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How to Use SMART Goals: Achieve More in Less Time

Use a proven goal setting strategy to increase your productivity, leadership and management skills. Achieve more today.

Created by Richard Feenstra - Over 150,000 students


Students: 145601, Price: Free

*** Download the Free SMART Goals Workbook provided in external resources. *** 

***All lectures are downloadable***

*** Course now with closed captions/subtitles in English (Thanks Udemy!) ***

This course will teach you how to achieve more in less time. By learning how to use SMART Goals you will gain a concise, structured method to help keep you motivated and on track. In the course, I will take you through how to ensure that your goals are;

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Actionable
  4. Relevant
  5. Time Bound

In addition, throughout the course I provide a practical way for you to relate the SMART technique to your current goals as well as demonstrate my personal system for keeping on top of my goals. I also cover some of the most common errors people make when establishing their goals and I provide a bonus lecture on time management. Last, at the end of the course I give you the opportunity to answer a question to win a free course on the science behind productivity.

Topics in the course include, but are not limited to;

  • The difference between a vision, goal or resolution.
  • When setting specific goals can be a bad thing.
  • Why I use Actionable instead of Achievable.
  • The importance of Action/Feedback loops.
  • How to juggle multiple goals at the same time.

This is now my 6th course on Udemy, so when you enroll you also get access to my announcements that include free tips, hacks and techniques on productivity, innovation, motivation and problem-solving. As a dedicated instructor with a PhD in educational psychology, I will share the latest research with you to keep you a step ahead and motivated to achieve more.

My course is designed for leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and anyone that wants to achieve more in less time. If this sounds like you, enroll right now. Life is short, and I guarantee that even if you are familiar with the SMART method, you will learn something new in this course. If not, send me a message and I will make it right.

7 Creative Leadership Skills that Drive Change

Build a creative environment in 7 easy steps without being the most creative person in the room.

Created by Josh Withrow - Creator of The Wise Imagination


Students: 52594, Price: Free

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  • What is a good leader?
  • How do I develop great leadership qualities?
  • How do I inspire others to be more creative?

While there are numerous different answers to these questions, there is one thing that is incredibly clear:

It doesn't take a creative genius to lead people to creativity--it just takes a willingness to support your team in success.

If you want to learn how to lead people with confidence and creativty, then this class is the place to start. 

In this class you will get:

7 practical skills to building a more creative environment. Whether you are the leader of 1 or 1000, these practical steps will give you the framework for a more productive and harmonious work space.

Sometimes we expect leaders to be the most knowledgeable or most innovative people in the room; in actuality, a good leader is one that effectively creates an environment that allows people to thrive. In essence, leaders are responsible for leading his or her team members into success.

While there are any number of statistical reports, brain analyses, and business practices, I will bring you my leadership experience from one of the most unexpected places: the middle school classroom. Trust me, if I can get a room full of 12-13 year olds to be excited about learning, then I can help you!

Hear what others are saying about this class:

  • "Very good class. it takes many things we know and puts our thoughts in order and provides a new way to engage and to view creativity. This can be in the classroom or the workplace or even in our personal lives. These seven skills are universal." ~Carolee

  • "As a businessman, I enjoyed how simply I could apply his lessons to my work." ~Scott

  • "I really like the simple objectivity of how this course is organized." ~Luis

By the end of this course, I'm confident that you will have a clearer vision of how to lead your group towards creative productivity.


FREE COURSE: Business, Management & Leadership Fundamentals

The Fundamentals of Public Speaking, Sales, Persuasion, Influence, Pitching, Habit Change & Reputation Management

Created by Expert Academy - Supercharge your learning with the world's leading experts


Students: 22807, Price: Free

This course combines fundamentals from several of The Expert Academy's most successful courses from our top instructors, designed to give any aspiring leader some of the core skills which they need to run a business. Each of the courses are available on Udemy in full if you wish to get a more in depth view of the individual topic areas.

We would of course really appreciate great reviews!

The six topics covered are:

The Psychology of Persuasion and Influence with Phil Hesketh

  • Our Seven Fundamental Psychological Drivers

  • Why We Do What We Do and How We Form Opinions: First Impressions

  • Body Language: Reading It and Interpreting It

  • How to Handle Difficult People with a Smile

  • How to keep improving relationships

  • How Relationships Develop and How to Relate to People

The Perfect Pitch: How to Tell Them What They Want to Hear with Alan Stevens

  • Why Pitching Is Important

  • Key Steps to a Perfect Pitch: Being Concise

  • Key Steps to a Perfect Pitch: Solving their Problem

  • Key Steps to a Perfect Pitch: Telling Them What They Want to Hear

  • An Example Pitch: The Pixar Pitch

How To Break Habits with Gavin Presman (complete course)

  • Breaking Habits Through Nano-Change

  • Slicing

  • Situation

  • Stacking

  • Stating & Celebrating

Public Speaking Masterclass with Alan Stevens

  • So You've Been Asked to Make a Speech or Presentation: Key Questions

  • Assessing Your Audience

  • Objectives

  • What Do They Want To Hear?

