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Typographic Logos: Typography and Lettering for Logo Design

Learn the beginning to end process for creating your own custom type-based logo.

Created by Ray Dombroski - Graphic Designer


Students: 10328, Price: $24.99

Students: 10328, Price:  Paid

Learning and improving upon your type-based logo designs is one of the most important investments you can make in your design career. In this course we'll go over the entire process of creating a type-based logo, from idea to implementation. Let's get started!

In this course we'll cover:

  • How to find and apply inspiration
  • Learn the Digital and Analog Tools you'll need to create your logos
  • Use both Traditional and Untraditional tools to create your logo
  • Special techniques to refine your design
  • How to structure letterforms and overall composition
  • Sketch design thumbnails
  • Create a clean vector design
  • Implement color theory, shading, and add a 3D effect
  • How to add texture in Photoshop and Illustrator

Then it's up to you to take these methods and create something incredible!

As a bonus, you will also receive:

  • 26 Bitmap Textures to use in Illustrator
  • 26 Photoshop Brushes to add texture to your own designs
  • A collection of vector halftone gradients
  • The finished "Typographic Logos" design in vector format

Learn Calligraphy with Crayola Markers

A playful hand-lettering style for beginners

Created by Vivian Uang - Graphic Designer and Hand-lettering Artist


Students: 921, Price: $39.99

Students: 921, Price:  Paid

Do you find yourself admiring beautiful calligraphy and hand-lettering on Pinterest and Instagram? I have good news for you, it’s not nearly as difficult as you’d think! Unlike most other artsy hobbies, you don’t need to invest in fancy tools to start learning calligraphy. In this class, we will uncover your hidden talent by learning calligraphy with Crayola markers. These markers are affordable and easy to find here in the States. They are available in office supply stores, pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens, art supply stores, and even dollar stores. Like many hobbies and skills, practice guarantees improvement.

In this class, you'll learn:

  • Simple warm-up for your hands

  • How to control your marker like a magic wand

  • The basic strokes and why they are important in mastering calligraphy

  • Shortcuts for applying what you learn from the basic strokes onto the alphabet

  • The secret of making you look like a pro

What you'll need for this class:

  • Crayola Broad Line Markers or Crayola Supertips Markers

  • Printout of the practice sheet from this course (You can access the course worksheet on the 'Resources' dropdown menu under the first lesson)

  • Tracing paper

So whether you are new to calligraphy or you have tried to learn calligraphy but have trouble improving your writing, this class is perfect for you. I will show you my very own secret of evaluating your own writing so you can continue to improve.

You don't need to have beautiful handwriting to be a lettering artist. With consistent practice and the tips shared in this class, you'll be impressing your friends with this satisfying new hobby.

I've created tons of resources for you!

The course worksheet can be downloaded from the 'Resources' dropdown menu under the first lesson. Including:

  • The Model Sheet gives you an overview of the style you will be learning.

  • The Worksheets are for you to follow along stroke by stroke. You can write directly on the printout or lay a piece of tracing paper and write on the tracing paper instead.

  • The blank guide sheets are for you to practice when you are comfortable writing without tracing over the worksheets

Hand Lettering: Learn Three Styles from A-Z

Learn hand lettering from A-Z in three cool, distinct styles: graffiti, block, and bubble, all in one simple course!

Created by Brainy Pixel Productions - Creativity Instructors, Traditional Arts, Digital Arts, Tech


Students: 294, Price: $19.99

Students: 294, Price:  Paid

This fun and super simple hand lettering course will help students take their overall art to the next level and introduce (or underscore) the concepts of drawing letters by hand. Using only simple, everyday materials that you probably already have around the house, once you complete this course, you will have created not one, not two, but three entire alphabets from A-Z in three distinct lettering styles: graffiti, block, and bubble! Also, you will learn how to create words with these letters and add awesome special effects to each lettering style. If you want to be able to create hand-made cards, posters, imagery, or art for sale or to give as gifts to friends and loved ones, then this is the course for you!

Brush Pen Lettering: Modern Calligraphy Course for Beginners

Complete course for Brush Pen Lettering with the help of Modern Calligraphy & amazing Font styles for Beginners

Created by LetsTute Make it Easy - Experts in Mathematics, Science, Accounting & Art and Craft


Students: 293, Price: $19.99

Students: 293, Price:  Paid

Hey there!

