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Lead Generation MASTERY with Facebook Lead & Messenger Ads

Create MAGNETIC Facebook Lead Ads, Conversion and Messenger Ads to BOOST your Facebook Marketing and GET MORE CUSTOMERS.

Created by Ing. Tomas Moravek | SEO, Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Expert - Awarded SEO, Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Expert


Students: 55444, Price: $119.99

Students: 55444, Price:  Paid


Dear Students,

Hi, I’m Tomas Moravek, Internet Efficiency Awarded Digital Strategist and Professional Marketer, here to present my Facebook Lead, Messenger, and Conversion Ads Mastery Guide, so you can benefit from these POWERFULLY EFFECTIVE automated marketing tools.

Facebook Lead Ads, Messenger Ads, and Conversion Ads are vital tools for any brand, as they'll help you quickly build a subscriber base of interested potential customers. When you enrol on my course, you’ll receive ALL THE RESOURCES YOU’LL EVER NEED to become an expert in creating, setting up, and using Lead Ads, Messenger Ads, and Conversion Ads. You’ll get lifetime access and you’ll also receive my REGULAR COURSE UPDATES FOR FREE, forever, so you’ll always be able to stay on top of the latest Facebook Ad techniques.

FACEBOOK MESSENGER ADS are a superb way to TURBOCHARGE YOUR BUSINESS, and I have found they are brilliant for generating leads. This is because they grab people's attention by encouraging them to check their messages, and because potential customers feel relaxed enough to chat, via the safe platform of Messenger.

In this course you'll learn how to MASTER MESSENGER ADS and will understand how to use the Messenger Objective to BOOST YOUR LEADS. You'll discover how to set up and use Messenger Ads correctly, and I'll also teach you how to CREATE ENGAGING MESSENGER ADS that make people want to respond to your promotion.

FACEBOOK LEAD ADS can also help you get many more subscribers to sign up to your newsletters and email marketing. That way you can stay in touch by providing updates on new products or services, announce upcoming promotions or share other details about your business.

In this course I'll be sharing CASE STUDIES YOU CAN COPY that illustrate the power of Lead Ads, such as when The Royal Danish Theatre used them to attract 47% of its newsletter subscribers.

Lead ads MAKE IT EASY FOR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS TO CONNECT WITH YOUR BRAND. They make customer engagement a breeze, which in turn encourages more sign ups as when a person clicks your Lead ad on Facebook or Instagram, they'll see a form that's pre-filled with the contact details they've opted to share on Facebook, like their name and email address.

This makes people much more likely to respond as they don't have to do much work at all, making it super easy for you to capture a whole new audience. These types of Ads can be tightly targeted to ensure you REACH THE RIGHT AUDIENCE AND OPTIMISE YOUR AD SPEND.

When you enrol, I'll teach you how to make Lead Ads work for you, from initial set up, to selecting your target audience, and creating engaging Ads using visual, video, and text content to ATTRACT CUSTOMERS MAGNETICALLY.

After you get your leads, you can easily and swiftly follow them up by downloading them from your Page. Alternatively, you can receive them automatically by integrating your email or CRM tool.

FACEBOOK CONVERSION ADS are yet another tool you need to have in your armoury, if you want to promote your product to the right niche market and turn many more potential leads into sales.

I’ll teach you how to CREATE MAGNETIC FACEBOOK CONVERSION ADS using engaging images, and copywriting that intrigues, then I’ll show you how to correctly set them up through a handy walkthrough guide you can easily follow. You'll learn how to coreectly set up, install and use the Facebook Pixel and I'll also demonstrate how to smartly target the right customer niche, so you get MAXIMUM returns on your Facebook Conversion Ad spend.

You'll discover how to use Facebook Conversion Ads to get leads to click through and perform the action you want, whether that's sign up to your newsletter, explore your website, or make a purchase. Facebook Conversion Ads are a POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE SELLING TOOL, but to get the most out of them, you must know how to use them right, otherwise you'll just be throwing your money away.

With my knowledge, you'll be able to avoid common costly mistakes, and ensure you MAKE EVERY PENNY YOU SPEND ON FACEBOOK ADS WORK ON BEHALF OF YOUR BRAND.

All the Resources you'll EVER Need to Master Facebook Messenger, Lead, and Conversion Ads

I've spent so much time compiling this course material, and ensuring it's value-packed. I've stuffed it with informative, high quality original and exclusive content, including over 9 hours of video explainers, handy walkthrough guides, BLUEPRINT CASE STUDIES, tips, tricks, tools, and more.

Enrol and you'll find you have everything you need to BECOME A MASTER OF FACEBOOK ADS, all laid out clearly for you.

Sign up and you'll know how to use the latest and most effective way to attract an endless stream of highly engaged leads - Facebook Messenger Ads. You'll discover why, in my experience, they are currently outperforming all the other types of Facebook Ad.

You'll also learn how Lead Ads can help boost your business through smart customer profiling. You'll be able to PUT MY KNOWLEDGE IMMEDIATELY INTO ACTION and gain a massive increase on your audience for your newsletter or subscriber sign ups, that you can then use as your personal targeted audience to promote to.

Facebook Lead Ads, Messenger Ads, and Conversion Ads are critical to expanding your business and are the SECRET WEAPON you'll need if you're looking to EFFORTLESSLY GROW YOUR BRAND.

In my comprehensive course, I’ve clearly laid out a step-by-step guide to creating multiple different kinds of winning Facebook Lead, Messenger, and Conversion Ads, so you'll always be creating the perfect as to get you MAXIMUM RESULTS.

Whether your goal is to encourage customers to chat, showcase your coupons or promotions, learn more about your customers, schedule appointments, or gain more sign ups or sales, I'll teach you how to create FACEBOOK ADS THAT GENERATE LEADS AUTOMATICALLY.

Smartly Automate your marketing

Using Lead Ads, Messenger Ads, and Conversion Ads the right way will free up your time and automate a big part of your marketing, a key reason why they're so pivotal to the success of your brand.

In this easy-to-learn course you’ll find over 9 hours of video explainers, worksheets, blueprints, and downloadable resources that will help you MASTER FACEBOOK LEAD ADS, MESSENGER ADS, & CONVERSION ADS so you can make them work overtime for your business.

Lead Ads, Messenger Ads, and Conversion Ads have a variety of applications and are incredibly useful marketing tools. When you know how to use them correctly you can:

✔ BOOST your email list with Lead Ads

✔ USE THE POWER OF FACEBOOK CONVERSION ADS to get customers to perform any action you want on your website

✔ APPLY SMART FACEBOOK LEAD ADS STRATEGIES to get more sign-ups for your newsletter or other email marketing, then learn how to follow up QUICKLY so you can close the deal

✔ Converse and CONNECT WITH POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS using interactive Facebook Messenger Ads

✔ Alert customers to your promotions and special offers using Messenger Ads to PUSH YOUR PROMOTIONAL NOTIFICATIONS

✔ Encourage people to engage or visit your website with POWERFUL Messenger Ads and Lead Ads

✔ Use Facebook Messenger Ads to intrigue and PULL IN POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS and make them want to respond to you

✔ UNDERTSTAN YOUR CUSTOMERS - Use Lead Ads to ask them about their preferences so you can offer them a tailored experience, build trust, and win more sales

✔ Offer your coupons and promotions through Facebook Messenger and Lead Ads - and attract a new audience using this powerful sales technique

✔ USE LEAD ADS TO SHOWCASE DEALS, coupons or discounts, and expand your marketing reach, and attract more interest

✔ Schedule appointments quickly, AUTOMATICALLY & EFFORTLESSLY using Facebook Lead Ads

✔ USE MESSENGER ADS & LEAD ADS to offer your customers a fast and easy way to schedule appointments

✔ COLLECT MORE EMAIL SIGN-UPS with Facebook Conversion Ads and Lead Ads

Wait there's more!

On top of my comprehensive Facebook Lead Ads, Messenger Ads, and Conversion Ads training package, you’ll alsoreceive my Golden Keys to Getting even more Clients, including Lead Ad case studies and examples you can easily follow that have been PROVEN TO DELIVER.

You’ll learn how to incorporate humour in your lead ads so you can connect with customers better, you’ll discover how to use the PSYCHOLOGY OF PERSUASION for your brands’ benefit, and you’ll be able to learn from my past client’s stories of success by applying their techniques to your business model.

I’ve really tried to pack this course out with value and have taken care to include all the aspects of Facebook Marketing that will be pivotal to your success. As well as my comprehensive Lead, Messenger, and Conversion Ad training, you’ll also learn:

✔ How to Set Up and Use FACEBOOK PIXEL EVENTS – find out why it’s a KEY TOOL FOR BUSINESS GROWTH

✔ Why Facebook Conversion Ads are the diamond key to your FACEBOOK ADS MARKETING SUCCESS

✔ How to correctly use Facebook Retargeting to MAGNETISE CLIENTS

✔ Why your brand reputation is the ULTIMATE GOLDEN KEY to unlocking unlimited success - and how to build a POSITIVE one

✔ Facebook Retargeting Strategies to MAXIMISE YOUR AD SPEND and magnetise leads

This content is worth the price of enrollment alone, as it's stuffed with exclusive PROVEN and TESTED strategies that I typically sell separately.

Sign up today, and ALL this bonus content will be yours forever, to keep and use, FOR LIFE.


As soon as you enrol, you'll receive INSTANT LIFETIME ACCESS to all my Facebook Messenger Ads, Conversion Ads, and Lead Ads training materials, as well as my FACEBOOK AD BONUS Golden Keys for Success, and bonus Digital Marketing, SEO and Dynamic Ads Guides.

On top of this, you'll also receive FREE COURSE UPDATES FOR LIFE. As I'm always refining my material, and adding in the latest and most effective techniques and strategies, you'll find there's always something new to discover.

With my course, you're guaranteed ORIGINAL, EXCLUSIVE CONTENT YOU CANNOT GET ANYWHERE ELSE, plus the latest, cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, so you'll always stay ahead of the game.

