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Six Sigma Mastery: Complete Lean Six Sigma Management Course

Master the Lean Six Sigma Management & essential tools and apply them to your business to gain success with this course.

Created by Alpha Academy - Certified Online Course Provider


Students: 471, Price: $24.99

Students: 471, Price:  Paid

Make your business performance more efficient with Lean Six Sigma.

Lean Six Sigma is a team-focused managerial approach that seeks to improve performance by eliminating waste and defects. Simply put, under the tenets of Lean Six Sigma any use of resources that doesn't create value for the end customer is considered a waste and should be eliminated.

Introducing Lean Six Sigma into your business means the mindset of employees and managers changes to one that focuses on growth and continuous improvement through process optimisation. It combines Six Sigma methods and tools and the lean manufacturing philosophy, striving to eliminate waste of physical resources, time, effort and talent while assuring quality in production and organizational processes. Learn the essentials of Lean Six Sigma with this course.

The Lean Six Sigma online training course has been created by a team of experts at Alpha Academy to teach you what Lean Six Sigma is all about and the history behind the Lean Six Sigma method. Take a deeper look at your organisation’s current culture and how you can use Lean Six Sigma to improve it!

What Will I Learn From This Lean Six Sigma Course:

  • Gain a full understanding of Lean Six Sigma and the history behind it

  • Explore the Lean culture and the five phases of changing an organisation

  • Learn about the five principles of Lean

  • Understand value and waste in relation to Lean Six Sigma

  • Study value stream mapping (VSM)

  • Explore the principles of flow and pull

  • Get a detailed overview of Six Sigma

  • Learn about the different phases of Lean Six Sigma and how to apply it to your organization

Why study Lean Six Sigma

Businesses see a significant increase in their efficiency when this program is put into effect. The entire basis of Six Sigma methodology measures the efficiency and accuracy you achieve with each unit produced while eliminating flaws. The financial benefits associated with Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma are well documented. Companies such as GE, Motorola and Honeywell have been posting impressive numbers for decades based on Lean Six Sigma projects. Companies who deploy Lean Six Sigma also see benefits of a strategic nature that helps them understand and solve critical problems.

Why choose Alpha Academy

Our tremendous experience in creating courses for beginners, 20K+ enrolled students in Udemy, and dedicated support for your questions and problems makes Alpha Academy a worthy companion to trust with your endeavours. You will also gain the recognized certification to help you journey to that dream job or business. Become confident in your skills in Lean Six Sigma and use them to develop your profile in the marketplace.

✔ Certificate:

Upon completing the course, you will be able to download the certificate in JPEG and PDF format from Udemy.

So let's do this! Enrol today and start learning about Lean Six Sigma!

Dual Certification Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt

Dual Lean and Six Sigma Green Belt & Six Sigma Black Belt 15hr guide helpful for ASQ CSSGB white yellow green black belt

Created by Gunjan Subedi - Lean Six Sigma and Quality Assurance Specialist


Students: 354, Price: $39.99

Students: 354, Price:  Paid

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt & Six Sigma Black Belt Certification tailored pathway

*This Mega course comes with many preview videos to help you make purchase decisions and also a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Updated April 2021: 30 Additional Lectures for six sigma Black Belt

Updated Nov 13  2020: Addition of Chapter no. 200, Addition of resources at section 1

Updated Nov 02 2020: Addition of Simulated Case Study at Section 6.

Updated Oct 23 2020: Addition of Quiz on Section 2

Updated Sep 25 2020: Addition of Minitab Practice Resource

Updated  Sep 2020: Addition of 2 practice tests


Six Sigma Green Belt & Six Sigma Black Belt Certification tailored pathway. This course prepared you for both lean and six sigma Green Belt and Six sigma Black belt certification and is very helpful for any competitive exams (including ASQ) and other six sigma certifications such as lean and six sigma white, six sigma yellow, green and six sigma black belts. The course comes with >100 resources, pdf booklets and handouts, two practice tests (one of six sigma and another for lean six sigma, >100 zipped minitab files and excel templates.

What can I walk with after completion of course?

A strong CV presence- Being trained in a Six Sigma Green and Six Sigma Black Belt professional is a matter of pride with certification.

A courage to independently handle many tasks in six sigma project- Six sigma is a team work but you know exactly how to handle situations and statistical problems after the course.

A Knowledge of using statistical tools with Minitab and Excel- This course is designed to the level of six sigma black belt if you compare when it comes to analytical part. You get a thorough training on use of Minitab for handling complex statistical issues like Designing the experiments and conducting hypothesis tests.

Able to deal with both six sigma and lean requirements- With over 12+ hours of training, this course is tailored to independently choose between six sigma green belt and six sigma black belt. Please watch the preview video for details.