  • Deciding Your Outcomes

  • Preparing to Speak

  • Controlling your Nerves

  • Presentation Aids

  • Speaking Like A Professional

Reputation Management with Alan Stevens

  • Recognising Risk

  • Alertness and Monitoring

  • Positive Action

  • Responsiveness

  • Being the Best

  • Case Study - Ratners

Sales Skills Masterclass with Phil Hesketh

  • The Number One Universal Killer Question in Selling

  • The Importance of Establishing the Clients Expectations

  • How to Close the Sale Without Sounding like a Salesman

  • People Buy Emotionally and Justify Logically. What to Do About It

  • Being Prepared for Objections

  • What Does Value For Money Really Mean?

  • The Real Meaning of  ‘Win-Win’

  • Selling in the Long Term and Being Recommended

We hope you find these mini-courses useful, and if you do enjoy them, you can find each of then courses in full on Udemy.

Self Leadership

Self Leadership in 7 steps

Created by Tony Brooks - Leadership Professional


Students: 18264, Price: Free

Self Leadership is a course focused on enabling leaders to realise their true potential. Primarily it is about handling the negative self talk and thinking and gaining control over the destructive self. It also provides positive strategies to improve leadership identity, direction, growth and ultimately self mastery.

The course covers these 7 key aspects to Self Leadership:

Self Discovery – A Leadership Insight Diagnostic tool is provided to support this

Self Identity – Understanding driving purpose, values and behaviours as a leader and developing a unique and authentic philosophy as a leader.

Self Development – Understanding your strengths and maximising the value of these, alongside a clear growth plan

Self Direction – Clarifying your vision for the future and understanding how to keep yourself both inspired and motivated

Self Awareness – The importance of ongoing reflection and managing stress in your role

Self Talk – Examining your self beliefs, cognitive biases and having a clear strategy for handling the ongoing negative chatter in your head.

Self Mastery – How to gain control of yourself be empowered, through moving to Cause (in the Cause-Effect equation) and examining your habits

Lean In Presents: Centered Leadership

Learn how to find and live into your strengths as a leader

Created by Joanna Barsh - Director Emeritus, McKinsey & Company


Students: 14701, Price: Free

What you admire in others exists within you – it is a matter of bringing it out through self-awareness and conscious practice to build skills. Get inspired to begin your own Centered Leadership journey.

The Centered Leadership model will help you lead with impact, resilience, and fulfillment at work and in your life. There are five parts to Centered Leadership: Meaning, Framing, Connecting, Engaging, and Energizing.

LeanIn.Org is committed to offering women the ongoing inspiration and support to help them achieve their goals. This course is a partnership between LeanIn.Org and Joanna Barsh, director emeritus at McKinsey & Company and author of Centered Leadership and How Remarkable Women Lead, along with McKinsey & Company.

Develop Effective Team Leaders

An Overview of Coaching, Mentoring and Conflict Management

Created by Organisational Development Concepts Pte Ltd - Building Connections, Bridging Perspectives


Students: 14537, Price: Free

This course imparts the ability to build effective team leaders. It also includes a section on implementing coaching and mentoring strategies and processes and evaluating the impact of coaching on the employee and the organisation. You will also learn methods to communicate effectively in the workplace by gaining an understanding of the causes of conflicts that arise. The course covers brings you through the different signs and stages of conflict and the section closes with a brief but succinct coverage of the different strategies you can use to resolve conflict.  You will also learn about the barriers to effective communication.  

Management and Leadership – Modern Leaders Training

Tools and practical skills for the modern leader

Created by KG Butler - Leadership Consultant and Author


Students: 12394, Price: Free

This is NOT your parents' leadership course. This is a course specifically created to tackle what it takes to be a leader in a rapidly changing world. Today, being a leader is no longer about your job title or your years of experience. Today’s top modern leaders have learned to inspire others to create, be more competitive and to innovate -- with or without the job title. We explore the concept of the modern leader, and how true leadership can stem from all areas of society, no matter your background, education, gender, or ethnicity.

What is a Leader? This is the central question within this course. We’ll help you to answer this question by getting to the heart of where you are in your personal leadership journey. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, looking to step up to the next level in your career or just starting your leadership journey, this course will get you there. We help you to understand who you are as a leader today (even if you don’t feel like you are a leader yet). We’ll also give you the critical tools to recognize and seize leadership moments in your life.