There's absolutely zero risk, as I'm so confident you're going to love my material, I'm offering a no quibble FULL 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, if for ANY reason you're not completely satisfied.

When you complete the training, you'll also receive a UDEMY CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION, that you'll be able to immediately download, so you can show off your newly acquired expertise.

With over 12 hours of high quality video, downloadable Walkthrough guides you can follow step-by-step, To Do lists you can use to check off essential steps, Success Blueprints you can copy, and a raft of other tools, including my FREE MEDIA RESOURCES SHEET, so you can find royalty free content for your Facebook Ads, you'll find this course offers you EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BECOME AN EXPERT IN GENERATING LEADS USING FACEBOOK ADS.

Don't miss being able to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MY LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER PRICE, as it won't be around forever.

Secure your spot by enrolling today, and you'll gain immediate access to a wealth of knowledge that will enable you to UNLOCK THE FULL POWER OF FACEBOOK Messenger, Lead, and Conversion Ads, so you can start enjoying a stream of new leads, sign ups and sales.

I've put so much energy into making this course and I really can't wait to share it with you,

Tomas Moravek

Digital Strategist and Internet Efficiency Award Winner 2016

Facebook Ads And Marketing – Lead Generation Pro – 2020

Generate Leads Like A Pro Using Facebook Advertising strategy for your business or clients.

Created by Yasir Ahmed, M.B.A - FB Mentors


Students: 50395, Price: $89.99

Students: 50395, Price:  Paid

This course will teach you all that you need to know to get started with lead generation quick and easy. These are all practical examples that I have used to generate leads for different businesses.

Topics Include : 

  1. Understand Lead Generation in 30 seconds

  2. How to access your ads manager

  3. Setting Up lead Generation campaign

  4. Ad budget, audience & scheduling

  5. Using Video kit to transform your ad creative.

  6. Making A Lead Generation Form

  7. Conversion tracking

  8. Setting up facebook Pixel

  9. 191 Leads Generated - Case Study Overview

  10. $1500 Product Case Study

Make sure you enroll in this course and learn something useful out of it!

Rank & Rent Local Lead Generation: The Complete Guide

Learn Local Lead Generation, dive into the Rank & Rent Business Model and build a scalable passive income

Created by Jamie Tsang Chow Chang - Businessman | SEO Expert | Mentor


Students: 37099, Price: $89.99

Students: 37099, Price:  Paid

Hello there, my name is Jamie Tsang. I have been doing Rank & Rent for over 3 years and currently am making a passive income from this business model.

Are you wanting to look for a way to make a passive income from the comfort of your own home? Be your own boss? Have more free time? Rank & Rent is the ideal way to achieve all of these. The business model is a simple 3-step process:

1. Build a website (Digital Asset)

2. Rank it on search engines (Such as google)

3. Rent it out to local business owners in the area (And get paid on a recurring basis)

With over 70 lectures and more than 7 hours of content, this comprehensive course is the complete A to Z guide to Rank & Rent. You will be able to build your digital properties & start getting paid for generating leads for local businesses.

You will be able to follow along with me as I use a live example throughout this course to enable you to follow step-by-step on how I make my passive income.

I’ll bet you’ve even come across other Rank & Rent or Local Lead Generation courses online which cost you thousands to sign-up and join. Some of these only scratch the surface of the Rank & Rent model and don’t go into full detail. Luckily for you I provide all the information that these courses have and more.

You’ll learn to build websites, do professional niche research, use the power of SEO to skyrocket your rankings and learn the ins and outs of securing a B2B deal with a local business to land your passive income!

This course is for all levels, whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, you will learn the ‘secret sauce’ to skyrocketing your digital assets that make money for you!

This is the most comprehensive guide on the Rank & Rent business model and Local Lead Generation, nothing is left unturned! This course covers:

  • Niche Research

  • Keyword Research

  • Website Building

  • Google Search Console

  • Call-Tracking

  • Building website homepage

  • Building service pages

  • Creating full website content

  • Website navigation

  • SEO

  • On-Page SEO

  • Internal Linking

  • Geo-Tagging

  • Pagespeed Optimization

  • Off-Page SEO

  • Backlinking

  • Backlinking Strategies

  • GMB Setup

  • GMB Optimization

  • Citations

  • Complete guide to outsourcing

  • Finding local businesses

  • Professional call-script templates

  • Securing a deal

  • And so much more!

You will get lifetime access to over 70 lectures and access to many resources throughout the course to give you an edge in this business model.

If you have only speculated the Rank & Rent model or have already dived in and are struggling with the basics and need full guidance, follow me and together we will learn how to make a passive income in this business model!

B2B Lead Generation + B2B Sales With LinkedIn, Cold Email

LinkedIn + cold email lead generation for B2B sales. Lead generation, lead nurturing emails, B2B marketing for B2B sales

Created by Alex Genadinik - Business, Entrepreneurship, SEO, Marketing, Amazon, YouTube


Students: 33060, Price: $99.99

Students: 33060, Price:  Paid

Master high-ticket B2B sales, lead generation, and lead nurturing to get a large number of leads and take many of them through your sales process to become clients.

Acquire unlimited leads and do cold email and LinkedIn outreach. Then whoever doesn't respond, do lead nurturing to turn them from cold leads to warm leads that engage later.

Many popular businesses today like agencies, consulting companies, freelancers, and B2B businesses do cold outreach for lead generation and sales.

I get asked a few times a week by my coaching students how to do cold email and cold outreach.

The problem has been that cold email is almost like spam and it has very low response rates due to boring pitches that fill up people's inboxes.

In this course, I'll reverse that by showing you cold email and cold LinkedIn scripts that get people to engage with you and enter your sales process.


I'll show you a tool that gives you email addresses and contact information of potential clients in seconds. You can then use those email addresses to reach out to potential clients via cold email marketing and get them interested in your business. With this tool, you will be able to begin your B2B sales the same day you get this course.


The D7 tool is paid, but it is inexpensive. Also, some tools will require an email address to sign up.


Cold email marketing isn't the most desired approach to doing B2B sales because cold email is tedious to do and many of your potential clients will see it as spam. In this course, we go beyond just cold email. I'll show you how to do lead generation with SEO, freelancing sites, content, and much more.


Many small businesses rely on cold lead generation and B2B sales outreach to get their initial clients. The problem is that there are too many marketers pitching business owners. Instead of sending the same tired cold emails that get deleted, I'll give you more interesting email and LinkedIn scripts that make you stand out.

This B2B sales course is made for service businesses, local services, agencies, and freelancers. If you run any of these businesses and your clients are small or mid-size companies, then this course is perfect for you.



Lead generation is the process of finding potential new clients and getting them to the top of your sales funnel. Unfortunately, most fresh leads don't immediately proceed to buy. For example, if you send a cold email, you won't get many sales. After lead generation, and an initial cold email, you must perform lead nurturing to get people to take the next steps in your sales process.

This course covers both, cold lead generation with email marketing and LinkedIn and lead nurturing to turn those cold leads into sales.



* Lots of extra freebies, downloadable worksheets, and exercises to make the course more interactive and valuable

* Personal invitation to my Facebook community after you complete the course

* My list of 50 business-success skills when you complete the course



If you have questions, know that I am here to help! I answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. Many students tell me that other instructors don't respond. Well, I do because

1) I care about my students.

2) I feel a responsibility to make sure that students get their money's worth from the course.



This B2B sales and lead generation course comes with an unconditional, Udemy-backed, 30-day money-back guarantee. This is not just a guarantee, it's my personal promise to you that I will go out of my way to help you succeed just like I've done for thousands of my other students. 

Invest in your future. Enroll in this course now and master B2B sales and lead generation.

12 Lead Generation Strategies – Used By Sales Experts

Get more leads and attract more clients within 60 days without spending a ton on advertising and without cold calling.

Created by Stuart Briscar - Business and Marketing Coach


Students: 19969, Price: Free

Students: 19969, Price:  Free


Added 2 new E-books available for download from the final section, Putting It All Together.

* 9 Challenges Facing Every Business

* 3 Simple Lead Generation Strategies to Boost Sales


Are you trying to get more leads and attract more clients?

Are you looking to grow your business through the power of referrals?

Do you want to leverage the power of the internet to increase your sales?

In this course, you will learn how to create a lead generation system that will help you get more leads and attract more clients within 60 days without spending a ton of money on advertising and without cold calling.

This course is for small business owners and sales professionals who are looking to take their business to the next level.

In this course, I discuss a dozen different lead generation strategies that you can start implementing immediately to get more, quality leads coming to your business.

I provide a few worksheets and a script to help aid you in creating your own lead generation system.

This course is provided by Stuart Coaching dot com.

LinkedIn Marketing Lead Generation for B2B Sales and Coaches

The Ultimate LinkedIn Marketing Remote System for LinkedIn Lead Generation and B2B Sales. Messaging templates included

Created by Gustavo Escobar Henríquez - Helping businesses generate quality leads and sales


Students: 19285, Price: $99.99

Students: 19285, Price:  Paid

Would LinkedIn Marketing or LinkedIn Lead Generation work for you to generate high-quality leads, book appointments, and increase your B2B sales? Can you generate leads remotely by using LinkedIn?

The answer to those two questions is: ABSOLUTELY YES!

Now, most of the salespeople, business consultants, and entrepreneurs want to generate leads with LinkedIn, but they FAIL on this endeavor and they give up on it. This is the result of trying to sell on LinkedIn, without having a system to implement.

As we all know, getting your foot in the door to any industry or any potential connection is the hardest part. It always seems like everyone is always busy or unavailable. So most people try different methods, like cold calling or networking events, which have mixed results at best and at worst are huge time wasters.

Thanks to LinkedIn Marketing, you have a better way to leverage your time and money. In this course, you will learn a PROVEN STRATEGY that consultants and top salespeople in B2B industries have been using to generate high-quality B2B leads on a consistent basis, schedule meetings, and land new clients every single month... without cold calling. And all of this is done remotely.

