 413, Price:  Paid

This Stress Busters course is a fully comprehensive Stress Management course containing 77 Stress Busting exercises, tools and techniques to help you manage your stress more effectively on a daily basis.

More than that though, you'll learn the truth about stress, how it is caused, what it does to your body and why you need to manage your stress levels more effectively as soon as possible. It is time to take a stand against stress and learn how to manage it effectively so that you live a happier, healthier and more relaxed life..... your life, your terms.

I've been there, I know exactly how it feels to be stress out on a daily basis and how it effects your body and mind. Many years ago I was diagnosed with stress, anxiety and depression all at the same time and was prescribed medication..... medication that I never took. Instead I decided to find out as much as I could about these issues so that I could help myself, which I did! I now help others with these conditions (and many more) to improve their lives, to live their lives on their terms, to manage their stress levels effectively.

"The day you let go of the things that are weighing you down is the day that you will shine brightest" - Katrina Mayer

I know you have probably been suffering with stress for a while, you've probably been worrying about the effects it has on your health and possibly even your relationships, there's every chance you've been wondering how you can improve the situation and how you can manage your stress levels more effectively. The good news is that you have found the right course for you.

Once you've signed up you'll discover the truth about stress, what it is and where it comes from so that you understand it..... this was key to me in my recovery and can be in yours as well! You'll find out what stress does to your body and a key thing that doctors don't tell you about how they use stress hormones with damaging effects! Then you will move on to the 77 Stress Busters and as week talk through each one you can extract the ones that look right to you, the ones that sound like they will be effective in your life, the ones that just feel right.

You don't have to use all 77 Stress Busters, you take the ones that you want and use them with the knowledge that there are plenty of others to use should you wish to. Most people will use between 5 to 10 of these Stress Busters so why have I included 77 I hear you ask? Well, not everyone is the same so I wanted to make sure I covered ALL the bases for you so that you will find exactly what you need inside the course.

"A diamond is simply a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well" - Anon

It's time to start handling stress exceptionally well and become the diamond you were meant to be, it's time to discover how to manage your stress and live the life you want to......... your life, your terms!

So hit that "Buy Now" or "Enroll Now" button and allow me to take you through the 77 Stress Busters so that you can discover the ones that work for you and you can start reducing the levels of stress in your life............. will you let me do that for you?

Remember that if, for any reason, you do not like the course you are covered by Udemy's 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

It's time to come and join me on this journey to a less stressed life, it's time to get started!

I look forward to seeing you inside the course!

Best Regards


Watercolor Christmas Cards

From Watercolor basics to Final Projects

Created by Manisha Shrivastava - Watercolor & Acrylic Artist


Students: 413, Price: Free

Students: 413, Price:  Free

About the Class

In this beginner-friendly course, I demonstrate how to paint cheerful Holiday Postcards with Watercolors.

Forget about having prior painting experience, I will take you through the very basics of the watercolor; then we will practice painting different elements of Christmas and finally, we will use the same techniques and create four beautiful holiday Postcards/ Art pieces; perfect for holiday gifting to your loved ones, or using as wall art for brightening up your space for the holidays. You can choose from three provided ideas and follow along with the demonstrated postcard designs, or follow your heart and come up with your own custom design!

Happy Holiday Art!

Class Project

For your class project you'll be painting your very own Christmas Postcards. You have the choice between following along with my demonstration or going with your heart and come up with your own design.

With holidays around the corner, these cute watercolor Postcards will be great for home décor and will make wonderful gifts for your loved ones!

I hope you enjoy the class!

Holistic Dog – Treating K9 Pain, Stress & Ailments Naturally

Learn how Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reiki. Herbs & Homeopathy, Nutrition, Aromatherapy & Crystals can help your dog.

Created by jeanie mossa - Author, Acupuncturist & Herbalist, Artist


Students: 413, Price: $79.99

Students: 413, Price:  Paid

Learn how holistic therapies and alternative medicine can help ease dog pain, stress, anxiety and common ailments such as allergies, intestinal upsets, arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, K9 cancer and more. 

Taught by veterinary acupuncturist, herbalist & author Jeanie Mossa MS. L.Ac. owner of Four Paws Acupuncture in Salem MA.