By taking control of your future and joining this engaging online workshop, you will:

  • Learn modern leadership approaches and how to apply them to your own leadership journey.

  • Learn to effectively lead others by understanding the purpose for you and those around you.

  • Perhaps most importantly, you’ll learn how to kickstart your leadership journey, while creating the balance between career and the other important aspects of your life

The course is built around understanding what it takes to lead in a global economy, where many of the ‘old rules’ of leadership no longer apply. Through a series of engaging videos and conversations, we will introduce you to ideas that will help you lead people and yourself through any challenge or change.

This course is a balance of self-exploration and practical tools. You should be prepared to roll up your sleeves to put in the work for controlling your own destiny. If you are looking for a course to tell you what to say (verbatim), this course is probably not for you. But if you are looking for the keys to solving today’s leadership challenges with practical tools that will work for you now and well into the future, this course is for you. Let’s get started!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in leading, influencing or inspiring others

  • Anyone looking to learn the modern tools and techniques for leading in today’s evolving work environment

  • This is not a course for people seeking an easy path, quick fix or overnight success

What this course offers

  • Modern leadership principles that are critical to stepping up as a leader.

  • Tools that allow you to adjust your approach to handle any leadership situation

  • Ways you can take concrete steps to become a better leader, regardless of your current experience or title with an organization

Comments By Students.

“This course has opened my mind to being a great leader both in my community, career and family.”

“I enjoyed every bit of the class. The instructor was very articulate in its delivery and the use of simple analogies has made the course easily understandable.”

“This is an excellent course for managers, leaders and everyone else striving to be a leader!”

Free!! Learn why Lean Six Sigma Certification Is Important

Get all your questions answered here about Lean Six Sigma and why it is important to achieve the certification.

Created by Sprintzeal Americas Inc. - Experienced in providing Self Learning & Classroom Trainings


Students: 10344, Price: Free

Learn the very basic concepts of Lean Six Sigma Methodology. Six Sigma was developed way back in 1986 and is complete based on how to reduce cost, improve quality, reduce waste, improve consistency and improve customer satisfaction.

After completing this course you would have the basic understanding of Lean Six Sigma concepts, and why Lean Six Sigma Certification Is important for Individual to make a career choice or Organization to train their employees . By completing this course, you will have fair idea why you should implement Lean Methodologies.

  • No need to pay money as its free course.
  • No need to take days off from your work.
  • You can search for Live Training Schedules.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. Get your money back in 30 days if you are not satisfied.

You will learn Lean Six Sigma improvement skills through short and easy to understand video lessons and live quizzes. 

Here is a summary of topics covered in this course.

  • "Problem Solving": We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. "Albert Einstein"
  • What is process improvement.
    Working on the process versus working in the process.
    How much time do we spend working on the process versus working in it?
    Multiple forms of process improvement:
    Total Quality Management (TQM)
    Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)
    Six-Sigma (DMAIC)
  • What is Lean Six Sigma?
    The systematic method of minimizing waste without sacrificing productivity.  Its about making the process faster by removing non-valued added process steps and delivering greater value to the customer.
    Six Sigma:
    The systematic method of improving processes by reducing the probability that an error or defect can occur.  It’s about limiting variation in the process to produce exactly what the customer wants.
  • Six Sigma Principles
  • Six Sigma Principles
  • A Powerful Combination
    Lean + Six Sigma = Lean Six Sigma
  • Why Implement Lean Six Sigma
  • What Lean Six Sigma is and isn’t
  • Examples of Organizations and Six Sigma
  • What are the Levels of Six Sigma?
  • Why Become a Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • What you will learn in Lean Six Sigma
  • How to Become Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified
  • Thank You For Your Time!
    See you in class!

Joyful Leadership

Leading People With Joy

Created by Ngo Oaza - Creating role models of a sustainable society.


Students: 10075, Price: Free

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit."  - Aristotle

In today's fast-paced world, leaders have the big responsibility to make positive changes and overcome challenges. Leadership is a long journey rather than a short run.

The Joyful Leadership course was carefully developed by an international team of experts who poured all their decades of experience and knowledge to help you to become better, more fulfilled and the most important – a joyful leader. Leadership is also about bringing joy to other peoples' lives.

This Course is a perfect resource for Future and Current leaders, managers and youth workers.

You can expect a lot of life-changing lessons, insightful advice and big support from mentors as well as Joyful Leadership Course community on your experience through this course.

Moreover, during this course, you will have a lot of quizzes, challenges, and tasks to help you in getting knowledge as well as free Joyful Leadership Manual. 

This free online course is funded by the European Union and Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes through Erasmus+ programme.

This publication reflects the views only of the author, and AMPEU and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Join on board!