Plenty of templates and resources which you can use in your own project independently- I have provided more than 100 templates so that you can easily use the templates as per your need in your project.

Knowledge of how to handle the interview questionnaire on related jobs The course provides many tips, important questions and resources for handling the six sigma green belt or lean and six sigma black belt roles.


Where can I find the 100+ resources, handouts and pdf books for this course ?

This course comes with all the resources along-with. See the preview video at section 1

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is an statistical approach to cut down the defects to 3.4 per million opportunities (Calculator), a process operation in a continuous cycle for both old and new process aimed for continuous improvement and a philosophy to transform the organizational values to the new heights. Lean adds value to this process for maximum customer satisfaction and reduction of all forms of wastes with over 25 tools which you will cover in depth in this course.

Why six sigma?

Many students approach me whether to go with six sigma or lean six sigma pathway. This course is a confusion solver. We see a great spike in popularity and usage of six sigma and recently lean six sigma in many industries worldwide which covers both the aspects of lean and six sigma.

Take for instance the automotive industries like Ford, Toyota and Denso, Biotechnology and chemical industries, Defense industry like Lockheed Martin, Heath-care business like Glasgo smith kline and hospitals like Standford, Electronic industries like General electronics, Finance industries like Bank of America, Heavy equipment industries like caterpillar, Hospitality business like Starwood Hotels, Technology and IT business like Microsoft, Dell and Motorola, Logistic industries, Manufacturing industries, Mining, Telecommunication, Retail, Power and Utilies etc. It looks like we should be trained in six sigma for improvement in every sectors that we can imagine !

How is this course organised?

This course is organized in the step by step tailored approach according to the present job market where you can choose to only select the six sigma green belt Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control section to get prepared for Six Sigma Green Belt certification or additionally also learn the Black Belt define, lean measure, lean analyze , improve, control sections to get ready for lean and six sigma black belt certification. This course will prepare you for the future be it six sigma philosophy or lean six sigma continuous improvement projects!

Please note that you have to go through 2 final tests, one of Six Sigma Green Belt and One for Lean and Six Sigma Black Belt in this course.

How this course adds value?

In addition to pdf booklets , over 100 fully captioned video lectures, over 100 downloadable resources, over 100 minitab and excel files in the zip folder, case studies, simulated case studies and quizzes, this course comes with hands on support from instructor who replies your every queries on the course.

What's additional in this course ?

Everything. We learn six sigma with a practical project and problem solving approach and with different case studies. Sixsigma Green Belt and six sigma black belt professionals are in high demand in job so the instructor will also be providing tips on handling six sigma project tasks and questionnaires.

In depth training of every concepts of six sigma than what you learned in any six sigma or lean six sigma white and yellow courses before. We are getting into real depth of six sigma in this course.

What are the different six sigma belts  ?

Six Sigma White belt

· Knowledge-based basic training

· Introductory knowledge of six sigma

· Learn what and why six sigma is useful

Six Sigma Yellow Belt

· DMIAC is studied carefully

· Lead and facilitate improvement

Six Sigma Green Belt

· Participate in each phase of DMIAC in depth

· Data analysis with statistics are used

· Lead and carry out six sigma project (basically in a part time way)

Six Sigma Black belt

· Full time

· Carry complex projects

· They perform advanced statistical tools

Six Sigma Master Black Belts

· Advanced statistical analysis

· Project and change management

· Trainers to other belts

Make yourself more comfortable again. This Mega course comes with preview videos to help you make purchase decisions and also a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

-Let's get started !

Lean Six Sigma White Belt

Become a better problem solver and eliminate waste and variation from processes! Start now!

Created by Travis Lozier - Passionate about helping others reach their full potential!


Students: 280, Price: $19.99

Students: 280, Price:  Paid

What are you waiting for learn the basics of Lean Six Sigma! White Belt Certification of Completion provided upon completing the course!

After completing this course you will have a basic understanding of Lean Six Sigma. The only thing you need to complete this course is an open mindset and a desire to learn new concepts.

  • No need to pay $100 - $500 to learn the basics of Lean Six Sigma
  • Learn at your our pace from your computer or phone.
  • Certificate of Completion provided.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course.

You will learn the basics of Lean Six Sigma through short and easy to understand video lessons and quizzes. 

Here is a summary of topics covered in this course.

  • Develop a basic understanding of Lean Six Sigma
  • Develop a basic understanding of DMAIC improvement methodology
  • Define the 7 types of waste (TIM WOOD)
  • Identify ongoing Lean Six Sigma learning and growth opportunities 

Lean Six Sigma White Belt: Certification

An in-depth introduction to Lean, Six Sigma and Quality.