This course will cover several different modalities of natural solutions to help you make the best decision on which is best for your dog. Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Veterinary Acupuncture - how it works and the benefits.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Acupressure

  • Laser Therapy

  • Animal Reiki

  • Herbal Medicine

  • Traditional Chinese Herbal Liniments used for pain and arthritis

  • CBD Oil for Pets

  • Medicinal Mushrooms

  • Homeopathic Remedies

  • Bach Flower Remedies

  • Natural Solutions for Canine Stress & Anxiety

  • Remedies of Dogs with Allergies

  • K9 Nutrition with Recipes

  • Aromatherapy

  • Crystal Therapy

  • Creating a happy healthy home for you and your pets

  • Basic K9 anatomy

  • Western medication used for common K9 ailments and their side effects

  • Alternative therapies for canine cancer

  • Bonus Class: Acupressure Points for Stress & Anxiety

This class is for dog owners, dog walkers, dog trainers, vet techs and those who work with dogs who want to learn more about holistic veterinary medicine. 

Please note: several therapies discussed such as acupuncture and chiropractic medicine must be performed by a licensed practitioner. In this class you will NOT learn how to do acupuncture or how to give your dog a chiropractic adjustment. However, I will give you information on how to find a licensed practitioner. 

If you have any questions about the class feel free to contact me. Please note I cannot answer specific questions about your dog nor diagnose your pets.   

I hope you and your dog enjoys this class. 

Thank you  

jeanie mossa MS, L.Ac.

Jeanie Mossa MS, L.Ac., is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and Reiki master. Owner of Four Paws Acupuncture in Salem MA and Practical Magic Salem. She has written five books on holistic medicine and also taught veterinary acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for dogs to acupuncturists and veterinarians.

Jeanie has been treating people and animals with holistic medicine for more than 25 years. 

Start a Perfume Business – A Basic Guide

A basic guide to mixing inspired and natural perfumes

Created by Elzbieta Bruce - Aromatherapist and Perfumer


Students: 411, Price: $34.99

Students: 411, Price:  Paid

A course for the absolute beginner.

Discover the history of perfumery and how the most profitable beauty product came to being. Learn about the different types of perfumes and how to blend them perfectly, so that you can use them for your own benefit or to sell to make extra income.

We also give you various blends to try using natural Essential Oils.

A basic guide to mixing inspired and natural perfumes

The Van Conversion Course (Complete Guide for 2021)

Learn How to Build Your Own Epic Campervan!

Created by Shane Monks O'Byrne - Van Conversion Instructor


Students: 411, Price: $29.99

Students: 411, Price:  Paid

This course takes you from start to finish on how to convert your own campervan!

In this 50+ part series, we will be covering everything. From planning and preparation, insulation and cladding, to plumbing, electrics, and carpentry.

Why you should buy this course:

  1. You will learn how to build your own campervan from scratch - no prior knowledge needed!

  2. You will save money - Make fewer mistakes as your do your conversion by getting it right the first time! See how I did it.

  3. You will save time - Background research is very time-consuming. In this course you will find everything you need in one place, taking days off the groundwork time.

  4. You will get DIY skills for life - Learn everything from electrics and carpentry to plumbing and insulation.

  5. You will get creative campervan ideas - I have some unique features in my van (including a terrarium!). Get some inspiration by seeing what I do.

10 reasons to convert a van:

  1. Building your dream campervan is really fun!

  2. You get great DIY skills that will last a lifetime.

  3. It allows you to travel to amazing places

  4. And meet interesting people.

  5. It kickstarts adventure and gets you into the outdoors.

  6. It unleashes your inner creative - your campervan is totally custom!

  7. Campervans are environmentally friendly - reduce those airmiles!

  8. They're economical too. It's free accommodation!

  9. Your friends will be super jealous of your build.

  10. Lifestyle design - Take the first step in designing the kind of life you want to live.

What will you you learn?

• A guide to choosing a van

• How to plan and design your campervan build

• How to easily install a fan and a window

• The 3 best ways to get power: Solar Panels, Shore Power, and Split Charge Relay

• How to install gas to fuel your heater and stove

• The correct way to insulate your van

• How to clad / ply-line your van

• I will show you how to build beautiful hand-made furniture to make your campervan feel like home.

• You will find out how to install running water and hook up your tap.

• Learn how to hook up the main electrical appliances such lights, fridge, plug sockets, heater, etc.

• Other VanLife tips & tricks to help you get the most from life on the road!