12 Steps to Power your Business & Work Performance

Ultra Leadership Method

Created by Ashmoret Mishal - Ash


Students: 9394, Price: Free

The Secret Sauce of Ultra Success in 12 Powerful Steps

It’s time to level up your goals, power and to live up to your true potential!

The Ultra Leadership Method School is an online training program designed to increase your level of success in any manageable goal you have. Our target audience is high-performers who want to live up to their full and true potential.

The propitiatory , science-backed curriculum was created by the international ultra-marathoner champion (125 mile), former coach of the Israeli military and a published author of Ultra Success: 12 Steps to Power Performance, Ashmoret Mishal.

Science Based Approach


The "12 Steps to Power Performance" course is designed to give participants goals-based management and self- leadership tools based on the proven formula for success of The Ultra Leadership Method - The Coaching Technique for Setting Ultra Goals & Achieving Them.

With this proprietary step-by-step coaching program, you will acquire and practice the necessary skills for success. Our books, courses and articles delve into meaningful and practical topics like:

  • Master your management skills

  • Harness the power of focus

  • Increase your emotional stamina

  • Make an impact on the people you work with

  • Take control of your goals and success!

The Steps

· Steps 1-4. Establish an ideal goal, assess your situation, and build a plan!

· Steps 5-8. Set milestones, be aware of your super-power, overcome challenges, and stick to your goals!

· Steps 9-12. Practice & improve coping techniques and self-control. Reassess your goals. Succeed!

Rave Reviews

"I find myself astounded by this super determined young lady, sitting across from me. The amazing burst of energy that emanates from Ashmoret Mishal enthralls anyone who meets her, within seconds she turns me into a devout fan, due to her impeccable dogma she sets for herself; resolution, willpower, goal setting and target achieving."

Dina, BestOneOnline

"Meet Ashmoret Mishal: the youngest ultra-runner in Israel, a woman who, it would seem, cannot be stopped. She has put her mind into coaching you how to run and achieve your other life goals; with your romantic partnership, family life, career and more. Her twelve step program can turn even the average couch-potato into a leader, top performer and sprinter of the first rank."

Hadas, Menta Magazine

“Ultramarathon runner Ashmoret Mishal is making a name for herself - from endurance athlete to business coach”

Linda, The Jerusalem Post

“Ultramarathon runner wants to train you the same way she did with the Israeli military...Ashmoret Mishal can't walk down the streets of Tel Aviv without getting recognized. She's a military, social and sports hero in Israel.”

Jeff, ThePostGame

“Ash Mishal’s “Ultra Leadership Method” shows you it’s all in your mind and corporate execs are loving it”

Lana, GritDaily

Facilitate Innovation and Manage Change Effectively

Innovation and Change Management

Created by Organisational Development Concepts Pte Ltd - Building Connections, Bridging Perspectives


Students: 8918, Price: Free

This course imparts the ability for managers to work effectively with team leaders to manage change processes. It also includes implementing change strategies and processes and evaluating the impact of change on the employee and the organisation. Learners will also learn methods to encourage innovation in the workplace by creating a conducive environment to support innovation. Learners will also be taught how to maintain a conducive environment for innovation in the section on conflict management.  The course covers the signs and stages of conflict as well as strategies for conflict resolution.  Also included is a section on the barriers to communication.

Build Cohesive Teams to Drive Peak Performance

People and Relationship Management

Created by Organisational Development Concepts Pte Ltd - Building Connections, Bridging Perspectives


Students: 7884, Price: Free

This course focuses on the ability to participate in networks and build team relationships to support organisational and team priorities. It also includes developing team cohesiveness through team communication as well as diversity and conflict management. Through these skills, the learner will be able to develop cohesiveness in their teams to better perform in their workplace.

Impact of Leadership Styles and Organizational Culture

Understanding the Impact of Leadership Styles and Organizational Culture on Performance Management

Created by Organisational Development Concepts Pte Ltd - Building Connections, Bridging Perspectives


Students: 7794, Price: Free

Welcome to this course on “Understanding the Impact of Leadership Style and Organizational Culture on  Performance Management” .

In this course, we are exploring the concepts and theories of Performance Management, which includes motivational theories, leadership styles and organizational culture .

All of these will have an impact on employees’ motivation and productivity.

You can learn to apply these concepts and theories to improve your subordinate’s level of contribution and work efficiency.

Our objectives in this course is to lead you to articulate your personal leadership style in managing performance.

You will examine how performance management is affected by organizational culture. In particular, you’ll find out how the different types of organisational cultures affect employee engagement, job satisfaction, motivation and productivity.

We’ll also look at how motivational theories are used in performance management so that employees’ efforts are aligned to the organization’s goals.

Lastly, we will help you integrate your knowledge of leadership style, organizational culture and motivational theories to see how they influence one another.