Whether you're just starting out on LinkedIn or you've been on this professional network for several years, this course will teach you the best LinkedIn Strategies for B2B sales, so that you can grow your business in the new times we are living it.

If you are an entrepreneur, salesperson, consultant, coach, solopreneur, in other words, if you are in B2B sales or if you sell high ticket items, this LinkedIn Marketing Strategies will make you generate high-quality leads and increase your sales in just a few months.

These are some of the LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies that you will learn, take with you, and implement and that will get you more sales and revenue for your business:

  • You will learn how to implement a LinkedIn Marketing PROVEN SYSTEM to generate leads. When I say a proven system, it is because we are a LinkedIn Lead Generation Agency and we run done for you LinkedIn campaigns for clients.

  • How to create an ideal buyer persona profile for LinkedIn B2B sales.

  • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile to get more views of your ideal clients, and most importantly to get the results you want.

  • How to prospect for your dream clients on LinkedIn and connect with them properly.

  • How to create a LinkedIn Group, what name should you give to the group, and how to use it to position yourself as an authority in your industry.

  • How to create a LinkedIn Company Page.

  • How to use LinkedIn to build a database of thousands of your ideal clients. Yes, I said thousands.

  • How to build rapport with your leads before you try to sell them anything.

  • We will show you how to convert LinkedIn leads to real meetings and sales.

  • Access to PROVEN LinkedIn Messaging Templates, for cold outreach that you can use and get results right away.

  • How to implement a LinkedIn messaging campaign, when to send the messages, and what to say.

  • How to keep track of everything you are doing with your lead generation campaign. for maximizing your efforts so you're not wasting your time.

  • How to combine LinkedIn Marketing with Cold Email Marketing.

I'm excited to share these B2B business development strategies with you and so much more that we have included in this LinkedIn Marketing and Lead Generation Masterclass for B2B Sales and Consultants.

If you're ready to take your business to the next level or get a meeting with anyone, then click the Buy Now button and I'll see in a minute.

In this LinkedIn Masterclass, you will learn everything you need to know to start generating high-quality leads right away. I will share with you the proven system that we use every single day to run the lead generation campaigns for our clients.

Three reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now!

  1. LinkedIn is constantly changing its features and tools, with this course you will get lifetime access to all the new lectures and to all the updates of the course. So that you can always stay on top of the new ways to generate leads on LinkedIn.

  2. You will have your own LinkedIn lead generation coach at your disposal to ask questions on the course, and we will respond thoughtfully to every single one of them.

  3. This is not a course about “social media”, this is a very specific course about highly targeted, high-quality LEAD GENERATION strategy using LinkedIn Marketing techniques. You will leave the course with a specific set of techniques that have been tested, and I have used them over and over again for myself and my clients in the last five years. You will learn how to implement these strategies for your business so that you too can position yourself as a thought leader in front of 2,000-6,000 of your ideal leads, and nurture them so that they know who you are. This LinkedIn lead generation system will allow you to create top of mind awareness in front of your ideal leads so that whenever they are ready to buy, you can be the first person they think of.

This system will teach you the most effective LinkedIn Lead Generation strategy. Which, by the way, it is perfect for this Covid era where so much work has to be done remotely.

+You will discover how to optimize the time you invest in LinkedIn so that instead of you been a lead, you become the one that generates leads.

+You will learn how to build a network of hundreds or thousands of your ideal prospective clients, and how to nurture the relationship with them so that they are more open to talking to you.

+You will be able to grow your first-degree connections targeting specifically those who are your ideal clients, and you will do it in a way that is fast, efficient, and most of all that will help you build relationships.

+You will be able to do all of this remotely. From the comfort of your office or your home. Yes, all this system is ideal for telecommuters and digital nomads.

Join this LinkedIn Marketing Masterclass now and you will discover how to position your brand in front of your clients and yourself as a thought leader. While everyone else focuses on Facebook, you will take your brand to the next level on the real place to do B2B deals, LinkedIn.


After this course you will have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career, and I will pass on to you. Skills that will make you a nightmare for your competitors. :)

Facebook Ads Marketing – Start Lead Generation Business 2020

Use Facebook Advertising to generate leads for any business, my secret method be very useful even if you are new to this

Created by Yasir Ahmed, M.B.A - FB Mentors


Students: 19252, Price: $89.99

Students: 19252, Price:  Paid

Start your own lead generation business by implementing exactly what I do to generate leads for any business in the world. I have included my $1500 Product Case Study with 20 Times Revenue Generated by each lead.

Topics explained in detail are : 

  1. $1500 Product Case Study

  2. Setting Up Your Facebook Pixel

  3. Setting Up Your Lead Generation Campaign

  4. Finalizing Winning  Ad Creative

Feel Free to enroll now & complete the course and stay in touch if you need my help with anything l!

LinkedIn Marketing, Lead Generation & B2B Sales for LinkedIn

LinkedIn Machine: The LinkedIn MasterClass to learn LinkedIn Marketing, Lead Generation, Business Development, B2B Sales

Created by Patrick Dang - Creator of | Sales Coach


Students: 19012, Price: $129.99

Students: 19012, Price:  Paid

Why learn LinkedIn Marketing and Lead Generation?   

You might be offering an amazing product or service…but getting your foot in the door to schedule that first meeting with your dream clients is usually the hardest part.   

Most people aimlessly try finding new clients by cold calling or going to networking events, which we all know can lead to inconsistent results, and frankly, can be a huge waste of time. There has to be a better way, right?   

Fortunately, there is a PROVEN method top salespeople, recruiters, and entrepreneurs have been using to schedule appointments with their dream clients for years, and it’s simply by leveraging LinkedIn.   

Now using LinkedIn to generate leads is, easily and decisively, one of the most effective ways for an individual or business to develop a business relationship with another company.   

LinkedIn is so pervasive in our everyday lives and will continue to be the overwhelmingly dominant social media network to do business in as time goes on.   

Every day millions of users all around the world check their LinkedIn and it’s only getting started. As a salesperson, recruiter, or entrepreneur, this is a powerful concept.   




For most people, whether they’re salespeople, recruiters, freelancers, consultants, or entrepreneurs, spend hours of their personal time writing and sending poorly written LinkedIn messages that get ZERO RESPONSES…and eventually give up thinking LinkedIn doesn’t work.   

Or they may even spend hours of time trying to generate leads on LinkedIn using marketing…but without a blueprint, fail to capture a single lead.   

Here’s the good news: this failure is an OPPORTUNITY for YOU.   

As long as you use our PROVEN LINKEDIN MARKETING & LEAD GENERATION MACHINE (which I’ll show you how to do step by step), you’ll be able to generate leads and get a meeting with anyone.   

Here are some of the many things I’ll cover for you in this course that trains on how to utilize LinkedIn Lead Generation & Marketing (and, get meetings with your dream clients):   

  • We will show you how to create a LinkedIn Lead Generation Machine for developing consistent new leads and prospects to grow your business using a FREE LinkedIn Account   

  • How to optimize your LinkedIn Profile to get 10x more visibility and generate leads   

  • How to send cold LinkedIn Messages and get a meeting with ANYONE from small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies   

  • Access to the MOST EFFECTIVE LinkedIn Cold Outreach scripts and templates you can use in almost any situation   

  • The MOST EFFECTIVE LinkedIn Marketing strategies to capture your audience’s attention and convert them into warm leads

  • How to create engaging LinkedIn content using text, photos, videos, downloads, and more

  • The best LinkedIn Social Selling strategies to combine outbound prospecting with LinkedIn content marketing to generate more leads   

  • How to create a LinkedIn Group and a LinkedIn Company Page to build your profile credibility   

  • How to drive traffic to your website using LinkedIn Videos and LinkedIn Blog Posts   

  • How to generate leads using LinkedIn Ads   

  • Why identifying your customers’ main PAIN points is critical and how to solve for their PAIN   

  • When and how to follow up to people who “play hard to get”   

  • How to convert LinkedIn conversations into REAL meetings via phone or in-person   

This course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to generate leads on LinkedIn using marketing and outbound strategies and get a meeting with ANYONE whether you’re already familiar with LinkedIn or just getting started.   

I’ve personally tested all these bulletproof email strategies myself with small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies in all types of industries like retail, real estate, health care, etc. as one of the TOP salespeople at Oracle and Y-Combinator-backed startup, Lob.   

I promise these LinkedIn strategies WILL WORK for YOU whether you’re a salesperson, recruiter, consultant, freelancer, or entrepreneur or your money-back guarantee.   

This LinkedIn Marketing & Lead Generation Master Course is designed to walk anyone through the steps to get a meeting with your dream clients and grow your business. Everything is given to you. You’ll have all the tools you need.   

If you do this program, take action, and don’t generate more leads then I will give you a full immediate refund. No questions asked.   

So if you’re ready to TURBOCHARGE your business and get a meeting with ANYONE using LinkedIn, then I’ll see you inside!   



Small Business Lead Generation

Learn how to get meeting with restaurants, spas, doctors and other small businesses using proven Cold Email tactics.

Created by Scott Britton - Co-Founder at Troops


Students: 18580, Price: $89.99

Students: 18580, Price:  Paid

**UPDATED OCTOBER 2017**** Called "a must have for anyone looking to get new leads for their business without cold calling. Simply THE BEST"

Landing new clients to grow your business doesn't have to be nightmare...

There's a better way than cold calling and going to networking events that rarely yield meaningful results...yet for some reason people keep approaching growing their business this way!?

In this course, I want to teach you how to connect with any potential client you want using cold emails.

Can you imagine being 1 click away for anyone that might benefit from your product or service? It's a pretty powerful place to be...and way more fun than picking up the phone to pitch yourself to someone who doesn't want to talk to you.

Whether you've tried cold emailing before or this is your first time, you're going to get a ton of value out of this course. Many people I've taught recoup their investment in less than 1 day of implementing the strategies I teach!