• I provide supplementary materials such as a complete wiring (electrical) diagram and supplies list

Overview of the sections:

  1. Planning

  2. Prepare the van

  3. Electrics - preparation

  4. Electrics - Installation

  5. Insulation & Wooden skeleton frame

  6. Wood panelling

  7. Carpentry

  8. Electrics - permanent hook-up

  9. Gas

  10. Everything else

Holy Bible Prayer To Start Your Day

Holy Bible

Created by Efuetbeza Simon Herve - web and mobile developer


Students: 410, Price: Free

Students: 410, Price:  Free

DAILY BIBLE PRAYER INSPIRATION  is all about bible verse to and pray daily in your life.there are some many prayer verse to use to prayer in this course which include healing prayer verse, verses for hope, verses for encouragement, verses for dream and many more in a slide show with their scripture.

WOLVES The DOG Ancestors – Learning Animals Nature Dog Human

WOLVES and Dog, Human, Animals, Nature, Dog Behavior, Spirituality, Conservation, Dog Human Evolution, Dog Training

Created by Marco Adda - Anthrozoology Education Dogs Canines


Students: 410, Price: $89.99

Students: 410, Price:  Paid

Wolves are extraordinary animals. This online course is unique and explores wolves through different perspectives such as animal behavior, ecology, anthrozoology, anthropology, and environmental, among others. 

The understanding of wolves is at the core of this course, alongside with the connection to nature and the importance of other animals for humans. Moreover, although a wolf is not a dog, parallels with domestic dog are also included in some respects, including wolf dog axis and comparison.

Contents are articulated into a comprehensive and scientifically up to date review about wolves, including wolves relevance for  the ecosystem, wolves in Native American cultures, Alpha misconception in wolf and dog, wolves and dog similarities or differences, wolves as a cohesive family, animals sentience, compassionate conservation and many other facets.

The learning process is facilitated in all of its aspects. Everything is thought and taught in a way that is easy to understand, with plenty of pictures, animations and graphics. The course and its training is handy for everybody, and for those who have a more scientific mindset the scientific literature involved is quoted in a dedicated document in the extra materials. That document is downloadable by all students, alongside with all other downloadable materials exclusively prepared for this course. Plus, plenty of external links (video, documentaries, reports and other documents) that will further support your progress.

Looking closer, we will study some specific aspects on: 

  • What a wolf is?

  • How many types of wolves exist?

  • Wolves behaviour, psyche and sociability. 

  • Puppies wolves and puppies "functions".

  • Wolves as a family and pack.

  • The confusion about Alpha in wolf and dog.

  • Some similarities and differences in wolf and dog.

  • Environmental awareness

  • How wolves are essential for the ecosystem.

  • Historical facts about human-wolf interaction and human-wolf conflict.

  • Wolves in traditions, legends, beliefs, fables, fairy tails. 

  • Misunderstandings about wolves.

  • Yellowstone National Park and wolves

  • Major conservation issues relating to wolves.

  • Inspiring people and centres dedicated to wolves.

  • Nature connection.

  • Animal Connection and dog connection.

  • Possible direction for improving human-wolf and Human-Nonhuman Animal Interaction.

  • Animal Sentience and Animal Cognition

  • Compassionate Conservation and Coexistence.

  • Human-Animal Interaction at the core of our time.

  • Improve dog training practice by understanding wolves and dogs

  • Wolves in some Native American cultures. 

  • Wolves as a Power Animal or Spirit Animal.

  • Dog and Wolf cognition, and more.

If you are passionate about animals and nature, if you wish to learn about wolves, if you are a dog person or you have a dog in your family or you wish to refresh your interaction with your dog, if you are willing to look closer at your dog 's ancestor behavior, if you wish to learn and do more for the ecosystem, if you want to learn the truth behind the human conflict toward wolves, then you are in the right place. Just take this course and through you, your family, your dog, and your tribe will benefit of it.

Remember that with 30-day 100% money back guarantee there is nothing holding you back from jumping in right now and trying the course out. I'm confident you'll be touched by the contents.

A lot of effort and care has been put in creating this online course. I'm confident you will enjoy. Learn a lot of new things and getting inspired in sharing knowledge with your family and your tribe.

Learn to love wolves! Just jump on board and contribute in shortening the distance between human, nature, wolves, dogs and other animals.  It is going to be a wonderful process of learning about and through wolves: the most wonderful animals on earth!