Becoming a Better Leader

Tips for Implementing Better Leadership Practices with Real Interviews on Leadership

Created by Dr. Karissa Thomas, EMBA - Organization Cultural Analyst and Executive Coach


Students: 7610, Price: Free

Learn how to become a better leader. You will get tips that you can implement straight away to become a better leader.  Becoming a better leader is the responsibility of any leader. You owe it to the people that look to your for inspiration to be the giver of positivism and progress and not the energy drainer coming again with demands and continual requests.  This course includes a free download of 100 Business World Survival Tips for both Men and Women. 

Leadership in Startups: Upside Down at 150 People

A crash course for startups on leadership, strategy, culture, team building and more (from an SVP of startup marketing).

Created by Dinesh Thiru - SVP Marketing @Udemy


Students: 7597, Price: Free

"Something weird happens to companies when they hit 150 people". This was the title of an article I read on Quartz last year and after reading it, my reaction was:

"Yes! That's it. Finally, someone understands what startups go through!!"

For context, my name's Dinesh Thiru and I run marketing here at Udemy. I joined way back in 2011 when we were about 5 people and have seen us through the whole wild startup ride of ups, downs, sideways, back ups and more. It's been incredible. The learning and leadership experience of a lifetime. But there was one time in particular that no one prepared me for...

In the summer of 2015, Udemy was 150 people... and by the end of 2016, we were 250. And that is when everything went upside down.

All the things that used to work stopped. All the things we thought would work didn't. And in a certain sense, we had to re-invent how we operated as a company.

And I blame it all on Robbin Dunbar.

Who's Robbin? Why did things go upside down at 150 people? What did we learn? And how did we survive?

Well, if your startup is getting ready to pass 150 people and you're looking for a leadership crash course on mission, vision, strategy, culture, team building, org design, goals, communication, and everything in between... please step inside!

Win In Business The ‘Frank Underwood’ Way

Winning in business is everything! Learn how to win in business the Frank Underwood way.

Created by Three Sixty Academy - Courses Created In Collaboration With Subject Experts


Students: 7349, Price: Free

Welcome to this Three Sixty Academy course exclusive to Udemy.

Here with Three Sixty Academy you can study online towards learning how to win in business, the Frank Underwood way.

Our course is comprised of 6 sections all focused on helping you to understand how to win in business, the Frank Underwood way.

  • Introduction
  • The Frank Underwood Way
  • The Quotes Of Frank Underwood
  • Life Lessons From House Of Cards
  • Conclusion
  • Additional Lectures

  • More than enough to turn you and your business from zero to hero, using our proactive and practical approach backed up with Frank Underwood examples.

    Good luck and we hope you enjoy our course!

    Effective Communication: Motivational Interviewing Part 1.5

    How to improve your communication and outcomes from communication

    Created by Tami Calais - Today's a great day!


    Students: 6343, Price: Free

    Do you want to improve your communication AND the outcomes from your communication?  If so, you will love this short class from Casey Jackson, well known MINT Trainer (Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers).  Casey founded IFIOC to teach Motivational Interviewing, a communication method.  This short course is  filled with basic details about Motivational Interviewing.  In addition to that you will learn about  its efficacy, and how the concept of stages of change works to create long term sustained behavior change. The class offers a variety of learning opportunities including powerpoint, video examples and worksheet learning.  This class is the 2nd part of a series we teach on Motivational Interviewing through Udemy. Make sure to check out the full series titled: Effective Communication: Motivational Interviewing.  Check out all of our reviews, you won't regret signing up for this class!

    To view the full Live course  search IFIOC (Institute for Individual and Organizational Change) in Google and check out our Introduction to Motivational Interviewing course.  We teach the Introduction to Motivational Interviewing course monthly via virtual training.

    *This is a pre-recorded training, credits cannot be given-if you would like to receive credits, please sign up for one of our live upcoming trainings.

    Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy this course!

    Follow IFIOC on Social media @theifioc on FB and Instagram! Make sure to sign up for our newsletter on our website for additional videos, tips and updates!

    Leadership Series

    Complete Leadership Module

    Created by Torque Corp. - 


    Students: 5476, Price: Free

    It is a comprehensive course, designed to deliver the concept of how leadership can be achieved through discipline, hard work and a commitment to improvement through experience. These key components exactly resonates with the idea of the course as the subject matter will give you a learning experience about who the leaders actually are and how can you be one of them.

    About Asma Mustafa Khan

    Asma Mustafa Khan is a force to be reckoned with and expects the same of her audience after they walk out of her sessions. Asma is a Learning and Development Professional with 16 years of experience in the capability development of employees in diverse industries, across regional, functional and business unit levels.