You'll learn things like:

  1. How to create a clockwork system for developing new leads and prospects to grow your business
  2. Places to find potential clients for your business
  3. How to find the right person to reach out to at target businesses
  4. 8+ proven methods to find anyone's email address
  5. How to think and write like a world class copywriter
  6. 9 Cold Email rules you should always follow
  7. 4 Things you should always avoid
  8. Eight different cold email scripts you can use today
  9. How to increase your response rate from prospects by 50% with one little tweak
  10. When and how you should follow up with people you're reaching out to maximize efficiency
  11. How to convert initial cold emails to meetings and handle rebuttals like "we don't have the money", "this isn't a good fit," or "we already work with a competitor"

Does having a crystal clear understanding of all of these things sound like it would supercharge your business?

If you're not convinced, look no further than my Cold Emailing For Startups Course. It's been taken by over 11,000 students and has an average 5 star review!

I created this course because many people who took this course wanted more, and a greater focus on applying these strategies if you weren't building a technology startup.

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You have a freelancing, consulting, or small business
  • Your customers are often small businesses, local companies or targeted individuals
  • You want to learn how to connect with anyone to pitch your product or service
  • You're tired of trying to drum up business with cold calls and ineffective networking events

No matter who you are, I guarantee you'll learn at least one thing from this class (see the testimonials above for proof).

I will personally respond to any questions you may have as you go through the material so there's no worry if you're not sure how to take all of the information and apply it to your life. So sign up now!

Talk soon,

Scott Britton

P.S. The $197 price is an initial offering to build the students and positive reviews.

I believe being able to start a dialogue with anyone in the world is worth way more than 30 cents a day for the next year so I plan on raising the price in the near future. If you want to take advantage of the initial price, I'd sign up sooner than later (Like now!)

Lead Generation Machine: Cold Email B2B Sales Master Course

Schedule meetings emailing small to large companies for business development, B2B, startup, consultants, & entrepreneurs

Created by Patrick Dang - Creator of | Sales Coach


Students: 16988, Price: $129.99

Students: 16988, Price:  Paid

You might be offering an amazing product or service…but getting your foot in the door to schedule that first meeting with your dream clients is usually the hardest part.


Most people aimlessly try finding new clients by cold calling or going to networking events, which we all know can lead to inconsistent results, and frankly, can be a huge waste of time. There has to be a better way, right?


Fortunately, there is a PROVEN method top salespeople and entrepreneurs have been using to schedule appointments with their dream clients for years, and it’s called COLD EMAILING.


Now cold emails are, easily and decisively, one of the most effective ways for an individual or business to develop a business relationship with another company.


Email is so pervasive in our everyday lives and will continue to be the overwhelmingly dominant form of communication to do business in as time goes on.   

Not a day goes by where you, or someone around you, doesn’t check their email. As a salesperson or an entrepreneur, this is a powerful concept.   





For most people, whether they’re salespeople, freelancers, consultants, or entrepreneurs, they spend hours of their personal time writing and sending poorly written emails that get ZERO RESPONSES…and eventually give up thinking cold emails don’t work.


Here’s the good news: this failure is an OPPORTUNITY for YOU.


As long as you use our PROVEN LEAD GENERATION COLD EMAIL MACHINE (which I’ll show you how to do step by step), you can get a meeting with ANYONE. Best of all, you'll learn how to generate meetings while working remotely and working from home.


Here are some of the many things I’ll cover for you in this course that trains on how to master cold emailing (and, get meetings with your dream clients):   

  • We will show you how to create a Lead Generation Machine for developing consistent new leads and prospects to grow your business

  • How to send cold emails and get a meeting with ANYONE from small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies

  • How to sell and generate meetings remotely and be productive while working from home

  • Where to mine new potential clients for your business and add them to your lead generation machine

  • How to find the right decision maker to reach out to

  • How to find ANYONE’s email address

  • Why identifying your customers’ main PAIN points is critical and how to solve for their PAIN

  • How to think and write like a professional copywriter

  • How to use the PROVEN Lead Generation Cold Email Machine

  • Bonus Cold Email Scripts and Templates for every situation

  • When and how to follow up to people who “play hard to get”

  • How to handle objections like “we don’t have the budget”

  • How to convert emails into REAL meetings via phone or in-person

This course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to get a meeting with ANYONE whether you’ve tried cold emailing before or you’re just getting started.   

I’ve personally tested all these bulletproof email strategies myself with small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies in all types of industries like retail, real estate, health care, etc. as one of the TOP salespeople at Oracle and Y-Combinator-backed startup, Lob.   

I promise these cold email strategies WILL WORK for YOU whether you’re a sales person, consultant, freelancer, or entrepreneur or your money back guarantee.   


This Lead Generation Cold Email Master Course is designed to walk anyone through the steps to get a meeting with your dream clients and grow your business. Everything is given to you. You’ll have all the tools you need.   

If you do this program, take action, and don’t generate more leads then I will give you a full immediate refund. No questions asked.   

So if you’re ready to TURBOCHARGE your business and get a meeting with ANYONE with cold emails, I’ll see you inside!




Digital Marketing: Lead Generation & Sales Conversion Course

Step-by-step roadmap to propel your business growth, and create an effective digital marketing strategy

Created by Phil Ebiner - Top-Rated Instructor, 2 Million+ Students


Students: 14758, Price: $99.99

Students: 14758, Price:  Paid

This Digital Marketing course will help you get more business leads and convert them to more sales.

Do you have a business that needs more sales and clients?

If you've been desperately hopping from one tactical activity to the next, thinking there is a MAGICAL, secret formula that no one has told you about…

...then I'd like to help you put an end to all of that busy work, by inviting you to enroll in this course-- where I share all the details on a framework I've been using for years that's helped me grow two multiple six figure business and since then helped hundreds of business leaders, brands and entrepreneurs do the same.

Over the years working with so many clients, I’ve come to realize that working hard isn’t the problem for most aspiring business owners.

Neither is being committed to reaching their goals!

Their problem is "what do I need to focus on, that brings me measurable results".

It’s figuring out which activities in which order are going to get them where they’re supposed to be.

Does that sound familiar?

Obviously you’re smart. And, you’re passionate about what you do!

It isn’t a lack of wanting IT that’s keeping you stuck.

It’s a lack of clarity!

But the problem is, how are you supposed to move forward and gain the necessary clarity when you literally have no framework or way of predicting what will work for you specifically and what won’t?

Look, you don’t need more information — you need a clear structure. You need a simple to follow framework to create that thriving business you’ve been dreaming of.

This framework is the antidote to all the BS out there, sharing one simple to follow process, to position yourself as an authority while building your credibility and attracting your ideal buyers so that all of those tactical activities finally start working for you.

So if you're ready to stop struggling, stand out in your niche, and help your tribe get the help they desperately need, then the time to sign up is now!

Looking forward to seeing you inside!

Key topics you'll learn in this digital marketing course:

  • Setting up your business

  • Creating sales funnels

  • Surveying your customers

  • Understanding your audience pain points

  • Creating the right offer for your customers

  • Using content to grow your business

  • Optimizing your content for search engines

  • Using social media to get more leads

  • Create irresistible lead magnets

  • Set up opt-in forms on your website

  • Design landing pages that convert

  • Converting website traffic to sales

  • Building several types of email marketing campaigns

  • Writing persuasive sales pages

  • Using analytics to measure success

  • Lead generation

  • Sales Convesion

  • and so much more!

Get instant access to:

  • Over 6 hours of easy-to-watch video lessons

  • Practical activities and assignments

  • Downloadable resources

  • Lifetime updates to the course

  • Premium instructor support

Our happiness guarantee

We have a 30-day moneyback guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase you can get a full refund, no question asked. We aim to make this the best course for helping you to get more leads and sales. We'll use any student feedback to make the course even better!

Enroll now!

B2B Lead Generation via Personalised Sales Videos & LinkedIn

Wonder Leads: Outbound sales for positive businesses that's proved to be nearly 20x more effective than cold calling

Created by Dave Holloway - Author & Founder @ Wonder Leads


Students: 14067, Price: $69.99

Students: 14067, Price:  Paid

Imagine if your B2B lead generation tactics were 20x MORE EFFECTIVE than they are now.

This course can help make it happen…

Wonder Leads is an innovative new approach to business development. It centres on individually personalised sales videos delivered through LinkedIn, where it’s proved to be almost 20x more effective than cold calling at generating warm leads.

Based on the Axiom award-winning sales book (previous winners include Seth Godin, Tony Robbins & Peter Drucker), entrepreneur and champion for positive communication Dave Holloway reveals a step-by-step approach to effective social selling that anyone can follow.

You’ll learn the skills that will help you quickly fill your sales funnel, while simultaneously building meaningful relationships with the people that matter.

It doesn't matter if you’re a virtual selling pro or a video marketing novice. A small businesses owner, solopreneur, start-up founder, freelancer or seasoned sales and marketing professional. If you need to grow your customer base, Wonder Leads is the proven way to generate leads without sacrificing your time, money or integrity.



All students have the opportunity to access PERSONALISED FEEDBACK FROM DAVE on their first personalised sales video.

Full details in the bonus section at the end of this course.


Take the B2B Lead Generation via Personalised Sales Videos & LinkedIn course today to start opening incredible conversations with your ideal customers.

Awards & recognition for the Wonder Leads book upon which this course is based:

  • Silver Medalist – Axiom Business Book Awards 2021

  • Finalist – Business Book Awards 2021

  • International bestseller

This Udemy course will suit anyone interested in the following topics:

  • B2B Sales

  • Business Development

  • Digital Marketing

  • Lead Generation

  • LinkedIn Lead Generation

  • LinkedIn Marketing

  • Outbound Marketing

  • Outbound Sales

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Sales & Selling

  • Sales Techniques

  • Social Selling

  • Video Marketing

  • Virtual Selling

Small Business Lead Generation & Cold Email | B2B & B2C

Create lead generation with cold email. Great for startups, business development, networking, small businesses, & more

Created by Evan Kimbrell - Founder of Sprintkick | Ex-VC | Ex-startup founder


Students: 10271, Price: $99.99

Students: 10271, Price:  Paid

If you want to make any idea a successful one, you're going to need some outside help. Whether it's finding customers or just expanding your contact list, cold emails are the way to go. In this easy-to-follow course, we're going to focus on building a lead generation campaign that will grow your business, your network, and your opportunities.