I see you inside!  Marco.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I enjoyed every aspect of this course and even though I have been an advocate for wolves for over ten years, I learnt a few things that I never knew! I highly recommend this course for anyone who wishes to learn about these magnificent creatures, even if you already know about wolves, you will still enjoy this course. It is packed with information, great resources and overall keeps you very engaged. Marie Sikora

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Very focussed on the topic, giving a comprehensive study of wolves. Instructor is extremely knowledgable, and offers his findings compassionately. I have learnt a huge amount. I cannot recommend this course highly enough....100% fulfilled. Thank you. Abbie Woodbridge

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ É muito interessante tanto do ponto de vista racional como emocional. Do início ao fim do curso fez-me vivenciar um conjunto de emoções bem distintas. Liliana Meleiro

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Marco Adda es un excelente profesor. Este es mi segundo curso con él y es fácil de seguir, de comprender, y es muy metódico con los temas. Muy recomendado. Laura Paola Rivera Ortega

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Calmamente estou a aprender coisas novas sobre estes nossos amigos... muito bom! Isabel Foguete

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Zeer interessante cursus met veel plattegronden en grafieken die een duidelijk beeld geven. Tevens door de leraar met enthousiasme gebracht. Sylvana Stienstra.

Poker: The Pre-Flop Mastery Game Plan

Learn to Master No Limit Texas Hold'em Pre-Flop Play

Created by Alton Hardin | 100,000+ Enrollments Worldwide - Educator. Author. Poker Coach. IT & Business Professional.


Students: 410, Price: $39.99

Students: 410, Price:  Paid



Most decent poker players understand the basics of pre-flop play, but to become a great poker player, you must understand pre-flop play inside and out. This course is designed to do just that!


In this course, I just don't teach you "how" to play pre-flop, but teach you "when" and "why" you should do certain plays in your pre-flop game. Understanding why you should do something in poker is much more important than knowing simply how to do it. Throughout the course, we cover the theory and concepts behind each play, to help you understand the pre-flop play inside and out.


In this course you'll learn the following:

  • Raising In First (RFI) Ranges as the Pre-Flop Raiser
  • 3-Betting Theory for Value and a Bluff
  • Defending Against 3-Bets Pre-Flop
  • Reasons for Cold-Calling a Raise and Cold-Calling Ranges
  • Effective and Profitable Set-Mining
  • Reasons for Over-Limping
  • Identifying Spots of Profitable Squeeze Plays
  • Effective Isolation Raising Against Limpers
  • Stealing the Blinds from Late Position
  • Theoretical and Mathematical Approach to Blind Defense
  • Small Blind versus Big Blind Play

This course is for beginning and intermediate poker players alike. For those new to the game, it will give them a sound foundation in their poker game and prepare them for solid post-flop play. For those not new to the game, it'll give them a greater understand of pre-flop play an its nuances. 




Soul Contract Within The Akashic Records

Everything you need to know about Soul Contracts, how they are created and how we live them out in this incarnation.

Created by Soul Tribe Academy - Soul Tribe Academy


Students: 410, Price: $29.99

Students: 410, Price:  Paid

This course was created by Lorena & Lucia to help you understand your Soul's contract and how it all works. This course was created using the information we have learned as Akashic Record readers with the assistance of our Masters and Guides. Channelling information directly from them through the Akashic Records. We hope this course brings you understanding and helps you feel more connected to your higher-self and the Akashic Records.

Fully understanding how the Soul Contract is created, planned and how it plays out will allow you to become a better Akashic Records reader.

In this course you will discover all the amazing details that go into creating Souls Contracts. We go into great detail about the complete process of the contract creation, from choosing elements of the upcoming incarnation to picking your life partners or Soul mates. You will also learn what Beings of Light assist in this process of the Contract creation. The amount of information on your contract is limitless and contains every aspect of the upcoming incarnation.

Just like a legal document, your Soul contract is an agreement to certain terms, conditions and possible resolutions in this lifetime.

"Knowledge is power, and understanding your spiritual life will help you understand your human life." (Masters and Guides)

Every life incarnation has its own Soul contract, personal and specific to that lifetime and to that incarnation. Your current life contract is unique just like your personality and your thoughts. In this course we will go into specific details on each aspect of the contract, why they are chosen and why it's important.

The soul contract is important, it is what determines what you are here to do, why your soul chose to come and why you have certain struggles.

We invite you to learn more about your Soul and its contract in this lifetime. The Masters, Guides and Being of Light have channeled this information to remind you of how connected you are to your Soul and your contract.