Created by Robert Chapman - Business Improvement Professional


Students: 216, Price: $39.99

Students: 216, Price:  Paid

Lean Six Sigma is an extremely powerful methodology, capable of saving organisations vast amounts of money and time. Having the skills, knowledge and understanding given by Lean Six Sigma is increasingly important in todays workplace. Organisations want their employees and consultants to know how to make processes more efficient, how to increase the quality of products and how to save time and money that can ultimately be reinvested back into the organisation.

This White Belt course will introduce you to the world of Lean Six Sigma. In this course we will cover:

- Quality. What quality is, its importance and delivery options.

- Quality Toolkit. We explore the key tools on offer to ensure quality and operational excellence.

- Lean. What is Lean, its history, the 8 key wastes, value adding and non-value adding steps, how to create value within your process and more.

- Six Sigma. What is Six Sigma, its history, good quality vs. Six Sigma quality, the project management approach of DMAIC, roles and more.

- The customer. Looking at the voice of the customer and establishing what is critical to quality.

- Exam. As well as tools and other resources, an exam and certificate of completion is offered at the end of this course.

Once you have completed this course, you will be able to start the important work of instilling quality and operational excellence within your organisation / clients. This skill is now in high demand as organisations look to stay competitive in todays market, so delivering savings and efficiencies on a large scale will set you apart from the crowd.

ASQ CSSGB Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification exams

Appear for CSSGB with 100% confidence | 6 Practice Tests of ASQ GB level

Created by iDataSigma International Academy - Umesh Joshi - Management consultants and professional training providers


Students: 98, Price: $19.99

Students: 98, Price:  Paid

ASQ CSSGB (Lean Six Sigma Green Belt): This certification exam is not only a tricky one but also very costly, you have to dispense $438 as examination fee. And, if you don’t get through in the first attempt then any retake will again cost you $238! Do you really want to take this much risk without being confident of cracking it? The straight forward answer is NO, and that’s pretty wise decision.

We, at iDataSigma, have helped thousands of students to sail through the ASQ Green Belt (CSSGB), Black Belt (CSSBB) and Yellow belt (CSSYB) tests.

  • >>> Highly effective and most popular set of practice test papers for ASQ CSSGB exam.

  • >>> 24x7 support for any query or doubt related to ASQ CSSGB exam.

  • >>> Detail explanation of all 125 questions for a quick review.

  • >>> 6 most popular reference books on Lean Six Sigma for you (download through link).

  • >>> Course is regularly updated to add new questions and explanations.

  • >>> Students have scored above 80% marks in the Ist attempt of ASQ CSSGB exam

    1. Mehul Kumar: Score 85%

    2. Richa Sharma: Score 83%

    3. Nishant: Score 87%

    4. Ritu: Score 85%

    5. Jagruti: Score 86%  and many more who cleared in Ist attempt (% score is yet awaited).

You’ll get here the bunch of practice papers which are very well designed keeping in mind the pattern and difficulty level being asked by ASQ CSSGB examiners.

There are 6 practice test papers (including one bonus paper) covering 125 questions which are aligned to the ASQ CSSGB BOK (Body of knowledge).

iDataSigma practice tests follow the levels of cognition as described by ASQ.

LEVELS OF COGNITION Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy—Revised (2001)

Complexity level of the test questions for the various topics in these practice tests is chosen as per ASQ CSSGB BOK. These levels are based on “Levels of Cognition” (from Bloom’s Taxonomy— Revised, 2001) and are presented below in rank order, from least complex to most complex

  • REMEMBER | Recall or recognize terms, definitions, facts, ideas, materials, patterns, sequences, methods, principles, etc.

  • UNDERSTAND | Read and understand descriptions, communications, reports, tables, diagrams, directions, regulations, etc.

  • APPLY | Know when and how to use ideas, procedures, methods, formulas, principles, theories, etc.

  • ANALYZE | Break down information into its constituent parts and recognize their relationship to one another and how they are organized; identify sublevel factors or salient data from a complex scenario.

  • EVALUATE | Make judgments about the value of proposed ideas, solutions, etc., by comparing the proposal to specific criteria or standards. CREATE | Put parts or elements together in such a way as to reveal a pattern or structure not clearly there before; identify which data or information from a complex set is appropriate to examine further or from which supported conclusions can be drawn.

>>> 6 most popular Reference book as free downloads for you:-

See announcements (inside the course) where you will get the link for these 6 reference books

  1. LSS Green Belt program by Umesh Joshi (iDataSigma international academy)

  2. The Six Sigma Handbook by Thomas Pyzdek

  3. Business Statistics by Aczel

  4. Resolving the Mysteries of Six Sigma by Mikel J. Harry

  5. Lean Organization by Andrea Chiarini