Cold email may have built up a bit of a bad reputation, but that's only because people don't know how to do it well. When used properly, the technique opens up access to any individual in the world, whether that's the average shopper or a Fortune 500 CEO.

Need investors or clients for your business? Use cold email.

Need interviews for your podcast? Use cold email.

Simply want to meet someone you find fascinating? Use cold email.

You may run a small retail business or work on the sales team at a startup. You may just want to gauge interest in a business idea you've conjured up. Whatever it is you're trying to do, the lectures in this course will teach you how to reach out to people and capture their attention instantly.

We'll take you through the entire cold email process from figuring out your target audience and building a hit list to effective copywriting and follow-up techniques. Campaigns can be a rollercoaster, so we'll also show you what to do when things aren't going your way. Plus, you'll learn the best software to use and how to automate the most time-consuming parts — even if you have no budget at all.

This course focuses equally on B2B and B2C sales with techniques and customizations for both scenarios. So whether you want to rake in those customers or secure a million dollar deal, you'll walk away with a strategy that works for you. All you need to start is an email account.

Included in the course

• Over 118 lectures, teaching you how to run a cold email campaign from start to finish.

• Over 6 hours of instruction.

• Over 3 hours of behind-the-scenes practice lectures.

• 3 successful case studies.

• Tips and tricks from experts.

• Watch a live campaign run from beginning to end.

About your instructors

Evan Kimbrell has 20 courses on Udemy with over 340,000 students from 180 countries. His courses primarily focus on business, entrepreneurship and growth marketing. In 2013, Evan started the digital agency Sprintkick and used cold email techniques taught in this course to grow his business to a multimillion dollar run rate within the first year.

Zach Valenti is a creative entrepreneur and YouTuber. He's built extensive campaigns with cold email for his own consulting business as well as his critically acclaimed podcast, Wolf 359. He's used cold email to run a podcast, sell mental health awareness hardware to universities, and find clients for his videography consulting business.

Local Lead Generation 101: Create Monthly Passive Income B2B

Learn the Art of Rank & Rent Digital Assets

Created by Kris Kay - Online Freedom Seeker


Students: 8582, Price: $124.99

Students: 8582, Price:  Paid

You need 8 businesses to pay you $1000/month in order to generate a 6-Figure income yearly.

Local SEO + Service businesses = Recurring Income

Not tech savvy? No problem.

Ever heard of Rank and Rent? Or Local Lead Gen? 

In this course, we break down the whole local lead generation model.

Its a simple concept:

  1. Rank regular websites on Google

  2. Rent out the calls they get to businesses in the same city.

  3. Repeat

You would be surprised how easy it is to begin generating phone call leads for any type of business under the sun.

The secret here is local, not national. Way easier to rank a plumbing website for the keyword "plumber dallas tx" than "plumber"

Think about it...

Lead Generation Proven Methods: Master Lead Generation 2021

Customer Acquisition, B2B Marketing, Sales Funnels, Business Development, Demand Generation, Sales Funnel Marketing

Created by Dekker Fraser, MBA - Marketing Executive | Startups to Fortune 100 | Kellogg MBA


Students: 6918, Price: $89.99

Students: 6918, Price:  Paid

You want more customers. You want more leads. You want more users. And you want them fast and cheap. I'll show you how, based on my 10+ years' in marketing and demand generation for companies small, medium, and large.


  • How I acquired users for less than 10 cents each

  • How my product generated almost 15 million views

  • How "triggers" are the key to capturing customers before they consider competitors

  • Product marketing

  • Demand generation

  • How to make your product go viral

  • How to move leads through your lead funnel

  • B2B and B2C customer acquisition tactics

  • Proven examples of customer acquisition success

  • How to grow your company extremely quickly

  • Why 2/3rd of marketers measure email effectiveness incorrectly

  • Why awareness->consideration->purchase is the wrong way to acquire customers

  • Modern frameworks for developing a customer-generating machine

  • Startup marketing

  • Acquisition funnels & marketing funnels

  • B2B sales / prospecting for startups, consultants, entrepreneurs, and enterprises

  • How to get meetings scheduled

  • Get meetings with prospective clients and customers

Learn from someone who...

  • Has an MBA form the #1-ranked marketing school in the USA

  • Has over 10 years' experience in hands-on marketing for companies small, medium, and large

  • Has published multiple books on product marketing

  • Has taught college-level digital marketing

This course covers: Lead Generation | User Acquisition | Customer Acquisition | B2B Lead Generation | Generate Leads | Get Customers | Lead Generation Business | Small Business | Lead Generation | Lead Generation Mastery | Get Customers | Get Your First Customers | How to Get Customers | How to Get More Customers | Getting Customers | Get More Customers | Growth Marketing

  • Customers Acquisition

  • Customer Acquisition Cost

  • Customer Acquisition Strategy

  • Customer Acquisition with Social Media

  • How to Create a Customer Acquisition Plan

  • Lead Generation Business

  • Small Business Lead Generation

  • Lead Generation Mastery

  • Digital Marketing

  • B2B Marketing

  • Marketing B2B

  • Content Marketing for B2B Enterprises

  • Get Customers

  • Get Your First Customers

  • Marketing for B2B sales people, freelancers, consultants, entrepreneurs, startup founders

  • Demand Generation

Linkedin Marketing: B2B Sales & Lead Generation From Scratch

Grow Any Business With a Free Linkedin Account: Business Development, Lead Generation, Linkedin B2B Sales & More!

Created by Daragh Walsh - Join 1 Million Students In My Best Selling Courses!


Students: 6320, Price: $129.99

Students: 6320, Price:  Paid

Do you want to grow your business and career with a free Linkedin account?

Then this is the course for you.

Linkedin is the #1 social network for B2B marketing & career development.

With over 500 million professionals and 40 million decision makers there is no better place to do business online than Linkedin!

Sign up today and learn how to:

  • Generate Leads & Sales from Linkedin
  • Optimise your Linkedin profile
  • Connect with influencers
  • 10x Your Linkedin following
  • Publish articles on Linkedin
  • Drive traffic to your website from Linkedin
  • Build an email list from Linkedin
  • Create a Linkedin company page
  • Create a Linkedin Group 
  • Get $50 free Linkedin ad credits

Just take a look at these top rated reviews…

★★★★★  "Worth 100x more than what I had paid for. Simply excellent" - Rishad Hassan

★★★★★ "Am truly excited by this course. So many secrets were unravel" - Chenemi Peter

★★★★★ "Awesome course with valuable information to get more connections" - José Luis González Centeno

This course comes with:

✔ A risk free opportunity to try out the course (30 day money-back guarantee)!

✔ Lifetime access to the content

✔ Fast & friendly support in the Q&A section

Seize the Linkedin opportunity!

Sign up today to grow your business and career with a free Linkedin account!

How to Create Sales Pages and Opt In Pages That Convert

Watch Your Conversions & Profits Grow by Making High Converting, Lead-Generation, Landing Pages

Created by Brian Gray - Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur


Students: 4568, Price: Free

Students: 4568, Price:  Free


    There are few other things that create a first impression and capture new leads the way a strategically designed lead generation landing page can. Many companies, some of them profiled within these pages, have seen their conversion rates and profits soar thanks to a properly created landing page.

    But landing pages are about much more than just creating a simple design and slapping up an email subscription form or download button. They’re about carefully combining just enough persuasive content to get the reader’s attention, while combining it with an unbeatable offer and a “visually digestible” design.

    But is it really that simple?


    If your site’s lead generation landing pages are suffering from poor pay-per-click performance, you’re not getting customers to click past the first page or you just want the absolute truth on what really works — today so that you can start optimizing, testing, tracking and reaping the benefits — this is the guide for you.

    Whether you’re a small business owner just getting started or the head of a Fortune 500 corporation’s marketing team who needs real insights that get results — you’ll love this guide.


    In the video lectures, we’ll break down the entire process of creating stellar landing pages from scratch. We’ll cover everything from what a landing page is and how it fits into your marketing campaigns, to troubleshooting and what actions to take if your landing page isn’t performing well.


    We’ve got your back. You’ll have a dedicated team of three instructors ready to answer any question you have, or describe something in more detail for you.
    As with our other courses, this one will be updated over time with fresh content. All updates for life are included.

    The extensive content is broken into easily digestible bits you can rapidly absorb. Engaging exercises along the way help you master the methods so you can see results fast.

    You’ll come out with specific strategies AND SKILLS to drive consistent website traffic where and when you need it to profit!

    Thank you!

    -The IM Rebels

    Mark Tandan, Brian Gray and Shane Farrell

How to Create a Lead Generation Funnel

Learn how to build a funnel to consistently generate leads for your online business

Created by Marco Schwartz - Entrepreneur


Students: 4499, Price: Free

Students: 4499, Price:  Free

I created this free course to help you build your first lead generation funnel with a clear step-by-step process. It will help you to go from the basics like understanding who your target audience is, to actually have a working lead generation funnel at the end of the course. If you want to learn how to consistently generate leads for your online business, this is the course for you.

30 Proven Secrets to Cold Emails That Sell

Cold email tips to kick outbound sales and lead generation into gear

Created by Hans Dekker - Head of Growth at


Students: 3335, Price: Free

Students: 3335, Price:  Free

If you are constantly asking the quickest way to generate revenue for your business, you’re asking the right question.

And when I was first introduced to cold email, I knew I found the answer.

Over the past few years, I have generated countless business opportunities through cold email, both for myself and for other businesses with my cold outreach agency. For some startups I've even built out over 6-figures in pipeline in less than two months.

These cold email tips are designed to get you the same results.

Whether you’re looking to gain traction with your startup, win clients for your agency, or you’re a sales rep who relies on cold email, these tips will help you get more out of one of the most reliable but underrated revenue channels for B2B in 2020.

With cold email, you can kick your outbound sales efforts into gear. Consider this your owner’s manual as you get started.