Fully Accredited Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification

Become Veterinary Reiki Energy Healing Expert ● Animal Communication to understand Behavior & Psychology

Created by Prof. Krishna N. Sharma, Ph.D. - Vice Chancellor at Victoria University, Uganda (Former)


Students: 408, Price: $109.99

Students: 408, Price:  Paid

This course will not only teach you how to do Reiki and heal an animal but also animal communication to understand Animal Behavior and Animal Psychology. The Animal Reiki is can be delivered from a distance or can also be integrated with animal massage e.g. dog massage etc.

This course will help you in many other areas of practice too e.g. pet training/puppy training/dog training; pet care/puppy care/dog care etc.

Winning Craps- How To Play The Best Deal In The Casino

Craps is a game where if you win, you get lots of chips. Enroll now & learn the secrets to play like you mean it!

Created by Sam Spitzer - Creative


Students: 407, Price: $84.99

Students: 407, Price:  Paid

Every year, millions of people walk into a casino or play online. Often, no-one has EVER taught them which game to play, how to play it, in order to get the best shot for their investment. Really, that's what your initial bankroll is, an investment, and this course will show you how to make the most of it, and not get taken for a sucker by the casinos.

The game of craps is a useful skill to have as well as a great metaphor for life. The dice roll for a time, and by having skill and knowledge of the game, knowing what bets are good vs. bad, knowing how to manage your money and taking advantage of Lady Luck when she shows, you can have a very fun time and pull something meaningful off the table, in this case, more chips (cash money) than you risked in the first place. The play is always balanced on a knife edge, just like life, and in that moment from the start of the roll to the end, we do our best to pull as much sweetness and meaning off the table that we can.

This course will teach you how to play and understand the underlying pattern of craps. And when a seven is rolled and the game ends, you leave willingly as you will likely, given the mastery of this material and applying it over time, leave with more money than you came with to the table.

Cat Pumping and Making DIY Toys

Learn how to communicate with your pets on a different level

Created by Will Caraway - The Networking Guru - Chief Networking Executive


Students: 406, Price: $19.99

Students: 406, Price:  Paid

If you're a cat owner, this course is for you. Cats can possess a Buddha-like calmness that exudes wisdom but then exhibit psychotic-like behavior. Your cat knows how to play and care for you, now it is time to learn to care and make new toys for them. 
This course  will give you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed as a cat toy developer . You’ll learn basic cat toy ideas and techniques that allow you to create entirely new playing behaviors in cats. 
Start today and learn new ways to play with your cat for a lifetime.

Paint a Watercolor Rose – Watercolor Painting for Beginners

Paint a Luminous Yellow Rose in Watercolor Step by Step!

Created by Aura Lesnjak - Artist and Instructor


Students: 404, Price: $29.99

Students: 404, Price:  Paid


This course is designed for students who want to learn how to paint bold, glowing watercolor paintings.

I will show you step-by-step how I achieve deep, vibrant colors through glazing, as well as various other techniques including scrubbing and lifting, color mixing, visual harmony, and achieving realistic colors.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Use the right color combinations to make your subject stand out.
  • Create a quick and richly colored background without masking.
  • Glaze multiple layers of colors to create a rich and realistic effect.
  • Effectively "paint" with plain water.
  • Mix your own luminous grays, greens, and oranges (notoriously tricky to get right!)
  • Fix minor problems such as blooms easily.
  • Glaze and lift repeatedly until you are satisfied with the resulting color.

I will paint a yellow rose from start to finish in 13 video lessons, and will provide you with a list of recommended materials, PLUS a printable outline of this rose AND the original reference photo you may print out so you can easily follow along.

The concepts I teach can be applied to anything--landscapes, still-life, figures--whatever your preferred painting subject, these techniques can improve your paintings.

This course can be taken by anyone interested in watercolor painting, from beginner to expert, however, if you want to learn how to paint a quick, loose watercolor, then this course is not for you: My methods require patience and multiple steps to achieve this glowing effect.

If you find this is not the course for you, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

This painting class contains videos of me doing the actual painting and I break down the process simply and easily. At the end is a video recap of each lesson with the techniques and colors used, for easy and quick reference.