Welcome to the Course on “Brush Lettering Basics for Beginners” from Letstute.

In this course, you will learn A-Z basics, font styles, drills, strokes, how to connect alphabets and to write amazing quotes by developing the skill in its refined form. You will have the best learning experience in these 4 hours of interactive learning.

Experience with an exclusive chapter covering all the common mistakes or errors you may experience while learning step-by-step modern calligraphy and brush lettering.

This course is absolutely perfect for beginners even if you have no idea what Brush Lettering is so far.

This amazing course will help you in:

  • Creating Fancy and Beautiful Lettering Artwork.

  • Improving your Hand & Eye co-ordination

  • Providing you better overall control and flow of hand on the paper

  • Make you skilled in a widely appreciated & popular Artform

  • Meditate & calm your mind through the art

  • Relax and enjoy a therapeutic experience

To sum up all of it:

We are bringing you a dedicated chapter to help you avoid common mistakes and errors during the learning process.

This course is being offered at a minimum price and gives you the maximum advantage.

The best part is that it comes with LIFETIME ACCESS to new chapters that we keep adding.

Are you still waiting? Don’t miss out on this Golden Opportunity to learn Brush Lettering & Calligraphy.


Fun with Hand Lettering

Bring your ABC's to life using these twelve styles of hand-lettering

Created by Mary-Jane Roussel - Calligrapher & Designer


Students: 179, Price: $29.99

Students: 179, Price:  Paid

This “fun with hand-lettering” class is meant to be just that … FUN!

Set your keyboards and tactile surfaces aside for a while. Grab a pencil, some markers, your watercolour palette, maybe some pencil crayons, too — whatever you find on your shelves — and come along with me to discover 12 styles of hand-lettering.

One letter style will have you “in stitches”, other will allow you to “rough it up”. Maybe you’ll like to walk in the steps of a Scottish architect; perhaps you’ll prefer to ride “the waves”.

Intrigued? Then come join the class to discover the twelve letter styles, presented through twelve positive and optimistic phrases in the form of simple projects.

NB This class is not focused on precision and technique … the goal is to have fun writing and drawing letters.

Adobe Illustrator Vectors For Hand Letterers

Learn How To Make Your Hand Lettering Illustrations Into Vector Art, using the Pen Tool, Curvature Tool and Auto Trace.

Created by Melanie Greenwood - Graphic Designer / Founder of Vision City Art Studio


Students: 172, Price: $89.99

Students: 172, Price:  Paid

Hello! This course is made for Hand Letterers who want to up their game and learn the awesome skill of creating vector art in Illustrator, using the Pen Tool, Curvature Tool and Auto Trace. If you want to work with clients and other artists, you will need to develop the ability to create vectors with your Hand Lettering art. Vector art allows you to scale your art to any size and apply it to any material and have your art remain true to your vision. Whether you are creating logos, t-shirts, stickers, banners, signage, embroidered hats... (you name it!) you will need vector art of your Hand Lettering to send it to the printer or manufacturer.

In this course, I will show you how to use the pen tool to trace your hand lettering. I will also introduce you to the new curvature tool in Illustrator CC. Lastly, I will show you how to properly use the auto trace tool, so that you preserve your artwork details. This course is short and to the point and you will use this skill for countless projects in your creative future. All hand letterers should know how to make their art into vectors so that they remain in controll of their art from start to finish. 

I hope you enjoy this course and feel free to ask me questions. I love your feedback!


Vision City

Watercolor paint a MODERN style picture with limited palette

Learn to paint glass, smoke, and create lettering as you design a contemporary painting. Use this template to paint more

Created by Nicola A Blakemore - Professional Artist, Teacher and Creative Entrepreneur


Students: 32, Price: $49.99

Students: 32, Price:  Paid

This is a super painting for those who want to learn to create an more abstract composition in a modern style while still enjoying the magic of watercolor paints.

It's a 'still life' but there are no vases of flowers or bowls of fruit. It's modern, suggestive and something you can create your own narrative from.