The Complete Cold Email Course 2021 – B2B Lead Generation

Watch step by step and see exactly how I create effective cold emails campaigns for B2B lead generation.

Created by Josh George - Award Winning Digital Marketing Agency Owner


Students: 2909, Price: $129.99

Students: 2909, Price:  Paid

Stop wasting time following outdated cold email strategies that don't work. Use my PROVEN process to generate tons of leads for your business.

Are you looking for a Cold Email course that shows you how to set up and launch a cold email campaign from scratch and generate TONS of leads? (lead generation)

Great, you’re in the right place.

I don’t just talk the talk; I actually walk the walk and live it too. I’ve generated over 6 figures from cold emailing and have discovered the perfect formula to ensure your cold email campaigns get the best responses.

This course combines all of my knowledge and presents it all in a nice bitesize format.

In this course, you’ll be able to watch me in real-time as I set up a cold email campaign from scratch.

What you’ll learn by taking this Cold Emailing Course

  • How to consistently generate super targeted leads for your business

  • How to ensure your emails lands in the prospects inbox, get this wrong and you’ll end up in their spam folder and will never be seen

  • How to find an infinite supply of people to email (I’ll even show you how to outsource this part so you can focus on sales).

  • How to find the decision makers email address

  • How to write compelling email subject lines to ensure your emails get opened

  • How to structure your emails for optimum responses

  • How to split test different email copies

  • How to track and measure all of your progress

  • I’ll also provide you with 14 PROVEN cold email templates to fast track your success

  • I will give you the EXACT cold email template I used which made my marketing agency way over 6 figures in revenue.

Literally everything you need to be able to implement a successful cold email campaign and generate more leads.


Most people fail at cold emailing as they send poorly written cold emails, as a result they get ZERO responses and give up thinking cold emails don’t work.

Here’s the good news: their failure is an OPPORTUNITY for YOU.

As long as you use my tested formula, you’ll be in the small percentage of people who DO get results from cold emailing.

I’m not just going to show you how to write amazing cold emails, but I’m also going to show you how you can ensure your emails land in the prospects inbox folder.

This is VITAL and is often overlooked.


If you follow this course and take action, YOU WILL generate more leads. If you don’t then I will give you a full immediate refund. No questions asked.

So if you’re ready to GENERATE MORE LEADS for your business utilising cold emails, I’ll see you inside.

- Joshua

Presales and Lead Generation Sales Skills (Prospecting 4.0)

Presales & lead generation: how to generate great leads, ask great questions in sales & generate the right leads

Created by Stefan Devito - Sales skills expert, dealmaker


Students: 2642, Price: $89.99

Students: 2642, Price:  Paid

"I feel I have become one of the top Leads generators by enrolling this course" - Srcng Recruits

"I found the content to be accurate, relevant and most definitely helpful. Stefan is a great teacher and shines in the delivery of explaining the selling process"  - Ipe Ghouma

Most people think sales is all about talking. Wrong. Sales is all about asking the right questions and listening actively.

This course is part of a 12 module master course on sales. In this course, you are going to learn how to not make the biggest mistake sales people are making - they talk too much and listen too little. Working with sales teams around the globe, the instructor has built a track record of asking the right questions throughout all regions and sectors. The result is a condensed but powerful course in which you are going to learn

  • What questions to ask

  • How to qualify for money and interest

  • Which tonality to use for maximum success

  • What line of questioning to follow to get answers to even the most personal questions

  • How to build massive rapport with the prospect while fact-finding

  • How to understand which personality type the prospect is having

  • How to tailor your presentation based on the qualifying you did

  • How to let the prospect tell you how he wants the product presented in order for him to buy

  • How not to fall into traps and make mistakes many sales people are making

  • How to listen actively

Good questions lead to good answers, bad questions lead to no answers.  Great questions mean excellent lead generation.

This course specializes on how to ask the right questions in sales. In sales, it is key to be a good listener and ask the right questions. Lead generation - how to generate great leads, ask great questions in sales & generate the right leads (lead generation) is a key module for becoming great at sales.

  • "The course was great and easy to follow. Stefan outlined in an easy way to follow and make notes. Very helpful advice. Thank you." - Nmas Lach

First, in this course, you are going to learn what to mistakes to avoid in the fact finding process, which questions are good and which ones are not and in which order to ask the questions.

Second, you will learn how to be a good listener and build rapport while asking questions.

Third, this course will enable you to gather massive amounts of intelligence on the customer that will help you sell your product or ideas to them in the right way.

"Hello Sir...It was an superb experience I got so many tools initially i was skeptical but as i follow the step by step videos i got to know the subject very well & learn lot of things.. Thank you Mr. Stefen & Udemy for providing an online learning platform. I really looking & explore some more courses also." - Mayuresh Arondekar

Confidence comes through knowledge. Confidence increases learning which leads to more knowledge. This course can be a game changer for your knowledge!

Finally this offer even includes a 30-day full money back guarantee, so there is no risk at all but a huge upside...

  • Yes, I enjoyed it a lot. I think the body language, tonalities and voice training were very insightful! - Elzanne Smuts

Learn Marketing- Time to be Pro in Sales and Marketing

Guide to lean Sales Process, Prospecting, Lead Generation & Sales Approach to overrule your competition

Created by Balprit Singh - Management Trainer


Students: 1842, Price: Free

Students: 1842, Price:  Free

Why becoming Marketing Genius is important for you?

The term “Sales” is often described as the most difficult part of the business process and thus 90% of the people do not opt for it. The truth is it’s the most interesting, challenging and rewarding career option only if you know and practice the art right.

If you are in sales role or an entrepreneur looking forward to grow your business then this is the course for you. As the market is getting competitive day by day having clear understanding of the strategic sales acumen is a must to have skill.

The Marketing Genius course will teach you about the tools, techniques, and methods for identifying leads and prospects, researching and preparing your sales goals, and preparing a sales approach to potential new customers.

Here is what I will be covering in the course for you:

Give you a clear understanding of the 7 KEY Steps in SALES PROCESS using the leading edge sales strategies.

How to SOURCE LEADS and identify the different source for leads for FREE.

The MOST EFFECTIVE Marketing techniques to capture your audience’s attention and convert them into SALES.

How to GENERATE SOLUTIONS and convey then to client to build your credibility.

How to Strengthen your OBJECTION HANDLING SKILLS to get 10x more confidence to answer them.

Access to the REAL TIME CASE and OBJECTIONS you can use in almost any situation.

Learn SMART WAYS to follow up with every CLIENT to practice relationship selling.

How to make IMPRESSIVE PRESENTATIONS and get maximum of from every meeting with ANYONE from small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies.

It will also introduce you to the sequence of steps that help salespeople close a sales deal, show how to follow up with your leads to turn them into sales. This course can make you expert in a holistic manner where in you can beat the pants off your competition, hit some huge magnitude and kick some massive goals. Trust me it will be so easy for you to keep looking at the next big target for yourself.

So why wait? Check out the course today, and start boosting your sales skills in no time.

Lead Generation for Attorneys and Law Firms

Sales Funnels 101: Find High-Dollar Clients Consistently For Your Law Practice Using Sales Funnels

Created by John Hayes - Partner at MarketLeaf Solutions, LLC


Students: 1143, Price: Free

Students: 1143, Price:  Free

MarketLeaf Legal Lead Generation Machine

What you'll learn

  • The easy-to-understand methodology that generates high-dollar clients with sales funnels.

  • How to optimize your website for real clients, not tire kickers.

  • How to convert more phone calls and website visits into consultations and clients with just a few simple tweaks.


  • An open mind.

  • A few hours to absorb the content and complete Exercise 1.

  • Any team members who might help to implement these strategies.


This free course will teach you the advantages of turbocharging your entire marketing function using a tried and true methodology called sales funnels.

In this course we’ll teach what sales funnels are, why they are so hot right now, and how to build a legal lead generation machine of your own.

This introductory course was built with lawyers and their industry-specific challenges in mind.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is built for law practices looking to learn how to generate their own leads without paying for expensive agencies.

  • Anyone who wants to generate more personal injury, divorce, traffic, and DUI leads using simple sales funnels.

LinkedIn Advanced. Lead Generation Strategies For B2B Sales

The LinkedIn Marketing Masterclass for LinkedIn Lead Generation and Business Development for B2B Sales. Remote Strategy

Created by Gustavo Escobar Henríquez - Helping businesses generate quality leads and sales


Students: 884, Price: $89.99

Students: 884, Price:  Paid



IMPORTANT: All of these strategies are remote lead generation techniques. They are Covid-19 proof. It doesn't matter if you or your leads are in lockdown, you can still build rapport, and generate leads through LinkedIn. In fact, during 2020 these techniques have worked better than ever.


Do you already know about LinkedIn Marketing and Lead Generation?

If the answer is yes, then this might be ideal for you.

Might? That doesn’t sound very confident! Well, we don’t want to sell you something, particularly if I don’t know you. We only want happy students. It is much better if you decide for yourself if this is the right LinkedIn lead generation course for you.

So here is my proposal: Read the description and watch the free previews. That way you will really know if the LinkedIn strategies for B2B sales (and lead generation) that we share here are the ones that you need.

What you will learn in this LinkedIn Marketing Lead Generation course:


  • One of those strategies is based on building rapport with a long LinkedIn cold email drip campaign. Ideal for B2B business development.

  • The second lead generation approach is the 100 Dream Client strategy. This is business development for high-end clients. Ideal B2B sales focused on high-end services or products. With this strategy, you will learn how to really build rapport, trust, and be liked by your ideal clients before you ask for a meeting. This technique is more time consuming, but will increase exponentially your sales conversion.

  • The third lead generation strategy is a massive LinkedIn cold email outreach campaign based focused on selling as soon as possible, instead of building rapport. The focus is on finding that 3% of customers are ready to buy now.

  • In the fourth B2B lead generation strategy, you will learn how to build a super high-quality, ultra qualified email database, so that you can, later on, implement a cold email lead generation campaign.