Painting Eucalyptus Flowers in Watercolour

How to create detailed and beautiful Eucalyptus flowers in watercolour

Created by Cheryl Hodges - Botanical Artist


Students: 402, Price: Free

Students: 402, Price:  Free

If you have ever looked at Eucalyptus flowers and thought they are too difficult to paint, then this is the tutorial for you. In this short course you will learn to observe Eucalyptus flowers, looking at the light and shade, in order to then draw a tonal study. After completing a careful, detailed drawing you will move on to paint the flowers from two slightly different angles., and then paint them in detail. I will talk you through every step, showing that they are not that difficult if you just go one step at a time.

This is bonus content, useful for students who have completed the tutorial "Introduction to Botanical Art - Eucalyptus leaves". However it isn't absolutely necessary to have completed that tutorial. This tutorial is fairly casual, I'm just talking as I'm painting and there is minimal editing.

I am a botanical artist with over 20 years experience and I have created two tutorials already - both introductions to botanical art, one painting Eucalyptus leaves and the other painting an Acacia - leaves and flowers. Botanical art is immensely popular at the moment and it is a beautiful art form. By painting the wonderful natural wonders we see around us, we encourage others to take a closer look at these marvels. My hope is that by painting and teaching, I will help others see the beauty in their surroundings, and therefore increase their interest and love for nature.

Aromatherapy: How to Make EO Blends and Natural Perfumes

Learn how to make essential oil blends, alcohol, oil and cream based natural perfumes for personal use or retail sales.

Created by Jennifer Schroeder - Entrepreneur and Best Selling Instructor!


Students: 400, Price: $89.99

Students: 400, Price:  Paid

This online natural skincare and beauty class will teach you the process of making your own natural perfumes

We will focus on how to use the essential from nature to make natural perfumes

This course is designed for people who wants to learn to create their own natural skincare products.

In this course I discuss everything from how to create your custom essential oil blends for making natural perfumes to formulating your own recipes to inside secrets about store bought perfumes products that the perfume industry would prefer you did not know.

What will I Learn:

  • You will know how to Make Essential Oil Blends

  • You will know how to select the correct equipment for creating your natural perfumes

  • You will understand the differences between Top Middle and Base Notes for Perfume Blending

  • You will learn how to formulate your own essential oil blends  based upon the formulas provided in this class.

  • You will learn the correct techniques for creating Natural Perfumes

  • You will know how to make natural alcohol spray perfume

  • You will know how to Make a cream natural perfume

  • You will know how  to make an oil based natural perfume

  • You will know and understand the different fragrance families of essential oils and perfume making

  • You will know how to select the proper essential oils for making natural perfumes

  • You will understand the benefits of choosing and making natural skincare and homemade beauty products that nurture your skin.

Learn how to make your own skin-loving natural perfumes and essential oil blends for a fraction of the cost of many store-bought  brands.

About the Instructor:

Jennifer Schroeder is a practicing herbalist, natural beauty formulator and entrepreneur with a passion for teaching. she has been studying and practicing natural medicine and beauty  for over 20 years. She owned her own studio where she taught herbalism and natural skincare classes for many years.  In addition she is an dedicated entrepreneur and natural beauty advocate.

Who is the Target Audience for this Course?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to make their own natural perfumes.

This course is for beginners who what to learn how to formulate their own recipes for making natural perfumes

This course is for anyone who wants to understand the process of making natural perfumes for friends, family and customers

This course is for anyone curious about how easy it is to create natural beauty products that benefit your skin and soul by using simple plants and other ingredients provided by nature.

Learn Numerology Part 1

Let the Numbers Guide You

Created by Asttrolok - An Institute of Vedic Astrology - Learn Vedic wisdom in a modern way


Students: 398, Price: $79.99

Students: 398, Price:  Paid

Have you ever wondered why this particular number is assigned to you?

Do you want to know what the meaning of your date of birth is?

Every number associated with you has a specific meaning. And, this numerology course is designed to calculate the same. Why are you in this world? What is the purpose of your life? In which direction you need to work? Every aspect can calculate using numbers.

Whether one uses numerology to examine his or her own life, confirm talents, explore and take advantage of opportunities or determine the next step in life, numerology provides a penetrating tool of understanding of one's self and loved ones. Numerology helps to present a complete picture to reveal all aspects of one's personality as well as how they work together to form your unique character. The comprehensive view allows you to lean on your strength to make the most of opportunities.