    Leading Corporate Governance

    Corporate governance in the workplace

    Created by Organisational Development Concepts Pte Ltd - Building Connections, Bridging Perspectives


    Students: 5322, Price: Free

    This is a e-learning programme designed as part of WSQ - LPM, Lead Team to Develop Business Strategies and Governance Management.

    The e-learning segment specifically introduce the concept of corporate governance.

    What is corporate governance? Why is corporate governance important for my organisation?

    Is corporate governance for large companies? What about SMEs?

    How does corporate governance benefit my organisation?

    What is my role in corporate governance?

    If you have these questions, this course is for you.

    We will be discussing what corporate governance is and how it will affect you and your organisation.

    Small Group Leadership

    Launch Your Church's Small Group with Confidence!

    Created by Brandon Frank - Master of Divinity Candidate at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary


    Students: 4994, Price: Free

    Clear River Biblical Studies brings you cutting edge curriculum enabling you to launch, connect, protect, and grow your next small group while expanding your churches attendance through exponential growth.  Whether you have never led a small group or are the small groups coordinator at your church, this course is for you.  While using models and methods currently taught at the graduate level in Seminaries, your instructor breaks down the content in clear, concise, and easy to understand terms so that you can have a full understanding of the concepts you need to holistically launch and grow your next small group. 

    You will not only gain access to high definition video content, but also receive a proprietary eBook that goes along with the course lectures.  The curriculum is broken up in three sections—Connection, Protection, and Growth. In each section, enabling skill-sets are taught so that you will be able to connect individuals together, foster a protective environment in which people can be open and honest without fear, and finally, propel your members in next RIGHT steps towards Jesus.  So many small group members are either never challenged to grow in their relationship with Christ, or worse, pushed to far to quickly, thus ending in attrition of the member. This course will teach you how to plan a person's next RIGHT step, ensuring that they are challenged in a way that will carry them along in relationship rather than pushing them out the door.  Enabling you to avoid these pitfalls, models are introduced such as Bruce Tuckman's 5 Stages of Team Development, Putnam and Harrington's SCMD model (Share, Connect, Minister, and Disciple) as well as their 5 Stages of Discipleship model.  

    This course reflects hours of research at the graduate level and will take your small group ministry to new heights.  As with any Clear River Biblical Studies course, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reason this course does not meet you expectations, a 30-day money back guarantee is included.  Their is no risk and I encourage you to take the next step in propelling your ministry to the next level.  We hope to see you in the first lecture where we give you an in-depth overview of the course material!  

    How to become a great leader?

    Refine the qualities of leadership

    Created by Kajal Khurana - Stay productive always!


    Students: 3307, Price: Free

    This course will help you implement the qualities to become a great leader. With lot of tips and some worksheets it will give you clarity and make you move forward to lead your team, community or family better.

    I hope you will enjoy learning from these videos. Make sure you listen to 1 video each week and master that quality then move on to the next one. Rushing will not help you get best results.

    Practical Tools for the Modern Leader

    Get competitive edge through practical skills

    Created by Sunil Robert - Proven Leader, Achiever & Activist, former Radio Jockey


    Students: 2619, Price: Free

    The corporate world is likened to a jungle, a war where only the most competitive survive and thrive. If you have ever felt discouraged or feel you have hit a roadblock, here is a chance to cut loose. If ever you wanted to demystify Leadership and get hands on tools to simply apply to your life, this course is just for you. Condensed from 3 decades of leadership experience around the world, this award winning global leader unpacks leadership skills for the new leader. This course enables you to acquire sharp tools to develop a cutting edge for your success

    Christian Leadership: Discipleship, Coaching, and Mentoring

    Equipping the Body of Christ and the Next Generation with Kingdom tools through Discipleship, Coaching and Mentoring!

    Created by Stan Belyshev - Entrepreneur | Author | Life Coach | Vlogger


    Students: 2548, Price: Free

    To equip every child of God with Kingdom tools!

    · To disciple, coach, and to mentor every believer in accordance with their purpose and calling!

    · To discover and understand your identity IN Christ and your identity THROUGH Christ!

    · To challenge and to guide every individual into discovering their God-given IDENTITY!

    · To stir up your inner gift and potential, so you can utilize them within your local church!

    · To raise the next generation of Godly leaders that will influence the nations!

    · To raise up spiritual fathers & mothers who will become mentors and role models to the younger generation!

    · And to become fully functional and influential in the Marketplace arena; in the Government arena; in the Academia arena; in the Arts & Entertainment arena; in the Media arena; and in the Business & Entrepreneurial arena!

    · Understand why you were born and what purpose are you suppose to fulfill on this earth.

    · Learn the importance of kingdom discipleship and kingdom leadership.

    · Why it is vital to mentor and coach others.