What we will not cover in this course and hopefully you are already knowledgeable on it before you enroll is:

  • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

  • How to publish content on LinkedIn Pulse.

  • How to use LinkedIn Pulse for personal branding.

  • How to create LinkedIn groups and use them to build authority.

  • How to create a company page on LinkedIn.

  • How to use a CRM or a google sheet to keep track of all your leads and the LinkedIn data.

All of those items are covered in the “LinkedIn Marketing & Lead Generation for B2B Sales and Coaches” which you can also find on Udemy.

Also, we won’t cover LinkedIn ads.


Simple, because these strategies are the best way to generate leads remotely. There is nothing more in terms of LinkedIn lead generation, without LinkedIn ads. There are no more lead generation or business development strategies to implement on LinkedIn unless you move on to LinkedIn ads.

You can find extremely good courses from influencers that will show you how to use LinkedIn to generate leads and will cost somewhere between $1,997 to $2,997 and they will give you less than what you will get with our two courses. This is it.

LinkedIn lead generation and cold email campaigns for B2B sales are what we do for living. We run campaigns for our clients every day. You can check out my LinkedIn profile, the recommendations there, my website… This is not a theoretical course from someone that once upon a time used LinkedIn to generate leads successfully. My team and I use LinkedIn every day to run lead generation and personal branding campaigns for our clients, and in this LinkedIn course, you will discover all our lead generation strategies.

                                                 ENROLL NOW!!

Effective LEAD GENERATION For Business (Magnets & Funnels)

High converting Lead Generation strategies to get you more prospects, leads and sales and so you can grow your business.

Created by Scott D. Clary, MBA - Founder of ROI Overload | Host of the Success Story Podcast


Students: 715, Price: Free

Students: 715, Price:  Free


  • Desire to use Lead Generation to promote & grow your business


  • Effective Lead Generation to get you more leads, demos, sales and conversions so you can grow your business.

You've built a couple of websites.

You've spent thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars on AdWords, Facebook Ads and other marketing tech.

You've built your lists, you're getting traffic, but for some reason the phone is still not ringing.

Your inbox is looking depressingly empty.

This course will teach you everything you need to know to get those prospects reaching out to you 24/7 with no extra work on your part.

You’re here because you want to know how to get the flood of leads and sales to start pouring in?

You just need one more piece of the puzzle. That's where we come in… This course has taken years of experience and compiled it into step-by-step videos so you can get everything you need to build your own lead generation machine!

At the end, you'll build a lead generation system that will automatically build leads for your business while you sleep.



I built this course for people like you.

People who are frustrated with their Lead Generation efforts. Spending tons of time, money and energy trying to capture leads that want to buy their product or service, but are continuously falling flat and not seeing the results they want.

It's not easy to learn how to generate Leads effectively.

I've been there myself.

So let me help you get the business results you're looking for.

Successful Lead Generation is one of the most important things you need to understand and leverage effectively in order to grow your business.

But learning how to do this effectively can be a challenge.

That's why we created this course.

With this course you’ll learn how to build out various types of funnels, how to create pages, write copy that converts and target and drive traffic towards your funnels, ultimately ending up with new leads, customers and sales.



This course is for anyone who wants to do Lead Generation l for themselves or their clients.

This course will teach you everything from the technical to the content, to various formats and strategies surrounding Lead Generation and funnels.

After finishing the course, you'll be able to run highly successful Lead Generation campaigns for yourself, your clients and/or your business.



The course first gives you an overview of a basic Lead Generation process. After that we discuss bridge pages and sales funnels, both of which can be used for inbound lead generation.

Lastly we’ll discuss 30 different sales funnel options that you can use for different business opportunities, products or customer types.


  1. Lead magnets

  2. Landing page design

  3. Traffic and optimization

Bridge Pages

  1. The overall page page concept

  2. Determining the offer and angle

  3. How to actually build the bridge page

Funnel Building

  1. Planning and choosing funnel type

  2. Crafting your offers

  3. Creating different kinds of funnel pages

30 Funnel Examples & Definitions



  • Identify which funnel will work best for your customer/product.

  • Use Click Funnels to build out a sample funnel.

  • Create a lead magnet.

  • Launch your funnel and set up a paid ad (one one of the platforms discussed, to drive traffic to your funnel.)

Goal: Identify an ideal customer profile, prospect this customer, prepare and call them and book a demo.



As a career sales and marketing executive & leader, I've worked with a wide variety of organizations and peers, training thousands of individuals on both the hard and soft skills required to excel in their career.

On a professional level, I've worked within all size companies, and I've sold and marketed (as well as lead teams that have sold and marketed) to some of the most iconic F500 / F100 brands throughout my career.

I'm fortunate to have over 100+ of my thoughts and insights on sales, marketing, technology, business and entrepreneurship published in outlets such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Hackernoon, The Startup and others.

I'm the host of the Success Story Podcast (1m+ downloads), author of the ROI Overload Newsletter (with 30k subs and counting), founder of ROI Overload, a Sales & Marketing Community. (250k Followers) Newsletter, Publication & Startup Resource and a career Sales & Marketing exec.

I talk about sales, marketing, growth and startups on Twitter or LinkedIn @scottdclary

SaaS Marketing: SaaS Startup Lead Generation Lean Startup

SaaS demos+free trials+customers! Startup App Marketing, SaaS Sales SaaS App Growth Marketing IT Startup SaaS Startup

Created by Dekker Fraser, MBA - Marketing Executive | Startups to Fortune 100 | Kellogg MBA


Students: 709, Price: $99.99

Students: 709, Price:  Paid

Learn SaaS marketing from an expert with 11 years experience marketing for Sony, a Google-backed SaaS, bootstrapped startups, and SaaS companies at various stages of venture funding from Series A to D.

I will teach you...

  • The single most cost-effective way to acquire new SaaS customers

  • Step-by-step instructions for advertising profitably through platforms such as LinkedIn (with examples of successful SaaS ads)

  • How to grow your SaaS business profitably

  • How I acquired users for less than 10 cents each

  • Specific examples of SaaS marketing that have worked for me and others

  • SaaS lead generation strategies & tactics

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to reach out to key influencers to generate cost-effective word-of-mouth marketing

  • How to build your SaaS marketing funnel and overall marketing plan (in 1 page)

  • Detailed SaaS lead nurturing strategies and tactics (lead nurturing mastery!)

  • Detailed step-by-step marketing instructions

  • How to fix problem like poor MQL-to-SQL conversion rates

  • How my product got 15 million views from a single video with no ads

  • Specific tactics that worked for me in generating cost-effective sales meetings

  • Real-world SaaS marketing examples/cases

  • Startup marketing

  • How to approach lead generation and demand generation in 2021

This course includes:

  • Videos (tutorials, walk-throughs, go-to-market interview)

  • Templates (Word, Excel)

  • PDFs

  • Articles

  • Quizzes

I’m a Silicon Valley marketing veteran with 11 years’ experience in software marketing for companies including Sony, a Google-backed SaaS, SaaS firms at various stages of venture funding, and numerous bootstrapped SaaS startups. I have an MBA from the #1 marketing school in the US, Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. I also wrote numerous marketing books and taught college-level marketing. This is my SaaS marketing playbook!

This is the perfect course for SaaS founders and their marketers and consultants. Amplify the effectiveness of your marketing team immediately without paying the hefty fees of a Silicon Valley CMO or senior consultant. Empower your team with this bundle which is guaranteed to DOUBLE your qualified SaaS leads! This is the easiest, fastest, cheapest way to get senior-level marketing advice for your SaaS product.

You don't need to learn from trial-and-error. You don't need to waste your money on marketing experiments that don't pay off. This bundle will SAVE you countless wasted dollars and produce qualified leads IMMEDIATELY.

Playbook PDF contents

  • The fastest, easiest way to generate demo requests and free trial sign-ups

  • ALWAYS be selling your demo request or trial, even if you’re just nurturing leads

  • Nurturing people after they’ve signed up for a free trial

  • Consider paying people to sit through your demo

  • The cheapest way to generate demo requests and free trials

  • The most efficient way to generate demo requests and free trials

  • How to find influencers

  • How to reach out to influencers

  • How to build partnerships

  • Latch onto larger companies

  • Identify the trigger events where to interject your SaaS into the conversation

  • Identify and address objections

  • Facebook ads (yes, for B2B too)

  • Fix the bottlenecks in your funnel

  • The limitations of inbound content marketing and SEO

  • Consider a “medium offer” that falls between a free trial and a demo request

  • Direct mail

  • Twitter ads

  • Write an email explicitly designed to sell the demo or trial

  • Content marketing should start at the bottom of the funnel, not the top

  • One of the most practical frameworks for building demo/trial-generating content

  • Often the best approach to lead nurturing is to let prospects choose what they want to do next

  • Educational content is the easiest way to nurture leads

  • Use time as a forcing function

  • Your website is a nurturing tool

  • Stop marketing your product and start doing this one thing instead

  • Your list

  • The case study is one of the most important pieces of content that you need

  • Frameworks for lead nurturing

  • When to send leads to Sales

  • Demand generation content

  • Common funnel mistakes

  • Set a clear goal for the # of demos, trials, SQLs, SALs, opportunities, or pipeline revenue

  • The most important SaaS metric

  • Software marketing

  • Advanced SaaS lead nurturing summarized


  • One reason why you may be struggling to grow your SaaS demo requests and free trial signups - and what to do about it

  • The big mistakes in B2B SaaS marketing that startups keep making

  • The colossal SaaS marketing mistakes that most startups make

  • 7 big product marketing mistakes

  • 7 secrets to acquires tons of new software customers quickly

Buy Today!