Numerology is a divination method using numbers that are symbols of varying vibrational patterns that form the human experience. The Chaldeans of ancient times believed all things were made of energy vibrating at different states, and modern science is just learning the concept. Numerology offers a system that allows one to understand the universe as well as personal qualities of vibrational patterns working together to represent one's life.

So, join this course to learn this excellent combination of numbers and predictions.

The Art of Great Wedding Makeup and Hair

A Guide to a Complete Look for Bridal Makeup

Created by Academy of Film Fashion and Design - Provider of Creative, Online courses


Students: 397, Price: $19.99

Students: 397, Price:  Paid

The Bridal Makeup course covers everything from skin prep to false lashes, this is your guide to a complete look for bridal makeup including traditional & airbrush. Foundation selection & application. The course includes Eyeshadow, brow, contour, correcting techniques. How to create flawless, glowing, dewy or matte skin finishes as well as investigation process of clients all while being a professional in the workplace . The Bridal Hair course covers a multitude of styles for a bridal look. From basic curling, beach waves, to messy buns, sleek up dos, & more. Also create looks for bridesmaids and mother of the bride as well as hair product selection, tools & equipment needed, sectioning the right way, placing hair pieces (extensions), flowers, accessories & veil placement. The course also includes investigation process for clients, creating the perfect style for wedding season, style of wedding & venue. 

Woodworking: All About Wood

This extensive course on wood will help you gain a better understanding of what to use for various projects.

Created by George Vondriska - Managing Editor & Instructor of Woodworkers Guild of America


Students: 397, Price: $49.99

Students: 397, Price:  Paid

As woodworkers, we use a variety of materials in our craft: Solid wood in the form of hardwoods and softwoods; domestic and imported woods; plywood; MDF; melamine; multi-ply plywood, and more.

Like choosing the right tool for the job, it’s important to choose the correct material. That’s why we created this course in conjunction with Woodworkers Guild of America. We want to help you better understand the material you’re working with, and educate you about materials you may not be familiar with.

In addition to understanding material, it’s also important to understand what happens behind the scenes. How are trees converted to lumber? How are hardwoods ordered? What’s the difference between particle board, MDF and plywood?

Woodworkers Guild of American instructor, George Vondriska will comprehensively cover the following in this course:

  • Man-made materials (plywood, MDF, particle board, melamine, multi-ply, grades)

  • Where to buy quality materials

  • Milling lumber (plain sawing, quarter sawing, air drying, kiln drying)

  • Using construction grade lumber

  • Hardwood, softwood, and what those names mean

  • Mastering board foot calculations

  • Hardwood grading (firsts and seconds, select and better, #1 common)

  • Paying for machining (surface two sides; straight line one edge)

  • Veneers

  • Incorporating defects into your projects (wane, spalting, blue stain, insect holes)

  • Exotic/imported woods

Having this information at your fingertips will make you a more educated consumer, help you save money on your projects, and ensure that you’re choosing the best material for the job at hand.

Comprehensive Home Repair and Improvement

Everything you need to know to tackle nearly any home repair or improvement project yourself

Created by Become Your Own Handyman LLC - Engineer & Handyman


Students: 395, Price: $199.99

Students: 395, Price:  Paid

Even if you've never picked up a tool, you can most definitely learn to maintain your own home.  Join me as I cover a multitude of topics and teach you home repair and improvement, starting with the basics and progressing into the more advanced.  I'll walk you through every step with easy to follow instructions, tutorials and sample projects.  After completing this course, you may never need to hire a contractor again!

Dog Aggression – Fighting & Biting

Easily Prevent, Objectively Assess & Quickly Resolve Dog Aggression Problems

Created by Ian Dunbar - Expert dog trainer, veterinarian and animal behaviorist


Students: 395, Price: $99.99

Students: 395, Price:  Paid

Obviously, prevention is the key to success — oodles of early socialization and handling with people and frequent off-leash walks, play and socialization with other dogs. With all cases of aggression (regardless of cause), the first step is to determine whether or not the dog is actually dangerous. Being reactive is not the issue; all animals “react”, humans included. 

The essential question is: Do they cause physical harm? Dog bite incidents are objectively assessed on a 1–6 scale based on wound pathology. Dog fights are assessed by calculating the Fight:Bite Ratio. Most dog bites and dog fights cause little, if any, damage and so, the prognosis is excellent for a hasty resolution via speedy classical conditioning techniques and basic lure/reward training for control and focus. 