    · A deeper understanding of the kingdom message that Jesus preached.

    · Guidance in discovering and understanding your gifts, talents, potential, and calling.

    · The importance of knowing and having a personal vision for your life.

    · You were born to make a difference in this world!

    Techniques in Product Management and Leadership

    Applied tools for those striving to get into Product Management or those expanding their toolbelt

    Created by Ala Shiban - Technical Group Product Manager


    Students: 2491, Price: Free

    This course focuses on techniques that you can apply to day-to-day Product Management jobs. We provide just enough high-level concepts and focus on tools that you can apply on day 1 in your product job. For those wanting to get into Product Management, this course gives you tools that help you in interviews as well as the mindset of how to solve real-world product problems.

    Brainstorming Strategies For Enhanced Cognitive Dominance ®

    Learn The Ultimate Formulas To Take Your Brainstorming Ability, Your Productivity & Creativity To A Whole New Level

    Created by Noah ​Merriby - Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur & Award-Winning Speaker


    Students: 2181, Price: Free

    We always have ideas running through our head, and often, we have too many ideas that we can't structure the information flow properly.

    Brainstorming is essential in our everyday life. Whether its a work related task, a group project, or a life problem you're trying to solve, having the ability to brainstorm in an efficient and creative manner can change the way you interpret, analyze, form, and use ideas.

    In this course you will learn about different topics: 

    1. In This Course, You Will Learn The Fundamental Basis Of Learning, How We Learn And How We Can Improve Our Learning Ability

    2. Then We Will Dive Into Brainstorming And Our Ability To Take Brainstorming To A Whole New Level

    3. How You Will Learn How To Find Ideas, How To Expand Ideas With Information, Knowledge And Rich Details That Would Make Out Of An Idea, A Tool That You Can Use For Personal Success

    4. You Will Also Learn How To Use These Tools And Methods To Be More Productive, More Creative And Improve The Way Information Is Structured In Your Brain

    5. You Will Build Bulletproof Understanding Of Mind Mapping Systems, How They Work, How The Learning Process Behinds Them Work, And How You Can Effectively Use Them

    6. You Will Be Able To Link Your Conscious Mind And Your Subconscious Mind To The Infinite Intelligence And Creativtiy System

    7. Finally, You Will Learn How To Apply These Methods In Work, School, Gym, Personal Development, Planning, And Much More

    In this course, you will be introduced to mind mapping, one of the most essential brainstorming tools you can ever used. You will be able to not just structure your ideas, but brainstorm related details and information that can make your brainstorming, the most effective.

    Get ready to change the way you brainstorm once and for all.

    Building a Prosperity Mentality: For Aspiring Change-Makers!

    The keys to an abundant life are already within YOU, are you aware of it?

    Created by Lolo Ntshiqa - Lover of Mindfulness


    Students: 1995, Price: Free

    Building a Prosperity Mentality: For Aspiring Change-Makers!

    A life of prosperity does not discriminate. It does not select a few individuals and reject the rest of us. NO! Prosperity begins as a mentality and it is accessible for every human being regardless of their background. This course will help you to become aware of the manifestation power to create a prosperous life, that is hidden within you.

    The course is guided by Lolo, through five main themes that are influential in leading you on this prosperity journey. The five themes discussed in this course are:

    1. I am aware of my creative power.

    2. I am aware of my suffering.

    3. I am aware of my vision.

    4. I am aware of my communication style.

    5. I am aware of my value.

    Each of these themes provide opportunities for you to transform how you look at yourself and how you look at others. Your awareness of what lies within you, points to your unique offering to the world, which will create new channels of wealth in your life. The course also includes reflection exercises, as well as activities which give you a chance to plan and actively begin to create this new prosperous lifestyle.


    This course was designed for those who desire to begin creating a new lifestyle for themselves; those who have outgrown the same, exhausting routine; and those who are empowered to bring about meaningful change in their communities; to heal the suffering, start a movement or develop a business or practice that will positively impact and improve people's lives.

    Open your mind to the possibilities that are trapped inside you, this journey only requires your willingness to grow out of old cycles and embrace a new prosperous version of yourself -  ultimately leading you to inner and outer peace and deep joy.

    This course is free. Please support by giving the course a review. It would be greatly appreciated!

    Blessings to all.

    How to be a People Manager : The Best Boss ever

    Learn the essential skills to manage People and Team, Managing with Empathy and Situational Awareness or Leadership

    Created by Abhisek Gupta - HR Leader, Author, Leadership & Management Coach, PM and OD


    Students: 1973, Price: Free

    How to be a People Manager: Learn the essential skills to manage People and Team, managing with Empathy and Situational Awareness or Leadership

    This course offers a full understanding of the essential skills required to be a People Manager, Managing the Team, Individuals, Mastering the skill of structured communication focused to People Management, Managing with Empathy and Situational Leadership or awareness. There is a engaging quiz to understand the effectiveness of the course and assignment of identification of skill required to manage different workplace situation, self assessment of situational leadership. You can download the complete guide to manage and engage your workforce with empathy.