Dekker Fraser, MBA

  • Lead Nurturing

  • SaaS

  • SaaS Marketing

  • SaaS Product Management

  • Software Marketing

  • IT Startup

  • App Marketing

  • Lead Nurture

  • Lead Scoring

  • IT Startup

  • Startup Marketing

  • Nurturing Leads

  • Nurture Emails

  • Lead Generation

  • Marketing Strategy

  • SaaS Growth

  • Growth Hacking

  • Go to Market

  • Business Development for Startups and Tech Companies

  • Startups

  • Tech Startups

  • Startup Growth Strategies

  • Startup Marketing

  • Marketing for Startups and Small Businesses

  • Digital Marketing for Startups

  • Marketing for Tech Companies

  • Marketing for Entrepreneurs

  • Marketing for SaaS

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Tech Startups

  • Marketing Software

  • SaaS Sales

  • SaaS Marketing

  • SaaS Startup

  • SaaS Business

  • Lean Startup

  • How to Start a SaaS or Mobile App Business

  • Product Marketing

  • User Acquisition

  • B2B Lead Generation

  • Product Marketing Manager

  • Customer Acquisition

    Product Management | Product Owner | Product Market Strategy | Product Marketing | Product Marketing Manager | Digital Product Marketing | Marketing Plan | Product Marketing Strategy | Go to Market | Go to Market Strategy | Go to Marketing | Go to Market Strategies | Going to Market | Product Launch | Product Launch Strategy | Product Launch Formula | Launching of New Products | Launch a Product | Product Launch Success | Business Development for Startups and Tech Companies | Startups | Tech Startups | How to Start a SaaS or Mobile App Business | Startup Growth Strategies | Startup Marketing | Marketing for Startups | Digital Marketing for Startups | Marketing for Startups and Small Businesses | Entrepreneurship | Tech Startups | Marketing Software | SaaS Sales | SaaS Marketing | SaaS Startup | SaaS Business | Digital Strategy | Marketing Plan | Business Plan

    • Customer Acquisition Cost

    • Customer Acquisition Strategy

    • Customer Acquisition with Social Media

    • How to Create a Customer Acquisition Plan

    • Lead Generation Business

    • Small Business Lead Generation

    • Lead Generation Mastery

    • Digital Marketing

    • B2B Marketing

    • Marketing B2B

    • Content Marketing for B2B Enterprises

    • Get Customers

    • Get Your First Customers

    • Marketing for B2B sales people, freelancers, consultants, entrepreneurs, startup founders

SALESmanago: Lead Generation

Learn how to optimize lead generation methods tailor the process to increase Conversion and Sales.

Created by SALESmanago CDP & Marketing Automation - Customer Data Platform


Students: 437, Price: Free

Students: 437, Price:  Free

Lead Generation by definition​ refers to the process of identifying potential customers for your business’s products or services.

But contrary to popular belief, lead generation isn’t just about impersonal hard-selling. It’s a complicated process, requiring an expansive range of methods to be effective.

Lead Generation is essential for businesses in order to identify the best-suited leads and obtain new sales leads. For this purpose, various contact forms can be used on the website e.g. landing pages, pop-ups, exit pop-ups, iframes, or sidebars. When creating these elements it is worth remembering that the text and graphics, their location on the page, as well as the moment of their display, can significantly contribute to increasing the number of contacts willing to share their data. It’s worth testing different solutions and checking which works for your customers. SALESmanago offers a variety of functions to help yield the best results and ensure personalized content even to attract valuable anonymous contacts.

In lesson number 4 you will learn how to:

  • Create responsive forms and landing pages without IT using Drag & Drop wizards,

  • Convert anonymous visitors into leads and keep their visit history,

  • Use progressive profiling forms to collect more data,

  • Increase conversion with forms and popups personalized to real customer interests,

  • Display contact forms and popups at the time of highest conversion probability,

  • Dynamically adjust discount codes and pricing to address customer value,

  • Use contact form analytics to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Linkedin Lead Generation 2021: Reach Global CEO’s B2B & B2C

Certificate Included: Silicon Valley Essentials of lead generation using Linkedin Marketing from an Award winning Agency

Created by ELITEx Mentor - High Quality Courses for Impactful People


Students: 57, Price: $89.99

Students: 57, Price:  Paid

Very unique is that we update our course every couple of weeks, and host online workshops, so the value of the course grows exponentially for users who stay longer.

--Certification for people who finish this course included--

--Coming from a team working with clients from Silicon Valley to Amsterdam--

-- 2 hours + worth of Exclusive Private workshops recorded for internal purposes - for the first time ever published here on Udemy--

Do you believe in making a real positive impact on people?

In this course, we reveal all the behind-the-scenes principles of our sales teams, and how that lead to multi-million pound deals. We also invite people from companies like Reddit, Google, Bundesliga, Walt Disney Company, and many more... to share their stories from start to scale.

Do you want access to a world-class team of people who are grinding every day in sales and lead generation?

In this course, our focus is on you. We are daily practitioners giving you answers when you ask them in the QnA. Making sure you get the most cutting edge advice out there.

Are we the real deal?

Please check out the video testimonials from our executive clients who run 7+ figure businesses.  And previews of speeches we were invited at to speak, like Google Startupgrind.

These principles we're about to teach you are based on our very own blueprint and has been featured on TEDx, Google StartupGrind, and many more...

Outside of using these principles to help others, we also use them daily on our own team of over 50+ people, and they have been proven to work under the most extreme cases with people dealing from small startup teams to large corporates who join us at our European & North-American events.

That's why we can provide real use cases, 24/7 support, and a certification from an organization that has delivered thousands of trainings.

This specific ELITEx Lead Generation course is approx. 10-15 hours and more heavily focused on getting you up and running. In this course, we will be focused on:

  1. Fundamentals

  2. Linkedin Lead Gen Essentials & Copy paste scripts

  3. Sales Essentials

  4. Expert interviews (From global companies like Google, Pinterest, Reddit, ...)

Even though it is smaller, it's still ongoing and will be updated monthly with new QnA videos until we've answered all your questions. You can request the next topic once inside the course. So make sure to stay engaged once inside.



  • Lead generation

  • Linkedin marketing

  • Sales & Sales Training

  • Starting with lead generation by learning the basics

  • Learn the fundamentals of lead generation and how to explain them to others, so they know the strategies behind all sales techniques

  • Beginners who are starting with sales and in the tech sector or a startup / scaleup

  • Sales & Linkedin management

  • Sales training organizing

  • Lead generation exercises

  • Linkedin strategies

  • Beginner training

  • Lead generation Fundamentals for beginning sales instructors

  • Linkedin marketing scripts for instructors who need more tools

  • Sales tools for instructors who need more royalty-free assets for their teams, like templates, proposals, and more...

  • Training your sales team

  • Business sales events

  • How to guide your sales team

  • A great new way to create additional revenue and give yourself more credibility

  • Great step-by-step process and history to explain sales better to beginners


  • Only parts of this course may be relevant for you if you are a professional Chief Sales Officer or doing 7 figure sales and up. For that, you'll need our more in-depth courses.

  • This course is heavily focused on attracting what you need to get started or improve your basic teachings. You need to be comfortable with talking to people to accomplish this.

Even if you are a beginner or advanced, our entire team is here to answer your questions, so if you have a unique situation, getting this course is a cheaper way to get access to us.

Extra 10+ hour Expert interviews included.

* And a ton of extras, QnA's, Free update videos, More content, more expert interviews ...


Do you also find it extremely difficult to focus and stay in the moment – where you are actually enjoying selling?

For the first time ever, as ELITEx, we’re launching the ultimate online sales training.

We’ll be teaching you how we came up with our teachings through countless interactions with our clients from all over the world, from Silicon Valley to Amsterdam, and how we scaled it within our organization of over 50+ people. The best thing is that you can have zero experience starting out and we'll be able to guide you through the essential strategies of sales.


This is perfect for you if you’re a business owner, freelancer, or student that is looking to create a career path and wants to learn proven sales strategies and practices... Whether you're a beginner or seasoned sales expert we'll cover the basics of sales in this course.

Our practices have been featured in small rooms as well as in front of global audiences with thousands of people at our events.


If you ever wondered how to start your sales career or explain certain practices to your team… but the only thing stopping you is the experience or lack of resources, then this course will be worth it to you.


We’ll be walking you step by step through the following:


Learn how to do lead generation, start and automate the sales process, close sales on a global scale and much more...


The basics of how to adapt traditional methods in the digital age, and automate all your boring tasks. So that you can understand or teach others who are more practical and need the exact strategies to become successful.


Sending cold and warm emails can be overwhelming, so we'll teach you how to manage and automate this whole process. This alone can be worth the entire course.




Our learning platform is updated monthly with new videos. If there is a certain topic you want to know about, please request this by asking us a question on the Udemy Platform. Our support and instructor team answers quickly.

Of course, the practical experience is half the work. That’s why we also invite you to our virtual job shadows, and any of our events, to really get practical with everything you learn. That's right, free access giveaways to our members to visit a live event.


We invest highly in the community culture, with live events, meetups, feedback Fridays, and collaborations. It is our everyday mission to create a creative, safe, and fun environment to thrive in.



The ELITEx Program is a private online training community founded in 2018.

It’s the ultimate online school for impact creators, designed to teach you how to build and scale any skill that has the potential to bring good into the world and impact human lives, even if you have no idea where to start or you have no technical skills or knowledge.

Each year we have thousands of new people from all around the world enter our online training programs, and live events and I want to make sure that you can make an informed and educated decision on whether the ELITEx Program is right for you.

What people say about our live in-person events

“The event was fun, energetic, and inspiring… Thank you so much team, keep doing what you do, and stay in the core of all this energy.”

“This Event really opens up the calendar... I think it’s a win-win situation. I’ll definitely be inviting other partners to join the event as well.”

“What I really liked at this event is that it’s about giving back… You can be successful. But you can have even more success if you’re in an inspiring environment and today was all about that!”

“I think this event is one of those potential partnerships where you can get a lot of value out of it.
Thank you so much for having us and helping us with the preparations… It was really joyful to be here!”

“The giving back concept of the event as well as the people making impact is what I love. I think this is the start of a great initiative… Initiatives like this should be started in other places as well.”

“Empowering, inspiring, and connecting with other people...”


When you complete 100% of the videos in this course, you will be emailed a certificate of completion by Udemy so you can show it as proof of your expertise.