With severe damage though, the dog is dangerous, the prognosis for resolution is extremely poor and so rehabilitation should not be undertaken cavalierly, if at all.

Introduction to Your Past Lives Through the Akashic Records

Your past lives carry the record of your soul's history. Find out how to access your many past lives and more, here!

Created by Derek Jameson - Past Life Regression and Spiritual Life Coach


Students: 391, Price: $29.99

Students: 391, Price:  Paid

This course was designed to give people the tools of tuning into their own past lives.  With a brief overview of energy work, spiritual connections, and how we access our own past lives, we can begin to understand ourselves on a deeper level in this current life we are living. 

There is much physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing which can be birthed from this deeper connection to who we were and who we are becoming. 

Students will walk away with a deeper sense of trust, clarity, and knowing of who they were in times before and even in times to come.  The key is to enter with an open mind and always be sure to have fun. 

Remember that the student is always in control of their beautiful and loving experience. 

Accredited Herbalism Course – Incredible Edible Flowers

Step into the magical world of herbalism and edible flowers in this Accredited Professional Herbalism Course

Created by Tania Magdalene - The Academy of Ancient Magik


Students: 390, Price: $109.99

Students: 390, Price:  Paid

What do you see when you look at a beautiful bed of flowers?

I see limitless possibilities of edible flowers that can be used to create soups, teas, drinks, biscuits, cakes, flavourings, infact edible flowers can be a part of any meal that you have. I am Tania Magdalene and I have been a master herbalist for over 20 years and I bring my expertise and experience through my trials and errors for you to benefit from in this incredible edible flowers course.

In this fascinating course you will learn

  • the history of edible flowers,

  • you will learn to identify edible flowers and of course the inedible ones,

  • you will learn how to integrate them into your cooking and culinary life

  • you will also learn some of the health benefits associated with them.

  • You will learn about the taste profiles of the different flowers and how you can use that to your culinary advantage

It is a time of massive reawakening to the natural plant kingdom that exists around us. Herbalism and interest in alternative methods of food production which by the way were the ways we used to do it before we all became so heavily reliant upon the supermarkets, is rising. People don’t want to be eating gmo food or food covered in pesticides, the consumer is looking for a greener, healthier living style and as we are what we eat, it is now becoming a way of choice for many.

With over 50 different edible flowers featured in the course you will also learn some recipes that you can use them in so that you can genuinely integrate these incredible edible flowers into your daily life and there is a beautiful downloadable recipe book included too. See you in the course and I am available throughout for learning support.

Enjoy the flowers

With honour and gratitude


Brow Mapping for Brow Artist, Microbladers and PMU Artist

Brow Mapping 101 for Brow Artist, Microbladers, PMU Artist, Waxers and Threaders

Created by Natasha Martinez - Celebrity brow artist and trainer


Students: 390, Price: $99.99

Students: 390, Price:  Paid

Brow mapping  101 will walk you through why brow mapping is a key piece to achieving perfect brows as well as step by step break downs of how to brow map for any brow service you may be preforming for beautiful symmetrical results. If you are in the beauty industry you will can benefit from this course.

Coffee Painting for Beginners

Create a Buddha painting with coffee

Created by Jayasree Kaimal - Art Teacher


Students: 389, Price: $19.99

Students: 389, Price:  Paid

In this class you will learn how to paint a simple Buddha using coffee. The class is designed in such a way that both beginners and professional artists can enjoy a new medium of painting.

If you are planning to start watercolors , definitely try this class as coffee painting is so similar to watercolors.

As a bonus lesson I have added a video on how to to add gold liner to your coffee painting to give a rustic look and a time-lapse video on how to make bookmarks with leftover coffee “paint”.

The best moment for the teacher is to see the students works. If you like this class please do share your works or tag me at my insta @jayasree.kaimal. I would love to see them.

Learn to Fly. Helicopter Aircraft pilot Schweizer 300

Helicopters for beginners. Learn to fly.

Created by Graham "The Baron" Hesketh - Online Flying instructor. Fixed wing Classic and Rotary.


Students: 386, Price: Free

Students: 386, Price:  Free

The Schweizer 300 (formerly Hughes 269 ) is a light utility helicopter , designed by Hughes Helicopters , as a development of the Hughes 269 . Later the production passed into the hands of Schweizer Aircraft , although its basic design hardly changed. In 2009 , Schweizer became a subsidiary of Sikorsky, making the Model 300 renamed Sikorsky S-300