It will give the student a new way of looking at the use of watercolor paints and will help them to think about creating a composition of some of their favourite 'still life' objects. Maybe some souvenirs from a memorable holiday of occasion, to create a atmospheric picture as a gift or souvenir.

The color palette is limited and you will learn an approach to painting glass, smoke and how to plan objects for the b est effect.

What's more, it's perfect for those who like to paint in a more controlled way.

  • Why choose one of my courses?

    Because, as a self taught artist I understand how a lot of people feel about their creative work, sometimes anxious, sometimes overwhelmed and often that it's not 'good enough'. I will hold your hand as you overcome these fears as I offer a friendly, relaxed and sensitive teaching style.

    I also have years of experience of teaching people of all levels both in person and via the internet.

    Do one of my courses and you will feel as if I am in the room with you every step of the way.

Enjoy your painting, love Nicola

Brush Lettering : Learn to draw letters with brush pens

The "write" way to beautiful letters, quotes, texts

Created by Mary-Jane Roussel - Calligrapher & Designer


Students: 12, Price: $24.99

Students: 12, Price:  Paid

Do you just love having a pen or a marker or a pencil in hand? Hearing the soft sound of the words appearing on your page? Feeling the smooth paper under your hand? Then you’re in the right place!

This course was made for people like you— people that really feel at home with a pile of blank sheets of paper and a mess of writing tools spread out over the desk!

With brush lettering, you can enjoy a sort of freedom that isn’t necessarily as easy when doing traditional calligraphy. Letter forms are more spontaneous and can be adapted them quite easily to your own natural style of writing. Here, the idea is more to guide you as opposed to teaching you.

In the course, you'll learn about the best papers to use and about different types of brush pens. We'll also talk about other supplies to have on hand. Then, after touching on guidelines and some helpful hints, you'll start with some warm-up exercises. From there, each letter will be studied, in both lower and upper case. Toward the end of the course, we'll learn to centre a text. Pangrams are great practice tools - there are several included. To finish, we'll look at some of the many ways you can use your newly acquired brush lettering skills.

Working through this course will help you disconnect from all that’s around you. It’s really a sort of Yoga For The Soul!

Lettering & Watercoloring on a Fabric Banner

How to use watercolor brush pens on a fabric banner

Created by Christie Daugherty - Artisan and Creative Coach


Students: 12, Price: $34.99

Students: 12, Price:  Paid

In this course, you will learn how to watercolor on a fabric banner using watercolor brush pens and pan watercolors. You'll learn how to blend colors and use an aqua brush pen for blending.

I’ll teach you how to hand letter a design and how to add embellishments and doodles. We will first practice on a scrap piece of fabric as a tester.

I’ll show you how to use a light box to transfer your image and I’ll share some of my secret tips on creating your design using an erasable pen. Did you know you can use heat to erase an erasable pen? I’ll show you how in this course.

il also discuss other options for transferring a design.

You can make your own design or follow my templates. I'll share with you how to add a fun decorative trim.

Making themed banners for the seasons would be great to hang on the wall. A baby themed one would be cute in a nursery. These would make great decorations for a wedding shower.

I’ll share with you my favorite supplies and how you can get them too. This class is unique and fun. These would make great handmade thoughtful gifts.

Laid-Back Lettering

For Urban Sketching, Journaling, & Everyone with Terrible Handwriting

Created by Amy Stewart - New York Times Bestselling Author & Artist


Students: 11, Price: $29.99

Students: 11, Price:  Paid

If you want to add more artistic, colorful, dramatic lettering to your sketchbooks, journals, and artwork, but you don't want to put in the hours it takes to really perfect a hand-lettering style, this class is for you!

I love all the beautiful brush pen and modern calligraphy styles I see all over Instagram, but filling out practice sheets and trying to learn upstrokes and downstrokes felt too much like work for me.

So I developed an approach to lettering that I could do without a ton of practice, using more or less my own handwriting and the art supplies I already carry with me.

In this class, I’ll show you how to work with pencil, pen, marker, and watercolor to create visually interesting letters using the same approach to drawing and painting you already use in your art.

I’ll work from examples of the styles I like to use, that fit my personality and my artwork, but I’ll also show you how to find the styles that work for your tastes and interests.