    At the end of the course you will not only learn the skills required to be a successful People Manage but also will be able to access the current level of understanding and self leadership behavioral traits.

    Section 1 : Introduction

    1. Introduction

    2. Skills of a People Manager

    Section 2 : Managing Team, People and Mentoring

    1. Managing Team and Teamwork

    2. Managing Team Members

    3. Communicate and Listen to Manage

    Section 3 : Managing with Empathy and Situational Awareness

    1. Managing with Empathy

    2. Situational Awareness and Leadership

    Section 4 : Coursework

    1. People Management Awareness Quizz

    2. Assignment for People Management Skill

    3. Ways to Develop Empathy as a People Manager

    4. Self Assessment for Situational Leadership

    Innovation Leadership in Tourism Sector Organization

    Increase the skills needed for effective leading of innovations in organisation

    Created by SB FOCUS project - Interreg South Baltic Programme FOCUS project consortium


    Students: 1904, Price: Free

    This course is developed for increasing the understanding and skills needed for effective leading of innovations in organisation. Tourism sector organisations are presented as a specific area with good-practice examples of well known leaders in this area. The course provides a critical exploration of the contemporary issues that impact upon the leadership for innovation in tourism sector organisation and to promote the development of innovative approach for leadership.

    Course can be used as a teachers’ classroom enrichment resource or can be studied independently by students.

    Certified Lean Six Sigma White Belt Course

    Top selling Lean Six Sigma provider in association with FlowPlus Academy

    Created by FlowPlus Academy - Helping you work smarter


    Students: 1874, Price: Free

    Kickoff your Lean Six Sigma journey with this White Belt Course.

    Upon completing the course, you will have a solid foundation and understanding of Lean Six Sigma, where it can be applied, the methodology it follows and the results it can achieve.

    This is the #1 practical course for people that want to work all the way to becoming a Green or Black Belt in Six Sigma.

    This Six Sigma White Belt is the right start to your Six Sigma journey.

    The course will include:

    • How the Lean Six Sigma belt system works; White, Yellow, Green, Black, Master Black Belt

    • What is Six Sigma

    • You understand the difference between 99% quality and Six Sigma level of quality 3.4 defects/million

    • The DMAIC Process (six sigma problem solving methodology)

    • What is Lean

    • The definition of Muda and the 7 different types of waste

    • The importance in eliminating, minimising & isolating waste

    • Identifying & eliminating waste

    • Applying Lean Six Sigma problem solving

    We highly recommend completing this course before moving onto the Yellow/Green/Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Courses

    Certification through an accredited body such as FlowPlus Academy provides many career benefits:

    • Development of skills and knowledge

    • Better job opportunities

    • Salary increase (+48% for Green Belt)

    • Leadership progression

    To conclude;

    If you want to accelerate your career progression and learn practical skills and tools that improve the performance of teams, increase productivity and provide superior products/services to your customer - this is the course for you.

    Upon completing the course you will have the skills and knowledge to sit the Accredited FlowPlus Academy examination and become certified (examination not included), alternatively you can sit the free exam and receive the Udemy completion certificate.

    FlowPlus Academy has been formed to be different to other courses in 3 main ways:

    1.Concise - All the best content has been collated and simplified where possible, using the most impactful examples

    2.Practical - You will not learn just lean theory, you will learn practically how to apply the tools

    3.Expertise- Developed by Lean experts (including lecturers from leading British Universities), Lean/CI authors & Consultants.

    Good Leadership

    Learn how to become an influential leader.

    Created by Omar Talbi - English Language Teacher


    Students: 1720, Price: Free

    “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John C. Maxwell.

    Leadership is a process which allows anyone to have an influence on other people in order to achieve common goals or results. As a leader you need to possess certain skills and traits to help you become more effective. If you would like to discover ways that would help you become an inspirational leader, then this is the right course for you.

    In this short and informative MOOC, you will:

    • Demonstrate the difference between good leadership and bad leadership.

    • Learn about the path towards good leadership

    • Acquire several strategies to influence people’s attitudes

    • Discover the different challenges that a leader might face

    • Learn how to overcome those challenges

    • Learn how to write your own Leadership Philosophy

    This course also includes assignments that will push you to think outside the box and use your critical thinking skills.

    Alright! Enough introduction! Are you excited to embark on this amazing journey? Great! All you have to do now is to click “ENROLL NOW” and start learning.